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So I’m, y’know, not getting any homework done. At all. However, my inspiration rate is through the roof for fire!witch Keith. Must be my messy room. (That PSAT joke oo) Anyway, apologies for the crappy quality; I took these pictures with my phone, and then decided to just put them on here instead of cropping the actual image and stuff, since it’s all on the same document. Oops.

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RukiHime Week Day 1: Happiness

Orihime loved Rukia’s art so she decided to bring one of her works into life. (•ؔʶ̷ ˡ̲̮ ؔʶ̷)✧ The face Rukia made when she surprised her with a life-sized plushie of Chappy was priceless.


@givemeareasonnotto  Requested: BTS reaction to you speaking 5 languages(and you are learning Korean at that time?)THANK YOU


Jin would have surprised when he found out that you can speak korean. You guys were eating and you got a phone call from one of the BlackPink members and responded in Korean.

*Looks at you with wide eyes* “Wait? An-Annyeonghaseyo?”


Namjoon would have been cracking up because he couldn’t find out sooner. When you greeted one of his producers, he looked at you all surprised. 

“WHat the hell Y/n? How did you not tell your own boyfriend?”


To be honest, Yoongi would have been surprised and confronted to you about it. He would have been happy that you took the time to learn Korean. 

“Woah, You know hangul? That’s kinda REALLY cool!”


Hoseok would have been so proud that you knew how to understand and speak Korean. He would give you complex sentences just to tease with you too. 

“WOw, now you can order food from korean resturants for me!”


Jimin would have been so shy when you knew how to speak Korean. He would always brag about you in korean in front of you so you would not understand. 

“OMg! WHy haven’t you told me? Omg this is so embarrassing!” *hides face in his sweater paws*


Taehyung would have literally been so shocked. When you guys were at a fan sign, a fan asked to take a picture with the both of you and you responded in Korean.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? Am I hearing things?” *Clears out ears*


Jungkook would have been jungshooked when he heard you calling your friend in Korea. 





🌸Some littles to write real letters and postcards
🌸And send some cute stickers and notes and colouring pages
🌸And just surprise them with a little package with little stuffie and note
🌸And to wait for someone’s response and go to the post office with this feeling of excitement and trying not to destroy their envelope while opening it
🌸It would be THE BEST THING EVER reading letter from some other little, knowing that they took time trying to write the prettiest way and decorate it with little drawings and lines omg

Just sens me a message if you’d like that!!

Right, so I decided he had a space in my Inktober “heroes of page and screen”. The new trailer makes me wonder whether there is a path back to the light for him. I’m really, really looking forward to December.

I had high-ish hopes for The Force Awakens. The new characters - Rey, Finn, Poe - looked nice, and I had a lot of confidence in J. J. Abrams, who has always had a knack to invest me in his characters (something that the prequels had utterly failed to do, even though I adore Ewan McGregor).

I was so afraid that TFA might suck that I watched it with such apprehension that I barely took in any of it. I remember us - hubby and both kids, our first Star Wars outing - leaving the cinema saying aloud, with a slightly wondrous undertone, “I think that was pretty good.”

After that thought had had time to settle, we went twice more. Again, with the entire family. Once with my parents over Christmas, and then again on my birthday in February (with the kids dressed up as Stormtrooper and Rey). By then, the transformation was long complete - from “I think that totally didn’t suck” to “OMG I FRIGGIN LOVE THIS FILM”.

What surprised me was that none of the wonderful, fantastic new heroes had made it for me - yes, Rey, Finn and Poe are all pure awesomeness, but I’d firmly fallen for the villain. That had never happened to me. There are a lot of women who love bad boys - I never did. I was always Luke, not Han; Thor, not Loki; John, not Sherlock; Remus, not Sirius. I thought I simply was that way.

In the build-up of the film, I had completely overlooked Kylo Ren in his mask. I’d put him down as the generic villain, and rolled my eyes as I saw him on the first boys’ pyjamas at C&A in November, my thoughts confirmed. I was totally surprised to see such a fleshed-out character in a Star Wars film, which had never been known for its deft handling of good and evil, especially not a mix thereof. It gives me high, high hopes for the conclusion of this trilogy.

And then, of course, there’s that face of Adam Driver’s. What an incredibly dorky face that somehow manages to get handsome-ish in costume. It’s so un-Hollywood, and such fun to draw.

EXO when they hear you sing for the first time.

*I do not own the gif’s*


He’d be amazed by your voice but when you notice him you would stop and blush. ‘’Jagi, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You have an amazing voice.’’ He would pull you on the couch with your legs over his lap and you will continue singing but this time you would sing ‘Colors’ for him. ‘’You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowing sink.’’

omg this one is a bit cheesy lol


When he hears you sing ‘Boombayah’ he is surprised. Because you never sing in front of him. ‘’I don’t want a boy. I need a man.’’ He would pause the music and you would look up in surprise. ‘’I may have a bit of a baby face, but I am very manly and you know that.’’ You would walk to him and put your arms around his neck. ‘’Baby, I love your face so shush and yes I know you’re manly.’’ You would peck his lips. ‘’You have an amazing voice by the way.’’ This would make you bury your face in his chest.


He hears you sing while he’s learning his lines for his new movie. He finds you in the kitchen stirring in the pan while singing ‘Not On Drugs’.’’Baby, listen please. I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.’’ He would wrap his arms around you from behind and would place a kiss on your neck. ‘You have an amazing voice, baby. I hope you’re going to sing more often.’’


While you’re doing chores you sing along with ‘Here’. He would be amazed by your voice. ‘’Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this. An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this.’’ You probably wouldn’t notice him until you’re done with the song. So out of nowhere, he would say ‘’Wow, jagi, you have a beautiful voice.’’ You would jump in the air. ‘’Babe, you scared me!’’ he would laugh at you and give you a kiss on your temple.


When he sees you dance to ‘National Anthem’  you already took his interest. But when you even begin to sing - ‘’Tell me I’m your National Anthem. Ooh yeah baby bow down, makin’ me so wild now.’’ - this unicorn wouldn’t even know where to start with complementing you on your skills.  ‘’Omg baobei! You have an amaaaaazing voice.’’ You would blush and he would attack you with hugs.


He would come into your living room when he sees you and your friend with a guitar on the couch and what surprised him was that you were singing. You didn’t notice that he came home so he would just listen to your voice. ‘’Remember those walls I built. Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.’’ Your friend, of course, noticed that he came in but she knows how shy you can be when you sang in front of other people. So you didn’t notice until you were done singing that he was standing at the door opening. ‘’Omg, Baekhyun. How long have you been standing there?’’ you said a little embarrassed. ‘’Long enough so I could hear your beautiful voice.’’ You would hide your face behind your hands so he couldn’t see your red face.


He would watch you sing ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ with so much passion written over your face he would giggle a little. ‘’Flame you came from me. Fire meet gasoline. Fire meet gasoline. I’m burning alive.’’ Don’t get me wrong he would find your voice amazing. Now that he knows that you can sing like that, he would want to play games like ‘Who could reach the highest notes’. ‘’We should definitely check out who can sing the highest note.’’ He would say out of nowhere. You would turn around quick. ‘’How long have you been standing there?’’  ‘’Since you began to use the broom as your mic.’’ He would say smiling.


