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Interruptions (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 2,116

Summary: You would probably be able to concentrate on your work more if your boyfriend, Jimin, wasn’t sending such distracting text messages.

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Moving on After Fred Weasley Passes Away - Headcanon/Would Include

Warnings: This broke my heart to write):

  • You wouldn’t cry much towards the beginning. Of course when the news hit a barricade of tears fell freely but after that, you learned how to bottle it all up. Everything was so unreal you weren’t even sure if it what was real anymore.
  • Fred was your best friend, your other half, the love of your life.
  • After the Battle of Hogwarts you’d travel back to the Burrow with the Weasley’s.
  • He was buried shortly after the Battle. His casket was a sleek black color and shined in the rain that fell. You placed a flower on the top of his casket and choked on a shaky sob. George stood behind you and his hand found it’s way into yours, giving you a squeeze of reassurance as he cried with you. You had never felt more lost in your life. Your fingers twiddled with the diamond band wrapped around your finger. It felt more like a piece of mockery, there to remind you everyday of what you could now never have.
  • Molly spent an entire week in the twins’ bedroom. She didn’t talk, hardly ate, just stared blankly at the wall next to Fred’s bed. He had pictures of his Hogwarts adventures taped to the wall and she had memorized every prospect of the photos so much she couldn’t rid the image from her brain when she closed her eyes, but she didn’t want to forget.
  • At the end of the week George entered his and Fred’s bedroom for the first time since the Battle. He spent an hour talking to his mother. You never did find out what he said, but you remember the burning visual of Molly exiting the room with reddened eyes full of heartbreak.
  • Ginny spent the nights sleeping in her room with you and cuddled against your chest, silently weeping to herself. Your presence made her feel close to her late brother, like he had never actually left.
  • George, Molly, and you would clean out Fred’s half of the room. It was full of tears and once happy now sad memories. Like the large maroon tie blanket you had made for Fred on your anniversary. Or the book on Magical Creatures that Fred had stolen on accident in Diagon Alley while he spied on you from behind a bookcase. You were shopping for all your school supplies and the redhead had torn from his family, catching glimpse of you in the robes shop and managed to follow you two stores later not wanting to leave you. You eventually caught him as he tripped over a pile of books, the binds of knowledge cascading to the floor with a crash. You smiled and helped him up while introducing yourself. The rest was history.
  • Arthur stood in the doorway of the room watching the three of you clean. Deep aging wrinkles indented his forehead making him appear older than he really was. His face was long, drowning in sorrow. He didn’t say a word, just watched.
  • Ginny cried alone in her room. Harry tried to comfort her but his success was no avail. She locked herself away for three days, lost in a sea of depression.
  • Ron turned to Harry and Hermione who welcomed him with open arms. He was the first to open up after his older brother’s death.
  • You stayed at the Burrow for a almost three weeks before flying to France. You choice was rash but you needed to get away. Molly understood and wished you well. You didn’t know how long you would be gone but you hoped it would give you some time to come to terms with the heartbreak you were experiencing.
  • Fred used to tell you when you were in school together that he always dreamed of going to France. He never knew why. He was rubbish at speaking French and had no idea how he’d survive, but it was a dream of his.
  • Percy, Bill, and Charlie all stayed at the Burrow for a month or so. Their hearts ached at the lose of their younger brother.
  • George… George no longer felt like himself. It was as if a part of himself was missing, torn from his soul. He dragged through the day’s, closing down the shop for a while. After spending two weeks at the Burrow he moved back to the apartment above Weasley Wizard Wheezes that Fred and him shared. The second he walked through the door he broke down. Tears splashed against his cheeks as he finally let all his emotions pour out. He called you, practically begging you to keep him company.
  • Of course you obliged and flew back home immediately. You lived with Fred in the apartment too. It was your home as well and you had been putting off going back to the apartment as much as possible. The home held so many items from your past involving Fred and you. Where he proposed to you, where you had you first blow up fight, where you had you first time together, where you had the million of talks about your future together, and so much more.  
  • This made Molly feel a little better when she heard you would be staying with George for a while. She hated the thought of George being all along right after losing his best friend, his twin, his other half.
  • You left France still clutching a box full of Fred’s belonging. A heavy feeling invaded your heart. You took a train to London after landing then joined George at the shop.
  • The minute the door swung open George’s arms were thrown around your frame as he pulled you into a tight embrace. The barrier you had been working so hard to uphold, crumbled at his touch. Not because you felt you could finally let go of all the emotions being kept inside. No, you cried because George’s embrace reminded you of Fred’s. The way his hold tighten as you sobbed mirrored Fred’s actions identically. Your chest ached as you came to realize you future with Fred was gone. George’s salty tears splashed on the crown of your head.
  • The first week barely any words at all were exchanged. You would mumble a small ‘good morning’ to each other during breakfast but that was usually it.
  • George spent the days in his room and the nights at a bar across the street. This continued on for a week until you confronted him. You waited up all night, worried sick. He stumbled in around three in the morning, eyes brimming red, breath stenching strong from alcohol.
  • “George Weasley, what the hell?” You would screeched. His eyes snapped up at you resembling a deer caught in headlights. His gazed quickly fell to the floor as he shut the house door and brushed past you. You yelled after him making him halt in his path,
  • “George pease just talk to me! I know this is hard for you, believe me I do. He was your brother. You two have never been apart so I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through. George I’m here for you and you can talk to me because I lost him too. You did everything with Fred, you two started this business together and we both know he just wants you to be happy again. Please… just try, George. Try for me, try for Fred. Please. I just want to be here for you. If there’s something I did. If you hate me-” Your voice broke at the end and your knees gave up. Crashing to the floor a echoing cry invaded the air. George stood motionless watching you fall apart before his eyes. He could almost hear Fred scolding him and urging him to act. Fred would want George to comfort you, Fred would want you two to be there for each other.
  • George hesitantly crossed the room and bent to your level. His hand reached out, brushing a strand of messy hair from your face. Glancing up at him you started in to question him but George beat you around the bush. He seemed half sobered up and shook his head.
  • “Y/n… it’s not you, I swear. You’re the most purest human being in the entirety of the world, please don’t think that way. Every moment you and Fred were together I could never shake that from my mind, how perfect you are. But god Y/n every time I see you I think of my brother. He loved you more than anything in this world and I know he would hate me right now for not being there for you. I feel like I’ve let him down and that hurts more than anything. I see Fred everytime I look in the mirror, everytime I see the pictures on the fridge, everytime I walk into the shop, everytime I come home and everytime I see you.”
  • His words took you by storm but for once, it made sense. You had been sleeping in Fred and your bed, helping start the shop back up (mainly by yourself), and it probably didn’t help that you had been stealing items of Fred’s clothing, just wanting to be close to him again. For the first time since the Battle, you admitted the burden you’d been holding inside.
  • “I wish I could’ve saved him. If I wasn’t distracted by the helping that student- if I would have been paying more attention to Fred… he’d still be here.” You quivered. George’s eye soften and he shook his head.
  • “Y/n you know no one could’ve stopped what happen. I’ve spent every night laying awake wondering if I could’ve changed something. I’m not sure what god planned this, or if there even is one, but Y/n we had no control over this.” His arms locked around you pulling you against his chest. His lips planted against your forehead sweetly covering you in a blanket of comfort.
  • You spent the rest of the night in George’s arm. You shared memories of Fred, some sweet, some funny, and some that made you cry again.
  • “Remember the time the two of you enchanted endless snowballs to pelt, well technically, Voldemort in the face and Quill in the back of the head?” You giggled into the glass of cherry red wine you held to your lips. George leaned into the cushion of the couch and shook his head with a smile. 
  • “Classic!”
  • George spent the night in Fred and your bed- to keep you company of course.
  • He kept you company for the rest of the nights to follow
  • The two of you began to drift into a weird zone
  • You had always lightly fancied George but it was Fred you loved.
  • He would randomly start bringing you home flowers and other small gifts
  • Some days George would come home to find a bundled up new sweater placed on his work desk. You always claimed the things you bought him were on sale so you just couldn’t resist but George knew better
  • A strong connection was growing and it confused you- George too. You wanted another shot at happiness but you weren’t sure if you were ready yet until another vacant Friday night rolled around and you found yourself laying on the couch in George’s arm talking about the week and before you knew it he was leaning forward.
  • The first time you kissed George you screwed your eyes shut tightly and imagined his lips as Fred’s. You knew it was horrible but you had no clue what else to do. It was like you were cheating on your fiance- your dead fiance, with his twin brother. But when you realized it was George, you didn’t entirely hate it. It was actually quite a fulfilling kiss. A part from inside of you warmed up for the first time in a long time.
  • George had a sickening vibe settling in the pit of his stomach after he pulled back. His heart sped up at the newfound affection the kiss brought although kissing you made him feel like he was betraying his brother. Fred planned to marry you for Merlin’s sake and there George was, making out with his dead twin’s girlfriend.
  • But you kissed him again the next day and he didn’t pull away
  • And the next
  • And the one after that too
  • Kissing you made George think of his brother. Fred loved you and George could understand why. Kissing you, sleeping beside you, comforting you, it all made George feel as if he was somehow growing closer to his twin.
  • At first your relationship with George was based solely on the fact that he was identical to your late lover but as time passed on George made you feel differently than Fred did. Despite you never thinking it was possible, George taught you how to laugh again. He would slowly crack back into his prankster self again. It took his almost a full year after Fred’s passing to invent a new product for the shop or even enter the store for more than passing to get to the apartment. He tested out the product on you during breakfast one morning. Pouring a lilac solution into the base of your black coffee and giving it a swirl, George carried on with breakfast as if nothing had happen. Dragging in, you hugged George from behind before taking a seat at the nook. You instantly sipped on the brewed mixture in front of you and spit it out in shock as the odd flavor set in.
  • George howled in laughed and bent over the kitchen stove pointing towards you. Furrowing your eyebrows you set the mug down and spoke up agitated,
  • “George what the hell did you put in- oh my god!”
  • You realized the change in tone quickly and covered your face in embarrassment. Your voice was as deep as a well making you sound similar to that of a male that had spent over half his life heavily smoking. George rushed over and planted a kiss to your cheek.
  • “It worked!” Although you were thoroughly ticked off at his choice of targeting you, you were happy he was back to his old ways. The bills were piling up by the second and the landlord wanted the shop either back up and running, or both of you to move out. Dumping your infected cup of coffee down the sink drain you started to make a new batch. Smiling to yourself you laughed softly,
  • “Well, I’m glad to have you back, George.”
  • That was only the beginning. George and you spent almost every moment inventing and creating new sale items. The first handful were absolute rubbish but it didn’t matter. Both of you were trying to get back in the swing of things and sometimes that took a while.
  • Within three months Weasley Wizard Wheezes was back up and running again.
  • Sales flooded in and shot straight through the roof steadily for a long term.
  • As a ‘thank you’ present for helping him get back on his feet George invited you out for a fancy meal out on the town.
  • You decided on a Muggle restaurant and dressed to the nines. George’s jaw skimmed the floor when you walked out of your room and slipped on your heels. He held your hand and escorted you out.
  • During dinner you had ntoiced how fidgety and nervous George was acting. You made the choice to question him on it over a glass of champagne right before the main course and he physically stiffened. Tilting his glass back, George chugged down the large intake and wiped his lips on the red amber napkin. His hands clasped together then unclasped at his side. His soft eyes found yours and he darted them back down to the tablecloth.
  • “It’s just- well, Y/n… what are we?”
  • It would get silent very fast and he would instantly fill it.
  • “What I mean is, I like you… I like you a lot but I know how you felt about my brother. I saw the glint in your eyes that would sparkle whenever you saw him and how happy you two were together and Y/n I want to be able to make you as happy as Fred did. With that being said I don’t want you to be with me because I remind you of him or because you can’t stop thinking about Fred. I’m not gonna lie at the start of our, uh, relationship I was hanging out with you because you made me think of Fred but all those late nights and million cups of coffee have made me realize the truth. I love you Y/n- and not because you dated my brother. I love you for you and I think I have for a very long time. What I’m asking is… Y/n would you um, like to be my girlfriend?”
  • You cried, a lot. George’s heart broke at the sight only confirming the love swelling in his heart. His feelings were genuine and it warmed your soul. You lunged across the table knocking over the bread bowl in the process and threw your arms around George’s frame.
  • “Of course I will! Oh my god, George. You’re making me cry like a bloody fool!”
  • George called his mother the second you got home. Molly was hit with a wave of shock at first. She gave both of you long speeches trying to inspect if the love was real or a mask to feign the hurt of bonding over the lose of Fred. She demanded both of you come home to the Burrow for the week so you did and the moment she looked into both of your eyes, it was clear as crystal.
  • “Good lord you are in love!”
  • It was hard for the rest of the Weasley family to accept at first. You understood completely since you had the same weary, unsure feeling as well but eventually they came to accept it. They were all happy to you and George happy once again.
  • But as happy as you were, small memories with Fred would constantly pop up.
  • Like one night when George and you were lying in bed together whispering softly realization would settle in and you’d comment,
  • “This is where he proposed. We were lying right here when Fred asked me to marry him.”
  • You knew how horrid it was to put this on George but you had no control. George thought about this all the time and was reminded of your relationship with his brother at every corner he turned.
  • You would then apologize feeling god awful for saying such a thing but George would hush you saying,
  • “It’s alright Y/n. Just because he’s not around anymore and because we’re together now doesn’t mean we have to pretend he was never alive or your relationship with him didn’t exist. He loved you, and I know how much you love him. I’m not upset- actually I’m more than thankful my brother managed to snag a girl like you. You two were perfect together and he will always love you just like how you will always love him. Fred… he is… was my brother and for a long time I thought he would hate me for me being with you and for a long time I thought my heart tricked me into loving you. That maybe it wasn’t love I was feeling but rather so the relationship my brother and I had and maybe because he loved you so much, being with you would make me feel less lonely about losing him but I know the truth. I love you, Y/n. Hell, maybe I always have but the important thing is I love you now and I will love you tomorrow and I will continue to love you years from now and that’s not because of Fred, it’s because of you and who you are. I love you.”
  • You two learned how to live your life no longer feeling guilty for the love you shared. Fred smiled down his heart warming at seeing his two favorite people in the world relying on each other and sharing a piece of their heart together.
  • He proposed to you in the middle of a busy work day right as you were restocking a shelf. The rest of his family were there to see. Molly, Hermione and Ginny cried a river while the boys patted George on the back. On your wedding day the tears were never ending, though happy ones.
  • You two eventually moved to London- kept the shop but decided you needed more room, well of course your growing stomach demanded that. One cold night in the middle of December George and you were blessed with the birth of your first son, Fred ll. He had a head of wicked red hair and a small mischievous smile toying on his face and you had never felt more complete in your life. George planted a kiss to your head muttering a string of ‘thank yous’. You knew in your heart this was exactly where you were meant to be.

