that totally would work

Boyfriend Namjoon

Honestly I cannot choose a bias between yoongi and namjoon someone save me

• I think that Namjoon would treat his girlfriend sort of like a work of art

• he totally would just admire you 25/8

• you would actually become his muse for everything

• like new song written by Rap Monster? 100% about you

• new spiritual namjoon quote? you inspired it bbyg

• you two would have hour long conversations about the history of narwhals like the talking never stops

• get ready to be corrected though like

• “Who do you think you’re speaking to namjoon?”

‘You mean whom _______’

• helping him write would be so sweet honestly just imagine sitting in his lap writing music together it’d be so precious

• I think that namjoon likes pda in moderation

• hand holding, hugs, light kisses; nothing crazy

• he would be such a gentleman though so be prepared to never carry anything heavy again

ahh i love him so much someone stop me

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I'm Team Jael. While I don't necessarily agree with Jael, Alim reminds me a bit too much of Solas, in his outward politeness and shadiness, and that makes me instinctively distrust him.

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I am ridiculously pleased with this answer. It mirrors Shianni’s opinion of Alim in game and probably reflects the fact that for all his ideas on right and wrong, he’s got some hypocrisy at work. He would totally object to your opinion, but not me!

Crossbow = Swordgun

I live for steven universe crossovers

hunk has to hide pidges eyes everytime these losers decide to fuse lolol


….thats another space daycare theyre banned from lol

she tries to make friends but she likes to gnaw on things and doesnt get why it’s bad to do

Older Au Masterpost

“I remember looking at Miss Hawkeye’s earrings and I thought they looked kind of nice.”
“Well, that seems like a rather simple reason.”
“What’s the point in overthinking things?”

“Back when I was in Resembool, I met a little girl who had long hair and I thought it might be nice to grow it out.”
“That’s it? Seems like a pretty simple reason.”
“Is it? Yeah, maybe it is. But most of my reasons are. When it comes down to it, the life of a sharpshooter is pretty simple. We pull the trigger and an enemy falls.” 


kings rising ch16: nikandros is a bro pt 2 (pt 1)

María Izquierdo, Mexican painter, “Mis sobrinas”, 1940.

“María Izquierdo’s career helped open the door for many women artists. The Mexican artist’s prestige is often compared to that of Marie Laurencin from the School of Paris and although she is not as popularly known as Frida Kahlo, she helped establish a foundation for women artists. Maintaining value in art rooted in traditional Mexican values, Izquierdo’s art stood out for it s ingenious portrayals of Mexico among an area of highly politicized art. (…) A believer that women should have the chance to explore different professional realms, she also held strong to the traditional family roles instilled in her by her aunt and grandmother. While her painting /The Jewelry Box/ sends a satirical message surrounding the roles of woman roles and her work, Alegoría del trabajo (Allegory of Work) does provoke the idea of misogyny and oppression. Painting Mis Sobrinas (My Nieces) shows how she valued and believed in family ties and the “obligation” to family. She often depicted women in a variety of social settings and backgrounds, but only painted herself with her family or alone.[3]


(…) Izquierdo made it clear through her paintings that she believed women could be active members of society, helping to perpetuate culture and define the national identity of Mexico. Her altar scenes in particular bring her intimate style together with themes of feminism and nationalism, drawing connections that were profound for her time. Through these cupboard altars, Mexican women were able to add a rich religious context to their everyday domestic roles, and thus “propagate their national culture, generational traditions, and religious beliefs” (Donovan 162).”

