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How do you write without cringing at your own work? After writing a few sentences I usually give up because I'm cringing so hard ...

I have a few tricks! 

One is to copy an author’s style for the first paragraph or so, one that fits the tone of the story. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Di could handle that particular duality; it was the vampires that she was having trouble with.” That way you can’t really cringe, it’s a popular beginning!

Two is to give my first few paragraphs a very funny narrator. “The vampires” (because when are there not vampires) “were giving Di” (a simple name for someone who’d like to see themselves as quite complicated) “a lot of trouble” (Which, as we’ll see, is something Di receives from vampires and otherwise quite a lot). 

This keeps you interested in reading your own work while also finding the depth/various angles you have. I find a lot of cringe comes from shallow story telling, so you just got to keep in mind that this is your story and is actually quite complex!

Three is to lean into the cringe. “Di stood looking over the embattled warehouse, long coat swirling around her ankles. Below, a writhing mass of five vampires snapped their teeth at one another, totally oblivious to her looming presence. War is hell, she thinks and jumps.”

Look, it’s fun to write ridiculous, over the top characters. It’s really fun to write all the little stories (starring you!) that unfolded during a particularly boring lecture. And you know what? A lot of people like reading ridiculous stories!

Four is to do with poor sentence construction. Some days it’s really hard to write a coherent story and you end up looking at what you do put down with an over critical eye. DON’T ERASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! On those days, I take my choppy, no good, very cringe-y paragraphs and put them in my “Graveyard” folder. My Graveyard folder is every opening, scene, and character description that makes me cringe. Once it’s in there, I rewrite it for the actual story and then wait a few days. When I feel capable of looking at it again, I compare the rewrite to the original in the Graveyard and use the one I want.

Surprise, surprise, generally it’s the Graveyard opening I like!

So Don’t Fear the Cringe, dear anon! That means it’s working!

Embarrassing Moments//Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Everyone

Author’s Note: I just felt like updating my jackson scenarios because i haven’t done so in a while! Enoy~

xoxo Sara

“Yah, (Y/N)~” your boyfriend gently cooed to you, although you were a noticeable distance away from his grasp, “Wait up!”

“No!” you shouted out back to him, letting a giggle slip from your mouth as you walked further and further ahead, picking up your pace from a light walk to a quick jog in hopes of him not catching up to you.

“But I want to kiss you!” He shouted out on the crowded sidewalk, making you stop in your tracks as your eyes widened. You turned in the direction that he was bound to be coming from at any moment, cheeks burning a bright crimson as you caught sight of your giggling, smiling boyfriend, who was currently pushing through a crowd of people on the busy sidewalk to try and get to you.

“Jackson!” You whisper-yelled as he got to you, quickly standing up on your tippy toes and covering his mouth with your hand as you shook him softly, “Don’t say that outloud!”

“Don’t say what?” He mumbled into your hand softly, a smile evident against your palm as he pressed his lips to it, “That i want to kiss y-”

“Sh!” you hushed him, pressing your hand harder against his mouth in attempts to make him be quiet. You looked around before nodding, “Yes, don’t say exactly that!”

“Well, why not?” He asked, tilting his head at you softly while taking your hand from his lips and intertwining your fingers with his own, “Do you not want to-”

Before he could finish his sentence, you looked at him with harsh eyes, making him stop. He nodded softly, seemingly understanding your thinking without having to even speak with you.

“But…Why not?”

You sighed gently, taking his hand and swinging it in between you two while you two walked down the street. “It’s not that I don’t want to. You know I love doing that,” you whispered, walking quickly through the crowds so you could continue your private conversation, “It’s just.. A little embarrassing.”

“Why is it embarrassing?” he challenged you, watching your movements as your cheeks stayed flushed. He smiled a bit at your timidness, unable to hide how undeniably cute he thought you were, “I love kissing you, and telling you that I love you, and I think that other people deserve to know too, because you’re my wonderful jagiya and i care for you so much.”

You looked up at him, a small grin matching the one he was wearing now spreading across your face as well. He gripped your hand tightly, and his facial expression changed. You could practically see the metaphorical light-bulb light up above his head.

“In fact…” he began, picking up his pace as dragging you behind him as you two headed up a tall mountain that the tiny sidewalk lead up.

“What are you doing Jackson?” You questioned, feeling out of breath as you were practically running up the hill behind him. Somehow, he wasn’t out of breath, he wasn’t panting, and he didn’t seem like he was struggling. “Why are you not tired?”

“Your love powers me~” he hummed at you, a slight laugh following that as he looked back at you and saw the absolute disgust and cringe written all over your face. You decided to keep running, not really caring where he was taking you. He stopped short, though, causing you to bump into his back harshly, making a soft groan leave your lips.

“We’re here!” he said, reaching his arms out as you looked to the side and saw a beautiful view of the city, accompanied by a small bench that seemed to be perched on top of the hill. He took your hand, leading you to the bench while he smiled at you. He put you in front of the bench and forced you to sit on it, patting your head softly before he turned his back to you.

He took a deep breath, before screaming, “I LOVE (Y/N)!”

“Jackson!” Your voice practically matched his as you quickly stood up from your seat, going to stop him, when he began yelling it over and over.

“Jackson stop!” you shouted, a soft giggle tied to the end of your words as you hugged his waist, “I know you love me, you don’t have to tell anyone else!”

“But everyone deserves to know,” he interjected,  “That i love you, and only you. Now, I want you to scream it.”

“What?” you asked, “I never agreed to this.”

“Please?” he looked at you with his big puppy eyes, pouting out his lower lip in attempts to make you do it because he was acting all cute, “I want to hear you scream that you love me.”

You looked at him wearily, “But it’s embarrassing…”

“You’re with me,” he smiled at you, “We are going to have plenty more embarrassing moments. Let’s just get this one out of the way, shall we?”

You sighed softly, gripping him tightly and shutting your eyes, before taking a deep breath. YOu felt your cheeks burn yet again as you let yourself scream that you loved him too. Once you were finished, you looked up at him, seeing his big grin return to his face in triumph as he leaned down and gave you a quick peck.

“Now that you screamed that you lovely, i’m sure it’s fine for me to say I want to kiss you in public now.”

The Lularoe craze is out of control. I left the questionable fashion choices and tacky prints back in middle school where they belong. I just want to know who thought it would be cool to create a fashion trend in which adults dress like 5 year olds again. As if crop tops weren’t enough to make us all cringe, let’s add obnoxiously colored leggings adorned with crayons to the mix.  


–what a great calendar date. Should have gotten a tattoo today.

–the first offer for the condo was rejected but it was intentionally low so he’s going to offer higher, I hear this is how things go so still 🙏🏻🙏🏻

–I forget if I mentioned it here but last week an acquaintance said to me “So, do you have a job yet?” And I love how people who know nothing about my current life state because they don’t ask me about it go ahead and feel fine judging me

–It’s shit like that that has my head swimming with ideas that people are judging my decisions and it makes me not want to share

–my parents (my mom and stepdad) think I shouldn’t get a dog. This infuriates me to no end. I just handled my dad’s sudden death and his large estate but I can’t care for a damn dog? Of all the things to be concerned about. I’m so mad at them about it. I need a being to get me outside every day. I need to care for something else. Trust me trust me trust me I AM AWARE of all things pro dog, I’m extremely hurt that they don’t agree.

–I have therapy tomorrow. Probably a really good thing.

–this GoT premiere. I’m rewatching it. So much to love and so much to be cringing over like that damn Ed Sheeran cameo as if it was a fucking TGIF sitcom guest star and the hound making a fucking hipster top knot joke. They felt so out of place and NOT Westeros. But most of it was banging. Always my hate/love show.

–my grandma has to have surgery for cataracts because of course she does. she’ll be fine. But it still sucks.

