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The Berserker.

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Part 1.

 Claire had arrived at the village three days prior and the tension that ran through it was palpable. She’d heard the stories of how the little hamlet had sided with one Earl over another. Two brothers vying for power; one ascended, the other roamed the lands wreaking havoc on those deemed his brother’s sympathizers. Rumours had the wannabe-Earl headed for them next.

She had only meant to stay a day or two before moving on, but there were more people that needed her help than she had anticipated. Rumours or not, she was more than eager to be gone; the villagers’ fear seeped through her, Claire had resolved to leave early the next morning, come what may.

They heard them just before daybreak.

A high pitch, blood curdling screech pierced the early misty dawn. Claire sat bolt upright, the sound going straight up her spine, making her entire body unpleasantly tingle. There was a moment, where the entire world stopped in silence. For a heartbeat after the cry, nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing dared. Then the screaming started.

It was sheer pandemonium. Everyone seemed to burst out of their beds and crofts at once and ran every which way, but the marauders were far too organized for the farmers and crofters. They fell where they stood, no match for the violence that befell them.

Claire kept to the shadows, skirting her way tightly along the houses, trying to make it to the safety of the treeline and beyond, from whence the marauders had come. She tried to focus on the directions the sounds came from, but it was no use, there was just too much noise and carnage to focus on anything but keeping her heart from exploding out of her chest.

She found herself outside a stable, the horses frightened, neighing frantically, kicking at their stalls trying to get away from the shouts outside. Take a horse! she thought, you’ll get away quicker! But no sooner had the thought entered her mind, when a group of men burst into the stable, dragging women in with them - spoils of war. Claire pushed back into the shadows, praying they’d swallow her whole. 

They spoke a tongue she didn’t recognize, a deep guttural sort of language, as rough as the men themselves. they were big and utterly savage. One man stood apart; a giant of a man, towered over the others, as drenched in blood as the rest. Something about him drew her gaze. Bloody sword in hand, shirt half-torn down the front, a gaping wound beneath, he had no woman of his own and didn’t seem all that pleased with those that did.

One of the other men pushed a woman toward him, forcing him to grab her by the shoulders and set her aside. He said something, fiercely glaring at the other man, who had stepped forward, his back to Claire, and stood an inch from him - he would have blocked out any other man from sight, large as he was, but he was no match the giant Berserker - glaring back. A fire blazed outside the stable, silhouetting the redheaded giant in a fiery haze.

His eyes suddenly flicked up over the man’s shoulder, as if he could feel the intensity of her gaze on him. His eyes locked with hers, fear paralyzing her to the spot. His face was a iron mask, she could read nothing whatsoever on it. Then, with an infinitesimal of head shakes; don’t scream, it said, gesturing her to the deeper shadows on her right. She did as he bid, crouching low into the corner and held her breath.


It felt like a lifetime, hands pressed against her ears, filled with pain and misery before the group was done and had moved on, but Claire had been too afraid to stand back up, to move, to even open her eyes, till she felt the gentlest of touches. Hands on her elbows urged her to her feet, yet she still didn’t dare open her eyes. A hand moved from her elbow and light a feather, brushed an unruly curl back behind her ear. A voice deep and soothing said something she didn’t understand, but knew from the tone of his voice, he meant nothing threatening. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked up into the face of the bloodied Berserker.

He spoke again, but she shook her head, “I don’t understand you,” she said, barely above a whispered breath. He looked surprised. It wasn’t something he was expecting.

“Don’t…” he said halting, “Don’t be afraid. I mean you no harm.”

She stared at him astonished. No one here spoke her language - herself only speaking their common tongue in bits and pieces, ‘where does it hurt?’ the only thing she truly needed to know how to say after all, to heal.

“What do you mean to do?” she asked shakily. His hands on her elbows tightened a fraction. She was still in her night shift, the cold morning air and the shock of the dawn’s savagery, had her shaking uncontrollably, yet she could feel the heat emanating from him and seep into her, as if he burned from within.

“See you safe,” she said, looking over his shoulder. Voices and hurried footsteps sounded from outside, moving to and fro. “If I can.”

