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As March comes to an end, we have one last inspirational and positive female role model for #WomensHistoryMonth!

Kate McKinnon’s first major role was on Logo’s The Big Gay Sketch Show. Since then, she’s won our hearts with her countless celebrity impersonations and wacky personas on Saturday Night Live. After starring in the Ghostbusters reboot last year, she’s gearing up to voice Ms. Frizzle in the Magic School Bus revival, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

i’m just gonna say this and probably get shit for it but chris could’ve done what melissa did in that interview and vaguely answered the question abt karamel but like he didn’t. he encouraged the relationship. if he’s so woke i’m sure he knows it’s bad so… the man ain’t getting brownie points from me

Reasons why Bl*ck S*ren/KC Returning is Not a Terrible Thing

The news this week was a bit of a blow to a lot of us who aren’t big fans of L*urel L*nce and K*tie C*ssidy. I can’t say I was thrilled to hear it and I don’t know anyone who was (other than LL/KC fans, that is). But that’s not to say that there aren’t some silver linings to this news and I wanted to see if I could weed them out in hopes of lifting some spirits. 

Personally, I think KC returning as an evil version of L*urel is the next best thing to her being gone altogether. Here’s why I think so: 

  • First, the obvious. KC has always done a better job at playing a villain/bitch. It’s where her strength lies and as far back as season 2 (remember that awful scene in Verdant in 2x12 where she was drunk and hating on Thea and Felicity?) I’ve wanted the show to explore that side of L*urel’s character more. And now we get it! 
  • The initials “BS” are a gift in and of itself. 
  • Fans are being given a bit of a “free pass” to hate on the character. Villains, generally, are excluded from the love fest for characters. Sure, the LL/KC fans can try to give us crap for hating on Bl*ck S*ren (and I expect they will) but when the day is done, fans of a show are generally expected to hate on the villains at least a little. (This does not include KC though… still taboo to hate on her… so focus ire on the character instead)
  • You know who else gets a “free pass” to hate on Bl*ck S*ren? Team Arrow. This isn’t something we’ve really gotten to experience before, outside of 5x10 (and gosh, wasn’t that episode fantastic?). More quips like Curtis telling her to shut her mouth. More punches. Which leads me to… 
  • Will BS be a bit of a nemesis for Felicity? Someone actually on the show for Felicity to have a constant beef with? Yes, please. This isn’t about a love triangle, this is about something more primal and I’m here for it, if it happens. 
  • While we can expect the EPs and cast and writers to speak KC’s praises behind the scenes (which they already do anyhow so nothing really changed there), I think it’s safe to say that they have the same “free pass” to shade the character so that could be fun too. 
  • The L*urel that the show has been singing the praises of all season long is still dead. And won’t be returning. 
  • There will not be a love triangle. The history that our Oliver shared with L*urel in this universe is not the same as the history that BS had with her Oliver. So it’s not shared and those feelings will not be transferring. Mostly because Oliver doesn’t love her and he’s in love with Felicity and I expect season 6 will have a committed Olicity relationship. 
  • I know some of us are concerned about redemption and I don’t want to rule it out (especially down the road) but I don’t think it’d mean she’ll get a spot on Team Arrow. MG hinted on Twitter that we don’t need to worry about Dinah going anywhere because of this news so the BC mantle is still very much filled. Plus, I firmly believe redemption would have a lot more to do with OLIVER than it would with BS herself, given the way Arrow tends to handle these sorts of storylines. 
  • She won’t be in every episode. This is crumbs for KC and her fans. Our fave is still the leading lady and that’s not going to change. 

The worst part of this news is the emboldening of her more toxic fans but let’s be honest, they’ve always been rather terrible, even with KC off the show. And it’s not the show’s fault that those fans are terrible. It’s not even KC’s fault (though she could post something calling on her fans to have some decorum… doesn’t have to but it’d be a nice touch). The only people who are at fault for those toxic fans are the toxic fans themselves. So ignore them, don’t give them a platform and keep loving what you love about the show. I have a feeling that season 6 will bring us plenty to enjoy. 

Galaxy Garrison Theories

So I’ve been thinking about the Galaxy Garrison and these are just some thoughts I had:

- I feel like Keith most likely met Shiro before he enlisted in the GG (possibly because they could be related? But I’m not 100% sure about that) and he was most likely the person that influenced him to join in the first place (because he’d already been at the Garrison as a high ranked officer it seems and he probably also noticed Keith’s potential as a pilot)

(- Either that or Keith joined himself and met Shiro there)

- So while Keith was there, he was clearly at the top of his class and also excelled as a really good fighter pilot. All while in the process, probably causing some tension between him and Lance who most likely felt threatened by him and his skills. Keith and Shiro must have been associated at the Garrison because around this scene

Shiro had introduced himself to Lance, saying: “Lance, right?” That means he must have recognised Lance in some way. Most likely because Keith may have talked to Shiro about him (before he dropped out) 

(- If you think about it, who else would have told Shiro about Lance? The only person who has a connection with both Shiro and Lance is Keith, who had a past with him at the Garrison. Also, Shiro’s memory was pretty spotty when he woke up, but he did recognize Keith and Lance immediately. It’s either that or Lance introduced himself to Shiro before but it wasn’t included in the scene? Considering Shiro is Lance’s hero, it would make sense for him to do that. But the way Shiro went about introducing himself to him pretty much proves that they didn’t have a proper introduction before)

- I have a good feeling that Keith’s disciplinary issues that lead him to dropping out of the Garrison, occurred because of Shiro’s disappearance (also, almost everyone thought the pilots on the Kerberos mission were dead, so with Keith being so close to Shiro at the time, it would make sense if he acted up. Assuming that another person that he was close to had left him as well), because if you remember in this scene

Pidge had no idea who Keith was, because she joined after he left. She also joined after the Kerberos mission accident had happened, which is around the time he must have dropped out too.

- So after he dropped out, Keith claimed that he was really lost (most likely because he thought Shiro was dead and because he was alone again), so he might have completely immersed himself into trying to figure out the mystery of this strange energy that he was feeling and trying to connect the cave paintings together. That was most likely the only significant thing happening in his life at the moment. 

- Then he discovered that the paintings were talking about an arrival, and that’s when he came upon Shiro who had crash landed outside of the Garrison. That’s probably why he looked so shocked when he realized it was him, because he thought he was dead

- Keith feeling lost because of Shiro’s disappearance and dropping out of the Garrison was most likely why he didn’t remember Lance immediately when they first met each other again

- But if Keith acted up this much and became that unhinged (most likely) because of Shiro’s disappearance, what is it going to do to him now that he’s lost Shiro again??

- But anyways those are just a few things I was thinking about and was connecting together, hopefully in season three they give us more information into how Shiro and Keith met, and what happened at the Garrison



[ [ENGSUB] GOT7 at  Lee Hongki’s Kiss the Radio (Hongkira) Full

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