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Can I request RFA+V and Saeran reacting to MC sleeping in their clothes?

Hey there Anon~! This was so cute to write when I saw this I squealed. Hope you enjoy!♡


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  • He was playing LOLOL all day and it was pretty cold in the small apartment so you decided to wear his signature blue hoodie
  • You fell asleep on the bed while he was still playing him not noticing you
  • It was around 2 in the morning when he quit and turned around and saw you sleeping in his hoodie
  • Also got a tiny nosebleed
  • When he went into bed to go cuddle with you, you woke up
  • “MC? Why are you wearing my hoodie?”
  • “Because it’s cold and it smells like you”
  • Cue this boy blushing harder than he already was
  • Wants you to wear his clothes more often because AWWWWWW
  • You both fell asleep in each other’s arms


  • He came home from rehearsals pretty late it was 11 pm
  • You had fell asleep in one of his black turtlenecks because it was extremely comfy and it smelled like him
  • You always missed him when he went off to rehearsals so you decided why not wear his clothes?
  • When he walked into the living room and saw you asleep on the couch with one of his musicals playing softly in the background
  • He tried so hard for The Beast™ to not unleash
  • He stood there for like 15 minutes just watching you sleep in his clothes and trying so hard to contain himself
  • He walked over to you and picked you up and headed into the bedroom
  • He layed you down and got into bed with you
  • He cuddled you all night long sort of not enjoying not being able to smell your scent over his cologne


  • Jumin made her work very late tonight
  • He made her start researching something for a new cat project he made up
  • So when she came home and saw you in one of her night shirts BAEHEE WAS FEELING BUTTERFLIES
  • She changed and headed into bed with you but not being able to sleep because you were just too c u t e
  • Just lied there looking at you for a good 5 minutes at the least because she loved you so much
  • She finally hugged you and fell asleep in your tired embrace


  • He had to do more work than he thought he needed to today
  • You fell asleep on the couch with Elizabeth the 3rd on your lap watching some sort of show
  • You were in one of his business shirts because he had no actual comfy clothes and he slept shirtless
  • It was a dress on you
  • When he walked in and saw you with Elizabeth in your lap and your mouth a little open his heart dropped
  • He was so in love with you
  • But got very confused when he saw you in one of his shirts?
  • (He was going to wear that shirt tomorrow)
  • He wakes you up and starts talking about how the shirt is too big and why you’re wearing it
  • “You were at work too long and I wanted something that smelled like you so I put this on”
  • Started asking why you didn’t just spray his cologne on your shirt
  • I don’t fucking know Jumin this just seemed better tf?
  • Also asks why you aren’t wearing your pajamas
  • “I wanted to wear these”
  • Calls up a fitter and starts making them take your measurements and making you knew pajamas that smell like him
  • It 1 in the morning what the actual fuck Jumin?


  • Because of his job he doesn’t get to sleep very often
  • Also it was super hot in the house today for some reason so he took of his black and yellow hoodie
  • While he got up to get a new pack of HBC you snuck in and grabbed his jacket
  • You put it on and sort of fell asleep on your shared bed
  • So what if it was hot? You missed Seven’s cuddles
  • The jacket sort of smelled like stale HBC, PD.H Pepper, and a bit of his cologne but whatever
  • He walked back into his room and noticed his jacket was missing
  • Started a little search for God Seven’s special hoodie
  • When he made it to your bedroom and saw you sleeping
  • YOU GOT LIKE x684115 CUTER HOW??????
  • Gave up his work and jumped into bed with you and was basically suffocating you in his cuddle
  • Sorry Vanderwood but Seven can’t help himself


  • He spends most of his days at home because he can’t go anywhere
  • He’s blind but not so blind that he can’t see fully
  • You started going through his wardrobe to see if there is anything you can wear of his
  • You saw one of his grey cardigans and put it on falling asleep on the bed a couple minutes later
  • Blue-haired boy started getting a little nervous because he couldn’t find you
  • You said you would be back because you were a bit cold and went to get a jacket
  • When you didn’t come back after 15 minutes he went looking for you around the house
  • He was being careful because he didn’t want to break anything in the house
  • He walked into the bedroom and saw you asleep cuddled into his cardigan
  • Saw you cuddled up in something and tried to see what it was better
  • Finally realized it’s one of his cardigans
  • He blushes so hard because you’re just so cute
  • Rika never did this with his clothes
  • Smiles and cuddles up with you in the bed loving how cute you are


  • You saw one of his sweaters and you put it on because why the hell not?
  • You sat down on the couch and fell asleep watching a movie
  • Saeran walked into the room and saw you sleeping in what was that?
  • One of his sweaters?
  • Why MC?
  • He has to admit you did look cute in his clothes but why?
  • You were sleeping peacefully until you felt a poke in your side
  • You woke up to see Saeran hovering above you
  • “MC, can you take that off that’s mine”
  • You were confused but respected his wishes and took it off
  • He grabbed the sweater and said a quiet ‘thank you’ before walking off
  • What the hell just happened?


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Stay With Me

Drabble Prompt: “You look like the girl I fell in love with.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @tas898

This is fucking terrible.

You’re glaring at the rack of clothes in your dressing room, contemplating your life choices. Shooting daggers at the short, black dress in front of you, it’s totally mocking your ass right now. 

This is typical. You’ve always hated dresses…dressing up in general actually. You can usually sass your way out of most things but now you’re fucking stuck.

“You almost ready, baby? You don’t want to start late.” Your boyfriend shouts from the other room. Gorgeous bastard. He got you into this mess.

You don’t care about being late. If anything it just delays the god damn inevitable which you welcome at this point. 

“You’re not dressed yet?!” Jensen’s eyes widen as he takes in your messy appearance.

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She Ain’t You (Tom Holland)

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Summary: Y/n is Tom’s best friend and when he breaks up with his girlfriend, hidden feelings start to surface.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Just a little Tom Holland fic with the best friends to lovers story I obsess over.

Masterlist Request Any Of These

Tom checked his phone for what felt like the thousandth time since he has texted his best friend, Y/n. He took a sip of his beer with a sigh as he wished the bar stool he sat on would swallow him whole until the ache he felt in his chest would dissipate. He didn’t quite like to deal with the harsh feelings of man at that moment.

Y/n’s eyes scanned the bar as she waltzed through the door, thanked the man who held it open for her as she searched for Tom.

“Hey stranger.” His best friend slid next to him at the bar, raising her brows as Tom took in the drink and properly ordered two more. “Bit too pretty to be sitting to be at the bar on your own, aren’t you?”

Tom snorted, at that line. “Ah, well, thank god I’ve got you to rescue me.”

Hiss friend’s expression turned slightly more serious. “What happened?”

“She just broke up with me.” 

“Always said she was a nutter.” Y/n replied as she took a drink of her beverage. 

“Yes, Y/n, you were right yet again.” Tom stated a bit harshly. 

“I’m going to ignore the tone in that comment and accept the victory of telling you so.” Y/n smiled as she threw an arm around Tom’s shoulders. “You know you only found the nutter cause you had Harrison as a wing man and not me.” 

“I hate to break it to you, darling, but you are the worst wing man I could ask for.” 

“Why? Is it because I’m picky about who you date?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well, that’s only because I don’t want you to date a slag or settle for less than what you deserve.” 

“I’m a big boy, Y/n, I think I can figure it out.” Tom stated with a smile as he removed some hair from her eyes and brushed her cheek lightly before pulling his hand away. 

Y/n looked away for a moment, trying to calm the burning feeling on her face as she quickly took a swig of her drink before turning back to Tom. 

“I just don’t think some people are good enough for you.” She stated truthfully.

 “Yeah, you’re the only one good enough for me, right darling?” 

Tom was joking, but it still set Y/n’s emotions into turmoil and her stomach into a mess of knots. Tom looked at her curiously as Y/n flashed a fake smile while Tom did nothing but study her closely, too close for Y/n’s comfort.

But, it wasn’t as if Y/n was the only one who had caught a hint of a feeling, Tom’s pain turned into something else as he sputtered out his joke. He couldn’t figure out what it was, but it made Y/n’s eyes shine brighter and her smile more stunning than it had been previously. 

Y/n removed her arm from around Tom’s shoulders and playfully pushed him, trying to ease the tension she felt between them, though Tom hadn’t noticed the tension she was feeling due to his venture into his own thoughts. 

“Okay, loser, you wanna find a new girl tonight? I promise not to be picky this time. You can choose the girl.” Y/n stated, her cheery tone sounding a bit forced as Tom was pulled from his thoughts. 

“Alright, deal.” Tom smiled as he and Y/n rose from their seats. He thought about asking his friend what had come over her moments before, but decided against it in hopes that she would tell him on her own.

“How about the girl over there?” Y/n asked as she pointed to a blonde on the other side of the bar. 

“No way. She has a friend with her. I’m never getting in.” Tom shook his head as Y/n frowned and kept looking. 

“Okay….” Y/n tapped her chin as she spotted another girl. “How about her?”

“Y/n, that’s a drag queen.”

“Now somebody’s being picky!” Y/n exclaimed. “I think she’s actually quite pretty… How about her? She’s cute.”

Tom followed Y/n’s line of sight across the room to a girl who looked eerily similar to her. He studied the girl for a moment before she locked eyes with him. 

She had Y/n’s h/c hair and bright e/c eyes and Y/n’s exact same style. She was beautiful, but something in Tom’s chest was nagging at him and he wasn’t sure what it was as he turned to Y/n. 

“She looks exactly like you, darling.” Tom stated.

“What? No she doesn’t. You’re just seeing things.” 

Tom took a look back at the girl he was just looking at and studied her once more. Her hair was a different color than what he had previously seen and her eyes were not the same e/c as Y/n’s, but the complete opposite. 

“Oh, maybe I am seeing things.” Tom said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. 

“Are you okay, honey?” Y/n asked as she placed a hand on Tom’s chest as she moved to stand in front of him. 

Tom’s eyes moved from Y/n’s hand on his chest to her eyes quickly, making Y/n believe she had imagined seeing him do as such. He felt his chest grow tight and his palms grow sweaty as Y/n continued to study him. 

“We can always do this another time, Tom.” Y/n said reassuringly. 

“No! I mean, no. I’m fine. I think I figured out which girl I’d like to go out with.” 

“Really? Who? Where is she?” Y/n asked, looking around the room as Tom chuckled lightly.

“Well, she has h/c hair, beautiful e/c eyes and she’s wearing a black dress that makes her look stunning.” 

Y/n searched the room as she eliminated each girl she saw without h/c hair, then eliminated the ones who had e/c eyes from what she could tell. She felt as though she was playing a game of “Guess Who?” with living people rather than plastic. But, no one that remained in her mind game wore a black dress. Different colors popped out at her, but not a single one was black, 

Y/n frowned as she looked back at Tom. “I don’t see her.” Tom laughed as Y/n gave him a curious look. “Are you tricking me?”

“No, no. I was talking about you, but it didn’t end up as romantic as I’d hoped.” 

“What? But, I - I mean you’re…you,” Y/n waved a hand at the general splendor of Tom. “You could have anyone you want.”

A soft smile crossed her friend’s lips. He caught her gesturing hands, bringing them to his lips as he placed gentle kisses on each knuckle before drawing Y/n closer. “I want you. If I can have anyone I want, don’t you think I should get to have you, hm?”

Y/n managed to nod dumbly for a moment as she looked around the room. “But there are so many beautiful girls here, ones who seem fun. Like her.” 

Tom looked back at the girl over his shoulder that Y/n pointed out to him before he shook his head and looked back at her bright eyes. 

“She may be great, but she ain’t you.” Tom stated as he leaned into Y/n and put his lips on hers. 

Worth The Risk {Part 12}

Bucky x Reader
Summary: Bucky knew that all Steve wanted was for him to get along with her, but was it really worth the risk?

Part 01 / Part 02 / Part 03 / Part 04 / Part 05 / Part 06 / Part 07 / Part 08 / Part 09 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 13 / Part 14 

Word Count: 2041
Warnings: angst? not really in this chapter though ;)

A/N: Managed to whip this up despite the flood of papers and finals! Also shoutout to @melconnor2007 for helping me with some awkward phrasing lmao

Originally posted by ghostwritingforyou

You sat curled up in the large armchair in the corner of your room, legs draped over the side and a mug of cold tea balanced haphazardly on the windowsill beside you.

The weather had been getting better recently and with the sun finally out (but the cold still present) you had decided to spend your morning laying in the sunshine with one of your favourite books. Hours went by without your noticing, much too absorbed in your book and the new CD Sam had bought you playing in the background to care.

