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Throwing My Hat into the “Humans Are Weird” Thing

So what if all the other alien species evolved from Prey Species? Like, humans show up on the galactic scene and everyone is weirded out by the appearance of this species with eyes on the front of their heads and binocular vision, and crazy good senses of hearing and smell compared to everyone else.

And then it hits them.

They just made first contact with a race of sapient, intelligent Apex Predators. Eventually, after the panic dies down and the other races realize that humans aren’t going to eat them, they realize how good they are under pressure. They can hear and smell things before anyone else, are capable of going days without food if they have to, weeks with very little food. Or, they can pull off these insane feats of accuracy with their binocular vision. Or smell what dinner is from three rooms away, or hear a ship’s system failure before the alarm sounds.
Joker and Harley Quinn Movie Scores 'Crazy Stupid Love' Filmmakers to Write, Direct

NEWS: Joker and Harley Quinn Movie announced

Glenn Ficarra and John Requa are entering the DC cinematic universe at Warner Bros. The duo are in final negotiations to write and direct an untitled movie project centering on Batman villains Joker and Harley Quinn. Jared Leto and Margot Robbie are due to reprise their roles as the villains.

Insiders say that the plan is for this feature to go after the studio makes a sequel to Suicide Squad. The Joker and Harley Quinn movie is also moving fast as the studio has to contend with actors holding agreements.

The film is described as a “criminal love story,” and will fall within Warner’s main line of movies based on their DC properties.

Quick fact. Ready?
Orange pigmented foods like sweet potatoes and carrots, and leafy greens like kale and spinach, are absolutely amazing for eye health. They provide a high supply of beta carotene and other important antioxidants, which are required for vision processing as well as preventing vision deterioration.

ScarletVision kissing scene, the theory.

I’m writing this theory when I should be studying for my Anthropology class for tomorrow. I’m tired, it’s 00:37 am, and I have a full mug of coffee with hot chocolate in front of me. I would rather die than say that this was not worth it

Let us begin

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Your Eldritch Horoscope
  • Aries: The demoniac piping of the whip-poor-wills is said to increase in rhythm to match a dying human's breaths. They chase down the soul escaping the body. They chase it for prey. If it escapes, they fall silent. If they catch it, you can hear them laughing and shrieking in ecstasy for the remainder of the night, stirring the vast, nameless things that shift below the earth. You can see more of them gathering every day. What sound will they make when you die, I wonder?
  • Taurus: When your friends try to persuade you against a course of action, they are probably thinking of your best interest. Keep this in mind when you go past the beginning of mankind, past the beginning of the world, past the beginning of reality, to where time stops its curve in an abrupt acute angle. The Hounds are coming. And they WILL find you.
  • Gemini: One day, you will hear your mother's son screaming his father's name from the top of Sentinel Hill. He is gelatinous. He is a spider, a centipede, an octopus made of wriggling ropes, but he has your face. He looks more like your father than you do.
  • Cancer: Your tears may soak the soil unheeded, but there will always be a place for you here, beneath the tattered banner of The Yellow King, amongst the gravestones in the abandoned necropolis under the twin suns and black stars of lost Carcosa
  • Leo: It would be good for you to remind yourself, from time to time, we are all but the unseen, unheard, dead dreams of the blind idiot God Azathoth, the after-tremors of Its cosmic seizures, entire galaxies nothing but nerves misfiring for a split second in time, swirling forever in the endless abyss of eternity. You are less than nothing.
  • Virgo: Don't look in the well. Don't drink the water. Your family is gone. They're not coming back. Get out now, before it takes you too. That amorphous visual phenomenon dancing on the edges of your peripheral vision that you can't describe isn't you going crazy. It's alive. It's hungry.
  • Libra: It's not anyone's fault. Fault implies control. Everything happens completely at random, for no reason at all. Or is it simply a pattern of order so advanced it just seems random? A pattern beyond human comprehension. A pattern that repeats ad nauseam back to the beginning. Back to Them.
  • Scorpio: You are a puppet on a string. Dancing madly for the Faceless God Nyarlathotep. He waits for you in the darkness, laughing. The rats know what you did.
  • Sagittarius: You alone will be their witness. You alone will carry the burden. You will see the half-beast abominations marching in endless procession in the tombs under the sand, to make vile sacrifice to the five-headed extremity of the Old Gods. Take this secret to your grave.
  • Capricorn: What you fear will come to pass has already happened. In fact, it's happening right now. Everywhere, all at once, behind and underneath and in between all the spaces you can see, It's biding Its time. Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate.
  • Aquarius: The atmosphere of this lonely place you live. You thought maybe it was the Old Gods, or Nature Spirits. I'm warning you, it is neither. Those at least have some relationship to mankind. It is Them. You have intruded where the veil is thinnest. You are a trespasser. They know you're there. They're searching. Getting closer. A sacrifice must be made.
  • Pisces: How can you be sure you're who you think you are? Every day when you look in the mirror, isn't it a little different? Have you not had dreams of great, cyclopean underwater cities with impossible architecture? Of the fish-god Father Dagon? Of swimming free beneath the surface, of engaging in blasphemous midnight rites with your true kin? Maybe you're not quite as human as you thought you were.
If Marvel really wants to screw with our emotions they'll give us Peter picking up Thor's hammer

