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An identity reveal for @thepoetoftime ‘s birthday!! :3c 

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Do you have anything to help with negative thoughts?

Sorry this took a while for me to get to! It got lost in my drafts…

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I'm sorry for bothering you but do you know any Destiel fics with time travel? Like Cas time travels to the past & meets Dean before he met Cas(before season 4)..If not do you have any good recs for fluffy AU fics? I like both one-shots & long ones too

My friend, you are not bothering me AT ALL cause I love talking about destiel fanfic ^^

In fact I actually do know a destiel time travel fic because I read it a few months ago and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s Called A Turn of The Earth by mishcollin and it’s reviewed by one of the reviewers on @destielfanfic here. Really enjoyed the slow burn here and the fact that their meetings are short but sweet and just leave you (and Dean!) wanting more.

There are other time travel fics, but most feature Dean being the time traveller, not Cas. Let me know if you want some recs of Dean time travelling, too.

As for fluffy AUs I JUST finished reading Crossroads State by Mercy the other day and I really enjoyed it ^^

TBH while I love me some good fluff I tend to quit on fluffy longfics start to meander mainly cause I love the “getting together” part and I generally speaking don’t need to then read 10k more of pure domesticity. I need me some tension to keep things exciting :)

Sooo other ones I like and read recently are:

Hopefully these can tide you over for now but hit me up if you need more recs! :)

Y'all don’t understand I really completed three semesters of college and then was told to move back home and start all over. It took me a while to accept it but it has officially been a full year now and I’m so excited to start school next week.

so for some reason my brain likes to give people nicknames literally constantly (like my sister robyns nicknames in my brain range from robbie to roro-money 0 to 60) an i know my brain does this and i usually dont act on the impulse to use the more absurd names

but the point im making here is i just typed out “percy bits” while mentioning @raikou and it took me a second to even register that it was weird

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Reader with Rapunzel-length hair being rescued by Keith from an enemy?

((This one took me a while to get inspiration for. Sorry! I hope you like it))

You shoot up in bed, startled. There’s a banging at your cell door, a hacking noise as if someone, or something, is trying to break it down. This has never happened before. Terrified, you scramble backwards as best as you can on the hard, slippery metal surface of the so-called cot. Huddling as far away from the door as possible, you find yourself trembling. Who could it be? The Galra guards just slam the door open without warning when they come in. The druids open it swiftly and quietly, so you don’t even hear them come in until they’re already standing over you, silent and hooded. You shiver, your hands reaching behind you to smooth your long hair away from your face in a comforting gesture you’ve done so many times before.

Your hair has become your security blanket, your tie to your family, the last bit of hope and good you have left in your miserable existence. Day in and day out, it’s just work, slavery, fighting, and experiments. All for Zarkon’s Glorious Empire. You steel yourself, schooling your expression into calmness, readying yourself for what new tortures may be about to burst through the door.

But the clanging stops.

You go quiet, waiting for the next strike, your hand stills in your hair. Is today the day they make good on their threat to get rid of it? Your jaw clenches. You’d never let that happen. Your hair reminds you of the good you once had in your life. It is part of your identity, keeps you sane and reminds you of who you are and what you’re fighting for. You’d die before you let them take it, let them turn you into some meek prisoner with no will to live.

No. You won’t let them. Adrenaline and defiance course through your veins like hot lava and lift you up to your feet. You stand there, strong and unmoving. Your fists are clenched to your side, throbbing with the beat of your heart. Your body is thrumming but your mind is clear. You are ready for whatever is coming.

The door slides open.

You back chills as a shiver runs down it,

In walks a man in armor, a sword at his side. You take a step back into a defensive position when he speaks, but not to you. “Yeah, Pidge, that worked. I’m in,” he pauses, his posture almost relaxed, so different from your usual captors. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” he continues, “I’ll ask you first next time before trying to break down the impenetrable door with a sword.”

Questions run through your head as you raise your fists to defend yourself. Who is this? What is a Pidge? Why was he trying to break down your door? His sword seems to disappear as he steps toward you, the door sliding shut again behind him. Your eyes watch, trained on the door and unable to tear them away from the rapidly disappearing sliver of freedom.

“It’s okay,” he says, his now empty hands up in the air. Where did that sword go? you wonder, but you feel your hands lowering anyway. The Galra never acted like this. You dare to let yourself hope. Maybe, could he be here to save you? “I’m Keith,” he says, reaching up to take his helmet off. You watch his longer hair fall free from under the head gear, “I’m here to get you out. Are you alright?”

You nod numbly, deciding to believe him. After all, you don’t really have a choice.

He nods at your now lowered defenses and turns back around, sliding the door back open a crack. You walk up near to him, hoping to catch a glimpse of something other than the four walls around you for the first time in days. But he lets the door close again and your body lets out a dismayed noise without you realizing. The man, Keith, turns around at that, “Don’t worry, we’ll get you out. We just have to sit tight for about 20 minutes. Our get away ride is going to arrive then, and there should be a break in the guard patrols at the same time. We’ll make a run for it and you’ll be out of here for good. You can run, right?”

