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Warnings: smut, daddy kink.

You slowly let go of the safety handle in Ethan’s truck once again as he backed into the driveway of the lake you visited a week ago. The trucks headlights lit up the green trees and bushes surrounding you. The truck jerked as he put it in park with a deep sigh,
“Finally. I hate that road.” Ethan sighed, leaning back in his seat. He placed a hand on your thigh, giving it a light squeeze. “I have a surprise for you.” He bit his lip, smiling. Your mind raced, trying to think about what he would have done. He interrupted your thoughts as he quickly got out of the truck, gesturing for you to follow him. Ethan lead you to the tailgate of the truck, the moonlight once again illuminating the area. Ethan slowly opened the tailgate and your mouth dropped open,
“Ethan! I love you!” You squealed, wrapping your arms around him. The bed of the truck was decorated with fairy lights, a queen sized mattress with lots of pillows filled the trunk. You gave him a long kiss on the lips as he picked you up to sit you on the tailgate.
“Ethan, this is so amazing. You’re literally the best boyfriend ever.” You smiled, planting another small kiss on his lips.
“I know.” Ethan shrugged and you playfully slapped his shoulder. With a dip of the truck, Ethan joined you in the bed of the truck. You both lied down on the mattress staring at the stars.
“So how did you manage getting this mattress back here without me noticing?” You asked, looking over to your boyfriend.
“Oh you know, twin powers.” You both giggled. You watched Ethan reach over and pull out a Bluetooth speaker as he hooked his phone up and started playing the song love faces by trey songz. He slowly set the speaker down beside him and turned over on top of you.
“You remember how last week you said we should take it to the back of the truck next time?” He nibbled on your ear gently.
“Mmm, maybe.” You hummed.
“Well I’ve always wanted to fuck you to this song so I guess we’re both in for quite a ride tonight.” You felt him smirk against your neck as he grounded his hips on yours roughly. You wrapped your legs around his torso as you got hung up into a heated make out session. Ethan slowly trailed wet kisses down your neck, slowly pulling your shirt over your body. He groaned at the sight of your red lace bra.
“Fuck baby, you’re so sexy.” He roughly sucked at the skin of your breasts as he reached a hand behind your back to unclasp your bra. With a smirk, he slowly discarded the bra as he massaged your breasts. His mouth attacked your nipples, nibbling lightly as your hands pulled at his dark hair. He trailed his kisses down lower and lower until he was at the top of your jean shorts. He popped the button of them and slid them slowly down your legs, revealing a matching thong. He discarded your shorts as he kissed your hip bones, then down to your thighs, skipping the place you wanted him the most. You wiggled beneath him in anticipation.
“Patience baby girl, let’s take it slow and rough tonight.” He gripped your thighs as he kissed your clit through your panties. Ethan slowly used his teeth to pull down your panties as he looked up at you, lust filling his deep brown eyes.
Just then as if on queue, pussy is mine by Miguel came on the speaker as Ethan mouthed the words,
“Tell me that that pussy is mine.” He cocked his eyebrows, smirking up at you.
“It’s all yours, daddy.” You sighed, feeling his tongue lick slowly up your slit as your hands flew to his hair. Ethan softly sucked on your clit and hummed, sending vibrations through you. You arched your back and moaned. His hands slowly snaked up to hold your hips down, his left hand trailed up to your breast, squeezing your nipple as he teased your entrance with his tongue. He slowly pushed his tongue in as far as he could, moving his tongue up and down at a fast pace. Your nails gently massaged Ethan’s scalp as you gripped at his hair, moaning profanities. Despite Ethan holding you down, you couldn’t help but grind into his face, feeling his right hand go down to join his tongue. He licked your slit at the way up to your clit, flicking his tongue on your clit repeatedly, making your hips grind into his face even more. He slowly slid his pointer finger into you, starting slow but sucking on your clit in the process. He knew how to work you better than you knew yourself.
“More, daddy, please.” You begged, aching to feel more. He hummed against your clit, adding another finger. He pumped his fingers in you at a moderate pace, curling his fingers up to collide with your g-spot. At this point Ethan was done holding you down, he let you loose. You moaned loudly, angling your hips up so he hit your g-spot right on every time.
“Fuck daddy! Don’t stop!” You moaned, your hips bucking, wanting even more. Ethan added another finger, picking up the speed a bit as he nibbled on your clit. Your hands moved from his hair to grip the sheets, your knuckles turning white as Ethan ate you out profusely.
