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Quad mania

Meanwhile I watched the full free skate this morning on YT with the British uncle’s commentaries and although they are nowhere as informative or serious as the Italian uncles (nobody is), they were still full of WhatTheFuck-ary.

First they keep on saying that Hanyu used to be so far head of the other men “a couple of years ago”. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Then, he hasn’t been in great form in a “long time”. Deep breath.

Finally, he doesn’t feel “as confident”. Oh, you think?

Let’s do this in bullet points.

- Hanyu turned 22 (TWENTY TWO) TWO months ago.

- since the Olympics in 2014, of which he’s the current Gold medalist, he’s broken every record there is to break.

- just ONE YEAR AND TWO MONTHS AGO, he scored 110+, 220+, 330+ at the GPF.

- since then he’s consistently scored in the 100/200′s range.


Seriously, is the quad mania scrambling the brains of not only the skaters but also of the commentators? And the judges (don’t think we didn’t see that shit either)?

ISU needs to get their shit together and give refresher courses to the judges. Plus get rid of everybody’s coats in competition, cause the judges need to learn some CHILL.

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Psycho Killer Chapter Two

Sociopathy Is The New Black

Description: Ah, winter in the City. The snow is falling, the tree is up, Holiday cheer is all around. HA fuck that. It’s just another day in the life of a serial killer. Spending time with the Winchesters has proven to be, interesting. However, a little to much liquor proves to be problematic. How will the reader handle a revelation that shakes her to the core? 

Characters: Serial Killer!Female!Reader x Sam, Dean

Words: 4,154

Warnings: Swearing- lots of it, drunken antics, fourth wall break, reader’s POV

A/N: Here it is! Part Two! I would just like to thank everyone who commented and gave feedback on Psycho Killer, without you guys this would never had happened. I am happy to inform that this will turn into a series (I’m not sure how long just yet). If you want to be tagged, let me know! Italics are colorful commentary. Bold is setting. GIFs are not mine. 

Part One

Day- December 6th / Year- 2011 / Time- 17:38 / Place- Random Diner in Brooklyn

I just remembered why I hate going to New York City. Everyone talks about how amazing New York is, I honestly don’t see it. Manhattan is filled with hoity toity businessmen and their spoiled bratty children, and the worst type of people, tourists. Unless you have a rolex on your wrist or a tiffany engagement ring on your finger, Manhattan isn’t really for you. Brooklyn isn’t any better. It’s all gentrified now with hipsters pretending to be starving artists while living off of their parent’s trust fund. Queens and The Bronx are alright I guess, and nobody comes to New York City because “they really want to see Staten Island”. The whole city has too many people, it’s ridiculous. The people suck, traffic sucks, everything sucks…

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Cars, like people, need energy to move, and cars, like people, get a lot of that energy from oxygen.
When oxygen-rich air is sucked into an engine, it turns to energy through combustion, which drives the pistons, which turns the…heh, long story short, the more air, the more power.

From the newest preview for MacGyver episode “Pliers”, airing tomorrow!
I still love the commentary.


You want to know what this is? This is the one moment we’ve all been waiting for. This is the moment where Clarke reaches that turning point with Lexa. Not only is this yet another completely vulnerable Lexa scene, but Clarke opens herself up too. She gives Lexa the tiniest glimpse before shutting herself away and locking it up tight again.

Clarke and Lexa are talking about Ontari and the ambassadors, but the subtext is so blatant. Clarke tells Lexa that the only reason she was on her side was because she was doing what was right for her people. (How often as she used that overly rehearsed line by now? Honestly, Clarke.) Clarke then asks Lexa how she plans to move on after her ambassadors betrayed her, but we know the words are much more personal than they seem, since we know Lexa betrayed Clarke. Clarke’s prodding. She’s searching for answers. Lexa says they were doing what they thought was best for their people. Just like Lexa was at Mount Weather, just like Clarke was when she joined the Coalition. Then we see it click in Clarke’s mind, she finally gets it. Lexa betrayed her at Mount Weather for her people, and Clarke was just an unfortunate casualty. Clarke then cuts the conversation, because what is she supposed to say? She shuts herself off completely, she doesn’t let the conversation get any deeper. Why? Probably because she doesn’t trust herself and her feelings. She probably doesn’t want to trust Lexa, doesn’t want to have those feelings again, yet look at the way she looks at her. Clarke, please. Chill. (Another reason could be that she’s gotten all that she needs from the conversation. She’s gotten what she was searching for with Lexa, and she can finally start moving on.)

