that vegetable has a face

I’ve said before that I think James was the Mum Friend but I also love the idea of Lily and James accidentally parenting their friends during their marriage, especially when they have a young Harry around.

“Peter, you look pale. Are you feeling peaky?”

“We’re getting you a new coat, Remus. That cannot possibly keep you warm in this weather.”

“When was the last time you ate a real vegetable, Sirius?”

They stage an intervention when Sirius has food on his face and James grabs his chin to wipe it off.

anonymous asked:

Omgg it's finally open! I love your blog so much! It's my favourite blog on tumblr right now! Could i have a scenario where Bakugou's s/o can't cook so he casually walks up behind her and places his hands over hers, showing how to cut veggies etc??

Thank you so very much for your kind words! I hope you’ll enjoy this blog for a long while =) And of course you can =)  I hope I could do your request justice ^_^

Bakugou is taking some ingredients out of the fridge when he notices the slow way in which his partner cuts the vegetables. There is a concentrated look on her face, though it has a frustrated edge, when she cuts some pieces unevenly.

Walking up behind her without thinking much about it, Bakugou leans his chest slightly against her back as his arms come around to circle her. His girlfriend pauses in surprise and he wraps his fingers around her hands.

“You do it like this, watch closely.” He says and adjusts the knife a little in her hand, showing her which angle to use and how to move easily towards cutting the next piece.

His girlfriend catches on quickly and he drops his head onto her shoulder, watching how she slowly copies his technique. He keeps his hands on hers, though it’s lightly and he doesn’t control her movements at all.

Slowly he lets his hands slip away to wrap his arms around her middle. His girlfriend pauses when she finishes with her current vegetable and while already grabbing the next one.

“Don’t you have things to do as well?” She asks and he grins against her neck, scoffing a little.

“No, I don’t think so.”

His girlfriend blinks in surprise, before she laughs and leans back against him, continuing to cut the vegetables. It takes a while until she’s done, but Bakugou doesn’t want to budge, even if it means their meal will be done a bit later than planned.