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Take this voltron au of my favorite show

A real beauty

[[I saw a crap ton of ppl doing a “mer-May” thing where u draw a character as a mermaid/merman, so I thought I’d join in! I feel like an ass bc I doodled this instead of answering asks ripp. Sorry it’s not colored, you know me, I don’t really color in my art haha, I should work on that lol. Also thank you so much for 700+ followers I’m screaming!!!!]]

“the character designs from villainous are bad!!11” “they literally look like deviantart oocs!!1!” “black hat is another onceler” “black hat looks like a tumblr humanized bill cipher”

lmao black hat was literally created in like 2008 

also u may said that the characters look ugly and too “deviantart” but i still prefer them over any other steven universe looking cartoon with the exact same art style

the real warrior cats experience is seeing one of the books at ur local library / bookstore / whatever and picking it up bc “oooh cats on the cover!!” and then being completely enraptured and sorta horrified about all the violence and death in the series but u keep going bc of all the content u see on youtube and deviantart and wow look how many amazing artists and animators are in this fandom i wanna be like that some day-

and at some point u probably get frustrated w/ some of the character arcs and plot lines in the series, ur upset bc a character u loved died or bc theres just tooo many books but u never see cats the same way again and all this knowledge about the lore of wc is ingrained in ur brain, u know way too much about wc politics and about this series

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Is it hard drawing loose curls? Especially when they are messy as well?

Sincerely, i dunno. i neveh drew it but that seems easy.  (●´□`)♡

(But well, sorry,i can only give u tutorials/exemples i found on deviantart)

feel free to try  by urself !

i can’t help u moar i guess…that’s already quite well explained 8u8


robbie kay voice


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Hey! Hope you're doing fine :) So, I've been following you for a while now and I just absolutely LOVE your art and your style❤️❤️ I just wanted to ask if you have any advices on making adoptables? It's just that yours are really amazing and it's difficult to find that much quality on DeviantArt. Thank you <3

Hey ^ U ^ thank you!!! Ok for me, I only make characters I would want to have. Which sucks for me cause I wanna keep all the ones I make. Make a character that you think is cool or you would get excited about seeing, cause if  you make an adoptable you don’t like, how can you expect someone else to want it ? Make adoptables that fit in your worlds styles and aesthetics lol  like you’re never going to see me make a cowboy adopt  or a Hollister girl cause I’m not about that life