that tounge though

Night time talks (boyf riends)

Okay so!! this is my first time writing a fic 4 bmc but its rly short sorry lmao

Please leave feedback and stuff!!


“Hey, Jeremy? Remember when you first got that Squip?”

Micheal was talking to himself again, sitting in the dark in Jeremy’s bedroom. It was honestly quite pathetic; venting and talking to nobody.

Well, almost nobody.

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♡Hello! Hope everything is going swell for you! I hope any major stress dulls down, and that you're able to see something beautiful today and find inspiration! And that you have a reason to smile today too! I brought Shortsen some hot cocoa, tell him to be careful not to burn his tounge though! -Bif♡

aww thanks, you’re always so nice and I wish good to you too :3 and always giving Shortsen nice things! He’ll be extra careful ❤