that uhhhmmm

When someone asks me to explain a book
  • me : omg you HAVE to read this book
  • friend : oh ok what's it about
  • me : *sweats nervously*
  • me : *thinks about how the fuck am I going to explain about the book without giving out the whole plot, spoilers, fangirling about the gay couple and about how hard I ship them, talk about their epic kiss, give out my fan account username filled with gay smut and edits and roll up in ball and cry about everything*
  • me : uhhhmmm ... well...

*squawks* *dissonant off-beat strumming*

Uhhhmmm okay so today I did an original song. Don’t worry, I am really going to try and fix my ukulele playing.

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namelesspops  asked:

Let's see.. What makes me happy? Pasta, pizza, Harry Styles, a good book, Pink Floyd, hanging with my mum, and also this person name Gilda <3

uhhhmmm Gilda, uh? Never heard of them, they sound annoying, I have a gut feeling about this sjkdhsjk THANK YOU, YOU’RE THE MOST LOVELY!!! Sorry I’m being a pain in the ass today lmao 

Also yes @ everything else you mentioned!!!!! There’s so much that makes us happy in this world and pizza is definitely at the top of my list, as well!!! You’re a ray of sunshine, I love you

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Alguien mas noto que en el episodio de noche vieja casi iniciando cuando willy les estaba sirviendo la comida y vegetta se sento a lado de frank willy le dijo "Porque tan cerca de el?!" Y que cuando willy se sento a lado de vegetta frank le dijo "He!! Tu a tu banquillo...!!" Y que cada vez que vegetta le decia hermosa a frank willy solo se quedaba callado.. . Uhhhmmm yo vi muchos celos no se ustedes. Jajaja
  • Friend: We need to hook you up with someone.
  • Me: Please do.
  • Friend: ok, My boyfriend has single friends?
  • Me: Your boyfriend is a car enthusiast truck driver, I'm not sure any of his friends are looking for a butch queer nerd.
  • Friend: ... fair point I guess... well, we could start by actually sitting someplace other than the furthest corner of the bar.
  • Me: uhhhmmm ew I don't want to meet THESE people.
  • Friend: ... get a hobby??
  • Me: That would require human contact. I work with assholes, I don't need to weed through another bunch.
  • Friend: ... Have you... tried tinder??
  • Me: Yeah but it made me anxious, I barely chat with any of my friends, let alone strangers.
  • Friend: ok let's not hook you up with anyone.
  • Me: Sorry.

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Y fijaos, willy tiene esto entonces, si el no se da cuenta a veces lo voy cogiendo… pero, es que le vuelve a crecer sabes, entonces pues, voy teniendo de todo… […]

Min. 37:08
En verdad Willy lo tiene moradito UHHHMMM 🌝 como piensa en mi.

also, i love t’challa with every fiber of my being but

“i didn’t kill your father” “then why did you run

“UHHHMMM because everyone THOUGHT I DID? because the newly crowned king of a super wealthy powerful country with a vibranium suit and RAZOR SHARP CLAWS who can OUTRUN CARS thought i KILLED HIS DAD. THAT’D BE WHY I RAN, YOUR HIGHNESS. THAT’D BE WHY.”

Era un cálido día en  Hawaii, para Christen era un día importante, ya que sería la primera vez que pisaría el Virginia Manson Hospital como la nueva adjunta de Trauma. Estaba emocionada por comenzar esta nueva aventura en un lugar tan hermoso. Caminó por los pasillos del hospital por unos minutos, hasta que de pronto se detuvo frente al ascensor y su sonrisa disminuyó. Con tanta emoción, Chris había olvidado el piso donde se encontraba su servicio. Para su fortuna no estaba sola esperando por el ascensor, por lo que se armó de valor y soltó: - Uhhhmmm… Disculpa, ¿Podrías decirme dónde está Trauma? Creo que estoy un poco perdida - Comentó.