  • Mr Damocles: Well they finally caught the thief
  • Adrien: Wow they’re really going to expel him just for stealing pudding cups and toilet paper
  • Mr. Damocles: No he was caught taking parts from the engineering rooms
  • Adrien:
  • Nino:
  • Mr. Damocles: …Have you two been stealing pudding cups and toilet paper?
  • Nino: What? No. We uh we hate pudding and we don’t um we don’t use…toilet paper
  • Mr. Damocles:
  • Adrien: We have one of those French things that shoots water up your butt
  • Mr. Damocles: Bidet
  • Adrien and Nino: Bidet to you too, sir

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For a prompt maybe... what if Lance was actually terrified of water despite him being associated with the element of water and the blue lion and coming from Cuba. The team go to a beach type planet for more bonding time and everyone finds it suspicious that Lance avoids the water. Maybe some traumatic backstory like almost drowning... cue major langst and maybe also some klance. Lance gets thrown in the water or ends up there and Keith comes in ... I leave it to you Thanks

I actually really love this idea? I always think that Lance is like One With The Water but him being freaked out by it is such a cool idea? Thank you so much!

Flashback TW(?), Almost Drowning TW(?)

It was supposed to be a day of fun and rest for the Paladins of Voltron. The beach and tropical forest islands of Lamprev were uninhabited by any intelligent life, and perfectly safe for humans. What made it better, or, to Lance, worse, was the massive blue ocean, a seeming replica of the oceans of Earth. The sky was a gentle green-blue, and the massive sun appeared much smaller and slightly warped in the thick atmosphere. 

Lance watched Pidge and Hunk run onto the beach in their swimsuits, their feet kicking up grains of silver sand. Pidge held an inflatable doughnut which Lance offhandedly wondered where they had gotten, and Hunk shrieked as he disappeared under the water after running past a drop off. Keith threw himself onto the beach, hands moving up and down to form a sand angel, and Shiro and Allura, who had wisely brought fold-able chairs, sat on their strange hovering seats.

Lance dug the large umbrella that he had brought into the sandy beach next to the box of food and refreshments he had carried down as well. Hunk beckoned him towards the water with a hand as he desperately tried to stay above the surface with just one hand, and Pidge casually kicked water in his face. Lance plastered a grin on his face, but instead fell backwards into the sand.

The sky was almost cloudless, and Lance stared up at it, imagining the vast expanse of stars that stretched out beyond the atmosphere, stars that he had seen only hours before, and somehow already missed. He missed the stars not because he wanted to be back around them, rather he missed them because of the mass of undulating water only feet away from him. The water seemed to coax out memories he had tried so hard to forget with each lapping wave against the silver sand. 

Suddenly, someone grabbed his ankle, and Lance bolted upright as Hunk pulled him into the air upside-down. Lance let out an angry protest as the tried to release himself from Hunk’s grip. The Yellow Paladin, unfortunately, held fast.

“Stop it, man!” Lance shouted, his words on the edge of panic as he fought against the memories that were steadily building up in his mind. He clawed at the ground, only stopping when the waves reached up to the sand that Hunk was walking on. The surf surged, and Lance’s head was nicked by the water. 

Fear seized him, and Lance stopped trying to protest. The memories gripped him, and Lance was dragged away from the sunny beach and into the deep, dark ocean of Earth.

Lance was seven at the time. He was a master swimmer, and he spent nearly every day at the beach and in the waves practicing and playing and enjoying the feel of the sun on his face. He didn’t realize he was out too far until he was gasping for breath, the feel of the water now totally foreign and unwelcoming against his burning, exhausted muscles. Lance let out a piercing scream, but the ocean swallowed it beneath a wave that dragged him under the surface, throwing him into its relentless tide. 

It was then that Lance realized the ocean was not his friend. The ocean was not kind to inexperienced children who thought they could do anything they pleased. The ocean was not kind to him. He realized this as the breath was knocked from him by a second wave which dragged him under before he had the chance to take a saving breath, and he knew, despite his age and limited knowledge of death, that he wasn’t going to make it back to the beach. Not alone.

Still, he struggled, pushing his muscles as fast as they could go, but he could feel everything fading. He pushed one last time, and he could see the light of the surface above him, and he couldn’t reach it. The current slowly dragged him down as the light faded.