But by noon, your stomach was rumbling and so you stood, making your way over to your dresser and pulling out a cliff bar. Tony had scolded you many times before for keeping food in your room but you honestly couldn’t care less; sometimes it was just too much of a hassle to leave in search of food.

Letting yourself fall back into your seat, you opened your snack and watched the clouds go by. You were zoning out again which wasn’t hard to do in this weather and the comfort of your room.

A few minutes later though a knock on the door distracted you and, throwing the now empty wrapper in the trash, you walked over to let Sam in.

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Marry me? | Tom Holland

Request: Hey there!! I love your imagines! I was wondering if you could do one where Tom proposes to you in a really elaborate but sweet way? I’m in the mood for some fluff 😊😊

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Tom swore he read every article on how to propose. Every single thing he saw gave him ideas on how to propose, but he always deemed them too mundane for his angel. He went through every idea in his mind but nothing seemed good enough. He was slowly going insane and he so desperately wanted to tell you about it to calm him down but he obviously could not. “Hey, so I’m going mental trying to propose to you, have any suggestions?” Definitely not.

He knew you hated when he spent too much on you. Your humble personality always felt guilty spending his money but really, Tom never minded as long as he got to see your bright smile afterwards. He had to find the perfect middle ground, or at least to a point he deemed necessary. He knew you deserved only the best, and he was determined to give it to you, only he had no clue what it was.

He even went so far as to ask everyone you were close to, your friends, your family, your co-workers. He always ended up with half-baked ideas that he would forget by the time he started a new plan. How long had he been planning this proposal again? He sighed as he continued on his search for the perfect proposal all while you waited in the dark.

It took some time and loads of work but Tom had finally crafted the perfect proposal. Or at least, he tried. “Dude, what if she doesn’t like it? Is there still time to move it? Oh god, she’s going to say no,” he let out his frustration to Harrison who replied with, “Shut up Tom. She’s going to say yes. She loves you mate, big proposal or not. Plus you already booked those tickets.”

You would be lying if you said you were not a bit worried of Tom’s frantic state. You would notice him late at night pacing and muttering to himself and him having conversations with Haz that you could not hear. “It’s guy stuff, dicks and things.” You rolled your eyes at them but let it slip because you trusted them wholeheartedly. Plus, you would not forget the night you brought it up to Tom and he replied by pulling you closer and kissing your forehead. “It will make sense in a while. Just not now, but when it does, you’ll laugh the hardest you have ever.”

It was after a long day of work, your boss literally gave you three days worth of things to do and accomplish within the day. You lugged your tired body home and fell flat against the sofa. “No honey I’m home?” You heard your boyfriend tease. You groaned a reply into the throw pillow and he laughed before he stood you up. “Come on, I’ve run us a bath.”

After unwinding and spending too much time in the warmth of the bath, you and Tom got out and put on your comfiest pjs. Tom knew you loved his sweaters so he gave you his favorite one to wear for the night. He prepared your favorite food, with the help of your mum and his mum, and set it out like a picnic on your bed.

“Okay, what’s up? Why are you so romantic tonight?” You asked as you ate the last of your meal. He sent you the same smile he used when he asked you to be his girlfriend and laughed at your waiting face, “when you love someone like I do, you do everything you can to try and show them you love them.” “You’re such a cheeseball.” “Only for you,” he singsonged before leaning up to kiss you, which you gladly accepted.

“So, I’ve been thinking.” “That’s never good.” “Shut up. So Ive been thinking that we need a vacation.” “Tom, you know-” “Too late!” He dropped an envelope on your lap and ran out of the room. You knew getting up to fetch him would be no use so you opened the envelope and were met with two tickets to London and a letter. 

Dearest Y/N,

Hey love, I know how much you love your excuses but I promise I have taken care of everything already. Yes, everything. I had Harrison check. Here are two tickets to my hometown, a place that means a lot to me and to us. There’s a whole world of memories I wish to share with you, I figured what better place to start than London? (aside from our own home of course)

p.s. you can;t say no because i already bought tickets :)) love youuu

“So what do you say?” He said as he peeked his head back in your room. “Well you’ve left me no choice Holland.” You laughed as he started doing his “happy dance” he looked like a flailing chicken. He then attacked you on the bed, careful not to crush the tickets. “London, here we come.”

“Tom, seriously, all I want is to shower then sleep.” He shushed you as he continued to walk you into his house. He insisted on blindfolding you which confused you as you had been to his house multiple times already. “Tom, I swear if I fall on my face, I’m taking you down with me.” He laughed but continued further into his house with a finger to his lips. He slowly let go and you reached out to him. “Tom?”

When you were met with silence, you untied the blindfold and let it fall. In front of you was the love of your life down on one knee with a smile as bright as the sun itself, it was a smile he only reserved for you. Your eyes widened and your heart rate quickened, he’s proposing, he’s proposing, he’s- he grabs your hand and suddenly you’re back on Earth staring into his eyes.

“Y/N, love, there is so much I want to say but not enough time nor words to say them. I truly believe I am the luckiest man alive, or rather who ever lived. And there’s one reason, one person, one amazing human being, that made that happen. She is the light of my life. I honestly don’t know how I lived without her because she’s the first and last thing on my mind every single day. When I feel like giving up, or like the world is against me, just knowing that she’ll be there when I get home gets me through. When I feel sad or down, seeing her smile would instantly brighten my mood. Suddenly with her, the future wasn’t so scary anymore. My future became our future and I cannot imagine it any other way. They say love is a funny thing and that it’s all some social construct, but how can you explain the feeling of being so content and enamoured with one person that it physically hurts when you’re apart? She is my air, my lifeline, my endgame. She’s my best friend, my rock, my universe, and someday hopefully my wife. It’s you. It’s always been you. There will never be another you. There’s nothing in this world or any world I would rather do than grow old with you, Y/N. I love you when you’re all dressed up showing off your perfect body. I love you when you’re dressed like this in sweats and flight hair. I love you when you wake up and when you fall asleep and everything in between. I love you so much that this little speech does not even begin to scratch the surface of everything I have yet to say. But I’m cutting it short because I know that there will be another time. 

Will you marry me?”


Hope you liked it! I’m sorry it’s not so elaborate (I got carried away and figured my original plan was too long to be one imagine) but I really enjoyed writing this!
 I probably will do a part two about everything Tom had planned for them soon ;)

Drunk In Love (Harry Styles Imagine)

Requested by anon! ✨

Words couldn’t possibly explain how amazing this entire month has been for me.
I just got my best friend Harry back from God knows where the hell that boy has been because it’s as if he literally travels everywhere non stop.
Personally I don’t have a clue as to how he could do that, just go from place to place without ever feeling strange or uncomfortable.
I’m scared to even set foot in a airplane, much less sit in one for hours and being aware of how high off the ground I am, I prefer to be on it thank you, and quite frankly just the mere thought of it sends major chills down my spine.
But I guess that’s the benefit of being a huge star, going everywhere around the world and feeling loved and right at home because of your amazing fans who always support you in every single thing you do.

I can’t say I disagree with any of them, this guy truly does amazing things all the time, and what I love the most about him is that no matter how big he becomes in the world of fame, he will always be humble, a very down to Earth man, hell, he doesn’t even like the word famous, in fact he absolutely hates it!
And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud to call Harry Styles my best friend, it seriously never fails to amaze me how his life has changed so much for the better, I’m saying because I’ve known Harry for years, even a bit before his little audition in the X factor when he had his little cupid looking curls, oh God he really did look like an adorable cherub back then didn’t he? All he was missing was the tiny angel wings and a small harp to constantely play in those gigantic hands of his.
What makes me laugh and love the most is the fact that the only thing he will always have such a big head about is the fact that he used to work at a bakery, but I have YET to taste a cookie made by him.

Anyway, as soon as I heard from his old bandmates that he was on his way back here in Los Angeles, the first thing I did was call his british ass up to see if it was true, cause unfortunately Niall, Liam and Louis have a history of pranking me so much, it’s pretty hard to believe almost anything they tell me now, those little hansome dibshits.
Well, Harry had certainly confirmed saying it was indeed true, and as soon as he landed, the very next day he came to my house and took me out and about these past few nights, kind of as a way to make up for all the time he didn’t spend with me.
Even though I honest to God told him that there was no need for him to do that, he insisted because, and I quote, “I missed you too fucking much poppet.”
Man, I don’t really know why but it makes me feel pretty damn special that I’m basically the only female in his life he calls that cute nickname, ever since we were younger actually.
I always found it to be the most adoring thing in the world, it makes me smile.

Overall, as I have said, him and I have been hanging out a lot lately, we have created some amazing yet crazy memories together I never thought could be possible, and it also made me realize just how boring it was without him in town, not to mention how much I truly missed him.
Although I must say the other lads did a good job in substituting I guess you can say, they are so sweet to even do that in the first place really.
In fact, I have pretty much developed a very special bond with each of them now, don’t get me wrong, I love them all and we’ve always gotten along great since the beginning, but out of all four I have always been the closest to Harry, just because as I’ve known him longer, that’s all.
I love to say that I have my own little night out routines with these three goof balls, Niall is my drinking and golfing buddy, Louis is my night club buddy, and Liam well, he’s more of my, let’s just kick back and chill buddy, but not the type of chill people love to do these days so please get your mind out of the gutter.

You know it’s strange though, just yesterday I was telling Harry about the fun time I had with the other boys and if I’m not mistaken, he actually got a little jealous?
I mean maybe it’s just my imagination but I perfectly saw the way his features just tightened intensely, even his jawline seemed sharper than usual.
When I asked him if he was okay, he tried to play it off telling me that the food he ordered was a little too spicy, but I know my best friend all too well, he is absolutely horrible at hiding his emotions, still, I decided not to push the issue, I didn’t want to ruin all the fun we were having and make things awkward.
Now that it’s the next night, Harry and I decided to do something more simple, at first he wanted to go out again but I had suggested for us to have a nice movie night, just like when we were younger, or even better watch the packers game together that’s comming on in about an hour.

I was already dressed up in my most comfortable clothing and grabbed the snacks I had went out shopping for earlier, setting everything up in the living room and placing the stack of dvd’s I got from redbox.
My eyes happen to glance at the time and my brows furrowed to see that Harry was not here yet and he said he would be in this exact time.
I grabbed my phone and texted him asking of his wereabouts since usually he’s very prompt.
As a response I saw the glow of my screen brighten up with his picture.
My thumb tapped on the green button…
“Loser!” I playfully greeted as I placed the phone against my ear.
“Well that’s harsh!” He jokingly yelled on the other line, causing me to take the cell away from me for a second.
“Haha sorry you know I love you, where are you? Are you stuck in traffic or something?”
“Sort of but s'not why I called.”
My brows furrowed once more curiously…
“What’s up then Styles?”
“Eeeeeehhhh…how angry would you be if I changed our plans for the evening?”
I rolled my eyes with a head shake, not angrly though…
“I actually wouldn’t be mad dude, what do you have in mind this time?” I quizzed, letting out a bit of a sigh as I began to put away the snacks and movies again.

“Well Li-”
“Hold on, before you tell me, do I need to change my clothes? Like is it a must?” I ask.
“Depends love, what are you wearing?”
“Sweats, a plain white t shirt, and my cookie monster slippers.” I explained, immediately earning myself a rapsy chuckle.
“You’re adorable poppet.”
I grinned with a slight laugh and just waited for him to tell me.
“Yes you have to change clothes, big time. Liam is actually having a party at his house, he texted me saying that you and I are more than welcome to come, but if you don’t want to we could just stay in it’s alright.” He assured me.
I took a moment to think about it, from what I’ve experienced Liam throws some pretty wild parties, and this is that he’s a really laid back guy, but get a few shots of grey goose in him and he’s anytbing BUT laid back.
I had a really great time last bash so I guess tonight should also be fun, especially now that Harry is here.
“(Y/N)?…” He called out, snapping me out of my thinking.
“Wha? Oh! I’m still here, um you know what? Let’s go! I’m in the mood to party. Let’s me just get dressed really quick.”
“Great, I’m pretty close to you, so I’ll be there in a bit and we can go.”
“Sounds good, later Haz.” I say before we hung up on each other.
As soon as I plugged my phone so it could charge for a bit I hauled ass down the small hallway of my bedroom to see what the heck I throw on.