This scene is 3x04′s bow scene. It’s all Lexa and no Commander, with absolutely no bullshit. Lexa thanks her, twice, because Clarke is the reason she’s still alive. Technically Clarke didn’t have to, of course, but she’s put her faith in Lexa that she’ll do right by her people. This one moment seals everything. Once again, Lexa has caught Clarke off guard with her sincerity. Not to mention, Lexa has never looked at Clarke with more adoration, and you can most certainly see it in Clarke’s eyes too. Beautifully portrayed, as always. This entire idea is also emphasized by the fact that it seems to be the last quiet moment before shit hits the fan in 3x05, much like the kiss was the last quiet moment before the war in 2x14. (requested by anonymous)

imagine dirk strider raised by rose lalonde. imagine she teaches him writing and he leaves poems and riddles and long rambling prose letters all over the house for her, hidden where she’ll find them. imagine he breaks into her office, her laptop, he edits her manuscripts without asking, leaves commentary in the margins, leaves reviews on amazon for her and pretends he’s trying to be anonymous about it. imagine he rewrites one of her novels, pony pals style. it’s a mothers’ day gift.

imagine she reads him horrifically complicated bedtime stories, fables and fairy tales with deep and often totally age-inappropriate meaning, some she wrote herself. imagine when he gets older this turns into long conversations on theme and symbolism, and character, his favorite is always character. imagine she makes him a character in her books, always noticeable but always in the background, until one time it isn’t. one time she makes him the protagonist, the hero, the one who grows and learns and survives. it’s a birthday gift. he reads it immediately and pretends to be no more or less impressed than he is with her other works, and he tears it apart in secret and examines the pieces from every angle. he knows this is the key to what she thinks of him. imagine she was trying to say she believes in who he is and who he can become. imagine she was trying to say she’s proud.


part 2…based from @ilkabrazins‘s commentary !! (ty for more angste ideas)

gabriel is the nefarious sorcerer who turns everyone into fashion disasters… LITERALLY. like they be wearing neon crocs with striped socks and a tutu and jersey?? while wielding hat stands and wrecking havoc


You slump against the harsh cold wall. To your right was Sam and Dean, each separated.

Being imprisoned wasn’t exactly a vacation but being imprisoned by vampires was significantly worse.

“You guys hanging on alright?” Dean asked when the vamps had left for more blood no doubt. You nodded, not even bothering to look at him and Sam mumbled a ‘yeah’.

“Ah, the Winchesters.” came a smug snarl. A tall, pale man appeared, his nose scrunched up with disgust. “Hey.” You huffed, going for the sarcastic commentary time passer.

“Hellooo.” Dean waved, joining in with you.
His face turned sinister and two other vamps silhouettes loomed next to him.

“Grab her.”

He pointed at me, his long bony finger tainted in a harsh red.
“You leave her alone!” Dean warned, sitting up from his slouch. Sam flinched: he looked pissed.

The figures moved instantaneously, untying your rope and gripping your arms. Their long finger nails digging deep into your skin as rivers of blood flowed from the wounds. 
The leader of the trio smirked as he wiped his finger across your cuts, licking the crimson. His eyes never leaving yours.

A crash sounded and you whipped your head to see Sam sprinting for the vampires. He rammed into one of them who let go of you in pain.The other held onto you tighter but now you had a free hand and smacked her in the jaw. She screeched and threw her arm up in defense. But you were quicker than her and had the upper arm (A/N: oh the puns xD). You blocked with ease and sliced your leg into hers in a scything motion. She fell in a heap and clutched her jaw- it oozed red.

