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Secret Dates with Chanyeol Headcannon

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Hello everyone, in this headcannon you and yeol are dating in secret and this is basically about your secret dates :)


  • Wears a oversized hoodie, a face mask and sunglasses
  • Only put the sunglasses down once he reached your table at the coffeshop
  • Gives you a big cheeky smile once he finally sees you
  • Looks around to see if anyone suspects anything and then suddenly pecks your lips
  • Smiles when you pull him back for more, and says that one day you will both get caught because of your long kisses.
  • “uhmm someone missed me a lot” *smug smile*
  • Intertwines his hands with yours
  • Doesnt take the hood off for anything
  • Almost got caught because of his deep voice once , was traumatized so he leans in too close to your face, so you can listen to him properly
  • speaks really quietly
  • “ I missed you a lot jagi, you look even more beautiful everytime I see you”
  • “ I think Im getting better with my disguises, I even wore sunglasses”
  • Freezes up when exo ls walks in or sits near you both
  • Gets scared but likes the adventure
  • Feels guilty when he takes a long time to see you
  • Likes studio dates
  • makes you wait inside his car and then waits for everyone to leave the studio so you can sneak in
  • Makes you sit on his lap and listen to new songs he produced
  • If anyone that are not the boys comes back into the stuido he will hide you anywhere that you can fit in or he will make a lame excuse
  • Makes lots of shortcuts with his car until he reaches your house, just in case people are following him
  • Only relaxes when you open the door to your house.
  • Apologises for putting you in this situation, but is scared of you getting hurt or stressed because of his career
  • Will wait until you are ready to go public.


Wow I got carried away with this, hope you all like it though :)

Requests are OPEN

Love you all :)

*squints* is that a happy soccer au i see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

here’s the lowdown:

  • mari and adrien are childhood best friends™ 
  • they met through being new neighbours adrien used to be legit just a loner until he met mari who was like ‘dude play soccer with me’ and they became straight up bffs after that 
  • they both loved sour patch kids and space and drew what they thought was a genius graphic design of a space sour patch kids logo when they were young 
  • they end up going to different highschools in the same town and still live in the same neighbourhood. they both join soccer teams in the their respective schools.
  • in terms of skill and technicality, mari is the better player but adrien seriously pulls unexpected moves that make him stand out. 
  • uhmm..everyone girl is rlly gay for mari in her school they are just her fangirls lmfao same thing for adrien but mari has got like 4k followers on instagram and all she does is take a photo of her soccer ball 
  • they have this tradition to draw the space sour patch kids logo on their team shirts ever since they started soccer in high school so that neither forget the other and wow that’s romantic guys 
  • their coaches were at first like wtf no but they used permanent marker so they ended up accepting it over the years and now everytime they join new teams or get new shirts everyone is like ‘when r u having the logo’
  • their schools r so nosy on who tf the person who draws their logos is omg everyone is always trying to spy on them to figure out who adrien/mari is
  • this time it’s adrien who has a crush on mari and mari is the one to eventually fall in love 

i thought mccree would look really good with fangs and then

i started to imagine this cowboy as a vampire

then i started  imagining witcher 3 lore of higher vampires tht can still walk in the sun.

then I imagined  McCree sitting on a fence post at high noon and hanzo is a wandering traveler,
and hanzo is lost so mcree invites him into his country farm home to rest
and i imagine him staring at hanzo and bein able to smell how good his blood is and hes just like Holy Shit 

i also imagine,,,what if,,newly turned vampires are the ones tht cant go in the sun and the older u get the more immune u are,,,and to be a High noon vampire is to be v respected cus ur old and can handle the heat and respect and skill/risk it takes 2 kill someone in the middle of the day.