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I just don’t think VI needs a remake. What would even need improvement?

I don’t think it’s about improving it, rather than just renew it; some would rather have an update of the game. I love FFVI (as well as V) too, so I would love for it to be remembered for what it was again. I would totally wanna see how they game would work with CG cutscenes and Voice Acting. I mean, that would give the already great and huge cast with even more character and personality.

I mean FFVII didn’t need a remake either, since it was already great, but they’re just renewing it because they wanna bring it back somehow (and due to popular demand), which is what I want them to do with FFV and FFVI. :>


*all i want for christmas is you playing muffled in the distance*
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The best thing about Harry Potter is that the books would totally work if you take the magic out of them.

Philosopher’s Stone: Harry moves to a mysterious secluded boarding school, there he hears about a dangerous item being hidden on the school grounds. Turns out one of the teachers is the terrorist that killed Harry’s parents.

Chamber of Secrets: A series of mysterious incidents happen in the school, where students get hospitalized due to near-fatal snake bites. It’s all connected to a mysterious chamber in the castle, and a series of similar murders that happened 50 years ago.

Prisoner of Azkaban: An accomplice to Harry’s parent’s murder escapes from prison, and Harry must learn the truth about the connection between the escaped prisoner, his father, and the new teacher at school, as well as the identity of the real accomplice.

Goblet of Fire: An international tournament between several schools becomes a dangerous game as the terrorist plans his return by infiltrating the school with one of his followers pretending to be somebody else.

Order of Phoenix: The government cracks down on the school, denying everybody who dare say anything about the terrorist’s return. Harry and his friends must create an underground group to train to fight the terrorists.

Half-Blood Prince: Harry learns more about his teacher’s troubled history, as well as principle Dumbledore’s history with the terrorist back when he was a student. Harry and Dumbledore travel to find one piece of the terrorist’s secret plan, only in the end for Dumbledore to die at the hands of Harry’s teacher.

Deathly Hallows: The terrorists have taken over the school. Harry and his friends travel across the country to find the rest of the pieces of the terrorist’s plan in order to stop him. They found out the terrorist is obsessed with an old legend known as the Deathly Hallows. The story ends with an all out battle between the terrorists and the school staff for the fate of the country.


kings rising ch16: nikandros is a bro pt 2 (pt 1)

“I remember looking at Miss Hawkeye’s earrings and I thought they looked kind of nice.”
“Well, that seems like a rather simple reason.”
“What’s the point in overthinking things?”

“Back when I was in Resembool, I met a little girl who had long hair and I thought it might be nice to grow it out.”
“That’s it? Seems like a pretty simple reason.”
“Is it? Yeah, maybe it is. But most of my reasons are. When it comes down to it, the life of a sharpshooter is pretty simple. We pull the trigger and an enemy falls.” 


an anon asked if I’d put erwin in slytherin or gryffindor and then this hogwarts veteran AU happened (levi feels connected to house elves)

Mindblowing facts about SDR2


I was happily fooling around on (it’s very good when you want to read something totally random or interesting about any fandom possible) and I decided to read something about SDR2… There are many things (from tearjerking, to nightmarish, to funny, things of any kind, really) that I never noticed and these are the ones I personally find to be the most interesting. 

WARNING: Long post.

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what are your thoughts on a role reversal au with Lyra and Galen? I would have loved more of Lyra in Rogue One (and more women in general, especially woc).

I would be totally up for that! It’d be a bit less predictable, I think, with Lyra as the tragic scientist working against Krennic and Galen the devout worshipper impulsively throwing his life away.

And … I mean, I have friends who are like “lol I don’t care” about Galen, but I found his character genuinely touching and both well-written and well-executed. But I would be really happy to get all that development and prominence for a mother figure. 

I also like the idea of just collapsing Lyra and Galen into one character—Lyra’s spirituality not as a contrast to the scientist epiphany, but the result of it. (And more pragmatically: save on screentime, too.)

As RO exists, I would have definitely liked more Lyra, though tbh I think there are characters who need the screentime more. But yeah, if it needs anything, it’s more women and definitely WOC. 

If I had the power in me to spend more than 30 seconds thinking about tfp I would totally take on trying to think how the shooting schedule worked but the idea of spending time with this ep disgusts me

Thank you all for the information about the pointe shoe thing with Lance! It’s really helpful to know more about the things I’m actually drawing about. I’m sorry, if I was disrespectful with my wording, I didn’t mean it. I know it is a lot of work to go on pointe, but I also think Lance would totally work really hard on that. I imagine him as a really passionate dancer… but the fact is, that he is a show off as well ;) 

So yeah, I read all the comments on my post and I am really glad I know more about it now :) Thank you all and a happy new year ♥

Sick (Tim Drake headcanons)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can I request a headcanon with the reader being sick and Tim has to take care of them?

