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Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 3

Translation of the audio commentary of the BD/DVD vol.3, by Mitsurou Kubo and Junichi Suwabe, voice actor of Victor Nikiforov. I really wanted to post this before the weekend because I’m not going to be home a lot, so I decided “well, I might just not sleep tonight and translate this instead”… This time there are some parts that I translated almost integrally. They talk a lot about Victor, especially Suwabe’s struggle to get into the role. It provides insight while at the same time not providing… since apparently it’s very hard to guess what is “right” when talking about Victor. I’m sure you will get what I mean if you read what they say…

The commentary is only for episode 6. Episode 5 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and as I wrote above some parts are almost completely translated. As in the previous ones, the format is different from normal interview translations, and you can find my comments too (mostly in brackets).

Translation under the post because it’s long. Enjoy!

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@hpminorcharnet creation event: House Pride

↳ week one: Gryffindor - Lee Jordan

Look at that Firebolt go! Potter’s really putting it through its paces now. See it turn — Chang’s Comet is just no match for it. The Firebolt’s precision-balance is really noticeable in these long —

Catelyn, Smart

Much like her elder daughter, Catelyn Stark is a character whose intelligence is seriously underrated. There’s less of an intellectual arc apparent in her story as compared to Sansa’s, as Catelyn is a grown woman, but that doesn’t mean her thinking is static. It must be said that she is one of the series’ most staggeringly unfortunate characters, as the tragic structure of her arc demands that her decisions and risks to protect her family fail and rebound upon them.

Yet lack of success does not equal lack of intelligence. Even in her mistakes and failures, it is more than possible to see that this is not a woman who didn’t think before she acted.

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Imagine Master List

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UPDATED AS OF 05/04/2017

Adam Cole

- What Makes Adam Worry
- On Commentary
- Baker!Reader
- PHD!reader
- Pining!Adam
“I’m Gonna Rip His Throat Out”
- Pregnancy
- Sex
- Dangerous Situations
- Cuddling With
- Breaking Up With
- Fighting with
- Stealing You From Your Boyfriend
- Winning You Back
- Finding You Crying
- In The Audience
- Make Out Session
- Beach Vacation
- Abusive Boyfriend Reaction
- Adam Being Jealous
- Trying to Impress You

Adam Page

- Dating
- Sex

Alex Shelley

- Dating
- Teasing + Car Sex
- On Commentary
- What Makes Alex Worry
- Sex
- Fighting/Making Up
- Reaction to you Getting Hurt
- Flinching During an Argument
- Making Out

Bullet Club

- As the New Member

Chris Sabin

- Dating
- Asking you to be his girlfriend
- Fighting/Making Up
- On Commentary
- Reaction to you Getting Hurt
- Flinching During an Argument
- Making Out

CM Punk

- Sex

Cody Rhodes

- On Commentary as Your Ex

Colt Cabana

- Blanket Forts

Corey Graves

- Sex
- Dating

Dean Ambrose

- Dating/Sex
- AJ Being Creepy

Finn Balor

- Sex
- Sex Toy Collection
- First Time I Love You
- Dating
- Jealous! Finn
- Pregnancy
- LegoLand
- Injured!Reader
- Lazy Days
- Ticklish!Reader

Jack Gallagher

- Dating

Jay Briscoe

- Sex
- Camping
- Jealous

Kazuchika Okada

- Dating Part One
- Dating Part Two

Kenny Omega

- Dating
- Breaking Up With
- Best Friends
- Doing Commentary
- Crying!Reader
- Jealous!Kenny
- Meeting Kenny After a Show/Proposing
- Snuggling 
- Beating Kenny At Video Games
- Angry Makeup Sex

Mark Andrews

- Sex
- Dating
- Injured!Mark + Fluff

Marty Scurll

- Flirting
- Dating
- Valet
- Camping
- Heel Turn!Reader
- Pregnancy
- Stealing You From Your Boyfriend
- Sex
- Angry!Marty
- Heel! Reader
- Someone Else Flirting With You
- When You’re Mad
- Horror Movies
- Married To
- Striptease
- Reaction to a Bump
- Fur Coat + Lingerie
- Mr. and Mrs. Tournament
- Jealous of ZSJ
- Long Distance Relationship
- Jealousy
- Fighting With/Angry Sex

Matt Jackson

- Dating
- Wingman
- Winning You Back
- Annoyed!Reader


- Being at Ringside
- Protecting You

Nick Jackson

- Dating
- Wooing
- Silent Treatment
- Surprise Pregnancy

Noam Dar

- Sex
- Dating

Pete Dunne

- Sex
- On Commentary
- Shape of You Song Imagine
- Sex with Toys
- Argument Sex
- Dating
- Dating a Shy Girl
- Going to Concerts
- Going to Concert Part Two
- Intergender Tag Match Against Pete
- Protecting You
- Getting Tattoos With
- Dating After an Abusive Relationship + Angst
- Pet Names
- Meeting at a Party
- Teasing With Lingerie
- Wet Dreams
- Seducing
- Getting a Dog
- Road Tripping
- Proposing
- DisneyWorld
- Makeup Sex
- Meeting Parents for the First Time
- Reaction to Squirting
- Dating Pete Against Parent’s Wishes
- Asking you to be his girlfriend
- Stealing you from your boyfriend
- Opponent’s Valet
- Being Pete’s Valet
- Messing With Regal
- First Date
- Impressing You
- Fighting With
- Fighting With Part Two
- Winning You Back
- Making You Jealous
- Blind Date
- Dating as Trent’s Little Sister
- Friends with Benefits
- Abusive Boyfriend Reaction
- Musician!reader
- Sick!Reader
- Ballerina!Reader
- Drunk!Pete
- Injured!Reader
- Drunk!Reader + Hotel + Fluff
- Upset!Reader
- Painter!reader

Sami Zayn

- Dating
- Dating Part Two/Liking You As Friends

Seth Rollins

- Sex
- Fighting 
- Dating

Tama Tonga

- Proposing

Tanga Roa

- First Meeting

Tommy End

- Dating
- Ouija Boards

Trent Seven

- Dating
- Dating Part Two
- Sex
- Wooing
- Drunk!Reader
- Mr. and Mrs. Tournament

Tyler Bate

- Dating
- Sex
- Valet
- Drunk!Reader
- Drunk!Tyler
- Asking You Out
- His Type
- First Kiss

Zack Sabre Jr

- Dating
- Sex
- Striptease
- Dating While a Wrestler
- Winning You Back
- Lazy Sundays
- Jacket Thief
- Meeting Parents for the First Time
- Someone Else Flirting With You
- Breaking Up
- Flirting
- Accidentally Hitting You During a Match
- Going into Labor
- Going to a Match
- ZSJ Upset with You
- Reader Upset with Zack

The Young Bucks

- On Commentary

Breaking... Ch. 1

A/N: So this is my first fan fiction! I’m really excited to show it to anyone who’s willing to read it! I’d really like to thank @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit for giving me the the confidence to write this, thank you so much! Anyway This fic is going to be a series and honestly I’m still not entirely sure what ships I want to use so I guess it’ll be a surprise for everyone XD Ok I’ve rambled long enough, I hope you all enjoy :D

Word count: 3,894

Warnings: Gun use, blood, cursing (Sorry not sorry)

Breaking Laws

             You walked down the street with your close friend Anna. It was dark outside, the air surrounding you was thick and hot. Extreme weather in New York was never really nice for anyone but to you it wasn’t unpleasant. Anna couldn’t say the same however since she was wearing dark jeans and a T-shirt while you were sporting shorts and a tank top. Earlier in the day you had taken off your flannel and tied it to your waist–it was almost ninety degrees at that point and cotton was no friend to you. Anna continued to try and change the subject by complaining about the heat but you were being stubborn. “I swear on my life Anna, if you listen to this you will not be disappointed!” You exclaimed.