Lance screamed as he hit the water and was immediately dragged under again. Again. He was going to drown. The panic clawed at him, and he flailed in the water, fighting against the horror as he tried desperately to remember how to think. He hadn’t saved his breath, and he could already feel the oxygen slipping out of him as he convulsed. The water dragged him downwards, and he reached for the surface in a last desperate attempt, but he couldn’t see the surface. He couldn’t see anything, save the deep blue that was crushing the air from his lungs. 

Suddenly, someone was grabbing his shoulders and turning him. Keith. Keith was holding him by the shoulders, and their eyes met. Keith’s purple eyes were calm, so calm it was infectious, and as he pulled the both of them through the water, Lance could feel the panic in his gut slowly subsiding.

They broke the surface, and Lance gasped, his lungs filling with as much oxygen as he could put in them, and he could feel tears running down his face as Keith swam the both of them to shore. He pulled Lance up and carried him to dry land before gently lowering him to the ground. Everyone was crowded around him, and Keith barked at them to back off, the look in his eyes scaring away even Allura.

“Lance, look at me.” Keith said gently, and Lance turned to the Black Paladin. He raised two fingers up, and Lance raised an eyebrow.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” Keith asked.

“Is this really necessary?” Allura blurted, and Shiro hushed her.

“Two.” Lance whispered, his voice still shaking from the fear.

“Good,” Keith looked up, and his eyes met Shiro’s, “I don’t know the proper procedure for checking if he’s okay. We need Coran.” 

Shiro didn’t bother replying, instead he bolted off, leaving the Paladins alone. Hunk was crying, Pidge silently comforting him, and Allura was staring in confusion at Lance.

“Lance, are you okay?” Keith asked gently, and Lance nodded as he pushed himself up. Sand clung to his wet clothing, but he barely noticed as he hugged himself.

“When.. When I was seven, I almost drowned in the ocean.. I don’t even know what happened, who saved me.” He finally explained, and Keith touched his shoulder gently. Lance pulled Keith into a tight hug, and tears ran freely down his face.

“Thank you, Keith. Thank you so much.” He whispered, and Keith’s arms tightened around Lance as he returned the hug.

“What can I say? We make a good team.” Keith replied, and Lance chuckled softly into Keith’s shoulder.

They totally kiss after Coran checks on Lance. Thank you again for the prompt, I loved writing it!

Mindblowing facts about SDR2


I was happily fooling around on (it’s very good when you want to read something totally random or interesting about any fandom possible) and I decided to read something about SDR2… There are many things (from tearjerking, to nightmarish, to funny, things of any kind, really) that I never noticed and these are the ones I personally find to be the most interesting. 

WARNING: Long post.

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Ok ok I’m super excited for the Campania musical so like consider:

  • We finally get to see live action Lizzy
  • All the Midfords in live action??
  • Lizzy having a solo number during her flashback
  • A Ronald solo below deck with a Titanic-esque dance number
  • “Romantic” duet between Ron and Grell at the bow of the ship
  • Aurora society song by Aliester/Ryan
  • Aurora society reprise by Undertaker????
  • Inevitable contract song but like not until the flashback 
  • Midford family musical number about protecting people

When you almost lose your best friend again.

Before Barry got knocked out, he saw Hal getting wounded. So in his coma dreams Hal was dead again (with Barry feeling responsible for it). Hal never left his bedside and he talked to him a lot, trying to get through to him. It worked but probably not the way Hal imagined. 



-he has to be touching you 24/7, like arm over your shoulders, even holding your hand if he wants to be romantic

-everyone has to know you’re his

-love bites

-(just to make sure they know)

-imagine the marks this guy would leave

-you would distract him so much!