Lord knows how long it took to search for the right outfit but I finally found the perfect one, it was cute but also simple, just a nice thick strapped little black dress with a jean jacket, sheer tights, and my black and white converse.
I let my messy bun down and straightened it as fast as I could, then after I thanked God that I had some time to put on makeup and make myself look presentable.
As I was putting on some sparkly highlight I heard my phone ringing again in the living room.
I took some quick steps to answer it and sure enough Harry was outside.
“Let me just get my small purse I’ll be out in a second.”
“It’s alright love, no rush.” He kindly promised, I swear to God he has the patience of a saint, sadly I can never be like it, too much of a short fuse honestly.
I ran around the house once more, almost making myself sweat like a pig trying go gather the things I need to bring with me, perfume, gum, deordorant, feminine care products, house keys, extra lipstick, hair bands, and last but not least, a bottle of pain killers in case I go overboard with the Ciroc like last time.

Finally, I was out the door and Harry was standing against his car looking down at his phone, he looked very handsome, well when doesn’t he? But tonight he looked extra hansome if that was possible.
To be honest it made me kind of think twice about what I chose to wear.
“Hey curly.” I tell him as I approached.
He glanced up at me and immediately shot a devilish smirk, I already know all too well what’s gonna come out of those bubblegum colored lips next, he parted them but I raised up a firm finger to interrupt.
“Haz! I swear to God if you start singing little black dress I’m gonna kick your ass!” I warned, he literally does it EVERY time I wear this out.
His mouth dropped then quickly formed into a grumpy baby pout…
“You don’t like it when I sing to you?…”
“What? No I love it it’s just-”
“No.” I muttered with a bored expression.
“Take it or you could WALK to the party!” Harry shot, making me gasp dramatically in response.
“So it’s gonna be like that?”
“Yea.” He also muttered, mocking my bored stare.

I slightly grunted, screw it, might as well…
“It’s alright! It’s alright! It’s alright you know! Can we please go now?” I lightly pressed.
“You would absolutely fail the X factor.”
“SHUSH!” I claimed, smacking him on his tatted arm.
“Ow! I’m kidding (Y/N)! Jesus!…Really though you look stunning poppet.” He compliments, moving a strand of hair away from my face.
I smiled and rubbed the same arm I smacked..
“Thanks man, so do you.”
He gave me a thankful smile and followed me to the passenger side of his car to open the door for me like the gentlemen he was raised to be.

It only took about an hour to reach Liam’s huge house since he lives all the way up in the hills of Hollywood.
The loud sound of the music was already making the ground tremble from the huge speakers we could easily see from a mile away, it almost felt like a mild earthquake, if he decides to blast it up any louder I think he can make California go through the big one.
There were an awfull lot of people, more than the last party he threw, and most of them were drunk out of their minds.
“Bloody hell where do I even park?…” Harry huffed, his emerald eyes searching around to find a free space in the middle of what looked like thousands of cars.
I helped him and kept an eye out as well, it took quite a while but fortunately someone came out of the house and drove away, leaving us a good spot to leave the old rage rover in.
Of course Harry stepped out of the vehicle first and ran over to the other side to open my door again and help me out.

The moment I landed onto the outside I couldn’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.
I wasn’t joking when I said that there are way too many people here…
I could clearly feel the perverted eyes of a random drunk guy on me as Haz and I walked up to the entrance gates of the house, it gave me such terrible vibes it wasn’t even funny.
I happened to take a small glance at him and I was right, he definately had his glassy eyes locked on me, well more like my chest and legs.
I looked down and notcied I had some clevelage showing so I quickly pulled up the black fabric to cover up and closed up my sweater a bit more.
“You alright there tiny?” I heard Harry question, snapping my head to his direction.
I looked up at his tall figure and he had a bit of a smile going on, but it faded almost instantely when he saw how nervous I must’ve seemed, he even stopped walking and stared down at me with great concern.
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing, I just caught that guy staring at me…”
“Which guy?”
“The one by the end of the gate…” I tell him.

Without hesitation his eyes landed on the wasted male and shot him the most intimidating glare I have ever witnessed…it’s safe to say I have never seen him look so scary before…
“Hm, don’t you worry about that arsehole, he’s fucked if he even comes near you.”
“Hey Harry man be careful, he may be drunk but he’s still bigger than you.”
“That doesn’t make him a threat love.” He sternly promised.
My orbs went wide at his words, I never knew this side of him, I never even thought once that he was capable of getting this angry and protective, guess I don’t really know my best friend as much as I thought I did.
My eyes didn’t go completely wide until he shocked me by putting a strong arm around my waist, holding me closely on his opposite side so that I was blocked from the stranger’s view.
I have to admit being so close to him with zero space in between us made me feel just a wee bit fuzzy inside, especially when he wouldn’t let go and was cautious of other men around as he entered the gigantic house.

It wasn’t until we were completely inside the house did his arm wiggle away from me.
The music was a little too loud for my taste,
but I was already feeling the need to dance my ass off, another thing Harry quickly noticed.
“I see you’re really feeling the beat already!” He yelled with a wide smile over the booming speakers.
I looked down and saw how my waist was already moving side to side, I swear I didn’t feel that at all.
“I can’t help it!” I shrugged with an amused beam.
Just then Liam immediately spotted the two of us from upstairs and practically ran to hug me with a shot in his hand, then of course he proceeded to greet his band brother.
“I’m so glad you guys can make it! I thought you lames weren’t going to show up!”
“Well have no fear the LIFE of the party is here!” I jokingly shot, locking arms with Harry.
Liam flipped me off and I chuckled, raising my middle finger in the air as well.
Harry just shook his head at the two of us and searched around for something…
“Already looking for a girl to make out with? Possibly hook up?” I smirked.
“Hehehe, no not at all actually, but you know if you’re up for it, so am I.” He also smirked with wink.
I couldn’t help but allow my jaw to drop to the floor, Liam himself was left surprised, I mean he has been sort of flirty with me before, what boy and girl who are just friends doesn’t flirt atleast slightly? But he most definately stepped it up tonight.
What’s with this boy surprising me today?

He side hugged me and gave me a fast peck on my head, his deep accented voice fairly close to my ear as he spoke…
“Just kidding poppet, you’re way more than just a makeout session and a one night stand believe you me.”
And there he goes again, leaving me speechless but this time he decided to throw in my cheeks turning as red as an extra hot cheetoe, through the colorful flashing lights I could see how his features softened up slowly, almost making him appear sad if I’m not mistaking as he looked down on the shiny floor.
My glossed lips parted to say something in response but he beat me to it…
“Payno, where are the drinks?” He asked, pressed more like it.
“Oh! Right over there down in the kitchen mate, all the glasses are under the island so help yourself.” Liam assured.
“Thank God, I need a few, thanks.” He muttered, but loud enough for us to hear while he walked away and dissapeared out of sight.
I have this radther weird feeling inside of me, he was looking fine a second ago but now he just looks down right irritated, like if something is deeply bothering him…or has been deeply bothering him and I just never knew.

“Liam!” I called out, making him turn his head to me meanwhile he down he hard liquor in his small glass, his brows raised as a signal for me to tell him…
“Is my mind playing tricks on me or does he look kind of agitated?”
“Does he? Hm, maybe, I didn’t really notice quite honestly.” He said with a shrug and pout.
I just shook myself out of my concern, I’m sure after putting some alcohol in his system he’ll be his cheerful froggy self once more.
“Alright everybody! Come to the dance floor! This next song is really going to get this party started!” The DJ announced, and the second he dropped the tune with cheers filling the building, I was more in the mood to dance than ever, the song he was now playing was one of my absolute favourites.
“Oh my gosh! I fucking love this song! Liam dance with me?!” I offered, gripping his forearm in excitement.
He slightly laughed and nodded with a friendly smile, placing his empty glass down on one of his coffee tables and taking a hold of my hand to lead us to the dance floor.

Before we began to move our bodies together, I looked ahead in the direction of the kitchen to check on Harry, hoping that he was okay and having a good time.
At first he was unable to be seen, which for some reason worried me, but then I caught clear sight of him sipping on some brown liquor and actually talking to a pretty red headed girl.
From what it appeared they were having a nice conversation, because they were all smiles and laughter.
I felt very relieved knowing that he was good, and getting lose with the jack.
“(Y/N)?!” Liam called my name, gaining my attention from staring at Haz.
“Shit sorry man, just checking on my bestie.” I notified, he nodded again in understanding and we just started dancing from there.
At first we kept a bit of distance from each other, but as we got more into the music, before I knew it I was dancing with my body pressed against his, feeling his large hands firmly holding on to my waist as I shook my hips.
He was also shaking his side to side, and I couldn’t help but blush a nice shade of pink to feel his member through his black jeans, but I tried my best to ignore it and just continue to enjoy myself.

Almost halfway through the second jam I could feel myself being watched by a certain pair of green eyes.
I looked up over Liam’s shoulder, my hair kind of damp from the heat of moving my body to the fast songs, for certain I caught Harry red handed staring at me from the same spot in the kitchen he was in, there were more people around him this time, all laughing and talking except for him.
You would think that me catching him staring my way would make him turn his head, but he didn’t, he kept concentrating on me and Liam dancing.
The house may have been dark but he definately stood out in the middle of that darkness to me, his face was blank, I couldn’t exactly tell if he was down or up, but one thing was for sure he seemed less happier the more he kept his stare at us.

It began to make me go into deep thought once more, I have absolutely no idea why Harry has been acting so weird…
First the way he cringed when I told him
about how it was while he was gone, then the way he got protective me of outside, the way his own sweet words for me made him look broken, and now the way he’s looking towards me…something’s up and I seriously want to know, I feel like he’s holding something back from me, something serious…my heart is telling me to confront him about his behavior lately, but the only thing that holds me back is having that honest confrontation turn into an argument.
I know Harry have had our share of those before but I just don’t want to mess up anything and make him regret comming back to LA.
I witnessed the way he grabbed the little bit of brown liquor that was left in the bottle and just downed it like if it was water.
Oh no…don’t tell me I’m the one who’s gonna have to drive us home tonight…

I can also see how the same red head chick tried to call out for him and gain his attention once more, but he was ignoring her, in fact he ignored her completely and tossed the bottle aside, walking out of the kitchen and comming up to Li and I.
As he took heavy steps towards us the last fast song of the night finished and Liam and I leaned away from each other to fan ourselves and get some cool night air comming through the open doors.
“Wow that was hot….” He chuckled, taking off his black hoodie sweater and exposing his white wifebeater shirt that hugged his perfectly shaped body.
“Ugh I know, maybe next party you can have your AC on.” I chuckled as well while fanning myself and tying my hair up into a messy ponytail.
“Oh that is a promise love.” He agreed.
“Alright party people let’s make things slow and romantic to end the night!” The DJ announced, putting on some slow, romantic music, ironically the song Night Changes.
“Still want to dance?” Liam offered, holding his hand out to me, I shrugged with a nodd but right when I took it Liam turned around to Harry tapping him on the shoulder.

“I think I’ll cut in this one mate…” Harry semi slurred, aw man I knew it, he’s pretty smashed, his emerald orbs were dark and really glassy, and his voice sounded a lot more deeper if that was even possible.
“Woah lad how many drinks did you have?” Liam asked with concern.
“Never you mind about that Paynooo…I’m having fun that’s all.” He answered, placing a hand on his shoulder to shake it.
“I know but are you gonna be alright though?”
“Yea yea I’m a big boy not a child, now leave us, find some other girl to dance with…”
He playfully shoved his head to make him go away but I could very well see some daggers being shot with that last statement.
Thankfully Liam didn’t notice and just shrugged having an amused beam on his face and then left us alone.
He finally looked down at me once again and a huge bright grin made it’s presence be known as he reached for my hand and intertwined it with his, pulling me slowly closer to him.
“C'mere angel.” He slowly and deeply calls me.

I wrapped my arms around his neck while his hands held my hips, a little more firmly than Liam may I add.
“I didn’t think you were planning on drinking so much tonight Mr.Styles.”
“Mmm well….it helps Ms.(L/N)…”
I squinted my eyes and bit my lip in curiousity for a slight moment…
“…Helps what exactly?…” I hesitated to inquire.
Then a small gasp was taken into my lips as he went from holding my hips to snaking both of his arms around my waist fully and pulling me closer to his body, our chests pressing so much against each other I can almost feel my boobs getting mildly crushed, I felt chills go down my spine just like before…
“Hmmmm…” I heard him hum, feeling the heat of his breathing while he had his face burried into my neck.
At first this felt weird, at the same time….strangely comfortable…as if it was normal for him to do something this affectionate with me.