Okay picture this:
Peter Parker is standing alone in the living space of the Avengers compound, bouncing on his toes, waiting for the avengers to finish the meeting their having in the other room so he can talk to Stark about his current mission.

The hammer is perched in the center of the coffee table, Thor obviously not worried about leaving it in the other room since he knows it’s not going anywhere. Or so he thought.

Peter inches closer towards it, the sheer mystery of it holding his attention. He wonders if he should slip his phone out of his pocket and take a picture of the thing to send to Ned. His eyes dart around the room to make sure he’s alone before extending a single, cautious finger, just to be able to say he’s touched it.

Only, when he pokes it, it moves. So slightly Peter could swear he imagined it. But his heart’s beating faster, he has to know for sure. “There’s no way Mr. Stark wouldn’t trust me if I could walk up to him holding this”, he whispers to himself. So Peter steadies himself, and with a huge breath, wraps his palm around the handle. He tugs hard, expecting to feel resistance, but is met with none as the hammer swings up in his arm. He stumbles backwards into the couch, eyes wide, mouth agape, waiting for sirens to go off or something crazy like that.

Vision walks into the room, locking eyes with still wide eyed Peter. Vision lets out a quick “Oh, my” before immediately turing to float through the wall into the room where the avengers all sit.

Peter, panicked, decides that there’s no turning back now and positions himself so he’s ready to face them. He hears a mass of footsteps coming down the hall and a mumbled “this better be good, Vis” from Tony.

The Avengers all stop dead in their tracks, smacking into each other as they come to a halt in front of such a sight. Peter is sitting with his legs crossed, holding the hammer upright and resting his chin on it as if it were his fist and he was sitting through a boring class.

“Sup, guys?”

Thor’s face is plastered with a look of pure horror that only a god could muster. Tony is biting his lip, trying and pretty much failing to hold back a smile. Steve is giving Peter a very obvious beaming thumbs up. Wanda and Nat are smirking and raising their eyebrows at each other, silently saying “we told them so”. Sam is rolling his eyes profusely, huffing as he thinks to himself “Man, this kid gets all the attention. I made some sweet ass omelets for everyone this morning and do I get a thanks? No. But spider boy walks up in here and steals the show as always.”

The stunned silence stretches, and Peter nervously stammers, “I, uh, I’ll just put this do-”

Tony interrupts him with a hand. He crosses his arms, back straight, and says, “Dinner’s on me tonight, kid. Anything you want.”

Peter’s smile feels like it takes up his whole face as he shifts the hammer to his other hand and says, “Thank you, Mr. Stark! Um, how about we just order some pizzas for all of us? I’ll let Thor choose the toppings, he looks like he could use a win.” With that Thor finally closes his gaping mouth, Steve putting a consoling hand on his shoulder with the smallest glint of mockery in his eyes.

“Sure thing, kid”, Tony answers. “Hey F.R.I.D.A.Y., get me on the phone with Al’s Pizza, tell em we got a special occasion.”

You have to read this.

People will hate you for doing something you love. And most of the times, they will call you crazy just because your vision is different from what they are seeing. Neglect them. You have to surround yourself with people who supports you and believes in your world-changing capabilities. Continue searching for your higher purpose. You are and deserve more than just an average. Make the greatest impact on this generation. It is your turn to create amazing things.

But how can I do it? Where should I start?

Seize every opportunity. Work on your crazy ideas. Grow your vision and mind. You just need to set your foot forward to get started.

Regardless of who you think you are, you have someone in you that could bring change to our broken world. You have amazing talents to share. You are powerful, inspiring and capable. You have to set that man free.

