that very first picture

I was google image searching Clint McElroy cause I’ve only heard his voice on TAZ. and this was one of the very first pictures: 

and when I clicked on the little picture the description was this:

and I’m pretty sure this is all I need to know about Clint McElroy. In fact I’d rather not know any more, my mental image of this man at this point cannot be improved


first batch of fashion folder jojo rqs w/ some ladies!!

ways the vld crew could have made their mothers day tweet better:

-reveal of all the character’s mothers (except keith’s bc that would prob be a spoiler)

-make a short comic/very sad picture of colleen holt dealing with her first mother’s day without her family

-post about colleen holt in general

-have a reverse reveal of all the characters’ mothers where they like just draw the outlines of all of them but don’t actually show what they look like

-same thing above but with just keith’s mom

-make some comment about how none of them have their moms in space so it’s now “coran day” and then post an official art picture of the whole team celebrating coran, their wonderful space uncle/surrogate father


Last night I experienced some @sixpenceee shit. I was walking around in my home town (which is actually really high in paranormal/spooky stuff like we have a new age store downtown. I live in the bible belt) and I had this pulling feeling to go down this road (first picture) and at the very end of it was this house (second picture) and I just got bad vibes all the way down the street. Before I go on I just want to mention I have a bit of a sixth sense. I get vibes from people or places and usually it’s only if I feel like they have bad intentions or if there is just a negative feeling or something, it’s a gut feeling and I usually listen to it. Anyway, about half way down there was this one road I felt like I needed to go down but the pull to this house was stronger.

I turned around to go back to the main road. The whole time though I kept turning around and checking out the house and stuff and I swear to god the hall light on the second floor was getting brighter the farther I walked away. I finally got to that crossroad again and I was just going to go back to the main road but I felt that pull again so I was like “this is a bad idea” but I did it anyway. Bad idea. I found out this crossroad ended near the cemetery. It was getting really dark and I knew it would be quicker to cut through the cemetery because it’s literally two blocks away from my house. So I went in. At night. There are only lights at the entrances and really dim ones on very few of the tombstones.

So I’m walking and I know I don’t need to freak out, it’ll just attract bad things but it was really dark and that house spooked me a bit. So I kept walking, occasionally turning on my flashlight on my phone to look at the paths a bit more clearly. I saw the gate near my house and thought this path I was on would lead me right to it but I took a step and stopped. There was no direct path, which was really weird because I swore there was a path there before. And I have a thing about cutting through the yard and being among the tombstones so I had to go around and take a longer path.

At this point I felt Something coming from the back/opposite side of the cemetery (for a small town, this is a huge cemetery) and I freaked and called my friend. I finally made it to my gate and went through. I was talking off my nerves and everything and I was starting to feel less bad vibes. I looked back and checked the gate a couple of times but one time I turned around and looked longer than just a glance and I got the worst feeling of the whole night. Whatever was following me made it to the gate. I’m a little mad I didn’t take a picture but I really didn’t want to stop for one. But just imagine a dark street with bare trees on one side of the road and some rough looking houses on the other with a gate at the end. And this gate is only tangible because of the yellow light cast upon it. Nothing seems to exist past this gate, there’s just black space behind it. It was eerie. I hightailed it out of there and stayed on the phone with my friend until I got home.


MOODBOARD: Idril Celebrindal

“The key to your happiness is to […] own who you are, own how you look, own your family, own the talents you have, and own the ones you don’t.”
— Abraham Verghese, Cutting for Stone

For Silmweek Day 2: Elves


Guess who didn’t post shit for Raffles week even though I got maybe 70% of the prompts done bc I had to finalize my designs

and i never got to scan them bc the scanner never got fixed so here are more phone quality photos I love YOU GUYS

lets talk about the play book

In the latest episode we saw the playbook, which seems to make complete sense, but at a closer look i could not notice that Ethel’s name was shown more than one.But 4 times. 
Which just doesn’t add up to what she told us? especially when it’s connected to Reggie’s name - that his almost absence from this episode seems rather weird. 

I don’t know about all of you, but to me it seems rather weird,Ethel looks to me like this adorable character who got wronged. so why is her name linked to Reggie’s so many times? So i took a closer look. 

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Elsewhere University Clubs Website and Podcast

(Sending this here because it’ll be more visible.)

I’ve a number of messages about the podcast and website for Elsewhere U., and I would like to say that we’re working on it! It’s going to take some time, but if anyone would like to contact us about the project, could you please go to That way we can keep track of everyone involved, and manage our resources better.

What we need:
- More clubs! We have 17 potential spots open just for this purpose! Any club you can think of that would appropriate for such a unique college can be sent in, and it’ll be reviewed before getting put up on the site. (Note: Treat it like an actual club, with members and leaders and such. A club has no use if it has nobody in it!)
- A logo! I’d normally try my hand at making one, but this is a large project, and it feels fitting to have it be open to everyone. Also, I’m kinda creatively-exhausted from working on the website for four days straight (and if anyone thinks they can design a better website, by all means, send in a code). So, have fun designing!
- Lorekeepers! People who would be willing to sort through and keep record of all the things that are considered “canon” by the creator charminglyantiquated, aka Sam. This is to just keep a general idea of the style of the University, it is in no way meant to restrict any creativity.
- Musical artists! We’ve already got one person volunteering to help with sound, but if the podcast really takes off, we’ll need more than that. Send in those songs and random inhuman sounds to contribute to the radio!
- Stories! Tidbits of events that pepper the radio broadcast in the form of rumors, or perhaps full columns on the happenings at the school submitted to a not-yet-created news club. Getting in examples of student life is one of the top priorities in this project, because it’s what sparked the idea for all of this in the first place!
- Art! It’s not very wise to take pictures of the Gentry, but drawings are welcome- who knows, perhaps a Gentry Identification club might spawn from it. Also, a labelled campus map would be above and beyond, if anyone wanted to try their hand at it.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, but this is a good enough place to start as any.

you guys i’m hyperventilating. go direct some of the enthusiasm their way, this is the coolest thing


The minute I saw this image a fic idea popped into my head - but in true me form it took 2 weeks to actually come together into anything. Unbeta’d and about 1100 words of fluff. Post CS wedding with a side of Captain Charming feels.