“Helps me forget…but now it’s all commin back…” He muttered into my skin, making goosebumps rise up like no tomorrow, the feel of his soft pinkish heart shaped lips felt moving as he spoke ever so slowly as if he’s trying to stress every word that comes out of him.
It made me feel some type of fire I guess you can say in my chest, and oddly it caused me to start picturing the sensational feel of them actually kissing my neck, but I immediately shook off the racey thought…even though I sort of didn’t want to to be truthfull.
I went ahead and rubbed a soothing hand on the soft dark grey cotton fabric of his shirt that covered his toned back while my other rested on his shoulder.
Our bods moving slowly in circles to the soft sound blaring from the speakers that were only some inches away from us.
Aw man Harry smells so wonderful…that cologne of his is very captivating…it’s so attractive and suits him very well, the smell of his curly brown hair was also delightful, and the feel of it was very soft, I almost felt like I was touching the hair of a real life angel.
I decided to play with it a little as I talked with him…
“What’s comming back Harry?…What are you trying to forget?…”

I awaited his reply but I didn’t seem to be getting one, he was so quiet just leaning himself on me.
I rubbed small circles on his back then patted him…
“Haz?…Come on tell me…Harry?” I called, then suddenly I felt him getting heavier and heavier on me, it made me stumble back a few steps.
“Woah woah woah! Harry! Dude! Don’t tell me you’re sleeping!” I yelled and with all my strength pushed his torso away.
Sure enough I was right, he was seriously sleeping, no wonder I felt us stop dancing, but in less than a second he woke up, frantically looking around him until he sighed relieved to see me standing in front of him.
“Oh there you are love…”
“Good morning.” I played.
“Where’d you go off to?” He asked with a raised brow, I see how he can barely keep himself standing straight.
“Dang you’re really plowed aren’t you?” I giggle.
“You just fell asleep while we were dancing!” I humorously exclaimed.
He took a look at his surroundings and came to his senses that he was still at the party…
“Oh…right…sorry for that but…you’re very comfortable…I love being in your arms.” He shyly confessed, his smile more adorable than ever before.

I smiled in return and shook my head…
“Awww you’re just saying that because you always get extra affectionate when you’re wasted.”
“Noooo….I mean it!” He says, taking my hand into his once more and trying to pull me close to him.
“Come be my pillow again poppet…”
I gotta admit that was pretty darn cute but I had to refuse his request…
“No no you’re gonna fall asleep again and I CANNOT carry you!”
“Fiiiine…in that case can we go?…M'not comfortable here anymore…my head’s hurting  too now..”
I rubbed his shoulder and agreed, plus the DJ decided to play a couple of more fast songs and now everybody was basically fucking each other on the dance floor around us.
Even though we just got here it’s best for us to step out, we both had our small amount of fun after all so it’s all good.
“Okay let’s get out of here, but first give me your car keys, you’re in no condition to drive.”
Harry slowly patted his pockets and his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he touched his pack pockets…oh God what happened?…
“Holy shit…” Was all he could manage to say.
“No. Don’t tell me you lost the car keys please!” I pleaded.
“No not that…my bum feels incredibly firm!” He loudly laughed, eyes shutting tight and all.
“It’s like two stones glued together back there!!”
I face palmed and shook my head, trying my best not to crack up with him.
“Quit screwing around Styles! Car keys!” I ordered, holding out my palm.

Unfortunately he was a little too busy busting a gut to give me anything.
I snorted and smacked his arm, “Haz!”
“Ugggh!” I grunted and went behind him to grab them from his back pocket and pushed on his rock hard ass to start walking, which caused him to flinch.
“Move it mister!”
“Woah! Hey officer what seems to be the problem?…” He devilishly smirked.
“Oh my God! Just shut up and keep walking!”

Once we reached the cool, breezy outside and lord knows how I was even able to get this boy into the rage rover with no help whats so ever, as I drove us both back to my small house he slowly started to fall asleep again, but I kept having to tell him to look alive because I still had to get his ass OUT of the car.
Boy do I freakin regret making him stay up though, because now he wouldn’t stop singing his heart out…not that I wasn’t enjoying it, after all he does have one of the most amazing voices in the world, but when he sang while DRUNK, well…actually he still sounded pretty awesome, but it was extremely loud in the small space we’re in.
“Harry, I think you should-”
I turn my head to glare at him and he just laughed like the little shit he’s being.
“Yea I did that to annoy you…”
“I see that, thanks so much.” I murmured, turning my sight back to the road ahead of me.
I felt him grab one of my hands off the steering wheel to hold it, intertwining our fingers together and gently stroking my skin with his thumb, he was holding it a whole differently this time….yup…another moment for me to be blushing like crazy for the millionth time…
“Hehehe awww m'sorry baby you were saying?…”

I almost killed myself snapping my head back to face him, my eyebrows raised up so high I thought they were gonna fly off my face.
Did I just hear correctly or I had a few drinks myself at the party and don’t remember? Because that truly hit home…
“Um…W-what did you just call me?…” I nervously laughed, but my face was kind of serious…
All of the sudden it was as if he wasn’t so drunk anymore, he sat up straight in his seat, instantely taking his hand away from mine in realization of not only the way he was holding it but also what had just slipped out of him.
He just simply cleared his throat loudly and looked out the window, then from there on out heavy silence took control over us both.

Our tongues had literally stopped knowing how to form any words, I wish I knew what to say at this point, but putting all of these clues he has given me throughout the recent time together, it’s fairly obvious just what the hell is going on here.
Only minutes had passed but the silence was basically killing me, and if he wasn’t going to start talking then I will….
“Harry…I think you and I might need to talk…”
“There’s nothing to talk about (Y/N)…”
“I wouldn’t be so sure of that…” I almost whispered, seeing how he broke his concentration from the window.
“Is this because I called you baby just now?…It was an honest mistake. Matter of fact you shouldn’t think anything of it.” He stated in a radther stern tone, geez that sounded pretty harsh actually…I guess my thoughts were wrong…
But why do I feel hurt? Shouldn’t I be relieved?
“Okay…got it…but there was no need for you to get mad just saying.”
“I didn’t get mad woman.”
“Dude, you have no filter.” I remind him and gave him the side eye.
“Fine, sorry..”

A few more minutes of agonizing silence later, we arrived at my house at last.
I pulled up to my drive way, parking right behind my car and removing the keys out of the ignition.
I glanced at him and I could tell his head was pounding heavily.
I reached inside my purse and grabbed the bottle of pain killers I had taken earlier and put two in my hand.
“Here drink these, your head isn’t gonna let you sleep.”
“Oh…thank you…but..j-just one sec…” He tells me, opening his passenger door to blow chunks.
Once again, I rubbed soothing circles on his back with giggles escaping my lips, this boy I swear…
Harry threw up a little more and wiped the left over bite of barf on his mouth.
“You good?” I asked, squeezing his shoulder when he came back inside and shut the door.
“Yea…but I’m sorry I threw up on your cat.”
“I don’t have a cat…” I pointed out.
“Shit…” He opened the door again and looked around…
“Who’s ever cat I just vomitted on I’m sorry!!”

Loud laughter released itself from me, knowing my neighbor’s are gonna be so pissed tomorrow.
Harry looked back at me and snorted, quickly cracking up with me.
We stayed in the car with our guts tightening for a moment before we were able to catch our breaths.
“Oh my God I fucking love you.” I chuckled and unbuckled my seatbelt.
“Love you too bugger.”
“Come on let’s get you some coffee, I have extra toothbrushes inside so you could wash your mouth too.” I notified.
“Sounds fantastic thank you.”
“Think you can make it in the house by yourself?” I questioned, only seeing him nodd, well, he should be a little more stable now that he got the worst part overwith.

Once we got inside the house, I gave him the toothbrush and a new bottle of mouth wash and he hurried himself straight to the bathroom to freshen up.
When he came back he drank the pain killers and I told him to rest on the couch while I prepared his coffee.
I took a look at the clock and it was way passed midnight, I didn’t even realize it was almost going to be three o'clock in the morning, no wonder I feel so sleepy.
The coffee machine started beeping and I poured it in a blue glass mug then walked over to the couch where he was laying in, only to find him snoring and sleeping like a baby.
I smiled at how cute he looked and placed the mug on the small table in front of him, grabbing a small blanket from the dryer and placing it over his large body.
After putting one of the couch cushions under his head I stroked his light brunette hair, noticing how a small smile would perk up on the corner of his lips as I touched him that way.
“Hehe, goodnight curly fry…” I whispered, followed by a huge yawn that signaled me to knock out myself.
And believe me as soon as my body hit my bed, it was like someone disconnected me and shut me down completely…


Throughtout the dark of the night, as my chest was slowly rising up and down and my legs were sloppily spread out on the mattress with my blanket only covering some parts of my body…
I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or not, but I felt a gentle hand touching my cheek, stroking my skin delicately, and I can feel all my hair that was covering me up being carefully taken away.
Then I heard a handsome and sweet voice lowly mutter my name…
I couldn’t really respond immediately, because in my mind I thought just hearing things so decided to ignore…
“(Y/N)…” I was called again, then I felt that same gentle hand go up and down my arm…
“Poppet please wake up…”
Right when I heard that word my eyes quickly opened, realizing that it was Harry.
“Hmmm…” I hummed, shifting my body to sit myself up and turn on my lamp.

“Harry?…” I croaked, rubbing the sleep away from my eyes.
“The one and only.” He nervously chuckled, tapping his finger on the corner of his mouth to tell me I have druel.
“Oh…my bad.” I say, wiping it off…well isn’t that embarassing…oh wow I just noticed that he’s shirtless but I’m gonna try my hardest to pretend he’s not…
“What’s wrong? I thought you were sleeping. Did you get sick again?” I asked, running my fingers through my messy hair.
“No…well I still feel a bit woozy but I’m alright…I just couldn’t sleep, I’m sorry for waking you up but I wanted to talk to you.”
“It couldn’t wait till the morning?…” I ask.
He shook his head and said a soft “no.” with a shy smile.
I re tied my hair up again and got myself a little more comfortable.
“Okay, I’m listening.”
“M'sorry for getting upset with you in the car. I feel really bad for that…”
I just say quietly and stared at him for a few minutes before shrugging…
“Um..alright…is that why you couldn’t sleep you dork? You already apologized for that anyway.” I giggled.
“Shut your face…there’s more than that…way more..” Harry smiled, but it faded in the blink of an eye, my concern rised up to his stare, he looked so worried especially with the way his thumbs were fiddling with each other and his foot was frantically tapping the floor.

“Hey, come on look at me…” I tell him, putting a calming hand on his tatted forearm, his green orbs looked straight into mine as I spoke…
“Wow I have never seen you this nervous before, not even for a concert…what’s going on Harry?”
“Aaahh I’m…I just don’t know how to tell you…”
“Why? You and I have been super close for many years I’m sure by now you know you could tell me absolutely anything.” I promised, rubbing his forearm up and down, but he stopped it and grabbed a hold of it instead, his grip on it was pretty tight, and I can also feel his palms sweating.
I officially started to get nervous myself, if you could hear the way my heart was racing you would think it would break out of my ribs any moment now.
He kept his concentration on my hand…
“Um…C-Can I lay next to you first?…”
I hesitated for a second but I slowly nodded.
“Sure.” I simply said, scooching over and allowing him to come to my right.
We both got ourselves comfortable and we just layed facing each other until…
“C'mere…” He whispered, bringing me into his arms and pressing me against his bare body.
My face heated up on the quickness, the way his hard and smooth chest felt on my cheek… hearing the way his heat was racing at first but now listening to it come to a more steady pace…was it because he’s holding me now?

“Sorry I know this is a bit weird…”
“It’s alright, no worries, now tell me what’s on your mind.” I say, just staring at one of the birds on his chest and tracing it with my finger.
“Here goes…While I was gone…I’ve realized that….(Y/N) I’m in love with you…”
My expression went completely blank, I almost felt paralyzed, everything in my body went cold and numb…I mean with everything I’ve seen from him I can’t say I didn’t see this comming, I figured it out back at the party, I just never thought in a million years it would actually be true.
“(Y/N)?…Please say something before I have a heart attack…”
Before YOU have a heart attack?!
“I uh…my God Harry that’s mighty big thing you just told me…I mean how did you even come to realize that?…I mean this isn’t the liquor talking right?”
“No of course not, and honestly everything about you made realize that love.” He replied, his huge palm going up and down my back.

I looked up at him and just said one word in question…
Harry changed his position so that he looked down upon me more clearly, his head was resting on his palm that was stood up by his elbow, and his other arm was on top of my tummy still keeping physical contact with me.
I just laid on my back and kept my sight on his dialated emerald eyes…
“You’re humble, you have the biggest heart in the world, the most radiant smile that is highly contagious to me, you know damn well you’re beautiful but you don’t have a big head about it like most girls do these days. You make me so happy, but a kind of happy I have never experienced before. And I would always picture myself marrying someone exactly like you ever since I was a younger lad…but why would I need to find someone who’s LIKE you? When I already have the real deal right here in front of me in all her beauty? (Y/N), You are just a beautiful creation from above inside and out overall which I was so lucky enough to have so close to me throughout most of my life.
God you even make me nervous all the bloody time, in fact you’re doing it right now see?”
He asked, taking my hand and placing it on his smooth, inked up skin, his heart really was beating a thousand beats per minute.