“I know you’re super, mega, ultra-obsessed with this play thing but we’ve talked about this hon. It’s just not my thing.” You pouted slightly at her answer.

“It’s not a play thing… It’s a fantastic representation of our history that is showcased in a hip-hop and rap music styling format…” She chuckled at your over exaggerated sadness and gave you a little shove.

“Ok I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll listen to three songs, whichever ones you want, if you help me with Algebra 3. That number junk just flies right over my head with Mrs.Gepson gone!” You couldn’t help but squeal slightly and happily agreed to the terms. You silently thanked the universe for core math classes and for the University’s uncanny habit of finding underwhelming substitute professors. The two of you continued to walk down the street and laugh at your own commentary on the way to your apartment building. The laughter didn’t last long though, you felt like you were being watched, you were still about 10 minutes away from your destination when Anna nudged your arm and whispered. “Do not turn around. This guy behind us has been on our tail for the last 3 blocks.” Her words were quiet but they were sharp and she looked like she was ready to pounce at any moment.

             Both of you instantly picked up the pace, not running but just walking with more vigor and purpose than before. The man behind us matched our pace, no he was actually catching up to us pretty fast. You turned your head as we started to run and saw him pull something out of his hoodie. Is that a gun? He yelled out to us, making us stop in our tracks, the intent of his words catching up quicker than he was.

“Stop running before I do something undesierable.” His voice was deep and coarse, like he’s been screaming all day. We both look at each other, out of breath and tired from the adrenaline high we just experienced. Putting our hands up in the air we slowly turned around, not wanting him to try and shoot at us. He was about seven feet away from us at this point and still making small steps toward us as he spoke once more.

“Empty your pockets.” He ordered. We did as he asked, dropping our phones to the ground first we reached into our pockets and pulled out all the money we had on us. Anna had a twenty and three ones, you had three tens and a five on you. Looking at the money on the ground the man scoffed.

“You little girls shitting me right now? No way in hell that’s all you’ve got!” His voice sent chills up my spine, Anna was the first to speak up to him.

“That really is all we have… We just came back from friend’s and we weren’t exactly planning on going to Tiffany’s today…” Her tone was a combination of anger and fear; it was certainly not one you’ve ever heard her use before. The man gripped the gun tighter, a low growl erupting from his throat. Quickly he shifted the gun’s position toward Anna, her eyes widened and her voice got caught in her throat.

“Excuse me?! Wanna say that again?” He yelled. You couldn’t even think about what you were doing before you side-stepped in front of her, the gun now directly aimed at you. Forcing yourself to speak, you voice cracked slightly from the storm of emotions mulling in your body.

“Let’s try and be rational here… Just lower the gun, we don’t need to be too drastic right?” He didn’t seem to care about keeping a level head in the situation. His gaze never left you as he stepped closer once more, the muzzle of the gun only about two feet away from you.

“I’ll lower the damn gun when you give me the rest that you have!” He bellowed, his eyes unwavering, they were such a cold shade of blue. They felt like they were stabbing you by just looking at you. You kept your voice low but you knew he would hear you, there was no other way to do this.

“Anna run. Don’t look back, just keep running. I’ll take care of this.” She tried to refuse, she really did. But you both knew that if she stayed there wouldn’t be any chance of either of you getting away. She began to take a few steps backwards before turning around into a complete sprint. You could see the anger pulsating in his eyes, there wasn’t even a moment of hesitation before he pulled the trigger.

             It was an odd sensation; you could feel the pressure in the air that pushed towards you as the bullet exited the chamber. You could feel the blunt puncturing of your skin as the round bullet burrowed into your skin, on the right side of your forehead. You could feel your skull crack from the contact. Everything was painful, it was burning and reverberating. You heard a scream and then you felt yourself falling, but you didn’t hit the concrete of the dirty city street like you expected to. No, you kept falling, at first there was no color, just white, moving white. Everything looked like silk, swirling and twisting around your body. But the soft tangles of the silk soon turned to the same intense shade of blue that that man held in his stare. Everything turned into electricity—you watched as your hair started to frizz out into a halo around your head—but you couldn’t feel anything. You were numb as your eyes finally shut.

             You felt your eyes burn as sun shined onto your eyelids. With a soft groan you shifted over slightly, the ground was hard and warm. God my head is killing me. As you sat up every muscle in your body seemed to screech. Reaching up you touched the side of your forehead and winced, feeling a sudden sting wave through your brain. You finally opened your eyes and looked down at your hand, watching as the blood slid across your fingers and into your palm. Blood glided down your cheek and some small droplets clotted in your eyebrow. Your head felt like it was about to explode as the memories rushed back to you. The man, the gun, the scream. Your hand instantly went back to the spot on your head where the blood was coming from, there wasn’t any hole or anything. What the hell is going on? Looking up you saw that you were sitting under a lamp post. A dirt path stretched out underneath your body, making your legs dirty. Hooking your arm around the lamp post you used it to help you stand up, you gripped it tightly as your mind suddenly felt clouded. It was incredibly bright outside so you had to squint to look down the paths. In the distance you could make out what seemed to be a yellow house.

             Only the sound of the dirt shifting under your weight kept you awake long enough to approach the building, it seemed to grow in size the closer you came to it. Your eyes fluttered open and shut, your mind wanting nothing more than to shut down. Staggering up the solid steps your legs gave out, you had to use your arms to pull yourself to the door. Your breath was short and sharp, your chest felt like it was going to collapse. Hell, your entire body seemed to feel like it was being pulled apart in every direction possible. With a clenched and bloody fist you banged on the wooden door as hard as you could. You’re almost there Y/N, just stay awake. Your body slumped over as the door opened, your eyes focused on the off white fabric that now stood where the door once was. It was a woman, she knelt down beside you and her voice was laced with concern.

“Dear Lord, child are you alright?” Your eyelids slammed down into each other once more as another wave of pain crashed into you.

“Help me, help…” And suddenly you were out once more.

             The second time you woke up was much more pleasant, at the very least it wasn’t painful. Instead of hard dirt you were laying on some sort of cushion, it was so soft it almost seemed like it was a giant throw pillow. You opened your eyes and saw the woman from earlier stare back at you. This time around you could actually make out the details of her face. Her skin had an olive like coloring to it, very faint laugh lines crossed past her green eyes, a few long strands of brown hair fell out from under the white handkerchief that was wrapped around her head.

“I see that you are finally awake, child.” Her voice was soft. Child? She couldn’t be that much older than me.

