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First Dates and Open Comms

[[Summary: After Ryder ends up spending a night with Tiran Kandros, she realizes that she wants this to be more than a fling. Humor ensues. It’s recommended you read New Galaxy, Same Old Thirst first, but not required! Special thanks to @stormcallart , whose work provided some of the inspiration for this. TO BE CONTINUED. <3 Let me know what you think of how I’m developing Kandros?

Kandros x Ryder, SFW but naughtiness implied and discussed.


There are nights you don’t remember, dimmed by a pleasant haze of alcohol, and nights you remember every detail of, despite how much you had to drink. When Wren Ryder awoke in a bed that was distinctly not her own, in a room that was definitely not on the Tempest, it took only a moment for her to remember everything that had happened the previous night. The presence of a distinctly turian arm looped gently around her waist also served to help that purpose, as did the fact she was wearing absolutely nothing at all.


Tiran Kandros was still blissfully passed out. By the light of simulated day, his quarters were Spartan neat and tidy, except for the pile that was Ryder’s clothes and his own armor. Even his little designated pile was neater than hers, and as she carefully slipped out from beneath his arm, she shook her head. Okay, so… What now? He didn’t seem like the ‘settle down for cuddling and breakfast’ type, but just getting up and leaving also didn’t seem like an option. This wasn’t exactly what she had wanted and planned; what she had thought of as a fun first date had turned into a fling, and now there were too many awkward questions hammering their way through her brain, hitting harder than any hangover ever could.

Step one- at least slip on her bra and underwear. Step two, find herself in Kandros’ bathroom, lined with mysterious turian dextro products and attempt not to panic. Step three, call a friend using her communicator. In this case, the unlucky victim was Vetra.

“Ryder, where the hell have you been? You didn’t come back to the Tempest last night, and SAM refused to tell us where you were. Lexi was about to send out a search party.” Step four: placate your friends, and in doing so, try and placate yourself.

“I… may have done something last night. Something potentially bad.” Honesty was the best policy. “Vetra, I slept with Kandros. Help.”

“Tiran Kandros? Head of Nexus Security Kandros? Blowhard Kandros?” Every sentence was increasingly incredulous, Vetra’s tone rising an octave.

“I’m getting your point. Vetra, what do I do?” Running a hand through her hair, she looked at her reflection in his mirror, noting that he didn’t even have fingerprints on it. Her hair was messy and her make-up had that caked on look that came from sleeping in it, but she had looked worse.

On the other end, Vetra sighed. “Ryder, I don’t even talk with Sid about boys, and I’m not going to talk to you about it.”

“Vetra, please. I really like him. How do I impress a turian?”

“Wasn’t raised by turians. Hold on, Ryder. Someone else wants to give advice.” There was a moment of silence, which Ryder protested with a loud hiss.

“Vetra, don’t you dare tell anyone else what I did and-”

“Ryder.” Drack’s voice was too loud for being so early, and far too happy.

Slapping water on her face, Ryder contemplated the ways this could be worse, finding herself coming up short.

“Vetra tells me you’re having romantic problems. Just tell him how you feel. None of this evasive bullshit you humans love. Peebee and Jaal say they agree.” Ah. That’s how it could get worse.

“Hanging up now guys, bye.” Now that at least four of her crewmates knew what had happened in the past twenty-four hours, there was no way Ryder could live this down. Maybe she could still sneak out of Kandros’ apartment and walk away with some of her dignity intact. Maybe they would never mention it again, and she could go back to pining from afar. It suddenly seemed like a better situation than just standing there and actually telling him she was interested in more than sex. Another splash of water, and she was ready to leave the bathroom, slip into her clothes, and leave as quietly as possible.

No such luck. As Ryder left the bathroom, Kandros was already stirring, sitting up in bed and watching her with what she imagined might be a raised eyebrow on a species that had them. “Removing your clothing was enjoyable, Ryder, but I didn’t think I’d have to do it again this morning.” The shade of pink Ryder turned was not at all attractive, but the response made Kandros laugh, the sound almost strange coming from him.

No time like the present, she reminded herself. “Can I ask you something Kandros? Not that round two wouldn’t be great, but before.” May as well implode the whole thing now, if that was going to be the way things went, instead of waiting until after they’d enjoyed another round in bed together.

Lying back slightly, Kandros nodded his ascent. “Go ahead, Pathfinder.” He drawled over the last word lazily, making her blush again, though she pressed forward.

“Do you want to go to Havarl with us? With me, I mean. To look for the turian ark. It’s really gorgeous there, and if anyone deserves a break from the Nexus it’s you…”

“Ryder, are you asking me on a date?” At least he was amused, mandibles curved slightly upward and fingers slightly open, palms upward.

“Uh. Yes. Yes I am.” It would have been easier to backtrack and insist he was misinterpreting her actions, but there was no use in going back now.

