that time that tim was jesus

Does anyone else think of that one issue of Red Robin, where Tim has M’gann pose as him at a press conference so that Vicki Vale sees Red Robin and Tim Drake in the same place at the same time, but nobody else knew about the set up besides the Batfam?

Can you just imagine the entire superhero community seeing Tim Drake on television being shot, and they’re all probably panicked, but then less than a millisecond later the camera pans to show Red Robin fighting Scarab, and they’re all throwing down their capes, cursing out Batman and the entire Batfamily.

Like, Conner was probably halfway to Gotham when Clark calls him, and Kon just stops midair and goes “jesus fuckign. How do you deal with this bat stuff?” Then Clark says “Don’t ask me. I just found out Bruce isn’t actually dead.”

dick, on the batfam’s comms: hey oracle can you contact red hood and remind him of tomorrow’s meeting?

steph: you already put it on the groupchat seven times, i think he got the message already

tim: he’s not on the groupchat though?

duke: wait what? i never noticed he wasn’t there..

dick: yeah when i wanted to add him he told me he doesn’t do groupchats

steph: … he’s in a groupchat with robin and me..

dick: .. why would you have a groupchat?

steph: uh. we talk about. you know. dying.

dick: you have a dead robins club?? red robin and i died too, you know

steph and damian, simultaneously: Nightwing-

duke: i swear i saw him talking in that groupchat once, this is like some next level mandela effect

tim: maybe you’re so powerful you’re getting memories from the duke of another universe.

dick: tim, duke, hold up a second– so spoiler, you’re trying to tell me red hood LIED to me?

damian: that’s correct. if it’s of any consolation, spoiler and hood are as insufferable texting as they’re online

Stephanie: oh shut up-

Duke: red robin don’t even start, I’m still not over that alternative universe bullshit from last month-

Dick: I cant believe hood would do that. He also told me he lost his phone on his last mission so he wouldn’t be able to answer my texts, was that a lie too?

stephanie: oh ‘wing..

tim: you really believed that? Nightwing, he was visibly texting when he told you that

duke: are we sure this is the guy who’s gonna become batman, greatest detective in the world, if B kicks the bucket?

tim: if

steph: don’t be silly, batgirl is gonna be batman if B dies, isn’t that right bats?

cass: yes

dick: jesus, i thought you weren’t linked to the comms, how long have you been listening??

jason: i assume the whole time, like me

dick: HOOD why did you lie to me??

jason: because I hate you.

duke: oh wow. now THAT’S a comeback

jason: listen now, you yellow fuck-

oracle: are you guys really still fighting about this during an arkham break out


tim: are we really not gonna talk about “if“bruce dies?

You’re Gonna Be Okay

A/N: Soo… I kinda rushed this because I haven’t posted something in a long time and I’m not completely satisfied and was very hesitant to post this but hey. Here it is. Also this is my first time in a while to write in third person so… yeah, Also! Let me know if you’d like a part 2! Enjoy!

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Pairing: Tim Drake x Speedster!Reader (Siblings)

 Warning(s): Implied Abuse

Word Count: 1400+ (JeSUS)

Tim sat silently on the windowsill of a tall building, one leg pressed against his chest while the other dangled off the side. A light, cold breeze passed by him as he scanned the small neighbourhood he was watching. He breathed in the scent of rain coming strong from the air around him, seeing the clouds rolling in rather quickly in the distance from the corner of his eye. He couldn’t help let out of groan of annoyance, staring at the pitch black storms clouds before turning his attention back to the small, sketchy neighbourhood.

His eye caught a small blur race into an alleyway, being engulfed by the darkness filling the narrow street. Tim didn’t think much at first but his curiosity got to him and he found himself glancing at the same alleyway, a feeling told him that he could miss this chance and regret it for a long time. He bit his bottom lip in slight frustration, taking a moment to think before jumping from the windowsill, careful with his movements and landing on the street quietly in an effort not to startle anything or anyone.

He was slow, his eyes immediately catching to a small child curled up against wall, quietly whimpers could be heard as the figure violently shook. TIm had to admit it was rather cold out, and no doubt this child would be freezing, from what he could observe the kid only wore a gown and ripped socks.

His first thought was to call either Dick or Bruce about this situation, the kid was no older than 8 and what he could tell this was no condition a child should be in. When he got closer he could feel his stomach drop, he couldn’t think straight and a strange feeling of guilt washed over him as he crouched down before the fragile kid.

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Headcanon that Tim isn't allowed to be on interviews without someone else because of one time when he was on no sleep and someone asked about the robins and he answered "Marry, Fuck, Kill" style

anon, ANON I AM CRYING JESUS TITS. Because I can just see it my god

“So Mr. Drake-Wayne, your adoptive Father is heading Batman Inc but he mentioned it was initially your idea. How did you come up with it?” The pretty young reporter asks, Tim blinks out of sequence, one lid after another. Is today Tuesday? No wait last week was Tuesday so that makes today…

“I like birds,” he says quietly because it seemed like a completely reasonable answer in his head. He does like birds, except when those birds are trained by ninjas try to kill him and are lil jerks who steal socks from his drawer. Dami doesn’t even take Tim’s boring normal socks, he takes the soft fuzzy Batman print socks the little demon. Tim will take revenge by… putting… wet tuna, yes in his pillow case. Yes. Good one Timmy, thank you Timmy.

“Oh really? You like the Robins? Who do you like best?” The reporter asks giddily, hoping to confirm the prevalent rumor that the Wayne boy is attracted to men. Tim himself misses the subtext because he’s distracted by the fact that her hair looks like a bees nest. Hmm, bees?

“I think,” Tim begins calmly and seriously, “I would Marry Nightwing. He’s very strong and supportive and I think he would be the most helpful with my many emotional needs.” Tim shrugs, “plus he seems like the kind of guy who would take out the trash without being nagged, any one with the self-confidence to wear a spandex onsie in public must be considerate like that.”

“I guess I’d Fuck Red Hood, cause y'know Robin is underage and all and also the bane of my existence.” Tim pauses in consideration mostly because the florescent lights above him seem brighter than normal, a coded message? “I mean yeah he’s brutal in the streets but I imagine he would be better in… no wait that dick gave me a wedgie two weeks ago. I change my answer, I want the pretty blonde Robin. I bet she could kill me with her thighs and I, for one, would relish that since I haven’t slept in 6 days.”

“And yeah I guess that means I have to kill Robin but like that seems super unfair because like, the brat seems like he’s gone through a lot and Batman would be sad and I’d have to fake my death and go on the lamb and have to rely on wedgie assholes like the Hood to get me safely out of Gotham and establish a new ID out of the country where Batman can’t track me down cause Batman is a lil bitch who can’t admit I’m better than him like hello man, ever heard of out with the old, in with the new you old goat? Anyway, how about I just push the kid around a bit and then buy him an ice cream. I’m totally not mad he’s Robin or anything, not anymore, only a little bit.”

There’s a long drawn out pause, Tim just smiles but his eyes are like glass, wide and unseeing.

“Are there any more questions?” He squints his eyes at the camera, “is that Bruce? Hey B wazzup? Wait? What do you mean the interview is over and we’re going home? I don’t understand.”

Tease (Bruce Wayne x Batmom)

Request: “#45 with Bruce?” from anon.

A/N: I got your message anon, don’t worry. 

Warnings: *****NSFW!!! PURE NSFW!!! This is the first time I’m writing smut so please bear with me. I really need Jesus. I can’t believe I wrote this but for you guys i would write the most smuttiest fic ever if that brings you enjoyment. I’m a freaking virgin so idek if the sex was right. But for real though guys, don’t read this if you’re uncomfortable with NSFW.*******

Prompt: “Enjoying the view there?”

