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Turntable Tuesday featuring @ab.diiel playing “Secular Haze” from the album “Infestissumam” 💨
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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love you and hope your week goes good. I was also wondering if you felt like it you could do Genji and Lucio with 13? Thanks! c:

(i love you too anon thank you so much i hope my week goes well too)

Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve ever seen someone do,” says Lucio, as Genji delicately presents the perfectly knotted cherry stem on the napkin.

“Really?” Genji presses, taking the obvious bait.

It’s worth it to hear his chuckle, just audible over the sound of the music; of Lucio’s music, thumping through the bar. “Well, all right, I may have seen a few things better. But still, I can’t say I’ve seen that particular trick before.”

“A trick implies there is some sort of cheat involved.” He takes a sip of his drink, watches Lucio watch the crowds, and slide over to tweak something on his turntables. “I assure you, mine was born entirely from skill.”

“Yeah, but aren’t you a ninja or something?” Lucio pushes back, speaking with his hands and smiles as much as his voice. “I mean, isn’t your skill in trickery?”

Genji opens his mouth, closes it, and concedes the point. “All right. Do you have another challenge for me to prove myself, then?”

This seems to throw Lucio off. His eyebrows draw together in confusion, smile still lingering, as he drifts away from Genji at the corner of the sound booth to make a few more adjustments to the playlist. He isn’t gone for long, however, and returns with a decision.

“You want a challenge? Okay.” He leans in close, the flashing neon lights from the club reflecting off his sweat beaded skin like seashell iridescences, his eyes and teeth bright like pearls. “How about after the show you and I–”

“You’ve been silent for nearly five minutes!” 

Genji jumps at the sound of Tracer’s voice and nearly chokes on the bitter strand sitting half-chewed on the flat of his tongue.

“H’ven’t got it yet,” he says, spitting out his last attempt and throwing a determined look across the room, where the oblivious object of his affections continues to forget Genji exists. “Three more minutes.”


“It’s perfect. Very American. He’ll love it.”

Resting her elbow on his shoulder, Tracer taps her chin in thought. “Will it matter, though, that he’s from South America?” she asks, innocent as ever.

Genji ignores her, and tosses cherry number eleven into his mouth.

it makes me so sad how disabled children are never really allowed to be children. Abled children can throw tantrums and be loud and be obnoxious but when we did it we were ‘violent’ or ‘exhibiting challenging behaviour’ and we got sent to conversion therapy while the neurotypical kids got to just go on time-out for 15 minutes. Abled 5 year old goes through a biting phase, her parents give her a talking to, autistic 5 year old goes through a biting phase, her mom kills her. Abled 5 year old throws a tantrum, she’s just in a bad mood and not behaving, 5 year old with Down’s throws a tantrum, her parents don’t deserve this, they truly are amazing for putting up with her. We’re expected to be stoic little inspirations from day one and it’s so terrifying.