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title from ‘cinderella’ by steven curtis chapman. everything belongs to eddy and adam. wrote this long before either of them said the words, so it includes that aspect, just finally polished and finished it tonight. captain charming and daddy charming for the win.

The biggest shock David Nolan ever received (aside from, perhaps, the realization that the bandit who was stealing his ring was a girl, that Snow was pregnant, that David Nolan was the Prince Charming, that Emma was his daughter—okay, this is not the biggest shock of his life) was when Killian Jones asked for his blessing to marry his daughter. (Really, it wasn’t a surprise at all. Really, he should have been expecting such a request.)

In response to this, Hook, naturally, got a quick and sharp punch to the bottom lip. As the pirate gingerly wiped the blood away, David staggered back to the table and collapsed in his chair and stared at the ceiling.

It was probably good that Mary Margaret wasn’t at home right then. Hook had probably planned it that way. Actually, David was sure that Hook had been watching the house all day and waiting until his hopeful father-in-law was at home alone. Vulnerable to any attacks, like lovesick pirates wanting to marry his daughter.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’, then, mate, shall I?” Hook called.

“Shut up,” David growled.

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Little bit of a Hogwarts AU sort of inspired by this, in which Emma Swan has just started first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Great Hall was already buzzing with conversation when Emma walked through the high doors. Students were filing in, heading to their places with purpose, and for a moment, she faltered. They’d welcomed her with applause last night, when she’d been sorted into Gryffindor, but this morning they all seemed more interested in their friends and their breakfast than in her.

Which one was the Gryffindor table? To the left, or the right?

“Hi Emma!”

She turned to see the dark-haired boy she’d met on the train waving at her. Neal, she remembered, and smiled at him. “Good morning.”

He grinned back and pointed. “Gryffindor’s that one. Don’t look at the table, look at the students. You can always tell by the ties.” Another boy tapped him on the shoulder, and he waved again before heading towards the Slytherin table. “I’ll see you later!”

She watched him go, feeling the same little pang she’d felt last night when he’d been sorted into Slytherin. She’d known that she wouldn’t join him there. She was a Gryffindor, just like her parents.

And she was alone, just like always. Aside from Neal, she didn’t know anyone here. She wished, not for the first time, that Lily had magical talent too. But Lily was back in America, still under the impression that Emma and her family had only moved for the sake of her father’s job.

With a sigh, Emma stepped out of the way of two older students and headed along one of the aisles between the tables, identifying the one on her other side as Hufflepuff. Another voice caught her attention, loudly reciting a silly rhyme.

“…. harp string hum,

Turn this water into rum!”

The voice belonged to a Hufflepuff boy with a shock of messy black hair, who sat with his wand pointing at a goblet of water. Emma stopped and watched as he recited the rhyme again, waving his wand even more vigorously. Another boy sat across the table from him, watching the effort expectantly.

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Swan Queen Week Day 6 - Truth Serum

“I’d really love to stay babe, but I have to go,” Emma fussed as Regina tried to pull her back into the bed. “I promised my parents I’d be there half an hour ago! Pleeease don’t make this so hard,” she whined as the brunette was trying to undo the buttons of Emma’s shirt as quickly as she was getting them done.

“They can wait.” Regina purred seductively.

“You’ve already distracted me once. You’re not making it easy to keep us a secret. Mom already suspects I’m seeing someone.”

“Snow thinks she knows everything,” Regina scoffed.

“Well she’s obviously right about this. She just doesn’t know it’s you.”

“ I’m not ready to tell her yet.” The former evil queen sighed as she thought aloud, “How do you think she’d take her daughter dating her oldest rival? We’re just becoming friends. I’d like for us to be on solid ground before we drop this on her.”

“Honestly, once she sees how happy we are, I think she’d calm down. But yeah, she’d freak at first. I really have to go.”
With a quick kiss the blonde was out the door.


