that warms our hearts

I remember how we sat with our legs and our minds tangled, threads interwoven like a safety net so no one could tell whose threads were whose and knowing we’d always be held up by the other should we stumble and fall. Months bled into years and we were inseparable, never afraid to speak up, always eager to pour our hearts out to each other. Warm summer nights were followed by winter days spent beneath blankets with only our stories and memories to keep us company. It didn’t happen as night changed into day, from one day to the next. It happened over time, quietly over the years. We barely saw each other, hardly spoke, until I woke up one morning and realised how everything had changed. Talking became harder, and being with you wasn’t like being caught anymore, like being held up. It was like falling. There was no safety net to stop me from hitting the ground.
“People grow up,” my mother would say when I’d asked what was different, “people change”. There are miles between us now, even when we’re in the same room. When words make their way up my throat, I pause, wondering if you’d even care, and shove the words back down until I can barely breathe. I want to set you free but you’ve known me all my life and now we’re two strangers with different tastes and different hearts who happen to share the same memories. And I wonder how it happened, I replay the years in my mind, but for the hell of me, I cannot find the day where our interwoven threads were cut apart.
—  How can I let someone go who knows my soul?

Woozi: Our fans want us to do a dark concept but idk how we could without losing our original image

Vernon: ok hear me out

Vernon: we wear our usual sweaters and take a bunch of pictures

Vernon: …..but we edit the pictures in black and white

Woozi: what’s so cool about that?

Vernon: there’s nothing edgier than staying warm and toasty in a cold and dark environment. Think about it. Preventing the common cold AND serving looks? Battling the influenza AND our raging emotions? Taking a stand and saying: hey, we may be cute but you know what’s not? Acute Bronchitis. The black and white filter is practically screaming that our bodies may be warm but our hearts aren’t. The pure cinnamontography of it all.

Woozi: Vernon, you madman, you absolute genius-


Happy Jisung Day!  Maknae of NCT Dream, NCT and SMRookies who is the “smallest” but one of the tallest and continuing growing! Beautiful shy smile and talented dancer, who warms our hearts and gives us the hope we can achieve our dreams even at a young age as long as we are passionate and hardworking! You are our hope! 
Happy Birthday Park Jisung! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Lush's Love Campaign Is Exactly What The World Needs Right Now
We're not crying, you're crying.

Just in time to wash away the ick of the frustrating & sinister world we’ve found ourselves in, Lush unveils a Valentine’s Day campaign that celebrates love, purely.

At Lush we believe that love transcends gender,” says Brandi Halls, Lush’s director of brand communications. “We set out to do one thing when creating our Valentine’s Day visuals: We wanted to capture love between two people and we believe that’s what we have done here." 

“The fact that our loyal and loving fans are starting their own conversations using our visuals and #loveislove absolutely warms our hearts.”

The warmth of a bubble bath may be fleeting, but for now, it’s ours to enjoy till the very last of the suds.

Thank you!!

Actually, this weekend just passed we managed to finish all the updates ahead of schedule so we had 2 days off! WOOHOO! - Mod Dusty

I’m bad at taking breaks. I slept later instead! -Mod Tem!Frisk

Thank you everyone! (And all the lovely reblogs! Your messages/tags have warmed our hearts!)

Losing people is really hard! I’m sorry you went through that. We’re glad that we can help with our comics!

Tem: Asgore! I avoided drawing him for as long as I could!

Dusty: The skeleton brothers, and it’s great cause I have a fantastic example of how much I avoid drawing them


I hate when I tell someone I’m craving intimacy and they tell me that I could just go find someone all Willy Nilly to mess around with. Like no. I mean intimacy. I’m talking cuddling up and feeling our heart beats synchronize and become one. Warm little kisses you give when you are falling asleep in each others arms facing each other. Falling asleep in her lap while she plays with my hair and I hold her tight. I’m craving intimacy.

God damn this was way more fun than it ever should have been, let me start off by saying THAT! J2 are so impossibly perfect and such lovers of all things /brothers/, all things the /heart/ of the show, that it made this photo op a dream in all the best waaaays.
Jay and I get to the front of the line (after Creation staff saw and approved of our sign!) and turn the poster around so J2 can get a good look at it first. The way Jensen and Jared’s faces lit UP with these huge boyish smiles at the sight of our poster will keep my heart warm for eons.
Jensen didn’t even hesistate when he said, “Now THAT’S more like it!” and Jared followed up with a, “Right?!” and gawd, my Tumblr babes, it was a glorious moment.