I have to admit, I felt happiness hearing these sweet words from those kissable looking lips.
But I don’t know why part of me began to already have some doubts…
“Harry…I’m shocked, no guy has ever made me feel so loved like you’re doing right now…but you can have literally every girl in the entire world-”
“But I only want one and she’s right here….” He slowly whispered, emphasizing every single word as much as possible.
At this point our faces were only inches away from each other…I know that I was still in shock, but I know, I know for a fact that my heart wanted him too…I want to be with him….
I realize that now as well, and now that I truly take my time to think about it, I have had feelings for Harry since the day I’ve met him, it started out as a simple crush, but then they became stronger over the years.
I’ve just always managed to push those feelings behind me and keep them there, even more when he became famous with the boys…
Because I thought that he would never go for just a regular girl like me…but man…I was wrong…I was dead wrong…

“What’s on your mind poppet?…”
“Nothing just…soaking all of this in…”
“I know it’s something major…but I don’t regret telling you…although I might in the morning there’s still a wee bit of alcohol in me but..yea.”
I slightly and quietly laughed, then taking a moment to just stare at his lips, they are really alluring me being so close to my own.
“You alright down there?…”
“I’m fine, just not really having a clue on what to say here..”
“(Y/N) you don’t have to say anything…but I really would love it if you told me that…you love me back…baby please tell me you love me back…” He begged.
“You called me baby again.” I stated with a smile.
“Well you are my baby…you always will be to me…”
Silence fell over us one more time, it became just like how it was in the car, neither of us knew what to say next.
His handsome features said it all as a few minutes went by though, me being quiet was probably making him think that I don’t feel the same way…
He looked down, a lot of hurt and a cracking heart evident in his orbs…
“Um..look It’s more than okay if you don’t feel that way for me sweetheart…just know that I-”
“Mm?” He hummed, looked back over to me and I placed my hand on his cheek, stroking it gently…
“Kiss me yea?” I beamed brightly, his eyebrows raising up high to the sky…
“What?…do you really want me to?”

I nodded, my smile getting bigger if possible…
and so was his…
“Wait does that mean you-”
“Yes it does, now shut up and come here poppet.” I say, using his same nickname for me for the first time since we’ve known each other.
He happily hovered completely over me as I placed my hands on his neck and pulled his head down to me.
I don’t know where I grew the balls to do something like this that I only ever just imagined, but I was so happy I did it, because when our lips connected, it was the most out of this world feeling in me, in both of us I’m sure, too amazing for words to describe perfectly to be honest.
I know that any girl who is a huge fan of his would probably kill to be in my position, hell I would too if I weren’t me, his lips honest to God are the most tender and loving pair I have ever placed my own on, he is such an excellent kisser it’s seriously beginning to make me question whether this man is human or not…
He’s an angel, my angel, and I know he’s going to make me the happiest female in the world.
And just like how he pictures being my husband one day, I damn well picture being his wife.

I sure hope he remembers all of this in the morning, or atleast only our very first kiss…

Man, I love him…I really do love him…and if anything I’m the real lucky one here…

My goodness though, our kiss is getting pretty heated now, but don’t you dare think for one second we are gonna go from zero to one hundred just yet, ease back a little cause that special moment is for later.
Although I’m not so sure with the way we are getting sexy at this point, and him being shirtless is not helping, also my hands can’t stop roaming on his muscular torso.
Woah…he was surely right about what he said back at the party…

His butt truly is incredibly firm!

(This took me quite some time to write but I’m so happy I was finally able to finish it! I pray I did a good job! Love you all! 💕)


This is for @nickvallentiness! Who was right about the stuffed animals names!

Prompt: Ahh idek! Maybe Phil,Sam and Peter (plus Rhodey and Pepper) organise a day out for the kids like the beach or swimming and tony won’t get in the water and Peter has to help him conquer his fear? Idk you can run with it and do whatever you want cause I’m sure I’ll love whatever you write anyway!! ❤️


Peter stretches. What a wonderful day. They are in a safe house now so they can have some time without worrying about anything than the kids. Fury himself said so.

The Guardians are on duty now. Minus Peter of course, Tony wouldn’t let him go.

“Are you happy?” Peter asks when he picks Tony up.

“Happy, happy, happy.” Tony giggles and holds onto Peter’s neck.

“And what are we doing today?” Peter asks and Tony smiles shyly.

“Beach!” he squeals and Peter nods.

“That’s right. So let’s see what we need for that.” Peter sets Tony down onto his changing table and looks around.

Phil had the idea that they could take the kids to the beach, since they were all friends now. Sam is still exhausted from Bucky and Steve so he is glad for some variety.

Peter had also asked Rhodey and Pepper to join them. And Phil said nobody could find them on the beach in front of the safe house. Since nobody can know about the superheroes being kids.

“So I have a blanket for us, sunscreen especially for you, hmm Phil has all the snacks and some juice for you all. I have some swim shorts for me and some toys for you. So I guess only your outfit is left.” says Peter and opens Tony’s wardrobe again.

“Colour?” he asks Tony and Tony thinks about it really hard. He looks like winnie-the-pooh when he does that, because he taps with his hand against his forehead.

“Red!” says Tony smiling and Peter nods.

“Look it has a cute little duck on it!” Peter says and then helps Tony into his own tiny swim short. He also dresses Tony in a light blue shirt and a blue toddler kepi

“Ready?” Tony asks and claps his hands.

“Yeah I think so. Let’s see where the others are!” Peter says and when he sets Tony down, the boy immediately runs down the corridor.

“Beach, beach, beach!” he squeals and Peter laughs.

He is so glad, that Tony feels free and happy with them. He deserves all the love he gets. But to be honest Peter is a bit nervous of going to the beach today. Tony doesn’t like water.

Peter can give him a bath, but Tony always looks afraid in the water and holds onto Peter’s shirt the whole time. But he could build some sandcastles with Tony or such things.

They would be fine.

Peter follows Tony and takes their bag with him. The others are already in the living room. Phil holds Natasha’s and Clint’s hand. Bucky and Steve are playing with some cars, while Sam talks to Pepper.

Tony is on Rhodey’s lap and giggles.

“Petey! I wanna go now.” Tony whines and he even pouts. Peter laughs and when Tony holds his hands up, takes him from Rhodey.

“Everyone ready?” Peter asks and when he gets the approval from everyone they go outside. It’s a really short walk and Peter sees that the others already have some blankets and sun umbrellas ready.

“Sam! Sam! Can we go swimming?” Steve asks when they are all sitting on the blankets. He behaves a lot better since he became friends with Tony. Sam rolls his eyes but he grins.

“I wanna go too!” Bucky whispers shyly and looks at the water. Sam takes both boys and helps them with their swim rings.

“Do you need some help?” Rhodey asks and Sam seems relieved, that he doesn’t have to go alone in the water with both boys. Peter smiles when he sees how Rhodey helps Bucky with the swimming and Sam helps Steve.

Bucky seems to swim really good for his age. Steve not so much, but Sam holds him.

“I wanna build a sandcastle.” Clint says and he forces Phil to build one with him. Natasha is lying on her blanket and just looks at Pepper.

“How do you do your hair like that?” Natasha asks and Pepper laughs, but explains to her what braids are. Natasha seems so excited, that Pepper helps her to braid her own hair.

Peter sighs happily and looks at his sweet boy.

“What do you wanna do?” Peter asks then and Tony looks up. He seems overwhelmed and shrugs.

“Uhm… I don’t know. I wanna do what you like.” Tony whispers and he takes his thumb into his mouth. Peter smiles and takes a pacifier out. He helps Tony with that and takes the sunscreen out.

“Okay bambino. Safety first, we need to protect your skin from the sun. And then we could go and join Bucky and Steve?” Peter tries because he knows how much Tony loves those two.

He also loves Clint and Natasha but Steve and Bucky seem more like big brothers to him. Especially Bucky.

“Ok.” Tony says around his pacifier and he looks over to the water. He seems a bit nervous, just like Peter thought he would.

Peter helps him with the sunscreen first and then searches for the floaties, that he took with him. Because never in his life would he let Tony go into the water without any support.

“What’s that?” Tony asks and points at the floaties. They are a pale yellow and have little ducks on it. Peter smiles.

“They will help you swim.” Peter answers carefully and then starts to blow air into them. Tony watches Peter but he still looks nervous about the whole thing.

“Is…the water cold?” Tony asks when Peter puts the floaties around his arms. God they are a bit big. Why is Tony so small? (Not that Peter complains, he loves his sweet little boy.)

“Nah, probably not. I mean you know how Steve and Bucky are with the cold.” Peter answers and then pulls of his shirt. He holds his hand out and Tony reaches slowly for it.

He looks so ridiculous with the big floaties, his swim shorts and the toddler kepi. Peter wants to eat him.

“Oh are you joining us?” Sam asks when Peter and Tony go over to the water. Tony nods shyly, but he looks at the water and shudders.

“You don’t have to go in there you know?” Peter says when he sees how Tony looks. But Tony shakes his head and takes a deep breath. Before Peter can say anything else, Tony turns around and runs toward their blanket again.

“Aw seems like we won’t join you.” Peter says but he is not even completely turned around when Tony runs back to him. This time without his pacifier that is now sitting with Eddy on the blanket.

“Okay.” Tony says shyly and holds his hand out again. Peter laughs a bit.

“You sure?” Peter asks again because he doesn’t want Tony to have a panic attack or anything like that.

“Gonna be brave! Just like you.” Tony answers and Peter laughs. Tony had seen him workout the other day and told everyone Peter was now his hero. What would he say when he would see Peter as Guardian in a real fight?

Tony takes a step a forward and his feet touch the water for the first time. Tony whimpers at that but he smiles a bit.

“Feels funny.” Tony says shyly and wiggles his toes a bit in the wet sand. It breaks Peter’s heart that Tony never had been to a beach as a kid.

“I know. Do you wanna go deeper?” Peter asks and when Tony nods, Peter goes into the water. They stop when the water reaches Tony’s knees.

“S-stop.” Tony says then and Peter does stop in a second. Tony comes closer and reaches for Peters swim shorts. He looks so scared and then another wave hits them. Tony whimpers again.

“Tony!” Steve squeals and runs over to them. But he splashes the water on his way to Tony and Peter looks down to see that Tony starts crying at that. Before Peter can pick him up another wave startles Tony and he falls on his butt. The water is close to his chin and Tony cries even louder.

Peter picks him up immediately and Steve stops.

“What happened?” Steve asks and he sounds worried. Tony shakes his head and buries his face against Peter’s neck.

“He was just startled by the water. It’s not your fault.” Peter answers and he rocks Tony a bit in his arms. Tony is still crying and he hiccups sadly.

“Aww Tony.” Bucky says and he swims over to them. He was a bit deeper in the water with Rhodey. Tony looks up when he sees that Bucky is swimming.

“H-how do you do that?” Tony asks and he rubs over his eyes. He seems okay again but his smile wobbles a lot.

“Swim?” Bucky asks and Tony nods. He puts his thumb into his mouth and seems really interested in that. Bucky shows him how he swims with the swim ring. Peter sees how Rhodey watches him in case something happens.

Steve is with Sam but then tries to swim as well. It doesn’t look as good as it did when Bucky swam. But he doesn’t drown. Tony giggles a bit and then looks at Peter.

“Can I swim, too?” he asks shyly and Peter kisses his wet cheek.

“I’m afraid you can’t darling. We need to teach you first. And you really have to be in the water for that.” Peter explains and Tony nods sadly.

“B-but when I’m not afraid anymore will you help me?” Tony asks and takes his thumb out of his mouth. He reaches down to the water and wiggles his fingers.

“Of course. But I have another idea, hm? We can try together. You can hold onto me?” Peter asks and Tony nods. He still seems afraid but he trusts Peter. It makes his heart hurt so much is he loving this sweet boy.

“Okay put your arms around my neck and hold onto me, yeah?” Peter says and Tony does that. Peter is glad about the floaties and then Peter goes into the deeper water. When the water goes to Peter’s chest he helps Tony onto his back.

“Oh!” Tony gasps when he sits on Peters back and Peter swims a bit.

“You like it?” Peter asks when he carries Tony and Tony is squealing with laughter then. Peter can hear Steve asking Sam if they could do that, too. Bucky swims beside Peter.

“Bucky look! I’m in the water!” Tony shrieks happily and Peter is so glad his boy is giggling again. It’s still his favourite sound. The water goes to Tony’s shoulders and Peter is proud of his brave boy.