“Hello.” Your voice felt a little strained but managed to at least say that. She smiled at you.

“If you are feeling well enough to stand I would like to ask you allow me to help you dress.” You nodded and slowly pushed yourself up from the bed you had been laying on.

“May I ask what your name is Miss?”

“Y/N L/N, what’s your name?” You finally took notice of what she was wearing. The long white fabric had a few red stains on it, that was probably from you. But that wasn’t what was so surprising, it was just the style of it that looked odd to you. The skirt flowed down and brushed against the floor, the top almost looked like it was in two pieces. As she turned around you could see the lacing in the back, it was almost like a corset but nowhere near as tight as the models you’ve seen. Not only that but it looks like it’s made of fabric, not metal or anything like that. She cocked her head to the side as she picked up some things in front of her.

“Rachel, Rachel Spencer.”

“That’s a really pretty name… So um Rachel, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course Miss L/N, what’s your question?” She turned back towards you, holding a small pile of cloth in her arms.

“Where exactly am I?” You questioned. She looked at you incredulously.

“Oh dear, you’re in New York.” She smiled at the words.

“No, I get that, I’m from New York. I mean where am I, like why am I not in a hospital?” She seemed to be even more confused than she was before.

“A hospital? Do you mean for all that blood? Don’t worry Miss L/N it was only a bruise when I washed away the blood.”

“Then… What exactly is this place?” You asked as your gaze slid across the room you were in; it was small but it felt homely.

“Why Miss L/N, you’re standing in the Hamilton residence, to be more specific you’re in my living quarters.” Before you could actually question her more about the matter she set the pile down on the bed behind you and clapped her hands together.

“Now please undress so that I can help you into some more proper clothes. I know what I have isn’t very nice but it’ll at least cover you up.” Your eyes widened at her words.


“Yes, why is that- Oh I see, you must be shy. Very well, I’ll turn around as you undress and you put the shift on. I shall turn back around and help you with the other pieces once you are done.” She had already taken a step back and turned around before you could protest. Heaving a sigh, you made quick work of getting out of your shorts and tank before examining the cloth on the very top of the pile. Not much different than a really long night dress I suppose. You pulled the material over your head, luckily it wasn’t that off in size.

“Okay, you can turn back around now Rachel.” You were still really confused about what was happening. Where were you exactly? Some sort of colonial reenactment? Or perhaps somehow you got dropped off into some Amish territory? That would actually explain why they didn’t call for an ambulance. Rachel turned back around to you and quickly put the rest of the pieces on you. The two of you looked very similar now in terms of clothing, the only really noticeable difference was that her bodice was white and yours was blue. Suddenly the actions of this woman were flooding over you. She helped you, cleaned you up and now was helping you to blend in. The world always needs kindness like hers.

“Thank you so much Rachel, I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t had helped me when you did.” You spoke like a child thanking a parent for teaching them how to tie their shoes. Speaking of shoes, Rachel had just pulled out a pair of dark boots and was motioning for you to sit so she could help you put them on.

“No need to thank me child, if there was anyone you should be thanking it would be Lady Betsy. She heard me cry out and came to see what all the commotion was about and found you lying in my arms. She truly is the kindest woman I have ever met; the moment her eyes fell on you she ran around trying to find anything that might help you.” A soft smile graced her lips as she spoke, all the while she was sliding and buttoning the shoes to your feet.

“She must be amazing judging by how much you praise her.” You stood up once she was done and silently thanked her for the help.

“She is, now come with me. Lady Betsy would actually like to speak with you.” She hopped up off the ground a led you outside the room. The corridors she led you down were narrow and plain at first but the further you traversed the wider they became. Before you knew it you were walking down grandiose white walls with gold embellishing the linings. Eventually the two of you stopped in front of a pair of double doors and Rachel gave one small knock.

“Come in.” A woman’s voice called from inside. Rachel opened the doors escorted you inside the room. The walls were lined with bookshelves; it was almost like a personal library. There was a large wooden desk at the end of the room, someone was standing in front of it. From the back all you could see was a big, blue gown with white and gold accents, part of her long, dark hair was pulled back but the rest spilled down flat against her back. She finally turned around and faced the two of us, her eyes were dark and gentle as she smiled worriedly at us.

“Hello dear, I’m glad to see that you are finally awake. You gave us all quite a fright when you showed up the way you did.” The woman spoke softly, at this point you were able to guess that this must be Betsy.

“Hello Mrs. Hamilton, forgive me for interrupting you but I would like to introduce you to our unexpected guest.” Rachel said as she gave a small curtsey, she then motioned for you to take a step closer. You did so and followed Rachel’s example by curtseying as well.

“Hi, um, sorry for showing up the way I did… My name is Y/N, nice to meet you.” She furrowed her eyebrows for a moment.

“No need to apologize Miss Y/N, I am Elizabeth Hamilton, but most people call me Eliza.” Eliza Hamilton, isn’t that ironic. You smiled up at her, she actually oddly looked familiar.

“Thank you for all of your help, Eliza. I don’t know what would’ve happened if you and Rachel hadn’t helped me when you did.”

“It is no trouble, dear. If you do not mind I would like to talk with you more on your situation once my husband returns.” She spoke like an experienced mother, it was comforting.

“Is Mr. Hamilton scheduled to arrive back at his usual time, Mrs. Hamilton?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, it is almost time for supper so he should not be too far away. Would you like to join us for dinner Y/N? It would give us ample opportunity to discuss what comes next.” Eliza went behind the desk and took a seat, holding her hands in her lap. At first you were caught a little off guard but you ended up agreeing. Eliza and Rachel’s eyes lit up at your answer.

“Wonderful! Until then you can rest in here, my husband won’t mind us occupying his study while he’s out. Take a seat, Rachel could read to you if you’d like as well.” She beamed happily. Read to me? Oh, they probably think I have a concussion or something.

“That’s very kind of you Eliza but I’m just fine! I can read on my own.” You reassured her. The other two women were taken aback by your comment.

“Oh, so you’re an educated woman? Forgive me, I didn’t realize.” Eliza apologized but the tone in her voice made her seem more questioning. Did I say something weird? I could see maybe if they thought I was homeless but I don’t know what education has to do with that. You decided it was best not to question her on the statement, she probably didn’t mean for it to sound the way she had. Rachel excused herself, she said she had to go help ‘Angie’ with her work.

             You paced back and forth, your fingertips gliding across the rows of book spines as you examined the titles. Whoever Eliza’s husband is, he really likes Shakespeare. You eventually plucked out A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, you’d be lying if you said that it wasn’t a personal favorite of yours. You always felt that you related to Helena the most out of all the characters. Taking the book, you sat down on a nearby couch. You fussed around with your dress for a few minutes so that you sit ‘Crisscross applesauce’ style underneath the layers of fabric, most of it hanging over the cushions. You had just gotten to Titania and Oberon’s confrontation when a young girl, maybe around 12 or 13 years old, came skipping into the room. Her dress wasn’t quite as big as Eliza’s, it was more…fluffy than bulky, the light purple color popped against her tan skin. Her hair was pulled into a pair of pigtail braids.

