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Pining Keith's Serenade
  • Pining Keith's Serenade
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I guess I just composed my very first song ever!?!?! at 4:19 AM!?!! Yikes!!!

Picture this: A serenading Keef venting out his feelings towards Lance and the poor gal ends up getting ROASTED

Hey, Lance.

The day we met, I knew there was something
that look on your face
And no regrets, were there to be taken
we flew straight to space 

Now there’s just one thing
that you need to hear me say…

Oh, take my heart
Oh oh, stay in my arms
There’s no need to fight-
There’s a reason why we love~  

Hey there Keith, why are you so tense?
Can’t understand, what are you trying to say?
Your skin is weird, you smell like sweat, are you alright?
What can I do to help? 

*INHALES* …Quiznak.


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer


Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc | 05/?? Random Gifs.


Vacation Dad Grace's 2017 Gloden Globe Fashion Review

ive been seeing this man on my dash and honestly i cant help but love him


tagged by @park-jimizzle (you create amazing moodboards ♡) also since this is my first one i also based the general format from yours so I hope its okay >< 

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The moment I knew @mormoc was going to be apart of the @pjocoloringbookproject, was the moment I knew that it was going to be the very first picture that I colored. And she didn’t disappoint me! I was utterly blown away with this piece (as I usually am whenever I see any of May’s artwork) and was so excited to color it!

Thank you May, for your beautiful lineart that is just so wonderfully compelling and breathtakingly fun to look at and color! You’re an incredible artist and a lovely friend altogether! Thank you!

OOC: @bunisbun? I know you’ve been down, so I wanted to do something for you…I know it’s not much and I’m sorry for that, but….I really do hope you feel better soon. ;w;

lets talk about the play book

In the latest episode we saw the playbook, which seems to make complete sense, but at a closer look i could not notice that Ethel’s name was shown more than one.But 4 times. 
Which just doesn’t add up to what she told us? especially when it’s connected to Reggie’s name - that his almost absence from this episode seems rather weird. 

I don’t know about all of you, but to me it seems rather weird,Ethel looks to me like this adorable character who got wronged. so why is her name linked to Reggie’s so many times? So i took a closer look. 

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I haven’t seen any Parsley fanart
That’s unacceptable

THIS WAS VERY… Experimental? There’s a few things I’m not happy with but overall I’m trying to improve my poses and effects…. Y’know. So that they’re not always stuck at the same ¾ angle. So please excuse any mistakes, I’m just…. learning, I guess!

I’ve included a version WITH the Lucidia on it, and without- Cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

hands are hard

[Parsley belongs to @loverofpiggies!]


17 years old college student Alena S. (first picture) of Khabarovsk was raised in a very troubled family with a mother who was an alcoholic and couldn’t take care of herself, let alone her daughter. Alena’s friend 21 years old Alina O. (second picture) on the contrary was raised in a very decent family and never knew things Alena went through. However, the two girls had common passion: they loved kill animals. They would take cats and dogs from animal shelters and then would viciously torture and kill them in an abandoned building. They recorded the killings on video camera, took pictures and uploaded them online. They thought that they will get away with their crimes, however some of users who spotted their disturbing pictures and videos conducted an investigation and exposed the girls to the police. Alena S. was arrested when she tried to flee the city. Alina O. was arrested as well. Unfortunately, Russian laws are very loose when it comes to lives of animals so the girls likely won’t go to jail for their crimes.

Akamatsu and Ouma’s relationship.

As most of you may know, I really, really hope that Ouma and Akamatsu get some kind of important interaction.

In previous NDRV3 trailers, we’ve seen this screenshot, which has made a lot of people think that they will probably be friends.

Look, Akamatsu actually smiling at him! And, hey, Ouma’s smiling too. Isn’t that cute? I don’t know if this will be from a Free Time Event or not though.

And then, this week, in a Famitsu scan (credit to the always great @jinjojess for it!), we can find this new picture.

It’s very different from the first one. As we know already, in this new feature called Scrum Debate, all the people in the trial will divide into two sides according to their opinion on the issue being discussed at the moment.

Ouma probably doesn’t use Akamatsu’s way of thinking - so they’re in opposite sides. He looks interested on it, while she doesn’t look all that good about having to this. 

The point I’m trying to get is that I hope Ouma and Akamatsu have friends/enemies kind of interactions. As pointed out by some people already, Iruma, Rantarou, Ouma and Akamatsu usually appear together in a lot of pictures. 

I’ve seen people talking about Akamatsu/Rantarou and also some about Iruma/Akamatsu, but I haven’t seen all that much going around about Ouma/Kaede when, from the pictures we have and both’s reactions, it’s also very interesting.