“Daddy I’m close.” You groaned, arching your back.
“Cum for daddy, princess. Cum all over my fingers.” He pumped his fingers in and out as you moaned loudly. You clenched around his fingers repeatedly until he finally sucked harshly on your clit, pushing you over the edge. Your body convulsed as you came all over your boyfriends fingers, moaning all for him. You looked down at your boyfriend as he slowly took his fingers out and sucked on each one until it was clean.
“You taste so good baby girl.” He hummed, popping a finger out of his mouth. He slowly licked up your slit, your hips buckling from over sensitivity as he flicked your clit. He slowly brought his body back on yours as he took off his shirt, grinding his hips onto yours again. You felt his hard-on through his ripped jeans and you quickly flipped him over so that you were on top.
“Now it’s your turn, daddy.” You whispered in his ear, sucking on his neck as you worked on the button of his jeans. You slowly got down in between his legs and you pulled his jeans off. You lightly gripped his cock through his black briefs, earning a small groan from his lips. You licked the outline of his cock, feeling it twitch beneath your tongue. You slowly pulled his briefs down as his cock dripped with pre cum, the head painfully red. You trailed kisses up to the tip of his cock as you kitten licked the pre cum from the tip. You looked at Ethan in the eyes as you slowly took the tip in your mouth, humming and sucking lightly. He threw his head back in relief, his hips bucking up, wanting more.
“Mmm, patience daddy, we’re taking it slow, remember?” You smirked, licking a line up his cock. Ethan let out a frustrated groan as he pulled your hair into a makeshift pony tail. You hummed, licking your lips as you reached up to grab his phone, changing the song to drunk in love by Beyoncé. You raked your nails down his chest and torso, returning to his member. As soon as the first verse started, you took Ethan all the way in your mouth. Ethan let out a surprised moan, his hands tightening around your hair, his toes curling. You sucked slowly, forcing yourself all the way down, deep throating him to the hilt. He groaned as you started bobbing your head up and down his shaft, using an extra hand to follow your movements on his length. You reached you other hand down to massage his balls as he guided your head up and down, letting you work on him. You moved your tongue back and forth while deep throating him, feeling the veins on his cock.
“Fuck.” Ethan whispered, panting helplessly as he watched your mouth work on him. You slowly came all the way up, running your tongue across the slit, softly sucking on the tip, hallowing your cheeks. You looked up through your eye lashes up at your boyfriend, his hair was a mess as his chest heaved up and down, the veins in his arms protruding from gripping your hair so tightly. You lowered your mouth back down on him again, not breaking the eye contact as he moaned quietly, throwing his head back against the pillows. When you brought your mouth back up to his tip, you hummed along to the song, sending vibrations through his length.
“Fuck baby. You’re such a dirty girl.” He growled, his biceps flexing as he pulled your hair. You decided it was about time to pick up the speed. You took him all of the way, bobbing your head up and down at a faster pace, hallowing your cheeks. You used an extra hand to stroke the rest of his length you couldn’t fit in your mouth, paying extra attention to his balls. Ethan moaned loudly, bucking his hips up. He bit his lip, abruptly pulling you off his throbbing cock.
“Fuck baby, I don’t want to cum just yet.” He breathed deeply, trying to catch his breath. You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand as you crawled your way up to straddle his lap. Ethan quickly found his jeans and pulled a condom out of the back pocket. He slowly slid it down on his length. You leaned down to pull him in a deep kiss as you ground down on his cock. You slowly rode his cock, rubbing yourself on him. Ethan reached a hand down, positioning himself at your entrance as you slowly slid down on his length with a gasp, feeling him fill you up. You began bouncing on his cock, the truck rocked with every bounce. Ethan’s hands rested on your hips, guiding you up and down his length. He pulled you down, catching you into a kiss as the song what you need by the weeknd lightly blasted through the speakers. Ethan gripped your ass, thrusting up to meet your bounces. He began sucking on your neck as he flipped you over, thrusting inside you. He began whispering the words in your ear,
“I'mma love you girl, the way you need.” He nibbled on your ear as he pinned your hands above your head, thrusting himself inside you. You locked your legs around his torso pushing him deeper inside you as you made love. He slowly let go of your wrists, gripping your hips to fuck into you at a slow but rough pace. He threw his head back as you watched his abs flex, a thin layer of sweat made him glow under the moonlight. You gripped the sheets beneath you, moaning and arching your back as he hit your g-spot.