“Hey Mom, Dad, Henry and Little Neal! Sorry I’m late,” Emma said as she hugged her parents and pecked her son and baby brother on their foreheads. “Thanks for fixing my plate. I’m starving!” she exclaimed while taking her place at the table.

“It’s alright Emma. What was your holdup?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

Emma took a sip of tea before answering, “I was with someone.”

Whoa. Wait, what?? That was not what she’d tried to say. She tried to say that she had gotten a last minute call at the station.

“Oh, really?” her mother replied. “Were you out on the Jolly Roger?”

“Ew. No. You know I left Hook months ago.”

Seriously? What the hell? She’d meant to shrug and say maybe. She slipped her hand under the table to text Regina.

Mom is asking questions and for some reason I can’t lie. Help!

“Please excuse me for a moment,” she said as her phone started ringing. She flew to her room to take the call.

“Regina! Please tell me you know what the hell is going on?? My mom keeps asking me questions and no matter what I try to say the truth comes out. I’m scared! What if she asks who I’m seeing?”

“Calm down dear.” Emma let Regina’s voice soothe her. “Now, it sounds like your mother has given you a truth serum. I didn’t want to tell her so soon, but it seems as though she’s given us no choice. I’m on my way. Try to avoid her questions until I get there.”

The phone clicked off before Emma could thank her. She’d only have to dodge the bullets for a few minutes with the way the mayor drove. She made her way slowly downstairs.

“Was that the guy you’re seeing?” This time it was David that asked the question.

“No,” she’d said as she glared at her father. Holy hell. It worked that time.

“But you are seeing someone?” Henry helped his grandparents grill his mom.


Oh crap! She’d meant to say no again and then realized her mistake. She hadn’t lied to her father. He had used the word guy, which Regina definitely was not. She smirked to herself.

“Ohhh. A smile. Charming, I think our daughter is smitten. Soooo, who’s the lucky guy?”

Emma was relieved at the use of the word guy so she could respond how she intended. “Look, I know you’ve given me some kind of truth serum. The person I’m seeing is on the way here, and we’d like to tell you together.”

“How could he know to be on his way? You know about the truth serum and you said that wasn’t him on the phone,” Snow rambled.

“I said that wasn’t the guuuy I’m seeing.” Emma drew out the word to let it sink in.

“Oh,” Snow, Henry and David said in unison.

Henry ran over and wrapped his mom in a hug while bouncing with excitement. “I think I know who it is!” He beamed at Emma. “If this is what I think, I’m gonna be the happiest kid alive!!”

“ I don’t understand. Who is she?” David asked.

Emma kept her lips shut tightly and was saved by the doorbell. Snow raced to answer it and then jumped back as she yelled, “REGINA!?”

Never Tear Us Apart (5/?)

(A CS Modern AU Fanfic)

SYNOPSIS: Killian Jones is the front man for a band who have not yet made the big time. He is also in love with his good friend ( and the girlfriend of their manager)  the unattainable Emma Swan. When their manager turns out not to be the man they thought, his friendship with Emma is threatened.

[Chapter 1][Chapter 2][Chapter 3][Chapter 4]


NOTE: For those who have given me the “too short” feedback (which I take as a compliment mryddinwilt LOL) this one is much longer - by my standards anyway. And we all knew Neal might not be a delight throughout, yes? Good.

Chapter 5: Sometimes you kick, Sometimes you get kicked

There was nothing like being on stage with a guitar, crowd pumping, singing songs that just made you feel good. Killian was really enjoying himself tonight, despite his initial reservations about meeting Emma’s friend and the whole evening being awkward. They were getting a great response from the audience, the music sounded great and he just felt alive.

Emma had nailed it with her song suggestions yet again.

The fact that she had brought a group along had certainly lessened the potential for discomfort, and with Dave and Mary Margaret at hand, he had been able to make small talk without making a fool of himself.  He had planned to make his excuses when their set was over but perhaps he would hang around for a while after all.