–I need to get groceries tomorrow. Cool story bro.

–I wasn’t always so independent. I remember a time when @somevelvetmornin had to coach me 5 or 6 years ago on how to go out alone and make friends with bartenders and other bar regulars. That way of thinking saved my life.

–a dude on tinder said “sup hommie?” as his opening line and I sent him a Kanye shrugging gif and he hasn’t responded so I do believe I’ve won.

–so many things that aren’t in my control right now. Waiting game. I guess this week I should buckle down on sorting my apartment and packing. No matter what I’m outa here the end of August.

–it’s gonna be a damn emotional rollercoaster sorting through this apartment. I brought so much baggage in here. I believe this space has turned toxic and has held me back from a lot the past few years. I built this energy. I’m ready to tear it down. Like a wreckkkkkkkingballllllll

–my friends have absolutely been my support this year. Including Tumblr. The one thing I’m most looking forward to with a new place is investing in a two bedroom. All the visits. All the trips. All the room for you to come and see me, and all my friends and family. Investing in connections.

–I’m genuinely planning on writing a book after all this, if anyone knows of anyone I can talk to to help me with that, shoot a girl some info

–some of you mentioned liking weekly prompts from me, if y'all will use it I will definitely start doing that. What should I call it?

–I keep thinking about everything I’ve learned and how much I’ve changed. I’m a different person. And I’ll continue to become a different person.

All My Idols Ch 33: Race For My Heart Pt 1

I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating lately, work has been crazy! I was going to update yesterday but my friends invited me out and it has been awhile so I went, sue me. I finished two more chapters today but I’m not going to post them because the cliff hangers are major so I’ll post them tomorrow so no one panics tonight! You have a good night lovelies!

I’m sorry if this sucks!

“Today we have a very special guest!” The hosts say together. I shake nervously on the edge of the set up, already regretting my decision to do this. “She don’t dance or sing or released any music, or appeared on any dramas, yet she has won the heart of not just the idols but the nation. Today our guest is Princess Charlotte!”

I’m not surprised when FXXK IT came on, the song comforted me as I stunted on to the all white back drop with a little swag in my step. The two men are cheering, grinning ear to ear at the sight of me. I bow deeply once the music stops. “Hello! I’m Charlotte! Please take care of me!”

“Welcome princess Charlotte to our third level basement!” Coni shouts happily. I can’t help but beam at the two men I have been watching for years on my computer screen.

“Thank you for agreeing to have me,” I answer back bashfully.

“How did we manage to be the first variety show you come on?”

“Well lots of my friends recommended different shows but this one has been one of my favorites ever since I started watching Korean shows.”

“Really?” Doni hums, “Why?”

“Because I love how playful you are!”

The two men blush and share a shy look before Coni clears his throat and tries to act professional, “So this is usually where we have the idols talk about their latest album but since you haven’t released one how about you tell us a few things about yourself.”

I awkwardly chuckle as I look at one of the cameras, “Alright, as I said before, I’m Charlie or better known as the princess. I am 23 years old, born and raised in the United States of America. I have been in South Korea for about two years….um…” I look to them for any help on what else to say.

“I think that is enough for now, we will talk more about you when we build your profile. For now, would you be willing to try random dance? We hear you are really good!”

I flush, “I’m terrible!”

“No! We saw your performance with Ikon and you did great! How about if you can make it through without a mistake we will take you to an expensive steak dinner!” Doni offers with a wiggle of his brow.

I grimace but nod, “Okay, I guess I could try, but please only title tracks and the chorus!”

“Can do! Music start!”

“Wait!” I yell.

Everyone freezes and looks at me. I scurry closer to the camera, knowing it looks ridiculous but I feel like this is needed. With a deep breath I bow deeply to the camera, “To all the fans of the groups I’m about to dance to, I apologize for making their amazing dances look terrible, please forgive me!” The whole crew and two hosts, die laughing as I run back to my starting place and beam at them, “Ready!”

“Music start!”

I wait for a moment before Shake it by Sistar comes on. Without hesitation I am twisting my hips to the music dancing along happily to my favorite unnies song. Half way through it switches,  Bang Bang Bang blares, I have my hand guns up ready to go, throwing my arms around like an idiot. The men on the sidelines are laughing uncontrollably.

“I think you would have gotten in trouble if you would have gotten this one wrong,” Doni points out between his laughs.

I nod with a cringe, “They would have murdered me.”

Next is Gee, another song that I actually can do. A few more songs go by and I’m actually impressed with how well I’m doing, that is until Overdose comes on and at that point I’m actually kind of winded and just collapse on the ground. The two men rush forward. “Are you alright?” They panic together.

I chuckle as I sit back on my butt and take a few deep breaths, “I’m okay, EXO oppas I’m sorry but I cannot dance to like any of your songs for the life of me.”

“Lets get you a chair!” Coni waves over to the staff on the edge of the camera, a young woman brings a water bottle while a man brings out a chair, well actually it’s a freaking pink throne. I’m dying of laughter at the sight of it, it’s as all as the usual stools, my feet can’t reach the ground when I sit down but there is a back and arm rests.

“What in the world?” I question.

“We figured the princess would need a throne!” Coni answers dramatically.

Doni chimes in, “Also we heard that you tend to fall a lot and we need that not to happen.”

I nod, “Fair enough.”

They take a few moments to set up and once they have everything settled they two men sit on their stools and do the little intro for the next segment, building my profile. “Now since you are the princess we did something special for you. We had a few idols come together and write out your profile for you!”

I raise my brows at that, “Oh god, that must have been interesting.”

“It really was. So,” Coni pulls a string allowing the banner to roll out. My name is scrawled across the top of the pink banner, a picture of me form last year is faded in the background making me cringe. “They had plenty to say about you and plenty of things to write from everyone else. Lets start off with talents!”

“I have none so I can’t imagine what they wrote,” I scan the banner for the words and chuckle at what I find.

“The ability to make anyone bring her food,” Coni reads, “Is this true?”

I laugh, “Yes it is actually, though I don’t know if that counts as a talent.”

Doni hums, “But really anyone?”

I pause for a moment, “I mean probably anyone I’m close to, especially if I haven’t eaten.”

“Have you eaten breakfast this morning?”

“Nope,” I shake my head.

“Alrighty then our next segment is the food race!” They announce dramatically.

“The what?”

“You are going to text five different idols saying you are hungry and haven’t eaten, if everyone says yes, you get to keep all of the food.”

“If I loose do I get hit with the hammer?” I place both hands on top of my head, worry obvious on my face.

“No, no, no!” They quickly answer to both me and the camera, “We will not be hitting the princess!”

“Okay, who should I message?” One of the staff members brings me my phone.

“Lets see,” Doni hums, “It has to be really important and busy people.”

“Mark from NCT!” Coni suggests.

“I’m not very close to him but we can try, I have his number,” I pull up his contact information and create a message, I make it pretty general, and wait for them to suggest others.

“Zico! Exo’s Kyungsoo. BTS Rap Monster. S.coops Seventeen!”

I add each number as they list people off, writing out what is going on to make sure they aren’t really busy at the moment:

Hi! I’m on the set of Weekly Idol and since I forgot breakfast they asked me to text five people to see who can bring me food first. Don’t worry if you can’t come, I will understand! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

“You are just so cute!” Coni coos.

I blush down at my phone.

“Now that we have that out of the way, next point! You will do a complete attitude change if someone insults or disregards an idol.”

I nod, “I would say that is true, it is pretty drastic, or at least that is what I’ve been told.”

“Lets see, what is a really hot topic at the moment?” The two men think for a moment.

“How about the whole EXO Lay thing? Where do you stand on that?”

