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Caught in the Flashes

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,062
Warnings: none
A/N: Here is my entry for @mysteriouslyme81‘s gif challenge! My prompt was the gif above. HUGE THANKS to @iwantthedean for brainstorming this and giving me a premise and @ellen-reincarnated1967 for the title. Italics are a flashback. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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*photo op story*
So this weekend I went to Phoenix Con and it was amazing. I finally got to meet my role model and favorite person in the entire universe…In line I made eye contact with him and I almost had a heart attack but i was not nervous whatsoever walking up! I went straight into mishas arms for a hug and told him it was so good to finally meet him! I gave him a huge hug and looked up at him and asked him if we could make puppy dog eyes at each other (which he obviously did the opposite of) and he said yeah of course, and pulled me in super super tight to where I was awkwardly pulling the top half of my body away and just starred at his beautiful fucking face! I thanked him for being so amazing and walked away so fucking happily, then one of the volunteers stopped me and made me redo my photograph because apparently my hair was in my face! When I went back up I jokingly said “oh I’m sorry I messed it up! And he was all “oh no it was definitely me” and I gave him a super big hug again and we posed together, then before I left I hugged and squeezed him again, and as I walked away he ran his hand along my arm and squeezed my hand tightly. Jesus.
During my auto, when he saw the photo I said “nice puppy dog eyes” and he immediately blushed and said “oh you too” then I thanked him for all the work he does and for being so fucking amazing and yeah.
So that’s the story of the time I met the greatest fucking human being on earth.

The Time I Reluctantly Met Karl Urban.

I have decided I will no longer let my bank account keep me from having a good time, so I finally got my tickets for the SF Star Trek convention next month.

Of course, I’m most excited to see Karl Urban. (And Marina Sirtis, who is the first woman I really remember watching on tv and thinking ‘She is me’.)

Fun story time, I actually met Karl Urban about 20 years ago. Yes, I am old. But in my defense I was actually 13 years old and in middle school at the time.  

Originally posted by itsgeekylife

My friends and I watched Xena, like the budding feminists that we were, and my friend Erin was head over heels for Karl Urban as Cupid. (I was all about Ares.) As it turns out, they had started doing Xena conventions and she discovered that Karl Urban would be coming to town so she begged me to go with her. 

I shrugged and thought ‘Eh, he’s no Kevin Smith’ but figured why not and said I’d go.

Shoutout to Kevin Smith. RIP.

So we’re sitting at the convention, Erin’s freaking out and I’m all chill, and Karl’s supposed to start his Q&A. Only he’s gone missing.

Seriously. The staff lost track of him. Someone finally shouted to check the bar, and lo and behold they find the wayward Kiwi.

I will admit, I don’t remember a lot from the Q&A. He was young and didn’t have a lengthy filmography, especially here in the states. But I do distinctly remember him being charming and adorable. And pretty damn cute.

I was beginning to appreciate his appeal more and more.

We get in line later to get his autograph.

As we get near, my poor friend needed to pee and badly. I was left with a difficult decision: follow her to the bathroom and end up at the end of the line, or stay where I was and leave her on her own?

…Yeah, I ditched her. Bad friend move, but puberty is a hell of drug and this man was pretty. 

So I finally get to meet him, and he’s still as sweet and smiley as ever. I told him my name and had to spell it since my parents didn’t spell my name in the common way. He was like ‘Oh, that’s cool!’ and in my head I’m thinking ‘Dude, it’s only one letter different, but whatever you say’.

And it turned out the picture I chose of him as Cupid was his favorite because he was shirtless and had perky nipples. He even drew a heart and arrow around his nipple. It is an autograph I treasure to this day lol.

I left my friend to meet him on her own, and she was over the moon. There may have been drool.