You were inspired by Chanyeol’s cover of ‘All of me’ so you sat behind Chanyeol’s keyboard and searched a video of the chords of the song so you could learn them and maybe show it to Chanyeol when he comes home. You were a quick learner so you learned the chords and began to sing. Little did you know Chanyeol came home a little earlier and saw you behind his keyboard. ‘’Give me all of you. Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts’’ ‘’Wow, I didn’t know I had such a talented girlfriend.’’ he would say and you would turn around a little shocked because you didn’t know that he had been watching ‘’Thanks, babe’’ you would say smiling. Now that he knows that you could sing, he would want to sing more with you. Maybe even record a song with you.


He would come home from practicing with EXO and he would hear some distant singing coming from the bedroom. He slowly opened the door and you were folding your clothes with ‘Dear No One’ coming through your Bluetooth box. ‘’I like my space, yeah. But I’d love to have a soul mate.’’ He would film you and send it in the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how talented my baby is 😏’’


(just imagine for this reaction that he is still in EXO *sobs in a corner*)

He would hear you sing along to ‘Monster’ and when you sing along with the part of Nicki Minaj without any mistakes he actually would find it sexy that you could rap so good. ‘’You could be the king but watch the queen conquer’’ he would film you and send it to the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how badass my girl is ;)’’

Chanyeol: Wow, we should totally get together to rap sometimes.

Tao: Okay, sure if it’s for rapping. Don’t get crazy ideas, boi. She’s my girl.


While you were making chicken for the two of you to eat that evening you started humming. But what once was humming was now singing your lungs out. ‘’WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!’’ he would stand at the door opening smiling. He would wrap his arms around you after you put the chicken in the oven and you would turn around in his arms. ‘’Welcome home, babe’’ you would say ‘’Hi, my talented jagi.’’ he would say and give you a quick peck on your lips. ‘’Oh my god… Did you just-‘’ ‘’Yeah, I did, and you should sing more.’’


You thought you were home alone with your friends, so you pulled your clothes like boas and big sunglasses out of the closet. You were doing karaoke with your friends. Once the melody of ’Me too’ started playing, Sehun walked in but you didn’t notice him yet. ‘’Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror.’’ ‘’You sure are sexy with that boa and your big sunglasses.’’ He would say while he recorded you with his phone. ‘’Sehun! Don’t you dare to send-‘’ but you already heard the sound of a message being sent. ‘’You didn’t just send that to all the members.’’ ‘’I sure did’’ he would say smirking.

Wanna One Reaction to their S/O surprising them



Synopsis: You told him you couldn’t make it to the final episode but you show up to surprise him.


A/N: I decided to be a nerd of course and sort of make them into short scenarios (sorry for making you all read so much ;-;). Also, I prepared gifs to cheer you up :) 

Jisung: You walk closer to the stage, noticing the boys getting ready for another performance. Watching Jisung during ‘Hands On Me’ was full of screams from you and you can’t wait to see what’s next. You hold up your ‘I Love You Jisung~’, looking for him. You finally spot him standing between Seongwoo and Sungwoon. Jisung smiles and waves, thinking you’re a normal fan. When you reveal your face from behind the sign, he looks shocked and he stares at you. Seongwoo finally snaps him out of it by waving his hand in front of his face. The performance starts with all of the boys harmonizing. Jisung sings his line, and he smiles sweetly at you before looking at the camera. After the heart-wrenching performance, you wait for the rankings to begin. You watch in content, silently praying for Jisung, You think about your late night call with him last night. He was saying he didn’t know if he’d really debut, but you convinced him to keep hoping and to not think negatively. Rank 10. Bae Jinyoung. You clap, already fed up with the 2-3 minute wait in between each announcement. Rank 9. Hwang Minhyun. You clap, smiling while watching everyone hug him. Rank 8.

“MMO Entertainment, Yoon Jisung!” You gasp and clutch onto your sign, but while he’s hugging the boys and nearly bursting into tears. While walking up to give his speech, you let your sign fall to the ground, nearly starting to cry. In his speech, he thanks everybody for voting for him and for letting him debut in Wanna-One. He then makes his way to his seat, hugging Jinyoung and Minhyun on the way. After the broadcast, you hurry to the waiting rooms, congratulating the other Wanna-One members as they pass. You finally find your boyfriend, hugging Samuel. You smile and watch as Samuel goes off to hug the other members. Jisung facing away from you, you tap his shoulder. He turns and immediately smiles, tears falling from his eyes. You wrap your arms around his waist as he let’s his arms envelope you and he buries his face into your hair. In between shaky breaths, Jisung thanks you for surprising him, cheering him on since the beginning.

“And I’ll never stop,” you tell him. This only makes him cry more and he thanks you for telling him to have hope. You sit on a two-seated couch and you gently pull him beside you, letting him cry into your shoulder. When he calms down a bit, you kiss him and tell him you love him, that you will always be there for him, and the two of you sit in the waiting room together, greeting, hugging and congratulating the other members and eliminated trainees.

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{Woojin’s is really long}

{Some get shorter later on, so sorry}

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Hwang Minhyun Fuckboi!

•Hwang Minhyun would practically be the pure definition of a flower boy if he didn’t have rep with messing around with girls

•He’s also the type of Fuckboi that looks soft but he really is a fuckboi

•Minhyun picks girls based off looks more than half of the time and would swoon them with his gentlemanliness, singing a sweet song to them or something along those lines

•You on the other hand had no idea who in the world Hwang Minhyun was

•Like honestly the school was huge but it was still kinda hard not to notice Minhyun and his fuckboi squad

•Anyways what happened that day was that you were working at your part time job at a cafe when his squad came rolling in

•You took their order not really noticing or caring who they were, there was so many different face coming in that day you didn’t bother to recognize the unfamiliar faces coming in

•after you took their order and made their drinks you headed to their table and one of the guys had his legs kinda sticking out from the side of the table lol thanks Daniel

•You weren’t really looking where you were going because you were more concerned in trying to remember who ordered what

•And surprise,surprise  you tripped over his leg and ended up spilling the drinks not just on yourself and the floor but almost on thee emperor Hwang Minhyun

•”omg I’m so s-sorry. O-Omg I-I didn’t mea- Here let me get you-“

•Minhyun stopped your blabbing and grabbed your arm before you could walk and get him a dry shirt from the back

•”Don’t worry about it. If anything I should apologize since my friend had his leg sticking out, right Daniel?”

•”Are you sure I can get you a dry shirt from the bac- wait no here you guys can have free drinks too since it was my mistake I should have looked where I was going.”

•”No need, really here let me help you clean up the mess. My friend can order new drinks anyways it’s on me.”

•”Are you sure.” You hesitated a bit, cause sure he was nice but maybe a little too nice

•But never the less you helped him clean the mess and remade their drinks for free and that was the end of the interactions from there

•Well at least that’s what you thought

•It was just a normal day with you walking the halls with your friends when your eyes caught someone familiar

•Your heart literally sunk when you saw him at school and you quickly put your head down to avoid his gaze

•But honey there’s no running from Minhyun’s sharp eye

•He noticed you instantly and a small smile grazed his lips. He thought you were a cute the moment he laid eyes on you and was hoping he’d get a chance to mess around with a girl like you

•You wanted to die when he started heading in your direction so you ushered your friends to hurry up so you could avoid the awkward confrontation

•Minhyun was quicker though and once again grabbed your wrist to stop you from walking away

•”Hey (y/n) right?”

