that time you almost killed the future father of your child

Batfam Masterlist!


Bruce wayne/ Batman:

    Damian wayne/ Robin:

    • That Todd
      Damian’s beloved gets hurt in battle
    • Hardened exterior 
      Damian comforts you after a particularly rough day. 
    • Big day
      It’s soon to be your and Damians wedding anniversary, and you have a couple of surprises up your sleeve. 
    • I’ll surely have to repay you (Smut)
      Damian and you have fun with a particular lasso. 
    • I know
      Jealous Damian to the rescue. 
    • I mean more then a friend
      you tell damian you love him more then a friend. 
    • Back early
      Damian comes home earlier then expected. 
    • Warehouse (Smut)
      When You almost get injured during a mission, Damian just can’t hold back at home. 
    • Condition
      Damian finds out you’re ticklish. 
    • have you ever…you know…had sex with anyone?
      Damians cocky attitude has gotten him in a sticky situation, Dick to the rescue.
    • I might have come off as offencive
      A bad pairing for a project ends with feelings being confessed.
    • Trying
      After a long time of trying to get pregnant, you break from the thought of being unable to provide Damian a long desired family.
    • Kiss the girl
      Damian and you have an awkward date, but Jason and Dick to the rescue.
    • Wake up
      Damian comforts you after a nightmare.
    • Disgrace
      After a criminal flirts with you, Damian is forced to confess his feelings.
    • If What
      Damian is flabbergasted when you can understand what he said in Arabic. 
    • I hope you enjoyed yourself, beloved (Smut)
      Damian repays for his pleasure.
    • In all seriousness (Smut)
      Jealous Dami shows you who you belong to.
    • Foil Packet
      Bruce walks in on you and Damian in a heated moment, when he only presumed you to be friends.
    • Get it yourself (smut) [Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]
      Damian shows you who’s boss after you’re rude to him, but things take a different turn when your moodiness becomes much more.
    • Wherever he goes (smut)
      Damian makes love to you at the hotel on your honeymoon.
    • You look amazing (smut)
      After spending the day with you in a sexy robin costume, Damian needs to show you how he feels about it. 
    • Killing a fly
      Stepping out in Damian’s defence in front of mother Talia, things get heated between the women. 
    • Second least favorite 
      You and Jason are both fond of the same type of music, which means frequent jam sessions together. Making boyfriend Damian jealous. 
    • The weak get thrown to the dogs
      After killing his pregnant wife while brainwashed, Damian turns his sword on himself. 
    • Asked for
      After a while of begging, you finally meet his family.
    • Languages
      Dami and s/o speak to each other in the others mother tongue.
    • Money man
      The beginning of a beautiful friendship.
    • Reunited in death
      Damian is driven over the edge after the death of his beloved.
    • Distraction (Smut)
      Damian gets turned on by you chewing on your pencil, causing a small distraction from homework.
    • Little Dancer
      years after leaving the life of being Jokers dancer behind, it comes back to haunt you.
      Damian’s s/o catches him masturbating by accident.
    • French girls
      Asking Damian to draw you like one of his french girls, causing a fit of laughter.
    • Time
      You and Damian travel to the future to meet an older version of you
    • Visiting Grandpa 
      Visiting grandpa Damian after not being able to visit for a while.
    • I’ll protect you
      After your dad gets put in jail, you feel as if you’re in danger.
    • That’s what fathers do
      Dad Damian gets out done in a pillow fight by the women in his life.
    • Ain’t no other man (Smut)
      Damian comes home early from a mission because you’re hanging out with Jon.
    • Never told us
      The family finds out that Damian has been dating someone for a while and hasn’t told them.
    • I can help
      Boss Damian has fallen for an employee but find out they’re being abused.
    • You live on
      Damian can’t cope with losing you in childbirth.
    • Pet Shop
      You have caught Damians interest, working at a pet shop, but it requires collaborative effort to get him to ask you out.
    • I’m not crying
      Damian mistakes your teary eyes for crying.
    • Is she going to make it
      A proposal turns into a fight for your life.
    • Fun with paint
      After getting paint on Damians face, the war is on.
    • It’s really you
      Searching for your best friend, a few years after he left the league.
    • Shadow people
      After a nearly lethal fight, you end up dating and getting engaged to the target.
    • Useful
      Your body image issues are getting to you, and Damian is there to make it all better.
    • If I knew (Smut)
      After a difficult patrol, Damian finally makes a move.
    • The battle
      Damian got annoyed with you, putting a stop on your sex life, but you’re not too fond of it.
    • Bring your child to work
      You meet the super sons for the first time, but the young Wayne boy doesn’t seem to impressed.
    • Why wasn’t I aware
      Damian finding out you have adamantium claws.
    • Lose my mind
      Exam season is taking a toll on you.
    • Same to you
      You and Damian realize that you’re both vigilantes.
    • Masks
      Trying something different to cheer up Damian.
    • Amnesia
      Damian doesn’t understand why he’s hurting but you seem to be fine.
    • Sorry doesn’t mean squat  
      Damian wants you to forgive him after he raises his voice at you. 
    • Let her go
      Damian breaks up with you because he fears putting you in danger.

    Jason Todd/ Red Hood:

    Dick Grayson/ Nightwing:

    • Energetic (Smut)
      Dick needs to rid himself of excess energy.
    • Coat
      Dick comforting you after a breakup.
    • What if I fuck up?
      Telling your brother Damian that you like Dick a bit more then you should.
    • Work sucks (Smut)
      After a rough day at work, Dick needs to blow off some steam
    • Treating you right (Feat. Jason)
      The boys are catching feelings, and you need to talk to them about it.
    • Screams
      As your baby gets hurt, Dick to the rescue. 

    Timothy Drake/ Red robin:

    General batfam:

    Von (Hope)

    Þar sem gróir þar er von.
    Allt sem græðir geymir von.

    Listen to [x] while reading.


    On the night of May 2nd 1998, Draco Malfoy lays awake on his bed.

    It’s over. He’s dead. It’s over.” His mind chants. But is it?

    A dark, hooded figure that hadn’t been there a second before stands on the edge of his bed, Malfoy starts. He grasps for his wand before realizing he hasn’t got one. The hooded figure chuckles, voice acidic and cold.

    “You cheated me.” It says, Draco is frozen in place, searching his brain for whoever this might be. It can’t be the Dark Lord. He’s dead. Draco saw him die today. It can’t be.

    “I’m Death.” It answers the question he hadn’t voiced, the knowledge brings a sense of Deja Vu, but he can’t quite place it “and no, I’m not here to take you with me.” he fails to conceal his disappointment. The room feels colder than it had.

    “You were meant to die today, in the fire, but you didn’t.” The hairs on his body stand on edge at the mention of it. He’s shaking before he realizes it.

    It had been so hot, he’d been gripping Potter’s waist like a lifeline, the fire licking at the hems of his pants, his screams drowned by the roar of the flames, Crabbe falling down and being consumed by them like he was nothing. He thought he’d die. He wishes he had.

    “It was written on the stars, Draco Malfoy. However did you cheat the heavenly bodies?” It drawls out impatiently, he doesn’t know the answer. Is he supposed to?

    “For this, however.” Death says, swishing it’s cloak, bony hands showing “I owe you a wish. Any wish at all.”

    Draco’s eyes widen and his heart picks up speed in his chest. Any wish at all.

    He suddenly remembers hearing a similar story to this one. Every bone in his body advices him not to accept, for Death could only be cunning and deceitful, not giving and generous.

    Or perhaps Life was the first two and Death’s sweet release was the last. Perhaps life had been the cruel one all along. He dreams of a world where he doesn’t have to feel all of this, where the guilt doesn’t eat him alive, where he never takes the Dark Mark, where war doesn’t kill hundreds, where he’s happy.

    He realizes that even if Death is fooling him, he doesn’t mind the likely outcome.

    “I want a time turner” he says firmly “One capable of going back to 1991.” If Death is surprised, it doesn’t show it, it moves it’s hands in a swish and a time turner appears between them. It floats until it settles on Draco’s hand.

    “Act wisely, Malfoy boy. For I can only grant you one wish.” It says, the ghost of a smile behind the dark hood. Then disappears.

    Draco clutches the object and adjusts the time. He wonders if he’s in a dream, if it’ll work. Maybe he’s already dead and doesn’t know it, he doesn’t mind much. 

    Doesn’t care to find out.

    He closes his eyes and is launched into the paradox of time and space. He sees a colorless void and falls falls falls. His body small and insignificant in the never-ending space. Just when he’s starting to become fond of the quiet nothing and the soothing air touching his face, his stomach twists and he appears in a room that he knows too well. High ceilings and cool toned ancient furnitures. No feeling of home or coziness despite belonging to a child.

    His childhood bedroom. If one could call it that.

    He looks at the clock with a sharp twist and beneath the time, it reveals the date.

    July 31st of 1991.

    He almost can’t believe he has succeeded, but can’t dwell on his fear and excitement too long, for a small boy whom he knows too well and not at all stands at the foot of his bed, staring at him in horror. It’s a shock, seeing himself so full of life in the innocence of a child who doesn’t know what the future entails. A child with eager eyes and a prideful chest. Malfoy realizes he’s a ghost of what this child is.

    “Who are you?” The small one shrieks. Draco presses a finger to his lips, shushing him. He’s grateful that the Manor is big enough for them not to be heard.

    “I’m you. From the future.” young Draco flinches back and is about to start shouting again, before he seems to take in Draco’s features and connects them to an older version of himself. His eyes widen and Draco can see himself panic and glance around frantically, although also subtly, for an escape.

    Slytherins. He thinks fondly.

    “That’s not possible. Why-how are you here?” He demands.

    “I have a story to tell you. But the first thing you need to know.” He swallows a lump in his throat “is that today you will be meeting a boy as you get fitted for your Hogwarts robes. I want you to change what you will say to him, for it’ll change how he sees you. It is extremely important that you do so.”

    “Why? What do you mean? I don’t understand.” young Draco looks even more confused, of course he is.

    Draco explains as much as he can and sugar coats what a child shouldn’t have to know. He attempts to explain to his own self that the opinions of his father are wrong, the small Draco tries to protest, but he doesn’t allow him to and continues telling him what’ll happen if he doesn’t listen carefully. By the end, his voice is hoarse and little Draco looks sick with fear. But he nods, seemingly understanding he has a duty to perform even if he doesn’t quite understand all of it it. Ah, the usual Malfoy, accepting what’s presented to him, born to please his elders, he thinks bitterly.

    “Who’ll be the boy I’ll meet today?” His younger self asks tentatively when Draco is done talking and stands up. Draco smiles nostalgically as he adjusts the time again.

    “I have put my faith in you, what you choose to do from now can change everything.” He says, and just as he feels the void sucking him in again, he says his last words to the last hope he’s got.

    “And Draco, one last thing.” the kid nods “offer him your hand before you learn his name.”


    where things grow, there is hope,
    all that heals has hope.

    politicalmamaduck  asked:

    I am always here for Padme Amidala headcanons.

    • She doesn’t remember much of the election season—she was only thirteen, and it was a blur of hands shaking hers, holodroids recording as she sweated through heavy gowns; her campaign manager saying, smile, naberrie, don’t you want to be a queen?
    • It’s a good question. She’s not sure how she would have answered it, if she’d known what she was getting into.
    • Her mother is an astrophysicist and her father owns Naboo’s largest interworld shipping yard; if it hadn’t been for Senator Palpatine, politics would never have occurred to her. But the Senator had noticed her, plucked her from the Young Leaders of the Naboo during their visit to Theed. He had taken an interest, suggested a stylist and a campaign manager, introduced her to the ‘right’ people.  (Padme was never entirely clear what the criterion was, for these determinations. In hindsight, she probably should have asked.) 
      • On the night of the election, he had taken her by the shoulders, and said, congratulations, your majesty, and Padme Naberrie had been so overwhelmed she wept, there on his shoulder.
    • She has a panic attack, just before her coronation. It’s not something she’s aware of, at the time, but the moment they fit the ceremonial death’s mask over her face she is gone, she is far away—she watches the proceedings from outside herself, as Padmé Naberrie dies on her knees, as Queen Amidala rises up in her place. 
      • Padmé thinks, my gods, that unfortunate wretch, that queen amidala. I pity her.
    • She does like her handmaids, though. The first year of her reign is occupied by training, a thousand things that must be learned—including hand-to-hand combat, the art of weapons, and the geopolitical landscape of the galaxy. She is not from a traditional noble family; she has not had the kind of education most queens receive from birth. Instead, she has herself, a dozen girls who could pass for her twin (if you weren’t quite sure what Queen Amidala looked like) and a furious determination not to make a fool of herself.
    • Sabé took her place for most of the blockade, the negotiations. Padmé was so angry she couldn’t speak to the Trade Federation without shaking. Once, she lost her temper completely and threw an ornamental vase at their representative—they stopped sending representatives, switched to holos. Choked off the food supply to Theed until Padmé apologized, clenching her teeth so tightly she was afraid her jaw might break with it.
      • Later, after, she is viciously glad when Palpatine comes to her, tugging on the heavy livery collar that marks him Galactic Chancellor. (Nervously, she thinks then. Like a beast playing with a fresh kill, she revises later, in light of new information.) 
      • Padmé is in her nightdress, and she is still viciously glad when she says, “Make them pay, for daring to touch my world,” and Palpatine smiles, all teeth.
    • Once upon a time, there is a Queen, and she is good, and frightened, and mostly tries, tries very hard. Keeps trying. Wakes up the morning after trying, and lets her handmaids adorn her, and tries again.
    • Nevertheless, she spends the last seven and a half months of her reign desperately counting the moments until it’s over, until she will be free. There is talk of making her senator, but she dismisses it as gossip at every turn, rejects it even when Queen Jamillia offers Padmé the role. 
    • She has a hundred thousand plans—sitting in a restaurant with no one and nothing to interrupt her; catching up on the holodramas she loved; walking her sister to school; listening to her father complain about managers and her mother complain about apprentices and all she wants, she thinks, is to even just a glance at what normality might look like.
    • (She thinks.)
    • There are some journeys you cannot come back from, and queenship is one of them. At thirteen, the Lake District was the whole galaxy, but has fought a war, plead for her people on the floor of the Senate, gone to the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim and met Jedi, ratified treaties, almost died a hundred times over. (She goes swimming in the mornings, and cannot keep herself from thinking, this is everything? this is all? for the rest of my life?)
      • Her mother thinks she should found a school. Her father thinks she should be enjoying herself, perhaps meeting her future partner. Her sister is largely quiet, perhaps because they are virtual strangers to one another. (Padmé has not been back to the house of her birth for—too many years, when Sola was a happy child and not a sullen adolescent. She’s skipped so much of the middle of her family’s life, she doesn’t know how to make up for it.)
      • She’s not used to how desperately, horribly impotent she feels, shunted to the sidelines of her world. After a few weeks, her mother begins hiding all their datapads so Padmé can’t scroll through the morning holos and spend the day working herself into a rage over galactic affairs and idiot political decisions. Padmé writes passionate transmits to her many old colleagues, advising on courses of action, but their replies are cool, a formality. (She is not Queen Amidala anymore, they do not have to listen to her.)
      • Jamillia passes an edict that Padmé had spent months ensuring would be stillborn and without support, and Padmé is so furious that she unearths her old handmaiden training blaster, and spends the afternoon blasting holes in a garden statute.
        • (“You grandmother gave us that, as a wedding present,” her mother sighs, when Padmé eventually makes her way back. “It was horrible and ugly,” Padmé says in her most airy queen-like voice, and her mother laughs.)
    • She is so starved for substance that when Palpatine sends a transmission asking if she would like to meet him for dinner—the Senate is in recess, he has retreated to the Lake District to escape the miasma of Theed—Padmé jumps at the opportunity.
    • He still smiles with his teeth and not his eyes. Padmé was not aware how much she missed that—or rather, how much she missed the danger of it. To sit and talk in smooth, wide circles and have a conversation in the unsaid spaces was a thrill, electric and missed.
    • (She is not Queen Amidala anymore; she is just Padmé. But she has missed politics, all the same.)
    • “I know you would not consider it, when our queen—” he says ‘our queen’ with the faintest trace of irony in his voice, and Padmé bites down a delighted laugh at how pleasantly obvious he’s being, like a joke, just between them, “—offered you the mantle of senator.”
    • “I was hoping you might consider it now,” Palpatine says. “I think we could do…great things, you and I. We could change the galaxy.”