To make a long story short:

  • Karl Urban is adorable and always has been
  • If you ever lose track of Karl, make sure to check the bar first
  • He can’t spell (or at least he couldn’t back then. Don’t ask him to spell wonderful, that’s all I know.) but who cares?
  • He really likes his nipples
  • From then on, anytime I’d go to the movies and he was in the film, I always bragged that I had met him. Still do actually.
  • I finally understand why Erin was so in love with him

So bring on October! (And December for that matter, because that’s when I get to meet Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki *humblebrag*)

Swept Off My Feet (Part 7)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k 

Warnings: language, angst, mention of drugs and DUI, description of injury, threatening gestures.

A/N: I had no idea what photo to put for this, so here is a random picture of this beautiful man. Enjoy. <3

Swept Off My Feet Master List

The front corridors of the hospital rang with the sounds of the wailing ill and their sobbing families. The stench of cleaning solution and stale air flooded your senses as you desperately tried to locate the right room. The nurse at the front desk was not helpful, simply pointing down the hall you currently stood in.

ICU, Emergency, Family Waiting Area

You followed the arrows toward the ICU, where Jensen had told you he and the others were waiting. Shit. The whole fucking place was a maze. You turned another corner and peered up at the sign.

ICU and Family Waiting Area

Bingo. As you rushed down the hall, you spotted Jensen talking with a police officer. “Y/N!” he called out to you. As you approached the duo, the officer turned towards you.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N. I just have a few questions for—“

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The Day I Met You - Castiel

Castiel remembers the day he met you; this was years and years ago.

When he met you, you were helping Sam and Dean on a hunt. Things went as bad as a hunt could go, but Castiel was there to heal the three of you. You stayed at the bunker with Sam and Dean, helped them every time. You grew closer to Castiel, showing him movies he needed to watch, according to you. Listening to your favorite songs with him, talking about your favorite books and him asking if he could read it, only to understand you better.

Sam and Dean were spectators, watching you grow closer and closer. When someone asks Castiel when he fell in love with you, he’d say the day he made you laugh for the first time; Chuck would say the day he gave the gift of Castiel to feel like a human, making him the only angel to be able to do so.

When someone asks you when you fell in love with him, you’d say the day that Castiel tried to know the real you, the day Castiel decided to spend with you alone, trying to understand you, reading your books to understand you. Because, for him, you can understand a person better by reading what makes her laugh and cry. Chuck would say the day you met Castiel, the first time you saw his eyes, cupids felt their world shakes with every beat of your heart.

More years later Castiel proposed to you and you said yes. Your wedding was small but beautiful; Chuck was the one to officialize it in front of Sam, Dean, Amara, and your daughter Amara Claire.

Years went by, you grew older, Amara Claire grew up, but Castiel realized something, while you were growing older, he wasn’t, he was the same as the day he met you.

When he realized it was the day that he had to take you to the hospital. If Castiel looked at your soul it was the same; it did not change, still kind, full of love, and bright, the brightest of all. But if he looked at you, he’d see your black hair all gray; he’d see the marks of the time on your face, your once powerful voice, was so week. Even more those days.

When he realized it was the day that he had to do your hunter funerals with Sam, Dean, Chuck, Amara, and your daughter, Amara Claire.

He realized when you were not at your daughter’s wedding or the birth of her twins; when she named the girl after you and the boy after your father. He realized that he wasn’t aging like a human the day he had to bring your daughter to the hospital because that wasn’t something he could heal, just as what happened to you. He kept realizing when he had to do Sam’s and Dean’s hunters’ funeral. He realized once and for all when he had to bury your daughter and weeks after her husband; when he saw his grandchildren have their own children.

All of this was enough for Castiel. He was maybe feeling and loving like a human, but he wasn’t a human. He was an Angel of the Lord, and it was his time too, it was his time to be a human. When he asked Chuck to take his wings away and to give him his salvation, he went away with a smile and joined his wife, daughter, and best friends. He was happy all over again. Never getting older.

Misha had already disappeared beneath the blankets and had his lips pressed inches from his real destination when Jensen blurted it out.

“Danneel’s pregnant!”

He said it as though it broke through his teeth without permission. Misha paused for a brief moment, just long enough to finish the thigh kiss he was in the middle of, before shifting to move up the mattress.

