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Partners - C.H.

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This is part 2/4 to the gang!5sos mini series.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” Calum said taking the money from the man that traded him the wad for an ounce. He made his way back around the corner to the beat up corvette he had, y/n’s legs sticking out of the passenger side window, cigarette dangling from her lips as an overplayed Nirvana song blasted through the speakers. She had on a pair of high waist shorts accompanied by one of Calum’s flannels unbuttoned and over her upper body, chest covered by a black bandeau. “Where to next?” he questioned hopping in the driver’s side.

“Declan’s and that’s it,” she hummed just after taking a drag, smoke falling from her lips with each word that left her mouth, Calum nodding as he took the car out of park. She looked over to him, eyes studying the way his hands gripped the wheel, veins in his arms clearly visible. The hat on his head driving her wild. He looked like sex on legs. “Can I stay at yours tonight?”

“I’m staying at BJ’s,” he said back referring to the bar Ben and Jack owned that housed their clubhouse underneath. It was how they were able to hold the space without getting caught.

“Well, can I stay with you? Dani’s on a bender again and I’ve been clean,” she said simply as he hummed in response. She knew he wouldn’t have an issue, but it was still better to ask than to just assume. “Thanks babe.”

“Hmm,” he hummed in response taking the corner lightly before pulling over quickly. “You know the drill.”

“Calum, you don’t need to mention it every time you go to do a deal. The mini’s in my shoe, handgun’s in the pocket in the door. And, I know how to drive stick. I think I’m good,” she said as he rolled his eyes at how she was acting, but she was right. They’d been ‘partners’ for over two years now, Jack pairing the two together when she first joined because he felt Calum could deal with her carefree attitude.

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Seriously,  When Seth got lucky and found that transfusion tubing, that man didn’t hesitate one second in giving Kate his blood. Which now we know Seth and Kate have the same blood type. Also and thanks to Santanico biting Seth  to heal ,Seth knew  exactly were to stick the needle in his arm for the good vein. Remember  when Kate shot Seth up in his neck because  he couldn’t find a vein.  Kate to Seth:  “Richie already found the good one”. 

And after this   

Seth glanced at Kate’s lips, Seth sooooo wanted to kiss Kate right then and there!!!! 

And after 

Seth in this moment thinks Richie is already lost and he is now about to lose the woman he loves as well. Seth was so desperate to stop Kate he actually considered popping her knee caps to prevent her from walking through the gate.    

And after 

Seth now knows Kate loves Him

Seth knows giving up the woman he loves is his price to pay,  Seth and Kate share one last longing glance before she goes into the gate.  Seth  having lost his brother and just now the woman he loves drops the gun in front of Amaru accepting his own death. 

Then of course after this 


the knowing and longing in these stares!!!!!!!

 So now after all of this, How can this scene be anything other than suggestive imagery purposely done by the show??????   Look at  the difference in Richie’s  and Seth’s suits!  Richie is wearing the kind of suit the Gecko’s have always worn, Seth is now wearing the kind of suit a Groom would wear. Lets now  point out Kate, that of all the colors of dresses the writers could have chosen for Kate to wear in the flash forward that they chose for Kate to be wearing a white dress. If you were to cut Richie out Seth and Kate look  just like a Bonnie and Clyde style bride and groom.  There is no way this is just a coincidence and not intentional done by the writers.  

and also we have this

The only way Kate could be considered a Gecko is if Kate married a Gecko and I think we all know which Gecko she married. So Im convinced that Seth and Kate are married in the flash forward scene.  

The are not mine thanks for letting me barrow them 

I feel like Newt’s masculinity/bad-ass manlyness is sometimes squashed in this fandom and people often portray him as feminine in fanfiction and klunk so I figured I’d make a list of examples of his bad-assery:

  • Thomas mentions multiple times throughout the books how strong Newt is 
    • He (Newt) reached down and helped Thomas to his feet - he was so strong it felt like he could rip Thomas’s arm off.” -TMR pg. 36
    • “Veins stuck out of his muscled arms” -TMR pg. 9
  • When Thomas got shot by a launcher Newt casually picked him up and chucked him onto the berg like nbd
  • he straight-faced suggested to Thomas that he get stung on purpose
  • “Newt slowly walked over to Minho and stopped in front of him. Then, quick as a striking snake, he punched him in the face. Minho staggered back and slammed into the empty weapons rack.” -TDC pg. 69
  • He survived the Scorch with a bum leg that probably hurt like hell the whole time
  • he’s an intense mother fucker don’t tell me otherwise
Come Back (Daryl Dixon Imagine)

Imagine: Hello, can I get an imagine where you and daryl have this really heated argument because he gets insecure that you don’t love him like you say you do?and after a few days carol and rick has to talk to him to get daryl to apologise and stuff. – Anon.