      ………..what is Padmé Amidala to do, but say yes?
    The Stardew Valley Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

    A Sims 4 challenge by @bloomesimss and @itstwina  

      This legacy is for the lesser-known characters of Stardew Valley! If you do not like the characters we chose, we are thinking of doing more versions of this legacy in the future with different characters! So please don’t be rude or anything, because we worked hard on this!

    General Notes:

    1. Your sims do not have to look like the character the generation is based on, have the same name, or the same gender.
    2. Use the hashtag #sdvs4 if you want us to see your posts/gameplay!
    3. This challenge uses gameplay from all packs! If you do not have the packs that are used, there will be alternatives!
    4. It is also recommended you finish the aspiration that fits with the generation, but you do not have to unless the rules of the generation say so!
    5. If there is a career path option, you can choose whatever you want, unless the generation specifies.
    6. We worked so hard on this challenge! And we hope you enjoy!

    Generation 1 - the Farmer.

      As a kid, your grandpa would always tell you stories about his farm in a place called Stardew Valley when he visited. Since his first story, you decided you want to be a farmer when you grow up. Now, you’re finally old enough. Your grandpa is going to pass away soon, and he gives you his farm, a big ol’ plot of land, filled with trees, rocks, and logs. You hope to one day clear it all out and plant lots and lots of crops, all the while making friends with everyone in Stardew Valley.

    Traits: Family Oriented, Loves the Outdoors, Cheerful

    Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (you must finish this aspiration)

    Career: None (You must get all of your money from your crops)


    1. Have over 50 plants
    2. Marry anyone you want, but only have two kids.
    3. Have no job, only get money from your produce/crops. (And if you need to, your spouse’s job.)
    4. Have a cabin type house, with a kitchen, the master bedroom, one bathroom, one room for your two kids (they must share through their whole lives!), and a basement (you can keep anything down here, but it can’t be a bedroom!)
    5. Have a full relationship with your spouse and kids.
    6. Have one best friend
    7. Dig at least 10 of the rock/minerals

    Generation 2 - the Wizard.

      Let’s be honest here, you’re a bit of a loner. You lived with your parents long after your sibling moved out. When you do move out, you live alone, being a scientist.

    Traits: Loner, Creative, Gloomy

    Aspiration: Nerd Brain

    Career: Scientist (If you don’t have Get to Work, Secret Agent!)


    1. Have a bad relationship with your sibling (you two were always so different.)
    2. Have only two friends, your parents. (If you need to, you can have a friend for social need, but they can not be known about.)
    3. Only leave your house for work. (You can go into your back/front yard for your aspiration, and if you need to, go out into the world for your job tasks.)
    4. Have one kid, but it was an accident, and the mother/father has left you.
    5. Despite your anger towards having a child, they eventually turn into your best friend.

    Generation 3 - Linus.

      You were an accident, neither of your parents wanted you, so much as to one of them left you and your father/mother. You ended up running away from home, and started to live out in nature. You loved everything about it, much like your grandparent, who was a farmer. As you grew up, you turned out to be best friends with your mother/father.

    Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Glutton, Loner

    Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast (If you don’t have Outdoor Retreat, the Curator)

    Career: None (Earn money from collecting things.)


    1. Only gain money from collecting. (If you absolutely have to, you can paint.)
    2. Find love with a kind sim who gives you their extra food, gives you warm clothes and blankets during the winter, etc.
    3. Have as many kids as you want, but it has to be more than 2 and less than 6.
    4. Live in a tent for most of your life, and as you get one kid, you get a shed. Another kid, you get a room added on, etc.
    5. Only have low-quality items.

    Generation 4 - Pierre.

      You’ve heard stories about your parent’s life in the woods, and how your other parent was kind, and eventually fell in love. You wish to raise a family, and to also run a store. You devote your life to this store when you have it, and pride yourself in winning the grange fair display every single year. (Seriously Pierre, would it kill you to let us win for once?) You wish your child would be more formal. Why can’t they just dye their hair a normal color?

    Traits: Perfectionist, Hot Headed, Snob

    Aspiration: Successful Lineage

    Career: Bakery Owner (If you don’t have Get to Work, the Culinary Career.)


    1. Have one kid.
    2. Don’t get along with your kid.
    3. Spend almost all of your time in your store. (If you have one.)

    Generation 5 - Jodi.

      You always hoped for a big happy family. But your spouse decides they want to join the military. Yes, its great to help people, but how is this helping you? This is the worst thing that you could think of to happen. Your kids won’t have another parent figure for most of their life… you hope that there is some way to make them happy.

    Traits: Family Oriented, Neat, Cheerful

    Aspiration: Big Happy Family

    Career: Stay at home parent (Get money from gardening, collecting, etc. You can cheat to get 500 simoleons from your spouse each Sunday.)


    1. Have a garden.
    2. Have two kids.
    3. Have a spouse that only comes home every 7 weeks for 3 days. (You can keep track of the week or just guess. To make them leave, put them in a different household.)
    4. When your spouse becomes an elder, they stay home for good.
    5. One of your kids must have the active trait.

    Generation 6 - Marnie.

      You have always loved animals. If you don’t take care of them, who will? You hope to one day have kids, but you can never seem to find love. Instead, you decide to adopt.

    Traits: Cheerful, Family Oriented (you’d like to think of your animals as your family.), Loves the Outdoors

    Aspiration: Big Happy Family

    Career: Writer (I know Marnie isn’t a writer, but it just seems like a Marnie type career.)


    1. Have more than 10 fish.
    2. Have 10 frogs. (You can have more if you’d like to.)
    3. Adopt 2 kids.
    4. You can have a garden if you want but you don’t have to!

    Generation 7 - Emily.

      You felt like you only had one parent figure growing up. But now, you live with your sibling in your parent’s old house. (You can move the parents to another house.) You love to create things, especially clothes!

    Traits: Creative, Cheerful, Perfectionist

    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim (You do not need to complete this aspiration, it’s just a kind of filler, since there are really no aspirations that fit Emily’s character.)

    Career: Entertainer (Any branch, and you can get extra money from the craft working table.)


    1. Master the Handiness skill.
    2. Fix all broken objects in the house (As soon as you turn into a teen.)
    3. Make everything on the craft working table.
    4. Have as many kids as you like!
    5. Live with your sibling until married. (If they get married first, they move out and you get the house. If you get married first, you move out and they get the house.)

    Generation 8 - Willy.
      Your mom (or dad) was always working hard trying to make her dreams come true… And you want to do the same, as a fisherman. Ever since you were little you have loved fishing and what better way to make money that doing what you love?

    Traits: Loves outdoors, Cheerful, Good

    Aspiration: Angling Ace

    Career: None. (You get money from selling your fish!)


    1. Master fishing skill
    2. Complete Angling Ace aspiration
    3. Fish every day (from child to death/when you move on to the next generation)
    4. Go fishing in the Sylvan Glade for at least 5 hours a week

    Generation 9 - Lewis.

      Ever since you were young you wanted to be a politician. When you became the mayor of Pelican Town, you were the happiest you could be! You kept being the mayor, year after year, so you stopped trying to beat anyone. Everyone at Pelican Town loves to have you as their mayor!

    Traits: Good, Outgoing, Goofball

    Aspiration: Friend of the World

    Career: Politician (If you don’t have City Living, the Business Career!)


    1. Have over 15 friends.
    2. Master the Charisma skill.
    3. Have 1 kid.

    Generation 10 - Grandpa.

      You are so proud of your family tree. But you (or your spouse) is physically unable to have kids. And you don’t have enough money to adopt. So, maybe you can’t extend your family tree.. but you can still be proud of it! You spend all your life doing something of each of your ancestors.

    Traits: Family Oriented, Ambitious, Perfectionist

    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

    Career: None. (You spend all your time on your skills.)


    1. Have a garden.
    2. Have 1 fish and 1 frog.
    3. Collect things.
    4. Have a store to sell your collectibles/crops/frogs. (You don’t have to keep this open all the time.)
    5. Have a spouse only if you want.
    6. Make things on the craft working table.
    7. Only get your fish from fishing.
    8. Master the Charisma skill.

      That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this legacy challenge if you did it! We worked so hard on this and we are glad that you enjoy it!

    Pennywise & Child Reader Imagine

    Warning: Contains child abuse, family death, mild gore, and the reader being a cinnamon roll with a sad ending…for now.

    Note: This is my first ever post. Pennywise is a bit canon at first but once he warms up to you (the reader) he is OOC so be warned if you don’t like characters not being canon. Anyways enjoy!

    The…It, didn’t exactly know how to explain his relationship with the human girl. The little girl should’ve been digesting in his stomach a very long time ago, yet he couldn’t.

    Just less than a year ago it was mid morning when the clown-alien-thing heard screams of a child calling out for help. Pennywise had grinned thinking, it was time for lunch and stalked from the sewer drain to watch and plan an attack. A little girl only 7 years old was running like she was running from the clown himself.

    Pennywise grinned imagining what he could do to lure her in. Maybe transform into whatever she was running from—if it was truly anything. He had seen children screaming before out of joy and pure amusement but the closer the girl got he noticed she was truly scared covered almost entirely with bruises and cuts.

    The clown continued to watch curious now, as a man ran in holding a knife. Judging by shabby clothes and the way his gait was uncoordinated and tipsy the man had been drinking too much of what the humans called alcohol. Penny’ had tried the drink once many, many, many, years ago but found the burn unpleasant and it didn’t affect him at all except make him feel nauseous.

    “Someone help! Please!” The little girl cried.

    Maybe if he let this show continue out just a little bit longer the child’s meat will tenderize even more. Then he could eat the man for later after all the disgusting alcohol is out of his body, ugh, it ruined the flavor just as bad as humans who smoke. He heard a shriek and saw the man had the little girl pinned to the ground by her neck holding a knife over his head.

    “You! You are the one that killed her! Devil spawn!”

    “Daddy! Stop!” The little girl sobbed.

    Pennywise couldn’t help but feel…interested in a strange way. He narrowed his eyes and stepped a few feet closer as the little girl continued to cry for help.

    “You killed my wife Lisa!”

    “Daddy no!” The man lifted the knife higher and the girl shrieked, “DADDY!”

    The girl closed her eyes expecting agonizing pain, but instead she felt nothing except her father loosening his choking grip on her neck. She refused to open her eyes, even after she heard a loud thud. The girl finally cracked one teary eye open and saw a clown with a grinning smile was standing by her feet.

    At first she felt a little frightened until she noticed that he was the one who had killed her abusive father. He outstretched a hand and the girl trustingly took it smiling shyly, “Thank you.”

    “Your welcome my dear.” The clown said before doing a magic trick revealing a bright red ballon out of nowhere made just for you.

    You wiped your eyes with your sleeves before taking the string smiling. You had never really gotten a ballon. Your father never took you to a carnival or fair before so you were excited.

    “Thank you Mr. Clown!” You smiled running up and hugging Pennywise tightly.

    The clown was used to the gesture from his victims but for some reason this one caused a strange feeling inside of him. Penny raised his hand and gently stroked your head unsure of really anything. Why was he doing this?! He should’ve grabbed you by the neck and taken a bite already.

    “Bye Mr. Clown. I hope I’ll see you soon…will I ever see you again?”

    Wrong question to ask kid.

    “Yes kiddo, in the near future.” He answered grinning.

    You were too innocent to understand and ran off. Pennywise growled frustrated with himself. Why didn’t he….?! The clown heard the wail of police sirens and grabbed the dead carcass before dragging it back into the sewers with him. At least he has a bigger dinner now.

    A few days later Pennywise heard an all too-familiar voice calling for him.

    “Mr. Clown! Mr. Clooown! Mr. Clown I have a gift for you!”

    The clown growled knowing he should’ve let the man kill you but put up an act and stepped out. You were standing there holding a big box in front of you that was bigger than your head poorly wrapped with colorful wrapping paper. The clown stepped out and made sure to stalk out to try to cause fear but you didn’t seem to be scared.

    You more saw him as a saint than a killer.

    “What do you want child?” The clown asked.

    “Well I came here to give you this!” You explained holding out the box.

    The clown took it and easily tore the wrapping paper off watching your excited face. He opened it and reached inside revealing a small stuffed animal. From Pennywise’s knowledge it was a (favorite animal).

    “I hope you like it. It’s my favorite so please be good with it. You can name him or her whatever you like!” The girl explained bouncing in place.

    “How generous of you child.” The clown grinned, “I have something for you as well.”

    “Ooh ooh I wanna see! Can I see it now? Please, please, please, Mr. Clown?”

    “Close your eyes.” The clown grinned.

    You giggled and closed your eyes continuing to bounce on the balls of your feet awaiting for your surprise. Penny grinned and stepped forward about to take a bite of your neck but for some reason he stopped when you said, “I’m so happy Mr. Clown that we can be friends!”


    The clown pulled away surprised by that. Friends? Many kids we’re usually afraid of him or were too stupid and innocent to understand. He had been asked if they were friends from his good plenty of times before but it never affected him quite like this. This child was certainly different. He went to bite again but found he couldn’t.

    “Mr. Clown are you done yet?” You asked politely still keeping your eyes closed.

    Pennywise knew it was hopeless and decided to just let you off the hook until he figured things out. With quick thinking he blew up a ballon and shaped and twisted it until he made a ballon animal of your favorite one.

    “You may open your eyes now, child.” The clown said.

    You slowly opened your eyes and blinked until you saw the ballon animal being held out to you. Anyone who knew the animal would easily guess it was a (favorite animal). You squealed and took it before nearly tackling the clown in another tight hug. That feeling returned again and the clown wanted to rip you off by your neck and taste your internal organs. Yet he couldn’t.