“Mama! Mama! Daddy’s home, it’s time for dinner!” She exclaimed before she finally took notice of my presence. “Who’s this Mama?” She asked, she must be Eliza’s daughter.

“Angie sweetie, this is Miss Y/N. She will be joining us for dinner.” Eliza explained as she stood up from the desk and stood next to the now identified ‘Angie’ from earlier. She gave the girl a small pat on the back and motioned for her follow as she walked off toward the door. You put the book down next to you, Angie took notice of the cover and skipped toward you excitedly, grabbing your hand to help you stand up.

“Daddy will be very excited to meet you, he loves Shakespeare!” She giggled and linked your arm with her own.

“I noticed.” You chuckled and allowed her to guide you out the door. Eliza gave a small laugh at the sight and continued to walk by your side. Your trio made your way through some more of the beautifully designed hallways, the sound of chatter becoming louder as you approached an archway that lead you into a large, open room. You recognized the door at the far end, this must be main room and that must be the front door you were slumped against not so long ago. Your gaze then fell onto a man; he wore a dark green coat with a matching pant. You could tell that the clothing was meant to be from the same era as everyone else’s, the pants stopped at his knees and a pair of long socks covered his shins. He was looking down at two young boys with mischievous grins on their faces.

“Daddy! Daddy! Look!” Angie ran up to the man, he must be Eliza’s husband. The man turned around with a wide smile stretched across his face. He quickly ran his fingers through his dark hair to push it out of his face before wrapping his arms around Angie.

“My sunshine girl! I missed you even more today than I did the last!” He said happily. Why does he look so familiar? He kissed Angie’s nose and released her, turning his attention to Eliza.

“My love, how was your day?” He asked as he made his way over to Eliza and gave her a kiss on the cheek. His eyes clouded with curiosity as he took notice of you standing next to his wife. “And who is this young lady?” He questioned, Eliza’s voice lowered slightly. Angie came bounding toward her father.

“That’s what I wanted you to see Daddy, she likes Shakespeare too!” She smiled.

“Is that right?” He spoke, sounding slightly impressed.

“Her name is Y/N, Rachel found her on our door step, bleeding from the side of her head…” She leaned in and whispered in his ear. “Poor girl, she was practically naked, I wanted to wait till you came home before we asked her any questions.” She pulled away and his eyes softened. Looking back over at you, he stepped back and gave you a small bow.

“Well it is a pleasure to have you in our home Miss Y/N, perhaps we could discuss literature over supper? Pardon, you must forgive me, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Alexander Hamilton.” Your eyes widened as the name washed over your thoughts.

Alexander Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton?

             There was no way but you couldn’t shake this feeling in the pit of your stomach that begged you to ask something, anything that could prove the growing thought in your head wrong.

“Forgive me sir, but um, may I ask what you do? For work I mean…” He seemed confused for a moment but answered you nonetheless.

“I work up in the city as the Treasury Secretary under President Washington.” He said simply.


answer me

“You wanna talk about it?” Jeff asked, awake at two am because of Kent’s screaming. Again. Jeff sat up, rubbing the back of his head.

“No,” Kent said. He was sitting up in bed, one hand pressed to his forehead.

Jeff frowned, flipping on the lamp. “Dude, I’m – you know you do this all the time, right?”

Kent glanced at him, frowning. “What?”

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For @missidixon…enjoy!

Reid’s pupils dilated slightly when he walked into the library. Across the room, you stood in front of some shelves looking at a book you had pulled. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something about you that fascinated him.

Maybe it was because you were reading a book on some lesser known lore. Or maybe it was because you looked so calm and peaceful just searching for something. Or maybe, it was the smile that spread across your face when you decided to fully read the book you had picked.

Whatever it was, Reid knew he wanted to meet you. The trouble would be the ‘how’. He gulped.

“She’s been reading about the Norse gods and writing a paper on the differences between how they were portrayed before and after the influence of Christianity,” Reid sputtered, “She’s just so peaceful about it too. She rarely looks up she’s so into the content…What?”

Derek had been stirring his coffee with a smirk on his face. Reid had been talking non stop about this mystery girl for the last 40 minutes. Morgan let out a chuckle.

“You know all of this, and you still haven’t talked to her yet?” he mused aloud.
Spencer blushed. “I don’t want to say the wrong thing.”
“Saying the wrong thing is better than saying nothing.”

Before Reid could continue his questions, JJ passed them telling them they had a case. Spencer swallowed as Morgan chuckled again. He patted the younger guy on the back.

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Bioware Men - The Kissing Edition (updated) (Long)

(Author’s Note: I know I haven’t gotten ALL the Bioware men, but I’m working on it! (I’m missing Sebastian, but only because I really need to go mom up and take the kids to the library.) The Men of the Inquisition will end up here eventually. Er, once I actually finish the game.

As always, major props to my betas, Galleywinter and Zeroredemption!)

Kaidan is intense; lips, hands, every sense trained on you as if memorizing you through osmosis. His hunger is leashed, contained with the ruthless control that saw him through his first tour on the Normandy. He can’t contain it for long, though - not anymore, not after all this time, and all that formidable focus is entirely tactile, entirely on the task at hand, which is making you pant and writhe and scream until he can finally let himself trust that you’re real.

* * *

Alistair is reverent, worshipful; with him, a kiss is a paean to the Maker, a thing out of time and space. Delicate, as if he’s not sure quite what to do, or if you’ll disappear if he’s too quick, too harsh, or if his hands stray. But the strong, sword-calloused hands that won’t go below your waist are trembling, and his reverent mouth quickly heats to almost clumsy hunger, as if he wants to absorb you into himself where he can safeguard you from everything that’s coming.

* * *

Carth is rusty, as if he hasn’t kissed anyone in years and isn’t too sure he should be doing it now. His kiss is angry and hard, but he’s hungry, too…. so hungry for you. His hands bite into your shoulders, and he’s trembling; you’re honestly not sure if it’s from grief or rage or desire. Maybe he doesn’t know either. His Force presence is a whirl of so many things, but it’s your name on his lips as they follow the line of your jaw, your name he groans when your hips meet and rock together.

* * *

Zevran kisses like he kills; with skill, flair, and a certain amount of showmanship. He smiles against your throat, catlike and smug, whispers charming obscenities and flatteries in that exotic Antivan accent of his, until you’re drunk on him, everything about him. But when you kiss him back, that’s when that practiced smile starts to slide off his face. That’s when his golden eyes heat, when the lean muscles under your hands tense, when you can taste honesty mingled with desire on his tongue.

*  *  *

James is tequila-flavored adrenaline when he finally lets go and just takes your mouth like he takes every other military objective, all power and purpose and driving need. His big body is hot against yours, all muscle and undeniable strength; you knew he wanted you like hell burning even before he pulls you tight into him, lean hips surging into the cradle of yours as if he’s already inside you. His kiss might everything you expected, but you never dreamed how soft his lips were, or how the velvet brush of his shorn hair against your fingers made want pool inside you, hot and liquid and quivering.