- Daizy xx

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hi ovo can you do a marriage proposal for everyone? like- how they'd propose to mc? yisssss thank I love ur blog

lol when I first read this, I was half awake and I thought you meant that you wanted me to go propose everyone! X)


  • Yoosung couldn’t really afford anything too fancy after buy the ring, so he cleaned his apartment, invited MC over for a fancy dinner, cooked himself, and put on a nice outfit
  • MC suspected she would be staying the night so she packed some extra clothes before she came over
  • They had their nice dinner, watched a movie, and… well, Yoosung kept forgetting to propose because MC was too distracting, and besides that, whenever he remembered, it didn’t feel like the right moment
  • After the movie, they were in kind of a rush to get their clothes off after making out on the couch, so the ring, still in his pants pockets, was tossed aside with them
  • In the middle of the night, MC woke up to get some water, but stepped on the box
  • After investigating, she immediately knew why this whole evening had happened, and decided to just put on the ring and leave the empty box by the bedside table for him to see
  • Well, Yoosung was super flustered and embarrassed come morning because things didn’t happen like he planned, but MC gave him the opportunity to ask properly so he could feel better


  • Our girl was so nervous
  • Jaehee had closed the cafe for the day under the guise that she wanted to try making a few different tiramisu recipes to see which one is best
  • Jaehee had already pre-set the plates with each serving, the last one she wanted to try had the ring wrapped in plastic wrap underneath it
  • So MC showed up, they had some coffee, splitting a bunch of different types and mixes of tiramisu, making little notecards to attach to each to explain what was good and bad to review for later
  • The problem Jaehee hadn’t anticipated was that they’d be too full by the time it got to the last few pieces
  • MC was ready to throw in the towel and get a salad to wash all that sugary goodness down
  • Jaehee agreed, kind of freaking out that things weren’t going according to plan, but took MC on a long walk through the park, they had a late lunch, did a little window shopping, then returned to the cafe
  • When Jaehee asked if MC was up for a few more, she said sure, so they plowed through the last three, and MC finally discovered the ring
  • Jaehee managed to ask after the discovery, nervous as all heck, but the moment MC snaps out of her daze, she agrees and kisses Jaehee
  • When MC assumes the whole day was part of the plan, Jaehee doesn’t correct her, a little embarrassed


  • Zen would try to make everything perfect
  • And trust me, he thought long and hard about what to do
  • Among the things he considered, two of them were proposing on stage after a performance (a little too public, and he was tempted, he just wasn’t sure MC would go for it), and  trying to hide the ring in some food (he googled “good foods to hide a ring in” and found a bunch of horror stories where people had to get their stomachs pumped)
  • Zen tried proposing at a nice restaurant, but Jumin coincidentally showed and ruined his mood
  • Then he tried to propose at an RFA party, but there were so many guests, Zen barely spent any time with her
  • He ends up proposing to her on Christmas Eve, giving her the ring wrapped up with a pretty bow
  • The next day, when they do the annual Christmas event, everyone she knows is asking about the ring and gushing about it while Zen beams


So, if Jumin hadn’t proposed at the party, made a spectacle of big himself and MC, and married her less than six months later, this is what I think would happen

  • In the morning, he presented MC with a lovely breakfast, an envelope, and an arrangement of yellow and white flowers
  • Inside the envelope was a schedule for the day, that included a massage, facial, mani-pedi, getting her hair and makeup done, and dress and shoe shopping
  • The evening is simply marked off as “💜~Surprise~💜” (he asked Jaehee to put hearts next to it because he thought it would be cute)
  • So MC spent the whole day being primped and pampered, then was driven to an empty, fancy restaurant
  • Jumin reserved the entirety of a restaurant so that they can have their dinner without being disturbed
  • It’s candlelit, very romantic, with excellent wine
  • After dinner, Jumin takes MC on a small walk, they stop by a fountain, he drops to one knee and officially asks
  • MC can’t help but laugh because, of course he made his proposal a whole day event