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @tim-help @avengerdragoness


It didn’t take you that long to realize that Bruce was trying to make you want him desperately. 

The first time was when you came back from work. You were laying on your bed comfortably on your stomach, wondering what time your husband will be home that night.

You were so close to falling asleep when you felt the other side of the bed dipped in. Bruce kissed the back of your neck, “Missed me, sweetheart?” He asked, voice low and husky.

You hummed in response. He started running his rough hand up and down your upper naked thigh. You felt him scoot closer, pressing himself against you. You smiled when you felt him through your silk nightgown. 

He pushed your nightgown up just below your chest and slowly slid his hand down to your lower abdomen, but stopped when he had only two fingers under you panties.

He smirked when you started to squirm, “Goodnight, Mrs. Wayne.” He chuckled.

You whimpered, “You’re such a cruel husband.”

The second time was when you found Bruce working out in his gym. You were only going there to ask him what he wanted for lunch but you were completely thrown off when he was lifting weights. He was sweaty and shirtless, giving you a full view of his flexing muscles.

You bit your lip. How can a man be this perfect? The only thing you could think about was having him on top of you.

He saw you looking in the corner of his eye and smirked, he put the weights back on its rack and sat up to drink his water. 

He got up and swung a folded towel around the back of his neck, stretching his arms. You felt something tug in your lower stomach. Whatever he’s trying to do to you is defenitely working. Big time.

Enjoying the view there?” Bruce called out, giving you his signature smirk.

You growled, “Just tell me what you want for lunch so I can leave while I still have my sanity.”

The third time was when he finally broke you.

You were taking a hot shower, washing your hair and humming to a song that was stuck in your head. You sighed as you felt the hot water run down your back and rinsing the shampoo away from your hair. 

You felt a hand snake around you chest, covering your breasts, “I didn’t ask you to join me.” You said matter factly.

His shower had no curtain nor sliding doors since his bathroom is so big. So you didn’t hear him at all when he came in.

Bruce kissed your shoulder, “Shhh.”

You breath hitched in your throat when you felt his erection on your thigh, “Bruce…” You warned.

He ignored you and separated your legs, pushing you against the shower wall, letting the water fall on both of you, “How long has it been since we’ve made love, (Y/N)?” He asked, crossing your wrists behind your lower back.

You moaned when he placed his tip on your slit, “That’s your fault for being a tease these pass few days.”

He took a handful of your hair in his, pushing himself further in you. You let out a loud moan, “Bruce!”

He was slow at first, but once you begged him to go faster he happily obliged, “Oh my God!”

He turned you around, lifting you up against the wall and slammed back into you again, keeping up with the fast pace. You wrapped your legs around his naked waist, doing everything you can to bring him in more deeper, “Oh fuck!”

Bruce grunted, leaning down to bite gently on one of your nipples. You screamed with delight, arching you back, “Yes! Oh my God yes!”

He spent his time licking and sucking before he moved to the other. Pleasure exploded through your entire body when you felt him cum inside you. You were shaking in pure bliss when you finally released. Bruce moaned your name into your ear when you cummed all over his manhood, “Fuck, (Y/N)!”

He slid outside of you, leaving a trail of cum connecting the both of you. Bruce kissed you passionately, but when he pulled back he gently pushed you down to your knees. You grinned as he gripped his throbbing cock and slid it into your watering mouth.

 “You know what to do.”

The Tower

The clock read 3 a.m.

Tim stared at it for what seemed like an eternity before letting out a deep breath. He was tired, and this time it wasn’t his fault. His body seemed to be dead set on rebelling against him, refusing to let him sleep, bombarding his mind with negativity, the chemicals setting off those intrusive, dark thoughts that always seemed to clump in his brain like a tumour.

Tim felt his heart clench in a millisecond of sheer panic, but then remembered: it was just the depression.

He worked his fingers under the thick black rims of his old glasses, massaging his eyes, lingering on the dark circles, stretching skin and dragging hands down his face before turning back to the computer screen. Green numbers and symbols reflected off of a blank, empty gaze.

He was tired.

“Go the fuck to sleep, Timmy. Before I knock your lights out myself.”

Tim started at the sound of Jason’s voice, turning in his chair to find his brother standing in the doorway, his arms crossed, a disapproving frown fixed across his face as he looked Tim up and down.

“Jesus, Tim…” he said. “How long have you been awake this time?”

“I can’t remember, but it’s been a while,” Tim admitted, pausing before adding quickly: “it’s not my fault.”

Jason pursed his lips as if he were trying to decide whether or not Tim was telling the truth.

“I could really take you up on your offer, actually,” Tim said wearily, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes.

“What offer?”

“You said you’d ‘punch my lights out’? Honestly, since sleeping pills don’t seem to work anymore, that seems the quickest way… might hurt in the morning though.”

Jason ran a hand through his hair with a rough sigh, making his way over to where Tim sat. He pulled up another chair and sat with his chest against the back, resting his chin on his arms as he pondered Tim’s request.

“I could always read you ‘Wayne or Lose’… that usually bores the hell out of me.”

Tim opened his eyes and threw Jason a dirty look. “I wrote that, Jay.”

Jason returned Tim’s gaze pointedly, a smirk playing on the corner of his lips. “I know.”

Tim rolled his eyes in response and crumbled into a small ball in the chair, hugging his knees tightly and burying his face in them. The cave was starting to twist and turn in a morbid battle of shadows and eerie lights that sparked in the corner of his eyes. His stomach turned with the need for sleep, bones practically aching for it.

It was that awful feeling you get when you know you need to cry, but you can’t. You know that having a good cry, letting it all out like removing the venom of a snake, would make you feel a thousand times better… but for some inexplicable reason, you just can’t.

His chest shuddered with the need to break down, but the laughing voices in his head would not allow him, continued to batter against his brain with their accusations and sharp criticisms of worthlessness and failure.

He was tired.

Suddenly, Tim felt himself being enveloped by warmth as a blanket was draped over his shoulders.

He looked up to meet the deep, overflowing eyes of Jason, who held his gaze for only a moment before holding up a book and beginning to read.

It took Tim a while to latch on to the words, to really hear them. They weren’t as easy for him to understand as computer code, did not come as smoothly as academic articles explaining the chemical breakdown of fear gas….

But Jason’s words washed over him in a lulling, mesmerising way that made him feel as if he weren’t really there in this world, in this reality. Not in the awful, detached, dissociating way that Tim was used to. Rather, it were as if he were being gently tugged away from his fears, away from the pains and aches and sorrows and nagging anxiety, and brought into stillness.

Tim closed his eyes again, and heard Jason turn the page, the paper crinkling softy in the silence of the cave. The melancholy, still voice grew distant as he faded into a deep sleep…

“'Now shall I make my soul,
Compelling it to study
In a learned school
Till the wreck of body,
Slow decay of blood,
Testy delirium
Or dull ineptitude,
Or what worse evil comeー
The death of friends, or death
Of every brilliant eye
That made a catch in the breathー
Seem but clouds of the sky
When the horizon fades,
Or a bird’s sleepy cry
Among the deepening shades.’”

Eyes Closed (M)

G-Dragon: Angst/Small amount of fluff/Eventual smut

PART 2-A: The One About The Night Before

A/N: Crap sorry it’s so late you guys, I was trying to edit as fast as I could I swear! But if there are typos my bad lmao Anyway I feel like this one is a bit short but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

P.S. Part 2-B should be out some time tomorrow.