  • He wouldn’t probably know till someone told him
  • Unless you like sneezed on him while chilling with him
  • I’m betting that either Alfred or Bruce told him
  • He would totally take a break from work and investigating 
  • He would try to help you best as possible
  • He tucks you in like a straight up burrito
  • He’ll know if you tried to leave
  • will get you soup and medicine
  • Asks everyone for help
  • Will watch movies with you
  • Will even skip a couple patrols for you
  • Want’s the best for you
  • When your temperature gets too high, he’ll take you to the hospital
  • Or hire a great doctor for you
  • Makes sure you’re hella comfortable
  • You’ll have all the pillows and blankets in the world
  • Tries to not get infected (Work needs doing!)
  • he’ll be very worried about you
  • he wants you to recover as quickly as possible
  • When you do heal
  • He’ll make sure that you’re appropriately clothed when you two go out
  • Hat check, scarf check, gloves….”WHERE ARE YOUR GLOVES y/n”
  • He’s just a sweet lil boy
  • also coffee heals all illness (Not approved by medical professionals™)


With love,

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I’m screaming in laughter at the last bullet point because for some reason I can see Mycroft doing the Captain Holt thing of “BOOONNNNEEEE?” when they get into a petty fight about the ancestry of the dalmation breed and Sherlock is all “NOPE. YOU NEED TO BONE.”

Oh and now I need a picture of Lestrade covered in kittens, passed out, because that is the cutest thing on earth.


Sally and Mycroft are standing side by side by the fireplace, Mycroft drinking whisky, Sally drinking wine.

Mycroft: You know as well as I do that, in discovering the ancestral history of the Dalmatian, we hav to accept that the more bizarre and incredulous the supposition the more accurate it is, or shall turn to be. Do I have to teach you college level history?

Sally: I don’t know. Do I have to teach you high school level history?

Mycroft: Do I have to teach you Year 4 level history?

Sally: Do I have to teach you Year 1 level history?

Mycroft: Do I have to teach you—


Mycroft is relaying the story to Sherlock and Molly. Both of them are leaning on the counter. Molly is listening politely, Sherlock is bored out of his mind.

Mycroft: [getting out his mobile phone] Now, if you excuse me, I have to leave Sally a snide voicemail about nursery level history.

Sherlock: Come on, Mycroft, the historical ancestry of dalmatians isn’t the problem. It’s – [smirks] – Frankie’s illness keeping you and Sally apart. You two just need to bone.

Molly: [squeaks]

Mycroft: What did you say?

Molly: Don’t say it again.

Sherlock: You two need to bone. I believe that’s the term I used.


Mycroft: How dare you, brother mine. I am your OLDER BROTHER! 

Mycroft: [stood in the back room doorway, shouting] Bone!

Mycroft: [20 MINUTES LATER, sternly] What happens in my bedroom, Sherlock, is none of your business.

Mycroft: [shouting from the doorway] BOoOoOoONE?! 

Mycroft: [40 MINUTES LATER, calmly] Don’t ever speak to me like that again.


Sherlock and Molly are feeding kittens. Mycroft enters. He has Franz “Frankie”, the Dalmatian, with him.

Molly: Oh, Mycroft! Hi Frankie! No, this kitten’s not for you. Now, I know you probably don’t want to talk about the history of dalmatians any more than you already have, but I did contact an expert— 

Mycroft: [smirking] No need, Miss Hooper. It’s all fine.

Molly: So the fight with Sally is over? 

Mycroft: Yep.

Molly: Because you understand the historical ancestry of Dalmatians now?

Mycroft: No, Miss Hooper.

Sherlock: – It’s because you two – 

Mycroft: Yep.

Sherlock: Knew it.

[A moment of silence. Sherlock leans forward to scandalously whisper into Molly’s ear.]

Sherlock: See, what happened is, Mycroft had sex.

Molly: [running off with the kitten hugged to her chest] Okay Sherlock!

I am utter trash for these two, and the concept of a First Order art school AU. 

If it was financially possible I would totally move every three months and just work on the go and live in different places like in the country and in rainforests and small villas in France and just constantly be on the move. I wouldn’t have any social media, I’d just be floatin through the planet doin my own thing, minding my own business