    His hands were hovering over your shoulders tempted to dig his sharp nails into your flesh. But he couldn’t. His hands were shaking. Why was this happening?!

    “Are you okay Mr. Clown?” You asked looking up at him with those adorable puppy eyes.

    God prey should not be so cute! Especially this one! He had more than enough chances to kill you yet he didn't—couldn’t! Why?!

    “Mr. Clown? Do you have a name?”

    The clown cleared his frustration and knelt down to gently boop your nose, “Pennywise the Dancing Clown.”

    “Pennywise? Can I call you Penny?”

    “Whatever you wish child…”

    ‘Afterall it won’t be long until your dead!’

    "I’m (Name)! I don’t really have friends so you can just call me whatever you want Mr.-um, Penny.”

    Whatever I want? Like breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, livestock, food, prey—Pennywise’s train of thought stopped when you wrapped your arms around his neck. This was a new experience; he could feel your heart beating…and it wasn’t in his hand.

    “Mr. Pennywise?” You asked pulling away. Yet you were so close he could stick his neck out an inch or two more and bit your nose off.

    “Yes kiddo?” He asked.

    “How come I can’t feel your heart beating? Or your chest breathing?” You asked a worried and curious look in your eyes instead of fear.

    “It’s a trick my dear. I am able to stop my heart and lungs for a long time. I’m currently practicing it.” He lied.

    ’“Oh.” You giggled, “I have never been to the circus or a carnival. I hear there’s cotton candy and you can win prizes and all these fun rides I wanna go on! Maybe if I ask my nana enough she can take me! Oh no! My nana thinks I’m home cleaning my room! I gotta go Mr. Pennywise.”

    You ran off and the clown felt cold again. When you were no longer in his sights Pennywise growled and ripped apart the stuffed animal you gave him watching as the stuffing fell. That’s what he wanted to do to you but he couldn’t! At least, that’s what he kept telling himself.

    He stormed back into his sewer drain hungry for more human flesh.

    Late at night Pennywise followed you to your house where your “nana” was. He used a ballon to bend reality and bring himself onto the overhang where your bedroom was. The light was off and sure enough you were sleeping soundly in your bed. Your room was surprisingly clean with only a few dolls laying around and an open castle for your princess dolls.

    Penny was once again able to bend reality and passed through the window until he was on the other side. You were sleeping soundly on your bed surrounded by stuffed animals well holding a stuffed duck in your arms. Your chest was rising up and down at a steady pace. Penny stepped closer until he noticed the drawings on the wall over your bed.

    They were scribbled on with crayons but he could easily tell most of them had him drawn on. Some were of you too. Penny ignored you for the moment scanning every one. There was one of him giving you the ballon, you giving him the present, and even a drawing of him with a cape with messy writing that said “My Hero”.

    Hero?! An alien human flesh eating clown?! Penny wanted to laugh hysterically but instead lightly chuckled at it. He was rather amused than angry or anything else. The clown heard you stir and froze looking down to see you were awakening.

    “Mr. Penny. I had a bad dream.” You said softly.

    The clown sat down on the end your bed and you crawled out from under your blankets to curl up on the clown’s lap leaning against his chest. The clown put his hand on your back noticing tears forming in your doe like eyes.

    “What was your dream about child?”

    “You had disappeared and I was alone again.” You choked.

    “I would never leave you my dear.” The clown chuckled trying to make himself believe he was putting on an act.

    He didn’t understand why he even brushed a tear off your cheek with his finger. You smiled and curled up closer letting your eyes drift shut. For once, Pennywise didn’t feel the urge to kill you. After a few minutes you were fast asleep leaning on him heavily. Penny never wanted to let you go but he could hear footsteps coming down the hallway. The clown gently but quickly, put you back in bed and pulled the blankets up to your chin before hurrying out the window and closing it shut softly as the door knob twisted.

    Your nana poked her head in and smiled when she saw you were sleeping soundly. The woman was very old and fragile looking like she was turning into dust. She sighed sadly and closed the door before heading back to her office.

    Laying on the desk was a will form.

    The new couple of weeks everyday you’d meet Pennywise who more and more lost the urge to eat you with each visit. He’d give you a ballon or show you a magic trick and even made your favorite ice cream appear out of thin air! The number of kids disappearing slowly dwindled and you gradually began to make friends. It was nice for once.

    Then one day you were doing another drawing of Pennywise and you until you heard a loud thud coming from upstairs. You jumped surprised and ran to where you heard the noise. You finally arrived to your nana’s bedroom where she was laying on the floor having a heart attack.

    “Nana!” You screamed.

    You knew what to do and ran to the phone calling 911. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived and you watched sadly as your nana was wheeled away on a stretcher. A police woman was trying to ask you questions but you couldn’t stop crying and asking if your nana was okay.

    “I’m sorry sweetheart, I don’t know.” She said sadly.

    That night you stayed at the hospital wishing you could talk to Pennywise. Your nana was stable but she had to stay in the hospital from now on. No other relatives were in Maine except her so she and a man was talking in hushed voices about sending you to the closest relative.

    You were in a corner of them room playing halfheartedly with your stuffed animal when you heard about it. The closest relative who could take care of you was your Aunt Sam in the southern portion of New Hampshire. How could you tell Pennywise this? Were you even going to have a chance to?

    There was a hard lump in your throat choking you. Maybe you should just run away. However your nana called you over and you came taking her bony hand. She sighed and said, “I’m sorry sweet pea. I’m getting old so your Aunt Sam is going to come up tomorrow and take you to the house to grab all your belongings.”

    “B-But what about Penny?”

    Your nana smiled thinking Pennywise was just a figment of your imagination, but he wasn’t. How was he going to react? He was your bestest friend! After a long sleepless night at the hospital your Aunt Sam came. Your nana overnight had gone into a coma so you kissed her cheek and whispered goodbye before your aunt picked you up and took you to her car.

    “A-Auntie Sam?” You said timidly.

    “Yes sweetie?” She asked.

    “I was wondering if I could visit my friend Penny before we leave.” You said softly.

    “Of course. Where does she live?”

    “A-Actually he and I can walk there by myself. He doesn’t feel comfortable around other people.” You replied.

    “Oh. Well okay then. Let’s stop at the house and grab our things first then I’ll let you go say goodbye.”

    You nodded feeling your heart sink. Your Aunt brought a bunch of boxes and helped you put stuffed animals, clothes, and any other belongings into the boxes before labeling them with sharpies. In an hour your room was stripped bare till at that was left was your mattress, bed post, night stand, and empty closet.

    Eventually everything was packed into your aunts car and your heart broke realizing this was going to be the hardest part. Saying goodbye to your closest friend. You said goodbye to your other friends already by phone but now came the hardest one to say goodbye to.

    You eventually convinced your aunt to let you walk alone to where you usually found Pennywise but for some reason he wasn’t there. You called for him but he never came out. With tears streaming down your face you shouted, “I’m really sorry Penny! I promise I’ll come back and see you soon! I swear I will! Please don’t be mad…”

    You looked down at the ground sobbing until you felt something raise your chin. You looked up to see Pennywise was looking down at you with a frown. You held out the last drawing you did. It was you at a carnival with the clown, riding a ferris wheel.

    “I’ll miss you.” You said giving him a tight hug.

    “It’ll miss you too.” He replied back before disappearing.

    You wiped your eyes with your sleeve knowing it was useless before heading back to your house where your Aunt was waiting by the car. She didn’t say anything since there was nothing she really could do.

    “Goodbye Mr. Pennywise.” You muttered at the window as you passed by the Derry, Maine sign.

    Epilogue: I know I’m a horrible person I’m sorry. After I edit the next chapter a little hopefully things will be more happy. Thanx for reading! =3!

    Robb x Female Reader

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    Imagine being betrothed to your life-long friend, Robb Stark, and having an awkward conversation about your future wedding night.

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

    \ Request from anonymous /

    Hey, loveeee! Are your requests open? May I have a one shot/imagine with Robb? Maybe he and S/o being friends, like really good friends, but get awkward around each other after some alliance or being betrothed? And please, with happy alive Stark family?? Love your writhing! S2s2

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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    Committed - Harry Hook x Reader(OC)

    Originally posted by unchxxrted

    Prompt : Aaliyah(reader), the daughter of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, is arranged a husband to maintain the legacy of Maldonia. What she didn’t expect was who she would be arranged with.

    Rating : T

    Warnings : Few curse words, but other than that, none.

    A/N : Sooo, I watched  Descendants 2 yesterday, and I am in love with Harry Hook (and Uma), so I just spat this out last night. I haven’t seen the first movie, so i apologize if i got any characterization wrong. Send me feedback plz! I love off it! This will most likely become a miniseries. But click here to message me if you want a part 2!

    A/N :I will be changing to a new url soon, so dont freak out!

    Part 2 / Part 3

    Commitment Day. The dream of any princess, except Aaliyah, of course.

    Commitment day was a tradition for the children of royalty here in Auradon. To keep the royal legacy alive, the kingdom would have a huge ceremony where each royal would be paired with another. The mirror of Auradon would display the name of each royal’s true pair, and the two would be married off within the year.

    And today, on Aaliyah’s 18th birthday, she would be paired with the person she would spend the rest of her life with. How exciting.

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    Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets/The Most Sacred Oath

    I’m guessing you can’t hear me squeal over your own squeals, but I’ll just keep at it a little longer, okay? Okay. 

    Man, this episode read like very good fanfiction, and while I’m disappointed Dean never found out Cas used to be a woman (although, they did have a conversation about that, so Steve gets points anyway), everything else was plain amazing. I’m actually tempted to do a recap that’s just shouting words into the void, because, seriously, that would be enough, but - okay, let me watch that thing again and then I’ll write a proper meta.


    (Deep breath.)

    So, let’s get one thing out of the way: we already know why this story works so damn well, but it’s worth saying it one more time, because this is what the whole episode was about.

    A human and an angel: not meant to be.

    Ishim said humans are dangerous to angels, and I agree with him: if angels want to understand humans, to truly become friends with them, to live among them - well - look at what’s that done to Cas. Caring about humans is, apparently, different than caring about another angel; it forces you to give up something deep inside yourself. You become - weaker, unhappy. Doubt-ridden. Trapped between two worlds, and fit for neither. And as for humans - if they truly wish to get closer to angels - to speak their language, to know enough about their magic and weapons to be able help them when they’re in trouble or hurt - that literally costs them their souls.

    It’s a tragedy. It’s doomed.

    But, of course, it’s not completely hopeless. What would be the point of writing a love story if you know from the start nothing can never happen at all? No - love can conquer all, and this episode dangled it in front of us - the angel who chose humanity, who tried to defend the person he loved from his own brothers, and the human who was fascinated with angels and knew enough about them to make it work.

    (They had a daughter, sort of, and let’s cry about that for the rest of eternity, because can you see it? Dean loves kids, and -)

    Anyway. We’ve known for a while that angels - I mean, the price Cas paid for his loyalty to the Winchesters (his love for Dean) - that’s harrowing. But this idea that humans need to sacrifice their soul to become closer to angels - thanks for that, Steve. I’m fine.

    And surely, at this point, there is no other way this could end? Because what Sam and Cas share - yeah, that’s what friendship looks like, but Dean and Cas - right. And so Cas went and said it (“You mean too much to me.”) and Dean just holed up in his room for the rest of the week? He never said a word to Cas? And, Jesus, Cas thinks Dean’s angry? At him? I’m glad this, at least, was spelled out clearly, because apparently some people still don’t get it and read Dean’s emotions at face value and no, Dean was not angry - he was worried out of his damn mind, and he’s got reason to be, because Cas still doesn’t fucking get it: “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”.

    The idiot - the useless, fucking idiot.

    (“Smelly. Dirty. Twice the worry about getting ganked.”)

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    Frye Twins x Reader ~ Family

    Originally posted by assassinscreed

    People say in your final moment, your life flashes before your eyes.

    It does.

    The first two decades of your life, you would say, weren’t really exciting. Being the only child in your family you continued the legacy of your parents. Born and raised in Crawley you trained with the reckless Ethan Frye to become a Master Assassin. Matching to his longing to court danger you were a free spirit yourself. The two of you were almost like siblings. Inseparable and the perfect team to take out the Templars. Well, until Ethan met Cecily – his future wife.

    You were on your own again during missions, but you didn’t really mind the loneliness. It changed rather fast, when you saved George Westhouse’s life. You took him to the Brotherhood so he can join and become your new partner.  

    In the meantime, the Brotherhood in Crawley got a fifth member. Duncan Hardy – your future husband. So a handful of highly skilled Assassins should be more enough to take back London from the Templars. 100 years they had the upper hand. It had been the time to change that. Or so.

    1847 changed everything for you and the Brotherhood in general. Ethan and Cecily were expecting a child, while Duncan and you weren’t blessed in that way. Yes, you were happy for them and jealous at the same time.  

    A day before the twins were born, Ethan fails on his mission miserably, which resulted in Duncan, his current partner, getting killed. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the chance to mourn over your loss. On the 9th November 1847 Cecily died after giving birth to Evie and Jacob Frye. Healthy twins.

    “Cecily, please, you can’t do this to me! They need their mother”, you cradle the little bundle in your arms hoping to stop Evie from screaming, while Jacob takes a nap on the bed. Born and already a lazy ass. Cecily flashes you a slight smile, which doesn’t reach her tired eyes. Her time is slowly running out, but at least she knows her two angels are in good hands. In yours and Ethan’s.

    “You are going to be such a great mother. I would be honored if you take care of them. Please”, how could you say no to her begging eyes? And after all, to be a mother is still a wish of yours. “Sure, I will do my best”, you mumble under your breath trying not to choke on your tears.

    Like Cecily has been waiting for your answer, the sparkle in her eyes dies. The door gets pushed open as Ethan rushes in the room panting heavily. True happiness appears on his face, but it doesn’t last long. “Cecily? Cecily!”, you step into his way before he can reach his deceased wife. You got a last look at Duncan’s dull eyes, which are hunting you in your dreams. He shouldn’t endure the same.

    “Take care of Evie. I’ll coordinate everything else. We got this, Ethan”, you have no idea how you will keep everything under control, but it will work out somehow. The Master Assassin flashes his hidden blade just an inch under your chin, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Nothing is going to work out well.

    Without a word you swipe away the blade from your skin. Then you wrap Evie and Jacob up in a blanket to carry them out of the room. “Ethan-”, you try your luck to talk some sense into his head, but he cuts you off rudely, “Out!” The Grief takes the best of him. Hopefully he will get himself back on track. The twins need their father. 

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    Imagine: Being the younger sister of Daenerys and impressing Jon Snow. (Not apart of the Warmth series.)

    Originally posted by raelkieth

    With the destruction of the Greyjoy ships and the loss of alliance from Dorne…your older sister wasn’t happy. You did your part by teaming up with Tyrion and trying to plan for future attacks or tragedies’. A few days ago Jon Snow the proclaimed King of the North had arrived with a small group of Northern men and that meeting only served to dampen your sister’s already foul mood.