* * *

Joker Moreau is stunningly physically restrained when he kisses. But where he’s physically cautious, his mouth is anything, anything but. The things he whispers against your neck, the low, hot whispers of a lover about your skin, your scent, the feel of you, what he’s imagining doing to you, how long he’s watched you, wanting you… His commentary is all spiced with a generous helping of his trademark snark and punctuated by the kisses of a man who is truly gifted. Joker can turn a simple kiss into an act of blazing eroticism - precise, probing, mimicking everything he wants to do to you, with you, in you with just his tongue, until you’re shuddering against him, locking your fingers into the back of his pilot’s chair and moaning into his mouth in helpless surrender.

* * *

Garrus doesn’t kiss, not like a human does, but there’s something stunningly, suggestively erotic in the way his eyes hold yours as he leans down and presses his forehead to yours. He’s humming - a low, subvocal intonation that gets into the marrow of your bones and liquifies it, until his hands, his arms, the look in his unfairly blue eyes are the only things holding you up… until they’re not, and you discover that Garrus is very, very good at calibrating things other than firing algorithms.

*  *  *

Everything about Zaeed is hard lines and gravel - he’s the first to tell you his good looks were lost long ago, and he has the voice of a seasoned soldier, rough from too much battlefield smoke and way too many nights in a cigar-fumed nightclub. So it’s a complete surprise that he touches you with such care, tracing the curve of your skull, tangling your hair in his fingers as if he’s savoring the texture, leaning close to sample the scent at the hollow of your throat. The way he kisses is a surprise, too, all delicacy and finesse, and very, very thorough, until you feel like he’s mapped every nerve ending you have and is taking his sweet time about lighting them all on fire, one after another, with a lazy mastery that’s as arousing as it is irritating.

* * *

Fenris is equal parts desperation and fear. His kisses almost snarl with impatience, as if he’s been waiting years to let loose, let go. To have you. To have something in his life that’s just for him, and from the way his hands are moving over you, mapping you, that’s just what he’s thinking. Where his mouth is clumsy, his hands, all clever fingers and sharp gauntlets, are not, daring to claim every inch of you, daring you to claim him back. When you do, he growls low in his throat, and he snarls something in Arcanum that could be a curse or a prayer or a threat to the Maker not to take you away from him before he can steep himself in you, sate himself on you, bury himself so deeply in you that nothing in Thedas can untangle what the two of you have become.

* * *

Thane is decadence; leashed, lethal, and elegant, and that’s the way he kisses, too, as if a single, simple kiss is the equivalent of a hundred acts of simple carnality. His mouth, so delicately scaled and lush, is your lodestone. Your world spins around his axis as he kisses you with exquisite eroticism, committing you to memory with lips and tongue. You’re hazily aware that he could break you in a dozen ways and you’d never feel it, but you’re even more aware that he could make you erupt in a dozen more, and you’d never forget it. And neither would he.

* * *

Steve Cortez is precision, soft-spoken but devastatingly thorough in his exploration of your mouth, your jawline, your neck as you let your head fall back against the cool metal exterior of the shuttle. You can’t get your breath, you just can’t, but when you do, the air tastes like him. Like chicory coffee and determination, like love. Like home. And you can’t help it, can’t help but respond, hands streaking paths of want up his back, feeling the flex of muscle as he shudders, leans into you. You get a little equilibrium back by the time you’re cupping the back of his head, the lean planes of his cheeks, and you meet his precision with your fire. You kiss him back, letting him know with tongue and teeth and muted moans that you refuse to lose him every bit as much as he refuses to lose you.

* * *

Jacob is honesty; there’s honest admiration in his eyes as he looks at you, honest desire in the strong hands that slide from yours up to your shoulders, pulling you into a lazy, seductive dance around the cabin. Honest desire on his tongue when he finally kisses you, managing to tease, to seduce, to woo you for only a moment before honesty takes him, too, and you’re both trembling, both seeking out skin hidden by clothing, seeking to share vulnerabilities. And then it’s honesty of a different sort when you tumble to the bed, wrapped around each other as if you can each shield the other from everything outside this room.

* * *

Anders is hunger and loneliness and longing all wrapped up in a kiss that tastes faintly of lyrium and a faint, exotic tingle that can only be Fade energy. He crowds you against the wall, lean body hard against yours, trembling hands framing your face, fingers tangling in your hair as if he needs to have all of you, right here, right now, as if you’re going to be ripped away from him at any second. When you wrap your arms around him to soothe, he shudders, and his kiss changes to something dangerously erotic, all hot lips and bold tongue and aching hunger, as if this is it, this is the act entire, and he can bring you both to completion with just this….

* * *

Nathaniel is hard - hard lines, hard, sinewy muscle, hard, calloused hands on your skin, hard lips against the back of your neck, hard flesh against the curve of your backside as he presses against you. His voice is hard, too; aristocratic accent wrapping easily around base words as he whispers what he wants to do with you, wants you to feel when he does them. But for all his hard edges, he’s soft, too, and it shows in the brush of his hair against your throat as he bends to taste your collarbone, in the stroke of his tongue, warm and wet on your shoulder. His archer’s precision shows when he moves to map your spine from bottom to top with a chain of tiny kisses that leave no skin unworshipped, when his hands slide between your legs, pressing where you burn hottest for him. Your head falls back against his shoulder, and when you shudder,  so does he, and you know then what his restraint is costing him.

And Just Like That... Everything Changed Part 3

Hey loves! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get this out to you! And thankyou for being amazing people who are reading my fics I love you all! xx I hope you liked this chapter and I will start on the next one very soon xxx

the link to part two is here which gives the link to part one as well :)

“Can I see him?” Betty asked the doctor. Her tone was hopeful, exhausted and desperate all at once. 

The doctor hesitated.

“Immediate family only at the moment.”

Her heart dropped and her nails dug into the skin of her palms. She blanched, her lips quivering as the too white walls of the waiting room closed in on her. Her breath was starting to leave her again and the anxiety filled knots in her stomach only coiled tighter as the cracks in her heart that had just closed up a little gaped wide open again. 

“We understand you have regulations Doc, but ah, Jughead’s family aren’t here.” Fred mediated. Betty eyes flitted either side of her suddenly realising she wasn’t alone before the surgeon. Archie and Fred were on one side of her while her mother stood on the other. 

The doctor hesitated again before them, eyes straining and mouth set. 

Her brain kicked into gear and Betty squared her shoulders preparing for a fight. If nothing else Betty Cooper fought for the people she loved and she would undoubtedly fight for Jughead Jones forever. Because that’s what people like them, who had gone through what they’d gone through did. 

“Look I don’t want to be rude but I watched my boyfriend get shot in front of my eyes, bleed out in front of me and die in an ambulance. I’m not taking no for an answer.” Her voice was hard, the darkness giving it a cutting edge that almost scared her. Any other day she would have been terrified to unfurl that part of herself in front of so many people- anyone that wasn’t him- but today she didn’t care. Today she had to embrace her darkness so she could get to the love of her life in the darkest time of his. She needed him, and he needed her and nothing was going to inhibit that.

The doctor’s eyes softened a little after the initial shock of the broken girl’s stone words wore away, sympathy leaking through his professional exterior for the girl who had been through hell and back in less than 24 hours. 

“We’re all he’s got. We are his family.” Archie added sincerely and Betty spared a moment from glaring at the older man before her to shoot a grateful smile at her best friend. 