“Fuck daddy, right there.” You moaned as he came down on top of you. You pulled him close, clawing your nails down his back as he moaned into your ear, his hips bucking.
“So tight for daddy, so beautiful.” He whispered into your neck. He started picking up speed, chasing both of your climaxes. You felt his rough thumb begin rubbing circles onto your clit making you clench tightly around him. A moan emitted from his mouth as your hips lifted off the bed as he pounded into you, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. The truck rocked roughly as his hips collided into yours, your skin slapping together.
“Daddy I’m close.” You moaned, clawing at his strong back even more.
“Me too baby girl, cum all over my cock, c'mon baby.” He grunted into your ear as he rubbed your clit faster. His thrusts began to get sloppy as he moaned, gripping your hips tightly.
“Cum with me baby.” He growled. You both moaned together as you felt him twitch inside you as you clenched tightly around his cock, coming undone together. His hips stilled inside you as your legs shook around him. You both breathed heavily as he thrusted slowly inside you, riding out your highs. He breathed heavily, slowly sliding out of you as he discarded the condom. He lied beside you as you both tried catching your breath.
“We’re coming here,” Ethan breathed deeply, “every week.” You nodded, smiling over at him. “You know.” Ethan trailed off, switching on the song sleeping on the floor by the Lumineers. “I think it’s about time that I ask if you want to move in with Gray and I.” He turned over to face you, twirling a piece of your hair in his fingers.
“E, I would love to!” You squealed, excitingly. Ethan flashed a big smile, he knew that you were the one he wanted to grow old with.

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- Part II

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 704
summary : continues the story from PART I😉
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* FIVE and a half YEARS LATER *

“Wake up wake up wake up!” said Alex excitedly , jumping on the bed next to her father.
Kai slowly opened his eyes seeing his 5 year old daughter smiling widely at him. She launched himself on top of him , knocking the air out of his lungs and wrapped her hands around his neck. He pulled her closer to him , holding her tight. There was excitement in her eyes and it took him a moment to realise why. Outside was snowing. Snowflakes were dancing an their way down , huddled in groups. There had been snow for a few days now but it had barely been enough to play in it or do anything but very shallow snow angels , which Alex loved to do very very much. “Can we go out and make a snowman ?” she asked excitedly.
Kai laughed getting up with his baby girl in his arms and walked to the window. Christmas had been a few weeks ago and January appeared to have even more snow than December had. It had been a white Christmas which Alex had loved a lot - playing in the snow with her cousins who had come over on the 2nd day of Christmas , snowball fights and making snowmans. However as much as she appeared to love hanging out with his sister’s twinsies , Alex loved most playing with her dad. He had been teaching her spells the past few weeks , showing her how to make things float.
“Sure thing princess.” he smiled. “Right after breakfast. You will need all that energy if we are to make the biggest snowman on the street , maybe even in the city.”
“Yay !” said Alex excitedly clapping her tiny hands for a moment before kissing her dad’s cheek. Kai let her feet down on the ground and she ran out of his bedroom. He looked at his nightstand , looking at a picture from Y/N and his wedding day. It seemed like it had happened yesterday but it had been a little over 5 years. Y/N had looked so beautiful with the bouquet of white roses and tiny white flowers in her hands. Her strapless white wedding dress with tiny flower patters , barely a shade darker than the dress. Her hair had been made in a sideways braid with more of those tiny flowers tangled in her hair. Kai couldn’t help but smile at the memory. Their wedding had happened a few months after Jo’s and Y/N had already started showing. It hadn’t been the pregnancy that made him propose. Kai just couldn’t imagine his life without her in it. They had known each other for barely 5 - 6 months at the time but it had felt as if they had known each other their entire lifes. He had always thought instant connections don’t exist in real life but that had been the exact thing that had happened to him the moment he saw her for the first time.
“I miss you.” whispered Kai , seeing Y/N smiling widely in the picture with his arms wrapped around her from behind. He left the picture back on its place and rushed to the kitchen to make Alex her breakfast.
His daughter was already sitting on her chair , well more like kneeling on it with her elbows on the table and her head in her hands. Her eyes kept drifting towards the window and a sigh left her lips. She couldn’t wait to get out and play in the snow.
“What does my princess want for breakfast ?” he asked , putting his elbows on the other end of the table , holding his head in his hands just like she was. “Waffles ? Pancakes ?”
“Cupcakes!” she said excitedly. Kai laughed tapping her nose. Alex might look like her mother but there had been a lot more of him in her than he had originally thought. Cupcakes were her favourite.