  • Scavenger hunt~❤️
  • Lol, but no seriously, he sends MC on a scavenger hunt, having her go to the place where they met, had their first date, first kiss
  • There’s a gift every place she’s waiting, then the last location is somewhere they’ve never been
  • He’s waiting for her, and when she asks, “So what happened here?”
  • “Oh, you know, we got engaged.”
  • It takes her a moment to process it, but by then he’s pulls the ring out and is offering it to her
  • MC tackle-hugs the boy, all but shouting yes, he puts the ring on her, and of course, they kiss


  • He said he had a surprise for her and invited her to a gallery where a collection he had just finished was going to shown in a few weeks
  • It was in the evening, so MC showed up, and the lights were out, but V was waiting outside the door for her
  • After leading her in, V had her wait alone in the middle of the dark gallery while he turned on the lights
  • One by one, the lights come on, giving MC time to look at all the pictures that he’s presenting….
  • ….they’re all pictures of her
  • Pictures of her with V and the RFA, doing day to day things, smiling, laughing, and each has a date and a description attached via pieces of paper that explain they’re relevance
  • At the bottom of each page, there’s a mini love letter to MC
  • As she makes her way through the gallery, following the lights, she sees more pictures of her and reads each love note, tearing up a little at this whole spectacle
  • The last picture, to her surprise, isn’t of MC or V or anyone else, but a black and white photo of a ring in a box
  • The final note reads, “MC, will you marry me?”
  • When MC turns around, there’s V, waiting with the ring in his hands, smiling
  • How could she possibly say no?


  • Tact is not his forte
  • And he thinks a ring is a waste of money
  • So Saeran gets the paperwork to make a marriage legal and slides it across the table to her one day
  • MC can’t help but laugh, but signs the paperwork anyways
  • A few months later, Saeran sees some guy hitting on MC very aggressively, and realizes the purpose of rings, so he drags her to a store to get her one
  • After seeing MC wear the ring, Saeyoung and the RFA all start clamoring for a wedding


  • Vanderwood doesn’t much strike me as a romantic
  • He’d probably bring up marriage casually, and if they decided they wanted to get married, he’d get her a ring
  • Although, the paperwork might be tricky because of his past with the agency (and possibly before that because idk)

I owe the life I live today to fandom. It’s a bit complicated.

I am an artist in her late twenties, working as an illustrator full time (meaning somehow I actually convinced people to pay me for drawing all day). I own a decently sized flat in a big city and while I struggle with mental health issues, I am coping and getting better. I get to see the world and work with international teams and have close friends I can count on. And that’s all because I was brave enough as a teen to post some fanwork on the internet.

Let me explain myself some more. 

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60! :))

I combined the prompt 60. “Oh, do that again.” with @leiascully exercise challenge. 

Set after “My Struggle” most likely; around that time anyway. 

His fist raised to knock, Mulder pauses a moment, realizing he’s never been here before.

Scully’s apartment.

The first time they were partnered, before they were ever anything else, how long did it take him to come to her place? A week, maybe? Two? He can’t remember. The forgetting, he realized early in his treatment, is a side effect of his medication. Some days he curses it, like he curses so many things. Other days, he accepts silently, almost joyously. When it comes to Scully and their past, though, he doesn’t want to forget even the most insignificant moment.

He knocks, finally. His knuckles tingle as he waits for her to open the door. Gone are the times when they lived in the same place, coming in and going out with a kiss hello or goodbye; gone are the days he has a key to her place. Scully has invited him over, though, for the first time in almost a year so maybe this means they’re making progress. Or she is just tired of constantly driving out to their – now his, as she likes to remind him – house. Either way, he won’t complain. He won’t ask either, though. Mulder is not sure he’s still allowed to ask; their relationship, in whatever form it is, twists anew at every turn and right now he can’t tell where he is, where she is. Where they are. So he stays quiet, masks it with a smile, and he is certain she does the same. He’s learning to take baby steps, do one thing to get to another. The days where he jumped in, no questions asked, no action thought through, those are gone, too.

“Oh hi.” Scully greets him when the door finally opens. She stares him up and down as if she’s been expecting someone else.

“Why are you dressed like that, Mulder?”

“I’m wearing casual clothes.” He explains slowly, looking at her. Of course she’s dressed for the occasion already: tight black running shorts and a very form fitting, short sleeved running top in a deep, dark blue. Mulder tries not to stare, tries not to react, but he’s like a Pavlovian dog when it comes to her. She clears her throat and he swears he hears her amusement. Some things simply never change. His eyes meet hers and the twinkle he sees there lets him think today might be a good day for them.

“Why are you wearing casual clothes, Mulder? You can’t run in jeans.”

“I can run wearing an Armani suit, Scully, so the question is I can’t or you won’t let me?” Just like that her mood shifts; there’s the slightest quiver around her lips that would go undetected by anyone who hasn’t spent the last twenty years observing her, loving her.


“I know, I know,” he apologizes, “I just didn’t want to scare away my Uber with my tights.”

“Mulder, you need a car.” She finally opens the door wider and Mulder, albeit hesitantly, steps in. The apartment, he realizes, is not at all what he expected or feared. There is nothing here that screams Scully at him. A few picture frames are up and the book shelf carries a few medical journals, a couple of books. There are no personal trinkets. He sees none of the novels she still claims not to own, the ones that are full of fairytale romances, tropical settings and atrocious writing. Mulder stumbled upon one of her dog-eared paperbacks a couple of days ago when he tried to tidy the place up. Just in case, he tells himself. In case she ever wants to come home.

“That’s why I took this job, Scully. Skinner promised me a car.” She rolls her eyes while massaging oil into her legs. The smell reminds him of lazy Sundays years ago when she, not him, wanted to go running. Just in case, she’d told him. In case of what, he’d wondered even then. Unbeknownst to them it had been the beginning of the end. Yet, the sweet scent fills him with a longing. At least back then they’d been living together, sharing their lives, such as they were.

“If you want to keep said job, Mulder, you need to get back into exercising.” She pats his stomach, which he believes is still firm enough.

“Are you saying I look fat?”

“No,” she continues her pre-run routine with stretches that make Mulder hot for entirely different reasons than exercise, “I’m saying you need to get back into shape. Which is why I’m asking you again: why are you wearing this? Where are your running clothes?”

“Like I told you,” Mulder says, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans patiently and slowing down even more when he sees Scully watching him intently, “I didn’t want to scare away the driver. I came prepared.” Taking his jeans off all the way reveal his running tights. Scully bought them for him a couple of years ago and he protested, preferring his much looser shorts, but she told him to try it anyway. He’s been wearing the tights ever since.

“They still fit?” Her voice, as well as her eyes, soften, the memory though unspoken seems almost palpable in the small room. Afraid to break the spell and unable to form words anyway, Mulder just nods.

“Well then,” Scully raises her arms into the air, her top riding up and revealing the slightest peek at her stomach. The need to touch her there is almost unbearable and he straightens his own shirt to distract himself and his hands. Scully lowers her arms and the moment is gone, leaving only the lingering sense of longing. “Let’s go?” Her hands are on her hips and she’s staring at him, challenging him. Some things really do never change, he thinks, and nods.


They return an hour later with Scully hobbling on her feet and clinging to him. Mulder offered to carry her and upon receiving the eyebrow withdrew his offer and instead put his arms around her. He’s essentially carrying her this way, too, but he knows she lets it count because her feet are still on the ground. Her body is warm, hot even, after their intense run. She tried to outrun him knowing that despite her smaller physique, she is in much better shape. They didn’t speak at all, just ran, and somehow always fell into step with the other. Until they suddenly didn’t.

“I’m fine, Mulder,” she’d told him through gritted teeth, trying to stretch her left leg and keep running. “We can keep going.” She’d said then, her wet, teary eyes betraying the strong resolve in her voice.

“The only place we’re going is your place – and slowly.” She had not protested then, except for when he tried to carry her, and now here they are. Scully lets go of him and he almost reaches out to stop her, not ready to lose the close contact, and wobbles into her bedroom. She doesn’t tell him to follow and Mulder stands there, half in, half out. His eyes wander about, searching for his jeans, so he can leave. Maybe. He doesn’t know what the protocol is in this situation.

“Mulder?” A muffled voice comes from the bedroom. He takes a few steps and stops in the doorway. The room is as sparsely decorated as the living room, maybe even more so. It reminds him of a hotel, not the ones they used to stay in, in a very sterile, very impersonal way.


“Could you, uhm… I hate to ask this of you, but…” Scully is sitting on her bed; she’s taken her shoes off, but she is still wearing the rest of her running gear. She looks young and cute and as much as Mulder wants to voice this, his feelings for her, he keeps quiet and waits for her to go on.

“My leg really hurts and… it’s just a kink. I had it before and uhm, the best way to get rid of it is a massage.” She’s unable to meet her eyes so his grin goes unnoticed. He clears his throat and nods. Which of course she doesn’t see either.

“Sure, Scully. Just tell me what to do.” She sends him into the tiny bathroom to get oil. There are several small bottles and Mulder doesn’t want to think about why she even has them. He picks the one that smells like peppermint, knowing she prefers that for her after run routine. At least he hopes this still rings true. By the time he comes back, Scully has taken off her running tights. The sight should not paralyze him like this; it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before, touched before. He used to kiss down her legs, tickling her behind the knee and making her laugh out loud in delight.