“Okay,” the man relented “But two at a time please." 

Betty moved with a new energy, one that should not have been possible in her current state of distress and fatigue. The doctor had barely managed to move aside before the determined blonde was pushing through the double doors that led to the ICU rooms. She heard a call of “Room 106” from the distance but she was too far gone to really acknowledge the doctor apprehensively warning those left about the shock of seeing him in such a state.

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So, now that Yuuri and Victor are about to travel to my home country - Spain - to compete in the Grand Prix Final, I think it’s time that I talk to you guys about one of the most interesting skaters this show has led me to discover (as recommended to me by the wonderful @danuuss​): Spanish skater Javier Fernández.

Honestly, I don’t know how I haven’t seen a single post about him yet. He’s the current male ice skating world champion, won silver at the last Grand Prix Final, and has placed first at both the Rostelecom Cup and the Trophée de France this year, barely three weeks ago. Plus, he trained alongside Yuzuru Hanyu in Toronto and they are very close friends. Case and point:

(Don’t misinterpret this though, Javier’s in a relationship with skater Miki Ando :P)

But enough about Yuzuru, I’ll just let Javier speak for himself. The following is his free program from last year’s World Championship (which he won). Out of all the videos in this post, I think this one is honestly my favourite - I could watch it forever, the music is fantastic and his performance is near perfect.

Okay, so you watch this and you think “Pretty suave”, right? Well, here’s the thing: Javier Fernandez is literally the most Spanish athlete I have ever seen. And by that I mean that he always finds the time to make a joke. Without further ado, his performance for the 2014 Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Literally the most Spanish thing ever s2g. 

For those you who are interested, I’ll also include his programs from this year. I like his free program best to be honest, but the way he gets super into his short program is just amazing to watch.

Short program (I really like the commentary in this one):

Free program:

I’ll leave it there because I really don’t want this to turn into a super long post, but I hope you enjoyed getting to know one of the top skaters in the world! I get the feeling that in this fandom we tend to be really focused on just a handful of skaters, and I think we should definitely broaden our horizons a little more and get to know other skaters as well, especially those from our own countries!

MHA dub commentary episode 8:

  • i have been putting this episode off for way too long and that’s probably because it’s about Bakugou’s emotional breakdown and i am emotional even before the video starts
  • baby Izuku and Bakugou are so cute i wanna cry 
  • have i mentioned how much i love Bakugou’s dub voice yet because if i have i’m gonna say it again: i love his dub voice
  • last time on MHA: Bakugou and Izuku fucking attack each other and, as usual, only Izuku got hurt
  • he’s still working on that
  • pauses the ep to admire all of Bakugou’s amazing expressions
  • “IN THE NAME OF VILLAINY, STOP THIS!!!” he cries as a bunch of giant rocks come rushing at him. i love you Iida
  • Izuku’s voice acting here is so amazing i just. love it
  • and the animation here is fucking spectacular
  • *pauses again to admire Bakugou’s distraught expressions* don’t look at me
  • i should also mention that Izuku has some fantastic expressions here too
  • i just. Bakugou just has fantastic expressions overall, but these ones are just. beautiful. i love my confused, terrified, distraught son

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Quad mania

Meanwhile I watched the full free skate this morning on YT with the British uncle’s commentaries and although they are nowhere as informative or serious as the Italian uncles (nobody is), they were still full of WhatTheFuck-ary.

First they keep on saying that Hanyu used to be so far head of the other men “a couple of years ago”. Take a moment to let that sink in.

Then, he hasn’t been in great form in a “long time”. Deep breath.

Finally, he doesn’t feel “as confident”. Oh, you think?

Let’s do this in bullet points.

- Hanyu turned 22 (TWENTY TWO) TWO months ago.

- since the Olympics in 2014, of which he’s the current Gold medalist, he’s broken every record there is to break.

- just ONE YEAR AND TWO MONTHS AGO, he scored 110+, 220+, 330+ at the GPF.

- since then he’s consistently scored in the 100/200′s range.


Seriously, is the quad mania scrambling the brains of not only the skaters but also of the commentators? And the judges (don’t think we didn’t see that shit either)?

ISU needs to get their shit together and give refresher courses to the judges. Plus get rid of everybody’s coats in competition, cause the judges need to learn some CHILL.

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mr shoe walks into the glee club room. he says that the kids are too wrapped up in their greed and avarice. He turns around the blackboard and “brecht” is written on it. the kids groan. mr sue explains that brecht is cool and performs the army song with mike chang. the kids are taken by the harsh commentary and spiky tune and set to work on their assignments. 

meanwhile, sue is unhappy. she has long disliked brecht. she begins acting emotionally and irrationally in protest and founds a rival glee club that performs musical adaptations of ibsen. it is all very menacing. 

mr shu decides that the glee club will stage a production of mother courage. rachel wants to be mother courage, but so does mercedes. rachel sings the barbara song (omg imagine) and mercedes sings the bilbao song. mercedes is better so she is mother courage.

kristen chenoweth returns! she shows up dramatically at the glee club door and sings the alabama song. everyone joins in. she seduces mr shū and sings lust from the seven deadly sins

tina sings pirate jenny

nobody shows up to the high school glee club production of mother courage because everyone is preoccupied with the emotional resonance of sue’s hedda gabler. to console themselves, the glee club sing a touching rendition of as you make your bed. indeed, they have made their own bed. 

in the ruckus everyone forgot about regionals, which takes place that same day. the glee club opens with a choreographed disco rendition of the song of mother courage, sung by mercedes. sue returns to character and is spiteful. 


Rules and Regulations (Acts of Intimacy #2)

Author’s Note: Here’s the second in my responses to the Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy prompts! This one was requested by @vaultfox​. Thank you so much for sending this in! This one is just shy of 1k words, but I hope you all enjoy anyway :) Feel free to keep sending in the prompts, y’all! Check out this post to see what I’m working on next.

Other stories in the series: Previous Work // Next Work

Prompt: ♝: Reading a book together. Or, I guess data-pad in this instance. :D

Words: 992

AO3 / / Below the Cut!

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parrots4cake  asked:

what's your favourite Ezra films in order? (sorry if that's been asked before)(also i really love your art :D) the way you draw little credence is so adorable :)

Hi! First of all thank you so much I’m glad you enjoy, aaah :’D This means a whole lot!

Secondly, it hasn’t been asked before, but it’s convenient timing because it was being discussed the other day haha. I’ve seen a lot of Ezra films (not all, at all), but I have a tough time picking favourites…
So think of the top 3 not as 1-2-3 but a combined 1? :’)

Top tier gives-me-feelings-I-did-not-ask-for:
Fantastic Beasts.  This is a given, isn’t it. It has broken me. I’m broken.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This movie has me crying, so, there’s that. The book does, too. Patrick is a wonderful friend but he is human/not absolutely perfect and it only makes me love him more.
We need to talk about Kevin. This movie and book alike are both some of my favourites ever, despite how uncomfortable they make me. It’s got layers, and you’re never entirely sure if you can fully rely on the storyteller to give you an unbiased retelling of what happened? Kevin’s an absolutely intriguing character and such an asshat, I enjoy him immensely.