(Part One)

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       I woke up with a jolt and a cold sweat, feeling like the entire room was still spinning; physically feeling like I got hit by an eighteen wheeler. I brushed some of the mess of hair from my face and through half lidded eyes I tried to look around the room to make sure I didn’t end up in some stranger’s place; thankfully for my dignity I wasn’t but unfortunately for my ego, I wasn’t.

      “Ugh what time is it?” I groaned reaching for my phone on the nightstand. Fumbling around the nightstand the only thing my hand was met with was the touch activated lamp that blinded me with a bombardment of light. “Argh no!” I threw my arm across my face. I frantically hurried to shut off the lamp that felt like it was emitting the rays from the sun. Only managing to open one eye I looked around for my phone and discovered it was strewn on the floor with a mess of clothes and shoes. I groaned again not wanting to leave the comfort of the bed, I outstretched my hand nearly falling off the bed and quickly nabbed my phone and hauling myself back into my previous position under the covers. Pressing the home button to my phone I again was greeted with a flash bomb of light and covered my face with my hand; slapping myself in the process. Still adjusting to the light I peeked through my fingers desperately looking to find the time. ‘2:00 p.m. fuck’ With my phone unlocked I went wide eyed, ‘Shit, shit, shiiiit’ I thought; I had 17 missed calls and 10 voicemails from Saige. Looking for some kind of answer I scrolled through her text messages that only seemed to get more and more aggressive the further I scrolled along.

      ‘Alex where the hell did you go?’ <received 1:44 am>

      ‘Itsf o k im with djsaho’ <sent 1:52 am>

      ‘Ok bitch you are waaaaaaay too fucked up, where are you?’ <received 1:52 am>

      ‘Urd th e bitc yo bcht’ <sent 1:55 am>

      ‘I’m being serious Alex, if the paparazzi or some douche bag from the internet get a picture of you like this we are royally screwed’ <received 1:55 am>

      ‘Dnt wrry Gbe okie’ <sent 1:56 am>

      ‘Dont do this to me McMahon, WHERE ARE YOU????’ <received 1:56 am>

      ‘Byiii cee yu ntx wek’ <sent 1:57 am>

      ‘Wtf do you mean see you next week???’ <received 1:57 am>

      ‘Alex?’ <received 1:59 am>

      ‘HELLO?!’ <received 2:01 am>


      ‘I swear to God when I see you I am going to kick your ass’ <received 2:06 am>



      ‘Ok somebody told me you went home with someone, for your sake I hope it was Jesus and not that DJ Saho or whatever’ <received 2:15 am>

      ‘Open the door! You know I can hear you and DJ what’s his face laughing!’ <received 2:30 am>

      ‘I don’t care that we are staying at the Palace Hotel Alexandra. I WILL break down this door if you don’t open up!’ <received 2:32 am>

      ‘OPEN THE DOOR’ <received 2:33 am>

      ‘No oo itd coolr ift yo u berki t don’ <sent 2:33 am>

      ‘I SWEAR TO GOD’ <received 2:34 am>

      ‘Fine see if I care when you end up on the cover of some Korean tabloid and Ji-Yong finds out you’re here’ <received 2:36>

      ‘wh att’ <sent 2:36>

      ‘Good night Alex :)))’ <received 2:37>

      Re-reading the last exchanges between us my heart felt like it started beating so fast that it was bound to burst right out of my chest any second. ‘Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuck. How could I have been so stupid?!’  I thought to myself. Normally I’d say I don’t care but that is far from where I am mentally. Suddenly I was brought out of my thoughts by a loud knocking on my door. Still paranoid with the thought of J-him seeing me I climbed out of bed and approached the door carefully. The closer I got to the door the more anxious I became; that mixed with the killer hangover that hit me like a ton of bricks was quite possibly the worst combination of things that could happen at a time like this. The knocking started to feel like the noise was pounding against my skull, wanting to rid myself of this monstrous beating on my brain I opened the door without hesitation. Only to be met with the last person I would ever think would show up at my door.

      “Alex?” he raised an eyebrow.

      “Tim?” I reciprocated.

      “Jesus H–no offence but Saige wasn’t kidding when she said you might look like you crawled out of Hell this morning”

      I clenched my jaw “Just come in before anyone else has to endure my ugly” I slammed the door shut behind him causing myself to wince at what sounded like an explosion went off in my brain.

      Trailing behind him I watched him maneuver his way over the mess that was all over the floor; just clothes and shoes in different piles scattered in every square inch of the room.

      “Jeez, you didn’t want to clean up first?” he said finally making it to the bed.

      Too exhausted to argue I rolled my eyes and plopped back on the bed beside him.

      “Man, guess you had a good night last night?” he smiled leaning back on his elbows.

      “Ugh, if this is what this hangover from Hell is indicating…I wish I hadn’t” I covered my eyes with my arm “When did you get in by the way? I thought you were going to be in Japan until tomorrow? And not that I don’t love you but why are you here in the first place?”

      He chuckled “To answer your questions: I got in about three hours ago, I had a change of plans aaand Saige sent me on a recon mission”


      “She said and I quote ‘Dear God Tim would deal with her because I can’t take her after last night’ end quote” He chuckled again “Also seeing as two of my best friends just got here the night before and one of them was already causing trouble I decided that spending time with that girl in Japan was not really worth it…”

      I uncovered my eyes with a gasp “Oh my God, you are such a jerk–”

      “Relax” he put up his hand “whatever we had between us wasn’t really going anywhere anyway. I think she really just wanted to be with me so she could say she was with me. Seeing as who I hang out with nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to figure out who wants to hang out with me for me and not for ‘Tim Drake, the DJ who so happens to be signed to Seungri’s music label so that must mean he is friends with BigBang’. I mean they’re not wrong, I am friends with them but still it the principle of the thing” he rolled his eyes.

      Merely looking at his face I could tell he was genuinely hurt, he was one of the nicest and most sincere people I have ever met and just knowing that my selfish wish somewhat came true made my heart hurt.

      “I mean I guess that’s what you get for being such a hot shot DJ with an attractive everything to match” I said trying to make light of the situation.

      “Shut up” he laughed “By the way, are you just gonna chill in your underwear the entire time or are you gonna put on a robe?”

      I looked down at my bra “Tim it’s not like it’s the first time you’ve seen me in my underwear. I think we are past that point in our friendship”

      “I mean I don’t have a problem, I just don’t want you to think I’m being a perv” he said sincerely.

      “I would never” I jokingly gasped and placed a hand on his shoulder “Anyway, tell me about your new life here: How do you like it? How’s it been? Besides that girl, how is your love life here? You know all that good stuff” I rolled over on my side to face him.

      “Its been..good?”

      “That doesn’t sound too convincing Timmoth” I squinted my eyes at him.

      He let out a small laugh “No I’m serious! Everything’s been great so far, minus the whole ‘love life’ thing” he air quoted.

      “So does that mean you and Chaerin still haven’t talked?” I rested my head on my arm.

      “Yes, that means I still haven’t talked to Chaerin. Honestly I don’t think that’ll ever happen. I mean I invited her to my party so the only thing I can do now is wait and see if she decides to show up. But I’m not going to be completely heartbroken if she doesn’t, at this point I’m used to getting the short end of the stick with her” he sighed.

