that time i met misha collins

So I met Misha today. I was so nervous when I walked up to him and he probably noticed because before I even get to muster up the courage to speak, he went ahead and said “hi!”. And that was all the push I need to form actual words to tell him that I made the poster; that it was my all-time favorite quote of his that has inspired me for years. Then he was like, “did you make this? I LOVE it”. And his face when he saw it was priceless. It’s cheesy but I actually teared up right after I left the auditorium. It was so overwhelming.

Thank you Misha for being so awesome and sweet. I know you hear this a lot, but the world is so much better with you on it.

I have never met Misha Collins. Never Talked too him. Never smiled (In Person) at him. I can only go by what I’ve heard about him The beautiful tales. The kind words. The caring words. Yet that is Enough.

Enough to know that he is amazing. A beautiful human being, and I am grateful too exist at the same time as him. Because he is enough.

 He is kindness. Happiness. Sweetness. Jokes. And Humor. He is so much.

He is everything.

Happy Birthday Misha Collins. I hope your day was as beautiful and as heart-full as you.

August 24th, 2013

“Confetti it’s a parade!”

Misha day. We were all awake before the alarm went off that morning, so naturally my new Kiwi friend, Sarah, came running down the hall singing along. A great way to make sure we were all up and ready for vancon day 2.

Vancon 2013 was my first supernatural convention. It was the first time I met Misha Collins. And oh how things have changed. I remember thanking him for all that he does, and he grabbed my hand and said thank you to me (I also went running around to my roommates bragging about how he wrote my name next to his auto… probably because I was being odd with my name sticker stuck to my forehead).

I’ve been to 10 cons since that first one, and I’m always delighted to see my favorite man. I attribute many of the friendships I’ve made back to Misha.

And honestly, nothing can compare to that first hug.

Also, I recently saw a post about how Misha somehow had some pampered childhood, spoiled and showered with money. Are you fucking kidding me? The man grew up in a broken home, often homeless and almost always penniless. Moving from place to place all the time. Had a distant father. He met his wife in HIGH SCHOOL, not college. I have no idea how you figure he was upper middle class and spoiled just because he went to a good college. Maybe, just maybe, he went on scholarships? Or, I don’t know, took out student loans like most other college kids? He probably qualified for federal grants due to his mother’s financial situation. You guys should probably do a little research before being total assholes. Or, you know, watch a panel or two. I met his mother at the gishwhes Bellingham meet up. I drove all night to do so. She is incredibly sweet and humble. Fuck you for diminishing his hard work to make his life better and to provide stability for his mother. Fuck you for spreading lies just because you’re jealous of his accomplishments. He’s making millions, while you’re still stuck working in retail, or not working at all. Misha is a self made man. Love him or hate him, you can’t erase his past.


For Misha’s birthday I decided to output together a bunch of pictures I found exceptionally adorable + a quick edit I put together because let’s be honest, if Angels were real MISHA would be one of them. He’s changed my life so much in the short time it has taken me to fall in love with him, and I’ve never even met him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISHA! I love you so much!


Happy birthday to a special person!

I still remember the first time we met Misha, way back in Season 4. We had been on the Supernatural set (a visit chronicled rather hilariously in <em>Fangasm Supernatural Fangirls</em>) and were scheduled to interview “the new guy” that evening at the hotel. Our set van pulled up behind another Supernatural set van as we arrived at the hotel, and out jumped Misha. Except he looked nothing like Castiel!

Instead of a trenchcoat and a stern face, this guy had on a tee shirt and faded jeans that looked like they were vintage 1970s flared jeans. And damn, did they fit him well!  And he was smiling! I turned to Kathy and said ‘nobody told me he was so hot!’

Read more of our birthday tribute to Misha, along with other fans’ emotional stories of what Misha means to them…

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Happy birthday to the man who is one of the kindest men I know. He made me feel like one of the most important people in the world. In the short time I met him he smiled and answered my questions and when I was watching him during a dark time in my life he made my world brighter. So happy birthday Misha we love you ❤️

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