As they geared up for their final song of the night, the dance floor was full and he could see Emma and the other girls circled in the way only women could, obviously ready to make the most of every last minute of the music. He tried not to notice the way she seemed to stand out, her blonde hair like a beacon drawing him to her. She caught his eye and smiled warmly and he felt his breath hitch as his body reacted to her attention.

Shit. Focus Jones, he told himself. Don’t screw up another song because she smiled at you.

He made it through unscathed, his eyes planted firmly towards the back of the room as he sang. The cheers of the crowd lifted him as they finished, calling out a thank you to them all, huge grin plastered across his face.

Packing up was going to take a while, he thought, judging by the number of people milling around the stage waiting to speak to them. Not wanting to disappoint them, Killian answered questions and took selfies with as many as possible before excusing himself to join his friends.

Neal had arranged a few rounds already, if the empty glasses littering the table were anything to go by. There was no sign of the man himself, however. Killian slid into the booth next to Mary Margaret and David.

“Cassidy left this for you,” David stated, pushing a drink in his direction, unable to hide the slightly disdainful tone in his voice. The relationship between David and Neal was tenuous at best, and had been since their college days.  

“Thanks, mate,” he smiled, then tipped his glass in Mary Margaret’s direction.

“All right, milady?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” she replied with a squeeze of his arm. “You seem to be coping all right, after all. You had a good chat with Elsa before…”

He shrugged, deliberately avoiding her implied question.

“Emma’s friends are charming enough and with all humility intended, the show tonight was among our finest. I’m content with my lot this evening.”

Famous last words.

Killian looked across at Emma, deep in conversation with Elsa and Anna, and allowed himself a small moment of longing and regret.

Elsa would be a lovely woman to spend time with, perhaps the first step on the road to moving on, but for her one major flaw. She was not Emma Swan. He had not felt like this about a woman since her...but, if he was honest with himself, this was something more than that had ever been. A real connection  with a woman that took his breath away in a million different ways. The sad irony of it was his own sense of good form stopping him doing anything about it, his long-time friendship with Neal always hovering in the background. All the while still holding him back from looking for someone else, not wanting to give false hope when his heart was elsewhere.

Then there was deep-seated sense that sometimes she felt it too.

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This came to me so I had to write it before it got away.


He was nervous, of course. He was fond of the prince and princess, they were practically family, perhaps his best friends, next to their daughter of course. But today, they weren’t his mates, they were the mother and father of his true love.

And he was more nervous than anything in his life. He knew that this wasn’t the Enchanted Forest, and that it was a bit old-fashioned now a days. But he didn’t care. He would always be a gentleman, and it was good form to ask permission first.

He practiced for so long in front of the bathroom mirror of his and Emma’s shared apartment. He wanted to get every word correctly, and make sure he looked as deserving as possible when he asked.

He practically ran to her parents’ loft, trying not to sweat through the new suit he got for asking. He wanted them to give him his blessing, and everything needed to be perfect.

He knocked hesitantly, taking one last breath before Snow opened the door, carrying a bouncing Neal on her hip. “Hook! What are you doing here? Is Emma alright?”

He nodded, scratching behind his ear. “Aye, milady. In fact, I came to talk to you and David, if that’s alright?”

“Of course.” She answered skeptically, opening up the door more for him to enter. She told him to take a seat while she put Neal down and got David. He sat, playing with his hook nervously below the table. He couldn’t help the redness that formed in his cheeks, his nerves getting the best of him.

“Alright, Hook.” David said, clasping his hand on the pirate’s shoulder before sitting across from him, next to his wife. “How can we help you?”

Hook closed his eyes and took a deep breath before looking back to them. “Your magesties, I wanted to do this the right way, the way it would be done back in our land, because…the right way is what Emma deserves. In fact, she deserves everything, more than I could probably give her.”