Also if you’re interested, the rest comes in a more or less structured order!
Beware the Gonzo. This is an incredibly cheesy film but I have a bit of a soft spot for it. The characters are so do-or-die about everything that happens to them, and Gonzo is so overly intense about what he wants to do, it’s good fun.
Another Happy Day. So, I watched this one without subtitles and I wish I had had some, because people were talking All The Time and I probably missed a lot of it. Elliot has a lot of issues and can be an ass, but I feel for him, and his siblings+mom though. 
The Stanford Prison Experiment. Given that this one is based on a real experiment that happened, this one just makes me feel sincerely bad even though it’s interesting as heck. Ezra gives a great performance and so does a lot of the other actors too!
Every Day. This film deals with a lot of topics. Like a lot. Yet it doesn’t really bring all of them to a conclusion? Jonah is adorable, and I would have loved it if his sub-plot would have been actually brought up to his family?
Afterschool. I picked up my tablet and kept drawing during this film. Robert has the potential to be an interesting character (and the story has the potential to be an interesting story) but…
Madame Bovary. Leon Dupuís may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and the look of the film/the acting is without flaw, but this movie made me so SO SO tired. (Melodramatic aristocratic ladies being tired of their lot and fucking everyone else over in the process, yippee)

Oh, and he was in Batman V Superman, wasn’t he? And I saw it. But no.

I’m pretty sure those are all I have seen so far, and this turned out longer than intended (because of unnecessary commentary), but I hope it’s fun to read at least haha.

#58- “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the first day I met you.” Prompt

From @wweismyguiltypleasure - “And 58 with Corey Graves.”

TAG LIST!- @allgirlswrestlingclub @ilovesamizaynn 

Corey fricken Graves.

That’s all I ever heard about when I debuted. How I was the female Corey Graves. Tattoos all over, the “I don’t give a shit” attitude, the heel persona. Even the announcers would say it! It didn’t help that we were both from Pittsburgh either. The only upside was that by the time I had debuted, Corey was put on the shelf and became a commentator for NXT and Raw. I mean I did watch his matches, he was damn good, and its a shame he got injured so early in his career. But when I debuted, I swear when I got to the top of the ramp, I snuck a glance over at him and felt my heart stop. I tried to ignore the feeling and blamed it on my nerves for my first match.

Well, this feeling continued each time I had a match. The quick glance over at him had me feeling some time of way. When I earned my title opportunity, I found myself going to him for advice.

   “Graves, can I talk to you for a sec?”

 He puts down his papers and looks at me, somewhat annoyed. His eyes lock on mine and I feel the the world around me stops. This is the first time I truly get to see his face, and those gorgeous eyes. I quickly regain myself.

   “I-I just need some advice. I mean you know I have my first title shot tonight and I just need some last minute advice. You were a champ and a damn good one at that, so I would really appreciate it.”

I start picking my at my nails, a nasty habit I have when I get nervous. He glances down at my hand and takes it in his. I feel the heat rush through my body. I’m surprised I am even still standing up right.

   “Listen Y/n, you know better than anyone that you have what it takes to win. Don’t get inside your head. Let the magic happen. Watching you these past few months in the ring, I really do see why you get called the female version of me. Now you have seen I did with my opportunity, do the same with yours. Go kick some ass out there.”

He smiles at me and pats my hand before grabbing his papers and heading off to the commentators table. I stand there in awe. The music indicating the start of the Takeover shakes me out of my fog. 

1,2, 3! *Ding Ding*

   “Here’s your winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion, Y/n!!!”

The crowd goes wild as I clutch the title in my hands. I fall to my knees and let all the tears fall from my eyes. I look up smiling and over the roar of the crowd, I hear Corey on commentary.

   “Tom, Y/n has just ended Askua’s year long streak!! This right here is the future of the women’s division!” 

I stand up slowly, having the ref help me, and raise my title over my head. I steady myself and the ref lets me go to check on Askua. I spin around to show my love to my NXT universe. When I turn to face the ramp, I see Tom and Corey standing up, clapping. And I swear, I saw a tear fall from Corey’s eyes, but it’s too far away for me to truly tell.

The next week on NXT, I sit down for my interview with Corey, about becoming the new champion.

   “Please welcome my guest at this time, the new NXT Women’s Champion, Y/n. Y/n thanks for coming.”

   “Thanks for having me Corey.”

   “Now last week, we saw you take down the longest raining NXT Women’s Champ, Askua. How did it feel to win your first title from, if I am not mistaken, one of, if not the best women wrestlers we have ever seen.”

   “Oh, it was my hardest match to date. I’m banged up, I’m bruised, but I put up one hell of a fight. I take nothing away from Askua, she is a damn good wrestler. I mean her executions and transitions are flawless. I watched and studied her matches to try and prepare myself.”

   “Are you prepared for when Askua comes for her rematch for the title?”

   “I say bring it on. We stole the show at Takeover: San Antonio, and we can do it again. She names the time and place and I am ready.”

   “You sound pretty confident you can beat her again.”

   “Oh, I know I can. I am the first woman to beat her cleanly. No DQ’s, no count-outs, nothing. It was me. And why shouldn’t I be confident? I got some advice from a vet before my match. He said “Listen Y/n, you know better than anyone that you have what it takes to win. Don’t get inside your head. Let the magic happen.” and I took that advice to heart.”

   “There you have it, a very confident champ looking forward to her rematch with the Empress of Tomorrow, Askua,”

When the camera cuts, Corey leans over and smiles.

   “I wonder who gave you that advice?”

I let out a small laugh and lean toward him.

   “This vet who I really like, and gets me. Corey, I have been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the first day I met you. Now I know I haven’t known you my entire life, but I feel like I have. And I know you may not like me back-”

I am cut off by Corey’s lip on mine. The kiss is short, simple, but filled with so much passion. I pull away from Corey’s lips slowly, smiling slightly.

   “I take that as you love me back?”

He smirks and pulls me back in for another kiss, smiling against my lips.


So here is my 1st Corey Graves fic!! I absolutely loved writing this one. Being from Pittsburgh, I always will have a soft spot for Corey Graves and I really wanted this to be real lol.

Again, I just want to say that I am so thankful for all of you guys, my followers, and people who just like or even read my work. As a writer, it means the world to me and hope you all know that <3

So back to the task at hand. For the Prompts: WWE- give me a wrestler and a number and anything you want included and I will do it (unless the number has already been taken). Writing- Give me any character, any fandom, number and whatever you would like in it (unless the number is already taken). Inbox, or message me your ideas. I would love to hear them :)

I also want to point out that these prompt lists are not my original and I did reblog them from other people.

If anyone wants tagged in any upcoming drabble, please let me know! Even if you didn’t see them on the previous list, just let me know the superstar and i’ll let you know if I have one lined up for them. Also, should I start calling these imagines?? Or stick to drabbles? Please, Please let me know!

Feel free to talk to me too! I love a good conversation and I love meeting new people!

See you guys very soon for the next drabble/imagine!