But the icing on the cake? The literal best part of all this was that I was fully prepared to hold the sign up by myself. Hold the sign, hug Jensen from the side, get the photo done and be done, but Jensen wasn’t having /any/ of that nonsense.
He physically reached across me, grabbed the side of the poster and PULLS it so it would be right in front of him, and said, “Oh no, I’m /holding/ this,” and turned his face so deliberately towards the camera as if to make a point with the sign that it was all I could do to keep it together.
I friggin’ love Jensen (and Jared!), their honest reaction and outright approval made today so damn amazing and worth the entire trip to Atlanta a bazillion times over.
I hope they know there’s so many of us who appreciate what the heart of the show really is. I hope they know there’s those of us perpetually sorry for what the Hellers put them through. J2 endlessly remind me why this show has lasted 12 seasons and will last longer, and that, my friends?
Is brothers.

170123 @churrokingtruck: We received a lot of support and attention yesterday for actor #DoKyungsoo’s event for Room No. 7. I am sorry I cannot reply to each and every comment, but you have my thanks. I’m thinking of yesterday, on set. Actor Do told us with a bright smile that he’s always grateful to us. When I said I’m the one who should be, and he said he calls because our food is too good.. to take care of him tomorrow too.. I felt very good and thankful.

We were reserved for two sites on two days, so we are here to provide #support today too. We’re on the set of #movie #WithTheGods, this time arranged by #PrivateWon. Although I know Kyungsoo is done with all his parts, he still makes sure to take care like this. He’s really quite delicate and warm. As always, his message of encouragement was concise, and the design simple like it. But his warm heart is quite clear in the short message. Thank you once again. Room No. 7′s Taejung and With the Gods’ Private Won, you have my sincere support. I’ll be running right over at release. 

Message: Fighting, With the Gods! Please enjoy. - Private Won

source: churro king | translation: fydk


Greek Mythology: Hades x Persephone
w/Oscar Isaac as Hades and Sophie Turner as Persephone

“I asked him for it.
For the blood, for the rust,
for the sin.
I didn’t want the pearls other girls talked about,
or the fine marble of palaces,
or even the roses in the mouth of servants.
I wanted pomegranates—
I wanted darkness,
I wanted him.

So I grabbed my king and ran away
to a land of death,
where I reigned and people whispered
that I’d been dragged.
I’ll tell you I’ve changed. I’ll tell you,
the red on my lips isn’t wine.
I hope you’ve heard of horns,
but that isn’t half of it. Out of an entire kingdom
he kneels only to me,
calls me Queen, calls me Mercy.
Mama, Mama, I hope you get this.
Know the bed is warm and our hearts are cold,
know never have I been better
than when I am here.
Do not send flowers,
we’ll throw them in the river.
‘Flowers are for the dead’, ‘least that’s what
the mortals say.
I’ll come back when he bores me,
but Mama,
not today.”  
 ―    Daniella Michalleni

So I have relatives visiting for the holidays. Usually they bring more drama and chaos than familial love, BUT this year it’s a lil’ different. Ontop of welcoming a new baby cousin into the family, my Nana stumbled upon the album of my giant/tiny artwork that I keep on my phone. All my GT drawings from way back when I doodled on a phone app to my most recent stuff on my tablet were suddenly up for judgement by folks that I hadn’t disclosed my love for GT to.

 I was so scared that they’d think me as weird, critique my art harshly, or even shame me for drawing something so unusual. It’s one of my worst fears, one that I’ve had so many online friends disclose and share with me. We love this trope so much. It warms our hearts when we’re at our lowest, and we’re lifted even more when we find folks with common interests to share the fluff with. This is why, it can be so frightening, absolutely terrifying when someone outside of this community finds out about our interest in GT. They put you on the spotlight for possible rejection, even ridicule for enjoying something so fantastically abnormal.


 My family’s reaction to my art:

 “Woah, this all came from just you? On the computer?” 

 “Look at all the tiny people! So cute!” 

 “You should make your own line of greeting cards with this!” 

 “Woah, I like the mood in this one. The giant hand in the fog? That’s scary!”

 “This looks like an illustration for a children’s book! Did you really do this!?” 

My current mood:

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