that totally happened

the daryl and jesus moment we didn’t see, but totally obviously happened

Paul stood outside, massaging his wrist, looking down at his fingers working the skin. They had heard everything Dwight had to say, and Paul offered to stick around the front of the house, since he was too amped up to go home. It had been a long, tiring day. 

“Hey.” Daryl grunted, surprising him. Paul looked up, watching Daryl come over and move past him, sitting on the steps that led down to where the dungeon was. He held a knife in his hand, and began to run his fingers over the blade, staring at the door. 

Paul sighed and took it upon himself to figure Daryl saying ‘hey’ meant, ‘come sit down next to me’.  He knew he was probably taking it wrong, because when did Daryl ever really want his company, but Paul was lonely tonight, and tired, and he always thrived off human contact. 

“May I?” he asked anyway, pointing to the spot next to Daryl. 

Daryl shrugged, his eyes locked on the door. Paul sat next to him and continued pushing his index and thumb into his skin, massaging his wrist.Daryl looked at him for a brief moment with a frown, before turning his gaze back to the door. 

“You hurt?”  Daryl asked. 

Paul lowered his wrist. “No, no, I’m fine. I’m being dramatic.” he said offhandedly, smiling gently. Daryl snorted, which made Paul grin. 

“Was when I ran past you right?” Daryl asked, looking over at him. Paul didn’t respond, and the lack of conversation made Daryl bite the inside of his lip. He did that a lot, Paul had noticed. It was a little endearing, especially since it was normally because Daryl was debating whether or not he should say something. “Sorry.” he mumbled. 

Paul stopped massaging his wrist and shrugged, letting a small smile take his face. It was hard for him to stay away from Daryl, it was hard for him to look at Daryl and not smile. So Paul was in the habit of hiding those smiles, mostly because he was uncertain as to how Daryl would cope with having someone like Paul smile that way around him. 

“Don’t worry.” Paul told him. “So,” he waved his hand to the door. “What are you going to do about him.”

Daryl didn’t miss a beat. “Kill him.”

“Yeah?” Paul asked. “I don’t think you will.”

Daryl stopped moving the knife between his hands. “What makes you say that?”

“You’re too good of a person.”

As suspected, Daryl did not react well to a compliment. He made a sound with his mouth that Paul couldn’t understand–almost one of disbelief, and moved a little further away from Paul. Paul tried very hard not to feel hurt. “You don’t know shit about me.” he growled. 

“You keep saying that, and every time you do, it means less and less.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It means we’re in this together, and I’ve learnt enough about you to know that yeah, you’ll go in there and probably beat the shit out of Dwight, but you won’t kill him.”

Daryl was quiet for a few moments, looking down at the knife in his hands. “What makes you so sure?” he asked. “Don’t give me that good person bullshit again.”

“Rick wouldn’t want you to.” Paul also knew Daryl well enough to know that using Rick as explanation was a low blow. There was an unrequited love there, Paul saw that the moment he had met them. Daryl softened under the weight of Rick’s gaze–just as Rick was the only one able to hold him back when he made for Dwight. Paul hoped, selfishly, that Daryl’s feelings for Rick were gone.

Daryl didn’t respond to that, but his body seemed to relax, and Paul did not miss the way Daryl retook the centimeter of space that he had left between himself and Paul. Paul hid that smile too–again, he hoped for something else, that maybe one day, after this war, he wouldn’t have to hide his smiles from Daryl. Maybe  Daryl would want to see his smile. 

“You didn’t like what we did today.” Daryl told him. “Goin’ in there, takin’ their shit.”

Paul swallowed. “We had to.”

“We had to,”  Daryl agreed. “You didn’t like it.”

Paul sighed sadly. “No. I didn’t.”

Daryl nodded. “You’re a good person too.” he mumbled, getting up. Paul wondered if he should have said something more, if he should call Daryl back, but all he could do was watch Daryl descend from the steps and go into that cell holding room. 

Paul closed his eyes and put his hand back to his wrist. “Daryl Dixon.” the words were strange in his mouth, but he whispered them like a small prayer. He stayed sitting there until Daryl would come back out of the room, with no blood on his hands, and take his seat next to Paul. 

Hey, TWD, if you wanna declare a mulligan and just re-do S7 next year instead of going forward with this wheelbarrow full of hot garbage you decided to turn your show into, we the fans support you entirely and will be totally cool if you just pretend it never happened and start over. 8x01? Starts off right where 6x16 leaves off. Just go with it, man.

To prevent history from repeating, might I suggest that in your S7 remake, you refrain from

  • killing Glenn
  • shoving aside all your wonderful female characters for this gross male power fantasy bullshit you decided to go with this season
  • preventing Carol from doing anything at all this season aside from sit in a house and be sad
  • including the Junkyard People, they are stupid and have stupid hair
  • having Negan bend backwards like he’s doing the limbo every time he says a vowel, that can’t be good for JDM’s back