Ciao loves <333

#40 for @trulyfickle

Rick was tired. He and Negan had been out since dawn that morning, and it was well past dark now as they were making their way back to Alexandria. He was sweat-soaked and his feet felt like they were made of lead, and when he and Negan finally approached the truck they’d taken out on their supply run, he couldn’t have been more thrilled. He dragged his weary body into the passenger side and leaned back into the seat gratefully as Negan started up the engine.

“So, how was that, Rick?” Negan turned to look at him in expectation, and Rick had to resist the strong urge to tell him to keep his eyes on the damn road.

“What do you want me to say, Negan?” Rick grunted, wishing the man would just allow for some silence for once in his life. The day had been long enough on its own, and with his constant commentary it had been nearly unbearable. Negan had insisted on taking Rick out on a supply run, just the two of them, to “get to know each other”. The only thing Rick had gotten to know about Negan was that the man didn’t shut up. Ever.

Negan’s eyes turned back toward the road. “How about a little gratitude, Rick? I just spent a day of my life helping you and your little pals out, completely free of charge! I could be doing any number of things, but instead, I’m with you. I’ll have you know I don’t do that shit for just anybody.”

A muscle in Rick’s jaw twitched. “I wouldn’t say it was free of charge,” He snapped back without thinking.

Negan’s eyebrows shot up and he threw another glance Rick’s way. “Really now, Rick? I told you everything we found today was yours, so how is this not me doing free work for you?”

“I feel like I paid the price by spending the whole fucking day with you and your mouth.” Okay, so this time Rick couldn’t claim that he spoke without thinking. He wasn’t really sure why he was looking to piss Negan off. Admittedly, the man had been pretty reasonable today, for who he was. He just also happened to still get under Rick’s skin while being somewhat reasonable.

But Negan didn’t seem pissed. On the contrary, he was laughing. “Goddamn, Rick! You’ve got a nice big pair of balls on you today.”

“They should match your giant fucking mouth.”

Negan let the comment roll off his back, unbothered. “Is it vain to think you use that word more because of me? I mean, I didn’t invent it or anything, but you sure seem to be swearing a lot more after spending a day with me. Am I rubbing off on you?”

“You wish,” Rick grumbled.

Negan’s tongue slid between his teeth. “Oh, I most certainly do wish, Rick. I’d love to rub off on you. Sounds like a great fucking time.”

Rick heard the thinly veiled innuendo there and rolled his eyes. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He mused, “You’ve been flirtin’ with me all day, I bet you’re all worked up.”

Negan actually had to stop the goddamn car and put it in park he was laughing so hard.

“Rick fucking Grimes! Ho-ly shit, I love this side of you! I gotta admit, I like a little fire in people. Keeps ‘em interesting. Keeps ‘em sexy.”

“And here I had you down as wanting someone submissive,” Rick drawled, not sure why he was encouraging this topic of conversation.

“Nah, Rick. I like a little spark. And you just light me right the fuck up,” Negan practically purred as he shot a wink in Rick’s direction.

The line was so cheesy and stupid that it actually pulled a laugh out of Rick, his mouth tugging up at the corners as he chuckled.

Negan grinned like he’d just been told Christmas had come early. “Have I entered an alternate universe, or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Rick quickly forced the smile from his face with more difficulty that he would care to admit. “Just shut up and keep driving,” he muttered.

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Companions react to being accidentally groped by Sole in their sleep.

(Okay apologies first of all, I still need to work on Deacon’s personality as I’m sorta unsure. I don’t want to get anything wrong, you know how it is! I have yet to go and get Deacon as a companion in the game so that’s why really… And for obvious reasons some aren’t included in this reaction. Nick Valentine as he’s kinda. Eh. You know. Also if anyone does send in an ask and you want Romanced!Companions, just say so.)

Cait: “What the fuckin’ hell do ya think you’re doing?” Cait wakes Sole up and punches them in the chest, hard.

Curie: She wakes up and begins to giggle wildly. She tries to keep the volume down to try not to wake Sole up, but ends up doing so anyway. She explains what Sole did in their sleep and watches Sole’s face turn as red as a tato.

Paladin Danse: He moans quietly but soon clamps his hand over his mouth. He questions whether Sole was awake or not and squints in the darkness to try and see. When he figures out that Sole is actually sleeping, he feels relieved nobody heard him - But he’s still embarrassed as fuck.

Hancock: Accidentally elbows Sole in shock, waking them up. “I’m so sorry!” he mumbles, jumping out of bed. Sole frowns, but soon falls asleep. Hancock is unsure whether to go back into bed or not, for fear of being hurt by an angry Sole

MacCready: He gasps and his eyes shoot wide open. He whispers Sole’s name and asks if they are awake. When he doesn’t hear anything he lays there, not wanting to move. A cold sweat breaks out and he gently moves their hands away from him.

Preston Garvey: “General…” He whispers, his heart beating fast. He feels his temperature rise, and quickly turns over to face away from Sole, inching as far away as possible. Then goes back to sleep.

Piper: She, like Danse, moans at Sole’s touch, before covering her mouth with two hands. Piper doesn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

X6-88: Doesn’t flinch. At all.

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Hmmm i don't get why everyone dislikes tsubaki-chou so much. I like it more than HnR and don't see what's so cliche about tsubaki. If anything I thought HnR was very cliche. Fumi and Kibikino just seem to have much more unique personalities and backstories than Mamura & Suzume... Like I feel like Suzume didn't really have as much of a personality as Fumi

There are many reasons:

  • It’s a romance story with an adult and a minor that revolves around the exploitation of young girl’s daddy issues
  • Characters are set up in an initial employer-employee which ties into the inbalance of power in a relationship
  • Fumi’s personality is one dimensional; the only thing that is going for her is that she’s “in love” - cliche point
  • In the same vein, Akatsuki’s development is arguably stunted when the aspect of romance is forced upon him and Fumi
  • We’re told that Fumi likes Akatsuki but we’re not shown why or how. A few moments of being him rescuing her in a damsel-in-distress moment does not equal emotional growth - again cliche
  • The narrative is wishy-washy. What is this story trying to convey? That because I’m lonely I should fall in love with my 30+ employer because he’s a significant paternal figure in my life?…Please love yourself.
  • The trajectory of the story is also tenuous. It jumps from one development to another without a solid foundation to why the story is moved on in the first place.
  • The introduction of the “love rival” 30+ chapters in is an obvious plot device which screams desperate and cliche

I’ve written a lot of commentaries on HnR with its uniqueness and flaws. I’m not proclaiming that HnR isn’t cliche. It is, but the reason why it shot Yamamori into the manga spotlight was because it was a cliche with a twist. She used all these familiar shoujo tropes and put a realistic spin and that was why it was engaging. Her characters had depth and were also defined outside of their feelings. 

I don’t think it’s fair to compare Suzume and Fumi or whatever characters that are being compared at the moment but I have to say one thing. Fumi does feel like your typical shoujo heroine; in fact she could be the paragon of shoujo heroines if you look at examples from the early 90s or 2000s. She’s feminine, good at house work and maternal which is in fact what the Japanese believe to be the epitome of femininity which were illustrated quite frequently in very old school shoujos. So yes, I would say Fumi is a cliche character as compared to Suzume who is arguably not that at all.