The man was busy fighting Sam and you ran over to Dean, untying his rope. “Thanks.” He managed before punching the female square in the face after she’d managed to drag herself back up. 

You turned to help Sam but Dean tugged you back and turned your head to face him. “Hey, sis. You okay?” His eyes filled with concern.

“Never better.” 

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2 :3

So, this turned out to be a really long post about my drawing origins with added commentary, sorry if I flood your dashes!

Anyway, Roch, that is a good question indeed. You see, some might say I  started in July 2015, but that…that isn’t 100% true.

The usual presents and stuff for the parents. My mum still has an old one from these days. It’s, uh…well, what do you expect from a kid drawing? A cute whirlwind of colors and shapes!

Ah, Mari. The only one of few who watched CL in my lovely class. She was also the best kid in class, always getting high grades…we kinda lost touch tho. I wonder if she still wants to be a writer…

I loved drawing females, especially. Partly because then I’d make up all these cool outfits and hairstyles for them.

I loved using markers too. They were my jam.

Might dig some out later to check my improvement…maybe…

Ah, Ari. She was a good friend; we never really connected until one bright day in class, when I was forced to sit next to her. It’s a friendship my besite might call something overly dramatic, if they had my same personality (like “Goose Friendship” or “Goose Phase”). Yeah, because Ari was nice, but…she kinda became like one of these snobby little girls later on, who went overboard with the “Losaaaar” Sign (You know, the L thinggy). Pity, she had potential.

She and my bestie meet often now (I think she said they went to the same school?). Needless to say, she still hates her.

Her and Mari used to be good friends. I don’t think they were as close in our last years of primary school, but i can’t remember. I had other problems in those years to worry about.

I want to find that notebook someday again. Just to see.

I used to envy her perfect art, much more beautiful than mine. I wonder what I think of it now…

(Teacher missing= sub or we get split i various classes; the golden school rule in Italy)

Though I’d include this moment. I forgot about it until I started drawing this thing.

Those teachers, man, they were so nice…they just started yelling at the whole class about how good I was…I was sooo flustered…

The only problem is that one of them pointed to something Ari had drawn and told me she liked that best. I had no heart to tell her who drew it, but I didn’t take credit. In fact, it just made my child heart sink a little, because she liked Ari’s art and not mine (Kid Brain).

Aaaah, Kate. Boy, I love this girl (platonically).

She’s a good friend, and a hardcore horror and metal lover. She also beat up the guys who she got into fights with (not too physical, just the usual pushing and kicking in the legs). We grew really close in our last year; she was also the only one who knew, at least vaguely, about UT.

We still keep in touch and I’m planning to meet with her someday. Also, her birthday was a week ago :D

Note that I never found this notebook. But I have a vague idea of where it could be…

I found a few days ago some old mangas in my agenda. And jeez, was I disappointed: back then, I didn’t know the definition of anatomy, so everything in them is out of proportion! XD

Some of you might now where the story goes from now on. but because Roch dear and some other weren’t here when I started, then let me continue.

Ok, but in short:

Time passed since i first started drawing: 10-11 yrs.

Time passed since I started to really concentrate on what I was doing, thus starting an official hobby: a year and a half, approx.

Sorry agai nfor the long answer dear, but yeah. This is it.


Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney Gathering @ Anime Expo 2015!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 // More Photos

Oh, how the tables have turned! This year, Ace Attorney is back in action, but give a round of applause for Professor Layton and his returning crew! Here we have some AA game shots lined up, and a crossover battle in action!

With this new outdoor gathering site, I’m pleased to present you another year of puzzles and contradictions! Full view for details and commentary!

[ Cosplayer credits can be found here!

Maya’s Shin Godzilla Review

Well, I finally, FINALLY managed to see Shin Godzilla on Tuesday– last Tuesday, more than a week ago, because I am a super functional human being who can get things done in a reasonable amount of time– and as per Tumblr Kaiju Krew tradition, I now feel obliged to review it. I’ve seen the extensive political commentary in this film discussed and debated to death over the past week, and I don’t think I could add anything to that discussion, so I’m going to be focusing more on my own thoughts, things that I haven’t seen echoed as much. By this I mean ranting. I’m going to rant, and then clean it up a little so it resembles something that you could turn in to a liberal arts professor, but no promises beyond that.

