that url is the artist

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also ppl crop the shit out of the art so that the signature/url/name is no longer there. why are ppl trying to blame artists aka the victim on these cases

yeah, had that happen too. Not much you can do to defend yourself against that beyond plastering a big ugly watermark over the entirety of your artwork :/



This excellent Morgona was done by the superb and lovely @pkritsu

[Please do not repost unless given permission by the artist]

Don't fucking repost art

I probably make myself a few enemies / lose a few readers by messaging reposters (ESP in the watercast tags) but I’ve got to stand by my principles and support our lovely fandom artists. It’s hard sometimes because they’re usually my readers so I try be nice but firm. I can’t be a hypocrite.

Reposting is selfish and lazy. Reposters exploit the work of others for their own follower counts and notes etc - ESP when they can’t even be bothered crediting. I don’t care what the excuse is: that’s the bottom line here. They go to the effort of reposting and not reblogging (or saving and doing it on insta) FOR THEIR OWN GAIN.

Disgusting behaviour.

Artists: please stick your url or name in big letters across your art in a way that’s legible and hard to crop out. Us fans understand and would much rather see a watermark than see you exploited!!!!!

Now if only fic plaigerism was as easy to call out…haha…

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What is the Project?

The PJO Mythomagic Project is a collaboration between writers and artists to create a deck of mythomagic playing cards. Artists and writers will choose a figure from Greek mythology to create for. Artists will then draw the figure, whilst the writers research and summarize information and statistics for the playing card. The deck will be available to download and print for free.

How do I sign-up?

  • Follow this blog to stay updated
  • Reblog this post to spread the word
  • Submit a post with your URL and if you are an Artist/Writer


  • 16th April - Sign-ups start
  • 24th May - Sign-up deadline
  • 25th May - Character Claiming
  • 16th June - Voluntary Check-in
  • 27th June - Project Deadline


Feel free to ask about anything you are unsure of!

I don’t get when people are like, I reposted your art and didn’t give you credit ‘cause I didn’t know who the artist was when my signature is on there? 

not even a messy one it’s just literally my url?

bad enough you’re reposting my art without even asking,

is the two seconds it’ll take to google my url seriously that big of huge detour for you that you can’t even be bothered to find out who the artist is ‘cause it’s what??? wasting your precious time????????????????????????? 

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Voltron Safe™ Artists Master List

This is a master list of any/all artists in the Voltron fandom that are anti-shaladin/nasty ships in general. This list is here to promote artists who create safe ship art and limit the amount of shaladingdong content on your dash.

(This list will be updated and edited frequently so always look back to the original for updates!!!!)

Klance Artists List

  1. @house-of-anna (They also draw general Voltron content as well!)
  2. @pngpotpies (That nice Klance Content™)
  3. @quiznah (Got that good Klance content right there)
  4. @pancok (They do other safe ships but Klance is the most often one seen!)
  5. @safety-klance (100% Klance I am told)
  6. @lavenderdreamer13 (Klance + Gen Voltron Stuff)
  7. @bubleboobo 
  8. @warwoe (Klance + Allura [separate] They’re art is really cute 110/10 would recommend)
  9. @karlseer (Klance)
  10. @fawnmisty (Klance)
  11. @kepler-art (They do Klance, fairly new blog so most of their art is on their instagram which is the same user as their url!)
  12. @popasoda (Klance)

Hance Artist List (Need Artists!) 

Heith Artist List (Need Artists)

Multi Ship Artist List:

  1. @im-not-a-real-hero (They’re pretty new in town and just getting started but their art tag is [marcia’s art tag] so support them! They might do shippy stuff in the future and are anti-shaladin!)
  2. @sarrart (Klance, Klunk, Hance, Heith is foretold to appear)
  3. @keithspeaks ( Klunk, Klance, Kance, Keith and general relationships of the whole squad)
  4. @noelgalpallagher (They don’t have any art up yet but they do have that Klance and Heith content!)
  5. @babitty-art (They do Klance and Hance and other art as well)
  6. @keithsjuicebox (Klance, Hance, and Allura x Kicking Lotor’s Ass)
  7. @xxfrenchpineapplesxx (Hance and Heith)
  8. @avocatdelapoursuite (Klance, Hance, Heith)
  9. @witchpidge (Klance, Klunk, Heith, Hance)
  10. @anxietyhunk (Klunk, Heith, Klance)
  11. @forrestwyrm (Klance, Heith, Hance)
  12. @localabyss (Klance and Klunk)

In General Voltron Content Artist List:

  1. @askmattholt (Content includes Matt and Allura [separately!] with a dash of Klance)
  2. @dobbu (Anti that draws alot of the space daddo I hear)
  3. @thesaxymcclain (That Voltron content we all need) Side Blog: is @unclekeef which is mostly top quality brogane content
  4. @pidgepodged (Got them Arts™)
  5. @voltronisntstraight
  6. @lancey-boy (They plan to create content soon but until them give them a look for me?)
  7. @abelas-vhenan
  8. @koziosko (Klance + In General Stuff)
  9. @galras (VLD + LOK) Their arts are really good 110/10 would recommend
  10. @kee-doodle (Ship Free Platonic Content/Art!)

Voltron/MultiFandom Artist List

  1. @ehlihr (They draw Klance but Voltron is not a primary focus!)
  2. @zujohs (Klance and other Voltron related stuff + Multifandoms)
  3. @severedblackheart (Klance + Multifandom)
  4. @summer-arts (Voltron and TAZ + Klance)
  5. @wendinella (They do mostly Voltron/Klance)
  6. @squigg-les (Klance + SU)
  7. @witchlightsands (Klance I’ve heard + Other stuff!)
  8. @drizzledrawings (They do Klance and other stuff as well!)
  9. @raphodraws (Klance and other fandoms as well)
  10. @cindersart 
  11. @kit-chats (Klance)

  • If you don’t want to be on this list let me know and I’ll take you off!
  • If someone is a shaladingdong that I missed let me know and they’ll be taken off!
  • And if anyone would like to be added let me know and I’ll add you too!
  • If you were tagged and find yourself put under a list that doesn’t quite fit you let me know and I’ll fix it!
  • I don’t have any artists that are more Hance and Heith centered, let me know and they’ll be added!
  • blogs that never change icon or url: care a lot about brand recognition. probably a company or official blog, or a really boring person
  • blogs that change urls but not icons: usually have a good sense of humor, url changes are usually puns or fandom-related
  • blogs that change icons but not urls: usually artists or aesthetic blogs, generally people with varied tastes. stable and dependable
  • blogs that change both icon and url at the same time: demons.