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

For close to three hundred years, the memories of Killian Jones had been curated solely by the power of his mind. Highly reliable, of course, with impressive attention to detail - as he frequently reminded Henry when he shared tales of his past life with the young author.

(And he had yet to find the lad’s eye-rolling any reason not to continue.)

With such a power of recall, there seemed little chance any of the intimate details of the day he married Emma Swan would slip into the shadowed recesses, no matter how many dark curses or damned fairies were thrown at them.  

Yet he found himself drawn again and again to the simple black frame that hung on the wall of their living room, a moment of utter bliss captured perfectly in the curve of their lips and the light in their eyes as they danced together for the first time as husband and wife. He had known many a treasure over his long years on the sea, but none of those would ever be more valuable than this image, he thought, lovingly tracing a finger along the contours of Emma’s face.

“You are going to wear a track in the glass, Killian, if you don’t stop doing that.”

Emma’s arms snaked around his waist, her chin coming to rest on his shoulder. Though he couldn’t see her face, he had no doubt of the smile she was wearing - yet another image firmly locked in place without need of a photograph.

“Of all the magic I have ever come across,”  he said, turning in her arms until their foreheads came to rest together, “I think these photographs are the most powerful of all. A single moment preserved in time and yet it tells so much more of the tale.”

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pika-ace  asked:

Okay I was just listening to 'Dear Theodosia' and I immediately pictured your little Usnavi holding baby Sonny (I never realized how fitting that song was for them) :')


New official picture released by sailormoon_20th for Michiru’s birthday

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my dear followers! You guys are amazing and I love you all. <3 

Quick shout out to my girl @noenoemi for helping me find the cards. They do not belong to me and were found through Google.

Jonathan wasn’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day; though it had more to do with the fact that he rarely had anyone to celebrate with, than the idea of it being a made up holiday for stores to sell overpriced candy and cards to the unsuspecting public.

He dreaded the day, because it just reminded him how horribly lonely he was, and how his romantic life was virtually nil. It also emphasized how deeply in love he was with his best friend, with no hope for the future due to the fact that said best friend was straight, and completely unavailable.

Which is why, when he opened his locker on the tenth of February, he was extremely surprised to find a small red envelope sitting among his books.

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♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble (3/13) ♡♡♡

Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

Member: Jun
Genre: Suggestive
Word Count: 662

“Come on, baby, why can’t I see?”

“Because, silly, it’s your surprise for Valentine’s Day and I don’t want you to ruin it. You have a tendency of doing that.”

Jun bent his head down and smiled to himself, but then straightened his neck and mocked a pout. “I do not. You just can’t hide things very well. It’s not my fault that I get to see them beforehand!”

You tsked and lightly swatted the back of Jun’s head. “I’ll make you keep that blindfold on longer if you don’t stop irritating me.”

This time Jun didn’t even bother hiding his grin. “But that’s what you love about me! Well, besides my handsome looks and dance moves. And is that perfume you’re wearing? It smells nice.”

You shook your head and smiled, even though he couldn’t see it. “Yes, I am. Now shut up and take off the blindfold.”

Jun did as told and reached behind his head and loosened the blindfold. He took his jolly good old time in removing it and setting it to the side with his eyes still shut, and you figured that he wanted to hold out on the surprise longer, even if he wanted to desperately see it. It was only a shame that you weren’t recording any of the reveal or had your phone to take a simple picture of Jun’s face. This was the very first time you’ve seen his eyes that big or how his eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. His mouth fell open in silent amazement, but his eyes did all the talking.

His eyes shamelessly ran over the white two piece that you were wearing; it was a delicate white lace set that stuck perfectly to your body and accented everything that it had to.  The bra had straps running over the top of your stomach just below the breasts, and the matching panties had a high waist. Underneath the entire thing, smooth skin flashed through and tempted Jun for a better look. He couldn’t believe his eyes nor the way his blood was solely focusing on one important organ of his body. His throat went dry and he couldn’t find his words. “Wow… You look… Wow…”

In his eyes, your whole entire being emitted an angelic light and your small smile blinded him. He clutched the blanket under his fingers and pressed his legs together. He didn’t know what part he should pay more attention to; the pretty blush on your cheeks or the white lingerie that he was itching to rip off.

Your voice was quiet as you spoke. “Are you just going to sit there and gawk? Or are you going to do something and touch me?” Jun’s reaction was immediate. With his body quivering, he reached out and brushed his hands over the lacey material. He sucked in a breath and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in closer. He found himself placing his head on your chest and inhaling the sweet scent of your perfume and kissing the exposed flesh.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am thankful,” he croaked, and he was amazed that his voice even worked.

“I told you, this was your surprise,” you murmured and ran a hand through his hair. You climbed up onto the bed and straddled his lap. “I wanted to do something special for you. Hopefully this is enough.”

Jun shook his head frantically. This was more than enough. He let his hands run up and over your thighs and he inhaled deeply in an attempt to relax. “It is,” he responded weakly.

You sighed, a disappointed look blooming on your features. “No, it’s not. Something’s missing.” Jun was going to ask what you meant, but he suddenly felt his back being pressed against the mattress and your mouth at his ear. “And I think I’ve found it. Just relax, baby, and let me do all the work.

He gulped.