-days where  you seriously do not leave bed

-playful fights

-which would end with him pressing you against the ground and anyone who was watching the fight to see who would win gets super uncomfortable

-standing on your tip toes to kiss him

-he would carry you everywhere and it doesnt even phase him

-he might even forget you’re on his back. like a Dauntless leader talks to him and he gets all stiff and military only to realize you’re still hanging onto his back

-training together (mostly him doing pushups over top of you and getting a kiss for each one)

-he’d be super possessive tbh

-he’d be a jealous type

-a guy is flirting with you, Eric just comes and wraps his arms around you and kisses your neck, or fights the guy, or throws you over his shoulder and just takes you away

-calling him ‘cave man’ because he’s such a guy

-he would not be one to cuddle but that doesnt stop you from wrapping yourself around him or over him

-then once you fall asleep he actually loves it

-he loves running his fingers through your hair

-being his one weakness

-sexy jaw clenches

-tracing his tattoos with your fingers (sometimes making him shiver and he gruffly moves away because it embarrasses him)

-holding hands under the table when you eat in the cafeteria (or just having his arm loosely over the back of your chair) 

-he would glare if anyone was doing anything bad. like a guy who was a douche walks into the caf and Eric just glares at him the entire time

-sneaking kisses in deserted hallways

-actually a super cute secretive relationship because he’s madly in love with you but is shy about it???

-jumping on the bed to wake him up and he just pins you to his side because he needs more sleep. so you tickle him.

-learning the hard way just how dangerous showers can be

-he would totally have the weirdest work out routines. like you’d wake up at 2 in the morning to see him doing sit ups. he looks at you. you look at him. he continues.

-giving him hickies on his neck, saying you’re ‘adding to the aesthetic of the tattoos’

-lying in bed curled against his chest, absentmindedly drawing things on his chest with your finger

-or you on your stomach, no shirt, asleep and he traces stuff on your back, or kisses your back, he likes your back

-you dont have a lot of reasons to cry but when you do, he brushes his thumb across your cheek to wipe away the tears, then holds you to his chest because when you’re in his arms nothing can hurt you

-he loves to listen to you talk and he values your opinion so much, so when (or if?) you side with the divergents, he listens to your side of it and actually starts to agree, because if its the choice of being with your or hurting divergents, he chooses you.

-if you’re divergent? he would love you the same, if not more for trusting him enough to tell him. he would protect you till his last breath

-he’d call you ‘princess’ or ‘babe’ or ‘sweetheart’ maybe even ‘cupcake’ but in a condescending way

-rough rough rough but passion passion passion

-i dunno, i love him


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okay, this is so dumb but my hcs on whether the dads kiss you while you’re sick for 3 days or more or not (this is really to cheer myself up, my immune system is shot and i’m still sick) 

⛪Joseph: heavens no, he’ll kiss your forehead, though, or your crown if you’re struggling with a fever.

💪Craig: he can’t help it, he really can’t, he has to. can you REALLY expect your bro not to kiss you for 3+ days?

🔪Robert: no. nope. nuh-uh. he will Destroy you if you make him sick.

🎣Brian: he tries to defend closed mouth pecks and kisses, but will still keep them to a minimum.

🦇Damien: it breaks his heart but he won’t. he’ll kiss your cheeks and forehead but wait until you’re not showing symptoms anymore for even a chaste kiss on the lips.

☕Mat: he owns his own business and has Pablo to take over if he gets sick. he is going to kiss his boyfriend, sick or not, because his boyfriend deserves kisses. but the times he does get sick from you, he says ‘i’m sorry, baby, but i’m not doing that again’….but he does. he’s a soft lovin’ guy, c’mon.

💯Hugo: to be fair, he works at a school, he can’t, not because he doesn’t want to - he totally would, but he has to also consider his work environment. but once you’re better, you can bet he’s going to make up for the missed ones.