•You were kinda shocked that he remembered your name but you went with it and nodded slowly

•”I’m sorry, but what was your name again?”

•”Minhyun.” He shot you his best smile and you swear your heart melted a little. “Sorry about yesterday mind if I treat you to some coffee after to school at the same place?”

•Your friends were all giggly because they knew who Hwang Minhyun and they had never seen a boy interested in you

•You were honestly too nice for your own good and agreed to his offer off impulse because you didn’t wanna make things awkward

•”O-Okay sure.”

•”Great see you after school then~”

•He winked before walking away and your friends started to nudge and tease you making you roll your eyes and cross your arms in annoyance

•Throughout the day, at some point you remembered that you had a shift after school

•Instantly a wave of guilt ran through your body and you literally would have whined and thrown yourself towards the lockers if the halls weren’t filled with people

•But since you figured it was the weekdays and the cafe wouldn’t be that busy and maybe you could take some time off your shift so  you could have a short hangout session with Minhyun

•Luckily you were right and not a lot of customers had stopped by to get a drink

•So you sat by the window of the cafe and tracing the rim of your hot chocolate cup watching as the minutes passed by

•You waited long enough that you actually started staring off in the distance, your cup of hot chocolate barely warm anymore

•Minhyun on the other hand had forgotten about the offer he had made, it wasn’t the first time he stood a girl up

•He did it a lot even if he was the one interested in the girl, relationships and commitment just wasn’t his thing

•While he was walking with his group of friends he had passed the cafe only remembering about his promise when he had seen you in the cafe window

•You looked pitiful in all honesty. You legs were crossed with your hand still tracing the cup of drink, staring off

•He would have just ignored it if it hadn’t been for one of your co-workers coming up to you, to see if you were okay

•”You guys go without me I just remembered something.”

•His friends didn’t think too much about it and  let him be not caring as he entered in the cafe

•You looked up after hearing the small jingle of the bells when the front door opened and your once dull from boredom eyes lit up

•”Hey sorry I was late I got held up by some friends.”

•”It’s alright I had to work my shift anyways.” You brushed it off set your cup on the table “Want a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.”


•You nodded and walked behind the counter and asked him what he wanted before making him his desired drink

•He watched with amusement because he thought you looked cute while making his cup of coffee

•Like he never thought a barista could look so happy

•Afterwards y’all just talked about random stuff like school, hobbies, friends and if you were being honest Minhyun was pretty funny when he talked about his friends especially when it came Jaehwan and Seonho

•Both of you were having such a great time talking that both of both of you had forgotten the time till you took out phone to check it

•”Shoot I gotta go home, my mom’s gonna kill me.” You replied sheepishly before getting up “It was nice getting to know you.”

•You shot Minhyun a smile and he smiled back before taking a glance out the store window

•”Hey it’s getting dark, I’ll walk you home.”He stood up abruptly and held out his hand towards you

•It was one of his charms and he was fully planning on swooning you, not a trace of guilt about doing it either. Even if it meant breaking your heart

•”No no it’s okay. I live close by anyways.”

•”No come on, I left you waiting for a while let me walk you home .” In reality Minhyun was lowkey surprised his offer was rejected

•but you gave in because you couldn’t afford the time to argue but Minhyun took is as you giving up to his charms because he full of himself lolz

•Anyways while ya’ll were walking both of you continued your conversations and  Minhyun decided it’d be okay to hold your hand

•You were kinda shy about it because it was abrupt but that was all

•when you reached your house you thanked him and walked in quickly before you parents could bombarded you with a bunch of questions

•The next day you didn’t really think too much about yesterday because you thought it was gonna be a one time thing, considering you thought he was trying to be nice

•But the next thing you know Minhyun had asked for you to sit at his table once again and of course you agree because you were too nice

•While you were looking for his table, once you found it you rushed over not looking where you were going You really need to fix that mate But anyways you fall into your princes Minhyun’s arms

•”Fancy seeing you again like this.” You face heated up not because of his adorable ass laugh but because you had managed to trip over Daniel’s damn leg again

•And before either Daniel or Minhyun could say a word you turn to apologize to Daniel because like you thought it would hurt to have someone accidentally trip of your leg

•Daniel just kinda laughs and brushes it off telling you it’s alright and when you smile at him something just kinda goes off in Minhyun but he doesn’t bother to say or do anything

•but during lunch the guys obviously knew that minhyun was “into you” (i say into you because he was never looking for true love)

•Course your reactions didn’t go unnoticed by Minhyun and he kinda felt like you were honestly too innocent and naive and low key he didn’t like it how his friends were flirting

•Oh and honey his  behavior didn’t go unnoticed by Super observant Mama Jisung

•Because usually Minhyun didn’t really care because usually it was a game too see if you could steal another guy’s “love” interest but it was so obvious he did care because his face looked pissed

•And at the end of lunch Jisung didn’t hesitate to point out his different behavior to him

•”I recon you try keeping her away from the guys unless she’s just another girl to mess around with.” Honestly Jisung wasn’t trying to mean he was just being honest cause he knew how the guys where

•Minhyun was slightly annoyed and brushed it off at first

•”Mind your own business you’re not better than me or the other guys.” Was all he said before walking away

•Though as the week progressed he realized he didn’t like how the guys would casually put their arm around you or playfully pull you onto their laps

•he grew protective and would often have his hand around your waist or shoulder during lunch, whether you were sitting beside him or on his lap

•only then did he start taking Jisung’s words seriously

•before he wanted to mess around with you but now he didn’t want anyone to play with you he wanted to protect you and keep you from getting hurt

•So Minhyun started to pick up the habit of following you to the library to do homework

•or just follow you around the bookstore because he liked how you’d get excited when you found an interesting book

•One of his favorite ways to tease you is when you’d try reaching for a book that’s too high, he would press his chest against your back and get you the book and hold it up high forcing you to go on your tippy toes and try to reach for it and he just thought it was the cutest thing ever

•He was a man of skinship when it came to you

•if he had extra time after school/practice he would drop by the cafe to talk and have snacks with you

•at this point it became very clear to the boys you were very much off limits…I mean unless they were asking for a death wish

•aHeM that’s not the point

•they were like why aren’t y’all dating already

•Minhyun was Lowkey wonder the same thing but then remember most of his love life as via phone and texting


•he had no idea how to tell you he liked you because once again he was a fuckboi and most of his dating experience was on the phone for about a week max

•So he kinda just basically google searched a bunch of way to ask a girl out

•he decided they were all too cheesy and decided to do things the way he knew best

•he texted you…

•to met up at his apartment

•when you went you were Lowkey a nervous reck cause

•one you never been to a friends apartment (?)

•and because two you Lowkey had caught feelings for Minhyun

•part of you wanted him to confess but the other part of you though it was too surreal for that to happen

•anyways you make it to his apartment and was just expecting a casual “hey what’s up?”