“Why would you help me?”

He looked down at her, eyes soft, almost pleading. “There’s been enough death and pillaging tonight. If I can save just one, I will. They will not dishonour you, I won’t let them.”

She felt truly safe for the first time since it had all began, something about the young Berserker comforted her.

“You aren’t like the others. You’re not one of them, are you?” she said with a surety that surprised even her.

“You ask a lot of questions, do you know that,” he said, smiling a crooked smile at her that she couldn’t help but return. 

Then they came. Footsteps rushing back into the stable. They had no time whatever to conceal themselves; the men upon them in a flash.

Do my eyes deceive, or has young Jamie found himself a woman,” said one of them, voice dripping with contempt.

This is none of your concern,” the Berserker replied, turning to face them, shielding her from view at the same time. He felt her fingers take a handful of the back of his shirt, holding fiercely to him.

Easy! It isn’t like we’ve come to watch - though I have half a mind to - just glad to see you’ve taken to our ways at last. Your uncle will be pleased. Just remember to leave some for him when you’re done,” he smirked.


Claire had understood not a word of their conversation, but felt the burning fury of the Berserker’s last word and whatever the men he faced saw in his face was enough to have them back away from him and out of the stable. She kept her hands on his waist as he turned back to her. “What did you say to-” but her question was cut off as her hands came in contact with the wound across his torso, making him wince. “You’re hurt, “ she remembered, stupidly, peeling the blood soaked shirt away from the wound, her fingers already drenched crimson.

“It’s nothing. We need to get you away from here! Now!” he said urgently. She could see his mind working as he thought of an escape route.

He closed his eyes trying to control his racing mind and heart. The men would have told his uncle already about the woman. And he knew his uncle well enough to know he’d covet her for nothing more than to spite him - to take what was his. He needed to get her away before they returned.

“Come! This way!” He said, and not waiting for any more questions, he grabbed her arm and rushed them out the stables and into the rising sun.


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Emma and Regina decide to have a few drinks, Regina ends up totally shitfaced while Emma's basically sober. Regina keeps going over all the reasons she loves Emma and making a fool of herself.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma chuckles as Regina flops onto her shoulder and wonders how she never knew how much of a lightweight the brunette was when it comes to tequila.

Considering the nights out Regina has with Maleficent, Emma was expecting her girlfriend to drink her under the table, that was until they sat down and Emma suggested tequila only to find out Regina had never tried it. 

Four shots later and Regina’s buzzed…well beyond buzzed. 

“Emmmmmmaaaa,” she drawls, “I love you.” 

Emma blushes, her heart fluttering at those words, “I know, I love you too.” 

“I have to tell everyone…I want everyone to know how amazing you are!” Regina shouts suddenly springing into action and climbing on top of the bar. 

“No Regina!” Emma hisses, “That’s a bad idea…why don’t we get off the bar and have another drink?” 

“I’m not thirsty,” Regina tells her before cupping her hands around her mouth and screaming at the top of her lungs, “I love Emma! She’s a fantastic mother to our son. She has a laugh that sounds like heaven. Her eyes are…the best…and her hair….Emma I love your hair! Oh and she’s wonderful in bed…she does this thing with her tongue-”

“I think that’s all everyone needs to know!” Emma interrupts, her cheeks now flame red as she stands in front of Regina. 

Regina grins before walking forwards only to topple off the bar. Luckily Emma is sober and has quick reflexes so she just about catches her girlfriend. Regina beams at her as she kisses her soundly and adds, “And you catch me whenever I fall.”

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Dramione and Hermione arguing with harry and Ron after they find out she's pregnant with Draco's child.

“You know how contraceptive charms work, right?  Harry demanded.  Hermione rubbed at her forehead and tried to find a way to answer that that wasn’t just a reaction to the insult that she might not. 

“Forget charms,” Ron said. He was battling outrage and the heat of the day, both of which were making his face even redder than usual.  It wasn’t a good look. “Why did you have sex with Malfoy?  How could you have sex with Malfoy?”