Possible new narrative avenues you could take can be

  • Glenn, alive and totally living
  • Carol doing things and being part of the story
  • Women in general doing things and being part of the story, having agency and feelings and stuff
  • either have Negan be Actually Not A Rapist (For Real), or deal with the fact that he is
  • Instead of Dwight, how about a nice Sherry instead
  • Actually make Negan a compelling villain, instead of an off-brand version of Ramsey Bolton
  • Whatever this nonsense is with Eugene and Sasha? Just don’t.
  • Maybe have Rick face some actual consequences other than His Friends Die Because Of Him, But His Other Friends Don’t Blame Him Or Hold Him Accountable, So It’s Cool
  • Olivia, being all alive and shit, just like Glenn
The most adorable and funny thing happen to me at a convention

Guys wanna hear the most adorable and funniest thing that happen to me this last weekend? Well I went to a convention (it was a tiny school-run convention, called Conbust.) and I decided to dress up as happy from fairy tail (since i only had happy and didn’t have my lucy and erza cosplay with me, plus the happy cosplay is actually just my happy onesiees that have a hood and a tail) and so anyways, this random girl, mabye a little younger then me, comes up and goes “ohmygosh are you dressing up as happy from fairy tail?” and I go “yes” and she’s like smiling and very excited “omg can I hug you” and I looked at her like “um sure.” and she actually hugged me, and it was hillarious but also really adorable. And like for those who don’t know, I usually don’t let ppl hug me. Especially strangers, but I just thought this was really cute of how excited she was that I was dressing up as Happy from Fairy Tail. 

  • Mulligan: I go back to New York and my apprenticeship
  • Lafayette: I ask for French aid, I pray that France has sent a ship
  • Hamilton: I- ehh *looks awkwardly at Laurens*
  • Laurens: I stay at work with Hamilton we write essays against slavery!
  • Hamilton: essays! Yeah, totally, That's ME! I write essays! whoohoo! I am the AL-EX-AN-D-ER AGAINST SLAVERY!!!!! Not throwing away my shot! Writing like I'm running out of time! There's a million things I haven't done, but I've written these essays against savoury
  • Mulligan & Lafayette: ............ slavery
  • Hamilton: yeah that's what I mea-
  • Laurens: babe hush

tygermama  asked:

so does Edie bring home 10 lothcats or does she bring home one fat lothcat who of course chooses to give birth in Obi Wan's closet? (and where does she find the lothcat? in the streets of Coruscant or the lower levels of the Temple or somewhere else?) cause Edie needs a lothcat and so do Anakin and Ahsoka *nods* (feel free to ignore this if it does work with what you had in mind)

That can totally happen.

She can keep bringing home animals, getting them healthy, and then finding them homes or giving them to rescues.

The time with the pregnant loth cat is one Obi-Wan will never forget. He may have nightmares about it forever.

Edie was delighted to find ten new loth cats instead of just the one she brought home in the morning. Obi-Wan was waaaaay less excited, but he can’t deny that Edie’s joy is a little infectious.

Maybe they’re on a mission to Lothal one time and a little sort-of-feral-sort-of-domestic herd of loth cats just decide following Edie around is a good idea because she gives them treats and pets them. Obi-Wan sighs heavily and begs the Force to tell him why it sent him ANOTHER QUI-GON JINN.

Qui-Gon is dying (theoretically) because Obi-Wan was a handful and a half to raise so he deserves every second Edie makes him exasperated.

Edie brings home a soaked loth kitten one night that she found just outside the Temple and gives it a bath and feeds it (she keeps a stash of loth cat friendly food in the lower cabinet) and Obi-Wan comes to their quarters to find it curled up sleeping in her bed with her. He can’t seem to be upset or make her get rid of it until she’s ready.

Anakin calls her a crazy loth cat lady and Edie smacks him. Ahsoka loves to play with all the creatures she brings home so she smacks Anakin too.

thatrandomfandomperson  asked:

I'm drawing like almost every homestuck character. i only have six done. Art is hard. how do you art so well

making art is hard. its hard and nobody understands.

well i’ve been drawing for like 18 years, and taking that into consideration, my improvement isn’t really anything to marvel at. But its still fun, even if I might be stuck in Mediocre Town for the rest of my life.

all the luck with your project, though. i’m sure you’ll finish it eventually.
i’ve been drawing that one beta-trolls picture for at least 4 weeks and i’m still not happy. worst thing is, by the time i lined everyone, i realized that my style changed and I had to start over again. i might even have shed a tear, but nobody saw it so it totally didn’t happen. plausible deniability.

Greek gods part 2/who knows, some more of Hermes’ kids, and a couple of other randos.
Heracles was Abderus’s bae (until he “accidentally” killed him), and Philammon is Autolycus’s twin from another father(because that,, totally,,, happens)
Also Dionysus is not exactly Hermes’s son, but I love that statue with the both of them together so I want to believe they used to hang.
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Call the po-lice and the fireman.

Tbh I have no excuse for this. I just want Keith and Shiro to sing like idiots in their disney alien shirts wearing glasses. Fight me. (ง •̀_•́)ง Redbubble
(Hunk & Lance Version)

  • Gabriel: Cool spear
  • Michael: It's a lance
  • Gabriel: It looks like a spear
  • Michael: But it's not, it's the Lance of Michael
  • Raphael: Technically a lance is a spear used by a cavalry soldier and since you don't ride a horse it should be called the Spear of Michael
  • Gabriel: Just admit you're only calling it a lance because you think it sounds cooler
  • Michael: *storms out of heaven annoyed at his brothers*
  • Gabriel: You forgot your spear!