“Knew you had something on your mind when you weren’t responding to my magic touch. That’s never happened,” the older man says on his way out from under the covers. The words are muffled and labored. His terrible bedhead emerged from under the sheets first, then his wide blue eyes and at last his giant, bright-white grin.

“Guess. Boy or girl?” he asked immediately, draping his naked body over Jensen’s and perching his elbows on his bare chest, gazing up at him. Excitement glinted in Misha’s eyes, a rare display of his true emotion.

Jensen hesitated. “They’re both,” he finally breathed, avoiding Misha’s stupid, thrilled expression.

“Twins? Holy fuck, Jen…” Misha didn’t even try to hide his genuine amazement now. “I mean, it’s you. I’m not surprised that you managed to go above and beyond even in conceiving a child. But…” It was quiet. Too quiet for a minute. Jensen could barely stand it. Then finally the other actor broke it. “I’m a little hurt that she’s this far along and you hadn’t… told me yet.”

Misha’s being honest. Very raw – more than he’s used to being. It’s a new thing they were supposed to be trying out since they and their wives had discussed the whole polyamorous deal between them last year. Jensen had (obviously) not done the truthfulness part so well in this instance, but the two-way relationship had been working out seamlessly.

And that’s why Jensen had been afraid to let Misha in on this huge secret. It could change things. He never wanted to keep anything from him. Shit, he wanted to tell Misha every little thing just because he was always ten times more interested than Jensen was and most of the time it didn’t even effect him.

Jensen just loved him so fucking much. He always had — from the moment they met to the moment they started getting together to the moment they decided to tell their wives about them and right up until now. Jensen Ackles loved Misha Collins more than he could ever explain.

That’s why the excitement on Misha’s face stung. He was scared to hurt him. “It was an accident, Mish,” he admitted lowly. “We weren’t planning on more kids. I barely see JJ enough as it is. When Danneel told me, I was worried but not sick over it. I love kids. But when she told me it was twins? Misha… I’m not a good enough dad for this. I’m thirty-eight. My job – I just. And you – I know this must be hard for you. And I’ll –”

Jensen was effectively silenced with a kiss. When he could breathe and focus again he could see Misha was sitting up in the dark. The lamp on the nightstand suddenly illuminated the room, the base of it in the shape of a deck of cards. Supernatural: A Salute to Las Vegas was always where he and Misha stayed for a couple of days together. There and JIBCon, those were their special places. Now Jensen was afraid he’d just ruined one.

“Don’t you ever say that again, Ackles,” Misha chastised and shoved his shoulder, his facial features truly angry now. “You are such a great father, Jensen. You love her with more than your whole heart, and you will do the same for the twins. Time… scheduling… you can make it work. And I’m so happy for you.”

The silence came back. Jensen stared at Misha as if he didn’t believe him. That was always the younger actor’s downfall: he didn’t have enough confidence in himself. But Misha always made a point to remind him that he should have all the confidence in the world.

“We made this agreement because we love each other. We loved each other so long and so much — enough that our wives, who we also love, could see that and wouldn’t ever want us to be apart. You think that adding more to this giant family is a bad thing?” Misha grinned and nudged his boyfriend, scooting down to his level to lean his head on his shoulder. “…well, then you’re wrong, buddy. It’s just more to love. And I can’t wait to be a Sort-Of-Step-Dad to two more Ackles kids. A brand new adventure on my part. You know how I love new adventures.”

For a minute, Jensen was convinced Misha was just talking out of his ass like always, but when he gave it some time to sink in then his heart swelled full. And… so did other things. Goddamnit, Misha and his way with words.

“You managed to get me to… ahem, ‘respond’,” he murmured, raising a brow down at his boyfriend.

Misha said nothing, only grinned and acted immediately, disappearing back the way he came from beneath the sheets. Right back to their constant, their normal, the easy love between them. Every kiss just felt right and — aaaah, what the fuck?! “Misha! Teeth!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” the older man laughed, popping his head back out of the sheets. “I was laughing because… because… twin.. Ackles.. Twin Ackles. I’m calling them Twinkles!”