You nod again, finally speaking, “Yeah.”

Keith smiles at that, “Good.”

“But,” you continue, “they’ll see me like this. I won’t be able to get away.”

“What do you mean?” he asks, a confused look on his face. You just grasp a handful of your hair and hold it out, gesturing vaguely around you to where your hair curls around the floor.

Keith’s eyes blink, as if trying to make things out in the dark and then widen, in realization or shock, you’re not sure. “Holy shi–” he trails off, glancing up at your worried eyes once before they follow the trail of hair. “Can you tie it up?” he asks, hesitantly.

“Uh, no,” you say quietly. “They wouldn’t give me anything to tie it up with. They liked having it loose because it’s easier to pull me around with it like this. And it hurts more this way,” you finish, trailing off to look at the floor.

You hear Keith shift in his armor, his fists clenching. Looking up at him you can see the anger in his eyes, “What’s wrong with the fucking Galra?” he growls to no one in particular. His eyes soften as he composes himself and looks over you and your hair while trying to figure out what to do. Soon, he pulls off a glove and reaches up to his wrist. “Well, I’ve got these?” he says, pulling three stretched out hair elastics off his wrist with a snap. You both look at them wearily, knowing they won’t do much. Then Keith speaks up again, “Well, we’ve got 20 minutes. Let’s see what we can do.”

The two of you work as quickly as possible, gathering hair, folding it, braiding it, twisting it, making it as small as possible. Eventually, as the long strands slowly shrunk, four hands working on the same head gets to be too much so Keith takes over.

You try to stop yourself from groaning at the soft hands in your hair. It’s been so long since friendly hands have touched you like this. It reminds you of your mom, or your family, of the reason you cling to your hair. He runs his hands through the tangles, massaging, gently twisting as he tries his best to corral it into something manageable. A sigh works its way out of you anyway and Keith speaks up again, “What’s our time?”

“Two minutes,” you answer, looking at the watch he gave you to keep an eye on.

“Alright,” he says, twisting the last elastic into place, “that’ll have to do. Do you think you can run now?”

Your head feels heavy, but your hair is swinging clear of the ground when you stand up. “Yeah, this should work,” you say with a small smile.. It’s been a long time since your hair has been piled nicely, rather than running along the grimy floors, stringy and knotted.

Keith gestures vaguely at your hair and opens his mouth, trying to find words. You smile in encouragement, your hands drifting back to touch your hair. The two of you haven’t even escaped yet and you can feel your spirits lifting. Finally, he decides on something to say, “Sorry it doesn’t look that great. I used to help out at the orphanage, but it’s been a while. I usually just throw mine in a ponytail when I need to.”

You shake your head, “It’s perfect.” You hesitate, wanting to ask more. You know it’s not an appropriate question, but you haven’t talked to anyone in so long, so you go for it anyway, “You were in an orphanage?”

Keith pauses, surprised that you asks, “Uh, yeah. Never knew my parents, so it’s not a big deal.” He shrugs nonchalantly, but you can see how tense his shoulders are and you know how hard it really is for him. You may have gotten many happy years with your parents, and you know you’re lucky in that respect, but Zarkon has taken them away from you for good now.

He flinches slightly when you put a hand on his shoulder, but he doesn’t pull away. A small alarm beeps from the watch before either of you can say any more.

The glint returns to his eye as he stands by the door, “Ready?” he asks, his hand outstretched towards you.

Without hesitation you grab it, “Ready.”

“Let’s get you out of here.”

The two of you run out the door and dart down the hallway, barreling around corners to avoid guards. Your hair bounces behind you and you feel so much lighter. A laugh bubbles its way out of you. 

You’re getting out.

Keith looks at you fondly as you smile at him. You’re going to be free thanks to him.

Freedom is much sweeter the second time you taste it, you think.

Tagged by @vitaminniedk (Thanks! I sorta enjoyed doing this.) for the bias mood board. Never done one before so took me while to find some pictures and put it together. I like the way it came tho. Went for a lazy day type feel. I threw a picture of dogs in there because if you think I wouldn’t own a dog, you’re crazy.

I’m tagging @iamonlylegs, @heoni, @http-novahd, @galaxy-sicanova, @blue-seungkwan, @ming-gyoo, @ithinkik, @danisonthefire, and @soonyoungsnunbit. (Totally optional. Don’t have to do if you guys don’t want to!)

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I doubt you'll see this. But. I just wanted you to know. I never once publicly said anything about you on the Internet. Like Twitter and stuff. And I never saw you do it to me. So I appreciate that. I'm dealing with some shit right now and felt the need to just say, even though we don't like each other, thanks for not doing that especially if we have any mutuals... I'm sorry that's so random and weird af. Hope all is going well with your job. When we spoke last you had a new one. Take care.

It took me a while to respond because I was shocked and didn’t know if I should just ignore you, plaster a fake smile on my face like usual and act like everything is fine while my feelings festered, or if I should just be completely honest with you about how I’ve felt after what you did.