      “She’ll show I’m sure of it, if there is one thing that sticks with you after breaking up with your boyfriend no matter how long ago it was you always remember those tiny details about them. She, I’m sure, is no different”

      “Don’t even get my hopes up” he playfully pushed my shoulder “Alright enough about my lackluster love life, what about you huh? I’ve only heard about your rendezvous through what people tag me in on twitter”

      I rolled on to my back again staring up at the ceiling “Ugh. I’ll just say it’s slim pickins in LA. I seriously feel like I’ve about dated everyone in Hollywood at this point. I’m just so bored with everyone there, Saige suggested we move to Manhattan for a while to get a change of scenery and…men”

      He let out another small laugh “Orrr

      “Or what?” I turned my head to face him.

      “Or you could come move here and not only would have a complete change of scenery but you’d get to be with me and also an entire new buffet of men to choose from” he wiggled his eyebrows “Ya know” he cleared his throat “I happen to know one or two, single, billionaire musical geniuses that–”

      “Ha-ha very funny” I interjected “don’t even go there Tim”

      “Oh come on Alex!” he put a hand on my shoulder “You’re gonna see him this weekend anyway, why prolong the inevitable?!”

      I brushed his hand off my shoulder.

      “Okay, okay I take it you’re still mad at me about me not telling you that he was coming until you were on your flight over here, but what was I supposed to do? If i had told you earlier you would have either A) not come at all or B) run out of the airport and go AWOL again!” he scrunched up his eyebrows.

      I took and deep breath and looked away from him.

      “And I couldn’t just not invite him when all of the other guys were going to be there, that would have looked super shady on my part. Besides I know you two have your issues, that you still refuse to tell anyone why you guys broke up about in the first place, but he’s also a homie”

      I turned back to glare at him “Okay well then why don’t you marry him then if he such a good homie?”

      “Very mature” he stuck out his tongue “look you and I both know I love you more than anyone in the entire universe, but you also gotta understand he and I are still cool. He’s also one of the biggest musical influences here and I’d really rather not get on his shit list”

      “Are you just doing this because you want me to talk to him?” I raised an eyebrow “What about girl code? If I hate someone you hate them right back, you don’t just hang out with them like it’s nothing and twiddle your thumbs up each other’s asses!”

      “First off, ouch how dare you say I broke girl code ” he pretended to act hurt “And secondly, I didn’t just do this because I wanted you two to talk…well actually that’s partially it…but that’s not the point! What matters is that we all enjoy ourselves this weekend and celebrate not only my day of birth but also my first album finally dropping; all while making sure it is completely drama free for everyone involved” he smiled.

      I crossed my arms and let out a big sigh.

      “Besides, I think after last night you don’t need anymore drama to be broadcasted out for the world to see”

      I sat up quickly “W-what do you mean?”

      “Oh, you haven’t seen?” he sat up with a concerned look on his face “Well ummm…here let me show you”

      ‘Oh God, Saige was right why didn’t my drunk ass just listen to her?!’ I thought to myself. ‘Oh man she really is gonna kick my ass when she sees me…’

      Tim, taking out his phone pulled up some news article that held embarrassing pictures of my drunk self with some guy. Thankfully most all of them were grainy and the pictures were kind of dark, all except for one.

      “What.the.f–” I let out a blood curdling scream.

      “Hyung, don’t get me wrong I just don’t think this is a good idea” Seungri tried for the thousandth time to pull Young-Bae back by his arm.
      “I already told you, we at least have to make sure he’s alive” Young-Bae said undeterred by the maknae’s actions “What are you so afraid of?”
      “And I already told you, if Ji-Yong Hyung is even possible of being conscious he is going to be pissed that we woke him up just to see if he’s still living and have us maimed!” the younger man pulled on his Hyung’s shoulder.

      The older man simply smiled “Not me”

      “Oh must be nice being the golden star best friend! In case you haven’t noticed, Ji-Yong Hyung loves to show me gestures of his affection by inflicting nothing but pain on me and therefore gaining some kind of sick pleasure from hurting me!”

      The older man stopped in his tracks causing the maknae to slightly bump into him “Seungri we’ve all been friends for longer than ten years, don’t you think if he actually wanted you dead he would have done it by now?” he smiled and continued walking.

      Seungri stuck in the spot that he stood thought before he spoke “You know that’s not actually very reassuring!” he called after his Hyung.

      Young-Bae now at the end of the hallway shot Seungri another smile but this one evoking an eye smile along with it. The maknae picked up his pace and swifty jogged to the older man’s position. Both now staring down the door to Ji-Yong’s condo they both were thinking about the repercussions of actually waking the dragon. Young-Bae not wanting to take the first blow pushed the younger man in front of him.

      “Well go ahead, knock on the door” he gestured with his hand.

      Seungri dramatically pointed to himself “Me? You want me to knock on the door?”

      The older man nodded.

      “Hyung were you not listening to anything I was saying back there?” he stared at Young-bae incredulously “Wow. you all must really want me out of BigBang, well it was nice knowing you”

      “Yah” the older man smacked him behind the head “Don’t be so melodramatic and knock on the door would you? And besides we can’t afford to lose you. You’re too important”

      The younger man rubbed the back of his head “Wah. do you mean that Hyung?”

      “Yea if we lose you then who else are we going to pick on? Dae-Sung? Not on your life” he said with a smug smile on his face.

      The maknae looked to the heavens and closed his eyes, cursing at his Hyungs in his head; the only place he was safe to do so.

      “Yah!” another smack to the back of the head “Quit being a dick in your thoughts and knock on the damn door!”

      Seungri went wide eyed; guess he wasn’t so safe in his own mind after all. He shakily raised his fist in the air toward the ever menacing black door. What laid beyond that threshold could either be a nice Ji-Yong welcoming them into his home or the actual Ji-Yong who was going to rip Seungri a new one for waking him. The maknae took a deep breath before he gave three small knocks.

      “Hyung?” he whispered.

      Young-Bae side eyed him “What human being in your right mind is going to be able to hear that?” The older man grabbed a hold of the maknae’s fist and raised it to pound on the door.

      “No, Hyung wait!”

      With not even a full knock, the door swung wide open. As if it were some cartoon, the two stuck both their heads over the threshold and looked inside.

      “Hello?” they said in unison.

      The two stood up straight and began to walk over the threshold at the same time only to get halted by squashing into each other. The older man glared at the maknae and shoved his shoulder to get by. Seungri merely rubbed his shoulder and closed the door behind him. Looking around the living room gave no impression of anyone actually living there, everything was perfectly in its place making it look like it was some kind of eerie museum.
      “Ji-Yong-ah?” Young-Bae called out peeking into every doorway.
      Seungri having already accepted his fate decided to go rifle around his Hyung’s things in his living room; picking up a sculpture here, touching a nicknack there, leaving fingerprints on his vinyl records…whoops, breaking off a piece of said sculpture.
      “Yah” Young-Bae called out to him.
      The maknae quickly put down the abstract sculpture and shoved the broken piece behind some books on the bookshelf. He looked to his Hyung who was whispering ‘he’s in there’ and pointing to the door that was left ajar.
Again as if the two were in some Scooby-Doo cartoon, they carefully tiptoed into the sleeping man’s room. There sprawled out all over the bed, with half of the sheets and comforter dangling off the bed, was the sleeping form of their best friend. With his mouth parted and a slight trail of drool coming out of his mouth Ji-Yong let out a loud snore that startled the maknae causing him to step back onto a squeaky cat toy; Young-Bae slapped him on his shoulder.
      “Yah! Are you trying to to get us killed?!” he whispered loudly.
      “I thought you said you had nothing to worry about!” Seungri loudly whispered back.
      “I don’t! I’m just worried about you” the two of them continued their whisper argument only to be startled again.
      “Yah! If you two are done pretending like I can’t hear you, you can both kindly get the fuck out” Ji-Yong lifted his head up sleepily.
      “Sorry” the other two said in unison.
      “What do you even want at this hour?” he said plopping his head back into his sea of pillows and tangled bed sheets.
      “It’s three in the afternoon” they said again in unison.
      Ji-Yong dazedly lifted his head again looking toward his window “No it’s not there’s no sun”
      Walking to the window Young-Bae pulled the curtains back “that’s because you live like a vampire and have black out curtains “
      “Yah!” Ji-Yong struggled to bury himself under his sheets “What are you trying to kill me?!”
      “Ok enough” the dreaded man walked to his bedside “we dealt with your drunk ass last night, it’s all been fun and games but now it’s time to wake the fuck up” he pulled him by the only foot that was sticking out of the covers.
      Ji-Yong clawing at his bed like a cat protested.
      “Come on man just get up!”
      “Do we have a photoshoot?” he asked in a muffled voice with his face firmly planted onto the mattress.
      “Music video shoot?”
      “An interview?”