“Mulder? What are you doing?” Her question jolts him back to the present time.

“Nothing. I just got the oil.” He joins her on the bed and wonders if he should take off his own clothes. He is positive that he reeks. But his hand lands on her thigh and she moans – loudly. Mulder forgets everything else after that. He uncaps the small, green bottle and pours some of the oil into his hands. He’s done this before, of course. As he puts his hands on her soft skin and starts kneading gently, he can’t help but think of other times they did this. When she moans again, in a way that reminds him of a different situation altogether, he closes his eyes as if in pain only to realize it’s even worse, his mind feeding him unwanted memories. No one, least of all Scully, taught him to navigate this; the remains of their relationship. I need time, she had told him once when she came by the house to pick up a few things, and you need to get better without me here, she’d finished, leaving him again, alone and waiting. No manual to sift through; even if, as Scully would most certainly remind him, he never reads the manual anyway.

“Oh, do that again!” Scully moans and that’s when Mulder stops.

“I can’t do this, Scully.” His hands remain on her leg, warm and firm, oily and soft.

“You’re doing great, Mulder,” she assures him, her face sideways on the pillow, her eyes closed, “Just keep going, please.”

“No, I mean I can’t do this, whatever this is.” One eye opens, then the other as she shifts to look at him. “Why did you even ask me to come here? I can go running at home, you know. You used to do it there, too. It’s a much nicer neighborhood.”

“You’re right,” she sits up with difficulty, “Maybe I wasn’t completely honest when I asked you come here to exercise together.”

“Are you going to make me guess?” Mulder asks when he can’t stand the silence any longer; his therapist implored him to work on his patience, and he has, but right now, he can’t wait when his heart beats faster with a sense of hopeful longing he hasn’t felt in a while.

“Maybe I finally wanted you to see this place,” Scully admits, biting her lower lip; he knows her, reads her easily, and he knows she’s still holding back something, and so he waits, one eyebrow raised, “Do you like this apartment, Mulder?” For a moment he considers lying.

“No. I hate it.” He tells her honestly and she nods.

“I hate it, too,” she admits, her eyes never leaving his, “I miss our house,” she hasn’t called it that in a long, long time, “But I wanted you to see it and well, give you a key. I didn’t mean for my leg to be this bad. This – the massage was not part of my plan.”

“You had a plan?”

“Kind of,” she chuckles, “I thought I’d give you a key so you could consider this your home away from home, too.”

“That’s what this is for you? A home away from home?”

“No,” she takes his hand into hers and stares at his fingers, gently running her own over the back of his hand, “It’s a refuge. I needed one, Mulder. At least for a while. I’m keeping it because… it’s so much closer to work than the house, Mulder.”

“I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.” Scully rolls her eyes at him, but then smiles.

“I want us to stay here during the week and then… go home for the weekends.”

“Together? You want us to live here together?”

“Unless you don’t want us-”

“Scully, as long as there’s an us, I want it all.” She grins at him coyly then and lets go of his hand.

“You’ll keep going to therapy, though.” It’s not a question and he nods. “You’ll keep taking your meds.” Another nod follows as a huge grin appears on his face. “We’re not… we still have a long way to go, Mulder.” He wants to take her into his arms, hold her tight and never let go, kiss her and never taste anything else ever again, but he stays put, waits for her.

“You came up with this whole you need to exercise ploy to make me come to your apartment? Scully, you know you could have called.”

“I know,” she tells him, leaning into his space and he can’t wait until they’re ready to take the next step, when this is not just banter but foreplay, “but let’s face it Mulder: you really are out of shape.”

“Says the woman with the leg injury.”

“It’s not an injury, it’s just – why are you grinning like that, Mulder?”

“No reason, Scully. No reason at all.” It’s happiness, he knows, and when she returns his smile he knows she sees it, too.


Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff; Hurt/Comfort 

Summary: Jungkook had been spending a lot of time with you lately, and Namjoon finally thought it was time to confront him about it. 

Word Count: 2844

Originally posted by totallyyehet

Namjoon leaned against the wall and gulped down the water from the clear plastic bottle. Sweat was pouring down the sides of his face, “Hey, do any of you guys know where Jungkook is?” 

It was already late afternoon and Jungkook still hadn’t shown up at the dance studio. This was very unheard of for the boys. Jungkook had always been the one to wake up really early or even pull an all-nighter in the studio to practice, but lately, that wasn’t the case. All the boys knew why he had been this way.

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i’m ready to break, you’re ready to bend

for @eggo-my-leggo, thanks for motivating me ely :)

read on ao3

tw: implied/referenced child abuse

Steve walked down the road quickly.  His eyes were burning, but he wasn’t sure how much of that was from the cold.  It was freezing, and he tucked his hands under his armpits before the fell off.  Winter in Indiana was always shitty, but in the evening it was even worse.

“Why the hell couldn’t you have grabbed your jacket, Harrington?” he muttered angrily at himself under his breath.

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He’s only been walking for about a minute before something in the air changes. Frowning, Castiel Novak looks up from where he’s been watching his step to take a look at the copse of trees around him, shivering slightly against the wind. The rain has finally cleared to give way for sunset–gold light spilling across hill and rock. It’s beautiful in an ancient, abandoned sort of way… but something in the air has him alert and careful. 

This glen demands respect.

He pays special attention to his steps from then on, careful not to put his feet anywhere outside the marked paths. 

The more Castiel walks, the faster his heart beats and his body curls into itself, and suddenly, the nice Scottish man who picked him up on the side of the road and drove him to the fairie glen doesn’t seem so crazy.

“They’re there,” he’d said sagely, nodding up the road. “Ye canna see ‘em, but they are. And if they choose you, lad, well… ye best do whatever they want, because fairies are a fickle sort.“ 

Dunvegan, the faerie castle, is a big and imposing outcropping of rocks, and after seeing the old and new spirals on its other side, Cas carefully makes his way to the top. There are a couple of people making their way back down, and he nods to them as they pass. 

But to get to the top, he has to climb up a narrow passageway. He goes from thinking he can fit with his backpack, to being completely stuck.

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anonymous asked:

Ahhh those Drabbles look great! Are you doing them as well? If you are , I request 53 "I can't believe you talked me into this" im not sure what would be cuter Niall pouting and grumpy about something (like your icon) or Niall super excited about something and you have to be grumpy . (Though let's be real, he radiates happiness, sunshine and good thoughts. That shit is contagious.)

Anonymous said:number 3 for the prompt thing!

Anonymous said:Prompt 3! “Don’t fucking touch me”

I ended up combining these two - enjoy!!!!!!

Hot Yoga

Originally posted by sweatandfitness

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

Niall sank down another inch into the passenger seat of your car and let out an annoyed huff.  You’d caught him in an extremely weak moment last night and gotten him to agree to join you at your favorite Bikram Yoga studio.  He must’ve missed the part where you mentioned class was at 7am.  You couldn’t really blame him for being distracted - your hands had been shoved down the front of his joggers while you traced the freckles along his neck with the tip of your tongue.  

“Niall.  You’re pouting.  Relax, it’ll be fun and it’s good for you.  Might actually do you some good to sweat out the last four nights of pints with the band.”

He shot forward in his seat, twisting to face you.  “We’re building a rapport! Can’t go touring if I don’t even like the guys in me band!”  Niall’s voice keened with offense.  You just snickered softly to yourself at his outburst and patted him softly on his knee.  You tucked your lip into your teeth trying desperately to suppress the giggle in your throat.  He glared at you from the corner of his clear blue eyes and curled his lip into a sneer.  “Don’t fucking touch me.”  You snatched your hand back to grip the wheel and raised your eyebrow at the petulant man child seated next to you.  “Ok Horan.  I’ll remember that later.”  Mornings had never been Niall’s strong suit and today was proving to be just more of the same.  As you trained your eyes back on the road you caught Niall’s lips pulled down into a frown, probably realizing he’d just cock-blocked himself.

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Don't You Remember Me? (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: You and Jason were friends before his death and after five years you became a vigilante in Gotham and ally with the Red Hood, not knowing who he is.

A/N: This is not a request but my requests are open! Also, I think this could be a series so if you guys like it and want a part 2 please tell me!

Keys: Y/H/N – Your Hero Name

Warnings: A little angst, blood, some curse words

It should have been a normal night of patrol if you didn’t get stabbed in your abdomen by a thug. You and the Red Hood were fighting with a bunch of drug dealers and you didn’t see that one of them had a knife in hands, so in a distracted moment you felt the steel penetrate under your skin, making a deep cut on your body. A lot of blood started bleeding out and before you knew it you were already on the ground.

“Y/H/N!” the Hood screamed before come running to you, he saw your wound and you could see the worry on his face “Oh fuck Y/H/N stay awake you’re gonna make through this.”

“I don’t know if I can” you murmured weak, you could almost feel your life leaving out your body.

“Of course you can! I’m not letting you di..” You couldn’t listen anymore, as you suddenly fainted.

You start to remember why you became a vigilante after all. Everything began when you met a little boy who happened to be your neighbor, Jason Todd. In that time you helped him get through all his family problems and he was your best friend in the world, you two were really close and the boy shared everything with you, even his biggest secrets, like when he became Robin. After that you started to see each other less because he was always training or in some mission, but that didn’t change your friendship at all, actually, it only made it stronger.

Of course, Jason wasn’t the easiest person to deal with and he had some hard anger issues, but you were the one who could calm him down and make him feel better every time.