Hermione later blamed her response on how incredibly irritated she was with both of them and their ridiculous, mistaken belief that they had any right to an opinion on her sex life.  She took a long, slow sip of the sparkling water, hoping it would settle her stomach the way the Healer claimed it would. “He does this thing with his tongue, you see,”  she said to Ron.

He got redder at that and even Harry’s eyes bugged out a little.

“As to how, well, if you don’t know how intercourse works by now, I’m not sure I should be the one to enlighten you.”

from the send me a Harry Potter ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five game.  (no more please)


Sansa as Holly Golightly. Jon as Paul Varjak
Breakfast At Tiffany’s AU:

Jon doesn’t quite know what to think of his new neighbor. She is beautiful, of course, really beautiful, but she also doesn’t understand boundaries. Sansa has seen him naked several times because she bursts through doors without knocking. She always sashays through the closed bathroom door and throws a towel at him.

“For God’s sake Bran, can’t you cover yourself up. I am a lady, you know?” Sansa says leaning against the lip of the sink and pretends to admire her nail polish. Jon wraps the towel around him and wipes the water that has dripped into his eyes. His name isn’t Bran, but she calls him that because Jon reminds her of her younger brother she hasn’t seen in years. Jon never thought to tell her it makes him uncomfortable to be a reminder of her sibling, but he still doesn’t say anything. 

“I didn’t know.” Jon says playfully and she opens her mouth with a smile. Sansa is one to use fake smiles in her day to day life, but this one seems genuine to him. 

 “Oh Jon Snow, you know how to wound a lady.” Sansa clicks her tongue. Jon does know some things about his new neighbor. She is beautiful, of course, really beautiful, and, somehow, she already has him wrapped tightly and uncomfortably around her perfectly manicured fingers.

CONFIDENTIAL: Too Much Information

My first contribution for Marichat Week!

Okay, so in this fic, even though Marinette and Chat are secretly dating, Marinette still doesn’t know that Chat is actually Adrien.


Summary: In which Alya suspects something weird going on with a certain feline superhero.

Alya was looking through her blog, re-watching all her videos of the superhero duo, when she felt as if there were something odd going on. With a frown, she went five videos up from the latest one and began to compare each and every one.

And then she noticed it after the third video. It was a small change, but a groundbreaker for all the ‘shippers’.

Chat Noir had stopped flirting with Ladybug.

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Coffee Break

Scent of coffee in the air, her footsteps approaching the study door.

It was something Saeki had become accustomed to, but never wanted to take for granted. Ever since she’d come into his life, he’d felt as though it had improved dramatically.

He had a place he wanted to come home to. A face he wanted to drink in the sight of. A warmth he needed in his arms. Her scent, her softness - he couldn’t be without it anymore.

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So today is Steph’s  ( dashingrapskillian ) birthday. What can I say about her? She makes lovely gifs. You’ve seen her gifs, cause they get reblogged hundreds of times (as well they should). I can only imagine the work that goes into them (literally, I don’t make gifs, I don’t know how and even if I did, I wouldn’t be half as good at is as she is)

She was one of my earliest followers, when I joined Tumblr and didn’t have a clue what I was doing (I still don’t) or who any of these people were. All I knew was that I wanted to share my fic, and she has been an amazing cheerleader for my little stories, reblogging them with amazing tags, mentioning them in posts, and undoubtedly helping my readership spread - I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I tend to pick up new followers whenever she reblogs something I wrote.

And she’s my friend now…and I have to get my friend something for her birthday! So here’s a little Captain Swan fic



let slip your secrets, my darling (and I am the one who falls)

Of all the things he’s longed to learn about Emma Swan, the many stories hidden behind her guarded and careful heart, the secrets she hoards as carefully as if they were precious jewels (and they are far more valuable to him than diamonds or pearls, the old pair of spectacles and the ring with the glass stone, every item in that simple box that he would treasure more now than any chest of gold coins because they were hers) he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t want to know even more intimate aspects of the woman who has captivated him since Neverland, since he turned his ship around in search of more than vengeance and misery, hell, if he’s honest (which he is, far more than most people realize) since she leaned forward on her elbows and let slip that first little gem, “I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I’m pretty good at knowing when someone is lying to me.”