Jensen didn’t even hesitate to pick up the pillow next to him and use it to pummel his dumb, perfect boyfriend right in the side of the head.

They both had to get ready for double more kiddie pillow fights, after all.


Got my JPEGS!!!! Still can’t believe it was real life, that I met them after all those years. If I didn’t have the pics to prove it I wouldn’t even believe it. 19yrs is a long time to wait for hugs (please don’t copy, crop, or use without my permission! Whatever it is I’ll most likely approve but please ask first 😘) ❤️my boys!

*Thomas Sanders voice* Storytime!

So i was nervous as hell for this op, because though i’ve met both jensen and misha in person before, i’d never had to handle both of them at the same time. I was pretty early in the line and i hadn’t quite gotten over the shell-shock of seeing them by the time I was up, so i just depended on my auto-pilot and said something like “sorry misha but is it cool if i hug jensen and you hug us?” and they just kind of smiled like sure you dork lets do this.

I was as chill as one can be while being pressed up against jensen fucking ackles by misha motherfucking collins UNTIL…I blinked.

just as the camera went off I blinked ridiculously hard and i was seriously just gonna be like “ah well c’est la vie, its not like I’m really here for the photo part of this anyway,” but chris, wonderman that he is, noticed and was just like, “oops, someone blinked!”

so jensen and misha pulled me back (because i was kind of skedaddling out of there super quick) and then, just, guys. guuuuuuuuys.

You know how they play music in there, and its usually whatever the guests request it to be? i’m pretty positive that this was specifically jensen’s playlist, which i say because he started to sing along with it while i was pressed right up there against him. Y’ALL.

so, long story short, jensen is making a dorky face because he’s singing “Oh Sherrie” right in (above) my ear, I’m making that face because my brain was making a noise like a tea kettle, and misha’s just chilling there being unfairly gorgeous (and btw thats HIS hand on jensen’s shoulder, not mine).

and after this was over, i just sort of wheezed a thank you and speed-walked to my room to flip the fuck out about it because OH MY FUCKING GOD JENSEN.

What made you fall hopelessly, helplessly, for The Man?

inspired by @mouseymodesty‘s tags on this post

So I got to thinking, what was the one thing–picture, performance, gif, interview, appearance, etc.–that made you say “game over, no turning back, I got it bad for the ‘Batch’? I’ll bet there’s some fascinating stories out there. 

This was the one done me in–I had just fallen hard for Benedict’s Sherlock, but was trying to play it cool & not cross over into crushing-on-the-actor-land. Like, dude, I was too old for this, been there done that already, I’m a grown-up now.  But I’d seen bits of things on tumblr, and was quickly getting the impression that The Man’s personal character was to be greatly admired; that he had an amazing sense of humor, and of course, talent off the charts.  Then one day this came across my dash

and I was breathless & gobsmacked, realizing I just couldn’t fight the inevitable anymore.  A blog that I had started to adore Supernatural/Castiel (still the sweetest badass to ever badass, imho)/Misha Collins quickly became a full-time can’t-get-enough of Cumberbatch blog–and I’ve haven’t regretted it for even a second, nor looked back and questioned my sanity (okay, well maybe a little on that one ;-) ).

Of course in the intervening years, I’ve been very lucky to have met a slew of amazing, talented, kind, funny people, whose dedication to The Man–and whose touches of happy insanity–equals mineso that when I tell friends in the real world “no, it’s not just me, we’re all like this!”, I can do so with utter conviction and confidence.

(Please do feel free to reblog with your story of how you became completely and happily Cumberbatched) 

10 Ways in Which Supernatural Has Morally Corrupted me:

1.  All its portrayals of Lucifer are weirdly adorable, and it makes me really uncomfortable how much I like him.

2.  I am now sexually attracted to an actual Biblical angel.  

(AND I’M FUCKING CATHOLIC.  Totally not okay.)

3.  I wholeheartedly and obsessively support a human being having a homoerotic relationship with said angel.

4.  Certain demons are…similarly aesthetically pleasing. 

5.  I am now more emotionally attached to fictional characters than I am to most people I actually know.

6.  I am now more emotionally attached to actors I’ve never met than I am to most people I know.

(And they’re not even fucking sorry.) 