Kandros was shaking his head at her, sitting back up and then sliding halfway out of bed, feet on the floor. “Ryder, I’m not exactly boyfriend material. Are you sure we would even get along?” It was a valid point; they had disagreed on things in the past, arguments that they both knew would resurface eventually.

“Yes. Please, Kandros?” The Pathfinder shouldn’t have to beg, and it was hard to keep her tone from wheedling. But damn, he looked good even half-awake, and last night had been fun. It would be hard to walk around Ops in the Nexus and know he was there, know that she could look but not touch. Besides, they had so many more shared daddy issues to discuss.

He looked her up and down, not as hungry as he had been last night, and then shrugged, apparently having made some quick mental calculation, the same that made him run APEX so well. “Sure, why not. I can be ready at fourteen hundred hours. Give me time to clear up a few things, put some subordinates in charge. I’m owed time off anyway, and we both know you humans can’t handle turian politics.”

Resisting the urge to whoop, Ryder settled for enthusiastically nodding, scuttling forward to snatch up her clothes and pull them on eagerly. She needed a long, hot shower, and maybe some lotion if she could get it from Lexi without too many questions. Chafing might become a real issue if this thing, whatever it was, was going to continue. Wait, should she kiss him goodbye? This was going to be a first date, really- last night didn’t feel like it counted, exactly, and turians didn’t have lips and… She was just going to show herself out, though she couldn’t resist walking forward and kissing his forehead, the armor cool beneath her lips. Ryder could have sworn he smiled, though she turned away just as quickly, not wanting to be tempted back into bed. He really did look good even now. “I’ll see you on the Tempest at fourteen hundred hours.” That was 2PM, right? Right.

Outside his apartment, Ryder leaned against the wall and finally let out a small noise of victory, pumping her fist in the air.

“You asked him to Havarl, Ryder?” Her comms crackled to life, Vetra’s voice flooding back.

“Shit. How much did you hear of that?” If it was possible for a person to turn purple from embarrassment and die a little bit on the inside, that was what Ryder was doing.

“All of it. You forgot to hang up. Good luck, Ryder. You’ll need it.”

To first dates. To returning to the Tempest and knowing everyone had heard everything. Despite that, she smiled.

McHanzo Doggo Sketchpage ❤

I personally HC Jesse as a red gray Tamaskan dog and Hanzo as a Shikoku Inu. Both for their personalities and natural coloring/fur patterns~

  Some extra goodies below! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°                                              including hanzo pup with his hair down

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hey guys! i’ve written and read a ton of college essays over the past few months and my friends and i finalize our applications, and i thought i would share some tips for writing college essays with y’all. 

before you start

  • find your prompts. go on the school’s website and see what essays you need to write. are you applying to any specific programs? those almost always require additional writing.
  • organize your prompts. i recommend organizing by topic: leadership, challenges, etc. it will make the process seem less intimidating because you will realize that you don’t need to write 20 different essays, but around 5 or 6 that you can modify for each specific question.

personal essays

  • share something not mentioned elsewhere in your app. personal essays are a great opportunity to talk about some interest that isn’t represent in your academic or activities records. talk about the language you’re trying to learn or a family tradition or your favorite tv show. prove that you are more than just your grades and extracurriculars. 
  • be specific. write about a specific moment or object or experience. this makes the essay unique to you and allows you to engage the reader by providing more details, all making you more memorable. this will also cut down on how many words you will need to get to your main point. 
  • be aware of what impression you’re giving off. the personal essay is where the admissions officer gets their impression of your character. a stranger is going to read this essay and decide if you are the type of person they want on their campus. might you come off as irresponsible or immature? does it seem like you’re trying too hard?

those wack af prompts

  • just do it. these prompts are designed to see how you think, so start writing based on what your initial reaction was. i found it helpful to free associate until i came up with a topic that i liked. don’t try too hard with these essays; they’re meant to be fun!
  • read your essay out loud. this is a great way to figure out if your “voice” is strong. when read out loud, these essays should sound like a story you are telling to a friend. don’t overuse the thesaurus! use some colloquial language! make a funny quip! you want to sound like a real human.

“why us?”