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“One by one, we fall. Infighting drives us apart. Humanity is constantly at its own throat, despite its desire to survive. Some, fight for all of mankind. Some, for themselves. Yet others fight to end the lives of others. In this way, mankind’s fear of death is paradoxical.

“You turned on your own flesh and blood. Once, when you left Patch. And once more when you turned your back on Raven. Where you find yourself, Yang Xiao Long, is no one’s fault but your own. Do you know something, Yang? I barely had a mother. She was always in Atlas. And I didn’t have someone like Summer. You know that, of course. And recently, I lost a limb too.”


“Don’t mistake those for why you are what you are. You made choices. You left us. You’re no better than your mother.”

So I’ve been teasing this on Twitter for a bit.  Ever since she dyed her hair, I’ve wanted to do a portrait of @lindsayjones.  How could I turn down to opportunity to paint such saturated hair.  And the dip dyed effect was fun!

Plus, I’ve been given that she is now the general manager of AH, That much be acknowledged!  HUGE congrats to her!  

And, finally, I also did a screen recording of this so I can upload it to the new LPCommunity channel.  I don’t know how long it’ll take before I have it ready to go as I haven’t ever really edited and the video file sizes are pretty big.  Plus, I’m planning to do commentary* but I’m on the tail end of a cold, so I might need to wait.  But I’ll let you all know when its up!

Hope you guys like it and thanks for the continued support!

*If there is something you’d like me to address in the commentary, let me know!

hey hey hey hey so you know how ppl are like hypothesizing that team skull is like. a buncha young kids n social rejects who couldn’t quite fit into the mainstream society and thusly turned to criminal activity as a result n stuff right

and that their existence could serve to be a rather persona-like commentary on the rigorous demands of society to conform to very narrow expectations in order to succeed n such.

and we can already see that a lot of culture/traditions/hearsay and such in alola, i mean, look at all these descriptions of pokemon and how they interact with humans. bounsweet is allowed to live in homes to act as air fresheners and alolan marowaks are feared as conjurers due to their appearance and ability and such and such: we can definitely see a definite culture in place here.

and hey. you know who else in the game doesn’t quite fit into the culture just yet? an outsider who comes in and is confronted with a journey to face down these same trials that thwarted these poor rejects? that’s right, you. the player character is introduced as someone who moved to the region recently, you know little to nothing at all, so at the beginning of your journey you’re just as much of an outsider as these fellows are.

so what makes a difference here, anyway? perhaps your character’s (your own) perseverance, their eagerness to learn more and explore this region. not quite assimilating into the island’s culture, not really. more like understanding it. and maybe changing it a little, too.

i’m not entirely sure where i was going with this except this kinda ties into what i was hoping for pokemon sm anime. like. if the obligate female companion is girl MC/Moon/Selene, i was half-imagining her character arc to be that she moved to alola recently (from kalos, possibly?) but she still hasn’t really adapted to it yet and actually kinda resents it? maybe she feels obligated to at least try and assimilate because her missing/dead dad is from alola but it just doesn’t work for her? and her desire to start a pokemon journey is more about getting away from home and having an adventure than anything else, so meeting ash, who has travelled so far and plans to travel more, is like her getaway ticket.

an being an anime character with her own defined personality, she can express more than our blank slate MC, so what if she actually kinda sympathized with team skull a little? like. with the whole outsider/reject kinda thing. but at the same time she’s growing out of that resentment and working to make her own change in a different way that team skull is trying to change things. that could be her character arc maybe, figuring out her own way to change both herself and the culture around her with her own experiences.

but y’know we don’t really know anything about team skull yet but i guess that’s my two cents. that got kinda long.

My headcanon: The Natasha/Bruce subplot was a long-term manipulation of Natasha’s in order to control the Hulk.

