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(The Time It Takes) To Believe in Fate - Chapter 9 
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Teaser: Adam was familiar with secrets. He collected them throughout his life like tokens, cashing them in when they were useful, but almost always storing them for later. A carefully kept secret could be powerful. 

Ronan had secrets too, it seemed, and they put Adam’s to shame.

Prompt: Jaeha, Shuten

Most scenarios where the originals and current gen meet put the originals in the “experienced elder” role. How about a situation (time travel, dream, etc) where 19yo “trust no one, fight everyone” Shuten, still pretty new to being a dragon warrior, meets the current canon’s 25yo responsible big brother Jaeha?

Pffff.  There’s a special feature on the Flash season 3 DVDs; “Time Travel in the Flash Universe”.

And they’re being SUPER SERIOUS and sciency about the whole thing.  Which I genuinely appreciate.  I love science, science fiction, and especially time travel.

And all I can imagine is Barry Allen running in, flipping over a table and shouting, “THE FLASH CARES NOTHING FOR YOUR RULES AND SCIENCE!!”

Because THAT is time travel in the Flash universe.

Daily Klance Fanfic Recommendation 10/23

Lets Do This (Again) | By: DairyFarmer | Completed | 93,892 words | Teen & Up Audiences

Years after settling down and saving the universe Lance somehow ends up back in his younger body-the one before he became a paladin. Now he has to redo everything all over again. But maybe this is a chance to fix the mistakes he made along the way especially some pertaining to a certain mullet haired lover of his.


Since it’s Keith’s birthday I’m giving you guys a nice fluff fic. From what I remember there’s a little angst but it’s super cute. It’s not exactly all fluff though but more of a ‘I’m trying to make him fall in love with me’ type fluff which is honestly my favorite kind. Enjoy this on Keith’s birthday and happy birthday to our favorite red boy!

richard-knotel  asked:

London, 22nd. Oct. 1816. Sir, Having been reccomended this Publication by an Acquaintance, I wish to give you my Complements on maintaining such a Fine and Virtuous Magazine. Sir, your most obedient servant, Serjeant George Sellar, 72nd Foot.

Dear Sjt Sellar–

As ever I am Honoured and Amaz’d by the Breadth and Caliber of this Publication’s Readership–not only that it might reach the eyes of our Fighting Men, so Instrumental to that Sound Defeat of the Corsican, but to a Regiment so Far-flung as the Subcontinent! One hopes you are reminded enough of home to remember it fondly–yet not so much as to rue your Honourable Post abroad.

Faithfully &tc., the Editor*

*who can fight with no fiercer blade than a penknife.