      “A record to write?”

      “No, Ji-Yong why–”
      “Then I have no good reason be even be conscious” he said taking his foot back “
      “Seriously man come on, Seungri and I–”
      “Seungri?” Ji-Yong quickly lifted his head and snapped it in in their direction.
      “Yea Seungri, who the hell else did you think I was arguing with?”
      “I don’t know Young-Bae, I’ve stopped questioning the voices”
      The other two glanced at each other raising an eyebrow.
      The dazed man rubbed his face with his hand “Ok I’ll bite, why the fuck are you here?”
      “Because you can’t keep living like this! I hardly get to see you when we’re not on tour or doing some kind of press junket or variety show, even then we pretend like everything is all ok when it’s not. All you do is drink yourself stupid, complain while you’re drunk, smoke so much that I swear one of these days you’re going to need an iron lung support or something!  It’s like the Kwon Ji-Yong I grew up with doesn’t even exist anymore!”
      Ji-Yong pursed his lips “Tsk. What are you my girlfriend all of a sudden? Get in line you’re not the only one who noticed. Any other complaints or can I just go back to sleep?”
      The dreaded man let out a heavy sigh “Pfft. yea right we’d all know where that would go real fast…” he said under his breath.
      “What was that?” he threw off the covers hopping off the bed and walking to square up to his best friend.
      Seungri, having been silent the entire time, noticed this was going to take a turn for the worse and intervened before any fists went flying.
      “Ji-Yong Hyung”
      He turned to glare at him.
      “Young-bae Hyung” he held up his hands between the two “Why don’t we just go to the kitchen and get some food and some coffee in you guys huh? We can eat a little, talk a little…not using harsh words…and just get rid of the bad energy from last night”
      The two older men glanced at each other “fine..” they said in unison and headed out toward the kitchen.
      “Hey Hyung” the maknae trailing behind the two spoke up again “Don’t you wanna maybe change out of your clothes from last night?”
      Ji-Yong stopped in his tracks to glare at him.
      Along the way Ji-Yong stopped to boot up his laptop that was sitting on the kitchen island then made a b-line for the coffee maker and his pack of cigarettes. Young-Bae simply leaned against the furthest wall and looked down at his feet, still fuming about his little spat with his best friend. Seungri, even in everyday situations, made his way into the kitchen last. He caught a glimpse of his Hyung’s laptop screen and immediately stopped mid-step.
      Ji-Yong raised an eyebrow “what did some porn pop up or something?” he asked lighting his cigarette
      “N-no. just a picture of” he cleared his throat “Kim Tae-Hee popped up” he gave a weak smile.

      The older man gave him a questioning look “Ahh ok?” and turned to ash his cigarette in the ashtray before him. His fingers slightly trembling from the actions of the previous night caused him to accidentally drop his cigarette into the sink.
      “Aish!” he hollered as he threw his now soggy cigarette into the bin and turned away from the other two to light another one.
      The maknae, wide eyed, looked to his other Hyung as a plea for help. Trying to subtly beg the dreaded man with his eyes that he needed him to distract Ji-Yong while he closes out of the webpage on the laptop’s screen; needless to say his actions were lost in translation. Young-Bae not understanding what the younger man was trying to tell him raised an eyebrow and mouthed ‘what?’, Seungri balled his fists in silent frustration and turned the screen toward his oblivious Hyung and emphatically pointed to the news article that blatantly held pictures of ‘DO NOT CALL HER’ in the arms of a man that wasn’t Ji-Yong and at the same exact club they were at the night before no less! Young-Bae went wide eyed and quickly dashed in the direction of the unsuspecting man before he could turn back around; he put his arm around his shoulder. Ji-Yong feeling suspicious about his two friend’s actions wasn’t sure what to think; truthfully he didn’t want to think at all he’d much rather be back in bed ignoring everyone.
      The maknae glanced as his two Hyungs talked it out and as Young-Bae took it upon himself to have a death grip on Ji-Yong’s shoulder forcing him to look out the window as he poetically described the meaning of their friendship to him. Seungri acting quickly turned the laptop back toward him and carefully closed the article but not before looking at all the pictures and reading the headline. ‘Alexandra McMahon Out Partying in Seoul With Mystery Man: Keep reading for pictures below’. Oh shit he was really going to be in trouble now.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how you came to the decision that God doesn't see being LGBT as a sin. I've been trying to discern what I believe God says about it, but I can't. It feels like I've been running into a wall for years. I want to believe that it's okay, but I can't seem to let myself. I don't feel like I've ever heard God say it was okay. I've seen a lot pointing to it being okay, but I've also seen a lot pointing to it being wrong. (1/2)

(2/2) And I don’t want to disobey God, but if it is wrong I know I will be angry and bitter the rest of my life. I kind of think maybe God has told me, but I don’t want His answer so I decided to ignore it. Or that God told me, but I thought it was me being hopeful and that He would never actually say I was okay so I didn’t believe it. I just wondered if you could give me any advice on this.

Hey! Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I understand how difficult this question is; it took me five years of asking questions, listening to the lived experience of others, soul searching, yelling at God, furiously highlighting my Bible, and praying to come to my conclusion. Which is, just to be transparent, that LGBTQ folks are fully included members of the body of Christ who are held to the same standards and are invited to live by a Biblically-based sexual ethic. LGBTQ folks are no different from any other Christian; they are are gifted in unique ways by the holy Spirit, struggle with unique temptations, and work for holiness and justice in their own unique ministries. 

As mentioned, my road to this answer was long and fraught, but it coalesced around three distinct events in the last year or so of my life. The first was reading God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines. I had encountered plenty of arguments for the affirmation of gay Christians before, but they always either encouraged gay Christians to live permanently celibate lives, or they held such a loose view of scripture that they disregarded every passage they didn’t like and elevated sociology and scientific research above the Bible. Now I absolutely affirm those in the church, gay or straight, who have been called to a lifetime of celibacy, and I am a big advocate of bringing current research into conversation with the Bible, but neither of these arguments were sufficient for me. God and the Gay Christian was a game changer. It’s written by a evangelical gay man who holds a very high view of both Biblical authority, and he took a year off his studies at Harvard divinity school to thoughtfully and lovingly engage Biblical witness on the subject of sexual orientation, both on a verse-by-verse and holistic basis. I read it in one sitting on a summer day in my living room, then put the book aside and said to God “Okay. I’m done fighting. I’m on board.”

