that time that the peter fc made me cry

Meeting Peter Pan at WDW
  • Peter: Are you being shy? Because you shouldn't.
  • Me [hands on hips]: I'm not shy!
  • Peter [copying me]: Well good! I don't like your shirt!
  • Me [looks down at Snow white being kissed by the prince on my shirt]: Well my peter pan shirt was dirty.
  • Peter: Ohhh, okay, that's 'kay then. What's your phone say?
  • Me: 'I've got disney blood running in my veins'
  • Peter: Oh! Are you related to Walt? you know, skinny guy with the mustache [puts his finger under his nose]. He used to yell at me a lot.
  • Me: No, I'm not
  • Peter [looks a little bummed]: Oh, well I was going to say that if you saw him around to come visit me because I miss him.
  • Me [rolling in the feels]: ...