7.  I spend an alarming amount of time stalking said actors on the internet.

8.  I am now willing to physically fight anyone who insults my OTP.

9.  It’s given me a *slight* priest kink. (Again, Catholic.  Super uncool).

10.  I now spend more time watching/blogging about Supernatural than I do interacting with my “actual” friends and family. 

Love Me Again - Dean Winchester x reader, Gabriel (briefly), Castiel (briefly)

Title: Love Me Again

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader, 1944!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: fluff, Gabriel lives so you may cry, feels af y'all. No angst this time lol

Summary: Dean has struggled to say the “L” word for a very long time until one day the reader is waiting expectantly to hear it only to never receive it. This takes Dean on a journey to experience life without her and finds a way to get her back but they’re in the 1940’s?? What?? Keep reading. I don’t wanna spoil lol

Originally posted by adoringjensen

You were dancing all over the bunker wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top as you cleaned. You were singing along to the music that was playing when Dean, your long time boyfriend, walked in and smiled at you. You walked up to him with a sway to your hips as you continued to dance. “You gotta move it slowly. Take and eat my body like it’s holy. I’ve been waiting for you for the whole week. I’ve been waiting for you, you’re my Sunday Candy.” You sang along, wrapping your arms around his neck as he laughed and wrapped his around your waist.

“You gotta stop doing this.” He looked down at you with a grin as the music stopped. You smiled innocently, biting your lip as you ran your hands up and down his chest. “I’m just singing, Dean.” You said as you left kisses on his neck and throat. He smiled and put his hands on your face, making you look up at him. You held onto his forearms and closed your eyes as his gentle lips pressed a kiss on your forehead. “I love you baby.” You mumbled, silently praying that he’d say it back for once. “I know you do sweetheart.” Your heart dropped but you smiled anyways. You knew Dean loved you but for once you just wanted to hear the words fall from his lips. “I’m gonna go shower.” You kissed his cheek and walked out, making your way to the bathroom.


Dean’s POV:

I sighed and ran my hands over my face as I watched Y/N walk away. I knew it pained her that I’ve never actually said the words but I’ve only ever said those words to my mother. Y/N deserves them. She really does and I’ve been practicing in the mirror on how to say it but it’s getting harder and harder each time. I pace back and forth, thinking to myself. “Y/N I love you.” I said to myself in an extremely deep voice and shook my head, groaning. “No that’s too Gaston-y.” I stopped in the middle of my movements. “Are you kidding me, Dean?? Really? Beauty and the Beast??” I scolded myself, shaking my head.

As I turned around to start pacing again, I bumped into Gabriel- wait Gabriel?? “What the hell? I thought you were dead!” I basically shouted and composed myself. “You thought wrong. Look- I know a way I can help you and your lady.” The Archangel smirked and wiggles his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. “Not a chance, Gabriel. Y/N is MY girl and the last thing I’m doing is losing her in any way and that includes by fucking it up with your ideas.”

Gabriel shrugged. “I miss Sammy boy. I’ll see you around.” He headed towards the stairs before turning around quickly. “Oh and uh Dean?” I raised an eyebrow for him to continue. Instead, he snapped his fingers leaving me standing alone and confused.


Still Dean’s POV:

When I woke up the next morning, everything was weird. For one, I woke up alone and in a totally different room. It wasn’t like my room in the bunker, it was smaller and for some reason, I had a twin bed. “Y/N?” I called out as I moved all throughout the peculiar home. “Baby??” I yelled her name again, panicking. I tried calling her but my phone had no service. I got dressed and fixed myself as I walked out, roaming the streets searching for her. They were playing music on the sidewalks and for some reason every woman had on a dress and every man had a suit and tie which was confusing enough. I was nodding my head along to the music and laughed softly. “Elvis? I can dig Elvis.” I muttered to myself.

