that time i feel in love with zeb wells

Healing Wounds

 Set after Fire Across the Galaxy…                                                                          

Ezra sat on Sabine’s bunk in the ghost, wincing in pain. Kanan had offered to treat his cheek, but to his surprise Sabine stepped up to do the job. She patted his check with antiseptic, as he groaned. He had deflected the inquisitor’s lightsaber, but it’d left two painful cuts on his face. 

“Hold still,” Sabine ordered firmly but gentler than usual, as she dabbed at his cheek. He managed a weak grin and said, “Yes, ma’am. So what’s in store for me, Doctor Wren?”

She shook her head at his jokes, but said, “Well, from the looks of it, the cuts are definitely going to heal, but you will have scars.”

He joked around some more, despite feeling like his face had been set on fire multiple times. “Aw, I don’t mind. It show’s I’m a survivor, and plus, the ladies LOVE scars. At least, according to Zeb.”

She smirked and tilted her head “Actually, I think they look more like whiskers. So you look less like a rugged macho man and more like a loth-cat!”

He widened his eyes and pouted, meowing. Sabine couldn’t help laughing. The kid had been through so much that she didn’t really think he needed the name ‘kid’ anymore. But, she called him that anyway, to tease him. Still… there had to be more to it. They had just encountered another Jedi, another lost apprentice. She wondered how Ezra felt about that.

He saw her eyes grow serious and asked, “Come on. I’m not THAT bad looking with my new war wounds, am I?” She smiled again, and said, “Could be worse, hotshot. How are you feeling… about everything?”

Ezra sighed. Ever since painting the tie together, he had gotten closer to Sabine. He let her bandage his face, and told himself he could tell her. He could trust all of them now. He could open up. “I’m just shocked. And a little happy too. That me and Kanan aren’t the only Jedi out there. But… it’s just that…”

Sabine answered for him, “There’s going to be a bigger challenge we’re facing now. But we can make it through, Ezra. We always have.”

She surprised him again by setting the bandage and taking his hand. NO one had really taken his hand like that in… a long time. But this wasn’t parental. It was… something else. He didn’t let go. He put his other hand over hers.              She gave him that special smile with one corner of her mouth turned up. He loved that smile. Especially when she laughed and it grew wider. 

The smile grew into a beam. Then she pulled him up, and he saw with satisfaction that he was exactly her height now. Good. He couldn’t wait to be the one calling HER shorty from then on. “You up for a game of dejarik?” She asked.

 “Am I ever. You’d better have some decent credits on you because I’ve started beating Zeb now!” he said proudly.

“Everyone can beat Zeb!” she replied with a laugh. He smirked. “Yes, but only I can beat Chopper. Game on, Wren.”                                                                      “You’re gonna lose, Whiskers!” she called back, and he shook his head, patting his bandage. “You know you love them.”

They strolled off to the dejarik table as Ahsoka Tano watched them, a pang growing in her chest. It reminded her of so many memories, from the old days, the good days. Before everything turned dark. She was happy for them. They needed light in a dark time.

_______________________________________________________________________ Thanks to gabby-xo27 for this idea! I’m gonna get round to drawing this when I get the new computer! What do you think?