The second event had been in the works for a while. It consisted of my abandoning my need to theologically police others on the minutia of issues of sexual orientation, a practice I have seen wreak unimaginable harm in and outside of the church. I had enough evidence to finally decide which side of the fence I came down on, and surrendered the rest to the Holy Spirit. If an LGBTQ person told me they loved Jesus, I decided to trust them, to trust the Holy Spirit with them, and to treat them just like any other brother or sister in Christ. The third event was my starting seminary, in which I met a number of gay, bi, trans, and nonbinary people who took the Bible and sex seriously, who were in love with God and absolutely committed to serving the church as pastors, teachers, and deacons. They erased any other hesitations I had. 

That’s my story, but turning to yours, beloved child of God, I encourage you to continue listening to the Holy Spirit through prayer and attentiveness to your own heart. The Bible is an amazing, life-giving book, but it isn’t as neat as we would like. It’s colored by the politics and context of its time, and it doesn’t pretend to be the unfailing rule of life we want it to be. You need to keep the scriptures close to you as you discern the right path; you need to engage God’s story and the person of Jesus and the Bible’s opinions on spiritual and social dimensions of sex. But ultimately, it will not make your decision for you. Neither will Matthew Vines or Tim Keller or any theologian on either side of the isle. One revelatory moment won’t make the daily choice of how you live in your body go away, and weeks or months of being confident in your spiritual choices doesn’t mean that doubt does not creep in sometimes to try and dissuade you from the truth. Repetitive nagging can be the Holy Spirit tugging our heart towards something new, but those ugly waves of guilt or self-hatred that crash in are absolutely not. 

I am so sorry you are having to have this conversation with God (and God wants to have it with you! He loves your body and your mind and created you as a sexual being with delight! She wants to guide you in how to inhabit your body fully and ethically and with joy!) in a time where human sexuality is a warzone. I’m sorry your existence has been politicized and that your presence in the church is seen as a statement rather than a cause for celebration. If there is a Bible study or church community where you feel welcome near you, root yourself there, let those people pour love into you and guide you but remember that at the end of the day, you answer only to God. Other people’s opinions are immaterial, and gender or sexuality labels, which sometimes helpful, pale in comparison to your true identity as an heir of God’s kingdom. 

P.S. Queerly Christian is THE PLACE for Biblical scholarship and community building about this issue. Give them a follow!

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Are you still taking family prompts? If so, I'd love to read something for “Here, I’ll zip you up.” with Tim and Damian :) Love your writing and your blog!!

I’m always taking prompts :D And thank you very much, I had a lot of fun writing this and I really hope you like it!

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It’s one of those weeks - you know the ones.

It starts with three WE accountants turning rogue. It’s honestly more annoying than surprising, since it’s almost Christmas and there are a lot of year-end financial statements to be done. And, still in the name of honesty, Tim’s already done enough of them to understand how someone could think that turning to crime would be a better life choice. By thursday the head of HR starts her own crime empire, and when they schedule a meeting about it everybody in the department claims that they knew she’d end up doing something like that, what with all the pictures of the Joker on her desk, and Tim has to make a tremendous effort not to point out that maybe, maybe, that issue should’ve been brought up before their boss started robbing banks.

Today is - thankgodforsmallmercies - friday, and in the morning someone in the technical department decided it was a good day to bring their expertise to Two Face’s business. Tim didn’t even ask about details, just marched into his own office, shut the door behind him, and let the police deal with it. In a few hours he’ll go home, put on the Red Robin costume and go help them anyway. “Don’t you check these people background before hiring them?” Damian asks, sitting at Tim’s desk, surrounded by piles of books taller than him. He looks like a baby accountant from hell, what with the suit and the scowl and his feet not reaching the floor and the embezzlement of everything Tim owns, but the desk and the computer and the pens really are a small price to pay for his help, as much as Tim hates to admit it.

And it’s not like he didn’t ask literally anyone else before deciding to put away both his pride and his survival instinct and recruit Damian to help him with this mess, but Bruce is in Hong Kong with Alfred and Cass, and Dick had smiled apologetically at him and said something like “sorry, I’m not so good with numbers, little bird” - and well, Tim knows it’s not really true but also true enough not to push. Jason could help - Tim knows he could, because as much as the bastard likes to play dumb they both know he’s really not - but when asked he just laughed to his face. Barbara didn’t laugh but was already overwhelmed with her work, and Stephanie had blatantly thrown a piece of her waffle at him.

So yeah, his thirteen year old ex-assassin little brother was basically the most qualified and experienced of them, and the only one that actually agreed to help - although not without a little convincing and blackmailing, but yeah, Tim was borderline desperate there.

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The Opened Door

The door opened slowly, revealing a sandy blonde teenage boy standing barefooted, wearing a loose tee-shirt and tightly fitting Speedo swimming trunks. His hair was neatly trimmed, combed and perfectly parted on the right. His legs were smooth, hairless and slightly muscular.

“Thank you, Jesus, for Speedos.” I thought as I introduced myself and inquired about Ralph. The boy explained he was still at work and wouldn’t be in until later that afternoon.

“I’m Tim. I’m staying with Uncle Ralph for the summer,” he explained as he motioned for me to enter. I’m was certain my bags explained that I was in Akron for an extended visit but it was not yet time to divulge my purpose and the fact that I was a runaway.

Tim seemed really excited to have company and presented himself as a very friendly and meticulous host. He asked about my comfort and wanted to know if I wanted anything to eat.

“I just finished a tuna fish sandwich. Wouldn’t take a minute?” he offered. I was still rather nervous and had no appetite, so I declined but asked for something to drink. At that point he proceeded into the kitchen to prepare a glass of iced tea.

“Hey! I was about to go for a dip. Wanna swim?” Tim asked, when he returned from the kitchen with the tea.

“Sure, but I don’t have any trunks.”

“Don’t need none,” Tim countered with a hint that I perceived to indicate an underlying meaning, “but I have some blue jean shorts. We look about the same size, if you wanna try ‘em out?”

Since our swim would be at a well-populated lake community and it was mid-afternoon; I opted for the shorts. Nevertheless, there was something in the way he said that I wouldn’t need them that peaked my interest. I decided to be a little more attentive to his conversational innuendo…

I had already slipped into the shorts when Tim appeared and casually watched in silence from the opened bathroom door as I changed. Since I already knew of Ralph’s personal interests and Tim appeared about my age, I suppose I should have known why he seemed so ‘interested’ in me, but until this moment I was still winding down from my trip up from Canton. I’d finally gotten a ride about 11 AM after sneaking away from home just before sunup.

I allowed Tim a teasing look of my front in the still opened and unzipped cut-offs, and of my back side when I bent down to remove my socks. I got a really nice upside-down view of his lower half from between my legs. One look at his crotch confirmed my suspicions. His erection angled up and across his under belly and was slightly stiffening and flexing every couple of seconds. He was definitely larger than me but it was difficult to see just how much. Again, I was thankful for Speedos.

The silence was beginning to get awkward when I straightened up and was about to zip the shorts. Abruptly, Tim broke the quiet with, "Can I see your dick?” and rubbed his penis which, by now was completely aroused and exciting me to see it clearly outlined in the tight blue trunks.

“Huh?… Yeah… Sure…”, was all I could to muster in my surprise of his question. I slowly pushed the cut-offs down enough to expose my growing arousal. Stroking my penis slowly, my gaze alternated between his eyes as he watched my crotch intently and down to his Speedos where was firmly rubbing his dick through the trunks.

“Can I see yours?” I asked; at which time he pulled his trunks down until they fell to the floor. His dick sprung out of its confinement, a fully rigid phallus ready for action. I pushed the cut-offs further down until they, likewise, fell to the floor. Moving closer, I reached out to grasp his dick and began stroking it gently, savoring the sensation of its ‘electric’ texture in my hand.