TEW Dating Headcanons

Dating Sebastian would involve:

  • Falling asleep alone but waking up with him. He doesn’t like staying out late for work, but definitely makes up for it with warm cuddles
  • This man cannot cook but will try his very best to impress you with plenty of home cooked meals and other little labors of love
  • Sometimes when he’s drunk he really can’t keep all the horrible things he’s seen, and all his fears from spilling out. He’s always afraid you’ll leave because of he’s such a unreliable wreck. Just hold him tight. He’s a sensitive guy and needs love and support.
  • Big on PDA, no mater the time or the place if he gets the urge to kiss and cling to you it’s going to happen
  • Acts really confident and serious during lewd acts but will fall apart if you give him attention
  • Seb’s a detective. He almost always a pair of handcuffs on hand. No need to say anything else.

Dating Joseph would involve:

  • He is such a dork and will try to be really formal and polite the first few months you are dating. A bit old fashioned and always a gentleman.
  • Working at the KPD is overwhelming but with your support he feels like he can do anything
  • So passionate it’s rather infectious. Seeing him get excited about a movie/book/whatever seems to rub off on you even if you have zero knowledge/investment in what he’s obsessing over
  • Loves receiving PDA. Hoh boy its wild how reactive he is to every little touch. He’s a bit loud though, so maybe save it for home and not at the station.
  • He’s so soft spoken and gentle but he is fucking strong. It’s almost frightening when you see him work with an axe to cut wood. Wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of that.
  • Soft cinnamon roll in the streets, total freak in the sheets

Dating Ruvik would involve:

  • First and foremost is his work. If you really are serious about being with him, be ready to lend a helping hand in the lab
  • PDA is a no go at first. He’s not too self conscious about his burns but still doesn’t like being touched or exposed for prolonged periods of time. gradually he’ll come to enjoy holding hands and hugs, but it’ll take some trust.
  • Ruvik is petty as fuck and will hold grudges. Expect small acts of revenge (nothing lethal or really harmful) in the strangest of places.
  • His version of ‘talking dirty’ is using very detached and scientific observations to describe the situation he has you in and what he plans to do you. Don’t expect your actual name to be used. You are just another test subject after all.
  • While he doesn’t seem to care and appears cold at times, he is trying so hard to be a better man. While they are few and far between, he will make grand gestures to try and show how he really feels.

Dating Laura would involve:

  • Sneeking out in the middle of the night to see her at the Victoriano mansion
  • She is so soft and beautiful but she is such a fighter. She has a strong spirit and will do anything to protect what she believes in and you are constantly amazed by her sheer resolve
  • She will always blush really hard if you compliment her, without fail. She says she doesn’t like all the flattery but really she holds everything you say close to her heart
  • She will sing until you fall asleep, and loves writing small songs about you
  • She isn’t super confident with PDA, so you’ll have to make the first move. With some reasurement that you love being seen with her she’ll get much more daring with handholding/kissing in public
  • The last gift you receive before the fire from her is a small locket with a picture of the both of you inside.

Dating Stefano would involve:

  • Art. 24/7. You’ll never not be hearing about his art or other artists that he admires.
  • Stefano is rather private about how his art is made and doesn’t divulge many details, but loves the fact that you constantly ask how he does it.
  • Will never ask you to model for him. Don’t take it personally. He just wants to keep you all to himself. The world doesn’t deserve to see the true face of his muse.
  • Not super into PDA but he does leave plenty of marks in the bedroom. No public displays are needed for other people to know that you’re taken.
  • Stefano might take a few pictures now and then when you don’t realize he’s watching.
  • Despite his smug and superior attitude, he does have a good heart (most of the time) and always is someone you can depend on
  • Might like having you depend on him just a little too much…

Dating Tatiana would involve:

  • Team mom will do everything in her power to make you feel safe and loved
  • Not the best at expressing affection out loud and usually comes off as sarcastic but man is she a sap for writing poetry for you
  • She tries to maintain a small ‘garden’ in her office so she can give you bouquets when pretty flowers are in season
  • Middle of the road when it comes to PDA. Either no physical contact whatsoever or she goes full force.
  • She’s a dom. Sorry I don’t get to make the rules
  • She loves spoiling you with gifts