But of course he would never admit to his more carnal musings.

He is, after all, a gentleman.

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Lad Talk

I always love reading fic’s where Finn is gushing and boasting about having Rae to the lads. So I thought I’d write this little thing. If you’ve read my ‘different with time’ multi-chapter you’ll understand how I’ve based the characters in this fic… So let’s just say this is a little something after that fic… Hope you like it! It’s short but I like a little fluff :)


The bass pumped through the speakers, the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol lingered in the air whilst warm bodies floated from room to room. Chops house was big, but when he decided to throw one of his famous parties it felt like there was not a single breath of clean air around. This wasn’t just any party, this was Rae’s 18th birthday they were celebrating with half of Stamford. Rae insisted that they shouldn’t fuss over her but chop wasn’t hearing any of it and before she could say no he was already handing out invites at school. The night was still young it was only 11pm and alcohol raged teenagers still swarmed the dancefloor. Finn and a few of the football lads decided to take a time out from dancing an head to the kitchen for another fosters. Finn grabbed another can out of the fridge and lent up against the kitchen bench looking through to the lounge room where the dance floor was situated with the dj in the far corner. Finn couldn’t help but smile as he watched his girl dance freely with izzy, Chloe and tix. Her long raven hair glistened against the coloured lights, one feature of hers that he loved. Her body looked incredible in her dress, a strapless black and floral number that was short in front and long at the back, it hugged her curves in all the right ways. She looked alive, like nothing in the world at this moment could stop her from having fun and this was the look Finn liked best.

“No point trying to talked with him mate, not when he’s zoned in on Rae” Archie laughed to Ben. Ben had been trying to start a conversation with Finn for the last few minutes with no such luck.

“HEY! I heard that… And I’m just admiring my view. I mean come on look at her” Finn cocked his head towards Rae and let out a moan of appreciation.

“You lucky prick” The lads nodded with Logan’s statement.

“That I am”

“How you do it… How you pull a bird like her” Ben was generally interested he had always had a thing for Rae.

“One… Know your music, two… Know how to handle a women like that, three… Tell her she’s beautiful every fucking day, four… Be yourself and five… Worship her body… I can’t even express to you how important step five is.. I mean…"Finn trailed off as he got lost watching Rae dancing.

"Those knockers though… Jesus Christ” everyone turned to chop who were generally surprised at his comment. He hasn’t spoken about another girl since him an izzy finally started dating 8 months ago.

“Oi! Thats my girlfriend ya div” Finn laughed and took another swig of his fosters.

“Well you can’t deny that they aren’t amazing… I mean look” chop pointed to all the lads faces, they were all now looking at Rae’s assets.

“Snap outta it” Finn hissed as he clicked his fingers in front of everyone’s face.

“But it’s not just that” chop continued then took a large gulp of his drink then slammed it on the bench “she’s a top bird, our raemundo is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside like… She’s one of my best mates. You are one lucky boy finny!” Finn smiled, he loved hearing people talk about his girl like that.

“That I am chopper, I mean yes that body of hers is incredible and she makes me cum harder then I ever thought was possible but she is just a strong kind hearted lass.. That’s why I love her” the lads cheered after Finns confession.

“So finny boy she’s good in the sack aye” Logan asked wagging his eyebrows.

“You have no fucking idea.. When she does this thing with her tongue on my…”

“Hey guys” Rae interrupted as she danced into the kitchen for another drink.

“Hey babe, you having fun?” Finn though it was a silly question to ask but he wanted to know anyways.

“Oh finny you have no idea, this is one of the best nights of my life” she said as she cuddled into Finn leaving a kiss on his shoulder. “What you guys talking about” she questioned as she looked around to all the guys.

“You” laughed Ben.

“What?” Ra pulled away from Finn but left her hands on his hips.

“Nothing to worry about Rae-Rae Finn here was just gushing about how incredible you look tonight” Logan said after he saw the confusion in her expression. She gave him a smile and nudged Finn in the ribs causing him to flinch.