  • this is about you. this is not an essay about why you like the school. this is an essay about why you are a good fit for the school. what about the school will enable you to thrive? what role will you play on campus?
  • research, research, research. convince the admissions officer that you care a lot about the school. you love it a lot and have your free time learning about it, so include as much detail as you can in your essay. some questions to consider are…
  • academics: why is their curriculum a good system for you? how will you take advantage of the resources (advising, study abroad programs, etc.) offered? what courses do you want to take? which faculty are you excited to learn from and work with?
  • community: which clubs and organizations do you want to join? how will you contribute to the community? what about the school’s culture and traditions appeal to you and why?
  • what does the college emphasize about itself? demonstrate that you share the same values as the college. if the college loves its small class sizes, then guess what, you love small classes too. if the college is super involved in activism and service, then talk about some causes and issues that are important to you. 
  • connect to your life. use this essay to remind the admissions officer about the rest of your application. if you are applying to an interdisciplinary program, mention your interdisciplinary course load in high school. talk about your favorite activities and discuss how you will continue to pursue those interests on campus. 
  • think about the future. college is not the end goal; mostly likely, you’ll be searching for a job afterwards. how will this school help you reach that goal? include some sentence along the lines of “My years as a student here will give me the knowledge, experience, and connections I will need to succeed beyond college.”

in general

  • be you. honest essays are easier to write and more compelling to read.

that’s about it for now! feel free to message me if you have any questions; i’m also willing to read and edit your essays if you want. good luck with your apps!


Have you ever wanted to recreate one of Fletch’s iconic early ‘80s looks? Of course you have!! Well lucky for you, I recreated his Silicon Teens (a fake synthpop band created by Mute Records) shirt that he wore a few times in the Early Days™. You can grab the design in T-shirt or sticker form on Redbubble via this link here. Enjoy!


I saw this post about an Ace Attorney character concept where the witness only makes emoji faces to express emotions (and their name is Eemo Jee) and thought I’d try to design them!! Other bad pun names include Chell Jones, Connie Nexton, Winona Fiona, and Rei Tweet.

I tried to be pretty simple with her design, while still trying to make her personality stand out.  She’d probably be involved in a case as a witness because the selfies she posted online were taken at the time and place of a murder or she blogged about it.

During her testimony, she would occasionally speak in hashtags and start typing on her phone when she’s nervous. And her breakdown would be THIS (rapid flashing warning):

guess i just made an ace attorney oc WELP


Since I’m on a lady kick these days, time to play with the Duwang gang .。*゚+.*.。

I’ll start with Josuke and work my way through the parts and characters, and if anybody likes these and wants to see any particular character, feel free to send in some requests! ((finger guns))

I have a lot more to say on this design, so for those curious, I’ve put my notes under the cut

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anonymous asked:

With all of the talk of dual type eeveelutions, and eeveelutions for types that don't have one, I had the thought that if eeveelutions ever mega evolve, they should get the unused dual type. for instance, water-dragon vaporeon, electric-steel jolteon, or even fairy-bug sylveon (because of the eyes and the butterfly on it). The only type that wouldn't be used would be ghost because ghost is opposite of normal

Sorry that I’m just getting to your ask! To be honest, I don’t really like that Mega Evolutions (as of now) take the place of possible additional evolutions, so if it came to it I’d rather see more Eevelutions for the types we haven’t gotten yet instead of just Mega Evolutions for those that we already have.

But if we’re not going to get those Eeveelutions, I think your concept is a cool one! It would be an interesting way to see more types on the Eeveelutions, and seeing their designs for the type match-ups would be fun (plus I like the types you matched together). Too bad Ghost would be left out, but you rationalized that pretty well. Cool idea!


You may be a good-for-nothing angel with an obsession with protecting Frisk, but hey… at least you’re fun to play around with.

I really like Guardian Angel!Chara and honestly, despite their title, RT!Chara would like them a lot too. Those that teeter on the edge between good and bad, or don’t really care one way or another as long as they achieve what they want, are one of Chara’s favourite type of people B)

GuardianAngel!Chara and AU by @waterjerk – go check out their AU Charisk fans; it’s awesome!

my fav thing right wing traditionalist (read: larpy teen republicans that get stuck in wikipedia rabbit holes too often) bloggers on here do is get really disgusted and outraged in a shortsighted and pearlclutchy way by basic social safety nets because they’re designed for extremely abject falling_through_the_cracks.avi type people, offering no solution other than “haha fuck these people theyre gross and easy to make fun of and so is  anyone who cares about them”

like fuck safe injection heroin clinics am i right or what, that some degenerate shit for pozzed cucks, whats really volkisch is a massive obstacle course of jaundiced carafentanyl victims foaming at the mouth and convulsing on the sidewalk as their hearts explode and their brains shut down and epic duterte helicopter rides or whatever.

Study Apps Masterpost!

So, I’ve been recently asked by some of you what apps I use for studying, so here it goes!!

1. Untis Mobile

Right the first one is probably going to be irrelevant for a lot of you, except for if your school uses it. Untis is a schedule app that gets updated by your school every morning so you can see which classes you have (or which ones are cancelled) and whether there are any exams that day, which is super nice!

2. Google Translate

Okay, you all know what this app does already, but in case you don’t, it’s for translating. Anyways, please please please don’t use it for translating complete sentences or even complete texts!! It’s not going to work well!! I only use it to translate single words, because it’s the fastest way to do that.