“You are doing good Tony!” Bucky says then and Rhodey laughs, when Tony grins at them.

Half an hour later they go out of the water again. Peter feels really relaxed and Tony even splashed a bit in the water. He seemed happy and is now sitting in the wet sand playing with some toys.

“He seems happy.” Rhodey says when he sits next to Peter.

“I really believe he is happy.” Peter answers and Rhodey nods. Since Tony is so small Rhodey is here with him more often. Peter is glad Tony has such a good friend. Even though they are years apart now. Same with Pepper.

“Petey! Look!” Tony screams then and for a moment Peter believes he is in pain. He runs over to him but Tony smiles and points at something Peter can’t see.

“I made a friend!” Tony says proudly and then Peter sees a little crab in the sand. Tony had built a little sandcastle and the crab was now sitting in the moat that was filled with water.

“Oh.” Peter says a bit surprised, but Tony just smiles so brightly, that Peter can’t help himself, so he smiles back.

“Of course you made a new friend bambino. Everybody should want to be friends with you!” Peter says and he sits down next to his little boy.

Tony looks away when he blushes and builds another little tower with his little bucket. Peter just smiles.

“What’s his name?” Peter asks and the crab moves a bit away. Tony lays his head to one side and then laughs.

“Mr. Crabs.” Tony says and the crab lifts one pincer and Tony giggles. He holds his hand to the crab and touches the pincer with his pinkie. Peter is afraid that the crab will hurt him, but it doesn’t. Instead he realized Tony just gave the crab a high five.

Peter laughs loudly. What a silly boy.

The crab seems to have enough and crawls slowly away. Tony looks a bit sad at that, but he waves after the crab, when it disappears into the water.

“Petey… will you… really teach me to swim one day?” Tony asks and he looks at the water next to them. Peter wants to teach him, but he knows that the adult Tony hated the water.

But maybe…maybe Peter could show him a new world now. A better life.

“If you want me to.” Peter answers finally and Tony stands up to hug him.

“Thank you.” Tony mumbles and Peter strokes his wet hair. Tony looks exhausted but also very happy.

“Why do you wanna learn it?” Peter asks then and he thinks it’s because of the other kids. Like Tony wants to do everything Bucky and Steve are doing. But Tony smiles shyly.

“Mr. Crabs told me I should visit him in the ocean and meet his friends. Maybe I can meet Ariel, too.” Tony says and Peter hugs him very tightly. He can’t believe Tony is so innocent and cute.

“Oh I have something for you!” Tony squeals then and goes over to his other bucket. He pulls out a little shell and holds it up for Peter.

“Aw thank you!” Peter says and takes the little shell.

“It’s because I love you.” Tony whispers and kisses Peter on the cheek before he runs over to the others and asks them for some cookies, when he sees the other kids are already eating them.

“I love you too, bambino. And I will do everything to protect you.” Peter whispers. He can hear the other laughing.

“Nooo. The last one is for Petey!” Tony whines when Bucky takes the last cookie. Bucky gives it to Tony, who puts it on Peter’s place on the blanket.

Peter watches his little boy and…he doesn’t want him to grow up ever. But can you blame him?



Throughout the whole lesson, you fell asleep. You weren’t that kind of people who actually listened to the teacher. 

“Today, class, I’m going to assign you into groups of 2 and you’ll be doing a group project on the history of a specific, famous, ancient building from a country. Consider yourself lucky, as you will be assigning your partner yourselves. You may begin now, but please do not make a racket. There are other people trying to educate people and being educated,” the teacher said. As you were asleep, you unknowingly had to group with a nerd with whom no one was willing to group.

The nerd, at least that’s how he’s being called constantly, placed a handwritten note on your desk whilst you were sleeping. When you woke up, you noticed the note and read it. The note wrote:

im your partner for the group project on history. meet me at the school gate at 4pm after school.  - kim doyoung

You decided you’d go meet him after school. Doyoung whom you considered not a nerd, to be honest, you decided to blend in with your peers as you were actually considered popular and cool.

Walking to the gate in the hallway, you saw Doyoung standing there, in a flannel with ripped jeans, standing with his back laid on the wall and one of his foot kicking on the wall behind him. To you, he did not seem like a nerd. He actually looked great from behind, with his orange hair. If you didn’t know him, you’d think he was one of the cool people at school.

As you walked closer, you started to notice how tall he actually was. His height was ideal to you. 

You slightly tapped his shoulders and he turned to you. “Hey.”

“Uh,” he simply greeted. “How about we start working on the project at my place?” 

For once, you studied his face clearly. His eyes were round and big. It seemed like his eyes were sparkling under the sun. His skin was white and clear, like fresh milk. 

His words snapped you away from your thoughts. “Should we go now?”

You tried to remain calm, “yeah,” you answered modestly yet plainly.

As you settled down from walking so fast, you sat down on a couch from his living room. The house was so quiet, it left you curious. “We’re the only ones here?”

Doyoung was pouring water into a glass cup. He snapped at your words and answered, “yeah. My parents are out of town and my brother is staying at his friend’s house.”

You could hear his voice more clearly and piercingly as the house was quieter and the street was not. You noticed how sweet and soothing his voice was and you could listen to it all night. No, Y/N, you thought, you can not fall for a nerd in school.

Doyoung walked to you as he placed two glass of water on the table. “Here,” he mumbled gently. His voice was a bit higher than usual.

“Should we get this started?” He suggested as he took out his laptop from his backpack. “Our assigned building is Temple of Hera, Olympia.”

“Do you know anything about it?” You asked Doyoung who was doing some research on his laptop. Trying to befriend him, you started a lame question as he was already doing research on it.

“No, not really,” he answered frankly.

You raised your eyebrows at him, “geez, I thought you’re a nerd. Guess they call you that for nothing.”

He stopped searching and started to laugh. “Is that what they call me? Oh God, I know I’m smart, but I’m not that smart. There’s something I don’t know.”

“You don’t know you’re a nerd in school?” You asked curiously. You never expected him to not know his nickname at school.

“No. No one talks to me at school, nor no one is friends with me,” he answered simply. “You’re probably the only one I’ve talked for more than 5 sentences.”

“Tragic,” you mumbled, trying to not let him hear your voice. Then, you raised your volume, “so you have no friends at school? How do you survive?”

“Books and music are my only friends at school,” he answered.

Considering Doyoung was actually a cool person, you wanted to befriend him. But everyone else at school did not think the same way. You didn’t want to seem not cool at school so you wanted to keep your distance.

“Do you think so, Y/N?” Doyoung asked you as he turned his head to you. He noticed a half sleeping, half awake Y/N almost drooling. Doyoung only chuckled and gave a sigh jokingly. “Can’t believe she’s dozing off already,” he mumbled.

“Guess I’ll have to do this alone tonight,” he said to himself. Then, he noticed a fully sleeping Y/N resting her head on his shoulder. 

“Ah, cute,” he whispered to himself as he softly ran his fingers through your hair. “Why are you doing things to my heart?”

Doyoung shut down his laptop and rested his head on the edge of the couch. “Ah, Y/N, I’m lucky I’m assigned to you.”

As he breathed deeply, his shoulders moved a little which woke you up. Your eyes were slowly opening and then you realized your head was on his shoulder. You wanted to lift your head up but his shoulder was very comfortable and warm.

Before you wanted to say something, Doyoung said it first. “I wish you knew how I feel,” he sighed. You could hear that he was smiling through his words.

“Ah, what the heck… What am I doing? I should be focusing on our project, not you,” he chuckled. Resting his head on yours, you had this weird feeling in your stomach.

“I really wish you know how I feel for you. Sometimes, despite how I’m invisible in your eyes, I just want to hug you and hold your hand,” Doyoung confessed in a soft tone which made you flustered. You remained silent as you wanted to hear more.

“This sounds so chiqué but it’s true. I don’t have like a huge crush on you but it’s definitely not a small one.”

“I like you,” he added.

Wanting to laugh but yet you were blushing. You couldn’t help it so you sat up straight and looked at him. “Aw, that’s so sweet,” you cooed with your hands cupping his cheeks.

You could feel his cheeks getting redder and hotter. “Ah, you heard?”

You nodded, hands still not leaving his cheeks.

Doyoung placed his hands on yours to hid the blushing and hid his face overall. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry you heard all those.”

“Don’t worry, you’re so cute,” you cooed once more and leaned in closer to his face while squishing his cheeks.

Doyoung responded with an Ah~ and tried to hid his face due to embarrassment. The only thing you did was giggle.

Then you removed your hands from his face and threw your arms around his neck. Resting your head on his shoulders again, you sighed in relief. “I like you, too, Doyoung,” you mumbled.

Doyoung did not reply. He was in shock and you could feel it. “I’ve only known you for a few hours but you got me deep, boy,” you chuckled.

He tittered and placed his hands on your waist. 

“How about I stay for tonight? My parents aren’t home as well,” you suggested as you pulled back to see his reaction. Leaving Doyoung’s lips parted, he nodded. You awed cutely as his reaction and hugged him tighter this time.

After 2 hours of research of the building, you both were tired and decided to have some sleep. Doyoung was already lying down on the couch you two were sitting. As you stood up, wanting to sleep somewhere else, Doyoung grabbed your wrist and pulled you back to him. You were surprised and fell into his arms. 

“Sleep with me tonight,” he whispered to your ears. His voice was music to you. Nodding firmly, you rested your head on his chest and fell asleep with him wrapping his arms on behind your neck and waist and yours around his torso.

Press X To Respawn Ch. 2 (Trixya) - Rainbow

Author’s Note: Hello again! Thank you all so much for all of the nice responses to my fic! It really means a lot and it makes me want to continue! Anyway, in this chapter, Trixie will have her Skype da- I mean meeting with Katya… But is it just a friendly meeting! I hope you all enjoy chapter 2! -Rainbow

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Sweet perfection | Newt Scamander x reader

Bright blue eyes were the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes. “Goodmorning princess.” Newt said, sweetly pecking your lips. “I could get used to waking up like this.” He smiled as he caressed your cheek, leaving soft kisses on your jaw. He pulled you closer while stroking your hair. “Newt?” He hummed in response. “I’m ready.” His head shot up at your words, cheeks slightly pink. “A-are you sure?” “I’ve never been so sure in my life.” You whispered as you placed your lips on his. He placed his trembeling hands on your hip, slowly lifting up the shirt you were wearing. He pulled it over your head and tossed it across the room. You shivered as his cold hands traveled up your body, only stopping once he reached your exposed chest. He started massaging your breasts while you took of his boxers. One of his hands left your breasts to take your panties of as well. You wrapped your legs around him as he aligned his lenght at your entrance. He searched your eyes for permission. With a small nod he pushed himself into you. He stopped moving when you let out a small cry of pain. “Oh god, did I hurt you? My darling are you alright?” “Yeah, yeah I’m fine just give me a little time to adjust.” He waited a bit until you told him to start moving. Pain turned to pleasure. With every thrust he hit a new spot you didn’t even know existed. You moaned as he picked up his pace, hitting yet another spot. The room was filled with your cries of pleasure. You wouldn’t last for much longer but you couldn’t care less. The only thing you cared about was the man who was making you feel all of these new emotions you had never before experienced. Your vision blurred as his thrusts became sloppier. The feeling of your walls clenching around his penis sent him over the edge, causing him to release his warm semen inside of you. He collapsed on top of you, pulling you into an embrace. “Yep, I could definitly get used to this.” He chuckled as the both of you laid there for a while, not saying anything just enjoying each other’s company.

anonymous asked:

How will BTS react when you are lost (you get lost 90% of the time) and you need them to 'save' you urgently? ^ v ^ Please make it as fluffy as you can with a gif scenario pls! Love ya :3

Thank you! So sorry that it’s late!

BTS Reaction When You Get Lost And They Have to Come Find You

“Princess where are you?” He said over the phone
“I-I don’t know… Please Come find me Jin.. It’s getting dark.”
“I’ll be there soon”
Luckily, he could track where you called from on his phone and so he used that to find you. Once pulling over on the road, he got out of the car and saw you sitting on a nearby bench that was lit By a single lamp
You looked up at the sudden call of your name, “JIN!!” You went up to hug him and he swung you around in his arms, “I was so worried. Don’t do this to me again.”