A.N: Sorry I haven’t wrote in a while, this was a good, quick and easy prompt to get me back into writing again. Hope you enjoy beautiful! 

Word Count: 1158

         ➴ ➴ ➴

These eyes, I am somewhat tethered to them and if for a moment he casts his gaze away I may honestly find myself stranded. Even when he’s in a state, all up in arms with his veins popping in his neck – telling me I’m no good, his eyes tell me otherwise. This isn’t regular but it’s often enough, the fighting, whenever we get too close he flares up and pushes me away. I’m calm, as calm as I can be when I place my hand gently onto his bicep; hoping that it reassures but instead he shakes me off and returns to pacing. 

“Ya think ya know me? Huh?!” He’s back in my face, pointing his finger right at me. I don’t react. He scoffs and turns his back on me, yet again faced with his angel winged vest, I feel my heart sink. “Ya don’ know shit Y/N. Don’t need ya pity and ya damn sympathy.” 

With that he stormed out, leaving me to silently wrack my brain for solutions. I’d walked in on his changing his shirt, getting ready to meet with Rick for a run. I’d seen his scars previously, but today I dared touching them softly – a poor decision on my part. He exploded, understandably. Sighing, I raked my hands through my hair, enjoying the pulling sensation against my scalp. 

“Everything okay?” I groaned as Carol stepped into the room, not wanting to look up and face her. “I heard you both, well… I heard him. Look, he doesn’t mean what he says, he’s done this before…”

“I know, I know,” I rubbed my hands over my face. 

“I know you do Y/N, but I’m- well, I’m asking you to stick at it…” I looked to her, and she offered me a faint grin. 

“I plan on it, I love him Carol but he doesn’t listen, I don’t argue back anymore, I don’t say anything even… He just comes home days later and continues as if nothing happened, I can’t keep living like that, I want him to know – really know – that I love him and nothing can change that.” 

Carol didn’t reply, instead she squeezed my shoulder and nodded grimly before pottering away towards the kitchen. 

         ➴ ➴ ➴

Days passed, and Daryl’s absence grew larger. The group offered me concerned smiles and Michonne had promised me he would return to Alexandria soon, and until then she would be looking. Outside of everything she was my rock, the only person other than Daryl to truly empathize and understand without saying a word. Nights where I would sit at the guard post gazing out over the forest, she would wrap a blanket over my shoulders and bring me drinks, refusing to leave my side until I returned to sleep. 

Today was no different, I woke up to Judith’s wailing and rushed out to assess the scene; bumping into her Papa at the same time. Rick nodded at me before scooping up his teething toddler, soothing her softly until she calmed somewhat. 

“You alright?” He asked, whilst mindfully tending to his daughter simultaneously. I nodded.

“As you’d expect, need a hand with her? I’d like to keep busy…” I reached out and he passed her to me, instantly enjoying her innocent aura. Rick watched me carefully before shaking his head.

“I tried. To talk to him, out there, reason with him. Sometimes he listens but, this time, he just went off,” he continued, “but… he always comes back.” Locking eyes, I knew. 

“I believe you Rick, he’ll return,” I smiled and wandered downstairs, Judy held close. 

         ➴ ➴ ➴

I woke, finding my room dark. The house was silent, except for the small faint gurgles I could hear that sounded distinctly like Judith. Confused as to why the little one would be up and laughing at this hour, I dragged my feet out of bed. 

Her bedroom light glowed in the hall and her giggles grew louder, filling the upstairs with warmth. Then another sound, one I recognized but my sleep hazed mind could not place. 

“Damn ass-kicker, got some wicked tooth comin’ through!” 

His back was to me as I entered the room, while he leaned over the toddler on her changing table. He hadn’t noticed me. The wings on his back, no different to me than the scars hidden underneath because the man underneath those was more than words could fathom. 

He turned, abruptly and I hadn’t noticed I was crying until he stumbled over to me, guilt wreaking havoc on his rugged features. He touched me, his big palm cupping my cheek. It pulled all of my emotions out of my gut and I found myself sobbing. He thumbed away my tears before quickly turning to Judy and placing her fresh and clean into her crib and tucking her in. 

“C’mon,” he double checked Judith was safe before switching out the light and dragging me down the hall. Once tucked away into my room he kept his back to me once again, and I almost crumbled at the thought of him relapsing into another angry episode. 