Their smiles fade as I imagine mine does too, “That is absolutely ridiculous. Some fan girls have been going nuts saying that he should just leave the group, what in the world is wrong with them? That man is doing such good, hard work over in China, I am so proud of him! It’s not like he has a choice in all of this! I don’t know why these girls are thinking that he actually does? He is sweet man doing what needs to be done! I swear I am going to-“ I pause and take a deep breath before saying, “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Coni shrugs, “You are the princess defending her knight, what is there to apologize about?”

We talk about a few more random subjects, I do a few terrible accents and imprecations. We are laughing, having a good time when someone bursts into the studio, “Noona!”

Mark from NCT is awkwardly beaming at me. I hop off my throne and approach the much taller, boy, “You came!”

“I brought you some kimbap! I hope that is okay? It says you do on your online profile,” He asks bashfully.

I chuckle as I nod, “I do! I really love it!”

He grins back at me, “That great! Am I first?” He scans me and the two hosts. “Hello Hyungs,” He greets them just as awkwardly, like a boy meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. In his hand is a paper bag, I’m assuming filled with food. The staff brings out another throne like mine, this one is blue instead of my pretty pink. Mark and I share a confused look.

Coni is quick to explain , “Since Mark is first he will be sitting beside you as your prince!”

Mark flushes completely, “Her prince? No! Everyone is going to try and kill me!”

“Hold on Mark, what are you talking about?” I place a gentle hand on his back.

“Everyone has been talking about it recently, what everyone would do if you got a boyfriend.”


“I bless that poor man,” Doni answers. “I’ve heard a few things about that too.”

“There is an online poll on who is going to win your heart,” Coni comes closer and showers me where you can vote. I’m laughing but cringing as I read the totals so far.

“Jiyong oppa is really high up there,” I point out, “ Number two!”

“Who is number one?” Doni creeps into our group to see the screen.

“Do Kyungsoo,” Coni chuckles.


We all look up to find Kyungsoo standing there with two bags of food in his hands staring at us with his confused wide eyes. I find myself blushing at the idea of so many people picturing me with Kyungsoo, it honestly makes my heart flutter a bit.

“Nothing,” I quickly answer, shoving Coni’s phone into his chest. “Welcome to the party Oppa!”

“Was I not first?” He pouts cutely.

I nod, “You were second, Mark just showed up and claimed the spot as first place not just in the race, but in my heart.” I wrap an arm around the younger, ignoring his blushing.

For a split second Kyungsoo looked ready to murder someone. Maybe that was a bad idea…

To be continued…

Who you guys like her to actually end up with out of everyone she has met so far?


“Ello! It’s me, I’m back again with Jack who many of you request to see because look at that face!” I tease before reaching over and squeezing his cheeks.

“So today we are gonna have Jack here pick my outfit and makeup look for tonight. We are going to be going to dinner for his birthday and he seems to think it’d be funny to dress me up.” I laugh and he nods.

“I’m actually not gonna sabotage her. I wanna show everyone that I have a fashion sense.” He smiles and I shake my head.

“I’m scared. I’m a single female who needs to look good when she goes out. Please don’t make me ugly.”

“Guys of course she thinks I could make her ugly.” He grabs my face and kisses my cheek. “Aww as if I could make something ugly that’s already ugly.” He jokes and I slap him on his arm before frowning.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He apologizes and I remain silent.

That’s Jack and I. We play around but for me it’s different. I wish he didn’t go so far, but he apparently means no harm. Sadly I like him a lot more than just friends so for me the little jokes and jabs are really hard.

“Guys I made her look good!” Jack shouts at my camera and I look in the mirror while cringing.

“Dude I look like your tinder dates.” I whine as I see the outfit. He put me in a skin tight skirt and tight top with heels.

“I don’t like this at all.” I admit but what makes it better is that he shrugs only to turn to my camera and smile even more.

“You’ll see more of what happens later on but im gonna do my hair and makeup and then get fucked up so I don’t have to remember that I’m dressed like this.” I explain before turning off all of my camera gear.

“Can you go so I can actually do my hair and makeup. I’ll see you at the party.”

I’m gonna regret this.

Oh boy did I not regret it when I was drunk, but in the morning I did.

The night started out okay and I was happy until I saw Jack with a girl on his arm. I realized that him and I weren’t going to be a thing when I saw him making out with that girl who was not me. After some liquid courage I also decided to get with someone and maybe I went further than Jack did because I woke up in someone’s bed who I never met before last night.

It got worse when I didn’t have my keys and had to actually knock on the door to my flat and face my friends and Jack himself.

“Oh this is really funny.” Josh laughs and I push past him.

“It is.” Conor adds and I walk into my safe space so I can try and avoid seeing Jack.

“You went home with that guy didn’t you?” I see him sitting there on the edge of my bed and I drop my heels down before letting my bag follow.

“What are you doing here?” I whisper and he holds up his camera.

“You did a Q and A one time on my camera cause yours was dead. I saw the footage. You admitted to liking me and then mentioned how you’d edit it out later and you did, but I never got over what you said. I wanted you at my party for my birthday because I love you, but you left with some random guy and I guess I didn’t expect it. You’re not the type to sleep with a random guy but you did and that’s why I’m here acting pathetic.” He stands up and goes to walk out but I immediately wrap my arms around his neck and stand on my tippy toes. My hands go up to his hair and I grip onto it while I bury my head in his shoulder.

“Don’t walk away.” I whisper. “I don’t want to lose you because I acted out of jealously.” I beg before pulling my face from his shoulder and looking him in the eyes.

“I love you too. I really do and I’m sorry, but please don’t walk away.”

“I won’t.” He nods before pulling my closer to him.

“Wow so are we gonna be watching this all the time now?” My door opens and I turn to see Josh and Conor smiling.

“Finally they get to together after what… two years of waiting?”

“Yeah and now you’re ruining the romance so go!” I shout like an angry toddler and Jack laughs. “Like really go we didn’t even kiss yet and you ruined the romance.” I add and Conor backs away slowly before shutting the door.

“You wanted to kiss?” Jack asks and I try to stop from blushing. “Cause so did I.” He slowly leans down to me and kisses my cheek.

“But you’re hungover and I still didn’t take you on a proper date, so I’ll kiss you then.”

“Jack you’re gonna pay for that.” I whine but he just smiles.

“I’ll be happy to, but for now I have a video to make so when you’re done being upset come and join me.”

“That seriously just happened.”

Shall We? // Park Jinwoo (JinJin)

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Pairing: Jinwoo x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary; After a rough day, Jinwoo decides to surprise you. But just what has he got planned?

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Riddle Me This

Summary: Spider-man’s super pal ‘Riddles’ is closer to him than he ever thought. Though she may not be pure, she is witty.

A/N: This was requested using prompts and not my best work and kinda cringe but it makes me love it more!


Requested by: @peachhyy


4. How could I? How could you?!

12. RUN!

25. Cute but still fucked up

// Masterlist //

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Though she be anything but pure, she was witty.’

Spider-man stood on the top of a sky scraper looking down at his city, waiting to get the call for justic-

“Inner monologue, again. Really?” A girl like squeal fell from the spiders mouth, prompting him to fall off the edge of the building. The girl looked down at her watch counting down until the man pulled himself back to the top. “Annnnd… one.” As the last syllable falls off her lips, a hand claps the edge of the building and a head follows. “R-riddles, hey. W-what’s up? Haven’t seen you a-around in a while.”

“Hey Spidey.  I’ve been here and there, a little bit of everywhere.” Pulling himself up, the teen sits on the side with the female super, Riddles, takes place next to him. “Do you always rhyme? Like I know your name is Riddles but what if you want to say run for your life?” Riddles looked up to Spider-man with a grin worthy of the Cheshire Cat.

“No I don’t always it just pertains more to my humour. Plus, Joker was kind of taken so…” Riddles laughs, Spider-man following suit.