•the door had a note saying it was unlocked and so you opened it and when you looked inside all you saw was darkness

•well not complete darkness because there were candles and flower petals leading to a room

•and you were like wowowwo what’s going on here is this the right apartment?

•after you checked the address like 50 times to confirm you were at the right place you followed the petals to the room and open the door

•what you saw behind it left you shook

•there was Hwang Minhyun with a bouquet of your favorite flowers

•he looked almost too perfect for this to be real

•and you would have been normal and be like “What is this all for?” but who said you were normal

•”What is this a happy anniversary?” You joked

•even though the room was dim you could tell Minhyun’s ears were getting red and how his face contorted into shyness

•”Wait no hey I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-“

•”stop saying sorry stupid,  you’re making it difficult for me to profess my love for you”

•You start laughing because who says “profess my love for you” anymore and because your Lowkey so happy

•Minhyun couldn’t help smile and pull you close making sure not to ruin the flowers

•”So are you gonna take my confession or continue to laugh at me?”

•”only if you promise not to say ‘profess my love for you.’”


•”great cause I’d love to profess my love to you too .” You said playfully


•Minhyun still managed to crack a smile cuz he found you absolutely adorable before pulling you into a kiss

but y’all can thank daniel for your relationship cause without him you wouldn’t have never spilled the drinks on Minhyun just saying

Complicated | Mark Lee

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4

Summary: You were accepted to SM Entertainment as a dancer, starting a new chapter of life. Your dream is finally coming true.

Word Count: 1,224

Genre: soon to be fluff and angst

A/N: I finished part 2 faster than i thought, but i had nothing to do today so yeah here you go :) 

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Hey love♥️♥️ i actually never done a reaction. My first time so i’m sorry if it sucks…but here you go lol

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You just had arrived home from work. You were really tired. You noticed everything was dark except a dim light coming from your bedroom. You had called shownu earlier that you would be coming home late from work and not to wait up for you. When you walked to your bedroom, you see shownu trying to stay awake while watching tv. When you walked in, shownu turned towards you and smiled.

S- Hey jagiya, ready for bed?

You nodded your head and changed quickly. You got into to bed and cuddles next to shownu.

You- why did you stay up? I told you not to wait up for me.

S-I wanted to be awake when you arrived so we both could cuddle. Didn’t want to miss any minute without you.

You just smiled and snuggled more into his arms.

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Your boss needed you to stay in a few more hours at work so you called wonho to let him know you would be late and not to wait up for you if he got tired. He promised you he would stay up and wait for you. Once you got out of work and arrived home. You were so tired and hungry. You didn’t have the energy to do anything. You just wanted to jump into bed and go to sleep. You put your stuff down and walked toward your bed room, where you can hear the tv running. When you walk in, you find wonho laying in the bed on his stomach watching a sandwich while watching tv.

W- oh Hey Jagiya! How was work?

He sits up and gets another bite from him sandwich.

You- it was alright. I’m just super tired.

You sit down next to him, take a bite of his sandwich and fall back on the bed.

W-come on then. Bed time for my princess.

He gets up and gets the bed ready for you and hands you your pjs. He lays down waiting for you to get into bed with his arms ready for you come cuddle with him.

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You felt bad for minhyuk because you guys were supposed to spend the night making dinner and spending time together watching movies before he had to leave for tour but your boss needed you to stay late. You told minhyuk how sorry you were and that he should just get a good night sleep. When you arrived home, everything was dark. You put your things down and turned the lights on, only to find minhyuk sleeping on the couch. He looked so peaceful. You then noticed that on the table there were some cookies and some milk. Next to it was a paper. You took a bite of one of the cookies and read the letter.

M- Dear Jagiya, I baked some cookies for you and left you a glass of milk, that way you don’t go to sleep with a empty stomach. Xoxo, your truly

You got cheesy at how cute he was. You suddenly got startled when you felt arms go around your waist.

M- did you like my gift?

He snuggled in to your neck and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek.

You- yes! I loved it. Plus the cookies are really good. But let’s go to bed. We are both really tired and have a long day tomorrow.

He just nods his head and follows you to the room.

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It got super busy at work that when you got home it was around 2am. Everything was dark. You put your things down and headed to your bedroom. You slowly open the door and see kihyun sound asleep. You smiled to your self and slowly come in and change quickly. You slowly get into bed, trying not to wake him up once you were fully covered and in bed, kihyun turned towards and and got a hold of you and started cuddling with you. You chuckled quietly but you can feel him smile to.

K- did you just get here Jagiya?

You nodded your head

K- what time is it?

You- about to be 3am.

He sighed and hugged you more.

K- My Jagiya must be super tired then right. Lets go back to sleep then. Goodnight jagiya.

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The past few days, you have been coming home late due to so much work. Hyungwon had called you earlier saying he wanted to spend time with you but you told him you where very busy with work but he still insists, saying he will wait for you.

When you got home and put your things down, you turned the lights on and saw hyungwon waking up from the couch.

H-Jagiya? Your finally home. How was work?

You- exhausting! I’m ready to go to sleep.

H- me too. Let’s go. I’m ready for some cuddles.

You nodded your head and smiled as you both headed to your room.

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You haven’t realized how late it was when you left work and got home until you saw a half asleep jooheon on your couch.

You- jooheon? Omg baby when did you get here? did you wait up for me?

Jooheon nodded his head and wiped his eyes.

J-I wanted to surprise you but you weren’t here. I wanted to wait for you when you arrived. Didn’t want to scare you if you found me here.

You got so cheesy at how cute he was acting while he was sleepy.

J-can we go to sleep and cuddle? I will give you all my attention first thing tomorrow morning okay.

You- okay. Best keep that promise love

He nodded his head, got up, took a hold of your hands and walked you to your room.

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You were so exhausted from work, you were practically half asleep when you got home. When you open the door to your apartment, you got startled when you heard someone speak.

I.M- Oh my goodness! About time! What took you so long Princess?

You- I.m? When did you get here?

I.M- About 5hours ago. I wanted to surprise you with snack and some Netflix and chill night but you weren’t home. So I ate some of the snacks while waiting for you.

You just laughed and sat next to him.

You- thank you for coming by. How about I make it up with some cuddles in bed?

I.M- deal! To the bed we go!

He picks you up bride style and takes you to your room.