Okay, hold it right there Cait because while its true that I never said anything about you until now, we both know you’re lying again about the other way around and that its a big fat lie. 

Other people know that’s a lie, especially that friend of yours (Mel/NSNL) you went after for exposing you, even after I tried helping you out and vouched for you when I was fooled into thinking you changed. 

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Heyy, it's me again :) i want to ask you how to maintain motivation for clean eating. there are times when i eat healthy and then i have a few days of binge eating (or crap eating) in a row. I want to break this cycle once for all. Have a nice day :*

Hey girl!! Sorry it took me a while to respond, I’ve been really busy with school and research. It’s definitely hard for anyone to stay motivated. There are some days when I don’t even want to leave my bed let alone cook healthy meals and get in a gym session. But, I think there are a few ways to combat this:

1. Workout with a friend/family member - have someone hold you accountable for showing up. You won’t want to disappoint them, and it’s fun to exercise with your loved ones.

2. Switch up your meals - if you eat egg whites with toast and turkey bacon every morning, you may start to get sick of it after a while. Healthy eating doesn’t mean restrictive eating. You’re allowed to change it up and eat what you enjoy. I like to incorporate a couple of different breakfasts (like Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts/granola or toast with avocado and a poached egg). It helps me stay on track, because I don’t get bored of my “healthy” foods. This goes for lunch and dinner too!

3. Know your goals - list them out on a sheet of paper or even a note in your phone and post them on your fridge/wall so you see them every morning. If they’re on your phone you can use them as a background, or set a daily reminder to look at your goals list. This always helps me when I want to binge or don’t feel like going to workout. It reminds me what I really want, and that I need to put in effort to yield results.

4. It’s all about balance - I am an advocate for intuitive eating. You don’t have to count calories or macros to be fit (no offense to people who do), and you don’t need to follow a specific diet plan (like paleo or keto or whatever). You can eat your favorite foods in moderation. You can also make your favorite unhealthy foods, a little or a lot healthier with some simple swaps. For example, if I’m craving a hamburger, I’ll buy lean turkey or beef and put it on a whole grain bun or just wrap it in lettuce! I’ll skip the cheese in favor of avocado. If I’m craving pizza, I make my own! You can buy a whole wheat dough for most grocery stores or you can make a cauliflower crust as well. Load it up with veggies, low fat cheese, and organic tomato sauce and you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy and tasty pizza!

5. Be positive - take this journey one day at a time. Remember it’s your life. You get to choose how you want to live it. And honestly, if you need some ice cream today it’s more than ok to get a scoop. Don’t let yourself get caught up in being perfect. Just know that the healthy choices will make a lasting difference. Xx

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52 and 67 with John Murphy?

Prompts: “Shh, I promise its all gonna be alright now. I promise.”
 “Sing me a lullaby.”

A/N: I’m still alive and I know I have no excuses… I hope this can make it up to you

It took a while for John to trust me and even more to let me break down his walls. A lot have changed since then but the only thing that’s stayed the same is his insecurities.

John Murphy may not strike for the insecure type of guy with his sarcastic attitude and the smug smirk always in his face but deep down he’s just afraid, afraid he’s not good enough.

When I moved in his tent the first thing he did was warm me about his nightmares and to be honest I panicked when I first heard him scream in his sleep. Now, after three months, I can say I’m used to it and I’ve found a way to get him to calm down.

I woke up feeling someone moving next to me and when I opened my eyes I saw John tossing and turning in his sleep. I sighted, it has been a while since he got a nightmare, he was getting better but after he was kidnapped by Grounders things were even worse than before.

I was cut from my thoughts when I heard John mumble. “No… Y/n, no” I cringed when he mentioned my name that meant I was part of his nightmare. I knew what was next so I decided to wake him up.

“John…” I whispered while gently touching his shoulder. He just turned around do I tried again “John it’s just a dream… Wake up” I tried again and when I saw he didn’t respond I decided to shake his shoulder.

Suddenly he jumped up and pulled a knife from under his pillow and pointed it at my direction.

“There’s no need for that, it’s just me” I told him gently holding his shoulder. I could see the fear slowly leaving his eyes and I smiled softly at him. I took the knife from his hands and put it aside. “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

He nodded but didn’t say anything. I hugged him and he hurried his face in my hair breathing deeply. “I was back there” he said his voice almost a whisper “and they found you a-and…”

“Shh, I promise its all gonna be alright now. I promise. You’re not going back there” I said softly as I rubbed circles in his back. I let him calm down until he spoke again

“Sing me a lullaby” he said. I smiled at his request, it was the first time he asked me that but I think it’d actually help. I nodded and he lied down with his head in my lap.

“I remember tears streaming down your face
When I said, "I’ll never let you go.”
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, “Don’t leave me here alone, ”
But all that’s dead and gone and passed tonight

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You’ll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I’ll be safe and sound

Don’t you dare look out your window, darling.
Everything’s on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music’s gone

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You’ll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I’ll be safe and sound”

When I stopped I realized he had fallen asleep. He looked peaceful and calm so I just lied down next to him not wanting to wake him up again and fell asleep.