I kept walking and searching for her until I walked past a clothing store. My eyes widened as I walked backwards and looked through the bay window seeing Y/N. I ran in and straight up to her, hugging her. Oddly, she didn’t hug back. I pulled away and she laughed softly, looking up at me. “Hey baby. Why’d you leave? What’s going on?” I asked as I held onto her hand. “I’m sorry.. you must have me confused with someone else. Would you let us dress you?? You look a little…different. I’ve never seen that type of clothing on men before.” She smiled, looking me up and down, glancing at my jeans and flannel.

I laughed and slowly stopped, clearing my throat when she didn’t laugh along. “Wait, what’s going on?” I asked, looking around before laughing again. “I get it. I see now. I see. This is a dream.” I said, trying to convince myself. “Umm.. it’s whatever you want it to be sir but seriously, let’s get you a change of clothes!” She smiled excitedly dragging me to a stall and handing me a suit.

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

When I came out fully dressed, she shifted on her feet, tugging at her collar and clearing her throat as she looked me up and down. “ clean up very um..very nice.” She laughed nervously, cheeks red and eyes filled with lust. “Yeah. Right. Thank you. I gotta go.” I took her hand and payed her way more than I needed and got the hell out of there.

“Castiel you son of a bitch!” I shouted as I walked through an alley. “Dean.” Came a deep voice I knew all too well. I grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against the wall while glaring at him. “What the hell is going on? Why doesn’t my girlfriend know who I am?” Cas sighed and pushed me off of him. “I don’t know. It might be another one of Gabriel’s tricks. This doesn’t make any sense.. I thought Lucifer killed him.” He squinted at me. “I just know what you have to do. You have to get Y/N to fall in love with you all over again, but to get home you have to tell her that you love her. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. She’s not in love with you right now so you can’t just say those three words and disappear. She has to love you with every fiber of her being.” He said as he looked around. “You’re stuck in 1944, Dean. I don’t know why he sent you all the way back but- just get it done.”

My breathing hitched and I shook my head. “What if I can’t do it? What if she doesn’t fall in love with me, Cas? Huh? What then? I’m stuck in 1944 forever?” Cas frowned and put his hand on my shoulder. “No.. you’ll go back home but Y/N won’t be there. I know you can do this, Dean.” Cas finished and next thing I know, I’m standing in front of a bar with Cas nowhere in sight.


Your POV:

You left work right after dressing that poor, lost, gorgeous man and headed right to the bar on the outside of town like you did every night. You were sitting on a stool with three men you knew too well surrounding you and laughing with you. You were going to order another drink when the same guy you dressed came by, pushing one of the guys aside and sitting on the stool next to you. “Let me buy you a drink?” He flashed a toothy grin which you could only return. “You again!” You giggled, smiling at him. “Well I’d love one. What’s your name?” You waved bye to the guys as they walked away.

“Dean.” He sighed and shook his head, ordering your favorite drink. He smiled at you as he held his glass of whiskey in hand. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered softly. “Dean.” You repeated softly and smirked. “How’d you know this was my favorite drink?” You grinned and blushed a little. “Thank you. You’re beautiful too.”

The kind stranger known as Dean chuckled and shook his head. “How was your day Ms. Y/N?” He asked, leaning his chin on his hand, giving you his full attention. You drank through the straw and your eyes widened with excitement. “It was wonderful! Like everyday should be!” You finished your drink and set it aside. A soft melody flooded the dimmed bar and you smiled. “Would you dance with me?” This made Dean smile and stand up, drinking the last of his whiskey. “I would love to dance with you.” He took your hand, leading you to the center of the dance floor. He put one arm around your waist and held your hand in the other. “Your eyes are just so…” He stopped himself, looking into your eyes. “Hmm. Mesmerizing? Captivating? Beautiful?” You interrupted before he can continue. “Not very original, Dean.” You said playfully as you laid your head on his shoulder, slowly swaying back and forth.

“How about hopeful?” Dean sighed and kissed your head, laying his head on top of yours. “That’s a new one.” You smiled, slowly pulling away. “I’ve gotta go. It was lovely meeting you. Thank you for dancing.” You let go of his hand and proceeded towards the exit.