I hope you guys like it lmao. My first reaction I write. Let me know what you guys think about it.♥️♥️💕😘

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good day

this girl came into our first class of the day which is AP music theory with a dozen of those big donuts from dunkin and put it in the middle of the classroom so we could have the rest and omg i felt so blessed
what a goddess, she’s too pure for this world 
and since our band director wasn’t at school today we just relaxed and worked on a four part writing worksheet. but since our class periods are an hour and a half it gave us a lot of time to just hang out and have fun. 
our assistant band director also took off today so during 7th hour, regular music theory, we worked on a packet he assigned and just spent the rest of the time hanging out and playing uno. great times. what a time to be alive ;w;


Meeting Robin ♥️ (Writing on mobile full of feels and happiness so might be a bit unstructured with pics and text lol)

Sooo I met Robin today at the Heroes & Villain Fan fest!! Aaaaaaaah! It was so amazing and he is a pure cupcake of kittens! As we know since before! Ugh. So me and my friend went right to his booth for the autograph! It took a long very worthy wait until he showed up ♥️♥️ And it felt so unreal to just see him IRL. Ugh he was so nice and cute. I came to the three first in line but then he had to go to photo op. And when he left from his chair we happened to make eye contact aaaah because he saw my shirt, the oswald’s club, and also my sidebar for like 2 years now heh, and he shined and said aaah I love your shirt! And gave me the cutest smile and a wink!! Omg! And i just got so hit by surprise and just heeeeh thank you so much!!! :333. So then we in line got these cupouns thing so we would get first in line when he would be back aftet op, so that was really nice! So then we went back a bit later and got to almost front. And so I took up my photo I wanted sign, one of my favs ever of Robin! And so his manager I think it was sat first to like structure stuffs and she was soo impressed by the pic haha like “woaaah that is an amazing pic where it’s from??” And I said it was one of my favs ever and she just yeaah it’s beautiful! THEN I got up to Robin aaaaah, and to get that eye contact was just so magical and he was smiling and shining like he always is uuuugh ♥️ So we said hii! and nice to meet you! And I told him here this is one of my absolute favorite pics of you!! Because it’s just so stunning and perfect aaaah. And he said it was a really nice picture! And asked my name and I told him so! And he smiled so nice and then we took the selfie and to get to just touch this amazing cupcake for a selfie hug, guess I was just a total blushing mess all throuh it lol. Then I said thank you so much and he said thank you and have a nice day and again how he thought my shirt was amazing :3.

Then it was the panel, which was lovely too and to see all the other casts too ♥️ But yas Robin is my fav as you might know heh. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL THIS AND I FEEL SO HAPPY AND FUZZY INSIDE ♥️♥️He is the sweetest ♥️♥️

And yes that is an emoji on me, I prefer to stay lowkey faceanon :P But maybe some of you recognize me from my outfit anyway if you were there ;)

Here are some of my fave writers in no particular order. Before I got myself an AO3 account, I read stories and left kudos as a guest, so when I finally got around to grabbing myself a name, I haven’t been able to track all of my faves down officially. You all are awesome people with amazing talent and I’m awful at leaving comments, but I cherish and adore everything you do. I had to cut this a bit short and didn’t include all my fave stories, because I have a very squirmy kitten in my lap who is too big for his britches and refuses to move. Kitten teeth hurt.



Look at this nerd and their amazing writings. I wish I could remember which story I read first and of course, I immediately lost track of what I was doing going through everything and reminiscing. I think it was Caramel and Sugar because I’m Swapfell trash and I love my trash raccoon baby. There are so many great fics, I would just be naming them all. Fresh gave me the encouragement to take the first step in writing again. Before Undertale, the last thing I wrote (not counting RPs) was a good ten years ago. Thank you for giving me that little nudge.


How to be a Voyeur was the first thing I read of theirs and I need to catch up on their PharohVerse, because hell fucking yeah who doesn’t love a good ancient Egypt based story. No one, that’s who. Spiraling and spiraling is currently wrecking my soul.


Everything they write is fucking incredible. I aspire to one day reach their level of wit, cheekiness and humor. I found them through their tumblr and by extension their AO3 and just, I wish I could pick a favorite because everything they write is gold. I love their Dad Gaster stuff so much, but I think Life Model might just be my absolute fave. FancyMilk is perfection.


Do you want to be wrecked emotionally? Because that’s what’s going to happen when you read their work. Blissfull Ignorance was the first thing I read of theirs and I was not prepared for it. Broken Bonds just came out of nowhere and I want everyone else to hurt with me, too. I am currently screaming at Desiderium. Come scream with me too.


If you haven’t read These are our Days Then you haven’t lived. Where has this kind of fic been my whole life? Don’t let the size scare you, it is intimidating but Rehlia is a wonderful and fantastic writer, they draw you into the story and this might possibly be my favorite Reader fic ever.


Burden to Bear Oh fuck, Underfell, take me like you took Papyrus. My body was not ready for this. It went from hot sexy shit to omg sweetness to WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON MY SOUL HURTS WHY?! They write a lot of great smut too.


Rottenberry, Kustard and Roommate Bros. Fuck. Yes. Have you heard of String Theory? Because this stormed my castle by surprise too. I was wholly unprepared for it and if you like sobbing on your work breaks like I do, then read this. And then yell at Crush because they deserve to be scolded/praised. Gotta add Discrete Trials is really sweet and touching.


Found them through Crush and Fresh and I’m so glad I did. I have yet to read everything of theirs but soon. SOON. How To Get A Spicy Boyfriend went from heh, to aww, to wtf to OMG YES GIMMIE. I’m so fucking enchanted by everything they write.


Flipping the Script is what made me fall in love with Swapfell. This fucked me up, I’m still fucked up over it. I saw the warnings other people gave, but I ignored it and my life will never be the same. Do you wish to be emotionally compromised? Read this. I’m so happy they’re continuing to write Undertale because FtS was just my gateway drug into their writing.


Perhaps my very first fontcest fanfic I read, Breaking Point holds a special place in my heart. I hope they continue to write what they love and I thank them for giving us this sweetness.


Another great writer who kills me. For An Everlasting Smile is a slow burn into madness and I appreciated every moment of it. They have so many great one shots, I would seriously list them all but you gotta read their work. Give it to me, give me your awesomeness. I make delighted noises every time they pop up in my inbox with a new chapter/story.


If you haven’t heard of Eiznel, then you’ve been living under a rock. I have read and reread everything of their and I am thirsty for more. Adjustments may possibly be the second Fontcest fanfic I read.


I heard about them through someone else’s recommendation by lurking on another’s tumblr and incognito checked it out. Must Love Animals was the recommendation and at the time it was 25 chapters long and I was like shit, I don’t have time for this and spent the entire day devouring it. It’s another doozy in length but god, is it so good.


Chemistry of Cooking and Other odd Events was one of the first Undertale fics I read before I got an account and introduced me into the whole Reader fic phenomenon. Their smutty, smut goodness is très bien.

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hc on dog sitting Chica with Ethan?

Omg eth would love this

•"listen, (y/n) dont be surprised if chica stays with me more than you, she loves me"

•chica ignores eth and goes straight to you

•cue extremely offended eth

•cuddling w chica on the couch!!


•eth wearing his hentai hat and turning it backwards before he throws to look cool

•chica running at eth excitedly and accidentally knocking him down

•omg chica curling up by your feet


•chica giving you & eth kisses while you watch tv

•"eth can we get a dog"
“Took the words right out of my mouth”

Someone give eth a dog please

[Fic] Pay no worship to the garish sun [Dazatsu]

Title: Pay no worship to the garish sun
Dazai, a bored, restless god – tired of the mindless humans that pray to him, and is by now quite good at avoiding his duties and peers – wanders through the land and meets a human living all by himself in the dark woods.
Implied/mentioned sex.
Author’s note:
This is my gift for @magicalgirlmafu as a part of the Dazatsu Valentine Exchange 2017, I’m your secret valentine! I tried my best to squeeze in parts of your prompts and likes all over the place but I don’t know if I succeeded I hope you’ll like it, and Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Disclaimer: Title is a quote from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, act three scene two.