Originally posted by bangtanmemess

He would probably shame you for always getting lost. He would say that you’re just like Taehyung in the airports. You would always apologize to him and he would try to stay mad at you, but his attempts would fail whenever you did something cute around him

Originally posted by taestylips

Jimin was “mad” at you since the last time you got lost because it took him hours to find you. You were both in the comfort of your shared home when you decided to get a drink. You tried reaching for your favourite cup which was sadly on the highest shelf, Struggling to get it jimin side-eyed you and noticed that you got onto the counter. You were about to fall off when Jimin raced to your side and caught you, landing perfectly on his chest, “Jagi! You could have gotten hurt!”
“I-I’m sorry Jimin”
“Aish.. You really can’t do anything without me, can you?” he said, giving you a kiss on the forehead

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

You finally came back home after hours of trying to find it. You just moved in with Yoongi and didn’t quite know the streets and communities yet. Which resulted with you getting lost about, 90% of the time. When you opened the door, you saw a worried Yoongi pacing around the room. He saw you come through the door and not even a second later you were in his arms and his head was buried in your neck, “I was worried sick! Where were you?!”
“I-I was just taking a walk around the neighborhood but then it started getting late and I don’t know the streets at night so I wandered around a bit.. But I ended up getting lost.. I’m Sorry Yoongi”
He suddenly kissed you deeply, “Thank god you’re back”

Originally posted by vminv

“Y?N?!! Where are you??” He got no reply and had to go searching for you. The mall was closing and he wanted to go home.
He spun around to the sound of your voice, “Y/n?”
“Y/N!! OH MY GOD IT TOOK FOREVER TO FIND YOU!! Here” He held his hand out to you, “I’ll have to hold your hand more often so I don’t lose you anymore

Originally posted by rapsuckas

“Don’t do this to me again!” He said, hugging you closely
“I’m sorry Hobi..”
“You know what y/n? You should take me wherever you go because then you won’t get lost And I’ll get to be with you all day”
You giggled at his request, “Okay Hobi” you say while kissing his cheek

Originally posted by huang-zitao

He would be a worried panicking mess. He knew you were lost, his problem was where should he start looking for you. His thoughts got plagued with where you might be or what might have happened to you. He was just about to burst out the door when you suddenly walk in. The two bodies clashed against each other and you ended up falling on him, “Y/n?? Where have you been? Are you hurt? Did you get lost? Did someone try and-” you shut him up with a kiss, “Is that enough reassurance for you kookie?”
He glanced at your eyes and your lips before licking his own, “Maybe a bit more?”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hope you liked!!
~Admin Luna

Journal Entries

(A/N): You guys, my tumblr has been deleting my drafts somehow, so if you’ve sent in a request that I haven’t filled out yet would you please contact me and tell me so I can actually start to write it for you? Thanks! 

Request: omg maybe a Bucky x reader where she keeps a journal and forgets it open on her bed and Bucky sees it while looking for her and she’s written about him and she has feelings for him but doesn’t want to tell him because he needs time to heal but really he feels the same way? thank youuu x

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms

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    “(Y/N)!” Bucky called into (Y/N)’s bedroom, searching for the Avenger. “(Y/N), we’ve got five minutes, Steve’s waiting on us!” But there was no reply. Bucky pressed his ear to the door, listening intently for any sounds of (Y/N) but alas there was none so where would the harm be in opening up the door and taking a look inside? 

   Bucky bit his lip as the door creaked open softly, cringing at the god awful screeching noise. It took him a few moments of tortuously slow movements but he eventually got (Y/N)’s door open, revealing the rather warm and cozy bedroom. He smiled softly at the feeling of their room, spinning around to take it all in. His eyes landed on a rather tidy bookshelf, filled to the brim with books. With an even wider smile he made his way to the shelf, running his fingers along the spines of the books as he stared at them in amazement. 

   After a few minutes of staring at their wide collection of books he turned to their desk, the small rectangular piece of wood placed neatly in the corner of their room. His fingers grazed over the papers they had on their desk, some of it papers for college, other sheets of music, some unfinished drawings, and what appeared to be a few pieces of writing. But what really got his attention was the small notebook, opened up perfectly to what appeared to be a new page. The date was today’s and Bucky could almost see the ink still glimmering on the page, meaning that (Y/N) had only abandoned their book not too long ago. He knew he shouldn’t look, after all it could be a diary or some personal information or- Without his own consent Bucky reaches towards the notebook, snatching it up as his eyes quickly scanned over the words. 

    Bucky’s mouth ran dry at the words, each one taking him back more and more each time. What his eyes were witnessing was most definitely not what he expected, never in a million years would he have expected this. 

   I think I’m in love with Bucky Barnes

   Bucky would be the first to admit that he was hopelessly in love with (Y/N) and he’d be foolish not to. His only problem was he didn’t know how to convey his more than large crush. He’d been rather emotionless for almost seventy years and now suddenly he was starting to feel again; he now knew what happiness was, Happiness was the look on Steve’s face whenever Bucky would remember something, He knew what pain was, Pain was what he felt whenever he’d wake up from a nightmare, and he sure as hell knew what anger felt like, but never in a million years did he think he’d feel love, especially like this. 

    Bucky sighed as he raked a hand down his face, trying to decide how to go about everything. So (Y/N) liked him back, that was great, that was everything he’d ever wanted, but rather than feeling happy like he’d hoped all he felt was anxious and scared. He should have been happy, he should have been rejoicing over the fact that despite all his flaws (Y/N) still loved him but he didn’t, instead he was worrying over why the hell (Y/N) loved him in the first place, or better yet why they hadn’t told him. 

   “Bucky? I heard you calling me and-” (Y/N)’s voice stops in the doorway as do they, their body frozen on the spot as they look at Bucky. “Oh my god Bucky, you didn’t read it did you?” (Y/N) gulps as Bucky looks down at the entry, running his fingers along the words. 

   “Um…I did?” 

   “Bucky,” (Y/N) sighs, burying their face in their hands. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, Y-You weren’t supposed to read that-” 

   “When were you gonna tell me?” Bucky asks as he slowly looks up from the book, making eye contact with (Y/N). 

   “Well…I wasn’t really planning on it…” Bucky’s lip twitches a bit as he asks another question. 

   “Why not?” 

   “You were still trying to get better for starters, I didn’t want to throw this sudden crush on you when you were still recovering from Hydra,” Bucky nods, slowly starting to understand their reasoning. “And I didn’t know if you could ever like me back…” 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky places the book back down on the desk before striding over to (Y/N), procuring a small smile as he does. “I don’t like you,” (Y/N)’s head darts up at this, staring up at Bucky with brokenhearted puppy eyes. Bucky merely smiles as he cups their cheeks in his hands, stroking over their cheeks tenderly. “I love you, I know it’s probably ridiculous of me to say but I really do and I have for quite some time but you’re right, I was still trying to recover and I didn’t know how to tell you much less describe how much I love you,” (Y/N) smiles up at him softly, their eyes twinkling with some form of adoration for him. 

   “Well, I think you just did,” Bucky smiles as he rests his forehead against (Y/N)’s, their lips almost grazing against each other’s. “Mind saying it again?”

   “I love you,” (Y/N) smiles wider, their breath right against Bucky’s own lips. 


   “(Y/N), I love you more than words can describe,” 

  “I love you too Bucky,” (Y/N) whispers. Bucky hums, allowing his hands to slip from their face to their waist, settling on their hips comfortably. 

   “So about that journal entry….do you really think my arm is an aphrodisiac?” 


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Okay so I'm searching for the Kaneki boner aka KB and I find it unrealistic that he didn't already have one when he took his shirt off like his crotch is in clear view and he just made out with Touka so realistically speaking that dick should have been like Kaneconda ready

Kaneconda 😂 🙏 oh my god…

i think sensei tried to keep a romantic atmosphere, probably showing a boner would have looked a bit grotesque (touka’s nipples are a bit censored too..) but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have one 👀

dirty innocence | (m)

request:  Kyungsoo smut. Not the shy and quiet boy you thought he was.

Genre: smut, fluff au!school

Pairing: reader x Kyungsoo

Warnings: mentions of studying, and smut

A/N:  sorry this took forever to write, all of us admins were busy with exams but since we are on a 2 week holiday we will be more active! This is also my first straight smut, so feedback is appreciated!

-Admin Xiudaddy

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Gif is not mine. Thank you to the wonderful person who made it. 

You running groceries for Dean and Sam. You traveled with the Winchester Brother for a few months now since they saved you for a couple of vampires. You became closer to Dean. Sam became your best friend and you and Dean well how would i call it more then friends. Till 2 months ago then you put a label on it he was your man and you were his woman. That’s what he called it.

It was 3 am and you were at a 24 hour shop. You were looking around the shop for your groceries. You had beer, cupcakes, hygiene products and a few other stuff. You walked threw the fridge in the shop and took a pie out it and started walking towards the cashier. You bought the items and you start walking towards the motel you guys were staying in.

You gone in a side street. it was dark not even one light was one on this street. In one moment there was a man in front of you. You didn’t see him coming from nowhere. You tried to reach to your gun but you couldn’t move. It was like he was paralyzing you. He walked around you. Looking at you from head to toe. He stopped in front of you. You couldn’t move any muscle of your body. He put his hands on your head and closed his eyes.

Flash of lights appeared in front of you.

You were in a black room. There were two figures in the room. There were hanging from the ground with their hands tight. They hanged there lifeless. I couldn’t see who they were. The two figures were now closer and you could make out who they were. It was Dean and Sam. They were beaten up, they were cut and their face was bloody.

Flash of lights appeared in front of you again.

The men was again in front of you. He opened his eyes again. His  eyes were golden yellow. They were so bright that you know right away  there weren’t human eyes. The men took his hands from your head and took a step back.

“That’s what is going to happen if you stay with Dean.” The men said. His voice low. It was peaceful but also so dark at the same time. You tried to move again but you were still paralyzed. “He cares to much about you.” He continued. “He will do anything to protect you, he will give up his own life to save you.” He stopped talking and walked around you. He stopped in front of you. “The moment you saw is going to happen over 6 months and do you know what was going to happen next. He will make a deal with the devil to save you and that can’t happen.” He says to you looking you straight in the eyes. “It will be the end itself.” The men said. “Think about it.”

You could feel your fingers move. You looked towards your hand and looked back to the man but the man was now gone. You could move your body again. You started walking to the motel again. In your thoughts your. trying to figure out what just happened.

You walked into the room. Sam was behind his computer and Dean was cleaning his guns. You walk in with the 2 bags on your hands. Both men look towards when you.

“Hey you found your way back. We were starting to be worried about you.” Dean said.

“You meant you were starting to worry.” You said towards Dean. Sam laughed a little bit with your comment.

“Maybe.” Dean said with a smile.

You walked towards the table where Sam was sitting at and you putted the bags on the table.

Dean walked towards you and gave you a kiss.

“I’m pretty tired guys. I think i’m just going to lay down and go to sleep.“ You said to them.

"That’s a pretty good idea. Let’s go to sleep to Sammy.” Dean said towards Sam.

Sam looked towards both of you and nod his head.

You couldn’t sleep. Dean was holding you in his arms, it felt so good but you couldn’t stop thinking about what just happen. Who was that man? Actually what was he? How could he know all that? How would he know you were there? Was he following us?

The sun hit your eyes and you got up right away. Dean was still sleeping but Sam was already gone.. You looked around the room but you couldn’t find him. Maybe is getting coffee. You sit at the table behind the computer. Let’s see if you can get some more information about that men.

You looking to list of gods and demons. You were so concentrated researching that you didn’t hear Sam come in.

“What you doing?” You heard Sam say behind you. You startale a little bit. He walks to your side and sits  in the chair next to you. He handles you a cup of coffee.

“Thank you” You said to him.

“So what are you searching for?” Sam asked.

“I was looking for a god/demon who can see the future?” You said to him. You were nothing going to tell him what happened yesterday but the change that Sam knew who the men was, was big.

“Why?” He asked

“I just thought about it.” You said to him with a smile.

Please buy the excuse Sam. You thought to yourself.

He took the computer from your hands and started typing something.

“Well there is Chronos, a Greek God of Time.” He turns the screen towards you and shows you a men. You look at the screen. The man looked a lot like the man you saw yesterday.

“Yes that’s it.” You said to him. You start reading the description of the god.

Sam was starting to look at you suspicious.

“Why are you searching for this god. What happened y/n?” Sam says to you. “What happened when your were grocery shopping  last night?” Sam looked suspicious towards you.

“What are you two doing?” Both of you heard Dean ask. Sam and you looked towards him. he was starting to get out of the bed.

You closed the tab on the computer and Sam understood that Dean couldn’t know what you were searching for.

The day past by pretty fast you were moving. You were driving now for 6 hours towards a job. We stopped at a gas station. Dean was in the store paying for gas and getting some food leaving you and Sam alone in the car. Sam looked back at the backseat where you were sitting.