(Bonus: Monsters)

Dating Reborn Laura would involve:

  • General disclaimer, watch out for those nails
  • You were sure the thing was going to maul you the first time you encountered it, but soon the resemblance between the creature and your deceased lover makes sense
  • It’s hard to tell if this Laura remembers you or not, but you aren’t dead yet so that’s got to count for something
  • No need to fear the other creatures of STEM when your significant other is top of the food chain

Dating Haunted Joseph would involve:

  • It’s never clear if he wants to kiss you or eat you
  • So many bite and scratch marks.
  • Despite his aggressive nature, Joseph seems to have brief moments of lucidity in which he frantically apologizes for what he’s done to you.
  • Possessive and nasty as fuck. It’s not beneath him to openly take out his aggression on other Haunted so that any and all monsters will keep away from you and him.
  • Returning his affections will calm him… temporarily

Dating The Keeper would involve:

  • B i g boy
  • Expect to be carried in his arms or over his shoulder everywhere
  • Honestly the best at hugs and cuddles
  • The tentacles that sprout from the inside of his safe are a bit frightening but they seem to help The Keeper sense his surroundings and gradually become less scary.
  • Cant really kiss but will bend down to softly press his head against yours to show affection
  • Look you will probably die if you attempt lewds. If you are so determined to bang the Keeper just take it slow for your own sake

Dating Obscura would involve:

  • Loves cuddles but she doesn’t really realize that the size difference might be a bit hard on her human
  • Touching her ‘face’ makes her purr, just avoid smudging her lens!
  • Loves bringing back gifts and random things she finds in STEM. Some of these things are more pleasant than others…
  • Stefano is protective of his sweet Obscura. Don’t piss him off.
  • Obscura especially loves ‘surprise hugs’. Try not to have a heart attack when she drops from the ceiling to engage in some PDA

So I just stumbled across a photo of a pup that works in a hardware store, following people through the shop and bringing their purchases up to the register, and now I’ve fallen into a SuperCorp + Krypto the Superdog bookshop au

AO3 link: here

Update:  A continuation is in the works, but uni summer courses have been kicking my ass. So progress is going a little slower than expected! I will be coming out with first couple chapters soon, hopefully!

Lena’s been having a really rough time since first moving to National City, but nothing’s more calming than a good book and a steaming cup of tea, right? She knows that she desperately needs to unwind a little bit, so on her way home from work, she makes the executive decision to stop by a cozy, out-of-the-way bookshop that has caught her eye a couple of times. Its empty state implies that it doesn’t see a lot of business, but the artsy “Argo City Books” sign and the warm atmosphere that Lena can see through the display windows are just too charming to ignore. When she walks in, however, she isn’t anticipating being greeted by a massive, furry floof of a dog, sitting on a dog bed near the entrance with ears perked and tongue out panting excitedly.

Besides the friendly-looking beast, there doesn’t appear to be anyone else in the shop. Lena starts browsing the aisles, breathing in the comforting scent of books, and she’s starting to feel the slightest bit more like herself again when she feels something damp and warm nudge her hand. Looking down, she spots the dog now seated beside her, staring up at her expectantly. Lena hesitantly shifts her hand to scratch behind the dog’s soft fluffy ears, and he breaks out into a dopey puppy grin that has Lena’s lips twitching at the corners in return before she turns back to looking over the book titles in front of her.

The dog continues to follow her around the shop as she reads the backs of books, and when she finally selects one, she’s startled to feel the dog’s nose nudging against her side, drawing her attention. Lena sees the pup’s gaze fixed on the book in her hand, and in confusion, she holds it out to him. She watches in surprise as the dog gently takes the spine of the book in his mouth and prances up to the register, where he rears up to place his fore-paws on the counter so he can delicately deposit the book. He then returns to her side, proudly waiting to do his job again.