“That’s not breakfast. How about I made you chocolate pancakes ?” he smiled. Alex nodded and reached for her stuffed blue rabbitt sitting on the chair next to her. Mr. Hopps was always with her , she’d literally take him everywhere. The fluffy stuffed animal had been one of the few things Y/N and Kai had bought for their child around the time Y/N had been pregnant in the 7th month and now it was their daughter’s favourite toy. Alex snuggled the bunny and left it sitting on the table , talking to Mr. Hopps and playing with him while Kai made her breakfast. He always found it fascinating how his daughter can appear to have so much fun playing by herself with an inanimate object.
Afterwards he fed her , bite by bite until all the pancakes were gone from the plate. He’d still play the ‘airplane’ game and ‘one bite for mommy , one bite for daddy , one bite for Mr. Hopps’ game with her. Alex was big enough to eat on her own but Kai loved seeing her laugh and scrunch her face acting as if she didn’t want to eat just to get him to tickle her. They loved each other very much and Kai loved his daughter’s laugh more than anything. Whenever his little girl laughed , it was as if Y/N was in the room with them. Their laughs were the same.
Kai helped ALex get dressed , putting on a sweater and a big fluffy jacket until she looked like a tiny polar bear. He put on her penguin beanie and the gloves that went along with it then and put on his sweatshirt and jacket. The moment he opened the door Alex ran out in the front yard , directly plopping herself in the snow to make a snow angel. Her mouth was open and she tried catching snowflakes with her tongue.
“This is awesome !” she laughed flapping her hands and legs back and forth on the ground. Kai couldn’t help himself and pulled out his phone taking a video of his little girl playing in the show. Her hands reaching in front of her face trying to hide herself from his camera. He pulled her up , patting her back until all the snow or most of it at least had fallen back on the ground.
“You are the snow-angel queen.” he laughed. “How do you always make them so perfect? You will have to teach daddy how.”
Alex laughed and turned around , her boots crunching in the snow. Kai bent over scooping up some of the snow , forming it in a snowball and threw lightly it at his daughter’s back. She stopped in place and turned around grabbing some snow herself and threw a snowball at him barely hitting his hips with it. Her laugh made him laugh. Kai chased after her until they reached the end of the street , then Alex turned around and ran back to their house , burying her feet in the snow right outside their living room window. Kai caught up with her pretty quick.
“Is this where you want us to make our snowman?” he asked smiling.
“Yes !” she bent over picking up some snow and forming a tiny snowball in her hands.
“Remember how I showed you last time ?” asked Kai , bending over and making a snowball himself. “You make the snowball and roll it around slowly in the snow , patting it from time to time until a larger showball -”
Alex laughed. “I remember daddy.”
It took them a while but they made the snowmall , which turned out a little taller than Alex. Kai ran inside to get a carrot for a nose and a large sauce pan for a hat. They used dried branches as hands and Alex picked up a couple of large round stones to use as buttons plus a couple of smaller ones for eyes and a smile.
“Can we name him Olaf?” she wondered. Kai smiled. Their snowman looked nothing like Olaf but Alex was obsessed with Frozen at the time and everything was Anna , Elsa , Olaf , Sven and Kristoff for her. He had watched the movie so many times with her , he could recite every single like and act it out for her if she asked.
“Its your snowman.” he smiled. “You can name him however you want.”
“Olaf. I like Olaf.” she smiled. “And he likes warm hugs.”
Kai laughed , taking a picture of Alex hugging Olaf the .. not so Olaf-y looking snowman. For a moment it was as if he could see Y/N hugging the snowman from the other side , smiling at him and looking at their daughter afterwards.

* * *

Kai was laying in his bed , a notebook in his hand. Every night or every other night he’d stay awake late writing. After Y/N had died, he had spent a lot of time at her grave talking to her. He had always thought that was a silly thing to do but it was the only way he felt close to her again. Yes , he had their daughter but it wasn’t the same. She was barely 5 years old and couldn’t understand things that well yet. Alex missed her mom but not in the way he did. Not a day went by without Kai going to visit Y/N’s grave. Sometimes he’d take Alex with him too. Their daughter liked arranging the flowers in pretty patterns on the grave. Sometimes Kai would sit on the ground with their daughter in his lap telling her stories. Like how he and her mom had met , or about the day they had found out their family would grow with another member. The story Alex liked the most however turned out to be the one about the day her mom had passed away. Mostly because Kai always told her Y/N had had to leave because she had been chosen to become an angel. He always made sure to tell her , her mom never wanted to leave them and that even though she is not with them she loves both of them very much. Whenever Kai wanted to talk to Y/N at night , he’d write it all in that notebook. It helped him calm down , at least most times it did. Others it made him relive the pain of her death all over again. Like it had happened that night. Earlier in the day Alex had asked him if they could go visit mommy. They had droven to the cemetery , stopping by one of the flowershops so they can pick the flowers. His little girl had wanted to tell her mother about the snowman she had made earlier in the day. Sometimes Kai wondered if taking Alex to ‘see’ her mom so often was a good influence.