“What’s going on Y/N?” He asked you. You were thinking about telling him what was going on but you knew exactly what he would said and you just don’t want to hear about it. You didn’t want to leave. You didn’t want to let let them behind. You took a deep breath and decided to tell him what happened anyway. Maybe he could help you. .

You told him what happen, How the men paralyzed and what he said to you and that you thought it was the god Chronos. Without he could react Dean was walking towards the car. Sam gave you a last look and turned back to face forward.

Dean entered the car. “What did I miss?” He asked

“Nothing, just drive Dean.” Sam said to him.

The night was settling so you guys searched for a motel room.

We checked in and we walked towards the room we got.

“You settle in. I’m going to get us something to eat.” Dean says to me and Sam. He gives you a kiss and walks back to the car and drives away.

You and Sam get in the room.

You put your bags on one of the beds and Sam does the same. He looks towards you and you knew right away you were going to talk about what you told him in the car.

“Y/n I think what he showed you last night was the true and is that something is going to happen and we can’t let Dean make the deal.” He told you.

“But what can I do about it?” You asked him.

He walks towards you and you both sit at the edge of a bed.

“I don’t want to say this but if Dean makes the deal to save you, then we have to stop him to do that and you know the only way he doesn’t make the deal is if he doesn’t care about you..” Sam said. It hurt hearing it but you knew he was right and you knew exactly what he would say next.

“I will have to hurt him and leave.” You said  quickly with a tear falling from you cheek.

He looks at you and nods his head. You stand from the edge of the bed and walk towards the door. You needed fresh air and you needed to think.

After wandering a few hours outside you came up with a plan. How much it hurted you had to leave Dean behind. You would have to break up with him but you couldn’t do that. So you would go back and go to sleep with him but he would wake up without you. That was the best option.

You walked back to the motel room. Dean and Sam were waiting for you. Sam was worried and Dean was just happy to see you again. Dean asked what was going on and you just told him that it was the time of the month and you just needed some air. Dean didn’t ask anything else.

You tried to make the best last night between you and Dean. You both fell asleep. He was holding you in his arms. You were going to miss this. You were going to miss him. Miss his scent, his lips his laugh even his love for pies.

After laying a few moments awake next to him trying to memorize him as best as you could. You left the bed. Took you bag and walked towards the door. you looked back at Dean. Sam sat on his bed. You looked towards him. He walked towards you and gave you a hug.

“I’m going to miss you.” He said to you.

“I’m gonna miss you guy’s” You said to him. You looked one last time to Dean. He was still sleeping. A tear fell down you cheek. You looked back at the door and left.

“Sam, wake up.” Dean said hitting Sam’s arm. Sam opened his eyes. He saw a freaked out Dean. “Do you know where y/n is?’ Dean asked

“No.”Sam says reminding you leaving yesterday.

“She’s gone Sam, she’s gone” Dean said sitting on the edge of Sam’s bed and bringing his hands to his face.


Imagine Dean saving you after a hunt

Imagine having a fight with your boyfriend Dean and storming out of the bunker. After calming down, Dean goes after you to find out you've been kidnapped - Another request by the lovely @diving-down-to-wonderland. Hope you like it hun! (P.S. Sorry it took so long!)

“I said no Y/N.” His firm tone made you stall and consider your next reply for a few seconds.

“This isn’t fair.” You cried out, flinging yours hands in the air. This was one fight you weren’t letting Dean Winchester win. “I’m just as good as a hunter as you or Sam!” You felt the heat rise in you flooding to your cheeks. There was nothing more infuriating to you than someone doubting your abilities or skills.

“You aren’t coming with us; I don’t need to be worrying about you on this hunt when I should be focused.” You watched as his jaw tensed and then un-tensed. Something you’d normally find attractive if you weren’t so angry.

“Fine, I’m sorry being such an inconvenience.” Before Dean could stop you, you quickly turned your back before storming out of the bunker you share with the Winchester brothers.

It had been an hour since you’d left and Dean couldn’t take not knowing where you were any longer. He’d done everything and anything he could think of to take his mind off you, from eating a whole pie to pacing back and fore down the hallways. However it didn’t take him long to realise that there was no way to get you out of his head and he had to find you. He grabbed his old worn down leather jacket, the one you loved so dearly and headed outside. It took him no longer than a few seconds to find crimson splattered stains along the path and his heart sank.

“Sam! Sammy get out here.” Dean swallowed the lump that formed in his throat as he knelt down, thinking the worse.

“Dean what-“ Sam cut himself off when he too saw what his brother was looking at. “Is that blood?” Dean slowly nodded, it had to belong to you.

“Y/N…” He whispered, raising to his feet.

“Dean you don’t know that.”

“The hell I do! Who else’s would it be?” Sam said nothing as he watched Dean begin to follow the trial of blood.

You groaned as you slowly opened your eyes, the light in the room too bright for you. It soon became aware to you that your limbs were tied down when you tried to raise your arms. After a short struggle your senses came back to you, your heart began to race and your eyes flew open.

“Finally, you’re awake.”

Your eyes scanned the room; you were clearly in some grotty, abandoned cabin. As your eyes continued to roam you discovered who the voice belonged to.

“Who the hell are you?” You tried to sound strong, but your throat was dry and your voice came out as a hoarse whisper.

“I, my love, would be the werewolf your dearly beloved is hunting.” He circled you as he continued with his dramatic speech, earning an eye roll from you. “The same werewolf who had his girlfriend killed last night.”

“What’s that got to do with me?” Your wrists strained against the rope as you attempted to figure out how to escape.

“I’m going to make sure Dean Winchester knows exactly what that feels like.”

“Dean we don’t even know if it’s this way.” Sam whispered, careful not to draw anyone’s attention.

“Just shut up and keep your eyes open.” Knowing not to argue with his brother when he was in a mood like this, he continued to follow him further, weaving in and out of trees. It seemed like they’d been searching for hours before Dean finally stopped.

“Can you hear that?” Sam stood still, holding his breath and tried to hear what Dean did.

“Groaning?” Dean nodded as he pointed towards a well-hidden, lonely cabin, something that looked like it had fallen straight out of a horror film.

“Thats Y/N.” Dean was about to charge in, all guns blazing when Sam grabbed him by the arm.

“You can’t just storm in there, take the back door, I’ve got the front.” Dean paused for a second, processing his brother’s words before slowly nodded and running towards the other entrance. He approached slowly, checking everywhere for any signs, listening for any other voices but yours. When he felt everything was okay, he slowly made his way inside. He searched a few rooms before finding you. Your eyes widened in horror as you saw him coming towards you.

“Y/N thank god.” He sighed in relief as he pulled the gag out of your mouth.

“Sam.” You took in a harsh breath as Sam began untying the bits of rope. “Sam, it’s a trap-“

“Y/N what are you talking about?”

“Sam you need to leave it’s a trap-“ Before you could say anything else, the werewolf struck Sam causing him to fall at your knees.

“Silly hunters, never learn.” You watched as he looked down at Sam, a smirk forming on his face.

“Leave him alone.” You spat, the rope digging into your skin as you flung about.

“What are you gonna do about it love?”

“You don’t want to know.” Your whole body began to shake as your eyes bore into him. “Harm him you’ll have to deal with me, let’s not forget Dean.”

“Really? I’d like to see him try.”

“Then look at me you son of a bitch.” Dean smirked as the blade of his knife pieced the creature’s skin, straight to his heart.

“Dean.” You breathed out loudly, you’d never been so happy to see him before. “I’m so sorry-“ Dean stopped you before you could continue by crushing his lips to yours.

“That doesn’t matter now, let’s just get you home sweetheart.”

Hellion (1/?)

hazard/mafia!au. kai’s part. 1413 words.

Break the Bystander Effect.


You really never know what to expect on your walks home from work every night.

If you’re lucky, you find nothing, you see nobody you’d recognize, and it’s a peaceful relaxing walk home with no catcalls or questions of “how much do you charge?”. Downtown Seoul at night is not a safe place. Even if it’s gotten better with those damned Hellhounds being slightly controlled by the not-much-better-than-the-hounds Guardians, you still keep a bottle of mace in your hand at all times. (You’ve had to use it before.)

You could, in reality, take a longer way home where you wouldn’t have to walk through downtown, but you work the late shift at your restaurant so if you do take the long way, the sky turns from black to blue before you’re three blocks near home.

So, you take the short way.

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okay so one time back in grade 7 my class had an assignment where we had to design and create an invention for helping other people then present it to the class. At that time my next door neighbor had multiple sclerosis and was almost always in his wheel chair. My mother was his carer and one afternoon i was telling him about my day and watched as he struggled to balance his food on a stable table. At that moment i knew exactly what I was going to make. It took hours of searching the most common types of wheel chairs, heaps of money (which we didn’t have much of) to get the materials and a fair bit of tricky wood work but i was absolutely determined to make my project the best i could. Finally when it was done I took it over and tested it on his wheel chair and my god did he love it. It was a wooden tray table that clipped onto the arm of the wheel chair and had a cup holder and non slip material. He used it everyday until I had to take it in for presentation.

Now i was sure that i would get the best mark in class for my project. it met all the requirements and i had worked extremely hard on it. But when i got my mark back i had only just passed with a C. I went up to the teacher thinking there had to be a mistake of some kind. Even now I still remember exactly what she told me, word for word, “Sorry Cassie but that’s not exactly a useful tool for everyone now is it. There aren’t that many people in wheel chairs, it isn’t worth it to us in the same way the other children inventions are.” But the boy who taped a stick of deodorant to a fucking piece of wood got a fucking A!! As if that wasn’t an idea already thought up. For fucks sake he did it that day, literally drew up the plan that morning!

Look I know this is a big long post but I am saying this to point out Ableism is a big, important issue. I gave that tray to my neighbor, despite the school saying they had to keep it because it was technically “school work” and he used it until the day he died. And after that he gave it to a friend to use it. I made three others for more of his friends when he had to move into a home and they loved them because even in a place that was supposed to cater to their needs a stable tray that would not fall off their knees was apparently not something they had thought to provide, especially to people with inhibited dexterity. And yeah this probably had been made before at the time when I was making mine but looking now the cheapest I can find is at least 50 bucks! Hardly assessable for people with little money.

Years later and my blood still boils when I remember that the kid with stick deodorant got a better mark then I did, that his “invention” was considered useful while mine was not. I am still so angry that a school teacher would tell a child that what they had built to help someone they cared for was not useful or important or wanted or needed and that those people were so few and far between that they didn’t matter. That the only thing that did matter was US, the able bodied people. I didn’t quite understand the way I do now at the time but I was still upset, my mother was pissed as hell and my neighbor, well when I told him it looked as though he had expected it.

These issues need to be addressed, and they need to be fixed. Teachers at schools separating the able bodied from those who aren’t and putting the able bodied above them only continues the discrimination and the attitude that there aren’t enough disabled people to really make it an issue worth their worry.

tldr: Albeism is taught from a young age to not only be the norm but to also be taught to the point where making everyday simple things for disable bodied people isn’t worth their time, effort or focus

Dirty Little Secret
  • The request: could you do one where you love having sex with tony when he’s mad at you, so you do little things to piss him off all the time, then Jaime catches on and tells tony and to mess with you he wont get mad at you, and frustrated and determined to get him angry you flash the band your boobs and Tony gets furious saying those are only for him. please!!!!! (you don’t have to make it super smutty)

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TITLE OF STORY: Exceptions to the Rules
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A year after the events of What’s Yours is Mine, identical twins Thomas and William Hiddleston have fully acclimated to each other’s lives, including sharing a bit of happiness in the shape of a woman: their employee, Amanda Tremaine. But when Amanda begins to run out of hope that Thomas could ever be fully invested in a relationship with her, she turns elsewhere, leaving Thomas with feelings that he cannot fully describe. Her new relationship brings out unforeseen circumstances that the twins can’t ignore, leading all three of them down a path that will test each of them in their own way.
WARNINGS: Explicit language, violence, drugs, sexual content.
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and @teacuphiddlesfics and the sequel to What’s Yours is Mine. We’ll be alternating writing the chapters again, so make sure you’re following Christine if you aren’t already and stay up to date with the entire twins universe here.

The pounding on Thomas’s door was exactly like the one in his head, the light slipping through the curtains already too bright even with his eyes closed.

He groaned, rubbing his eyes as his body adjusted to the hangover and activities of the previous night. He rolled his body away from the sleeping girl next to him, tangled in the white sheets of the resort’s room, and slipped on the trousers lying in a heap by the dresser. It wasn’t William knocking - they’d gotten the keys to each other’s rooms out of convenience. It may have been Bishop, but even he knew to always call first. Too damn early. Too much damn alcohol.

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