that u on deviantart


Take this voltron au of my favorite show

Do you see the Hedgehog to the left. that is Angel the Hedgehog she goes way back to my deviantART page when I was like 16. I don’t really draw her as much because Sonic has faded away for me. but now I may consider doing it again. so if you guys want to look up for some more you can.
(I’m not going to finish this so don’t ask) thank u😆

Just look up angelcobra110 on deviantart
Painted Faces

x,3 Finally, my latest Solavellan piece is finished!!! <3333
(Thank you all so much for liking and sharing my WIP sketch of this; I couldn’t believe it! ;u; <3)

This was a commission done for lovelykotori on DeviantART, featuring her beautiful rogue Saskia Lavellan~ *u* She gave me total artistic freedom with the scene, and once I thought, “Paint fight?” I just leapt with it. 

May the Dread Wolf take you all. •w•

~ Prints of my work will soon be available online!
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