Tim removed his tee-shirt and asked, “Can I suck it?” but had already dropped to his knees and was stroking my pulsating erection before I could reply. I only got a glimpse of the definition of his breast and abdominal muscles before he went to his knees but he was definitely well defined.

Totally engrossed in my cock; he seemed mesmerized by it, only inches away. He slid his gentle hand up and down the shaft as his nostrils flared to deeply experience my scent. He slowly licked his lips and allowed a thick droplet of saliva to escape from his slightly opened lips.

I became overwhelmed by my ecstasy when he moved his head closer and I felt the head of my dick slip into his warm, wet mouth… as he moaned his gratification… as he proceeded to take the entire length of my throbbing cock into his mouth and throat… as the sensations of his sucking reverberated throughout my body.

Tim seemed totally committed to the pleasure he received from arousing and pleasing my cock as it appeared coming from out of his lips and disappeared as it re-entering his luscious, sucking mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful sandy blonde hair as his head moved forward and backward, mouthing my dick.

The moment could only be experienced while the indelible sensations of his actions found places in my memory I have continued to enjoy ever afterward; and to this day, all my attempts to conceptualize it does not capture the full extent of the moment.

I felt my orgasm peaking quickly in my sweet arousal and put my hands on his shoulders to show I wanted him to stand. Slowly, he ceased his rhythmic motions of sucking my dick until he finally allowed it to slip from his lips in a lingering sigh. He stood and faced me full-on looking into my eyes, into my soul and seemed to feel my pain. I sensed compassion I’d never known, as if he knew of what dreamed and how I felt.

Without hesitation, I drew him closer, placing my lips fully on his and closed my eyes. My tongue reached out and met his as it entered my mouth and I became absorbed in the near orgasmic pleasure of our grappling tongues and utter delight of what it is to kiss another person. We stood there in the bathroom, lost in each other’s embrace for several minutes, until Tim backed away. He took me by the hand and led me into the living room.

Without saying a word, he pulled at my hand until he laid on his back, on the carpeted floor and I was on my knees beside him. No more a stunningly beautiful form have I ever seen before, than that of Tim laying naked before me, totally submissive to my wishes and waiting for me to show my passion and need.

I lowered my head and kissed him gently on the lips, further moistening them with my tongue and proceeded to suck his nipples while stroking the shaft his flawless penis slowly and gently. Aroused by how erect his nipples felt against my lips, I became even more excited as I left a trail of kisses down his muscled abdomen to his pubic hair. The smell of his perfectly proportioned penis made my nostrils flare and strain to take in as much of its erotic aroma as I could breathe.

When I saw the first droplet of precum appear at the tip of his throbbing glans, my tongue reached out and swiftly latched on to it and used it to moisten my lips. The taste propelled my arousal to stages I’d not known before. Without further delay, I lowered my head until my lips touched the velvety head and opened my mouth to take it in and move down to engulfed his throbbing shaft until it blocked my ability to breathe. It that instant, his dick in my mouth was more precious than the air I breathed.

His rock-hard dick smelled musky sweet and tasted of a faint salinity that sent me into a mental orgasm that I’ll play hell to ever find the words to express. In that moment, Tim emitted a low ecstatic moan that inspired me to seek only to bring him pleasure and continue my slow and deliberate sucking of his beautiful member. With my lips still encircling the cock head, the tip of my tongue explored, found and parted the tiny crevasse of the urethral opening at the tip of his glans, frantically hoping for another droplet of precum.

I licked up and down the shaft of his pulsing dick until his glans finally kissed my lips ever so gently and inserted itself into my mouth. Its irresistible texture drove my salivary glands crazy with primal feelings of lust and need, the nature of which I cannot explain.

Tim groaned, “More, more! Oh, fuck! Suck my dick! Suck it hard!” His knuckles were white as his hands tightly gripped the long fibers of the shag carpet. My mouth moved excited over Tim’s shaft, repeatedly sucking and swallowing its entire length and relishing how it felt in my mouth. and width in a single sucking movement.

Suddenly, Tim thrust his hips up, shoving his dick harshly into my mouth and down my throat. “Oooh, fuu uu ck!” he exclaimed.
I felt his urethral veins and arteries pulse forcefully and moved my mouth up his dick, keeping his cock head in my mouth, ready to receive the load being delivered. In that instant, I felt his cum blasting into my mouth and filling it while I hurriedly swallowed to keep from losing a single drop. He shuddered and trembled until his release eased and cumming slowed, and I swallowed again. I resumed sucking to milk every drop from his dick until Tim finally relaxed.

“Holy shit! I have never cummed that hard before. I got so fuckin’ turned on!” he said as he pulled at my shoulder to bring us face to face. We fell into a long, passionate kiss with the last few drops of his cum still in my mouth.

Amid my lusting and wild abandonment, I forgot about the load I had yet to release until it announced to my brain, “My turn!”

“Oh fuck! Tim! I’m fixing to cum!”

With no further provocation, Tim pushed my back to the floor and rushed to get his mouth on my cock before it was too late. The first squirt of cum hit his upper lip but he got his mouth on my dick for the rest of the torrential cum erupting amid my shuddering and trembling. It was so intense that I lost all sense of reality. All I knew in that moment was Tim’s softening dick was on my shoulder and his mouth was sucking on my dick. Nothing else mattered.

When I finished cumming, Tim returned to our previous kiss… this time with my cum in his mouth. I have never known a more satisfying state of being than that of Tim and I laying on the living room floor, in each other’s embrace, embroiled in a kiss that seemed to defy time.

“Well, how about that swim?” Tim asked as he rolled from atop me and we rose to our feet.

“Sure,” I replied. “Do we really not need trunks?”

Tim said, “No. Nobody can see us. We have our own little cove,” as he opened the door to the deck and the lake. Then I remembered it during the summer my family and I spent there, two years earlier.

Bruce’s Lectures

1. No Jason, you can’t sell Tim on ebay, at 9.99 no less. 

2. Dick, spandex is only okay if you’re on Nightwing duty, Jesus Christ. 

3. Damian, you’re grounded until that boy’s nose gets fixed. His mother screamed her head off at the principal’s office. 

4. Stephanie, sticking Damian to the ceiling with duct tape is not okay, Alfred bitched at me about it, next time you’re cleaning the sticky mess yourself. 

5. Cass… nothing, nevermind. 

6. Barbara. Hacking Green Arrow’s twitter account and uploading ridiculous pictures of him was very funny… but he expects me to do something about it, here is superman’s account, and for all they now, you’re off duty for two weeks. 

7. Tim, telling Damian that fairies will accept him in the kung fu realm if he does all your chores for you is wrong. 

8. Guys, parties at the batcave are one thing. But SUPERMAN themed parties at the batcave is absolutely disrespectful and you are all grounded. 

9. Girls, punching guys in the face is, accordingly to society, un-lady like. So screw society, you can knock them out for all I care if they try to be funny.

10. Restrain yourselves from starting a fight indoors. Alfred says blood is a bitch to clean off the carpets. 

The gang bowling

-Johnny and Pony are grannies and don’t even bowl, they just play air hockey smh

-Two-Bit spills a pitcher of beer oops (this one was inspired by my brother who did that)

-Darry and Steve are v competitive and are the only ones who actual give a shit to bowl

-Soda is talking to the ladies (and trying to distract Steve so Darry will win)

-Steve calls bullshit and gets outraged

-Dallas is all over the god damn place, he is in the arcade with Pony and Johnny, Bowling while other people are in the bathroom, messing people up

-Dallas gets an urge to do “something illegal man” and let’s a ball lose down somebody else’s lane

-Steve gets a gutterball and actually walks down the god damn lane Jesus Christ

-Bonus if the Shepard’s come in half way through the game

-Tim is the master at bowling and gets strikes every time

-Curly gets Ponyboy and Johnny to actually play the god damn game

-Angela is also amazing at bowling and ends up neck in neck with Tim

-But Tim wins of course (you go Glenn coco)

-Steve gets so mad bc he tried so hard and Angela could give less of a hoot

All I want in life is Bruce’s built up tension bursting out at the littlest things. Alfred warned him- he had to let it out before he exploded but nooooooooo he’s the big bad bat…

“Maybe if I go into space I can absorb the yellow sun’s-”

“Hey darlin-”
“Jesus, fine, I’ll catch you another time!”

