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apartment wars

Clexa Week Day 1 - Enemies To Lovers

Summary: When Lexa ends up snatching the apartment that Clarke wants from right under her nose, she becomes Clarke’s sworn archenemy. Not that Lexa is actually aware of this, but Clarke’s decided that things have to be that way. The last thing that Clarke expects is the series of events that lead up to her being asked to move into that very same apartment months later.

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The news that Clarke gets upon arrival at the real estate office, while probably not as disastrously tragic as she makes it out to be, feels like she’s just had her heart ripped out from her chest by the clawed hand of Satan himself.

“We lost the apartment,” Clarke announces to Raven mournfully, as if Raven hadn’t been standing right beside her when the real estate agent gave them the bad news. “Some other bitch signed it earlier today.”

Raven’s eyes flicker up briefly, giving Clarke a look, then her gaze returns to the phone in her hands, her thumbs dancing with effortless ease across the screen as she taps out a message.

“There are other apartments,” Raven replies indifferently.

“But this was my dream apartment,” whines Clarke.

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BTS as Fathers Would Include: Jimin

Fatherhood BTS Series 

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  • his babies inheriting his chubby cheeks and adorable smile
  • it would be such a cute family in general like wow
  • smol and soft dad
  • they would also probably inherit his smol hands too
  • his babies doing the thing were they latch onto his tiny fingers with their even tinier ones

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Fanfiction Masterpost 2016 - Kagehina Edition

I’ve seen so many people doing these and what can I say I love a good bandwagon  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also I do just want to see the accumulation of all the things I posted last year so here we have it!

A big thank you to everybody who has encouraged me, I really and truly couldn’t have done this much without you <3 

Theirs (Series) - high school pining and everything that follows

- First, M, first time. 7.7k
- Top, M, bottom Kageyama. 4.4k 

Twitch (Series) - Hinata has Tourette’s, and Kageyama is supportive (CheekyBrunette’s fic insp.)

- Kiss, Ga series of first kisses. 8.5k
- Nerves and…You Know, M, tics and anxiety aren’t conducive to sex, but they’re trying. 9.4k

Parisienne Walkways (Series) - Kageyama is a figure skater, and Hinata is gay

- Parisienne Walkways, M, Hinata discovers his roommates secret.12.2k
- Hope and Legacy, E, the story goes on. 45.7k  

Small (semi-connected one-shot collection) - Hinata is small, and Kageyama hates that he loves it.  

- Fit for a King, G, flowercrowns and crushes. 3.7k
Naps and Blankets, G, what it says on the tin. 1.6k

- Bet On It, M, prompt 14: 69. 4.6k (RC’s NSFW Challenge)
- Strip, E, prompt 23: corsets and stockings and heels, oh my. 6.2k (RC’s NSFW Challenge)
- Scent, M, Kageyama likes the way Hinata smells. 3k (RC’s art insp.)
- To Have A Home, G, Kageyama ponders. 1.5k (Esselle’s fic insp.)

- Pretty, G, Kageyama, Hinata is noticed, is…nice to look at. 3.9k 
- Count, G, Kageyama counts kisses. 5k
- Hinata Shouyou Is Not Smart, G, self-explanitory. 3.9k
- Wish, G, Howl’s Moving Castle AU; fire demon Hinata. 2.9k
- Instructions, G, small fantasy AU. 2.2k
- Present, G, Hinata forgets to buy Kageyama a birthday gift. 5.7k. 
- Hurt, T, injury fic; Hinata hurts, and together they deal (mind the tags for triggers). 26.7k 

There are a couple of tumblr-only fics that I haven’t included, but here we have my complete Kagehina AO3 repertoire from 2016! A total of over 203.8k words, which I am…incredibly proud of, I think. I am hoping 2017 treats me even better <3 

The place I want to go to

HEY so a wip of that Adam & Ronan sketchpage which uh. is primarily Adam right now >.>

Coca-Cola T-shirt, Cargo Pants, and Converse is an iconic look tbh.

So is: Mechanic’s coveralls, white tank top, grease, farmers tan, and freckles.

I’ll finish this whole thing one day but I’m re-drawing Ronan so it’s gonna take a lil bit of time so….ya’ll get this wip.