In Avengers, Natasha is clearly terrified of Bruce/the Hulk.  But she’s trained to use her own fear and turn it to her advantage (playing the Russians, and Loki, in Avengers, etc).  And what’s her specialty?  Long term undercover operations.  The manipulation of people.  Altering the person she shows of herself in order to control someone.  She’s a chameleon; she becomes whoever is most needed to get the job done.  (The truth isn’t all things to all people.  And neither am I). 

So, she’s terrified of the Hulk and what he can do, but she’s on a team with him and around his alter ego all the time.  She has a very specific skillset.  So what is the best way to control the Hulk?  Get close to Bruce.  And while she’s at it, what better way to neutralize her own fear of the Hulk’s threat than to make herself the one person Bruce Banner would never want to hurt?  Thus the lullaby.  Thus the love interest. 

She starts off the first romance conversation by talking about a man who done her wrong, but when asked, she demurs away from telling Bruce what that wrong was.  Because the wrong he did to her was the Hulk chasing her through the helicarrier–her pseudo-home of that point–destroying everything in his path and trying to destroy her.  Before she steps up to go recalibrate Hawkeye, she’s clearly traumatized by that confrontation.  So she can reference it in her conversations (her manipulations are always about layers and just-enough truths) but carefully demurs away from the cold truth about the man who wronged her with a line about how something could always happen in the future.  Translated: she’s afraid that ‘wrong’ could happen to her again.

She deliberately asks Bruce: Should I run with it? to get his own unwitting confirmation that romance is the best strategy to keep the emotional upper hand on him/the Hulk.  She refers back to that conversation more like it’s a battle plan than a flirtation later (‘What are you doing?’  ‘I’m running with it’).

Clint, her self-acknowledged best friend, who knows her better than anyone, doesn’t have any idea that Natasha is interested in Bruce.  We’ve already seen that he’s highly observant and not stupid by any means, so if literally every other person in the movie has noticed and commented on the Natasha/Bruce stuff, there’s no way her closest friend aptly named ‘Hawkeye’ somehow just completely missed it.  But he’s totally surprised when his wife mentions it.  Because of all people, he knows Natasha best.

In the cave when Bruce frees her, she acts like the love-interest long enough to see if he’ll do what she wants (go Green) on his own without breaking her cover.  But when her manipulation fails, she drops the act because it’s no longer useful (the difference in the way she says ”I adore you…” vs “but I need the Other Guy.”) and gets him to Hulk out anyway, because doing her job as an Avenger and making him do his is more important than maintaining the cover she’s made for herself with him.  

Bruce/The Hulk takes the ship and turns off the video because Bruce figured out when Natasha kicked him into Hulk mode that their romance had been a ruse to control the Hulk.  Her wall-staring at the end isn’t sentimental pining, but conflict over having been running an operation on a fellow team member for so long. 

About Batman Beyond and the Deaths of Certain Villains

Alright so if you’ve seen my reply to @lawful-evil-novelist‘s post then you’ve seen my little semi-related commentary in the tags and I’d like to elaborate a bit more about them.

It started in reply to @hugsforvillains‘s tags:

#i imagine jon might be kinda disappointed with how his son turned out#given that he ended up retiring and doing legitimate science for ten years before he DIED#LIKE IN EVERY OTHER DC AU 

at least this time he lived a longer life  and got the chance to reform  and probably wasn’t murdered especially by the joker  I hope he was happy 

Honestly the amount of times Jonathan is murdered by the Joker is astonishing; but that’s besides the point

I wanted to find a post by @drunk-batman-strikes-again​ about the rogues’s futures as a reference point but I couldn’t find it, but I do remember it mentioning how Jonathan probably died because of the exposure to his toxins, leading to my theory tags.

 he probably died in a hospital bed  surrounded by other rogues  like Eddie and Jervis and hush and Harley

Why Hush and Harley as well as the rest of the Dork Squad? Well, in the Heart of Hush comic (which I have mixed feelings about), it’s shown that when Thomas Elliot was young, he actually had Jonathan as a therapist, and Jonathan acted as a bit of a mentor to him. As for Harley, it’s shown in the animated series episode “Harley’s Holiday”  that Harley and Jonathan both seem to know one another, and treat each other with some familiarity.