“What? Have you seen yourself tonight babe? You look fucking sexy”

“FINN” Rae looked around to see all the lads smiling at her and Finn. She felt her whole body blushing, she still wasn’t use to all his complements.

“Well you do, they know it, I know it…” Finn laughed as a smug grin took over his face. All the lads nodded an agreed with Finn, this was something Rae couldn’t deny she felt more comfortable in her skin.

“Right! Well I’m going back to dance” Rae swung her arms around Finns neck and gave him a soft sexual kiss on his lips causing him a softly moan as she pulled out of kiss giving him a wink. She waved to the rest of the guys and danced her way back to the girls.

“Wow” the lads said in unison. They all thought Finn was going to take Rae then and there the way he looked after the kiss. Finn shook his head and downed the rest of his beer.

“Ok lads that’s me, I’ve got a sexy minx to dance with in there” and with that Finn was practically running after Rae. The lads started to laugh as they watched Finn sweep Rae off her feet, they could all see the happiness they both shared together. The bond they had formed only grew stronger the more they were together, nothing could break that.

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Three’s (not that much of) a crowd

“Hey guys, what’s- woahh damn.” Jimin drawls and grins lewdly at the sight of you and Taehyung spooning and enjoying a post-sex nap. 

“Jimin! Get out of here!!” You exclaim, frowning as you try to cover your naked body, whereas Taehyung is much more laidback about the entire ordeal. He nods his head in greeting to his best friend and they do the stupid, typical boy handshake over the couch.

“Oh please, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Jimin rolls his eyes nonchalantly and sits on the armchair by the couch. “Did you guys just fuck in here?” He asks approvingly.

“What are you doing?! We’re naked!” 
“Yeeepp.” Taehyung confirms in satisfaction the same time as you snap heatedly.

“Niceeee.” You’re not sure who Jimin’s reply is for, probably the both of you.
But that’s the least of your concern right now, because Taehyung shifts slightly behind you and you feel what is undeniably, his hard erection pressing against your thigh. 

“Are you serious? Again?!” You question incredulously, and he smiles cheekily at you.

“Probably could do thirds as well, we’ve gone for like, a week without sex.” Taehyung says in a reasonable tone.

“It was three days, Taehyung.” 

“Yeah okay, theres no way i’m leaving now.” Jimin states flatly, “this is gonna be way better than the shit on pornhub.”

“It’s all good, just stay and watch.” Taehyung replies lazily, sliding his hand between your thighs and smirking when he finds you wet and ready for two fingers from the get-go.

“No- we’re not- I’m not fucking you with Jimin in the same room.” Your reply doesn’t sound convincing in the slightest- you’re breathing heavily already and pushing your ass back for Taehyung to finger you with more space.

“Shit, I should’ve brought my phone.” Jimin groans, shaking his head in regret.

“Yeah, too late now. This ones not gonna let you come back in the room if you leave now.” Taehyung says with a shrug, sliding his slick finger up to your clit teasingly.

”You can stay if you be quiet Jimin.” You manage breathlessly as turn around so you’re facing Taehyung, and cup his face to kiss him deeply, slipping your tongue into his mouth to take him down a notch.

“I won’t make a sound.” Jimin promises with a big grin, leaning back in his seat to enjoy the show.

“Up you get, babe.” Taehyung sits up and pulls you with him, smirking as the couch throw slides down your bodies and onto the ground, exposing your entire (stunning) naked, body. 

Jimin whistles lowly and you can feel his eyes trailing over you unabashedly, it sends heat shooting in between your thighs.

Taehyung’s clearly a bit of a show off, running his hands over you and trailing kisses over whatever skin is in his reach as he settles you over his lap.

“Help yourself, bro.” Taehyung chuckles, noticing Jimin’s pants are looking way too tight for comfort. 

“Don’t mind if I do.” Jimin winks back at you, when you turn around to check out his little problem. You giggle at both of their enthusiasm, you swear, these two are so easy to please. 
Taehyung captures your attention once more as he brings your hand on his pulsing, hard cock, you give it a few good strokes before you guide it directly underneath your slit.