    She had been clearly instructed by her sister to keep her distance because she didn’t quite trust these men yet. You were her treasure, just like her dragons, and she would fight to protect you at any costs.

    You were bore though—while these Northern men were allowed to roam the castle while you were stuck in certain rooms deep within the castle. “I want to be out in the fields with the dragons,” You complained to your sister in the strategy room, “Why are you so intent on keeping me in the dark?” Your sister was staring down hard at the wooden table silent as she thought. Tyrion was nearby drinking some wine and watching your sister with curious eyes.

    “I don’t trust them completely.” She replied in a quiet voice.

    “I’m not some caged bird, you know.” You easily accused.

    “You’re a dragon.” She corrects with some hard to hear sarcasm.

    You’re eyebrow twitches with irritation. Your sister had some shit timing with her humor. “Are we really going to have this argument?” You coolly demanded with a serious face.

    She sighs and finally looks up at you, “Not today.”

    You huff and cross your arms over your chest, “I am not some caged beast, Dany. You always say that a dragon is not a slave well, I certainly feel like one. We’re on our home island, the dragons are constantly flying ahead, and we have a rather large army willing to die for the both of us here.”

    Dany looks like she will not budge but you know your sister very well. “We are safe here. No one is brave or dumb enough to even come near the island especially with Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal in the air.” You urge her knowing it would be the final push for her to grant you your freedom.

    She pursues her lips, deep in thought, and answered back, “Fine, I will grant you your freedom and in return you have to play the piano for me.” She smirks slowly and you try not to groan. You hated playing that bloody thing but Dany loved it. You only did it for her because you liked seeing the peaceful expression on her face whenever you played. Dany always told you that Mother played as well and would always play for her and Viserys.

    Viserys had forced you to learn since, well, you looked the most like mother. Dany was a combination of father and mother but you were the spitting image of Rhaella Targaryen. Perhaps that was the reason why Viserys was always gentler to you and preferred you over Dany…so much to the point where Viserys had told Dany that you were meant to marry him to keep the Targaryen blood line alive.

    You loved your brother but the idea of marrying him was disgusting.

    You often did miss him though.

    “Ah, will I finally hear you play?” Tyrion brightened up—the last few weeks had been rough for the Lannister.

    He always pestered you to play just a little something for him.

    You sigh knowing it was a small sacrifice to pay for your freedom, “Fine.”

    Dany smiled and nodded, “Go on and break your fast with Tyrion. I will call you to the throne room after.” She instructed looking very eager to hear you play. It had been a very long time since you last played and you almost felt guilty for not playing earlier to bring some comfort to your sister.

    Tyrion was at your side as they both of you made way to the dining room to eat. “Why are you so eager anyway?” Tyrion questioned once the both of you were a safe distance from Daenerys.

    “I want to go to the beach and collect sea-shells.” You admit brightly.

    Tyrion let out a loud laugh, “Is that what all your fussing is for? You want sea-shells?” He looks greatly amused and even surprised by such an innocent motive. It has been a very long time since he’s seen such innocence and it reminded him a lot of Myrcella.

    You nod not feeling offended by his amusement, “I had planned on sewing a new gown for my sister and I wanted to add sea-shells.” You explained vaguely.

    Tyrion chuckled shaking his head, Ah, Y/N, you are a rather odd Targaryen.”

    You giggled and took that as a compliment.


    Breaking fast with Tyrion was always enjoyable. It wasn’t long until you were making way towards the throne room. Tyrion matching your step looking extremely eager to hear you play the piano. Even Tyrion knew that a piano was extremely rare and for a woman to play was rarer. Viserys managed to convince some rich lord into giving you piano lessons. It wasn’t long until the lord had been so impressed with your skill that he offered the instrument to you with no strings attached.

    “It would only sit here collecting dust and being sad,” You remember him saying with even some woe, “When you play it, it comes alive.”

    You always wondered what became of him. He was perhaps dead by now. It had been such a long time since that happened. Dany was sitting on her throne speaking with Varys and the piano that your mother used to play sat elegantly in the middle. Your father had given your mother this as a wedding gift.

    Despite the mutual dislike your parents had…Rhaella loved this instrument. You were glad that King Stannis had enough sense not to mess with such a rare instrument. It looked well cared for despite the years it had been since Rhaella last played it.

    “I have an audience.” You take note of Missandei walking in hurriedly with a smile of excitement.

    “It is not everyday we hear you play.” The former slave smiled gently at you.

    You chuckle softly as Tyrion joins Varys and Missandei. You take your seat in front of the piano. You have seen only two pianos before but this one was…the fairest of them all. It was made of white wood with the Targaryen sigil on the top and the keys were of some sort of black and red porcelain.

    A lot of gold went into this lovely instrument and it showed.

    Your mother sat here…stroke these keys. You weren’t sure what you were feeling…grief? Was it excitement? Or was it some feeling of somberness? “Mother played while she was pregnant with you.” Dany murmured—her voice bouncing off the stone walls.

    You nodded though you barely heard her—you were too focused on staring at the black and red keys. It was such a dark contrast against the white wood. You straighten your back and you hover your delicate fingers over the dark keys. You breathed in and out before letting your fingers stroke the keys expertly and with care.

    The large room is filled with soft, delicate sounds.

    You play Viserys favored melody. Daenerys’s face softened at the sound because she knew. Your brother died in a horrible way but his greed blinded him and bound him to his fate. You remember that night vividly; that night, so long ago, was meant to celebrate that Dany was with child—the future of the tribe and your precious niece or nephew.

    You and Dany had thrived with the Dothraki but Viserys didn’t and it showed.

    You remember him barging in, Jorah attempting to subdue him, and Viserys pulling his sword. You were terrified because you had never seen him so…crazed and lustful towards something so mundane. You attempted to calm him as he wielded the blade towards your sister and her unborn child but he cut your cheek and threw you to the side yelling that you should learn your place.

    “Your place, you whore, is beside me your future husband!

    Your eyes flashed with sorrow as he threatened to take Dany from Drogo and even threaten the unborn child inside of her. You were so disgusted towards him…more then ever. You hated him at that point. How low could he scope to threaten his own flesh and blood?

    You remember the fury brewing behind Drogo’s calm façade. You remember one of his blood-riders gently grabbing you and placing you far away from your deranged brother. One of the women had pressed a wet cloth to your cheek and even asked if you were alright.

    Even now, you could feel the sting from his blade.

    Drogo spoke and his words were directed towards your sister and you—asking for permission for something…you dreaded. Daenerys was staring at your brother and gave her answer to him—that he would get his crown and men would tremble before it.

    His face…you mentally shook your head. His face washed with relief and joy. A crown was all he ever wanted. It was then that the great Khal rose to his feet as Viserys lowered his weapon and backed away with a smile.

    Drogo and Dany exchanged glances before your sister looked to you.

    You had tears in your eyes but inside you just knew it had to be done. You couldn’t risk him having another deranged episode and actually killing the unborn child inside of her. She looked back up at the Khal and it was done.

    You would never forget his screams.

    Originally posted by rxbbstark

    Your fingers paused and the melody was broken.

    “Do you regret killing Viserys?”

    It was Dany who asked. She knew you too well.

    You shook your head, “No, it was either him or your child.”

    She was quiet because she, too, was haunted by the screams of Viserys dying. You straighten your back and resume the melody that your sister loved. It was a whimsical and gentle melody that always left your sister with a gentle smile on her face—a rare sight.

    “She’s a natural.” Tyrion praised letting the angelic melody flood his ears.

    “And yet she hates to play.” Dany mused.

    “Well, she was forced by your brother to learn.” Varys commented.

    When you were finished, you smiled up at your sister. She smiled back at you because she knew you hated to play but only did so for her. It was then that the great room was echoing with the sound of hands clapping. All attention was turned to the entrance of the throne room where Ser Davos stood with his King.

    Your eyes landed on this King of the North and you felt your heart stutter at his rugged beauty. He looked so odd to the men you grew up around. You were used to darker, tanned skin not this pale flesh you saw on this man.

    His eyes were a dark color—you could not see his pupils or the white in his eyes. He had a scar over his right eye and his hair was pulled up but a few of his curly locks fell around his head. He was the most exquisite man you had ever seen.

    He was the one who was clapping.

    “Jon.” Your sister’s voice was sharp and you could tell she was tensed. Your existence was always a top priority for your sister. Not many knew of the existence of a younger Targaryen—not even Robert Baratheon or Tywin Lannister.

    “Forgive me,” Jon says thickly with an almost awed look on his brooding face, “I know I wasn’t meant to intrude but I just had to see what was making such beautiful noise.”

    His words were enough to make you blush.

    “My aunt had one,” His eyes jerked to the piano, “Given it was uglier.”

    You couldn’t help but to smile and his eyes seem to light up when he saw that radiant smile on your face, “I thought I was hearing angel choir.” His eyes solely on you—he was entranced.

    “Thank you, my lord.” You continue to smile and bow your head slightly.

    “If I might ask—“ Jon was cut off by your sister.

    “Can I trust you, Jon?” Her voice was the calm before the storm and there was no nonsense in her tone.

    Jon knew this and looked up at your sister. His eyes rested on hers as he pondered his answer. It didn’t take him long to answer, “Of everything we’ve heard about the Targaryen’s…we never heard of a younger on being born after you. It is easy to see that you’ve done a good job in hiding her existence and very wise.” Jon speaks with a nod of approval, “Yes, you can trust me.”

    It wasn’t about the war or about him bending the knee, no; it was about keeping your existence a secret. Daenerys stared at Jon Snow intently, “This is my baby sister, Y/N.” She finally relents.

    Jon looks at you—still seated at the piano looking nothing sort of a fallen angel. “Y/N.” He repeats gently.

    Your heart almost melted.

    Perhaps you would play the piano more often now.  

    Originally posted by kitsn0w

    This was a request made by a anon. There will be no other parts. 

    Also, if you are curious to hear the melody that I pictured in my head that the reader was playing for Dany (Dany’s favored melody) listen to BTS Butterfly (Piano cover) by lilyloo it is such an amazing and beautiful cover!

    For Viserys favored song…I imagined Abandoned by Lucas King. Listen to both because they are lovely. 

    Live Blog for Game Of Thrones 7x06 "Beyond The Wall"

    # Tormund freaking Gendry out making him think that he wants to have sex with him

    # “smart people don’t come here looking for the dead” lol Tormund has a point, this is a terrible plan

    # Tormund admitting Mance was wrong not to kneel repeating very similar words Dany spoke a couple of episodes ago to Jon

    # He was a good man, he deserved a better son :( poor Jorah, you made mistakes but you are now someone he would be proud of

    # poor Gendry, stands no chance arguing with the hound

    # Jon being a sweetheart and offering his sword to Jorah

    # I love Dany’s northern boys bonding :)

    # I broke my fathers heart, your killing me Jorah :( 

    # “It will serve you well and your children after you” wink wink

    # Arya speaking about how unfair it was to be a girl in a man’s world but her father was still proud of her being different, I love that

    # God I understand both girls, I know how much they both loved Ned and Arya would have rather died than write that letter but at the same time Sansa was manipulated into believing it was the only way to save her father from being killed so of course she wrote it

    # Come now Sansa I know your angry and yes the vale helped win the battle but they would of never won the battle on their own without Jon, Wun Wun, House Mormont and the Wildlings

    # “you never would have survived what I survived” neither girls could have survived each others situations and both suffered differently but greatly

    # Arya cutting to the root of Sansa’s fear knowing she doesn’t want the northern lords to read her letter

    #damn Iceland is beautiful

    # Gingers I hate, lol Sandor I wonder if he still thinks of Sansa

    # Dick I like it lol

    # I want to make babies with her lol

    # “does she want to carve you up and eat your liver” “you do know her” lol

    # Beric trying to convert Jon to the Lord Of Light and Jon not being interested

    # Excuse me Beric, are you saying Jon will never be happy because his being brought back. I hope your bloody wrong

    # Tyrion not happy at not being called a hero

    # Dany telling Tyrion she’s happy his not a hero because she doesn’t want him to die. Aww :)

    # “they all try to outdo each other, who can do the stupidest bravest thing” Dany you too are in that list lol

    # Haha Tyrion telling Dany all the heroes fall in love with her and Dany vemently denying it

    # “I suppose he stares at you longingly because his hoping for a successful military alliance” omg I love Tyrion

    # “his too little for me” lol Dany coming up with lame excuses to deny her feelings

    # “I know your brave” aww massive feels

    # lol Tyrion and Jamie promising to keep their girls well behaved, like they could

    # I’m not sure I’d call Dany impulsive, passionate maybe due to her keeping her emotions bottled up but executing the Tarly’s to me was not impulsive, she didn’t see another option though they could of taken the black but denied it

    # Tyrion trying to instruct Dany on the importance of understanding her enemies to better predict them, good advice

    # Yep Dany and Tyrion are most definitely going forward with breaking the wheel, I wish we knew the details

    # Dany lashing out after Tyrion brings up the very sensitive subject of a heir, Tyrion not realizing how much Dany yearns for a human child in her arms

    # god damn those polar bears are terrifying

    # someone bloody save Thoros! Go Jorah, poetic The bear kills the wight bear

    # Littlefinger you liar

    # Sansa stating how shit the northern lords are

    # “I don’t know her anymore” that’s sad

    # Jorah and Thoros talking about the siege of Pyke and Thoros doesn’t even remember he was so drunk lol

    # hey get your hands off Jorah’s throat!

    # Damn Jon kicking ass, killing a white walker. Your doing amazing sweetie!

    # wow the wildlings are like vampires, kill the sire and the underlings die

    # omg shut it up, it’ll get others

    # ouch poor Sandor, at least it isn’t a normal zombie otherwise he’d be doomed

    # Jon knowing bad shit is about to go down so he orders his new bro Gendry to write his future wife a letter to save them

    # Jorah being the first to realize they are on a frozen lake

    # Yes fall into the lake you bloody zombies

    # Run bloody faster Gendry

    # Concerned daddy Davos :)

    # Poor Thoros :( 

    # Jon taking The Hound’s drink to burn Thoros body lol I see you show putting Jon on a elevated spot to make him look as tall as The Hound ;)

    # Jorah being the one to point out the sire white walker dies, the wights he makes die. Damn my brave bear is so smart

    # “Daenerys is our only chance” aww

    # Beric pointing out if they kill the night king the war will be over

    # Sansa gets invited to Kings Landing and is all “hell no, never going back to that dump full of horror again”

    # Damn right Sansa, you need to stay and help prepare for the north. I don’t really think Arya or Bran have any desire to manage the north if she left.