Peter Parker had met Riddles when he was on the job and although she began as a villain, through time she’s slowly developing hero traits. Riddles has the full use of her brain through experimentation, through what Peter had gathered over time, which resulted in super flexibility, strength, creation of force fields and agility. Like that of Captain America, just with force fields. Although she was slowly becoming a hero, Peter understood that she also had a dark past and many enemies.

The two stopped talking as an explosion was heard on the lower east side of Manhattan. Both supers standing slowly to see smoke billowing out of a city hall. “Time to go to work Riddles.”

“Ugh, its only Monday and I wasn’t planning to work until Sunday, yet people seem to be running astray.” Cringing at her own words, Riddles turns to Spidey, who looked like he was midway through using his web shooters. “Yeah, I need to work on these things.”

Grabbing her waist and bringing her closer to him, “Ready to go? Swing to the heavens with your spider-king?” Cringing, “Dude that was worse than mine-AHH!” Midway through her sentence, Spider-man began to swing with one arm from building to the next. “PETER LOOK OU-” It was too late; the young Spider ran full force into the side of a building. Both super’s looking like bugs on a windshield.

Cheeks pressed against the building and both still stuck to it as the people on the inside of the offices staring at them. “Spidey.”


“How good at are you at swinging generally?”

“Uh, I mean I’ve face planted every now and then, occasionally hitting a bus…well it hits me”

“And out of all those times, how many have you swung with another person?”

“Uh, none.”


Peeling off her super suit, (y/n) fell onto her bed with exhaustion. After the bugs on a windshield they’d finally managed to get to the explosive incident, then dealing with the bad guys; (y/n) was exhausted. A small knock on her window alerted her to why she had to skip out on Spider-man so early. Quickly pushing her suit under the bed, (y/n) opened the curtains to find Spider-man himself on the fire escape.

“Evening m’lady.”

(Y/N) laughed softly, “you’re a dork. Hurry up and come in. What injuries do you have for me to cure today Mr. Spider?” As (y/n) went into her adjoined bathroom, Peter/Spider-man took a seat on her bed waving his arms around as he attempted to explain the events of that night her occasionally popping in to tell him of her night too.

“And then, and then we ran into a b-building! A-actually now that I think about it…” Freezing for a moment from the bathroom, hoping he hadn’t recognised anything about her under the costume. “She… she knew my name, n-not Spider-man but-”” Peter Parker” (y/n) said softly. Returning to her room and leaning on the door frame. Finally removing his mask, he smiled softly up at (y/n). “Yeah…”

Walking forwards and standing between Peters legs, his hands lightly placed on her waist; the medical items in her hands. He looks up at (y/n) as she cleaned and swiped anti-bacterial creams over small cuts and grazes on his cheeks. Finally looking in Peter’s eyes to already see him looking back at her with his smitten face, (y/n)’s cheeks dusting with with pink.

“It’s kind of cute but fucked up that you come to me with all these injuries considering I have little to no experience.” Placing a hand on his cheek, she lightly swipes a band aid over a particularly nasty gash. Peter leans into her touch and suddenly nothing else exists. How she wants this, wants him but she knew with her life it couldn’t happen. But the light touches of his hands on her hips and the sweet, caring brown eyes that searched her own, were almost irresistible.

(Y/n quickly gathered her thoughts. Spider-man or not, her enemies were ten times as powerful than Peter could hope to be. (Y/n) pulled away disposing of the used items and went to was he her hands in the basin

Peter watched as she walked away, his heart pounding at the almost-something. Head now down with a little sadness, a shiny and silk like material was peering out from under the bed.

After moments of silence she decides to try to break it, only for Peter to cut her off. “Hey, did you want to order piz-”” Where did you say you had been tonight (y/n)?” Tensing, (y/n) continued to dry her hand on the towel. “I already told you, I was working an extra shift at the cafe.” Walking back into the room to see Peter holding up the full length of her Riddles suit.


“T-this makes so much sense. Oh, my god. Shit (y/n)! What were you thinking?!”

“What are you talking about?” Her face held a cold demeanour. Peter failed to notice and began pacing. “You…you- you’re Riddles? The super… oh my- You’re in league with the bad guys! Holy you were a part of HYDRA!” Peters filter no longer existed and all her pains she had spilled out to him as her alter-ego suddenly returns as a reminder, right back into her face.

“Funny how you’ve failed to mention my attempt at escaping that life, but whatever.” (Y/n)’s statement going unnoticed by Peter. “Oh, the danger you’re in!” (Y/n) stopped him by grabbing his arm. “How could you do this? You’re putting yourself in so much danger (y/n)!” Frustration grew within her and she couldn’t help but feel now he knew her other half, he thought her weak.

As if she wasn’t up the likes of Captain America and the Winter Soldier. “How could I? How can you? It’s not like I chose to be a super! It was forced upon me as well as my past. Please spare me the worries, I’m not a normal human girl, you know this.” All while crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow, rivalling that of the Black Widow.

Walking forward and placing her hands on Peter’s shoulders. “Breathe in and think happy thoughts.” The Parker boy couldn’t help but let out a huff of a laugh. “Don’t worry you’re already taking this a lot better than I’d ever expected. I was half expecting you to scream and yell ‘Run for your lives!’”

Shaking his head at your humor, Peter finally pulled you closer and leaned down to touch his lips to yours. It was a sweet, caring kiss and as Peter touched (y/n)’s cheek wish his hand, she let out a hiss. “Sorry, a certain Spider didn’t know how to swing and squashed me on a building.” Placing his other hand on her other cheek Peter mumbles as her forehead leans on hers. “And I’m sure he’s very sorry but he’ll definitely start practicing more.”

She huffed a laugh and reconnected their lips in a deeper more passionate kiss. Somehow Peter manages to pull her closer as he leans closer as if to get better taste of her. “Oh, i’m in trouble…” (Y/n) managed between Peters caresses.

‘Though she was once nothing but witty, she is now loved.’

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A desperate request from a sound tech

When using a microphone, PLEASE test it by speaking into it, NOT tapping it.

The part of a microphone that makes it work is a very very thin, fragile skin stretched tight inside the microphone. When you hit your hand against the top (or snap or clap into it), there’s a sharp, strong burst of air that hits this fragile skin. Every time that happens, the vital part of the microphone is weakened and will eventually lead to its breaking.
Also it’s really loud and makes people jump. And it makes me cringe and then start crying inside.

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Hiiiii do you have any fanfic recommendations? Like a really good one aha I'm trying to find better ones to read and I'm sick of seeing yoongi being top even if there's no smut in it they still portray him as being a top an I cringe EVERYTIME an immediately close out of the fic ahahaa

i had a list but since i moved blogs, you can’t view it ;;;;

i’m gonna make a post in a sec!

i have to update it, but i think i might make an official fic rec at one point but i need time ;;;;;

i’ll try to get to it soon ^^

edit: here it is

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That conspiracy theory thing for dnp is neat and all, but I hate that they actually tweeted the guy asking to confirm or deny... like, that's the over-the-top part to me. I'm not like actively upset about it or anything (just wanted to talk to someone about it lol) but it makes me cringe so bad! Do they really think he'd reply?? It kills me!

Yeah ngl I felt myself feeling awkward at that but idk I’m on board with secret stalking and theory sharing (I love for them ngl) but like trying to contact someone involved it’s a bit “Okay you’re doing this wow” (tbh I’m a big person for finding stuff out with just interested research literally if my friends find someone cute on the street I could have their instagram by the end of the day ngl 😂😂)

No Control

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“The problem is,” he said as he leans in, “If I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

Summary: Moving across the country.. can’t be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn’t know you way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy… the boy with the bad attitude….

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Part 9 everyone~

Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21



You two continued to swim around the river and actually enjoy Yoongi’s company..