Jimin shucks his pants and tugs his leaking cock out of his boxers, slowly pumping himself as his gaze is fixed firmly on your thighs spreading on either side of Taehyung’s lap, his cock sliding into you languidly. 

You moan and grip onto his shoulders as Taehyung buries himself in you to the hilt, whilst sucking a hickey on your neck.
“You’re so tight, look like I’ll have to fuck you open, babe.” He murmurs onto your skin- and you know he’s talking so filthily because Jimin’s watching.

You grind into his hips and bite your lips hard to prevent a loud moan from escaping your lips, you have to admit, the thrill of someone watching you getting fucked was incredible.

“Don’t do that, let us hear you moan, Jimin, you want to hear her right?” Taehyung asks playfully, his large hands groping your pert ass shamelessly.

 "Fuck yeah I wanna hear it.“ Jimin agrees easily, jerking himself slowly.
"Come on baby, let’s give Jimin what he wants.” Taehyung coos softly, taking a nipple into his skilled mouth and sucking gently, a stark contrast to his hips, snapping into you hard and fast.
You cry out in immense pleasure, fingers tugging onto Taehyung’s hair and thighs clamping fight against his as he fucks you salaciously, the indecent sounds of how wet you are turning both Taehyung and Jimin on.

“Oh my god Tae, yes! Yes right there!” You whimper, bouncing up and down on his cock as it hits your sensitive spot real good, it sends you trembling on his lap.

“Fuck this is so hot.” Jimin cusses, and you can’t help but agree. His pace speeds up, lust-filled eyes poring straight into your body. Taehyung nibbles on the nub of your breast teasingly, licking and sucking your tits while gazing straight up into your pretty face contorted with pleasure.

Your walls sucking him in tightly every time he thrusts into you, and the fact Jimin is getting off to him fucking you, he’s not sure how long he’ll last.

You whine in desperation when Taehyung stops pounding into you, he winks cheekily at you and lifts you off his soaked cock.

 "Babe, you know how Jimin’s my best friend?“ Taehyung asks conversationally, guiding you till your on all fours, pinning you down by the waist.
"What of it?” You snap, leaning your ass back, signaling Taehyung to get on with it

“Well, I was thinking.” Taehyung rubs his cock lazily up and down your swollen slit, winking at an interested-looking Jimin, “maybe you wanna give him head?” He proposes casually.

Jimin’s eyes widen in surprise, and his hand stutters around his cock. “Are you serious bro? Dude you don’t have to- I’m fine-” And you glance at Jimin- clothes disheveled, pants off, cock up- and you’ll admit- Jimin is hot. You don’t particularly like his sleazy playboy attitude, but you guys were close friends, and oh fuck it.

“Hmmm? He won’t come inside your mouth, but just suck him off so he knows I’m not bragging when I tell him you could enter a blowjob competition and win first place.” Taehyung drawls, slipping his tip into you slightly, so you let out a breathy moan and Jimin looks at you eagerly. Then Taehyung pulls out of you completely and you clench around nothing.
“Jimin get over here!” You cry, running a hand through your long locks in frustration.
 "Thanks guys, this is the literally the best day of my life.“ Jimin grins and makes his way over in front of you, you hold him by the base of his member, and lick a long swipe underneath his length.

”Theres a good girl.” Taehyung breathes, thrusting himself with a long stroke into you, and you’re whimpering with Jimin’s cock in your mouth. And you’d never thought you would have a threesome while you were sober in your life, but here you were, more turned on than you cared to ever admit.

 "Oh fuck- is she a pornstar or some shit?"Jimin pants, grabbing hold of your hair in his hands so he can see you sucking (deep throating) him expertly. Jimin can’t resist bucking his hips in time to you bobbing your head up and down his length, he learned that you had no gag reflex to speak whatsoever.

"I told you so! She does this thing with her tongue-" 

 "Ahhh fuck!” Jimin chokes slightly and you feel his cock throbbing in you mouth as you do the said ‘thing with your tongue’ Taehyung was about to introduce.