    # Brienne worrying over Sansa :)

    # Sansa being a Braime shipper, I love it

    # wouldn’t call Winterfell the safest place Sansa as when the white walkers breach the wall Winterfell will be one of the first places they go

    # Sansa being cold to Brienne :( Brienne only wants you to be safe Sansa

    # “the most important person in the world can’t fly off to the most dangerous place in the world” so here for protective Tyrion

    # omg that dress is so beautiful, best dress I’ve ever seen in game if thrones. The pureness of the white, the almost dragon scales, the vibrant gold down the back and yet still being practical enough to have room to wear riding pants

    # Tyrion willing the risk the deaths of Jon/Jorah and co if Dany stays safe

    # “If you die, we’re all lost…everyone, everything” :(

    # Dany being the impulsive hero she said Jorah and Jon are

    # Tyrion on the verge of tears :(

    # Sandor you bloody idiot, you just gave your only defense away out of anger

    # oh no the lake has completely frozen over :(

    # yes Jorah, keep kicking ass

    # Jorah saving Jon! :)

    # Jon very protective of their captured wight lol

    # where the hell are you gonna fall back to Jon your surrounded in the middle of a lake

    # come on guys bloody save Tormund

    # Yes Sandor the hero, that’s what I’m talking about

    # loved Jon’s little spin of his sword

    # poor nameless wildling being torn apart by a wight horde while Jon watches

    # Jon looks so defeated like his accepted his gonna die :(

    # here comes Jon’s wifey with her dragons and epic music

    # Wow the graphics of Ice and Fire look so epic, burn them all!

    # Dany looking like a beautiful warrior queen atop Drogon

    # Jon staring up at Dany in awe

    # Jon pushing past all the taller guys like Tormund to get closer to Dany :)

    # Jon and Dany reaching for each others hands desperate to touch each other ;)

    # All the guys climbing up on Drogon while Jon stays fighting and Jorah calls for him

    # omg Sandor impaling the wight on one of Drogon’s spikes lol

    # Tormund looks shook staring at Dany

    # Dany looking back at Jon, going hurry up bae

    # omg No, Viserion screaming in pain as the Night Kings magical staff destroys his insides 😧😧😭😭

    # Dany watching her baby fall from the sky and die, not believing what she’s seeing😭😭

    # omg Drogon crying and Rhaegal trying to follow Viserion😭😭😭

    # Viserion’s beautiful golden eyes closing😭😭😫

    # I can’t believe Viserion is dead, he was by far the sweetest. He was the smallest, most gentle dragon who was the most affectionate and in the books didn’t have a desire to hunt like his brothers instead wanted to curl up to his mother and have his belly rubbed😭😭😭😭

    # Everyone looking in horror at what happened and Jorah looking at Dany knowing this is destroying her😭😭😭

    # Jon turning and fighting in so much anger knowing one Dany’s children are dead and giving the Night King the evil eyes

    # Jon knowing they plan on killing more of Dany’s children and willing to sacrifice himself so they can all get away😱😱😭

    # Dany watching Jon, someone else she loves going down in the lake😭😭😭

    # Dany giving the Night King evil eyes before she gets the hell out of there

    # Drogon being smart and learning from field of fire 2.0 to swerve to avoid being hit

    # Jorah falling off Drogon before Tormund saves him

    # Dany looking down holding back her tears for Jon and Viserion knowing she has too much responsibility to break down😭😭😭

    # omg Jon is alive! Go baby, saying that though multiple people have almost drown in this show but none have died

    # Benjen saving Jon from certain death with his incredible fire swinging cannon ball

    # Jon being so shocked to see his uncle and wanting him to come with him :(

    # Jon seemingly watching as Benjen is overrun but with this show who knows😭😭

    # Dany looking so crushed but wanting to wait a little longer holding on to a slither of hope that she hasn’t lost two special someone’s she cares for😭😭😭😭😭😭

     #Dany about to leave before the horn blows once and sees Jon on a horse

    # Dany looking in horror as Davos and the others strip Jon of his wet clothes showing his black and blue bruised body and all his unhealed scars knowing Davos was right and he really took a knife in a knife in the heart😱😱

    # yuck Arya, having a bag full of faces is really unhygienic that’s not what the house of black and white taught you😷😷

    # damn Arya, you sure know how to creep the hell out of your sister

    # poor Sansa, she doesn’t understand her younger siblings. Bran being the three eyed raven, Arya being a faceless assassin

    # Sansa not wanting to play Arya’s game of faces just wanting to know what the hell is going on

    # “the world doesn’t let girls decide what they’re going to be” damn that is so true in Westeros😒😒

    # Jesus Arya, are you screwing with your sister and playing the game of faces for yourself. I seriously doubt Arya would have any desire to be like Sansa or kill her sister for that matter.

    # wow Sansa seriously thought Arya was gonna hurt her

    # I wonder how long Dany has been there, with her change of hair and clothes I’m guessing it’s been a few days. Has she been taking shifts or been there the entire time I wonder

    # “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” Dany trying to hold back her tears😭😭😭

    # oh wow Jon taking her hand wanting to comfort her even though his suffering too😭😍😭😍

    # Even though Dany lost her child, she doesn’t regret it knowing she had to see the white walkers for herself😞😖

    # “the dragons are my children… They’re the only children I’ll ever have” Dany you are breaking my heart and I hope your wrong😭😭

    # “we are going to destroy the night king and his army and we’ll do it together. You have my word” oh Dany your killing me😭😭😭

    # “Thank you Dany” damn Jon already starting with the nicknames😏😏

    # “how about my queen” omg Jon’s voice is pure sex when he says that. The way his looking at her, that voice no way he means that as just his fealty😍😍😏😏

    # “They’ll all come to see you for what you are” omg Jon your killing me😍😭😍😭

    # the way slowly puts her hand in his and Jon looks down at their joined hands😍😍😍

    # “I hope I deserve it” book/S1 Dany finally coming out and it’s breaking my heart😍😍😭😭😭

    # The way Jon is looking at her omg 😍😍

    # the way the feelings overwhelm Dany and she tries to pull away but Jon holds on to her tighter omg and just stares into her eyes with so much love 😍😍😍

    # Dany knowing right then how they both feel about each other and pulling away and Jon’s look and breath of utter disappointment

    # Jon’s heavy breath as he pretends to sleep as Dany composes herself and leaves then his heavy breath as he opens his eyes once she’s gone😍😍😍

    # what the hell are they doing to Viserion, let his soul rest in peace😠😠😠

    # don’t touch him asshole😠😠

    # oh no poor Viserion, his one of them now and the only way I can see this ending is Dany being forced to kill him to let his soul rest like she did with Drogo😭😭😭😵😵

    #Viserion deserved better! 😭😭

    Damian Wayne as a Father Headcanons

    A/N: Reader and Damian are adults in these. I went all out on this, so I really hope you like the structure and everything. Feedback is welcomed. ☺️

    (c/n) = child’s name


    Damian as a father would include:

    > Damian was excited when you told him he was going to be a father, well as excited as Damian manages to express.

    > He had his concerns about whether he was going to be a good father, based on his family background and upbringing he had his doubts. However after reassuring him, that he managed to change and has become a better person his worry subsided.

    > Now when he goes out on patrol, he’s more cautious and careful as he now has two people to come home to and protect.

    > Whilst you’re pregnant, Damian is extremely over protective with everything. You are not putting yourself in any danger and he’ll make sure of that. He understands he’s being this way and apologised, explaining he doesn’t want either of you hurt since you’re a prime target now.

    > Catering to your cravings the best he can. Sort of.
    “Pennyworth, we need some strawberries and hot sauce?”
    “We’re currently out of strawberries Master Damian, Miss (Y/n) has cleared them out.”
    “Ugh, I’ll be back shortly beloved.”
    “Really? You have to leave me, I know you’re getting stuff for me but I’m kind of annoyed by that and I don’t know why.”
    “Hormones (y/n).”

    > Trying to comfort you when you get emotional, but since Damian isn’t the best at it he comes up with other solutions.
    “I could punch you right now!”
    “Beloved, that’d be a stupid move.”
    “Oh really? Because I love you… a lot and I didn’t mean that!” You were still yelling and you weren’t sure why.
    “How about throwing some knives instead?”
    “What?! NO! That’s ridiculous and I’m actually willing to do it. You’re such a good partner for letting me do this.” By your last statement you were crying and pulling him into an embrace.

    > Both of you low-key freaking out when the baby kicks and you’re just hugging each other with massive grins on your faces.

    > Receiving visits from Damian’s family, all of which are super excited to be apart of it and looking forward to having a new member in the family.

    > Dick encouraging Damian that’s he’s going to be a good father.

    > Bruce still not quite getting the fact his son has a proper family that’s almost normal, but enjoys it none the less.
    “Bruce, you know you’re going to be a granddad right?”
    “Yes of course I do (y/n), Damian is going to be a father and to be honest… it all feels surreal.”
    “Tell me about it. It’s gonna be great though.”
    “It truly is.”

    > When your waters broke, Damian was with you since he’d estimated the most likely time it’d happen. This man was prepared, he was still the son of the original Batman.

    > Damian drove you to the hospital as soon as possible, not in the Batmobile much to your disappointment but understood there’d be no easy way to explain that.

    > Panicking and being exhausted throughout labour and Damian telling you to breathe.

    > “Holy shit (y/n)!!!” Damian actually yelped when you squeezed his hand during labour.
    “You’re not giving birth Dami!”
    “You’re a lot stronger than I thought.”
    “Yep, comes with being your significant other for so long! Ah shit!”
    “Breathe beloved, breathe.”

    > With over 10 hours in labour you finally had your child and you were exhausted.
    “I did it - Dami I -”
    “I know beloved, you are so strong. I’m proud of you (y/n), I love you so much.”
    “Love you too.”

    > Holding the baby and you simply can’t believe you’ve created something so pure, suddenly you forget all the pain because it was all worth it for this child in your arms.

    > Damian holds them next, and is so smitten that you know this child is gonna be spoilt. He almost cried because he thought he was incapable of producing something this innocent, his family do not have a grip on his baby and they never will.

    > The rest of the Batfam piling in minutes later hoping to see their new addition.
    Dick is super enthusiastic about the whole ordeal and sheds a few tears, whilst promising to be the best uncle ever which was open to dispute.
    Jason was smiling more than ever, saying “It’s up to (y/n) to make sure we don’t get another demon spawn in the family. Right now though, I’m really proud of you two.”
    Tim making sure you’re alright, asking about names and how much the baby weighs before checking on the others.
    Bruce is over the moon and is third to hold his grandchild, he’s quick to congratulate you both and offers for you to stay at the manor so they can all help to get you back on your feet.
    Cassandra doesn’t say anything, instead hugging you tightly with a wide grin on her face then patting Damian on the shoulder who remained by your bedside.
    “You’ll make a great auntie Cass.” And that only made her smile more.

    General Child Raising:
    > Taking turns to get up in the night when the baby wakes up.

    > Morning cuddles because you’re both exhausted.

    > The baby getting lots of attention and babysitters consisting of Damian’s family which you’re eternally grateful for.

    > Damian still being smitten as you expected, you find yourself leaning on the doorframe and watching the two interact often, a smile making its way onto your face.
    “Are you alright beloved?”
    “Y-yeah, it’s nice to be apart of this family.”
    You soon join the two.

    > Damian teaching your child self defence from a young age and you’re not too thrilled with the idea.
    “Oh my - Damian! Why does (c/n) have a katana?!”
    “I’m teaching (c/n) how to wield the weapon beloved.”
    “Y-yeah, couldn’t you have started with a wooden one. A real one isn’t exactly safe for a 5 year old!”
    “I did. At the age of 3. (C/n)’s skills have developed since then (y/n).”
    “Oh my gosh. We’re terrible parents!” You yelped, throwing your hands in the air.

    > Your child learning about Damian’s culture and heritage as well as your own so they know where to come from and if they want to celebrate any traditions.

    > Both of you helping out with homework from school, Damian specialising in Maths.

    > Having to come up with crazy explanations as to why their father came through the window in the dead of night looking like Batman.
    “Is daddy Santa?”
    “Uh not exactly… It’s more like the tooth fairy?”
    “We are not saying that beloved, (c/n) I’m Batman - but you can’t tell anyone as this is a family secret.”
    “Ok Batdad.” You’re child whispered, giggling at the nickname.

    > Damian ok with them joining the family business as long as they pass his training resumés. They don’t go out if they’re sick or injured no matter what as this increases the likelihood of reckless behaviour.

    > Teaching them the ways of Wayne Enterprises since they’re the future heir now.

    > Your child learning about the hero business when they get older and finally accepting their father isn’t the tooth fairy.

    > Giving them the choice of whether they want to become a vigilante with you supporting them 100% and Damian teaching them League of Assassins techniques regardless of their decision.

    > Joking with you and Damian about becoming a villain because they’re fully equipped to do so but knowing that’s not how they were brought up.

    > Them secretly having a favourite uncle but only Damian and yourself know who it is and refuse to tell the others.

    > Kate Kane being the go to person for anything LGBT+ related, if your child is in fact an LGBT citizen or not.

    > Generally being quite an open family that comes with a few cracks but you’re happy.

    If it’s a Boy:
    > “Looks like there’s a new son of Batman now.”
    “Indeed there is, I hope he’ll be my successor one day.”

    > Father son bonding activities, most of which included one on one training sessions. There a lot of testosterone in your home.

    > Play fights all of the time, literally with anyone of his uncles that comes over. Whether it be Dick, Jason, Tim or Duke he’s going to show them the new moves Damian taught him.

    > “I’m going to be the next Red Hood. You watch me!” As your son runs around with finger guns yelling ‘pew pew’ at inanimate objects much to your amusement.
    “I’m going to kill Todd…”

    > You’re son actually wanting to have powers like Jon, Supermans son, who visits on some occasions. Though after a long conversation about practicality with his father, (c/n) is convinced he’ll be the next Batman.
    “Well Superman doesn’t have a Batmobile.”
    “But he can fly father.”
    “(C/n) has a point Dami.”

    > Your son imitating Damian any chance he gets since he looks up to his father more than he realises.
    “I am the son of the demon!”
    “(Y/n), what was that?”
    “Dick, do you really want to question it? He has Dami’s genes remember.”
    “That’s who he reminds me of, Damian when he was younger - such a little sh-” Covering Dicks mouth before he could finish that sentence.

    > Bruce saying he looks a lot like Damian and is proud of you both for raising your son so well. (C/n) has great manners at Galas when he’s older and is a hit with the ladies. Of course, for now - you’re the most important female in his life until he finds that special someone. Damian couldn’t be more proud.
    “Meet my parents, Damian and (Y/n) Wayne.”
    “It’s a pleasure, I hope our son is treating you well.”
    “Yes, thank you Mrs Wayne.”

    If it’s a Girl:
    > Literally his little princess who he loves dearly.

    > Cass coming over to style your daughters hair and spend time with her. Even though Cass isn’t talkative, your daughter speaks enough for the both of them.
    “Can you do plaits Auntie Cass, like milkmaid ones?”
    “I bet you can, you’re really good at making hair look pretty.” Cass just kisses her forehead and starts braiding.

    > Finding out that she isn’t going to be a girly girl from a very early age.
    “As I have Batdad, I get to drive the Batmobile when I’m older - maybe I can race!”
    “I can teach you to drive now princess, I could drive by your age.”
    “No! Damian, that’s illegal!”
    “So is vigilantism.”