Kai looked up seeing his little girl standing by the door. She was wearing her pink pj’s and fuzzy slippers , biting her nails while looking at her dad and holding Mr. Hopps’ paw with her other hand. He wondered how long she might’ve been there. Quickly he wiped away the tears from his cheeks and replaced his frown with a smile. In front of her , he never cried.
“Yes sweetheart ?”
“Can I sleep in your bed tonight ?” his daughter asked shifting on her feet. “I … I think there is a monster under my bed.”
He put away the notebook leaving it on the night stand. His hands reached for his phone seeing it was almost 1AM. At least a few nights a week Alex would show up saying the same thing. Usually it happened when he checked for monsters only twice and not three times. His little girl always demanded it was three times , just to make sure. He wasn’t sure if he had skipped the third time that night. Kai patted the spot next to him on the bed.
“Of course. Come here.”
Alex took a few steps nearly running to him and climbed onto the bed and then directly into Kai’s arms. He pulled her closer , hearing her sigh. She looked so much like her mother , even more with every passing day. Her eyes sparkled every time her dad’s arms were around her. Mr. Hopps joined in the hug too.
“Are you excited about seeing your cousins tomorrow ?” he asked.
“Mhmm .. but I am not letting them touch Mr. Hopps.” she mumbled. “Lizzy keeps trying to take him away.”
Kai laughed. Mr. Hopps was off limits for everyone but him. Alex cuddled the blue bunny and her father cuddled her. Once one of the kids on the playground had touched the blue bunny and Alex had nearly screamed her lungs out how Mr. Hopps is her personal hero and no one is allowed to touch him but her or her dad.
“Do you want to hear a bedtime story ?” he asked. Alex hummed in response. “Which one ? Or do you want me to surprise you ?”
Kai stroked her hair , smiling to himself. Clearly the long day had exhausted her more than he had realised and the thought of monsters under her bed had only added to it. He watched over Alex for a few hours until he drifted off to sleep too. He still dreamed about Y/N every single night. It never really felt like she had left. Everywhere he looked he saw her. At first it was very painful specially after coming back from the hospital with just their daughter. The house had felt empty , cold and so quiet it was scaring him. Not even in the Prison World he had felt that alone. Alex used to wake him up every night , her crying echoing in the house. His little girl had slept in her parents bedroom the first few weeks. Kai had been afraid to leave her out of his sight for more than 2 seconds. All those years and that had barely changed. When she had been little , he’d take her with him everywhere. He had felt bad for bringing a crying baby to the cemetery with him but he didn’t trust anyone else. His father was still out there and Kai didn’t want to risk any of his relatives to poison her. Alex had her own magic in more ways than one. She was able to charm her way out of any trouble she got herself into. That she had enherited from him , or maybe Kai just didn’t want to punish her. He wasn’t sure which one it was. A sigh left his lips in his sleep.

“Malachai Parker.” said a familiar female voice. “God , I miss you… and our daughter. I always knew you could do it..”
Kai opened his eyes so suddenly , his eyes hurt from the sudden change of the light. He looked at the bedroom door which was still open , seeing someone he never thought he’d see again. Not unless it was a dream or unless he was dead. It wasn’t a memory returning back to him in the form of a dream. This felt different. Carefully he let Alex down onto his bed , not taking his eyes off the person leaning against the door frame and got up from the bed.
“Y/N?” he wondered. “Is it really you?”
Y/N pulled herself up staring at him with a look of surprise on her face. Kai took the few steps separating them in a second wrapping his arms around her.
“You can see me ?” she asked smiling. His grip was so tight , he didn’t want to let go off her and neither did she. For five years Y/N had been hidden behind an invisible veil. Able to see and hear everything but not touch or communicate in any way. Whatever was happening in this moment , she intended to fully enjoy every second of it.
“How are you here ?!” asked Kai smashing his lips against hers. “You know what , I don’t care how. All I care is you are back in my arms.”