“M’ sorry.” 

It was gruff, and quiet but it was there and I felt my insides drop. Stepping up towards him, I tentatively placed my hand to his leather clad back, when he didn’t shrug me off or get angry I felt relief wash over me. 

“It was my fault Daryl, I should’ve communicated with you, told you clearly. I didn’t think before touching your scars. I just… I just..” I couldn’t bring myself to voice it, afraid of the results. He turned now, those eyes boring into mine, pulling me home. 

“I love ya,” it was simple. It was so simple that I laughed, I laughed hard, and long; my belly beginning to ache. “Wha? What’s wrong with ya woman?!” I could feel his mood tipping and reigned myself in. 

“Not a thing. It’s just, you make it so simple,” I cupped his face in my hands, his brows furrowed deep in confusion. Before he could get angry I kissed him, running my hands down his neck, letting my fingers ghost their way down to his chest. He pulled me close, holding me at the small of my back but still pulling away from the kiss to search my eyes. I laughed again and felt the words run over me like a breeze.

“I love you too,” now it was his turn to laugh. “I’ve been trying to show you that for so long.” He squeezed me tighter to his front and nuzzled his face into my neck, grumbling into my hair, small complaints about Carol and Rick being right about something-or-other. All the questions that rose and bubbled to the surface dispersed when I felt his lips at the base of my throat, and I decided that whatever Rick or Carol had done, I damn near owed them my life. 


We were cuddling on Antoines big couch, he was behind me and held me in his arms. I caressed the veins on his forearm. It was the first time I consciously did this, and somehow it felt very intimate.
But when Antoine realised what I was doing, he pulled his arm away. Bewildered, i turned around in his arms and looked at him. To my surprise, he blushed and looked down.

”What is it?“, I asked and layed a hand on his face. His eyes were full of self-conciousness when he looked at me.
„I know that they’re not very pretty“, he mumbled embarassed.
I slowly stroked Antoine’s cheek with my thumb and looked straight at him. He couldn’t possibly mean this. „What? Your veins?“
The redness in his face got even darker when he nodded. He wanted to look down, but I held his head up and forced him to look at me. I could tell that all of this made him feel very uncomfortable. But I didn’t want that.
”Hey“ I smiled. ”I like them“, I said very honestly.

An unbelieving laughter spilled from him and he wanted to look away again, but again I held him.
”Antoine, listen to me. I’m telling you now my four favourite parts of a man’s body“, I said seriously.
He blushed a little more and grinned in a very clear way. I realised how my words had sounded and I laughed. ”No, not what your thinking. Listen to me now! First…“
I slipped under the neckline of his shirt with my fingertips, without stopping to look into his eyes.
”…the collarbone.“
Antoine laughed a little as though he couldn’t believe me but I shushed him. I wanted to make sure that he heard all of this.
”Second…“ I felt Antoine’s gaze on my hand as I let it glide over his arm. ”…the biceps.“
I quickly looked into his face and saw with a smile, that his entire head was scarlet red.

Thinking about it, this was so sweet. He was a professional footballer, he often received compliments. He complimented me all the time. But now he was having trouble hearing these simple compliments. My thoughts trailed off.
I thought about the first time we’d met, a movie night at my cousin’s who was a friend of Antoine’s. I’d fallen head over heels for him that night. He’d taken a little longer to stop seeing me as just a friend, but he’d eventually asked me out and the rest was history. I thought of our first kiss; shy, soft, and true on cold lips outside my apartment.

I remembered where I was and what I was doing. Antoine still wasn’t looking at me. His eyes lingered on my hand, waiting for my next words.
”Third…“, I began, moving my fingers down his torso, until I reached the hem of his shirt. I slipped underneath it and moved up his well toned back, moving my fingers slightly.
Goosebumps erupted all over his arms and he shifted a little, yet a smile was forming on his lips.
”…the back,“ I continued. ”Especially the shoulder blades.“

This cracked him up again, but then his eyes met mine and he looked serious.
”Y/N…“, he murmured, his face glowing.
“Shshsh.“ I smiley at him. “I’m not quite done yet. Fourth…“ Finally, my fingertips met his veins again. He didn’t pull away this time and so I followed the faint blue lines like streets on a map.
”…the veins on your forearms“, I concluded, looking up into his eyes.

”Y/N…“, he began again, but he said nothing more. Even though we were already very close, he embraced me tightly and pulled me even closer. His kiss was a lot like our first kiss, innocent and soft, but way too short. So short that I couldn’t really respond to it. When he pulled away, I remained lying in his arms with closed eyes.
”Mhm,“ I sighed. ”I love you.“
Antoine remained silent.