    > Barbara and Stephanie coming over to help out and Stephanie even brought your daughter a Batgirl costume. Stephanie being so involved for personal reasons and just becoming her auntie not that there was any question.
    “Steph, why did you buy this?”
    “Why not? She’ll follow in our footsteps one day.”
    “I’ll make sure she knows all the technical tricks.” Barbara was quick to add referring to her way with computers.

    > Kate Kane and Harper Row also visiting to check up on you both. Kate claiming that girls have got to stick together. Your daughter thinking Harpers hair is the coolest thing in the world.
    “Mommy, can I have my hair just like Harpers? With pink in it and can I have it rainbow?”
    “That would look so cool!” Came the exaggerated enthusiasm of Harper.
    “When you’re older, you can dye it however you want.”

    > Damian gets over protective when romantic relationships come into the equation.
    “Father, I fight crime with you at weekends. I’m perfectly capable of handling a romantic partner.”
    “It’s funny you think they’ll even get a chance to get close to you.”
    “Mom, a little help?!”

    > “Touch my daughter and you’re dead.”
    “You’re dad is joking right (c/n)?” Came your daughters current interest.
    “Haha, uh yeah… no. No he’s not joking.”
    “So what? Beat me to death?”
    “More like slice you. With his katana.” Your daughter corrected.
    “And that’s only if your uncles don’t get to them first (c/n)!”
    “Thanks for that mom.”

    ❝ We can always change this little particular ❞

    Plot: When you and Jaebum are childhood friends but secretly love each other, until the day you two stuck into the elevator and confess your feelings. 

    Pairing: JaebumxReader 

    Words count: 3,3k+

    Genre: RealLife!Au / Fluff 

    For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M.

    Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥


    You hated that kid. Now it was clear, but the more you were forced to spend time together and the more hatred towards him grew.  

    “Take Me Y/N” Jaebum yelled by continuing to wave your book, what you were quietly reading, threatening to throw it in your pool.  

    “How old are you? Five?? ”  

    “Ten for accuracy! You’re boring Y/N; Stop reading and come play with me. ” He threatened you, pretending to drop the book into the water. At that sight you began to run towards him and threw you on him, dropping both in the pool.

    You had never been a quiet little girl and Jaebum should have learned it at his expense after all those years. Returning to the surface, you would take your breath, rest your hands on his shoulders and push him down as you could. You had three copies of that book, he simply had to pay for his behavior.  

    “Now I’m going to drown you so I’ll stay at peace for my entire life!” You screamed by continuing to keep him underwater, while he clasped his arms around your legs starting to pull you down.  


    Your father’s personal assistant voice made you almost scared, so you left the grip on Jaebum’s shoulders and he was finally able to go back to the surface. He coughed spitting water and you threw him a deadly glance, swimming then to the ladder and coming out of the pool shuddering a little.  

    “Never joke with me, Im Jaebum.” You murmured, turning to look at him, still in the middle of the pool that stared at you upset.  

    ~ ~

    “So the perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its sides?”  

    “Jaebum is the twentieth time I tell you….”  

    “I don’t like Algebra.” He objected, flapping his head on his algebra book, letting himself escape a whipped groan.  

    Keep reading

    I was bored on my way to uni, so I decided to mull over some fake banter between Asala (the elf-blooded teenage daughter of one of my Qunari Inquisitors, Taashath Adaar) and the companions, should she tag along on missions.


    Asala: So you’re like the Qunari-Qunari, are you? All right and proper?

    Bull: [chuckles] Oh, I am seldom proper, kid. But yes, I follow the Qun.

    Asala: You know, my Da’s not that different from you.

    Bull: [grunts disapprovingly]

    Asala: No, but you see: you’d think he’d be able to do anything he wants without you Bennies watching over him? Well, nah! With a face and horns like those, you can only be a merc, and nothing else! It’s like a role - only instead of the Qun, it’s assigned to you by humans, and you can never escape! You can’t be an artist, or a baker, or a tailor… Did you know that my Da is actually great at making lace? He…

    Taashath: Asala!

    Asala: Fine, fine… Shutting up.

    Bull: [thoughtfully to himself] Bennies…


    Cassandra: When I was your age, I had already spent many years training as a Seeker.

    Asala: Is that why you are so uptight? Jealous that I get to have fun and you didn’t?

    Cassandra: [disgusted noise] My point is that you could at least try learning to be more disciplined. Your father worries about you; it… it distracts him from his duties.

    Asala: Yeah, well, so do you, but you don’t see me prattling to you about discipline, yeah?

    Varric (if in party): Hah! Good retort, Braids!

    Cassandra: I… I don’t know what you mean… How could I possibly…

    Asala: Go discipline your cheekbones, Lady Seeker. They are too distracting.


    Vivienne: If I were you, my dear, I’d spend less time around that Sera character.

    Sera (if in party): She’s not a baby, yeah? She can pick whatever friends she likes, with no help from bossy bitches like you!

    Vivienne: All those… unseemly pranks, races around the keep in the middle of the night - and you are picking up some of her mannerisms, too! That is quite unbecoming for the Inquisitor’s daughter.

    Asala: But I swear I saw you smile when I did that thing to Cullen!

    Vivienne: It was… mildly amusing, yes - but that is not my point, darling.

    (If Sera is in party) Asala and Sera together: No breeches!


    Asala: Hey, can I poke you for a moment?

    Solas: Not in the literal sense, I hope?

    Sera (if in party): Aww look, Master Egghead is still upset about the tadpoles in his mug!

    Asala: No… I just thought you might look at this for me. It’s, um, a bracelet - but I can’t put it on cuz my wrists are too big, so I wear it on a chain like an amulet of sorts. It belonged to my mother.

    Solas: It has… Elvhen writing on it.

    Asala: Sure it does! My mother was an elf!

    Sera (if in party): Eww, I knew you were part elfy, but I never figured you’d be hold-on-to-weird-junk sorta elfy!

    Solas: And I suppose you want me to translate it for you? Very well. I shall examine it when we are in a quieter place.


    Sera (if she was in party during the previous banter): Hey, ‘bout last time. I… I sorta take it back and all. You are all right, even with the elfy junk bits!

    Taashath: You make it sound like she should be ashamed of her mother!

    Sera: Whoah, don’t go all red-eyed on me!

    Asala: Da, she didn’t mean anything by it.

    Sera: Sure I did! I meant s'all good!

    Taashath: Hmph. All the same, think before you talk next time.

    Vivienne (if in party): Sometimes you are impossibly demanding, my dear.


    Solas: That inscription on your mother’s bracelet - it is a prayer to Mythal. I translated the whole text and sent my notes up to your quarters.

    Asala: Oh, thanks Egg… I mean Solas. After all these years, we’ll finally know what it means! Even my mother herself could only make out a couple of words. Right, Da?

    Taashath: Yes. Most of the folks in Liliel’s alienage could barely read common, let alone the language of the ancient elves.

    Solas: That is… Most unfortunate.

    Sera (if in party): Ya know what’s unfortunate? Going this long without food! I think I’ll go shoot a ram or somethin’.


    Asala: You know, Blackwall, the way you go on, I could make a sport of dangling off a cliff to see who runs faster to catch me, you or Da.

    Taashath: Don’t even think about it!

    Blackwall: Your safety is not a joking matter!

    Asala: Ugh, why do you never loosen up around me? Is it something about my face? My voice? Me being taller than you?

    Blackwall: You are the Inquisitor’s child. My first duty is to protect you.

    Asala: This child is seven-bloody-teen years old, thank you very much.

    Blackwall: I thought your father said you had only turned sixteen recently.

    Asala: I’ll get back on that when you’re less boring.


    Asala: Hey Bull, are there singers under the Qun? Or writers?

    Bull: That what you wanna be, kid?

    Asala: Yeah, kinda… But have you ever seen a Vashoth singer anywhere?

    Bull: Can’t say I have. Unless you count drunken singing in taverns.

    Asala: Do you think the Qunari Tama… things would have picked the right role for me? The role that matches what I wanna do with my life?

    Taashath: Don’t put any ideas into her head, Bull!

    Bull: Wasn’t going to, boss. Like I said, the Qun is not for everyone. That teenage rebellion thing your kid likes doing - probably wouldn’t end well.


    Varric: These poems you write, Braids - they are pretty good.

    Asala: Wow, really?

    Varric: You actually make the words rhyme without making the whole thing seem like one of those grating kiddy songs.

    Asala: Hah, I don’t suppose there are too many kiddy songs about gravestones and doomed lovers and such.

    Taashath: About that… I could never get why you have to make all your stuff so dark!

    Varric: She’s a teenager, Floofy. Writing dark poetry is part of her job description. But unlike some teenagers, she is actually good at it.


    Cassandra: I… I happened to be passing by when Varric was looking at your last poem, and accidentally glanced over his shoulder.

    Asala: Oh? So now you’re gonna tell me that poetry’s undisciplined too?

    Cassandra: No, I just… Why did that woman’s husband have to die?

    Asala: So she’d mourn him and break the reader’s heart?

    Varric (if in party): Don’t bother, Braids. The Seeker only accepts happily-ever-afters.

    Cassandra: That is… the most ludicrous reasoning I ever heard! Besides, she had plenty of opportunity to come to his aid in that battle! If she had flanked the enemies that he had engaged…

    Asala: She isn’t based on you, you know. Because that would mean her hubby’s based on Da, and I can’t kill off my own father!

    Cassandra: [disgusted noise]


    Dorian: I hear you made quite a scene at the execution site.

    Asala: Hah, I sure did! Shame you weren’t there to see it!

    Dorian: I deemed drinking myself witless to be a far more pleasant pastime than watching your father cut off my former mentor’s head.

    Taashath: Dorian, we’ve been over this.

    Dorian: With you, yes. But not with the girl. She deserves a personal thank you for standing up to a certain valiant leader.

    Asala: I am great at that. Years of practice.

    (Some time later)

    Dorian: I wonder… What exactly did you say to change his mind?

    Asala: Well, Da ranted on and on about how your hooded friend turned me into a dead chunk of red lyrium in the bad future, and how hurt and angry he was. And I said, 'So now you know how he is feeling!’. And then Da made this droopy face he is making now and…

    Taashath: Will you two please change the subject?

    Dorian: Very well. Pray tell me, young Asala, what are your sentiments towards grapes?


    Cole: Flowing, rhythmic patterns, cryptic but beautiful, how does he do it? You… You really like the way I talk?

    Asala: Of course I do! It’s like you’re brimming over with poetry all the time!

    Cole: I just try to sort through things I hear. It’s hard sometimes, when people are so solid and are hurting too loudly. I… may not make a lot of sense.

    Asala: Hey, I don’t make a lot of sense either! We can start a club!


    Blackwall: And then he said: but at least the turkey still has its tail!

    Asala: Hah, finally! I knew you were not completely hopeless! What a great un-boring story!

    Blackwall: It’s from my old army days.

    Asala: Huh, I thought army humour would be dirtier.

    Blackwall: It is. I had to censor it somewhat so your father wouldn’t kill me.

    (Some time later)

    Asala: What about Grey Warden humour? Is it dirty too?

    Blackwall: Well… The thing is, by the time I joined the Wardens, I had lost some of my boyish penchant for amusing tales.

    Asala: Too bad… Well, army humour it is, then! Do I get to hear the uncensored version when I turn eighteen?

    Taashath: Asala!


    (After the cutscene where Dorian tells Taashath that Felix died)

    Dorian: It was you, wasn’t it?

    Asala: Salt sprinkles on Josie’s chocolate? Yeah, it was me. But I only added a little!

    Dorian: No, I mean that poem on Alexius’ desk. The one about the man who planted a tree and then, when it withered, remembered how he had sat in its shade? He told me about it this morning.

    Asala: I have no idea what you’re talking about! Trees! Shade! I’d never write such sappy nonsense!

    Dorian: You brought the man who almost destroyed the world to the verge of tears. That is quite an accomplishment, young lady - and I say that as an incredibly accomplished person myself.


    Asala: So… You and Da - did you do the bnb thing or what?

    Cassandra: Bnb? What manner of teenage jargon is this?

    Asala: Oh, you know… Birds and bees.

    Cassandra: Birds and… Oh! Oh, I see!

    Taashath: Asala, leave the Lady Seeker alone!

    Asala: Still Lady Seeker, huh? So I guess you didn’t do it… What’s stopping you? I mean, you have the hots for each other - it’s sooo obvious!

    Taashath: Asala, stop this - or so help me, when we return to Skyhold, you’re grounded!


    Cole: Woke up from a nightmare again. Demons, calling, clawing, constricting; Uldred’s eyes, bottomlessly black, suddenly not two but a dozen; Meredith bathed in crimson. And then - soft, soothing, shimmering, rainbows dancing over his bed. It had been so long since he started the morning with a smile.

    Taashath: What are you talking about, Cole?

    Asala: We put shards of coloured glass into the holes in Cullen’s ceiling. Now they both protect him from the rain and give off pretty light!

    Taashath: Wait, have you been climbing the roof?

    Cole: She didn’t fall. She didn’t die. Today is another day when she didn’t die.

    Asala: Yeah… Thanks for this cheery thought, Cole.

    Cole: It wasn’t me. It was your father.


    Dorian: The books I ordered from Tevinter have finally arrived.

    Asala: Does this mean you’ll give me a lesson tonight?

    Dorian: Of course. You already have those Orlesian volumes, don’t you? Southern historians are biased against Tevinter; our historians are biased against the rest of the world… It will be educational to pit them against one another.

    Asala: And fun!

    Taashath: Wait, did my daughter just call learning fun?

    Dorian: Why the tone of surprise? What did you try to teach her?

    Taashath: How to run a merc company.

    Dorian: Well, there you have it!


    Asala: Um, Cassandra… If you hesitate about Da because of me - please don’t.

    Cassandra: Because of you?

    Asala: Yeah, like… If you worry that I’ll hate you for stealing him and replacing my mother and all.

    Cassandra: Nothing could be further from my mind! Even if my relationship with the Inquisitor wasn’t strictly professional!

    Asala: Well, in case it ever stops being 'strictly professional’ - I don’t even remember my mother. Da raised me alone. And I actually think it’d be good for him to have someone in his life. Take care of the stupid old fella and all.

    Taashath: I heard that!


    (After Taashath saves the Chargers)

    Asala: Hey, Bull… Don’t look so glum! Remember that time you said the Qun isn’t for everyone? Maybe it wasn’t for you too. It just took you this long to figure out.

    Bull: Hmph. And what do you suppose is for me then?

    Asala: Maryden put some of my poems to music. She’ll be singing them tonight at the tavern. Krem will come, and the other Chargers. I think if you come too, you’ll understand what is for you.

    Bull: Huh, I think you spend too much time round Cole. That cryptic shit is beginning to rub off.

    Taashath: Bull, what did I tell you?

    Bull: Oh, right, boss - don’t swear in front of the kid! Fuck, I’m sorry!


    (After Revelations)

    Asala: You know, it’s kinda funny.