—  E.J. Cenita
Dream Daddy CRYPTID AU

Jospeh: a demon-possessed youth pastor, of course. Mary knows and begrudgingly accepts that her loving husband shares a body with a malevolent entity. You can catch him dragging his latest kill through the woods, or hosting weekend barbecues and showing you his latest grill maneuvers.

Damien: the local vampire. Not actually old enough to have been alive in the Victorian era, but he certainly appreciates the aesthetic. He enjoys moonlit walks in the cemetery and napping together in a king-size coffin. You assure him that it’s perfectly alright for a century-old cryptid to work in the technology sector.

Brian: a very loyal and friendly werewolf. Beware- if you throw a stick for Maxwell to fetch, there’s a good chance that Brian will also run after it. Loves frisbees, his beautiful daughter, and full moons. You spend the weekends camping with him and Daisy, making sure they remember to come home before the sun rises.

Mat: a siren. Never sings any more, if he can help it. He and his wife used to travel the country bewitching teens with their voices for fun (no one was ever hurt, of course) until they were found out and she was murdered. He hates large crowds, loud noises, and decaf. Sometimes, you can convince him to play for you, and it’s beautiful and haunting. If you listen closely, he hums under his breath.

Hugo: an earth-loving alien. He and his son aren’t new to the planet; they’ve lived in the cul-de-sac for quite some time, but Hugo never gets any less fascinated with human beings. He particularly has a fondness for literature and the sport of wrestling- he’ll talk your ear off with all of the oddball facts he knows about either subject.

Craig: a psychic. He can see ghosts, and they often come to him begging for help. Between keeping up with his kids, coaching a softball team, running a business, and speaking with the dead, the poor guy runs himself into the ground. He never lets it show, though. You hold him in your strong Dad Arms to ward the cold chill away, and you do your best to ignore his extra shadow.

Robert: completely and totally human. Also obsessed with cryptids. He’s convinced that they are out there, he tells Jospeh as he flips another burger, looking dramatically out across the yard to the woods as Joseph adjusts the hot coals with his bare hands.

He takes Damien hunting with him, even though his cloak keeps getting caught in the branches, because he has crazy good night vision.

He gloats to Brian about the huge canine paw prints he found the other day, as Daisy has a conversation with Maxwell over the practicality of his handkerchief.

Mat brews his coffee as Robert goes on and on about the mysterious nationwide phenomenon a few decades back, with kids going crazy after listening to some music- sirens, obviously. Mat shrugs uncomfortably and hands him his drink.

He recounts to Hugo the night he almost got abducted, and Hugo tells him to stop being ridiculous, that doesn’t even happen. Robert tells him that just because he reads some books, he doesn’t know everything.

He complains to Craig about how cold his house always is, and how he always feels like he’s being watched, probably because of his relentless pursuit of the truth. Craig eyes something behind him and promises to take care of it.

And you? Well, I don’t know about you, but I want to believe.

anonymous asked:

I recently watched the filler arc where the Uchiha massacre never happened and ansolutely hated it. How do you think Sasuke would be different if his family weren't murdered? I see him fairly well-adjusted, polite and respectful but serious, perfectionist workaholic. I'm oddly partial to the idea of Sasuke becoming a police detective. I think he'd be amazing at it!

That arc was such a wasted opportunity, they could have done the non massacre universe everyone wanted and develop an independent plot, instead after an interesting they destroyed it by forcefully adding canon elements that made no sense in this context and ruined characters’ personalities instead of adapting them, which led to a crappy development as well.

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definitelynotaminion  asked:

Danzo has the crazy vision of turning Uchiha into revenge driven Jutsu stealers-- no one has any idea where he got that frankly preposterous idea-- and so ROOT continues on but the only Uchiha he manages to get his hands on is of course Sai. So my pitch: Konoha discovers Root via the giant explosion under the mountain/ANBU hq and there's just a bewildered, black eye bags, bed hair Sai who just wanted to try something. All the Uchiha: *screaching* one of ours! Clearly! Death to Danzo!

I am cackling this is undignified but adorable bb!Sai with all of his ink-based jutsus just tweaking things because what if I did this and fiery death raining down everywhere. Sarutobi stares for a long moment before he turns to Danzo who is suddenly sweating buckets. 

“You stole an Uchiha and you didn’t expect this to happen?? Do you not remember being on a team with Kagami???”