One of the guys that was with you in the beginning, walked up to Dean angrily. “You better back off. I’ve been wanting her for years and suddenly you come in here out of nowhere trying to sweep her off her feet? I don’t think so.” Was the last thing you heard before walking out, seeing both men following after you.

Before the other guy could say anything, Dean intervened. “Y/N.. I’m not ready to leave you. Let me walk you wherever you’re going.” You sighed and smiled at the other guy. “Jimmy.. I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?” This caused the guy, now known as Jimmy, to frown. He nodded and walked away. You smiled at Dean. “If you want to risk the sake of your feet then by all means, you may.”

You both had already been walking for twenty minutes when Dean finally decided to speak up. “Are you cold? Your arms are crossed and you’re wearing a dress.” He put his suit jacket over your shoulders before you could answer. You smiled, sliding your arms in the jacket and linking your arm with his. “I see you met Jimmy. He’s a sweet boy. He’s asked me to marry him multiple times.” You laughed and so did Dean. “How could he not? I’d wanna ask you too.” He smiled and cleared his throat as you stopped in front of a small house.

“This is me..” You said as you looked up at him and he smiled down at you. “It was lovely to meet you, Y/N.” Dean took your hand and kissed it. “You too, Dean.” You whispered back as he slowly leaned in. His nose touched yours and before he could kiss you, you giggled. “I don’t even know your last name.” This broke Dean’s heart a little as he pulled away and nodded. “Right. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.” He kissed your forehead and walked away. You smiled and ran inside, ready to tell your dad all about the stranger you met.


Multiple dates later, you finally let Dean kiss you and boy, you scolded yourself for waiting so long. You both sat on the beach eating sandwiches and just talking when he leaned over and kissed your cheek. “Hey baby?” He mumbled against your skin. “Hmm?” You hummed, waiting for him to continue. He moved his lips up to your ear and kissed it. “I love you.” He whispered, causing you to smile. “I love you more.” You turned your head to face him and kissed his lips.

A couple of hours later, Dean took you back home and pushed your hair away from your face as you stood on the porch. “Goodnight honey. I love you.” You said it first this time and he chuckled and kissed your nose. “I love you too.” He kissed your lips and made his way home.


When Dean woke up the next morning, he was in full panic again. He was back in the bunker and back in his old room but he had no idea what it meant. He looked to his right and you still weren’t there. “Fuck please let her be somewhere in this house.” He pleaded in a low voice as he looked around the bunker. When he heard pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen, he made his way there and his heart was filled with so much love and relief.

You were there. Your hair in a bun at the top of your head, wearing Dean’s shirt and a wide smile on your face. “Dean baby hey. Sorry I wasn’t there when you woke up but I got hungry. I’m making pancakes.” Your eyes widened in confusion when Dean was happily stomping his way towards you. “Dean are you alr- mm!” You were caught by surprise when Dean kissed you out of nowhere, which you didn’t mind at all. You kissed him back and ran your fingers through his hair as he pulled you flush against him. “Dean, baby-” You said between kisses as he gently put you against the wall. “Shh no time to explain. Let me just finish.” He whispered against your lips, kissing you again. He kissed you so deeply and so full of love like he’d never kissed you before. Dean’s hands were on your hips and yours were on his face and around his neck. His tongue slid through your parted lips, exploring you further.

When he finally pulled away, you were speechless. His lips were pink and plump, causing you to believe that yours looked the same. Maybe worse. “What was that for? That was like the best kiss I’ve ever gotten.”

“I love you, Y/N.” You gasped and gently gripped his shirt in your fists. “That’s what it was for. Don’t ever leave me baby, please. I love you, okay?” You nodded, tearing up as you pecked his lips again and again. “I love you more baby.” You said back as he hid his face in your shoulder and held onto you tightly. “I’m not going anywhere.” You held him for a while before Dean’s eyes widened. “Do you smell that?” He whispered against your shoulder. Your eyes widened as you pulled away in panic.

“The pancakes!”


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