From here the things I remember just get sad.

now I just remembered what happened to Jervis in Batman beyond  Jon’s death probably broke him  and as a result he was sent to that not-Arkham hospital 

I showed this already in a post a while back, but as shown in one of the Batman Beyond comics, in which someone goes around killing each of Batman’s surviving rogue’s gallery, Jervis is… not doing so well.

I hate this comic; they’re not allowed to hurt my cinnamon roll 

The loss of one of his best friends is probably what drove Jervis over the edge, considering his mental state and the fact that he’s outlived most of the old rogues.

As for Hush and Eddie, Hush was shot in the chest late in Batman’s career, and Eddie is probably dead, but who knows.

Harley probably cried  now I’m crying 

Harley herself is shown to be alive and well in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

Why am I bringing this up? I honestly have no idea when Jon got the chance to reform, and as such I have no idea exactly when he died, whether before or after the deaths of Hush and Edward. But for the sake of this let’s say it was before.

 Bruce probably hosted all their funerals  I wonder if anyone tried picketing them  

I’ve made it known on multiple occasions what I think about a compassionate Batman; how he actually cares about his villains and wants to see them be well. It wouldn’t be outrageous to think that Bruce would pay for all of their funerals and ensuring they got the send-off he thinks they deserve. He’d probably pull a few strings to ensure that even those who happened to be in Arkham or where ever at the time were able to be there for the event. And considering the rogues’s reputations, it wouldn’t be unlikely that someone objects to such positive treatment.

In conclusion, I hate the Batman Beyond canon, noone’s allowed to hurt my children, and this is why I can’t have nice things.

Feel free to add to this, and tell me what you think

best friend to boyfriend: seungkwan
  • of all of your friends, seungkwan is the sassiest
  • he is the personification of that WHATCHA KNOW BOUT ME part in “lip gloss” by lil mama
  • he is Diva Boo and he has the pipes and the attitude to match
  • if an ariana grande song comes on in the car he turns it way up and tries to hit all the high notes
  • whenever crap is going down at school or smth he’s whispering his running commentary to you and you’re laughing so hard you’re out of breath
  • you guys hang out at his house and his family always insists and having you stay for dinner
  • his mother’s cooking is amazing so you say yes every time
  • probably the first to text you about really important stuff like 
    “have u seen beyonce’s new music video”
  • when you guys watch movies he’s pointing out all of the plot holes and all of the times the guy could have just talked to the girl and you’re like “seungkwan just watch the movie”
  • he can always tell if something’s up w you, no lie
  • “you look like something’s bothering you”
  • “no i’m fine, really”
  • “ ♪ why tf you lyinnnn, why you always lyinnnnn, mmmMMMMOHMYG- ♪ ” 
  • he can be brutally honest but he never ever ever intends on hurting your feelings and if he does he apologizes asap 
  • there was one time he’d offended you and you had forgiven him about it but he seemed guilty abt it for a longer time than he usually was 
  • and you were like “seungkwan i forgave you, why are you still thinking abt it”
  • you really wanna know why? it’s bc he’s in love w you, that’s why
  • he gets a lil more nervous around you
  • like one time you actually made an effort to look nice for school and on the outside he was like “hey nerd” but on the inside he was Screaming
  • he asked his parents for advice bc wHAT DOES HE DOOOOO you’re his first love after all 
  • he decides to casually ask if you wanna go to the park after school and you’re like “yeah sure”
  • you guys walk around and he looks all peaceful but his heart is beating a mile a minute and his hands are getting clammy
  • there’s a bunch of little kids there so he bends over to their eye level and talks to them and he’s so dang sweet w them
  • you’ve never seen this side of him……he’s so sweet……and soft…….and gentle…….what is this
  • a little girl gives him some dandelions so he thanks her and then takes one out and tucks it behind your ear
  • the way his hand brushes against your face and how he’s smiling at you makes your face go all red
  • after buying himself all this time he finally admits that he likes you as he’s walking you home and asks you to go out with him
  • you’re like “hmmmm lemme think about tha- YES”
  • and he’s so happy that he throws his arms around you and hugs you tightly
  • Diva Boo is now Boyfriend Boo
  • when he comes over to our house to meet your parents he dresses really nice and is trying his best to impress the heck out of them
  • your mom absolutely loves him
  • he’s a really good kisser, his kisses are so sweet and romantic and he wraps his arms tightly around your waist and can’t help but smile in between kisses
  • there’s a lot banter and roasting between the both of you
  • but sometimes when you’re with him you just feel so safe and cared for and loved
  • bc seungkwan boo is the biggest sweetheart there is