[Contains Pining-and-sort-of-ridiculous-god!Dazai, Oblivious-human!Atsushi, I’m-tired-of-this-shit!Kunikida, Smoking-philosofer!Odasaku and I-ship-it!Yosano]

Dazai looks upon the tiny figures scurrying around down below, preparing food and decorations for tonight’s feast. He does not quite sneer, but the expression on his face is more unfavourable than pleased.

“I don’t understand the fondness you have for them.” Dazai says and roll over to lay on his back with his eyes closed. The eternal glow of the realm too bright.

He catches the sound of Odasaku’s faint chuckle, and finally relaxes against the buzzing stone beneath him. The familiar darkness and the absence of insignificant things – there is only he and Odasaku here now, Ango hadn’t been able to join them, being stuck in his ever-growing library – it made his day better.

“It’s not as much fondness as it is envy,” Odasaku answered, and when Dazai opened his eyes to look at him he absently stared down at the humans.

Keep reading

Lone Wolf PT.2

Characters: You and Taehyung (V)

Word Count: 3542

Genre: Fluff/ Smut

For more Smut… read part one here

Chemistry felt like it was taking longer than usual to end. As you sat staring at your teacher lecture about chemical bonds, you couldn’t help thinking about what happened earlier between the three of you. Maybe Tae was used to remarks like that by now, but you couldn’t stand the idea of that.

It was true that he had a rather bad reputation… but you found out through time that majority of them were all lies and rumors made by tasteless peers… peers who included some of your “closest” friends. A bad guy… some might say about Tae… But really, he was just someone people could point their fingers at and blame when something went wrong because he seemed to fit the mold.

“Ionic bonds” Your teacher continued. “I’m sure you have all heard about this before. When opposite charges attract, those atoms bond together to form a molecule”

You stared at the powerpoint and thought about what your teacher had just said. In a way, the bond he spoke of kinda felt like the relationship you had with Tae. Complete opposites.. Yet when you two were together.. It felt so right.

You laughed at yourself for a second. Only you would use your relationship as an example to help you study for any upcoming test.  All this thinking about him though just made you realize how badly you wanted to see him already.

You took a glance at the clock and saw that 10 minutes still remained. Now was your chance to put your plan in action. After months of using your phones secretly in class, you and your friends were now self proclaimed pros at not getting caught. You swiped your phone open and began a new text message.

*Hey Jess, I won’t be able to make it to the meeting today. I’m not feeling too well… even missed English earlier… Could you take some notes for me since I can’t make it?*

Your phone buzzed immediately and you almost burst out laughing from her response.

*I knew that blueberry muffin seemed suspicious! I told you not to eat it!* She replied.

*I’m sorry! I’ll only listen to you from now on* You texted back.

*Damn right Y/N! God, you’re so lucky to have me in your life! And don’t you worry, I’ll take notes for you.*

*Thank you*

You saw that you still had 3 unread messages from Jin. You contemplated just deleting them but then you didn’t. Even if he was an asshole to Tae…. He was just being a concerned friend, right? He didn’t know of your relationship with him… In fact, no one did.

*Y/N, I heard that you weren’t feeling well, let me know if you need anything*

*Class is almost over. I wrote the HW down for you.*

*Where are you Y/N?”

You figured the last message was what sent him on a mission to find you since you never replied.

You turned your phone off and stared at the clock again. One minute remained and so you began to pack your bag. Looking at it reminded you of Tae carrying it, and you couldn’t help but smile and wonder what the two of you would be doing later that day.

As soon as the bell rung, the school’s hallways were filled with students trying to leave and get home. You took your time walking down the hall to the parking lot because you didn’t want to make yourself seem suspicious. You and Tae had a secret meeting spot that was more than a few blocks away from campus and you didn’t need to have anyone seeing or following you there.

With your phone in your hand, you texted Tae as you sat in your car waiting for it to warm up.

*What are we gonna be doing today?*

*It’s a surprise ;) * He texted back.

Such a tease, you thought to yourself.

*I’m gonna head home and shower real quick. I’ll see you in a bit, okay?*

*A shower sounds good. I guess I’ll go take one too…Or maybe we could take one together? Save water?*

You were ready to throw your phone out the window.

*OMG* You texted back.

*I’m joking Y/N! I’m an idiot. Please don’t take me seriously!*

You just laughed to yourself in the car.

*Like I said, in a bit,  okay?*

*Okay ;)*

At home and in your bathroom, you took a glance at yourself in the mirror as you held a small pill in your hand. Tiny bruises covered your breasts and your bum was still a little red. You checked to make sure there were no marks on your neck or arms. You would have no idea how to explain that to your family or friends if they saw. Overall though, he did a really good job of not marking you anywhere visible. You took the pill and then stepped into the shower and wondered if you left any marks on him.

The place where you and Tae met up was nowhere special except to you and him. It was the town’s run down drive in theatre that no one ever came to visit anymore. You pulled in and saw Tae parked in his black mustang. Once he saw you, he got out of his car to meet you. As he walked over, you ran up to kiss him.

“Did you miss me that much Y/N?” He asked smiling.

You nodded and he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“I wanted to apologize for what happened earlier…” You began

“Don’t worry about it Y/N” He said stopping you.


“Really, Y/N. Let’s just forget about it. You’re here and I’m here. That’s all that matters” He kissed you on your forehead again. “Come on, I have something I want to show you. But we need to start driving there now if we want to get you back home in time.”

“Where are we going?” You asked.

“Swimming” He said with a smirk.

In his car, you looked at Tae and wondered where he was actually taking you guys. He was being awfully quiet. Too quiet.



“I don’t have a swimsuit.. And neither do you, right?”


“We’re not going skinny dipping, right?” You asked.

Tae began to laugh.


He looked over at you.

“You’re just so cute sometime Y/N. We’re not going skinny dipping… unless you want to some other time?”

You shook your head.

“Noooo! I’ve heard horror stories about skinny dipping before.”

“Like what?” He asked as he turned the steering wheel.

“Things like people getting sick.. getting pink eye or somehow the flu from the water… people getting caught… Having their stuff stolen and having to walk around naked outdoors. It just doesn’t seem fun!”

Tae laughed again and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t worry Y/N, we will never go skinny dipping then.”

“Thank god” You replied.

You looked outside the window.

“Hey! I know where we are! We’re at the college campus, aren’t we?”

“You’ve been here before?”

“Only once for a quick tour. We weren’t here very long. 30 minutes at most to get an interview from a professor”

“Oh good, for a second I thought you might have already seen where I was going to take you.”

“No idea!” You replied.

Tae pulled up to a parking station to grab a parking pass and winked at you.

“We’re gonna need one of these so we don’t get a ticket”

Once he found a parking spot, he grabbed a black bag from his back seat and then motioned for you to take his hand.

“Come on Y/N”

Walking on the college campus with Tae felt like a completely different experience. Here, no one knew who you were and so you both were able to walk around and hold hands. No one judged you or Tae. If you were back at school, everyone would talk. Here, you were just free. 

“Tae, wait”

“What is it Y/N?”

