that took way too long lol




pokemon leader shindan + trainer shindan

+ close up of their teams:

squad assemble or something


…y’all knew it was coming OTL

Voltron Week Day 7: Crossover/AU (Star Trek AU!)

I WAS going to draw an entire comic based on the new movie, buuuut these seemed more fun ATM and they’d fit better into the theme anyway, so have some TOS AU ft. Trouble with Tribbles! :3 What’s funny about Star Trek is most episodes could honestly fit into the Voltron universe? The whole Space Travel to bring peace to many worlds is very compatible uwu But I also wanted to play with who would get what color (since I’ve seen others doing the same) so Star Fleet uniforms for everyone! And Galra!Keith makes an appearance again X’’D (Yes Allura’s the Captain!)

As for the crossover portion…

Have two half-aliens (theoretically, in Keith’s case) who cannot understand jokes for the life of them ;w; Also, Gravity Falls reference ahahaha is it crossovery enough yet??

“What a small world.”


When I saw this perfect post on my dash, I just had to doodle something for it x)

And since I realised too late that you can’t add images to a reblogged chat post, I had to create a seperate one - so please do check the original post out, too! :)


Happy international women’s day 2016!


I’ll give you passionate. Murder, the ultimate crime of passion.”

Gorillaz Spice.
  • Murdoc: Hello lllllladies. Look at that blue-haired black eyed god over there, now back to me, now back at that guy now back to me. Unfortunately, he's not a famous celebrity rrrrrockstar like myself, but if he stopped playing that sodding banjo he could be one, but not as famous as me. Look down 'ere, back up. You're in my loveshack on wheels, with the bassist of the most famous band in the world. What's in your hand. I know, it's my Black Sabbath record, give the fucking thing back. Look again, you're kissing me while feeling my Egyptian silk sheets. Anything is possible if you get to be with Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz. Sod off 2D.
  • (dododo do do dodo do)