ALSO OKAY. So I’m re-reading the series, and there’s that scene in book 1 where Ronan is teaching Adam how to drive stick in the BMW? And like, are you honestly expecting me to believe that our boy Adam fixes cars as part of his job and on the side, can drive a damn backhoe, grew up in a poor household (that probably drove older, and cheaper cars, and last I checked, manual transmissions are cheaper than automatic) and DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE STICK??????? REALLY? >.> 

Behind Closed Doors

Summary: Michael and Y/N have had a friends with benefits relationship for a while and Michael starts to get feelings but Y/N refuses to open up and wants to keep things on physical level.

A/N: Really random since I never post anymore lol. This will probably become one of those things where I try and write a series and it kind of dies but maybe not we’ll see.

TW: Y/N and Michal have sex, if that makes you uncomfortable, do not read. 

Finally it was the last period of the day, I was falling asleep all last period and couldn’t wait to leave. I was getting my stuff out of my locker so I could hurry home but as I grabbed a book from my locker, a sexy voice whispered in ear rather close “you know what that skirt does to me kitten.” 

I shivered from the closeness and turned around to face Michael. He was smirking and looked my legs up and down. I smirked back and bit my lip. “Oh no I must have forgotten, you’ll have to remind me.” I bat my eyelashes at him and he closes his eyes. 

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“It’s a constant series of little things, you know? Like the way he struts in the corridors like he owns the entire school.”

“Of course,” Niall agrees. He’s probably being sarcastic but Harry is too worked up to care.  

“Or the way Gryffindor students are clearly his favourites.”

“Didn’t the Slytherins also vote him teacher of the year last year?” Niall asks with a confused frown and that’s a reminder Harry could have gone without if he’s being completely honest with himself. He hadn’t particularly enjoyed the knowledge that even the students of his own house preferred a lionhearted fool to their own Head teacher. “Can’t be that unfair if even Slytherins like him.”

“He keeps mixing all sorts of cereals in his bowl at breakfast!” Harry replies, choosing to completely ignore Niall’s logical arguments.

Niall gasps dramatically, putting a hand on his chest. “Un - for - gi - va - ble,” he says slowly with a smirk on his face.

- A Fully Armed Battalion (To Remind You Of My Love) by @mediawhorefics

My Rant on Sakura Haruno and SasuSaku!

Warning: If you are a Sakura Haruno fan and/or Sasusaku fan, you probably will be upset reading this blog. You’ve been warned.

I have been wanting to rant about Sakura Haruno and the concept of Sasusaku for so long. I am aware that Sakura gets a lot of hate but there are some points that many people don’t exactly touch upon. First, let me say the good things about Sakura. She’s very strong and has grown to be quite reliable by the end of the series. I don’t think she’s useless like many others seem to want to believe for some reason. I do love Sakura in The Last Naruto movie and I will defend her in that movie until I die. I truly believe Sakura is at her best in that movie and feel that is how Sakura SHOULD have been in the actual manga. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way. That’s really all the good things I can say about Sakura. She’s a reliable kunoichi but I can say that for many kunoichi in the Naruto series like Tsunade, Hinata, Chiyo, Ino, Kushina, etc.

Here’s where my rant on Sakura begins and it starts with her introduction in the beginning of the series. The same chapter that she’s introduced, she says this:

Notice Sasuke’s expression? Now I know what Sakura says is offensive to Sasuke but imagine a child in real life reading this who is actually an orphan. What Sakura said here is outright infuriating because 1. you have to consider that in the world of Naruto, lives are more easily lost there than in real life(especially after the nine tails incident) 2. Sakura has an obvious infatuation on Sasuke but somehow doesn’t know that he has no parents himself. Naruto knew Sasuke had no parents. Hinata knew Naruto had no parents. What’s Sakura’s excuse? 3. Sakura takes her parents for granted, which is expanded more into the Road to ninja movie when she’s older and she STILL takes her family for granted, despite that being a filler movie that Kishi had a part in making.
So it’s quite obvious that Sakura started the hate on her own and ironically, in Sakura’s wiki page in the trivia section, it seems Kishimoto INTENDED to make Sakura an annoying character, which makes sense when you consider how many times Sasuke calls her annoying without a care in the world.