Then, when you thought life was perfect, the Joker came and took him away from. Jason died and a part of you died together. That made you enter into a huge depression, you were angered because what happened to him and you missed that boy so damn much. You couldn’t stop thinking about him and being sad because he wasn’t with you anymore, and he would never be again.

But with that you faced the real world, and you knew you couldn’t just watch more people die because of crazy people like the Joker. You needed to do something. You needed to fight back.

That’s the reason why you became Y/H/N. So no one had to suffer the way you did anymore. Eventually some of the pain you felt started to fade away as you saved the people of Gotham, but there hasn’t been a day without you thinking about Jason Todd.

As your eyes open you’re still too stunned to see clearly. You try to look around, apparently you are in a bedroom, but you don’t think to know the place.

The last thing you remember you were on a mission with the Red Hood and you get stabbed. You look at yourself, there is a bandage on where you get hurt; your partner must have taken care of you.  

You deduce this is his bedroom as you notice some leather jackets on the floor and weapons placed on the wall. It’s a strange feeling to be here, you both always kept a very professional relationship, avoiding to be too close to each other since you both know this is a dangerous thing to do in a life like yours. You didn’t even know how he looked under the helmet.

You continue to observe the room until you see a portrait placed on the bedside table. It has a picture of two little kids, a boy with arm wrapped around a girl, they look like happiest children in the world with a genuine and pure smile. Tears fill your eyes with water, a long time ago you took this photo with Jason. Before you can think about anything someone enter the room.


A man comes next to you and you can’t believe it. At the first sight you have in those blue eyes you know who he his. You start to cry as you realize everything. Jason is alive. And by his clothes he is the Red Hood. The man you’ve been working with for months is your childhood best friend. How could all this be real?

“Y/H/N? Are you okay?” he asks, seeing the tears dropping from your face.  

You can’t contain your emotions looking at him, is this just a dream? Slowly you raise up your hand and slightly touch his face. He is real. It really is Jason Todd in front of you.

“…What are you doing?” he says, still confused by your behavior.

“Don’t you remember me?” you ask, only now realizing that you’re still wearing your mask, so you take it off. Jason sees your face but doesn’t understand what’s happening, so you pick up the portrait and give it to him “I’ve never thought I would see you again Jay”

His eyes wide open when he recognizes you and he is completely shocked. Neither of you know what to do or say, there was so many feelings involved, sadness, pain, anger, guilt…

Despite it all you make a little effort and hug him tight. For now, you’re just happy that Jason Todd is alive.

This is based on a quote I saw last week and I love it, the quote is at the end.  Thanks to @myuselessknowledge for the idea that fed this. 

It’s a future fic, kind of. Angst but not serious angst and a tiny bit of fluff. Some of this is under the cut.


It creeps up on Liam.   He suspects it’s the same for Zayn. It’s not deliberate, but it happens anyway.

They always knew they’d have to be separated for a while, it wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last.  In a way it sort of worked, they made it work.  

Till one day, it’s like he’d had his hands on the steering wheel for so long and all it took was one tiny distraction to take his hands away.

Just one night out, where the food was great and the company even better, and what he’d planned to be a swift meal and home by 10pm to hope Zayn would still be wide awake in New York, turned out to be 3am crawling into bed, glancing at his phone to see a whole bunch of missed calls but too tired to do anything about it.

That’s when it started.

It’s eight months later, it’s a freezing cold day in the middle of winter in London.   In LA, it’s sunny and warm, Liam just checked.  

It’s become sort of necessary to have that piece of information lately.  Some way to get the conversation flowing, though flowing?  That’s overegging the pudding so much.

He’s about to unlock his phone and hit speed dial or maybe in a few minutes he will when the phone starts ringing.

His heart sinks.  He’s not ready, he’s never ready lately, but from somewhere he conjures up a smile in his voice and presses the answer button.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey yourself,” it starts out like this every time, when they don’t have to force the notion that they’re pleased to hear each other’s voices.

Zayn still has the power to make Liam’s heart skip a bit just with one word, doesn’t even have to be a particularly grand word, just the way he’ll say something in that Yorkshire accent he’s so in love with and that’s never changed even after all these years they’ve spent to and from LA.

“Checked the weather before,” says Liam, “Scorching innit?”

He hears Zayn murmur a quiet, “Yeah.”

It starts then, the silence that used to be filled with nothing other than relief at the feeling that even though separated, they could still talk to each other, it’s now stilted, awkward and Liam’s scrambling to find what best to say, when there’s too much he wants to say but recent times have taught him to be careful.

“Wish I was there,” it’s the truth, but he knows it’s not the right thing to say as there’s a heavy sigh that comes down the other end of the phone line.

“Yeah, well, easily changed that as you know Liam,” it’s not that he sounds angry, it’s more that he sounds so tired, so weary, his tone is curt too, but Liam could overlook that, he could but just like a couple of days ago, like last week, like the week before it touches a nerve.

He tries to keep his voice even, tries not to let the defensiveness show in the tone of his response.

“How many times Zayn, how many times do we have to go through this until you realise that it’s not just me, you could be here, there’s a reason why we built a studio here.”

He fails.

“There’s a reason we built one here too babe,” Zayn’s voice is just so reasonable, so soft.  Too reasonable, too soft.

So if all else fails, like usual Liam makes an attempt at humour.

“You know what, we missed a trick Zedd, that studio in the middle of the ocean, that’s what we should have been spent all our money on.”

There would have been a time that Zayn would have snorted out a laugh, called Liam “you big doughnut,” and then they’d have carried on talking about everything, what they’d been up to.

“Mm,” is the only sound he gets in return and then it’s back, the silence except it’s worse even than before.

It’s not even quarrelling, not even a bitter fight with name calling, and yet somehow it’s worse, much worse and Liam looks at his watch, and it’s almost time for him to head to the studio, to try and push through to finishing this album.

Liam’s first big debut as a producer and he should be excited. 

Instead, he’s figuring out how to remove himself from a conversation that not that long ago could have lasted hours, even if they’d spoken no words, just to hear his breath, to hear him moving around the kitchen, occasionally dropping little words of commentary about where he was and what he was doing.

“Anyway, I have, erm, well stuff to do so we’ll talk soon,” it’s not a surprise Zayn beats him to it, it’s not a surprise that it’s as awkward as it would’ve been had Liam said it, “Won’t we?”

Those last two words though, the way Zayn sounds so uncertain, the fact that it’s a real question and the fact that he has to voice it at all.

It’s like Liam’s been kicked in the stomach because if he needed a clue as to how bad all this was, he has it.

 “We will Zayn, we will and it’s only a week or so till I see you, I really do mis-.”

 “Yeah anyway, love you.” 

Four words, and the last two used to feel like a fleece blanket on Liam when he was most cold, most afraid and tired of everything.  Now they just feel cold and unfamiliar.

Then there’s silence which is too suffocating, so Liam finishes, “Miss you,” to the ended call screen and to the room he’s in and then with a small glance because any longer will do things to him, he can’t express, he looks at the picture on the wall in their study, of them.  In times that feel like a lifetime since he says out loud, “Love you too.”

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Under The Rain

Anon said: Hey! I absolutely adore your blog :) I would like to request a Jimin scenario where the reader is an idol who’s dating Jimin for a while now but the public doesn’t know and one day a picture leaks of them and causes a scandal. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense. Thanks!!

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1.7k

A/n: I am so so sorry for the wait!! But every time I started writing something out of the blue would come out and interrupt me😭 Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this!! As this is my first time writing a non au scenario, feedback is appreciated!!

Your Pov

“Goodnight my beautiful princess” Jimin said, hugging you.

“Goodnight baby” you said leaving his warm arms to look up at him.

He smiled and kissed you.

*His hands on your hips and yours on his chest. You knew it wasn’t that safe to make out outside your house but neither of you seemed to care as the kiss started getting hotter with each minute that passed by.


You left each other’s lips, confusion on both of your faces.

“What was…” You started saying, realising what the sound was seconds after. “I hope its not what i think it is.” You looked at Jimin, who was now looking at the floor. “Jimin” His eyes met yours. “Please tell me it’s not what I’m thinking about”

He sighed.

“I don’t know, it’s late, baby” He hugged you one more time, but without the smile this time. “Go to sleep, and don’t worry”

“Okay, I will” Leaving his arms once again, you were too afraid to kiss him one more time, so you just got your keys and opened your door, getting in.

He stood outside your door, looking back at the dark street.

“Goodnight, baby” You said, making him turn and smile, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Goodnight, princess”

The sound of your phone vibrating woke you up. You stretched your arm to decline the call, until you saw the caller ID. It was your best friend.

“What do you want?” You said as soon as you grabbed the phone.

“Well, good morning to you too.” She said on the other line, making you laugh.

“But really, what was so important that you needed to call me at..” you stopped mid sentence to check you clock. “AT 6 AM ON A SUNDAY ARE YOU KIDDING?” you sat on the bed and started rubbing your eyes.

“I am not, check your twitter.” you couldn’t believe it.

“You are telling me that you woke me up because there’s a new meme going around on twitter?” You sighed “You really should call Jungkook not me.”

“No, this time this call is not about a fresh meme” You made a noise in disbelief “I did call Kook yesterday for that”

“That’s more like you” You said, rolling your eyes, which were still heavy since you just woke up.

“Anyway, this is about you” She paused. “I don’t want to tell you, just check your twitter, okay?”