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A common misconception about recovery is that things stop hurting. They don't stop hurting. Not for a long time and not when you're still paying attention. However hurt and breakdowns don't mean failure. The difference between people who can handles stress and those who can't is the person who can handle stress have learned to get through breakdowns faster and turn failures into productivity. Handling stress is about picking yourself back up. Not whether you breakdown in the first place.

Thank you for the kind words. Ziya managed to stay out long enough to reach out to her parents and ask for help before breaking into tears for the fist time in years. She tries so hard to keep them from worrying, but we’re so proud of her for seeking help like this. She may not feel like it, but that already shows how much she has grown in the last 8 years. We don’t know what will happen now, but it won’t be what happened then.


the term poc is used by many who identify themselves as poc, it seems to work for some people, though i’ve also seen quite a few complaints about it being problematic

since i’m white, i don’t really feel it’s my place to say that this particular turn of phrase is good or bad as it relates to the people who identify themselves as such, we’ve generally adopted it as a phrase to mean non-white and that seems to work in the us (i won’t pretend to know)

however, as someone who is greek and slightly more aware of race relations within the mediterranean and europe compared to most us-bloggers, i find it simplistic at best to use the same term to describe people living in that region

skin color has little to do with how these civilizations have historically interacted and how that affects the relationship between the modern countries. jingoistic islamophobia for example is high in greece, though people have to take into account that this has mostly to do with being occupied by the ottoman empire for 400 years with tensions between greece and turkey skipping between heightened and actual war every so often (though it doesn’t mean both sides are not racist af- greeks at least are)

it also largely ignores the complexities of actual race in a region that played let’s-invade-the-neighbors every second tuesday. greeks can have very pale or nut brown skin, quite a few of them have light colored eyes, or curved noses, or very very curly hair. we’re a genetic potluck of the people that invaded us and that we invaded.

both the players below are as greek as can be, but one is as pale as i am and the other looks like what you probably assume the average greek to be. 

thing is: both consider themselves white and within greece enjoy the same privileges. we might have some problems with europe, but that isn’t the rest of europe exercising their white privilege, because it has shit to do with race the way americans perceive it. it has a lot more to do with othering and socioeconomic factors.

that is not to say that there isn’t for example anti-blackness in europe, far from it. it’s a discussion that needs to happen. but mediterrenean europeans consider themselves white (and are racist) and people label them poc anyway cause they’re tan. and while polish people are as white as can be, if you think that within europe they are privileged boy do i have news for you.

similarly, i have commented before about how much i hate the term “white-passing jewish person”, because any white privilege an american might assume they have is simply not in play here and given the well known historical parameters it is beyond insulting

it’s also amusing to me how the portuguese and spanish have achieved poc status by people who claim to know history. hint: the oppression had been coming from their side for centuries before they and the rest of mediterranean europe became scapegoats for a failing system (and the much revered ancient greek culture everybody loves was built on slavery in case someone thinks i’m being biased)

and yet certain american bloggers insist on making the distinction between poc and non-poc in europe(and i assume the term doesn’t really apply in other continents from the little i know about the relationship between china and japan) cause it suits a narrative they know, without giving a damn about the truth and how their false narrative affects a discussion they should observe and not insist on trying to rewrite