“Hey b-man!”

“Bruce i need help with this-”

“Bruce, chill, I think you’re giving Tim a heart attack!”


“Father I heard you were in a bad mood-”
“Yes, father, Alfred told me these were your favorites. I… I may not be good with interacting outside of the field but… I thought this might help?”
“… yes, thank you Damian. I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
“It’s quite alright father, I understand.”

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1. Last movie I watched?
As usual, Star Wars: Rogue One. I barely ever watch movies. This one was back in February or something.

2. Last song I listened to?
Right now I’m listening to Stop And Stare by OneRepublic

3. Last book I read?
Last book I finished I think was Skylark by Meagan Spooner. I’m currently reading Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth and loving it. I’ve almost finished it.

4. Last thing I ate?
A white chocolate Tim Tam, about an hour ago I think

5. Where I would want to time travel to?
I don’t really want to go back in time. If I had to pick though, it’d be one of those ‘typical Christian answers’: the rise of the early church, just after Jesus died.

6. Fictional character I would hang out with for a day?
Akos Kereseth (one of the main characters from Carve The Mark)

7. If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?
With @ocean-sunrise

8. Current fandom obsession?
I’m not really obsessed with a fandom right now. I am loving Carve The Mark though (as I’ve said already), and started shipping two of the characters before it came anything close to being canon.

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fics I want/headcanons I have

- Jesse St. James coming home and telling Rachel “honey I bought a theatre” “what do you mean you bought a theatre WHO BUYS A THEATRE wait is it a nice theatre???”

- how did Jesse get into directing, anyway? Do he and Artie share notes?

- Jesse punching a reporter after they badmouth Rachel “HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT MY WIFE THAT WAY” 

- (I have a lot of Jesse St. James feelings I’m sorry)

- I have decided that while Sam coaches N.D., and Mercedes should one day coach the Troubletones, Miss Jane Hayward needs to coach the Duly Noted. It is a cut-throat all-male a capella group that she runs like a tightly run ship. Any boy with a sexist attitude learns better IMMEDIATELY as Ms. Hayward is likely to cut you. As such, they are among the best in the country–sharply dressed, very respectful gentlemen–far better than the Warblers ever were

- Speaking of Warblers: Dalton rebuilt as a co-ed school. DREAMS DO COME TRUE

- As far as the coach of the Junior Varsity team, it’s considered at the William McKinley School for the Performing Arts to be Baby’s First Glee Club. Will often has whichever recently graduated New Direction member as its coach for however much time they need. It’s sort of like the Defense of the Dark Arts position, only with a guarantee that you’ll likely end up either dead or on Broadway afterwards. Myron currently hold the record as Longest Running Coach of Junior Varsity after his two year streak.

- I have also decided that Artie and Tina have the same exact celebrity “these people are OK for you to cheat on me” list. I have also decided that they’ve made a pack that if Blaine ever, ever leaves Kurt, their first goal is to seduce him into a threesome. Sure, he might’ve rejected Tina once, but there’s no way he can reject both of them, right? They’re too hot. (Hot damn).

- I want them to have Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter’s relationship, ONLY NO BREAKING UP. I also want Artie and Tina to be together and have two kids and at 29 Artie finally looks over at her and goes “I guess we should get married huh” only she rejects his proposal because come on Artie really? And he proposes like three more times but she keeps saying no and finally he gets like a multi-million dollar production going on in order to ask her and she finally says yes like “jesus fuck Artie all I wanted you to do was ask me like you wanted to marry me, not like you felt obligated holy shit.” Needless to say they live happily ever after


- what are Quinn, Puck, Santana, and Brittany doing in 2020?

- also Kurt and Blaine are only like 25, 26 at the oldest when their baby is born THEY ARE SO YOUNG how did they come to that decision I want 20000000 million baby fics

Ghostly Affection - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: I have a halloween idea. Perhaps the Wayne manor could potentially be haunted, and some spiritual activity has began to stir up? It could go a comical route with Jason or Damian being a ghost magnet because since they have died and come back to life they have a bunch of spiritual residue that has stuck around. It could almost end up in a ghostbuster like scenario where they try different things to get the specters to leave the house.

“AH!” You screamed in fright and shivered uncomfortably and the sudden light tingling of coolness at the back of your neck. You jumped up from where you were sitting and sprinted to the other side of the room. “This house is fucking haunted!” You shouted to no one in particular.

“There’s no such thing as ghosts, [Y/N].” Tim insisted from the other room.

“Bullshit! That is like the third time this week I’ve felt someone touch me. And guess what Tim? I’m the only one fucking in here!” You cried hysterically. You quickly made your way out of the room and found Jason sitting in the library. You sat down beside him only to shiver at the frigid drop of temperature beside Jason.

“Jesus Jason! Why is this room so cold?” You asked rubbing your arms to stimulate warmth.

“It’s not cold, you’re just weak willed.” He said in a monotone not removing his eyes from his book.

“Seriously, Jason it’s freaking co- OH HOLY SHIT” You screamed feeling a hand brush against the back of your neck. You made a motion only to come in contact with nothing. You turned around and you could have sworn you saw a woman dressed in Victorian garb staring at you. You let out a blood curdling scream at the sight of her before she vanished into thin air.

“Jesus fucking Christ, woman! Do you have to do that here? Can’t you see I’m busy brooding?” Jason asked rubbing his ear in annoyance.

“Did you not see her, Jason? There was ghost right there!” You cried pointing at where the woman had just been standing. Jason looked and rolled his eyes when he didn’t see anything.

“Sure there was.” He said going back to his book.

“I’m serious Jason! She was there all creepy and Victorian.” You whispered suddenly feeling like there were eyes staring at you. You turned around not only to see that the woman had returned but she had brought friends.

Come back Jason.” She whispered reaching her hand out and beckoning him to her. Jason turned around and leapt up when he saw the crowd of ghosts behind him. He panicked and threw his book at them only to find that it passed right through them and hit the wall.

“Believe me now, asshole?” You grumbled bitterly.

“Oh my god. This place is haunted.” Jason whispered to himself.

“No shit, Sherlock.” You rolled your eyes. The ghosts stared you down, or rather more specifically, Jason down.  

“How do we get rid of them?” Jason leaned over and whispered to you.

“How should I know? Maybe if we ask them nicely they’ll just leave?” You suggested

“Worth a shot.” Jason shrugged.

“Uh … hi  … dudes. Yeah, can you please leave?” You asked nicely.

Jason.” They whispered.

“That’s not creepy at all …” Jason commented.

“Please leave! Jason’s alive. He’s mine and you can’t have him! Be gone spirits!” You cried pulling Jason into a tight hug. One by one the spirits started to disappear until all that remained was the original woman.

She walked up to Jason and hovered her pale hand over his cheek. She smiled gently bent over and placed a kiss on his forehead before backing away and slowly fading into oblivion.

Good bye, Jason.” She whispered before disappearing completely from existence.