You moved up to him and gave him a kiss in the middle of the campus while students continued to walk around.

“What was that for?” He asked.

“This is our first time really out in public together… and that was our first kiss out in public.” You replied. “It’s a little cheesy, I know, but I couldn’t help it”

Like earlier, Tae moved his forehead to yours. It was a small notion, but it was one you enjoyed so much.

He lifted your lips to his and kissed you again.

“And that was our second kiss out in public” He replied.

The two of you made it to the edge of the campus. 

“Just a little more Y/N.”

He led you through a small open field and then through what seemed to be  a man made trail.

“ Are you getting tired?”

“No, I’m fine, but what’s out here?”

“Just a few more steps and you’ll see”

You took a glance ahead and then you saw it. In the middle of the field was a giant abandoned swimming pool.

“Woah! What is this place?”

Tae smiled.

“Back in the early 90’s, swimming was all the rage here. But once they started winning more competitions, the board felt the need to build a bigger and better pool. This one eventually became abandoned… kinda like our movie theatre.”

Despite the age, the empty pool still seemed to have life. Somehow, small flower patches had begun to grow inside and the walls were covered with beautiful works of graffiti.

“Ready for a dive?” He asked. “There’s a ladder over here”

You both climbed down and you continued to look around in awe.

“Did you do these?” You asked referring to the graffiti. You ran your hand across the empty pool’s wall and tried to imagine how he probably spent countless hours creating all the art down there.

He seemed a little embarrassed.

“I did. Sorry, they’re nothing impressive. Just something I did to pass the time when I was bored and by myself.”

“No need to apologize, I think you did a great job. Could you teach me?” You asked.

A giant grin grew on his face.

“Let me grab the bottles out of my bag”

“This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” You asked smiling.

“Maybe” He said as he grinned again.

Out of his black bag, he grabbed two spray cans.

“Red or yellow…. Which color do you want?”


He handed you the can.

“Oh, one more thing Y/N.”

He went back to rummaging his bag.


“What is it?

“A face mask so you won’t inhale the fumes. I won’t be able to see your pretty lips but I’ll still get to see your pretty eyes”

You could feel yourself turning red from his words. “How will I kiss you now?” You asked after you put the mask on.

He shook his head and laughed.

“Ah, Y/N, what am I going to do with you? You’re making me lose my cool here”

He put his mask on and then grabbed the can and motioned for you to do the same.

“You’re gonna want to shake the can first like this and then aim towards the wall. When you’re ready, push down on the nozzle”

After demonstrating what he said you did the same.

“Oh! This isn’t too hard!”

“Let’s try to make a flower”

He outlined some petals and you did the same.

As you traced the outline of the petals, Tae couldn’t take his eyes off of you. You looked so determined not to fail but you were already perfect in every way. He wanted nothing more than to take your mask off and kiss you again.

“How am I doing?” You asked.

“Better than me” He replied.. And he meant it. Everything just came so effortlessly to you.

You felt proud and continued to spray paint the wall. “Could we get in trouble for doing this?” You asked.



From behind you, Tae put the spray bottle down and then wrapped his arms around you and laughed.

“You’re bad Y/N. Admit it.”

He took his mask off and rested his chin on your shoulder.

“Never.” You replied.

He nuzzled his face into your neck and then began to leave a trail of small kisses down your neck.

“You sure about that?”

You lifted the spray can and tried to distract yourself from what he was trying to do.

“Yep! Now stop trying to bother me! I’m trying to work” You replied…. but he was determined to make you admit it and you were glad he was. Moments like these were hard to come by and so you enjoyed every moment.

His hands traveled over your lightly clothed body and you cursed at yourself for changing into this thin t shirt. He continued to kiss your neck and then he ran his hands under your shirt and gently grabbed your breasts. You let out a small moan and he continued.

He lightly bit your neck.

“Admit it Y/N”

He pulled your bra down and teasingly rubbed and pinched your nipples.

Momentarily lost in bliss, you dropped the spray can and jumped up, scarring the both of you. Two loud screams echoed through the pool. You glanced over to Tae and couldn’t help but laugh at how scared he looked.

You readjusted your clothes and then took off your face mask.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

“Holy crap Y/N, I think I just had a heart attack”

“That’s what you get for teasing me”

You looked at each other again and started laughing. You went up to him and hugged him.

“Alright Y/N, ready to head home? It’s getting pretty late” He asked as he looked at his watch.

“Already? But we just got here?”

You hugged him tighter.

“If I’m being honest, no. I still wanna be here with you”

“Sorry it takes so long to get here but we gotta get you home before you get in trouble” He reminded you. “I promise you that we’ll come back one day when we have more time.”

“Just a little longer? The flower we made looks too lonely by itself….”

You began to pout and Tae couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

“Let’s meet up again tomorrow” He replied.

“Tomorrow after school?” You asked with a smile.

He shook his head.

“Ah, I didn’t finish Y/N… Early in the morning. You and me. Are you up for it?”

Your smile turned into a pout. “How early are we talking?

“Early early.”

“Before school?”


You dug your face into his chest. “But you know I love sleep” You replied.

He backed away slowly and lifted your face up to meet his. “And I know you love me”

Holy shit. You thought to yourself. Did he just use the L word on you?

You needed to distract yourself from what he just said.

“What’s there to do so early in the morning?”

Tae smiled.

“You’d be surprised. So are you up for it?”

“If it means being able to spend more time with you…. then yes”

“Perfect. I’ll pick you up. Now let’s go. I want you to get lots of rest!”

The walk back to his car was sweet to say the least. You both continued to hold hands and even stopped to look around every now and then to see what was going on around campus.

“Look, there’s a little pop up shop! Could we stop by real quick?” You asked.

You both walked up to the booth and you couldn’t help but be in awe at the dream catchers that were on sale.

“Do you have a lot of bad dreams?” Tae asked.

“When I first moved here I did. But then I met you and now my dreams are really happy! Before that though, I just have always wanted one anyways”

You continued looking around.

“They have posters too!”

You sprinted off before Tae could reply. As you browsed the posters, he went up to the owner of the booth.

“Will you be here tomorrow?” Tae asked.

“Oh yes! The booth is usually set up by 11 am and I stay here until about 6 or 7.. depending on if I get any help putting everything away”

“I see. Thank you” Tae replied.

He walked over to you.

“See anything you like?”

“I love them all!” You replied with a smile. “But I think this one would look great in my room!” You said as you held up an all too familiar painting.

“One of my favorite artists” He replied.

“I remember you telling me that. I like his art too”

You put the poster back down and smiled at him. “Okay, I’m really ready to go this time”

“You sure Y/N? You said that last time and then we had to stop and grab a drink” He replied laughing.

“But you were thirsty too! And besides… it was a nice little rest! We walked so much today!”

“If you’re tired Y/N, I can carry you”

He got closer to you and you could tell what he was planning.

“No, I’m fine! Don’t you dare!” You said as you backed away.

But it was too late. He picked you up in his arms and couldn’t help but laugh as you protested.

“I’m too heavy for you to carry!”

“Nonsense Y/N. You’re perfect. I could carry you for days”

You looked at him and couldn’t help but laugh with him. He gave you a kiss and then put you down.