“Okay, but how does this….” You stopped once you realised she had just hanged up “Shit”.

You got up from the bed and went to the kitchen to have breakfast, knowing that once you woke up you were not going to fall asleep any time soon.

After some minutes you were finally sitting on the table with your toasts and your coffee and just then you decided to finally open twitter to see the reason why you were awake so early.

You stopped eating and dropped the toast that was on your hand, you couldn’t believe all the pictures on your feed.

The pictures were all the same, but they were everywhere. Jimin on your doorstep, hands on your waist kissing your lips. You didn’t know how he got that angle, but you could clearly see that the two figures kissing were both of you, and the tittle said. Feeling dizzy you stopped eating.

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distractions | tyler bate

Originally posted by wrestlingsexriot

Tyler Bate was the UK champion, accomplishing such a prestigious title at just nineteen years old. He had the world in his hands and just about everything anyone could ever wish for- an incredible job, dedicated fans, considerable wealth.

The only thing missing was her.

And at one point, Tyler did, in fact, have her in his life. He had all of her quirks and habits, all of her cheesy jokes and references, all of her love and support. Lucky didn’t even begin to describe his circumstances, but he failed to show it enough; just as quickly as she came into his life, she left.

Or, she didn’t leave, per say. She was driven away by his inability to balance his rapidly-growing career and their relationship. There wasn’t that mutual effort they swore on however many months ago; it was just a pipe dream, after all. The electric feeling she once got even just hearing his voice via short-lived phone calls had sizzled out. There wasn’t much of anything anymore. 

It wasn’t to be blamed on her, either. Though it had been tough, she’d worked through the issues sure to come about with Tyler moving onto the big league of WWE. Greater time away from each other was among that list, looming over them like a dark cloud. If they could make the distance work, they could make anything work.

That was just a pipe dream, too. She’d done her part, devoting countless time to work around his schedule, despite her parents’ disapproval. They’d been convinced it wasn’t worth it, Tyler not being “good enough” for their daughter, not putting forth enough effort to truly make her happy. She’d fought so hard for him, saying over and over again just how happy he made her, the happiest she’d been in her entire life.

Initially, both side puts in equal effort, until it eventually disintegrated into nothing more than a poor relationship drug on by two people unwilling to let go. Tyler knew, to some extent, that he wasn’t the same; his life was ten times more hectic and unfortunately, his relationship felt the consequences. But she would stay, right? They’d overcame too many battles for her to walk away because he was a little distant and distracted. She wouldn’t leave him, he was sure.

Meanwhile, she was fighting this battle on her own. Staying with him hurt like hell, his changed behavior feeling like they had already broken up. And leaving him would be just as painful; she was at war with herself, but neither potential outcome was a victory.

When she finally made a decision, the weight on her shoulder all but lifted. Instead, fifty more pounds were added upon it. The time had come to stop making excuses for Tyler, time to stop hanging on, time to stop being the sole reason they were still together. She hated that she had to finally fulfill her parents’ wishes after all the fighting she’d done with them to defend Tyler, but all along, she’d been the fool in too deep. 

He was due to come home for a few days, but soon enough, he’d be gone once again. Even though she could barely handle talking to him when she was planning to end things as soon as he was home, he deserved much more than a phone call break-up. He may have become too endowed in his career, but that didn’t mean she sought out to break his heart, even if he had unconsciously broken hers. He was chasing his dream and all she could do was chase him.

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted, his voice alone nearly making her forget about her upcoming announcement. 

She smiled, a weak replica of the one she usually donned when around him. “Hey.”

Rather than springing up from the couch to meet him by the door, she folded into herself, his eyebrows furrowed a bit as he noticed the odd behavior. “Everything alright?” he ensured, dropping his bag as he took a seat and pulled her to his side. 

Every fiber of her being was begging for her to say yes, yearning to stay tucked in his side and away from the harsh reality. It always felt like she belonged there, right in his arms, but she’d learned long ago that she could no longer find a home in Tyler.

“Is it?” she asked, trying to keep the tears at bay. She’d done enough crying to last a lifetime. “Do you think everything’s alright?”

“I’m here with you, everythin’ feels alright with you.”

A sad chuckle slipped past her lips, unfit for the situation at hand. “But are you really here?”

His head turned slightly, unsure of what she meant as he reached forward to wipe away the few unrelenting tears that had managed to bypass her repetitive blinking. She was being too cryptic, but it was a way to avoid the direction this was ultimately heading. Stalling never did her much good, though. 

“Talk to me, love,” he begged, taking her hands in his as she pushed away from him softly, “Y/N, you gotta tell me what’s goin’ on.”

“You can’t be that blind, Tyler. When was the last time we had a conversation with actual substance? We talk to each other just to convince ourselves we’re okay.”

He was silent, attempting to wrap her back into his side again, but she shook her head and stayed in place. 

“Let’s just end it, okay? You’re doing big things and I’m just…I’m just here.”

“No….” he disagreed, his voice much, much quieter and broken than just mere minutes ago, “No, you can’t do this. I’m sorry, I promise I’ll try harder to make this work. I love you." 

Tyler had a life to live. He had schedules to fulfill and goals to be accomplished. At this point in time, she just couldn’t be with him along the way. He could deny it all he wanted, but that was a simple fact. While he was living the life, she’d be rebuilding hers. 

With a tear-stricken face and a wavering voice, she finished it. "It’s over, Tyler.”

There was no moving on process. Tyler didn’t move on; the idea was foreign to him, the words tasting bitter on his tongue when he even thought about speaking them. If he couldn’t be a good enough man for the one he loved most, he didn’t deserve to find new happiness in someone else. Not that he would be able to, anyway. She was it for him, he’d told himself that numerous times when he watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest in the morning.
Even so, he’d fallen into the one trap he vowed to never fall into, losing her in the process. Maybe she was gone for good, maybe he’d never get the chance to hold her in his arms again. For right now, he could somewhat live off the faint memory of her warmth radiating against his chest and the countless pictures they’d taken together in their prime.

And as he explained the story to a friend who had asked about his downcast expressions, he realized just how many mistakes he made. A long time ago, he’d told her he would treat her better than anyone else ever could, yet it had become just another lie. He’d become the man her parents viewed him as, a distracted shell of the person he used to be. 

“Her parents always hated me,” he admitted, tracing his fingers along the rim of his drink, “I guess they were right.”

Ch.4 (Last): Another Chance

A/N: It’s finally finished! I hope you all enjoy the final stretch of the ride! 

Also on AO3 & FFnet

Ch. 4: 4.7k words
Entire fic: 12.7k words

-sleapy 😴

[reblogs are appreciated!]

Lance got off the train and walked to the diner, head bowed into his phone reading the directions. Destination is on your left , his screen announced in bold lettering.

“Left?” he muttered to himself, glancing up and realizing he was on the wrong side of the street. The diner’s nondescript front was easy to miss. He would never have spared it a second glance if he wasn’t looking for it. He crossed and peered inside through the windows to see if Keith had arrived. His eyes were scanning the booths when a low voice tickled against his ear,

“Looking for someone?”

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523.8, (part one)

fandom: wolf 359
notes: T, domestic/library au, fluff, pairings are still undecided
characters: all of the main 8, with cameos from minor characters

summary: Scenes from Goddard Inc’s takeover of the Hephaestus; an independent, space-themed public library. Plus; Hilbert’s catnip, drunk trivia nights, Dewey Decimal spot-checks, Hera’s demon mom, Stampy the Roomba, and the continuing mystery of Jacobi’s actual job title.

“There are only three things you need to know about this place,” Lovelace announced as she sat down for her review. “Firstly: Eiffel is not allowed to ride the book train.”

also available on ao3

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The Matchmakers - Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A drabble series I’m working on with @setthestarsxnfire​, hope you enjoy! 