After a while, I opened my eyes, getting a little concerned; wondering why he wasn’t saying the words back. He seemed deeply lost in thought and was studying my face.
”I don’t how to say this“, he began.
I started to feel queasy, but then he smiled at me, such a sweet smile, that I couldn’t help but only feel butterflies in my stomach.

”Saying “I love you” doesn’t seem to fit, it… I wanna say so much more…“ He trailed of, gathering his thoughts. When he went on, his voice was dead serious. “I love the various shades in your eyes. I love how you have colorful stains on your fingers, when you write with your pens.“
He took my hand and kissed my fingertips which were actually decorated with pink and blue stains at the moment.
The butterflies in my stomach fluttered happily around and I smiled, making him smile too. He just looked at me for a few seconds, then he went on.

”I love how your smile always reaches your eyes first, before it reaches your lips. I love your passion for old movies. I love your kindness.“
Antoine moved his hand to my neck and kissed me lightly, leaving me flustered. Those were such little things, things that not everyone would notice. But he had.
And that felt like a precious treasure to me, a treasure I could keep in my heart forever.

“Now it does seem to fit“, he whispered, his startling blue eyes piercing mine, his smile like an angel’s.
“I love you.“


This was written for @supernatural-jackles Colors of Fall Writing Challenge. My prompt was “bonfire”, and I chose Dean x reader. Thanks for the fun challenge!

Word Count: 4100+


A/N: I’m sorry, y’all. The angst came out of nowhere.

Dean hates fire. His earliest memory of flames and smoke is the worst thing that ever happened to him, after all.

If he concentrates, he can still remember all of it. He can hear the crackle of the flames, can hear the animal sounds his father made as he scrambled to get out of the room. And no matter how long he lives, he will never, ever forget the weight of his baby brother in his arms or the fear pulsing through his veins as he raced out of the house, leaving his father behind in order to save Sammy.

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How the Sakamaki brothers drink your blood


Shuu laid on top of you, he pinned your hands to the bed “Shuu” you whispered. “Yes” he said his warm breath blowing into your ear “you can have me” you said almost in a gasping tone. Shuu smriked and chuckled “when have I ever needed you permission" he said. He lifted your hand and left little pecks of kissed on the inside of your wrist. His fangs slowly dragging up and down the blue vein. “Be gentle” you said. He grinned his hair ticking your arm “I’ll do what I want” he said and bite into the wrist, the blood was thick and red staining Shuu lips.


Reiji had you bent against his desk as he trailed his fingers down yoir spine. “Hm so submissive” he said licking his fangs. He leaned down kissing your neck. Reiji eyed your face it was almost wantig in pleasure “look how desperate you are wanting the pain” he said. In one swift bite he injected his teeth into he your juggler.


Laito smiled between your legs. He rubbed his head against your thigh “so warm I love my girl thighs” he moaned. You coverd your eyes and tried to surpress the blush. Laito smriked and kissed inside yout thighs “so warm” he said “you smell intoxicating” he inhaled. You moaned as he got closer to your center “I’ll give you pleasure soon” Laito saisd. “But first” he smiled his fangs lighty piercing the soft skin of yoir thigh. You shook as he anticipated his fangs entering you. “Calm down” he said and then gently bite into the soft thigh skin.


Kanato touched your neck lightly and smiled. The purple haired vampire left kisses from your lips trailing down your check to the neck area. “It seems my brothers haven’t touched your neck recently” he smirked. He gripped into your body as he pressed his body close to your body. “I saved my blood for you” you said smiling. Kanato giggled and pressed his lips into your neck giving off little hums. Then in a quick snap he bite into the collarbone area. He hugged his body close wanting that feeling.


He back hugged your body as you and him sat on the couch together. “Can I have a little bite” he said hugging you tightly. “But you already left hickeys” you whined and you read the book. Ayato smiled as grabbed your wrist and led it to his mouth. “I’ll take from your wrist since you’re all bruised on your neck” he said. He licked your wrist and left little bites on the hand area. “So good” he moaned.


Subaru didn’t really want to drink your blood he thought it was better to love and cherish and protect you from his brothers. But now he ripped off your shirt. Leaving it to shreds on the ground. He kissed the breast area. Then found a nice part where it wouldn’t hurt to much and sank his teeth in the flesh.

If you want to request I’m cool with that but it will probably take a while for me to post a response story.