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Hi im not sure if u answered this already, but since your charaters have beaks, what do they use to shorten them?

Ah yes, I wondered when someone might ask this question… First, some scribbly studies to give folks a better idea of what the Aequis beak is like:

The keratinous beak is only present on the upper jaw, and is flexible: it can be lifted up to expose the shearing teeth. The beak itself doesn’t play much of a role in feeding, its primary use is to preen feathers: the inside is lined with spicules that act as a comb when pressing a feather against the flexible lower lip and running it through, feather shaft to tip.

The beaked lip does experience some rubbing wear when feeding (especially when stripping flesh from bone) but Aequis tend to be meticulous groomers even when it comes to their beaks/talons/scales: shiny beaks, etc. are always good points when trying to attract a mate. 

So to keep their beaks short and trim, Aequis will use any roughened, hard surfaces they can find, from tree branches, to rocks, to bones.  Aequis may also use the hard inner edge of their curving outer talons to scrape away any residue leftover from feeding.

I just realized I missed a golden opportunity to draw the very derpy face an Aequis makes when it drags the point of its beak across a rough surface to wear down the point. NEXT TIME!

Consider this: knife, poised, over heart.

Ling-li, drawing knife: 刀. A threat, perhaps? The lingering death of sharp edges?

Ling-li, revealing heart: 心.

Ling-li: For what is endurance but the strength of the heart under knife-blade?

Pronounced like a growl held back in the throat, dipping first downwards in despair, then upwards in challenge. Ren 忍.

Vyvyane Loh, from Breaking the Tongue

me: when are yall gonna give jin some lines? and a lil more screentime

bighit: *yoongi’s voice* no no, not today