The waterfall was completely beautiful.. Especially when you get close to it… As you were lost in your thoughts you felt water hit your face making you shake your head and realized Yoongi has just splashed water to your face.

“How mature,” you said giving Yoongi a glare again.

However he continues to splash you with water smirking and you couldn’t let him get away with it again. So you began to splash him with the water in return not letting yoongi be able to talk without the water getting in his mouth.

Yoongi got closer to you and grabbed both of your hands and looked at you.

“I only did it three time.. you did it like ten times,” yoongi began to complain and you rolled your eyes.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Oh really,”

“Yes really,”

Just before Yoongi could say anything.. He was staring at you and you were staring back at him… Yoongi has your hands in his hand and was right in front of you… Both of your faces was just a couple of inches away from each other…

Yoongi looked down at your lips and you felt like your heart was going to burst at any minute…

What is happening?


Listen to Purpose (Cover) by Jungkook while reading this.

At this point, Yoongi can either kiss you or one of you two will ruin the moment which ends up happening a lot. You swallowed hard and felt your breathing become a bit heavy. You really wanted Yoongi to kiss you….

Were you going to stop Yoongi if he tried? 

As you continued to stare at Yoongi he gently cups your face with his hands and slowly starts leaning in making your heart race faster and faster as he got closer…

At last his lips brush against yours but didn’t touch yours just quite…

“The problem is,” he said as he leans in, “If I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

“Then don’t…”

He looks at you one last time before at last he pulls you into a kiss. A real slow kiss you’ve been waiting for…

You wrapped you arm around his neck as he wrapped his arms around your waist and you two moved your lips in sync… The moment couldn’t be anymore perfect…

His lips were soft yet so warm… The feeling of his lips felt like there was fireworks exploding inside you…

This feeling was so new to you…

Your heart skipped a beat and all the nervousness you had felt before suddenly disappeared. You two slowly stopped and looked into each others eyes… Did that really happen?

Yoongi stared at you and then awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.

“We better go back to the boys…”

Before you could say anything else he swims away to where your belongings were… Was that it?

Were you two just going to kiss and act like nothing happened?

You looked down and sighed.. 

Of course it was too good to be true…


“Where were you two?” Seokjin asks as you two arrived to where your tents were located and before you could even reply back, Yoongi just cuts you off.

“I showed her the river… And we went for a quick swim.” he says coldly and he walks off and back to the tent.

“What’s his deal?” Jungkook asks you and all you could do was just shrug you didn’t even know why he was acting like this. 

“I have no idea…” you said just looking at the tent and sighed. What was his deal? You two just kissed and now he’s mad?

Were you that bad of a kisser?

You sat down on the rock and you watched the boys poke each other and laugh.

“You guys are weird…”

“Y/N!!!” You looked up and Taehyung was smiling with a fish pole in his hand.

“what are you going to do with that? Fish for one of the boys?”

Taehyung just laughed and shook his head.

“No silly we have to find breakfast.”

“So you brought a fishing pole to the woods?”

Taehyung just closed his eyes and continued to shake his head as you continued to speak. Clearly you were a noob when it came to camping. Why doesn’t anyone get this already? 

“You are such a new comer,” Taehyung rolls his eyes playfully and you followed behind him as he walked away with the fishing pole.


“Before we do anything have you ever been fishing?” Taehyung asks you as you two stood in front of the lake and you just smiled…


“Are you sure?”


Taehyung just stopped and stared at you and all you could was just smile…. He knew he had a lot of work to do with you… But it wasn’t your fault.. You just never been one has ever taken you..

“Okay come here,” 

You got up from the rock and looked a Taehyung waiting for further instructions. 

You already can tell this one going to take a long time to get patient with me…


“I think I got something!” You shouted excitedly as you were holding on the fish-pole trying to catch fishes as Taehyung does the same right next to you.


You tried to pull back trying to fetch the fish out the lake but for some reason it wasn’t letting you pull. 

“Tae! I need help!”

Before Taehyung can put the fishing pole down to help you out..

“i can help you!” a voice says coming from behind you two and you looked back and found Jimin standing right then and there. This boy was everywhere.. But you personally didn’t seem to mind at all. 

Jimin walked up to you and caught you completely off guard when you felt arms wrapped around and his hand on yours. Your cheeks began to heat up and you began to feel that same feeling you felt when Yoongi had his arm around you… However when Yoongi and you were together you had more butterflies…

Jimin helped your push back with the fishing pole and as soon as you two finally pushed a fish out of the damn lake, Jimin loses his balance and falls causing you to fall since he had his arms around you.

As you were on the floor you looked at Jimin and started to laugh. 

Taehyung looked at both of you on the ground laughing as there was a fish near the two of you squirming around.

“You did it!” Taehyung says excitedly looking at the fish not paying any attention at the fact that you were on the ground with Jimin.

You eventually got up and stretched out your hand and helped Jimin up.

“You should definitely be more careful next time,” you said smiling and Jimin and he looks down smiling.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

You giggled and you were about to go back to fishing till you looked down at Jimin’s arm and noticed a cut bleeding. You looked down at the ground and see a rock. He must of scraped his arm without noticing..

“You’re bleeding!” You said grabbing his arm and he just looked at his arm and shrugged.

“It’s nothing.”

You looked at Taehyung who seemed to be very concentrated trying to catch fishes with his tongue out.

“Did you guys bring the first aid kit?”

“Yeah Jin should have it.”

You grabbed Jimin hand and he quickly looked at your hand that was on his and became a blushing mess. You blushed along with him but you two walked your way back to where the rest of the boys were.


“Jin, can I see the first aid kit?” you asked as you two arrived back and Jin looks at Jin’s arm.

“what happened?”

“Two clumsy people tried to fish and failed..” Jimin says and you giggled. 

Jin just smiles as he shakes his head and hands you the first aid kit. You still had Jimin’s hand with yours and you two sat down on a rock. You opened the box up and Jimin just stared at you as you were basically taking care of him.

You grabbed the disinfecting spray and sprayed down his cut making him groan in pain.

“Oh my god! Did that hurt!” You asked panicking and as Jimin had his eyes shut and cringing his teeth he just nodded no. Lies.

“Don’t lie to me, I will spray again..” You said and his eyes opened right away.

You giggled and grabbed the bandage and slowly placed it on top of Jimin’s cut. 

At last when you were done,you felt Jimin still staring at you. You looked up and he smiles giving a warm feeling to rush through you.

“what?” you asked smiling.

“You really didn’t have to do this..”

“Do what?”

“Take care of my cut for me..”

You smiled and continued to stare in his eyes.

“It’s the least I can do.”

You two continued to stare at each other and you felt like Jimin could lean in and kiss you any minute. But were you going to stop him too? No…

Yes you kissed Yoongi but however he seemed to be mad… And you have no idea why…

Jimin slowly starts to lean in and you did the same.

Just as you were expecting a kiss…

“What’s going on here?” You hear making you to pull away fast and your turned around and found Yoongi right then and there.


Yoongi’s Point of View

Kissing Y/N was so wrong… Not that I didn’t like it… I really did like our kiss. I’ve kissed girls in the past but nothing was compared to her…

Just the problem was I shouldn’t have kissed her… 

When her uncle gave me the job… His number one rule was.. not to fall for his niece…

And I broke that rule…

I’m mad at myself because I thought maybe I can do this but now after sharing a kiss with her… it’s just going to be hard to control myself…

I continued to lay down in the tent with my headphones on listening to music to release my anger… And deep down inside I was hoping Y/N would come to the tent and ask me what’s wrong..

But the whole time I was here.. she didn’t show up…

I took off my headphones and sighed… Should I go check up on her?

I got out of the tent and just when I looked up I see Jimin and Y/N next to each other but looking at each other face to face…

I was going to cut them off but I stopped and instead listened. 

“what?” you asked smiling.