He pulled away for a few moments , closing his eyes when Y/N’s fingertips trailed every inch of his face before kissing him again.He had missed her touch more than he had realised. It felt as if it was the first time she had done that.
“I don’t know. I was thinking about you and Alex and all of the sudden.. You saw me.”
Kai smiled. He had been thinking about her , remembering their last day together before their daughter had been born. Earlier that day Alex had insisted on hearing the story again. She always found it funny how her mom had called him 'dummy’ and how he had panicked realising she is about to be born.
“There is so much I want to tell you.” she said smiling with tears in her eyes. “I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.”
Kai laughed , tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes sparkled and her smile made his heart do flips. Five years and not a single person had managed to make him feel like this happy.
“I didn’t get to say that before I died. And the past few years I’m been dying to say that to you and for you to hear me when I do.” she said softly , tears stinging in her eyes.. “I never wanted to leave you. I never wanted to break the promise I made you. You have to know that.”
Kai cupped her face , wiping a tear away from her cheek. It was hard to believe this was happening.
“I missed you so much.” he said smiling through tears. “Is this a dream?”
“It is , but that doesn’t mean it’s not real.” she replied wrapping her hands around him. “If you don’t believe me , check behind the picture from our wedding when you wake up.”
He made sure to remember that for later , hugging her tighter by the second.
“I love you so much Y/N.”
Y/N’s heart fluttered hearing him say those words. Five years she had heard him say them , but it felt completely different being in his arms. However short that moment was. “You have done an incredible job raising our little girl.”
Y/N took his hand and walked towards the bed , kissing Alex’s forehead as she sat next to her , tucking in Mr. Hopps into her arms.
“Our little girl..” she whispered. “She is so grown up.”
“I wish you had been here to see her grow up.” he sighed.
“But I was here. I never left Kai. I was here with you the entire time.” smiled Y/N. “I saw her take her first steps and pull your hair so many times when she was little , just to wake you up and get you to play with her. I heard her first words at the same time you did. Stood by you when she cried after her first tooth fell out and she didn’t want to leave the house because she thought the kids would laugh at her. When you wake up , tell her that I love her and miss her , okay?” asked Y/N feeling tears form in her eyes again. “Tell her I am proud of her and not to eat that much candy… though I should blame you for that.”
“Her teeth will fall out either way.” he raised his hands in defeat. “I promise when the permanent ones show up , the candy is going in the -no way in hell- list.”
Y/N laughed. Her husband was as charming as ever.
“Good. Tell her that just because she couldn’t see me doesn’t mean that I wasn’t there.”
“Will I see you again?” he wondered.
She pressed her lips to his. Kai felt the world around him slowly fade as he started to wake up.

Kai woke up , feeling a tear rolling down his cheek. He wiped it away with his thumb glancing at Alex sleeping in his arms. That dream had felt so vivid ,as if Y/N had been right there in the room with them.
“I love you.” he whispered looking at the opened bedroom door.
His hand reached to his phone to see what time it was - 4.37AM. He left it back on the nightstand , glancing at their wedding picture. Y/N’s words popping in his head. Carefully he rolled Alex onto the bed and took the picture frame. He opened it up trying to find whatever it is that she had left there ,still hoping that what the moments he had shared with her hadn’t been a product of his imagination. A small piece of paper fell on his lap. How hadn’t he noticed there are two pictures tucked in there ? It appeared as if it had been torn from a notebook or something , the color of the paper had turned a bit yellow. He unfolded it , his heart beating faster than ever. Some of the words were missing , as if she had torn away the corner of a page. It was a journal entry from the day Kai had proposed to her.

“.. I feel happy beyond compare. Earlier today I came home and found Kai standing in the middle of the room with candles lit all around , vases with roses and our song playing in the background. He looked so nervous , smiling widely at me as I walked towards him , dropping my messenger bag onto the floor. Taking off my scarf and jacket. By the time I had gotten to him getting to ready to ask why he had done all this he had dropped on one knee holding a ring in his fingers. I said YES before he had even had the time to ask the question. Boy did he protest hahah That has to be the happiest day in my entire life. Right after the day we had first met. I love him with all my heart and I will forever love him no matter what ha - … ”

“It was real.” whispered Kai smiling through tears. If he had seen her once , then he might be able to see her again. He turned towards Alex , kissing her forehead gently. “Sleep princess. When you wake up I have another story to tell you. One you will love most of all.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017