Lena honestly can’t help what happens next. It has been a really hard month and a half since the move, and this dog is just too damn cute. Somehow Lena finds herself on the floor sobbing into the fluffy chest of this massive dog that now sits a head taller than her. His fur is soft and warm, and the gentle puffs of his breath against her are comforting.

The quiet moment is broken by a voice calling, “Krypto, buddy, where are yo– oh,” followed by a blonde woman appearing around the bookshelf and stopping in her tracks.

Lena scrambles back away from the dog, brushing the wetness away from her eyes but not quite capable of dragging herself up off the ground. “I- um I’m sorry for c-crying into your dog,” Lena apologizes awkwardly, trying to avoid eye contact with the beauty now squatting beside her and the floofy beast, Krypto.

“Not a problem. Are you alright though?” Concern fills the other woman’s voice, and Lena is surprised to feel a warm, comforting hand placed on her shoulder. She looks up to meet sparkling blue eyes and brilliant grin as the woman offers, “Looks like you could use a hot drink and maybe someone to talk to?”

“Oh … no. I- I couldn’t” Lena whispers out, flusteredly brushing a loose piece of hair behind her ear.

“Nonsense,” the woman shrugs with a sweet smile as she takes both of Lena’s hands within her own and pulls her to her feet. She then strides to the other side of the shop and flips the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed.’ 

“Come on up,” she says gesturing to a door at the back of the shop. Lena follows this stranger up to what appears to be a small, cozy loft. She takes it all in feeling a calming energy fall over her for the first time since setting foot in National City. Oddly enough, Lena feels as though she can finally breathe easier, here in the presence of this sweet stranger and her beautiful beast of a dog that is currently leaning heavily against Lena’s leg.

“I’m Kara, by the way,” the woman says, setting a kettle of water on the stove top in the kitchen before turning with a broad, friendly smile lighting up her already-stunning face like a ray of sunshine.

Lena gives a soft smile in return and threads her fingers through the thick fur on Krypto’s head. She offers a quiet, “I’m Lena,” in return, her heartbeat quickening as Kara’s smile grows even brighter.

So yeah … I had to get that out of my head! The pupper was just too cute and I couldn’t get this to leave me alone!! Maybe some day in the future, I’ll turn it into a real full-fledged fic if any of you want

The best thing about Harry Potter is that the books would totally work if you take the magic out of them.

Philosopher’s Stone: Harry moves to a mysterious secluded boarding school, there he hears about a dangerous item being hidden on the school grounds. Turns out one of the teachers is the terrorist that killed Harry’s parents.

Chamber of Secrets: A series of mysterious incidents happen in the school, where students get hospitalized due to near-fatal snake bites. It’s all connected to a mysterious chamber in the castle, and a series of similar murders that happened 50 years ago.

Prisoner of Azkaban: An accomplice to Harry’s parent’s murder escapes from prison, and Harry must learn the truth about the connection between the escaped prisoner, his father, and the new teacher at school, as well as the identity of the real accomplice.

Goblet of Fire: An international tournament between several schools becomes a dangerous game as the terrorist plans his return by infiltrating the school with one of his followers pretending to be somebody else.

Order of Phoenix: The government cracks down on the school, denying everybody who dare say anything about the terrorist’s return. Harry and his friends must create an underground group to train to fight the terrorists.

Half-Blood Prince: Harry learns more about his teacher’s troubled history, as well as principle Dumbledore’s history with the terrorist back when he was a student. Harry and Dumbledore travel to find one piece of the terrorist’s secret plan, only in the end for Dumbledore to die at the hands of Harry’s teacher.

Deathly Hallows: The terrorists have taken over the school. Harry and his friends travel across the country to find the rest of the pieces of the terrorist’s plan in order to stop him. They found out the terrorist is obsessed with an old legend known as the Deathly Hallows. The story ends with an all out battle between the terrorists and the school staff for the fate of the country.

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