“Yeah that. It’s so good, I used to cum straight away after she does it.” Taehyung says in a reverent tone. Although he’s making conversation, he doesn’t stop jack hammering into you from behind, his cock gets so deep inside of you you can practically feel it in your tummy.

“I’m trying hard not to.” Jimin grits through his teeth, taking deep breaths to calm himself down as he glances appreciatively down at you. 

“Yeah, you’re definitely not talking shit Tae.” Jimin grins and thrusts inside of your mouth. “You’re really fucking good.”
You hum around his cock, half acknowledging his compliment, and half to swallow a moan because Taehyung snakes his hand up your thigh and rubs your clit lightly.

"You about to cum, babe?” Taehyung huffs, rutting into you harder that it pushes you forward and taking Jimin rather roughly.

 "I’m gonna take a wild guess, and say yes for her since she’s got my dick in her mouth.“ Jimin groans, biting his lips lustily as he quickens his pace of fucking your mouth, and observes your pretty face, flushed with pleasure.
 If the sheer sensation of Taehyung fucking you roughly and deeply from behind, the lewd noise of wet skin slapping and grunts from the two boys doesn’t push you over the edge, then the mere idea that you’re put on the spit, having a hot threesome with your boyfriend and his best friend definitely does.

You moan around Jimin’s cock and your body shakes as Taehyung flicks your clit when the waves of climax washes hard over you, and for a moment you see nothing but white. If not for Taehyung’s hard grip on your hips and Jimin holding onto your hair, your arms and knees would probably give out and send you collapsing onto the cushions.

"Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum-” Jimin hisses, making a move to pull out of your mouth but Taehyung stops him.

“Come on babe, take both of us in?” Taehyung murmurs, gripping your waist tight as his rhythm falters, pounding into you irregularly and sloppily.

As if you could really answer him- you’re too sensitive and spent from your orgasm, and with Taehyung keeping it up, you’re completely overwhelmed to respond to him at all. Jimin swells on top of your tongue and you nearly roll your eyes in exasperation- apparently the whole 'best friends who do everything together’ includes coming together as well, you note as hot spurts of liquid fills your mouth and pussy.

They even kind of sound similar in their groans as they ride out their highs, both slowly and lazily, you just concentrate on swallowing and not passing out.

“You’ve been so good, babe.” Taehyung praises your breathlessly, patting your ass as if to say 'good job’, you let go of Jimin’s cock with an audible ‘pop’ and take a deep gulp of breath, promptly falling onto your sweaty back on the couch.

You’re so spent and dazed you disregard the uncomfortable feeling of liquid leaking out of you, onto your thigh and the cushion. 

 "I seriously can’t thank the both of you enough. It’s like all my birthdays and Christmases in this one fuck.“ Jimin sighs in disbelief, sitting next to you after he’s pulled his pants up, you strain your neck slightly so you can rest your head on his lap. 

"You’re welcome” Taehyung replies smugly, lifting your numb legs and placing them on his bare thighs, and covering you up with a rug. “we both loved it, didn’t you, babe?”

You didn’t want to dignify that question with a response, but god knows you won’t lie and say you didn’t.

Make You Feel My Love, Chapter 24

(make you feel my love…)

The door closes with a soft click behind them, the sound zipping like electricity through her body as Killian’s hand glides down her spine and over the planes of her back. He smoothes his palm around the curve of her ass, taking her with him when she pushes him back into the closed door. His kisses are staggeringly intense, as if he’s trying to erase their painful weeks of separation with each press of his mouth.

Ever since meeting Killian, she’d often imagined what it would be like to give into their attraction, to finally open herself up enough to take this next step with him. She’d always pictured something softer, slower in tempo, nothing so achingly frenzied. Her hands are shaking as she grasps at clothing, shoving it aside to bare him to her. She feels as if she’s about to burst into flame, her skin tingling hotly with each caress, each kiss.

She should be more anxious than she is, given the ten years that have passed since the last time she did this with anyone, but this is Killian and even though she feels wildly out of control, she also feels safe with him; protected and cherished by him.

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