    Blackwall: What is?

    Asala: I heard stories about the Grey Wardens plenty of times when I was a kid, with the Blight having recently ended and all. And when I met you, you were just like I imagined the Grey Wardens should be.

    Blackwall: And now… I have disappointed you.

    Asala: What? No! The Grey Wardens are gonna disappoint me from now on, if they don’t pull off all this amazing noble-warrior-atoning-for-his-past stuff!

    Blackwall: You… You don’t know the whole story, do you?

    Asala: I know enough to believe that you deserve sticking around with our Inquisition. And you can always tell me the uncensored version when I am eighteen, right?


    Cassandra: Are you feeling better now? Have you asked Vivienne for a potion?

    (If Vivienne is in party) Vivienne: She has indeed, my dear. But such things are generally not discussed in public.

    (Otherwise) Asala: Sure! But do we… do we have to discuss my darkspawn week in front of everyone?

    Cassandra: I just wanted to make sure you were all right.

    Asala: Aww, thanks, mom.

    Cassandra: You do not have to call me ’m'am’.

    Asala: I wasn’t.


    (After Last Resort of Good Men)

    Asala: Damn, Dorian.

    Dorian: Was that expletive a sign of admiration for my good looks?

    Asala: I mean… My Da yells at me sometimes, and tries to punish me when I mess up… And this makes me think that he is the meanest person in the world… But it’s nothing like what you went through, is it?

    Dorian: Oh, there were plenty of temper tantrums on my part too.

    Asala: And for good reason! Me, I’m just a selfish teenager who wants attention - but you… You are amazing and you deserve better!

    Dorian: You are not exactly worthless yourself, young lady.


    (After Bring Me the Heart of Snow White)

    Vivienne: Bastien’s family shall be holding a musical salon as a tribute to both himself and his wife. I would very much like it if you attended, my dear.

    Asala: Whaa- ? Really?

    Vivienne: If your father gives you permission, of course. You have such a wonderful singing voice; it is wasted in the courtyards and bath houses of Skyhold.

    Asala: But… Won’t they be scared of me being… me? Unless you give me a mask to wear, I suppose.

    Vivienne: It will be a half-face mask only; otherwise how would you sing?

    Asala: Oh.

    Vivienne: Being who you are ought to be a source of strength, not weakness. Always remember that, darling.

    Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - May 5th, 2017

    Originally posted by im-a-blue-boy

    Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

    While You Were Sleeping multi-chapter by @lou-lou26 - Felicity Smoak, an IT expert at Queen Consolidated, has a little bit of a crush on her boss, Tommy Merlyn. The problem? He doesn’t know she exists. After she saves his life, Felicity is mistaken for his fiancee as he lies in a coma. Suddenly thrown into the welcoming arms of the man’s family - The Queens, Felicity soon finds herself falling in love with his brother, Oliver. But when Tommy awakens, Felicity also finds herself in the worst predicament of her life.

    Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances.

    Head Wounds by @spaztronautwriter - After being attacked in the bunker, Oliver and Felicity agree to go to the hospital to have their injuries treated

    Shoulder to Shoulder by @geneshaven - Felicity and Oliver teach each other new skills

    Heart is Open by @foreverfelicityqueen - Post 5x20 fic - So Beautiful

    Return to Me multi-chapter by @diggo26 - What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

    What Oliver and Felicity Did That Summer (5x20 Speculation fic) by @chronicolicity - Vodka. The Bunker. Oliver and Felicity. Salmon ladder challenge. Felicity can’t get back down again, and Oliver volunteers to help. Cue the moment from Crazy Stupid Love after the Dirty Dancing lift, and stuff happens.

    Exclusive by @dmichellewrites - Oliver, Felicity, and Thea do a photo shoot for a local Fortune 500 magazine called Strng. Take a behind-the-scenes look into their day, and read about exclusives into their ever-changing and busy lives. Felicity talks Queen BioMed’s merger with Wayne Enterprises and more. For the first time ever, the First Couple of Star City sets the record straight on rumored pregnancy news.

    Room in Your Heart for More multi-chapter by @wherethereissmoak - Army vet Oliver Queen returns from overseas to find out that he has a 5-year-old son. He is fighting for custody, but is struggling to prove he is a fit father. It’s especially hard because he really has no idea what he’s doing. By chance he meets single mother Felicity Smoak, who swoops in like an angel to help him become comfortable in his role as a father. Felicity is recovering from her a recent trauma, and as a vet Oliver is able to be the support that she needs. Together, they learn to open up their hearts in ways they never thought possible. I ADORE this story!

    I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here multi-chapter by @bri617aroundtheworld - Oliver and Felicity meet again more than a year after their break-up, only to find out some shocking truths that make them quickly realize not everything about their split was quite as black and white as it seemed at the time. They both have to reevaluate their past choices and make a decision for the future. But does it change anything? Can they find a way to come back to each other or did they destroy their relationship for good?

    In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by @angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE!

    I’m ready whenever you are by @lostolicityscenes - A little drabble based off the spoiler for the episode description for 5x22 that Felicity throws Oliver a birthday party.

    Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

    A Touch Unlike Any Other multi-chapter by @mel-loves-all Olicity Regency - The Earl of Archer out for the first time in a long time - LOVE THIS.

    Sometimes We Both Lose Our Minds (to find the better road) by @the-silverforked-sky - Returning back to his old life in Starling City, Oliver had anticipated and planned for many things. Carrying out the mission his father had bestowed on him, falling back into his old irresponsible persona, hiding his true self from his family and friends, and protecting them at all costs. The one thing he hadn’t planned on was gaining 2 new family members, his stepfather Walter Steele and Felicity Smoak, his childhood friend, now also his stepsister. Regardless of the changes and surprises, he knows he has to become someone… something else to make those on his father’s List pay for their crimes.

    Underneath by @felicitychattycathy - Oliver and Felicity are stuck in the bunker, and Oliver won’t wake up. Fic inspired by the promo for 5x20.

    Adoring Love by @walker-oliciter - Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are childhood friends. Throughout their lives Oliver proposes five times; four time she says no and there’s the one time she agrees.

    The Incredibly Awkward Awakening by @godswritingfool - This was absolutely the last thing she expected to wake up to.

    My Compass multi-chapter by @adiwriting - Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when it comes time for Felicity to move to Las Vegas, neither of them know how to handle it.

    My North Star multi-chapter by @adiwriting - Follows My Compass, Oliver and Felicity have been best friends since 1st grade. So when Felicity is struggling to get over the death of her boyfriend, there’s only one person that can help make things okay again.

    Our Night by @dust2dust34 - 3x23 spec fic based on the pictures that a lovely gentleman by the name of Andy tweeted today! Involving a Porsche. And a sunset.

    The Sound of an Arrow multi-chapter by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Five years ago, Oliver Queen lost his wife in a car accident. Twenty years ago, Felicity Smoak’s father kissed her on the forehead and disappeared from her life.Now, she is the nanny for the six adorable Queen children, fighting to restore love in the mansion and trying to deal with the difficult-to-get-along-with Oliver, all the while as she continues to stumble upon evidence that could drag the Queen family further into darkness.          

    Sometimes, Love Isn’t Enough multi-chapter by @arrowfan437 - A mark. In this world, it defines you. And who you are with your partner. Felicity’s been searching all around for the one that’ll bring meaning to her mark. And she found him. But after being around him for so long, she wonders why she was given the mark at all.

    Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens.

    Make the World Brand New by @whatcuriousthings - When the stick turns blue, her feelings intensify by about a million. She becomes shattered and whole, thrilled and terrified. One hundred percent convinced that she can never tell him, like, ever.

    The Hardest Target multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - When Felicity was a child her father developed an AI program that eventually brought their family fame and fortune. As she grew her father faded away his business grew and their bond shattered. After a car accident almost got her best friend Sara Lance killed Felicity’s father made a choice…this choice would radically alter the course of her life. Now 5 years after the plane crash that killed her father and left her stranded she’s come home to defeat the enemies her father’s work created. The target is H.I.V.E’s gun for hire, his name is unknown but his skills are deadly. He works for Damian Darkh who’s allied with the one and only Quentin Lance Starlings chief of police. The only problem with her brand new life is Oliver Queen. He feels foreign yet familiar at the same time. She’s drawn to him as he is to her but the question is why? What brings them together and what could potentially tear them apart? AMAZING!!

    Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Oliver comes back after leaving following a fight

    Untitled by @oneofakindxx - Oliver leaves Felicity to cook

    Salmon Ladder (Mini Drabble) by @felicityollies - Felicity (sort of) attempts the salmon ladder

    Untitled by @sologirl00 - Felicity throws a birthday party for Oliver

    The Arrangement multi-chapter by @queensoverwatch - Starling City’s most in-demand gigolo and a Vegas-born call girl. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the rest…or at least, it shouldn’t. Prostitute/gigolo AU. VERY HOT.

    Torches (5x20 Spec Drabble) by @dust2dust34 - What I would love to see in the S4.5 flashbacks in 5x20 (with a bit of my delusional wishes at the end, as usual).

    Nightmares (Mini Drabble) by @felicityollies - Olicity + “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

    Post 5x20 Spec Fic by @skcoliticy - What happens next for Olicity

    5x20 Filler Fic by @anthfan - What happens directly after Olicity are rescued

    A Day in the Life multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Felicity Smoak is an MIT graduate and assistant to Oliver Queen.   Suddenly she is his pretend girlfriend and in the spotlight.  Oliver Queen needs a girlfriend to get rid of an obsessive former lover and to please his parents. Fluffy, funny, happiness!

    From Neighbors to Something More by @bitchwhwifi - Felicity moves into a new apartment and doesn’t really have the most natural relationship with her neighbor, the one, and only Oliver Queen.

    Steady, Reassuring Rhythm by @wherethereissmoak - 5x20 Drabble - Felicity and Oliver find peace in the sound of each other’s heart beats.

    Bunker Rendezvous multi-chapter by @dmichellewrites - Initially, Curtis sets up a date night in for his favorite power as they transform their attic into a secondary bunker in case the first one ever becomes compromise yet again. Dinners and alcohol lead to some fun antics in numerous places of the lair, and sometimes Star City’s beloved married duo just can’t help themselves. Oliver and Felicity spend a lot of long nights in the lair. How do Dig and Thea feel about this?

    I Wrote Your Name in My Heart multi-chapter by @alanna-the-lionheart - Oliver is kidnapped and returns a different man. Heartbreaking and beautiful!

    Hope multi-chapter by @missyriver and victoriaOlicity Oliver Queen never thought he was the married with children kind of guy. But here he was, married to the love of his life, a son about to graduate, and a three-month old daughter who had him wrapped around her finger. The road to Hope was a long one, but he never stopped looking, never stopped fighting.

    Keep reading

    Thief Pt 2 // Park Jimin

    Pt. 1

    - Part Two: Coach

    summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

    words: 2,001

    category: prince au, fantasy au

    author note: here is the second part as promised!

    - destinee

    Originally posted by eatkookiie

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    ladyroseystuff  asked:

    How would you feel about a headcannon of how each of them would react to MC being in an abusive relationship (family or other). Sorry if it's weird, uncomfortable, or you've done a similar one. It helps me to see what others might do in a situation I've dealt with myself. (Btw been safe from it for 1yr & 5m ^^)

    This was a bit difficult to write as I have luckily never been in an abusive relationship but I hope I managed to portray the feelings enough.

    I’m so glad that you’re safe from it now because no-one should have to be in a situation like that!

    I’ll warn here and put the headcanons under the cut because there are mentions of abuse and I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable ~H x

    RFA reacts to an MC in an abusive relationship

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    BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.10

    A/N: Sorry that this took so long you guys, but I deadass rewrote and deleted this three times. So, this is the fourth and final draft and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Yall finna hate me with this ending though, plus I mapped out what I want to happen all the way to chapter 20 ;). Well, you know 100 notes and feedback please. I hope you cutie pies enjoy

    **WARNINGS**: Mentions of sexual acts

    Parts: one,two, , three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

    “Y/N,” Ashton began as he sighed through the phone,“Don’t freak out, but-”

    “I know, fuck, I know.” She interrupted. “I fucked up.”

    “No, it’s okay. They were bound to find out anyway and-”

    “But I’ve could’ve prolonged it!” You shouted.“I wasn’t thinking when I left the house last night and-”

    “Y/N, calm down. It’s okay.” He reassured,“Just get some rest.”

    Once he hung up the phone you let out a loud groan as tossed yours to the side, mentally beating yourself up about what you had caused. Because of your carelessness, the whole world now knew that you were pregnant.

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    Fabulous Olicity Fanfic Friday - May 19th, 2017

    Happy Friday! So this is my attempt to both thank awesome fanfic writers for their amazing work and offer my recommendations to anyone who is interested. Here are the fantastic fanfic stories I read this week! They are posted in the order I read them.

    The Sound of an Arrow multi-chapter by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Five years ago, Oliver Queen lost his wife in a car accident. Twenty years ago, Felicity Smoak’s father kissed her on the forehead and disappeared from her life.Now, she is the nanny for the six adorable Queen children, fighting to restore love in the mansion and trying to deal with the difficult-to-get-along-with Oliver, all the while as she continues to stumble upon evidence that could drag the Queen family further into darkness.

    Time for a Story multi-chapter by @smkkbert - This fic shows Olicity and their life as a (married) couple with family. Although Olicity (and their kids) are the protagonists, other characters of Arrow and Flash make appearances.

    Wishful Thinking ficlets by @wherethereissmoak​ - wrote for the 5x22 released photos

    Clashing Parallels multi-chapter by @marytagus - Oliver Queen, the recently returned from the dead rich playboy, and Felicity Smoak, newly arrived at Starling City, find themselves unknowingly living parallel lives. What happens when parallels clash together… Part 1:
    Part 2:

    What Happens in Vegas by @realityisoverrated-fic - Tommy surprises Felicity at dinner with Donna. Things heat up when they get back to Felicity’s hotel room and receive a phone call from Oliver.

    In Another Life (I Could be Your Man) multi-chapter by @angelicmisskitty - Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him. He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ) LOVE LOVE, LOVE!

    Post 5x20: Olicity Moments by @hotsforolicity - This is a one-shot as a continuation of episode 5x20. Starting from the last hospital scene.

    The More I See You by @dmichellewrites - Oliver and Thea are still torn between the man they thought they knew. Robert would always be their father, and despite all his wrongs, the Queen siblings fight to honor his memory in their own. Multiple pep talks with Felicity show Oliver the kind of man, hero, and husband, he truly wants to be.

    I Don’t Know Where to Go From Here multi-chapter by @bri617aroundtheworld - Oliver and Felicity meet again more than a year after their break-up, only to find out some shocking truths that make them quickly realize not everything about their split was quite as black and white as it seemed at the time. They both have to reevaluate their past choices and make a decision for the future. But does it change anything? Can they find a way to come back to each other or did they destroy their relationship for good?