“You really didn’t have to do this..”

“Do what?”

“Take care of my cut for me..”

“It’s the least I can do.”

They both stood there in silence and I started to see Jimin lean in. 

Nope not having it.

“What’s going on here?” I asked annoyed and they both stared at me completely guilty…



Now this is how you do fanservice without being blatantly obvious and throwing it in the face. You’ll still get the money from horny otakus but you won’t have a big part of your fan base cringing and not being able to play comfortably in public places.

First we have Jack The Ripper. It’s not the fact that they made her a child with a thong that bothers me. But I feel it works really bad for her overall design. You have a dark/detailed top and head, then nada, and dark detailed boots again. It completely interrupts the flow and brings all the attention to her micro thong. I feel just giving her normal panties works a lot better, while you still have a loli running in panties to make all the fanservice ass shots you want.

Then we have Mordred. A knight of the Round Table of Camelot who can’t afford a pair of panties or a bra her size. Was it really needed to make random holes in her clothes to show she’s not wearing anything under that piece of cloth? Was it that important? That top looks uncomfortable af too. Seriously, they wouldn’t have lost money giving it 5cm more of cloth. I edited it so you still have her stripping with ascensions, but at least making more sense.

About Alter Lancer. Well, she’s beyond hope.

Sorry just wanted to rant a little. And no, I’m not only complaining about females being sexualized (I’m not really happy with Diarmuid’s 2nd art either. As much as shirtless!Diarmuid is a HELL YEAH, just removing his top is pretty cheap. They did it a lot better with Cu Lancer). But one of my biggest pet peeves are design choices that are clearly bad or make no sense at all, just for the sake of fanservice…

Okay but cc’s descriptions of magnus’ clothes makes me cringe so much like I gotta skip over whole paragraphs of her describing him wearing red alligator capes or leather rainbow waistcoats with no shirt or some shit like that and use my own imagination before whatever ridiculous concoction of leather and glitter and sequins she’s thrown together gets burned into my brain and I can’t unsee it

Imagine working a case at a carnival and getting more than you bargained for.

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Walking along the main fair way, you were easily blending in with the masses weaving through the maze of rides, attractions, games, and random assortment of booths. You spotted Sam in his carnival staff shirt trying to fix a broken down ride. Chuckling softly, you wondered how he was ever going to keep his cover past tonight but hopefully that wouldn’t be needed. 

You eyed the attraction just ahead where your mark was running the show. The dude was chomping on sweets like nobody’s business but still had a physique that made Sam look like an amateur. If that didn’t scream Pagan God, you didn’t know what did.

Dean had argued that he was too easy. That the guy probably scarfed down so much protein and worked out for hours that all he wanted in his down time was sweets. Of course, he thought the best bet was some old blind guy and then said he knew what he was talking about. Sam threw out that just because that was how an old case turned out, it didn’t mean this one would to. They argued for a bit and didn’t explain it much further.

You caught the sight of Dean’s jacket and smirked as you made a beeline for him. He was throwing some caramel popcorn into his mouth when you slid your hand into his back pocket. “Got some for me cowboy?”

Dean grinned, “I’ve got something for you alright.” He tilted his popcorn bag. You grabbed a couple and popped them in your mouth. “So how’s Roidy the the strong man turning out for you?”

“Legit. How’s Mr.Magoo?”

He side eyed you as you watched a group of teens chatting in line for a spinning ride called the Gravitron. Two of those teens were extremely close and secretly touching in the back of the pack. For some reason, it made you smile.

“You wanna go make out in the gravitron?” Dean wiggled his eye brows when you cast a glance his way.

“Put up or shut up.”

“Really?” He glanced at the ride again and you bit your lip at the nervous look on his face.

“What? Never made out while hanging upside down?”

He looked back at you his brow in a deep v. “What? I thought it just spun.”

“Yeah, so fast that you can flip upside down and your still pressed against the wall. It’s trippy and awesome.” He looked back at the ride with apprehension. “I’m just kidding. I was talking about the bet. Your guy or my guy. What’s the wager?”

He turned towards you forgetting about the ride. “I don’t know, let’s say.. buys drinks after the case?”

He was going light because he thought you were going to lose. “I was thinking more along the lines of.. Loser can’t drive baby for a whole week.”

He gasped and narrowed his eyes. “Really that confident, are you?”

“Oh definitely.”

“Fine then. I’d like to add the loser not only buys as many drinks as the winner wants but also has to wash baby once a week for a month.”

You hiked up your brow. “Woah, woah, woah. High stakes for a blind man.”

Dean grinned and stuck out his hand. “What? Too rich for your blood?”

You grabbed his hand and tugged him towards you. “Stakes this high and its sealed with a kiss.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” It was the perfect kiss for a deal.

“Ah, guys. You’re supposed to be on the job.” Sam’s voice broke the two of you apart.

“We are on the job, just making a friendly wager.” You turned to Sam with a lazy smile.

“Your guy just walked off his post.” Sam glanced at dean and you could see the smile he was holding back.

“Shit. Where?” Dean scanned around and you chuckled.

“Won’t matter. He’s not our guy.”

Sam frowned, “come on, guys. We’ve got three possibles. Just stay focused until we’ve caught him.”

“We’re on it. Don’t act like you don’t love it here.” Dean patted Sam on the back and the taller brother rolled his eyes.

“No more fraternizing. Got it. Scouts honor.” You grabbed Dean’s caramel corn and held it out for Sam. “Come on, just a little pick me up. You’ve been working hard.”

Sam eyed it then took the bag. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“Spotted him. Meet you guys later at the car.” Dean weaved through the crowds and disappeared.

A radio squawked from Sam’s belt. He pulled it free and listened to the crackled voice calling out a ride that needed a check. “This place sucks. I hate carnivals.”

You gave him your best sympathetic look. “Maybe after the jobs done we can ride some rides and just have fun.”

A small smile flashed across his face. “I know you’re trying to make me feel better but these rides are the reason why this sucks.”

You cringed. “Yeah..”

He gave you a quick hug, “thanks for trying anyway.” Then he was off towards his next project.

You looked in the direction of your suspect and strolled by the rides. The different music pulsing from each attraction like they represented different decades. A fun house was blasting current top of the charts hits while a ride only two spots down called the spinner (really creative there) was blasting 50’s doo wop. Eclectic always was a carnival’s forte.

You were only a booth away from your muscled pagan when you felt an immense amount of pressure in your head. You cringed and opened your mouth wide immediately trying to pop your ears. What you didn’t expect was the loud pop before the pressure finally cleared.  

The muffled tone of the music disappeared and one of Buddy Holly’s top hits, maybe a bit scratchier than before, was blasting from the ride behind you. You shook your head and worked your jaw wondering where a pressure like that would have come from.

Then you spotted an outfit that really matched the music. You shrugged it off as a worker until another person in the same type of get up caught your eye. What’s with the skirts? Was it 50’s night or something? You glanced around and realized everyone was decked out in Leave It To Beaver garb. What the hell?

You picked up your pace towards the booth Roidy the strong man operated, the not so subtle nickname Dean had given him but you couldn’t stop referring to him as it since. You strode past a fun house mirror and froze. You backed up then stepped closer to the mirror. Your eyes grew and your jaw dropped at the wavy image. You were decked out head to toe like an extra in Grease. “Holy shit.”

“Oh well, I love you gal. Yes, I need you Peggy Sue.”


