that vid =')


Excuse the speed but flying Noctis is hard to control, I wish I could walk instead.

So this whole area is very detailed, it’s not low poly like the rest of the buildings that are supposed to be seen from a distance, it even has collision so I’m guessing it was either cut from the game or saved for Ignis’ DLC.

It’s not in the video but I have screenshots. This hole in the wall leads to the room where Luna was sitting. It looks like a secret passage so maybe it was part of a quest to go see Luna. It could also have been for a cutscene, I don’t fucking know. Anyways look at this shit:

Either way I hope they do something with it in the future. I’d love Altissia to have some proper quests and not just hunts.


I see the world through rose colored glasses now

how great is the mv tho shiiit


thanks to those who came to my livestream(s) and watched me edit this! also, consider this a (late) contribution to the fallniversary! :’)


Compilation of people praising, loving, validating, and appreciating Dean Winchester. Enjoy! =D


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Minghao the clingy mom, Jun the embarrassing cat dad and Dino the struggling child…. what a beautiful family