During the drive home, you couldn’t help but look at him every now and then as he drove you back to the drive in. There was just something about how the light hit his sun kissed skin that made you swoon. Forget the posters you saw today you thought. Tae was living art and all he was doing was driving. 

Due to the time, at the drive in you both said your goodbyes and then quickly parted ways after a few kisses.

*Sorry for the rushed goodbye. I’ll give you a time later today* He texted

*Sounds good! Now go get some sleep!*

*It’s only 7 Y/N….”

*Shhhhhhh* You texted back.

“You’re a little late today” Your mom said as you got in. “Dinner has been ready for quite some time now” 

“Sorry, I know. I should have texted you but we were stuck debating what theme prom should be. Do you have any ideas mom?”

You knew talking about school always made your mom excited.

“I always liked Masquerades!”

“Oh! I didn’t think of that! I’ll have to let the group know”

“Who are you thinking of going to prom with?” She asked. “How about that handsome boy I met that one time… What was his name? Oh! Jin!”

Ah. of course your mom would suggest him.

“I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t really thought about it yet, mom. I don’t even know if I want to go”

“What!?” Your mom asked. “Prom is going to be one of those things you’ll always remember and get to talk about later. Take me for example… I went to prom, and I don’t regret it at all!”

“Oh gosh mom, I guess I’ll have to think about it some more then.”

“What’s wrong with Jin? Why don’t you want to go with him? If he asked me out, I’d say yes!”

“Oh my god Mom! Stop!”

“Well, what is it then?”

You knew why but now just wasn’t the time to let her know about you and Tae yet.

“I’m just too busy at the moment to think about this. Actually, I just remembered that I have a paper to write. Is it okay if I have dinner in my room tonight?”

“You know I hate it when you eat in your room… but I suppose it’ll be okay just for tonight. I know you’ve been busy with school lately. Don’t make this a habit though!”

“Thanks mom.” You grabbed a plate and ran to your room.

Inside your room, you hardly touched your food. Instead, you laid in bed and thought about you and Tae. You wondered how your mom would feel if she ever met him. Would she like him just as much as she liked Jin? Or would she be disappointed that he wasn’t this seeming perfect human being?

Your phone went off and you finally saw a new text from Tae.

*How does 2 AM sound?*

*I don’t think that’s early enough* You texted back. *JK I should probably go to bed now then*

*Get lots of rest love* He texted.

There was the L word again.

*Alrighty! Good night Tae*

*Good night Y/N*

After returning your dish, you got back to your room to get ready. For once in your life, you were glad you lived down stairs. You left your window open just wide enough so it could fit you because you knew that opening it later probably wouldn’t be a good idea. You got your outfit ready and then got in bed and turned on your alarm.

A/N: This is the end of PT.2! I hope you read it in addition to PT.1! Sorry that it took so long for me to finally post this. I realize now that it has almost been a month! (I’m sure I was too busy crying about BTS Festa T-T) I’m going to start writing PT.3 tomorrow! 

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23 with reaper?

23: “Why did you spare me?” (x)

You didn’t know how long you had been kept in the cell you currently sat in.

A day? A week maybe?

Really, it was only a couple of hours, but the solitary confinement you had been sentenced to had an impact on you. It was small, barely any space but just enough to fit the worn-out mattress bed that lay in the corner. The walls and ceiling were pure white. You remember thinking that you had gone to heaven when you woke up, almost blinded. A glass panel let you look out beyond your cell, all you could see was darkness, however, and you stood all alone.

It reminded you of what you last remembered before waking up in your cell. Talon agents fell from your attacks, around both you and your teammates. You were about to claim victory when a shadow fell on you all. It was pitch black, blocking your vision, until it cleared revealing not only the Talon casualties but your teammates. The horrific sight of your fallen comrades shocked you, as you were the last one standing. It resulted in you fainting on the cold floor. The last thing you saw before closing your eyes was a dark figure, wielding shotguns, coming right for you.

At that point you were certain that you would be the next to fall, but after waking up in a gleaming white room confused you. You were spared from death, but not from imprisonment. 

A loud slam echoed around you, and the sounds of heavy footsteps grew closer to you. Your heart beated fast in your chest, and your breathing quickened. Coming out of the shadows, the same dark figure, who you last saw, appeared on the other side of the glass. Their appearance intimidated you. The black trench coat they wore really helped them blend in with the abyss of shadows, their arms were crossed showing of their clawed hands, and covering their face was an owl like mask. 

You knew who this was. They always talked about him at Overwatch, especially Soldier: 76 and Ana Amari. You would always eavesdrop on their conversations with the gorilla, Winston, about him. Stood before you, staring into your very soul was the infamous terrorist.

The Reaper.

He was the one to take credit for killing your teammates. You felt anger boil inside of you just looking at him, knowing what he has done. But fear also revealed itself to him. Neither of you said a word, it was silent, making you shake more worrying about what he had planned with you. He could have killed you on the battlefield, yet here you are alive. The only thing you could think worse was torture.

“You…” You managed to say, despite the fear that took over you. “I’ve heard about you. You’re a sociopath, a terrorist…. You wreak havoc and then hide in the shadows like a coward…”

He continued to stand there, not moving and not saying a word.

“You killed my friends…"

Still silence.

“Why did you spare me?”

This time he unfolded his arms. The hood that covered his head fell down, resting on his shoulders, then one of his clawed hands reached to the mask he wore. Anxiously, you took a few steps forward so you could see him better. When then mask was removed and his gaze returned to you, your breath hitched and your face went completely pale. Your heart beated even faster, and tears threatened to spill and run down your surprised face.

‘No. It can’t be.’


“Hello, my love.”

Trying to gross me out? Fine, I'll have a nice little surprise for you.

This story is NSWE: Not safe while eating.

This took place when I was 11 at one of my cousin’s house. My cousin is a few years younger than me, he was probably 8 at the time.

We were in one of the rooms and I was playing keep away with him. He was trying to take a small figurine from me but I had it grasped tightly in my hand. He tried prying my hand open but he just wasn’t strong enough.

He then got clever. He sticks his tongue out and licks my hand! Gross! If he couldn’t force my hand open, he was going to make me open it myself. It almost worked. I momentarily loosened my grip during the initial shock and he almost got the figurine but I managed to re-establish my grip. His plan was super effective but as the stronger older cousin, I could not let him outsmart me.

Just as my cousin was going in for a second round of hand licking, one of his favorite commercials came on the TV to distract him. I took this small window of opportunity to set up my revenge. While he was turned away from me watching the TV, I picked my nose. I dug out a nice semi crusty booger and left it on the tip of my finger.

When the commercial was over, he slowly turns to me with evil intentions in his eyes. With his eyes still fixed on me, he grabs my hand, sticks his tongue out, and slowly inches towards my hand to give me time to “surrender”. I stick my finger out for bait and used some reverse psychology.

“Ewww! Nooo! Don’t lick my finger! I’m warning you!”

Of course he doesn’t listen. He finally makes contact and licks my booger! Mwahahaha! Success! The look of surprise, confusion, and disgust on his face was priceless. He immediately started spitting and runs to the bathroom to wash out the taste.