The pictures Jihyun had selected to auction off at the next party were perfect, as always. They were different than his usual themes of landscapes and the sky, featuring laughing couples at holiday events, creating a warm atmosphere just by looking at them.
A strange feeling of regret hit Jumin. It would have been nice to have a picture of yesterday, when Zen showed him around the fair and made him try all kinds of things he had never heard of before. He had thoroughly enjoyed it and surprisingly enough, hadn’t thought about work that entire afternoon. That had never happened before.
He noticed Assistant Kang entering his office and greeting his best friend. Just as he was about to ask why she was here, Jihyun gently touched his shoulder and turned his attention back to him.
“Thank you for taking time to look at them Jumin, I appreciate it.”
“Of course.” Something about the timing felt a bit odd, but he couldn’t place his finger on it.
After V left, Jumin returned to his desk with the intent of working the whole evening. His eye fell on a modern apparatus lying on the mahogany. Ah, Jihyun had forgotten his camera. He would be sure to send it back to him via courier.
Next to the camera, there was a stack of contracts accompanied by a DVD box. He picked it up, inspecting the cover. It looked like a romantic story, if all the rose petals and sparkly clouds were an indication. The male lead made him double-check.
Was that… Zen? He was wearing a black wig but there was no mistaking those red eyes and handsome, symmetrical features.
Hmm. Didn’t his father once mention this building had its own cinema?
Unbelievable. Once again Zen found himself in C&R on his way to Jumin’s office. This was starting to look less like a coincidence and more like the God of Fate was actively yanking his chain.
He remembered he had been trying to relax at home, trying not to constantly stare at the two, two!, gifts he had received from Jumin now. The teddy bear sat next to the vase of roses as he was unsure what else to do with it, serving as a reminder of what had happened the past days. Every time he glanced at them, there was a strange tingling sensation in his chest. He did have fun at that fair, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. Why was Jerkmin Han being so nice to him anyway? Could it be that the cold corporate robot was coming out of his shell… because of him?
His phone rang while he had a mini freak-out and Zen picked up, glad for the distraction.
“Hello Zen. How are you?”
“Heya! I’m fine. What’s up, V?”
“I was wondering if you could help me. I left my camera at Jumin’s office and I don’t have time to go back for it now. Could you pick it up for me?
“W-why me?! Surely Jaehee would be better-“
“I asked everyone else but they’re all busy. Please Zen, you’re my last hope.”
“I… Alright.”
“Thank you so much Zen. Please take your time.”
V had helped him many times with his problems, he would be an ass to refuse. In hindsight, he should have asked what the hell he meant with ‘take your time’.
He told a receptionist that he was here to see Jumin. When she directed him to a room that wasn’t his office, Zen was confused. Even more when the sign outside said room read MOTION PICTURES.
Once he entered the small room, he was shocked to see what was displayed on the wide screen. That was him on stage in his hanbok, waxing poetically about lost love. And there was Jumin, sitting on the large U-shaped couch, holding a glass of red wine.
Out of nowhere, a woman with black long hair approached him with a cart full of drinks, asking if he’d like something. When Jumin turned to look at him, he felt like a deer in headlights and mumbled something about a beer. Her smile when she gave him a glass and walked off reminded him way too much of that moment on the fair.
“Zen? Why are you here?”
“Yeah, I came here because… Why are you watching this?” He pointed towards the screen, the glass of beer almost spilling over, forgetting his original mission.
“I found a DVD. I believe Assistant Kang must have accidentally left it behind.”
“Okay… But why are you watching it?”
“I was… curious. To see if your acting was as good as everyone claims it to be.”
Of course his acting was great! Not like he needed Jumin to confirm that! Before he could stop himself, he took a seat next to the executive. It wasn’t because he wanted to know Jumin’s opinion, he told himself. It was because he looked so handsome on the wide screen and he didn’t want to waste a good beer.
“And?” Damn it.
Jumin was smiling, small but it was there, eyes glued to the screen. Zen stared at him in fascination. He had never seen him like this before.
“Had I never met you, I would have sworn this is who you truly are. Very natural. No wonder you have so many fans.”
Wow. A genuine compliment. The biggest grin appeared on his face, accompanying the joyous feeling. As soon as he realized what he was doing, Zen quickly took a big gulp of his beer to hide his face.
They continued to watch the musical, Jumin occasionally pointing out moments he enjoyed, making Zen feel increasingly more fuzzy and flustered. When the heavy dramatic scene came up, they were silent, both immersed in the moment. It then changed into a romantic exchange between the two leads and suddenly Zen felt something warm wrap around him, breaking him out of his movie trance.
Jumin’s arm was around him. Jumin’s freaking arm was around him! It didn’t seem like Jumin was aware of what he was doing as the dark-haired man kept staring at the screen. Zen blushed heavily as thoughts raced through his mind.
‘Okay. Is this happening? This is actually happening. Okay, I really should say something before it gets awkward. Say something. Say something!’
And then Jumin pulled him closer and Zen felt all blood rush to his head as he leant against the warm executive, so fast he was almost dizzy.
‘Oh God I’ve taken too long. Now it’s awkward if I say something. Maybe… maybe he’ll let go soon enough without him noticing.’
With that thought, he resigned to his fate. The combination of body warmth, beer and drowsy atmosphere slowly made his head droop until it rested on something comfortable.
Zen on screen was dying. It took Jumin all he had not to yell out at the injustice of it all, instead opting to hold on tight, as if that would bring comfort to the people in the movie. Despite the drama, he felt quite pleasant. Warm and soft.
His phone buzzed in his pocket and it pulled Jumin back to reality. He had completely forgotten about the planned overseas business call. That was not like him at all.
He almost dropped his empty wine glass when he turned his head, Zen’s hair brushing against his nose. The actor’s head leaned on his shoulder, with his arm around Zen. Jumin shot up from the couch, making Zen fall over with an undignified squawk.
“I need to make a call. Please, feel free to finish watching.” It took all he had not to stutter. He couldn’t even look at Zen, adjusting his tie for no reason.
As he rushed out of the room, trying his hardest to keep down the heat threatening to spread across his complexion, he didn’t see Zen plant his face in his hands behind him.

707: V, I thought you said you sent Zen to Jumin’s office?
V: I did, to pick up the camera I left there.
Jaehee Kang: Like you asked, I also put the DVD near it.
707: Then why don’t I see them both there?
MC: The plan was that they would meet there and hopefully they’d talk about it, right?
Saeran: Are you sure you’re checking the right security cameras?
707: How dare you doubt my God Skills!
MC: Don’t tell me they both missed each other?
Yoosung★: Nooo, not after all that effort!
Jaehee Kang: Looks like this plan was a bust.
V: ^_^;;;
Saeran: Right, enough
Saeran: Let me show you all how it’s done
MC: :O!
Jaehee Kang: Oh dear.

No Substitute

February 14

Day 1: Valentine’s Day

Title: No Substitute

User: manika-on-a-whim

Summary: Every year, during the Valentine’s Day, Sasuke and Sakura try to move on. But they realise that their feelings for each-other won’t ever fade.


No matter who I choose…

They don’t compare to you…


It was another one of those boring days spent amidst the piles of Patients’ reports and thick medical texts in her small office room. She yawned for the umpteenth time that hour and turned her head to stare out of the window in hopes of distracting herself with something interesting happening out there on the streets. Unfortunately, her eyes fell upon a couple who looked not more than 14-year-olds. The sight was enough to make her lower her lashes and bite her bottom lip in anxiety. The surprisingly young pair reminded her of how ‘not-boring’ today’s day is as today is none other than the day famed and celebrated with enthusiasm amongst loving couples— The Valentine’s Day. It is a day that people spend with the ones that they hold dear to their hearts.

Sakura passed her fingers to untangle her messy pink locks and huffed in annoyance for she has not even a single companion to spend the day. Naruto is going to be busy with his new found love interest Hinata Hyuga (finally!) whereas Ino is busy getting ready for her first date with the emotionally impaired Sai. Her parents are going out for dinner tonight and even Kakashi-sensei is going to spend the day with Kurenai-sensei and her little daughter Mirai. She sighed in irritation. If only she had someone…

Thoughts of a dark haired young man with mismatched irises crossed her mind. She pouted wearily and placed her head to rest it atop her folded arms. With her eyelids closed, she tried to picture the man she has come to love despite of the long distances separating them. A smile crept upon her soft pink lips when she imagined him wandering around the world with his squared-shoulders and aloof demeanour.

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anonymous asked:

prompt: have you ever thought of a sprace fake dating au??

It occurred to me after I wrote this that it’s not what either of you had in mind but this is what I came up with so thought I’d share it anyway

Spot had no idea why he’d agreed to this. Well actually he knew exactly why he’d agreed – because Race had asked (and then persuaded by other means when simple words proved ineffective) – but that didn’t mean Spot had to be happy about it. Prom was supposed to be this big rite of passage thing and even though he’d told everyone he was only begrudgingly going because everyone else was and they’d spent days trying to talk him into it so he’d agreed just to shut them up, he actually did want to go. He wanted to spike the punch and dance inappropriately with Race to annoy the chaperones. He wanted to sneak out of the gym into the main school building so he could kiss Race in the middle of the empty classroom where they’d been called fags, just to prove a point. What he didn’t want was to be sat in Race’s garden, watching his boyfriend kiss someone else.

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*Alec Lightwood* Her Lost Parabatai

Alec Lightwood X Girl

Requested: Nope

Plot: Alec Finds out that Carissa had a parabatai.

Word Count:  1,634

A/N: Not my gif, surprisingly I couldn’t find any without really looking. Also this is not edited, most of my imagines are edited before I post them. I’m writing an Imagine right now, but I needed to put this up.

I started to storm away feeling angry drilling in my veins. Alec’s distance and angry had me on the edge in the beginning. He treated me like I’m worthless to him. I tried shaking it off and ignore the worst feeling in this place. I just couldn’t anymore.

Before Izzy had pulled us together by locking us in a room over night. Our relationship was filled hatred and insults hiding true feelings. It never got this bad, Alec was too unpredictable at this point.

A bigger hand than mine gripped onto my right wrist. The grip tightened making me stop in my tracks. The hand that I knew was Alec’s yanked me back. His hand had rough calluses along his soft skin from train too much.

His chocolate brown eyes stared into my blue feverish ones. His body frame was tense with anger again. “Where do you think your’e going?” He asked viciously with his now black eyes.

“Away from you!” I seethed through my teeth, I pulled my wrist from his grip and started to walk again. Sickling words that came from his mouth made me stop a few feet away from him.

“You don’t understand, you’ve never had parabatai.” His voice strict, because he didn’t know how wrong he really was. The words echoed in my head throwing me back to the horrible memories.

I turned my head to look at his black eyes again, “I did, but I lost him.” My voice wavered thinking about my parabatai. The other half to my soul, the other half of my heart, and the other half of my everything.

Those words were the last thing I said to him before running off. tears flowing down my cheeks and the sob bubbling up in my throat. He called for me with his voice totally different as if the angry was never there.