3. Offline Thesaurus

This one is literally a lifesaver for me! It’s an app that gives you synonyms for the word you type in, which is super helpful in all kind of essays, because you can only write words like “good”, “say” or “think” so many times before they get annoying.
(this one is the German version though, I think the English version is orange!)

4. Wikipedia

The app version of the well-known website, not really much to say about that, I guess. Fastest way to look up things you have no clue about.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is an amazing app for learning new languages or staying on track of languages you once learned, but aren’t actively speaking anymore! It’s also a very cute design, so it’s fun!

6. Forest

You’ve probably heard of this one too, it’s an app for all the procrastinators out there! The way it works is, you plant a tree when you start to study and when the time (which is customizable!) runs out the tree is fully grown. You can’t use your phone during the time your tree needs to grow or the tree will die.

7. Coffitivity

As proven by scientists, our brain works better when we listen to so called “study sounds”, so that’s what you find here. There are three types of atmospheres you can choose from and it’s very relaxing while also keeping you productive.

8. Quizlet

This app lets you make your own (mini) notes that you can then quiz yourself on! If you’re too lazy to do that, you can simply type your topic into a search bar and hope another member of the community has already created a quiz-set you can use.

9. Evernote

A note taking app! It’s amazing if you need to copy down notes from class so you can take them with you and study when not at home. It also lets you organize your notes in different notebooks, so everything is very neat and comprehensible.

11. Memrise

Another app for language learning! I actually think it’s not only for languages, but for all kind of stuff, but I’m not sure. I actually only use it to learn Latin, because that doesn’t exist on Duolingo.

12. Pomodoro

Last but not least, Pomodoro! Okay, listen, this app is really great and again something against procrastination, because don’t we all need more of that? The pomodoro method is basically 25 minutes studying, 5 minutes break - and this in endless cycles until you’re done for the day. You can even set yourself goals (like, how many cycles you wanna go through per day) and this app has really helped me a lot, especially during my finals!!

If you have any questions to any of these (or to anything else) don’t hesitate to message me and I’ll see how I can help! :)


People plz.

EDIT: Don’t take this too serious, I made this for fun ^^”

I’m getting semi aggressive responses so I feel responsible to give my own opinion on this matter. I’m not trying to piss anyone off but I just find it rather strange that people are reacting that way to Charlotte, she has a story to back up her appearance and aren’t Olivia and Tharja accepted as well? Personally I like her design. It’s more modest than you would think and I’d rather have her look like that with that cute ribbon than having an actual buff bodybuilder type character…

EDIT: Made a video on this topic

Hey! So, I want to do something fun for this Valentines and since I love type and you love someone out there in the world (or just have so many feels) I’ll be offering to letter your feelings for you for free! :D

Send me your sweet, sweet words here

and I’ll make a little lettered piece for you, post it on here and credit you for your kickass copy writing skills.

If you want to see some of my work go here or you can see some other stuff here

Also, don’t make it too wordy because less words look way prettier. 10 words max!

Share this if you want or whatever. I want to make you pretty things because I love you. :)

So send me your love notes… or hate notes! WOOO!


hi, so i finally reached 700 followers, which is kinda big for me. i guess. and i decided to do an art giveaway because i just thought it’d be fun. and appreciative. idek.

i’ll randomly select the winners on may 17!! :’>


  •  must be following me! i’ll check. new followers are welcomed, but don’t just unfollow when the giveaway ends. though i can’t stop you if you do, so whatever.
  • likes and reblogs count
  • multiple reblogs count
  • i’ll be contacting the winners through messenger or their inbox, so be sure to have those open. if the winners fail to respond within 2 days, then i’ll select new ones.

First Place:

  • A painted portrait of a character.
    • OR
  • A colored drawing of two characters.

Second Place:

  • A simple colored portrait of a character.
    • OR
  • A (mostly) black and white drawing of two characters.

Third Place:

  • A black and white portrait of a character.
    • OR
  • A sketchy, doodle-type drawing of two characters.

oh, more info?:

  • Things I can draw; 
    • OCs (with references!!)
    • canon characters (even if i’m not familiar with a fandom!)
    • furries/animals (just feline/canine critters..)
    • mechas (as long as the design isn’t too difficult!)
    • light blood/gore. nothing too excessive.
  • Things I can’t draw;
    • anything nsfw
    • anything way too complex, since my art skills arent the greatest. 
    • backgrounds
    • if unsure, just ask!

hopefully i haven’t forgotten anything. oops. but ye. here it is.


Some more ultra loose work of a much more simpler character at top.  He’s uber simple, but was fun to do!

On the bottom, more Scruff! His body type is the hardest do deal with as it is very elongated. Also, I’ve been working on incorporating the wings into the gesture more without having them get too far in the way and maintain a silhouette.