This is gonna be a really long post lol. Sorry. Ok I’m gonna be totally honest. I dislike Red Velvet’s popularity. (I’m not gonna say hate because that’s a strong word. LoL.) Lets be real, it’s not like ALL of the members are amazing singers. (Yes, I know that Wendy and Seulgi can sing, but that’s it. And nobody in the group is really that strong of a dancer.) And it’s not like every member is a goddess / natural beauty. (Don’t deny it.) And their songs? Their songs to be honest were crap. It was just a bunch of sounds mixed together. Have you even listened to Happiness? It was so bad. And the addition of Yeri was the worst media play I’ve ever seen. Let’s be real, guys. Yeri… I’ve listened to ALL Kpop bands MR Removed performances and Yeri had to be the worst. I even listened to their Radio show appearances and Yeri still barely sang at all, even when there was no dancing involved. I can’t stand it when people defend her saying “she’s only 15, give her a chance! Of course she’s nervous.” First of all, age doesn’t matter. She was trained in the company, she should have stage presence, she should’ve performed before on multiple stages while she was a trainee. If she can’t even sing live, why debut her?! And honestly.. Her visuals aren’t really top notch. I’m gonna get so much hate for this but as a Korean, her beauty isn’t the best I’ve seen. Her face isn’t really memorable, it’s a common face if you walk outside on the streets in Korea. When I heard Red Velvet got a new member, I had my hopes up but Yeri let me down TBH. And then there’s their popularity. Look, I know that Red Velvet worked really hard. I know, ok? But their popularity is so unjustified it makes me cringe. Their popularity solely came from their well known company and their sunbaes. What was so good about their debut song? What was so good about Ice Cream Cake? What is so good about their visuals? Most of the groups that are now top stars mainly got popular because of a catchy song they released. (For example: EXO-Growl, SNSD-Gee, Big Bang-Sunset Glow, Haru Haru, etc.) But Happiness was such a bad song I don’t get why Red Velvet is popular. That’s what I wanted to say about Red Velvet. I apologize if you dont agree with me but hey, that’s life. If you do agree with me omfg thank you.

A 4Chumblr Fic


4Chan was anxious to get going. He knew he didn’t have much time; he had to be back at his dorm before 12 because he had a 7 am Web Design midterm in the morning. He walked down the stairs in Linux Hall at the Tech and Design College, and made his way to the foyer. Omegle was waiting at the security desk, just like he said he would. He held out a key card that said “Liberal Arts: Windows Hall”. 4Chan guessed that Omegle thought that having this card was the only upside to having drunkenly slept with Gaia that one time at DeviantArt’s Halloween Party. Out of nowhere, YouTube showed up with his camera, eager to film what might be the most epic trolling battle of all time.

Key card in hand, 4Chan walked out into the hot July night. It was the 4th; the night he had promised that little airhead Tumblr that he would put her in her place. As he walked on the path past the Macintosh Lecture Building, he encountered Firefox and Safari walking out of Professor Jobs’ seminar on Operating Systems.

“Hey, 4Chan, what’re you doing out in this weather?” said Safari as they approached him.

“I’m gonna go sort out Tumblr, once and for all,” he said, with no explanation.

Then, as if it were an afterthought, he asked,

“Where’s Internet Explorer? I thought he was with you guys when you left?”

Firefox spoke this time,

“Dude, that little bitch went back to the dorm right away. He kept complaining about how cold it was the entire seminar, and then he just ran for it when we got outside.”

4Chan snorted, “God, he’s ALWAYS freezing.”

The three friends laughed, and Firefox and Safari decided to follow 4Chan and YouTube to see what was going on.

When they reached the cafeteria and admissions building, they encountered ICanHasCheezburger, MemeGenerator, Flickr, and PhotoBucket as the four left the dining hall. They had heard about the upcoming confrontation from Twitter, who was calling everyone she knew to tell them about what was going on between Tumblr and 4Chan.

Twitter also apparently reached another friend, BlogSpot, who was furiously typing away in his room, in the process of writing a very lengthy and opinionated post about what was happening. Not that anyone was going to read it.

The four newcomers joined the growing crowd that was advancing on Microsoft Hall, and if anyone looked out the window they were able to see the group making their way through the November night to the building ahead of them.

Inside Microsoft Hall there was plenty of activity going on. Almost everyone knew that 4Chan was coming; he had announced it earlier in the day, and Twitter had been telling everyone. Both 4Chan and Tumblr were her trending topics that night.

Friendster kept running up and down the halls, knocking on doors and repeating over and over that “4Chan is coming, and we’re all gonna die, and I can’t do this, and I don’t want to die, and I love you all, and omg…”

No one was really listening to her.

Myspace just turned the music up louder and went back to ignoring them all, not interested in anything that was going on with anyone else.

By the time 4Chan was almost at Microsoft Hall, his entourage had grown to include Oovoo, Skype, and Chatroulette, who were quickly joined by zShare and DivX.

Z and Div had been watching a movie with Megavideo, but he kicked them out halfway through because his girlfriend Money came home early.

4Chan finally reached the building, and swiped the key card to let everyone in. The now rather large group stood in the foyer, warming themselves for a moment, and 4Chan addressed them.

“Maybe you guys should just stay here. This is between me and Tumblr, not any of you.”

The group was quiet for a second, and then they all burst out into laughter.

“Yah, right,” said Chatroulette, “like we’re gonna miss this.”

The rest of the group nodded and agreed, and 4Chan sighed and began leading them upstairs to the floor he knew Tumblr’s dorm was on.

As they passed the dorms on Tumblr’s floor, people looked out to see what was going on.

Imdb saw the group, and saw YouTube filming, and mused to herself,

“I could totally make a movie out of this! It would make millions! I’m gonna have to talk to YouTube about that footage once this is all done.”

peeked his head out into the hallway to see what was going on, but soon went back to watching the “Rock of Love” marathon on Vh1 with EHarmony and PlentyOfFish.

4Chan finally reached Tumblr’s room, #394. He dropped his bag and started pulling out his tools for humiliating, disgusting, and annoying the hell out of Tumblr.

In the box next to her door that was labeled “Hate, Love, Anons, TMI’s and FMK’s” he shoved several cans of SPAM. He taped a bunch of horror film stills onto her Doctor Who, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Skins, and Big Bang Theory decorated door. And, finally, he slipped a large stack of porn pictures under the crack between the door and the floor, and waited for her reaction.

Within a few moments the door opened, and a face poked out. It wasn’t Tumblr, it was TinyChat.

“Are you looking for Tumblr?” she said sweetly.

4Chan grimaced at her annoying voice.

“You know I am. Have her come to the door so I can finish trolling.

Another head popped out, taller than the previous one.

"And why would we let you troll our friend?” said AIM.

“Girls, get out of the way. I’m gonna get her, whether you like it or not” 4Chan growled.

A tinkling laugh sounded from inside the room, and the door opened all the way.

“Oh, girls, get out of the way. I’ll deal with him.”

Tumblr, dressed only in a tank top and pajama shorts, was standing in the doorway, clutching the stack of porn pictures. She shuffled through them, and then looked at the gory and violent stills on her door. And then she laughed.

“Oh, Channy, did you really think those were gonna scare me? I mean, have you ever SEEN True Blood? Have you ever read any of the stories me and FanFiction write?” she said, indicating her roommate FanFiction, who was lying on her bed, staring at the mob at the door.

Tumblr continued,

“Seriously, we write about things that would make you cringe. Sonic Screwdrivers go places they were NEVER meant to go. And Severus Snape’s big nose can be very helpful, if you catch my drift.”

4Chan gulped, his pervy mind immediately grasping what she was talking about.

4Chan gulped, unable to speak, as his mouth had suddenly gone very dry. Tumblr noticed this, and, turning to her roommate and friends, asked in her soft, pleasant voice,

“Hey, girls, can you give me and Channy here a minute? Why don’t you entertain all these girls and boys out here?” she said, indicating the crowd that was bunched around her dorm room door.

FanFiction, Aim, and TinyChat swept out of the room, giggling as they went, and, before he could move his feet, 4Chan felt himself being pulled into the room by the front of his jacket.