    A Red Pen Surprise by @ibelievenu - Felicity gives Oliver his birthday gift

    5x22 Drabble by @charlinert - What could happen at Oliver’s Birthday Party

    The Hardest Target multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - When Felicity was a child her father developed an AI program that eventually brought their family fame and fortune. As she grew her father faded away his business grew and their bond shattered. After a car accident almost got her best friend Sara Lance killed Felicity’s father made a choice…this choice would radically alter the course of her life. Now 5 years after the plane crash that killed her father and left her stranded she’s come home to defeat the enemies her father’s work created. The target is H.I.V.E’s gun for hire, his name is unknown but his skills are deadly. He works for Damian Darkh who’s allied with the one and only Quentin Lance Starlings chief of police. The only problem with her brand new life is Oliver Queen. He feels foreign yet familiar at the same time. She’s drawn to him as he is to her but the question is why? What brings them together and what could potentially tear them apart? AMAZING!!

    Wish Come True by @perfectlittlesoul - For the first time in over a decade, Oliver truly enjoys his birthday.

    Lady in Red by @felicityollies - Oliver is a fan of Felicity’s white and red dress (5x21)

    Somethings are Meant to Be by @pimsiepim - sequel to His Girl Wednesday which you REALLY NEED in your life if you missed read here: Set after Oliver returns to Star City after being missing for 3 years, it is shaping up to be just as awesome as His Girl Wednesday

    Trust Me multi-chapter by @felicityollies - When a prostitute meets the perfect client, she has to remind herself that there’s no room for getting close to someone in her line of work.

    Keep it Professional multi-chapter by @mogirl97 - Oliver is assigned to be Felicity’s bodyguard

    To Make You Feel My Love multi-chapter by @smkkbert - One year after the Gambit went down, the incredible happens: Oliver is found alive and brought back to Starling City. All he wants is getting back to Felicity and Madeleine. Though Felicity welcomes him back with her arms wide open, Oliver struggles to find his place in the family. It seems like his place – at least in Mae’s heart – is already taken. And it doesn’t help that it’s his best friend Tommy who seems to have taken it.

    Words We Couldn’t Say by @dmichellewrites - Felicity and Donna both have news to share with each other. Tensions are continuing to rise since the two haven’t seen one another in year when Donna eloped with Quentin on a cruise without her daughter and son-in-law there. Dynamics among the Smoak, Queen, and Lance family changes with utterances of three life-changing words.

    A life with love, is a life that’s been lived by @foreverfelicityqueen - Chase had been defeated, but at what cost? He took so much effort to destroy Oliver’s life, and those he holds dear. And sometimes even when someone is beat, they still win a little.

    Untitled @oneofakindxx - Oliver threatens a man and his wife is not impressed.

    Honey, I Shrunk the Girl by @felicityollies - Felicity just wanted to help her friends with their latest scientific project. The last thing she expected was to end up only inches tall.

    Room in Your Heart for More multi-chapter by @wherethereissmoak -
    Army vet Oliver Queen returns from overseas to find out that he has a 5-year-old son. He is fighting for custody, but is struggling to prove he is a fit father. It’s especially hard because he really has no idea what he’s doing. By chance he meets single mother Felicity Smoak, who swoops in like an angel to help him become comfortable in his role as a father. Felicity is recovering from her a recent trauma, and as a vet Oliver is able to be the support that she needs. Together, they learn to open up their hearts in ways they never thought possible. I ADORE this story!

    Pieces of Always multi-chapter by @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 - Life continues after Forever is Composed of Nows. Ongoing non-linear collection of family moments for the Queens.

    Return to Me multi-chapter by @diggo26 - What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

    Happy Mother’s Day by @perfectlittlesoul - Felicity realises what her favourite holiday is an why.

    Oliver’s Journal by @geneshaven - July 2016 entry

    How We Became Porn Stars by @cruzrogue - Olicity’s private time has unexpected consequences

    Summer House multi-chapter by @laurabelle2930 - Oliver Queen has been missing for two years. On the eve of his 2nd anniversary the local paper with the families consent has decided to run a memorial article since one was never done when he first went missing. Sara Lance was assigned the story at first but know the paper’s hotshot reporter Felicity Smoak has been assigned the story. Felicity must now put her personal feelings aside as she searches for the truth to Oliver Queen’s disappearance.

    As Easy As Falling multi-chapter by @charlinert - Felicity has just received tragic news when she meets Oliver, I believe there is hope, highly recommend but you will cry but not every chapter!

    Oliver’s Birthdays by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Oliver finally learns how to love his birthday.

    Bound to You multi-chapter by @bindy417 - Felicity is an ARGUS agent and Oliver with the Bratva but they met long before that! This story gives the past and the present. SO AWESOME.

    Sometimes, Love Isn’t Enough multi-chapter by @arrowfan437 - A mark. In this world, it defines you. And who you are with your partner. Felicity’s been searching all around for the one that’ll bring meaning to her mark. And she found him. But after being around him for so long, she wonders why she was given the mark at all.

    The Hearts of Two Heroes by @geneshaven - In the hope and spirit of reconciliation…

    Untitled by @machawicket - Olicity discuss Felicity’s high heeled shoes

    Surprises by @dmichellewrites - Felicity throws Oliver a surprise birthday party, but that’s not the only shocker in store. The woman he loves also has some news that changes the course of their entire relationship for the better.

    Untitled by @smoakmonster - 5x22 Oliver’s Birthday Party Spec

    Untitled by @olicityhappyeverafter - 5x22 Oliver’s Birthday Party Spec

    As You Are by @oneofakindxx - Oliver takes an interest in Felicity’s musical taste

    Not Just a Sock Fetish by @alexiablackbriar13 - Support for Oliver’s love of socks

    Family Business by @arrowheadproductions - Ideal Olicity proposal

    Untitled by @thebookjumper - Felicity gets a mani pedi  in 3.5

    You Are My Always/Backpacking (Mini Drabble) by @felicityollies - Oliver and Felicity hiking the pacific crest trail during their five months away

    Star City Ninja Warrior by @imusuallyobsessed - prompt: “Somebody write me the Mayor Queen does an obstacle course for charity and the whole city goes nuts AU please and thank you”

    Untitled by @dust2dust34 - Missing scene from Oliver’s Birthday party

    Goodbye - An Olicity Ficlet by @olicity-i-believe-in-you - Olicity say goodbye

    Felicity Smoak - Model, International Star and Murderer? multi-chapter by @tdgal1 - Oliver is called defended international Star Felicity Smoak when she is charged with murder - I can’t express how excited I am about this!

    Untitled @machawicket - 5x22 Missing scene -

    The Firebird multi-chapter by @supersillyanddorky06 - Felicity Smoak stumbles upon a man dressed in black about to kill someone. The man takes an interest in her and she does not realize who he is. He is Al Sah-Him, the best assassin in The League, the crown jewel of the brotherhood, who is known for his lethal focus and killer instincts, brought up in the League itself. What happens when he is taken completely with the blonde? Assassin AU. Basically a what if Felicity met Al Sah-Him and not Oliver Queen story.

    I Have Been Homesick for You Since We Met by @theshipsfirstmate - Post-5x21, Felicity watches Oliver’s press conference and has a talk with Thea.

    You’re My Happy Story by @alanna-the-lionheart - Takes place immediately following 3x23. The beginning of Oliver and Felicity’s road trip, a visit to Las Vegas…and a birthday surprise.

    Secrets Don’t Make Friends by @felicityollies - Felicity stumbles upon the lair after getting drunk at Verdant. She meets the Hood, but it doesn’t go as she expects.

    Keep reading

    “People who live in society have learnt how to see themselves, in mirrors, as they appear to their friends. I have no friends: is that why my flesh is so naked?“ 
    ― Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea.

    Of course, Natsu is the only one who is stupid enough to pull a one-night stand with his fiancée, who he doesn’t know is his fiancée.

    Double the Sin


    Chapter One

    Thinking Out Loud

    Hot, heavy, opened mouthed kisses.

    Her scent intoxicated him, vanilla flooding his nostrils.

    She placed light butterfly kisses along his jawline as she straddled his waist.

    One night stands weren’t his forte.

    However-"Gah!” He groaned tossing his head back, when the vixen of a woman decided to ground her hips onto his.

    “Oh,” she sang sexily, “I like that sound.”

    Her small hands unbuttoning his white dress shirt. Sliding her delicate hands under the fabric to appreciate the fine, hard lines his body had. “Mm, so you don’t just have a pretty face.” She whispered hotly in his ear. “I like.” Her nails scratched down his abs, making him hiss in pleasure.

    This woman was driving him insane, her breath lingering with wine and mint. Her kisses tempting him to just go and take control.

    She pulled away, chocolate orbs staring into his bottomless green ones. Gods, she was beautiful. Her long blonde hair, that was in a classy bun not too long away, cascaded down her shoulders messily.

    That sinfully short, black dressed teased him as it bunched around her thighs showing off her creamy long legs. The blonde noticed something, pressing a chaste kiss on his thin lips. “Whatcha thinking about?” She whispered.

    He caught her lower lip, nibbling on it gently. “You.” He replied quickly.

    She raised a perfect brow, adjusting herself to lie on his stomach. Face close, and plump, red lips mere millimeters away from his. “Good.” she moaned, kissing his nose, “I was thinking about you too.”

    The temptress buried her face in the crook of his neck, sucking, kissing and biting. Gods, she was a vixen. It was like she knew what he liked.

    “Oh?” He breathed heavily, “What about me?”

    Kissing up to his ear, she nibbled on it gently, “Just you-” she paused, pulling away. The man groaned from the lost of her lips. But seeing her straddling his hips, hair in a mess, and that sexy smirk tugging on her lips. “…And your pink hair.”

    “It’s salmon, dammit-” she cut him off kissing him fully. Her kisses were full of passion, and very hot. Her tongue wiped at the sea of his lips, begging for entrance which he allowed. Her hands that were fisting his open shirt were now tangled in his messy locks.

    The pink-haired man pulled away, which wasn’t very far, to stare at the beautiful girl above him. “You never told me your name.” he stated.

    She nipped at his lower lip, emitting a low growl from the man under her. “Does that even matter?”

    “Of course it matters,” he grunted nipping right back, “I need to know the name of the girl who is driving me insane.”

    She smiled sexily, leaning closer to his ear. “The name’s Lucy.” she breathed hotly.

    His jeans were painfully tight.

    She grinned widely, rubbing herself on the tent of his pants. “Na-gah! Ah!”

    “Na-gah?” she repeated playfully.

    “Na-” he took a deep breath, hands gripping her wide hips. “Natsu.”

    Lucy’s hands trailed down from his neck and to the top of his pants, fiddling with the belt. “Natsu?” Lucy said trying out his name, having it roll on her tongue.

    Natsu now believed hearing her say his name was the sexist sound ever.

    “Tell me, Natsu. Have you done something like this before?” Her words laced with everything but innocence.

    The blonde pressed herself harder against him. Gods, she was going to kill him.

    Natsu’s hands trailed down to the flesh of her ass and squeezed. That gave him the most delicious sound ever, a breathy moan. He rubbed himself against her.

    “You-ah! Never answered the question..” She cried out, hands cupping his face and leaning down to kiss him.

    She sucked on his tongue, groaning, and savoring the moan he let out. Thick, hot air surrounding them to the point where they couldn’t breathe.

    “You’re pretty sexy.” He whispered.

    “And you still haven’t answered my question.” She pointed out.

    A boyish grin took over his face, “Sex with a stranger? No.”

    “So I’m your first.” she teased, before lowering herself, chest to chest. “Good.”

    And all the fire that he stored in his body was soon released. No longer was she on top of him.

    Instead, he was pinning her down onto the hotel’s mattress.

    Hands, running up and down her creamy legs.

    “Surrender to me, Luce.”

    And she kissed him.

    Natsu groaned loudly; however the music had drowned out his voice.

    Why was he even at this party? Oh yes, that’s right. His boss made him.

    Or should he say his father?

    The young adult dressed nicely for the occasion, black slack and a button-down red dress shirt. Oh, he was highly attractive. All the women there made sure he knew that.

    Yes the women were pretty, but they were nothing compared to the beautiful blonde.

    Once again Natsu groaned, running his hand through his rose-colored locks in frustration.

    It’s been weeks. He had left her his number, and she even promised to call. But no. It’s been fucking weeks, and he hasn’t heard anything from her.

    As he turned to leave, a large hand slapped the man hard on the back almost knocking him over.

    Natsu growled, “Grr! What the hell was that, old man?”

    Igneel barked out laughing, “Cheer up boy, you look pathetic.” The older gentleman then thrust a cup in his son’s hand. “Drink!”

    As much as Natsu wanted to argue, he did look pretty pathetic. Without hesitation, he downed the liquid not minding the burning sensation in left in his throat.

    “Atta boy!” Igneel grinned, flashing his sharp teeth. “You have to look somewhat loose and decent. The Heartfilia family is here.” The man whispered the last part.

    Great, the most stuck-up family in the world. Fairytail has heard stories about the Heartfilias. That the owner was cruel and cared about no one except for making money. However, he did marry and had a child. Fairytail knew that his wife died years later, but no one knew about his child.

    Not until, about five years ago.

    Some expected his child to be a stuck up, heartless snob, and Natsu couldn’t help but believe those rumors.

    So when the idea of an arranged marriage was proposed, Natsu immediately tried to shoot that offer down.

    But Igneel talked to the man of the Heartfilia household and the idea was taken.

    Tonight was the night Natsu would finally meet his stuck up snob of a fiancée.

    “Igneel!” A deep voice bellowed to grab the red-head’s attention. Both Dragneels turned to the voice, only to stare into heartless brown eyes. So much for having the word heart in his last name.

    Igneel, however smiled, “Ah, Jude. Wonderful to have you join this gathering.” If gathering meant a party with all the biggest companies, then yes, a gathering.

    Jude nodded.

    After some awkward silence, Igneel introduced his son. “This is Natsu, future heir of the Fairytail and Dragneel Industries.”

    Natsu smiled forcefully, it was more like he was barring his teeth.

    “Charming.” Jude mocked emotionlessly.

    Natsu opened his mouth to say something, but his father’s hand rested on his shoulder.

    “I apologize for my daughter’s lateness. She seems to be around here somewhere.”

    As if she had a cue, a beautiful blonde strolled right next to the older man. Bowing slightly, “I am sorry for being so late. I got caught up in a conversation with the owner of Sabertooth.

    Jude frowned. "Being late is no excuse.”

    “Yes father.” She replied, it was like she had said it a million times before.

    The blonde looked up, and her doe brown eyes locked onto bottomless green. Eyes wide, and mouth forming a small o-shape.

    Natsu’s eyes were wide as saucers. He couldn’t believe it.

    The girl in front of him was the girl from that night.

    She was his fiancée?!

    “Natsu Dragneel. This is your fiancée.”

    “Lucy Heartfilia.”

    Note 1: I-I don’t know how I wrote this considering I am the complete virgin of all my friends. The only time I have kissed or held hands with someone was in truth or dare in 8th grade.

    This is just something new considering I have yet to update For Keeps.

    Please leave a review. Thanks, Love.