He was more nervous, and whatever he rehearsed was starting to fall away from his memory. “I love Emma, truly. And I know you love her too, and want the best for her. I believe I can truly make her happy, just as much as she has made me since I met here. And…I wanted to ask you for your blessing, to ask for her hand in marriage?”

He paused, waiting for a response. The prince just stayed staring at him, while Snow looked down to her hand, playing with her own ring. He heard nothing for a while, and he began to become scared and devestated, that they would say no, or laugh at him.

Snow and David exchanged looks, before focusing again on Killian. “Yes,” was all he heard come softly out of the princesses mouth. “Killian, you’re already apart of this family. And we may have had our reservations in the beginning, but Emma has this…light in her, that wasn’t there before you came along. I know you love her with everything you have, and,” she exchanged another look with David. “We’d be happy to give you our blessing.”

He was speechless. Killian couldn’t help but smile at the two, shaking his head in awe as he thanked them over and over.

He was about to get up when Snow stopped him. “Oh, wait.” She looked at David again, with a certain sincerity in her eyea, before taking Killian’s hand and placing her ring in it.

“Milady, I couldn’t…”

“This ring follows true love, Hook. It brought me and David together, and now I want Emma to wear it.” Killan smiled up at her, then at the prince, who juts nodded his head in agreement. Killian Jones had become the happiest man in the world, and he hoped it stayed that way until later that night.


“Killian?” Emma asked, entering their apartment, which was filled with candles of all different sizes. She was curioys, and the candles created a path tgat led all the way to her and Killian’s bedroom. She entered the room, and shock completely overcame her face at the sight in front of her. “Killian…”

He was there, waiting, on one knee at the edge of their bed, a small blue box in his hand. He reached his hook out, which she shyly grabbed, allowing him to pull her towards him.

“I love you, so much Emma Swan. I may have been alive for 300 hundred years, ” she chuckled a bit at that, “but I have not luved. Not until I met you. I want to live the rest of my days with you, on whatever adventure life takes us. So, Emma. Will you marry me?”

Tears were completely down her face. She rubbed at her cheeks, and pushed hair behind ears before nodding, smiling at him with so much love. He rose, pulling her towards him and kissing her hard.

When they escaped for breath, he opened the blue box, and she gasped at the sight of her mother’s ring. “Is that…”

“This ring follows true love. Your mother wanted you to have it.” She smiled again as he placed the ring on her finger, kissing the knuckle there, before colliding his lips with here again.

“It’s perfect.” Emma said, looking up and wrapping her arms around her fiance, and true love.


Just a little something.

Emma Swan has more than enough to deal with. For one, her son believes the entire town of Storybrooke is cursed. She definitely doesn’t have time for the mysterious pawnbroker, Killian Jones, even if Henry insists that he’s the prince she’s meant to be with. Cursed!Killian AU | ao3 | from the beginning


Chapter 45

When Emma woke, it was impossible to tell how long she’d slept for. The canopy of the Dark Jungle was as black as it had been when she finally managed to nod off and for all she knew, she’d not even managed a few hours of sleep.

She was getting used to being exhausted.

It seemed pointless to try and get back to sleep, so she just lay there. She could hear the Lost Boys crying again, although she wished she couldn’t. It was difficult to ignore them, but when she focused on Killian’s light snores from just a few feet away from her, the crying seemed slightly quieter.

Emma had refused to sleep close to Killian, annoyed by the way he was keeping things from her, but maybe she would have slept better if she’d let him hold her anyway.

She couldn’t just wait for the others to wake up. Pan had Henry, and maybe the others seemed able to push aside and sleep through the night, but she wasn’t going to lie there when they could all be awake and doing something.

She rolled onto her side, reaching out to nudge Killian awake except he was just a few inches too far away. After a heavy sigh, she wriggled closer, just near enough so that she could hit his shoulder gently, and he startled awake.

“Swan?” he mumbled sleepily, turning so that he was facing her. “What is it?”

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