After pushing her guest into the room and closing the door behind him, Tumblr turned around to face him, hands on hips, hair almost falling out of its messy bun. Before she spoke, Tumblr reached up to pull out the elastic band holding the escaping hairs, and, as she did so, exposed a small strip of smooth, pale skin to 4Chan’s searching eyes.

He had never really looked at Tumblr before; she was in a few of his classes, but they didn’t really have much direct contact. The only common friend they had was Meme, and even then they didn’t hang out with him at the same time. As he looked her up and down, he discovered what he had been missing by not socializing more with her group of friends. Tumblr was a regulation hottie. Not flamboyantly, like Twitter or Facebook; more subtly. She had curves in all the right places, and wasn’t creepily skinny like some other girls. She wore glasses, but not thick, obnoxious ones that made you like you were trying too hard to be “rebellious”. Her eyes were a piercing green, and she had a sprinkling of freckles across her small nose. He lingered for a almost a whole minute on her full lips; almost unable to tear his eyes away from how the lower one was slightly fuller than the larger, and how it looked when she bit it, like she was now.

In truth, Tumblr was examining 4Chan too. She had never looked at him; had only heard stories of his computer skills and ridiculous nerdiness. But she didn’t judge based on others’ opinions; after all, she loved a lot of the same things that he supposedly did. She didn’t really remember why he was even mad.

“So,” she broke the silence, “why are you even here, again?”

4Chan tried to look angry, but he was still sort of preoccupied with tearing his eyes away from Tumblr’s fantastic legs. They looked great in the pajama shorts she was wearing; she actually filled the leg holes, instead of looking like she was swimming in them.

“Uhhh” he began; grasping for some type of answer. “Well, you posted something about trolling me. And, um, people don’t do that…” he trailed off.

Tumblr just laughed at his attempt to look indignant and act tough. She had a clear, silly laugh, one that made everyone else want to laugh, even if the subject wasn’t particularly funny. It was all 4Chan could do to keep himself from laughing.

“Channy, I was really overtired when I wrote that. And I was on a kind of nerd-high from all the Harry Potter and Doctor Who trolling I had done on Omegle for the past couple of days. I didn’t actually intend to troll you, I was just joking around. I think Twitter told Omegle about it, and that’s why this whole mess got started!”

4Chan heard what she was saying, and it made a lot of sense; he really should just forgive and forget, but there was still one thing that was making him angry.

“Stop calling me that ridiculous name” he said, almost growling out the words.

Tumblr smiled, and walked forward, causing 4Chan to back up against the dorm room door.

“What nickname, Channy-boy?”

“THAT nickname,” he ground out, his jaw clenched together from anger. The jocks at his high school used to call him that, and he had never let people call him anything other than 4Chan since entering school at University of Internet.

Tumblr grinned, and pressed closer to the frustrated man in front of her. Their bodies were almost touching, and her face was only inches away from his.

“Hey, Chan, relax a little.”

With that, she leaned the last few inches closer to him, and their lips connected. The kiss was angry, hungry, and sweet, all wrapped up into one physical gesture. Tumblr was sexually frustrated from thinking all her life that she would be forever alone, and 4Chan was angry about being teased by the very girl he felt like he was falling for.

4Chan flipped Tumblr around so he was now pushing her against her own door, and caught hold of both her wrists, pinning them above her head. She laughed her beautiful laugh and said,

“We’re like some type of teen movie, aren’t we, Chan?”

He tried for several long moments not to laugh, but her joy was infectious. They were both soon alternating between hungry kisses and uncontrollable giggles. Soon their forays became more serious, with the laughter dying down, and the kissing and touching becoming more animalistic and passionate. Tumblr finally pushed 4Chan back from the doorway, and onto her bed, falling on top of him. Clothing was soon being pulled off by both parties, and connections of all sorts were being made.

Meanwhile, outside in the hallway, everyone had long since stopped trying to hear what was going on inside of Tumblr’s dorm, and people were getting bored. Luckily, Facebook showed up just then with snacks and alcohol, and a party was started one floor down in the large suite that DeviantArt, Gaia, and LiveJournal shared.

Oblivious to the festivities, 4Chan and Tumblr were getting to know each other better than ever, and as their each neared their climax, Tumblr took her chance to piss off 4Chan in the best way. She maneuvered her way on top, and, while distracting him with some very specific skills, she leant down to whisper in his ear as the exact moment he let go.

“What is air?”

At the moment 4Chan was way too busy drowning in his own climax and the feeling of Tumblr orgasming around him to fully pay attention to what she had said. But several moments later, when they were both catching their breath, he remembered what she had said. Instead of yelling, or getting up to leave, he put an arm around her, pulled her in close, and tucked her hair behind an ear to allow her to hear him better.

“What even” he responded, in a satisfied and blissful voice.

Down below, unbeknownst to both the unlikely couple and the raging party, in one of the few dorms in the Linux Building, a face appeared at a window.

It was MSN, looking out into the cold night, and wondering why no one ever returned his calls or invited him to parties.

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Mike having to wear glasses to read and getting gray hairs. He hates it, but Ginny finds it extremely attractive

“Gin!” Ginny starts awake so violently that she falls out of bed, still blinking awake as she sits up to look for Mike. He’s standing over her in minutes, jamming his chin in her face as she rubs the smarting back of her head. “Look!”

Ginny continues to squint sleepily, yawning as she asks, “What am I looking at, old man?”

He points to the sides of his beard. “You don’t see these gray streaks?”

Ginny leans closer, squinting at the hardly noticeable silver borders of his still dark beard. “You can’t even see that?”

“Then how did I see it?” he demands.

“With your glasses,” Ginny mutters as she gets off the floor and sits on the bed.

The glasses are another cringe-worthy change for Mike. He insists he doesn’t need them to see, that the ophthalmologist was gouging him with his new readers, but Ginny finds him wearing them more and more. He plops on the bed beside her, huffs, “I’m so fucking old.”

Ginny laughs, shakes her head. “You’re not old. I’m just young.”

He points to his silver temples and smirks. “Lie again.”

Ginny shakes her head again. “I just mean that you only feel old because you’re with someone who isn’t aging at the same time.”

“That doesn’t make any sense, Gin.”

“It does,” she insists. “Remember last week when we ran into Rachel at that party and you said later how she looks different. She doesn’t look different. She’s gotten old too. You just didn’t get to watch her age so it surprised you.”

Mike shakes his head. “We were just 25 though.”

“And I was just 16, old man. Time gets away from you.” She laughs. “At least you’re aging well, though.”

Mike gives a reluctant smile. “You think?”

Ginny nods. “You’re still hot, just in a more distinguished way. Soon you’re gonna have that sexy silver fox thing going on.”

His smile widens. “Oh yeah?”

Ginny rakes her fingernails through his beard. “Definitely.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a thing for old men, rookie,” he teases.

“Just one,” she replies.

Mike isn’t really sure he believes her until she gets home from lunch with Evelyn. He’s sitting beside the pool, reading the newspaper—something that’s become of interest as of late and makes him cringe because it’s Al’s favorite pastime—when he realizes he isn’t alone. He lowers the paper to find Ginny in the chair beside his, her knees pulled up to rest her chin on them as she watches him unabashedly.

He peers at her over the tops of his glasses, asks, “Need something?”

She snorts. “This is how I feel when you watch me get ready in the morning.”

He shakes his head. “That’s different. That’s hot.”

“And this isn’t?” He smirks at her and Ginny shakes her head, insists, “Come on! You’ve got the glasses and your hair’s all wild and I can almost see up your robe—”

“Make your point, Baker.”

Ginny responds by leaving her seat to straddle him. She takes his hand and pulls it between her legs so he can feel the damp crotch of her panties. “Believe me now?”

Mike laughs, though the gesture significantly boosts his ego. “No. Show me a little more, rookie.”