I around a few corners and made my way up stairs before I saw my room’s door. Once I got into my room I locked it with my heart pounding as I slide down the heavy door.

It wasn’t long before I was fully sobbing, feeling the black makeup make it’s way down my face. The banging on my door made it’s way to my body, “Carissa! I didn’t know, open the door!” He sounded desperate, I didn’t care and I didn’t want to listen to him.

I stood up hearing him trying to open the door, I reached into my back pocket. Pulling out my steel and drawling the lock rune onto the door. Alec noticed right away as he stopped shaking the knob.

He sighed knowing he couldn’t get though to me, right now I don’t think I cold get through to me. I walked across the room and crawled onto my bed, dropping into a slight fetal position. Clutching the steel into my left hand, thinking about my former parabatai.

I remembered us training like it was yesterday morning. His hair a shade darker than Alec’s, his blue eyes icier than mine. His frame was broad, but that never stopped him from pushing me to the limit.

I pictured us in the training room, staffs held with both hands. Left, right. The staffs met at each end with a clunk, hearts racing and muscles burning. I tried with most of me to over power him.

One little distraction and my staff flew across the room, eyes wide as he pulled me against him with my back against his chest. He held me there with his arm around my stomach and his staff against my chin.

 I sighed angrily, as he breathed heavily into my ear. “Right he the blade would go into your stomach.” His voice void as he dug his finger into my bare skin above my waist band.

I wacked the staff away and slipped from his grip fast. Kicking under his feet once he least expected my attack. He hit the floor hard, I straddled him before he could get up. I grabbed his staff before it rolled away, holding it to his chest.

I took one hand away and dug one figure into the left side of his chest. “..And right here the blade will plunge into your heart, Dakota.” I said with an evil smirk.

He chuckled, taking away the blade and sitting up as my arm sunk to my side. “Who knew my innocent Carr, was such a badass.” He stated making me giggle.

I slipped into darkness as my mind wondered to our ritual. The last thing I remembered was drawling the parabatai rune on his left shoulder blade.

I woke up to the feeling of pressure around my waist. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusing, I stirred to see Alec fast asleep beside me. I looked to the door to see the lock rune vanished.

“What the hell!” I yelled in complete confusion, The body next to me rolled too far that he eventually fell to the floor with a thud. Fully awake I threw the duvet off my body and jumped from my bed to the floor.

“What happened?” Alec’s morning voice gave me a taste of heaven. It sounded concerned as I made my way to the closet. “I woke up and found in my bed, why are you even in here?” I asked with no emotion as I was still made at him.

I pulled out a simple navy blue shirt, Alec sighed slightly. “Runes don’t last 12 hours.” He spoke, I took off the shirt I was currently wear and put on the one in my hands. “I know, but I asked you why you were in my room. Not how long runes last.” I said glancing at him as I made my way to the dresser.

“I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday, About your parabatai. When I came in you were sleeping.” Alec explained as his eyes watched me. “So you thought to just climb into my bed and join me?” I asked stripping from the shorts I was wearing.

“Well, yeah. I sleep with you every night.” He mentioned as I grabbed a pair of black jeans. I turned my attention to him with a confused expression again. “No, you don’t. You haven’t sleep in my bed since Jace left.” I said while I yanked on the pants.

He shook his head, “I do, I just wait until you’re sleeping before crawling in. I leave right before you stir awake.” He said giving me knew information. I slowly nodded.

“So I thought about your parabatai and who he could be. He had to be someone close to you, someone really close to you as if he was your brother. it’s Dakota, he was so protective of you.But you tolled everyone he had to go back to idrise.” Alec’s eyebrows knitted  as he pieced everything together.

We both took a seat on the end of the bed. I looked at my feet while they curled into each other. “Me and Dakota took on a mission way to big for us, too many demons in one place. I believed we could of done it, but we couldn’t. I wished I saw it when The last demon had taken his blade and shoved the blade into his chest. I screamed with everything as I ran to him, hot tears flowed down my face. I ran my blade into the demon before running to Dakota’s aid again. I remembered everything like it just happened.” I said now sobbing as I re-watched him die again.

Alec grabbed my shaking body and pulled me into his lap. He cradled me close to his chest, letting me cry into his dark shirt. “Alec It was my fault he’s gone.” I sobbed loudly.

He didn’t say anything as he rocked me back in forth. It took awhile before he got me to a subtle whimper. “I know I’m not better than him, but you have me, you Izzy, and sadly you have Fray.” Alec said making you giggle at the last part.

“When I lost hi-

“You don’t have to tell me.” Alec cut me off.

“When I lost him I could feel him drifting from our connecting. I could feel him dying and I knew I lost a part of me, the best part of me. The last thing he said to me was he loved me and I shouldn’t blame his death on me.” I spoke feeling my eyes dry from crying too much already.

“Where’s the rune?” He asked.

I got off him and stood in front of him, I took the hem of the shirt into my hands and pulled it over my head. “My left shoulder blade, you might be able to see it now I tolled you.” I spoke.

“Yeah I can see it, it looks red as if someone ripped it from your body.” Alec said speaking softly. I nodded my head slowly, “I never wanted to memory of him to fully leave so I did that.” I said.

“How?” He asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” My voice icy.


I pulled my shirt down and turned to face his brown eyes. “No one knew we were parabatai’s, but the clave. It was safer for both of us that way.” I explained.

“Fair enough.” Alec said agreeing why he didn’t know.

“You wont end up like us, we’ll find Jace and everything will be thrown back in place. He means just as much to you as Dakota meant to me. That’s a lot.” I said.

“Thank you.” He whispered back, leaning down. I grabbed onto his shirt going on to my tippy-toes and kissing him. The kiss was long and meaningfull. I knew at this moment that losing a parabatai would lead to actual love.  

anonymous asked:

This is a little silly maybe, but how are you supposed to use a tangle? My therapist has a box of stim toys and I love most of them, especially the squeeze balls and pin art toy, but I was unsure of what to do with the tangle and too self conscious to try much with it. And I was really anxious at the time, so I went back to the things I knew worked for me. I do want to try it again, I'm just nervous and want an idea of what to try with it.

Anon, no question is too silly, and absolutely not this one. You’re speaking to someone who also hates trying new things in front of other people. And there’s no reason why you should have to feel uncomfortable when you can ask first!

(Can I say that asking other people for help is also terrifying? And you did it! So go you, seriously, for doing something as scary as asking someone else for an explanation so that you feel more comfortable and capable in trying something new. Besides, I’m certain there’s someone else out there wondering what to do with a Tangle and is too afraid to ask, and now you’ve helped them out, too.)

I talk a little about how I use my Tangle in this ask as well, but I’ll go into more detail about the common moves I make with mine:

  • Twisting. I take my Tangle, loop it around one finger and twist it until the links in the middle wrap around each other and the Tangle forms a twisted line with two loops at the end. (It looks to me like a horse’s snaffle bit!) You can twist lightly or twist heavily for the creaking noise it makes when the plastic presses together (but note that heavy twisting is how I’ve broken two pegs on my favourite Tangle).
  • Coiling. This is colloquially called The Thing: trying to repeat the tight coil that the packaged Tangle arrives in. It took me a while to figure out how to do this reasonably reliably (most of the time instead of never).
  • Weaving. I can twist my tangle through four of my fingers, same as most of us do with a hair tie or elastic band. (Actually, aside from the stretching and flicking aspects, many things we do unconsciously with an elastic band we can do with a Tangle.)
  • Wrapping. You can coil your Tangle around a finger or thumb, or two fingers, or a finger and thumb.
  • Knotting. This is me, either around a finger or without, trying to shape the Tangle into knot-like shapes. I can get shapes that look like a four-leaf clover or vaguely Celtic-knot like. This is done by forming a loop with the Tangle, then forming another loop, and so on, and then pushing the loops into different shapes and positions. It’s a little like a 3D puzzle.
  • Spinning. I let the Tangle sit in one loop around my pointer finger and I spin it. Simple, satisfying, a little dangerous (make sure there’s space so you don’t hit anything, anyone or yourself). This one can be distracting for others, so it’s probably best kept for at-home stimming should you get a Tangle of your own.
  • Turning. I slide both wrists into my Tangle loop, facing opposite ways, and turn my hands around in circles, pressing against the Tangle. Also another potentially distracting stim.

I also have a tendency to do things like loop my Tangle around my ear, run it over my lips, rub it over my forehead or shake it to hear the pieces rattle against each other. These sorts of things, while pleasing, are probably best done with one’s own Tangle in a private or non-judgemental space, since neurotypicals don’t tend to respond well to seeing someone try to wrap a Tangle Jr around their own ear!

Lastly, I did some hunting to see if I could find a video (more watchable for me than a GIF) of someone using a Tangle, because this is the sort of thing where a picture is worth a thousand words, you know?

So here’s Stimtastic’s Tangle Jr. Fidget Toy video. (Sadly, to the pain of everybody, Stimtastic no longer stocks Tangles.) It has no sound and shows the Tangle in reasonably slow movements, although folks who don’t like watching moving hands might wish to avoid this one:

[image description: a light-skinned person in a long-sleeved purple jumper holding a yellow, purple, red and green Tangle Jr. The video image shows only their hands and part of their chest. The video shows several of the movements, especially the coiling, knotting and twisting, listed in the dot-point text above.]

If my followers have some cool Tangle moves that belong on this post, please comment and I’ll add them!