Sakura’s crush on Sasuke from the beginning was by far the most annoying thing in part 1 of Naruto because it’s more than just it being a silly fangirl fiasco. It causes Sakura to break her friendship with Ino (the same girl who defended her from bullies and gave her self-confidence). Ino never gave any implication of wanting to break her friendship with Sakura, despite her having a crush on Sasuke as well. The series clearly shows Sakura was the one who stopped their friendship and for what? A guy that she knew nothing about? Seriously, both Sakura and Ino knew nothing about Sasuke other than the fact that he’s cute and he supposedly likes girls with long hair. I was one stupid kid to not realize what Sakura had done there. Needless to say, Sakura is extremely idiotic. I get that she was 12 years old but Ino never let a man come between her friends. Even Sakura mentioned at least once that Ino is more mature than her and it’s true.

But Sakura’s crush on Sasuke is more of a problem for her than this. From beginning to end, Sakura’s goal was always Sasuke. Nothing more, nothing less. Sakura never had a real interest in being a ninja.

671 chapters later and all Kakashi can say about Sakura at this pinnacle moment is her feelings for Sasuke.

When Sasuke is about to leave Konoha, she confesses in such a way that feels beyond forced.

Here, Sakura is under the impression that she knows now the same pain that Sasuke was referring to in being alone. First, Sakura states that if Sasuke leaves, she’ll be as alone as he is, even though she just acknowledged she has family and friends. Is she being serious here? Keep in mind that Sasuke has never done anything for Sakura in the way that Minato supported Kushina or how Naruto influenced Hinata. Sasuke is, in fact, a cute boy who’s on her team, nothing more to it. And yet she casts aside her friends and family for this one boy! That is just disgusting! I can’t think of any better word for it. Sorry. 

Second, Sakura never takes into account about how Sasuke feels. She simply talks about herself and how she will feel if he leaves. Sakura goes so far as to offer to leave with him, leaving behind her family and for what? A chance for Sasuke to like her back? The main problem here is that she’s just forcing her feelings upon Sasuke at this very moment. Then, when her confession fails, she literally runs to Naruto for help, the same Naruto she always looked at as a failure and took him for granted. When he fails to bring back Sasuke, that’s when she suddenly decides to take her shinobi training seriously.

Overall, Sakura in part 1 is easily one of the worst characters written in manga history. No question about it. She served no purpose than just being emotional baggage. She never made an impact in the story and let’s not forget that she was given the role as the main heroine in the manga.

Fast forward to the shippuden timeline and Sakura in the beginning was showing great promise as a character. However, after the team 7 reunion, Sakura’s character takes a downward spiral.

The five kage summit arc was the biggest regression of her character by far. This is where I question Sakura’s character and her motives here because she ends up being guilt tripped by Sai over what Naruto has been through with Sasuke (which is another f*** up on her part for the fact that Sai, of all people, is making her realize she possibly made Naruto’s life harder by burdening him with Sasuke) and decides to manipulate Naruto’s feelings with a fake love confession.

Naruto easily sees through Sakura’s lie but this is where Kishimoto leaves up to interpretation. If Naruto did believe Sakura’s confession, what was she going to do in the long run, especially after she made the connection that Hinata loves Naruto? If Sakura was successful in killing Sasuke, what was she going to do with Naruto? Just live a forced relationship with him? Throughout the confession, she just mentions Sasuke’s name, which was probably a huge tipoff to Naruto that she was lying. Any way you look at this, this confession makes Sakura a real bitch because 1- she tried to manipulate Naruto’s feelings. For what Naruto has been through, he deserves better than that, especially from his own teammate. 2- she does this behind Hinata’s back after realizing that she nearly died for Naruto out of love for him. It’s bad enough that she ruined her friendship with Ino over Sasuke but now she almost comes in between Naruto and Hinata for the sake of easing her guilt. 3- she has been with Naruto for so long but never caught onto the fact that Naruto wanted to bring back Sasuke for his own reasons. Sakura was always under the impression that Naruto was doing this for her, which Naruto corrected her on.

After that failure of a confession, she attempts to go after Sasuke on her own by knocking out her own comrades with gas, showing she’s not much of a trustworthy comrade. Then, after all that, Sakura hesitates to kill Sasuke TWICE after she just did all the things she did. I don’t blame Sakura for hesitating to kill Sasuke. I’m blaming Sakura for not even considering the fact that she may fail to go through with her decision BEFORE she attempted to do any of this like lying to Naruto, lying to her friends, going behind Naruto’s back to kill Sasuke on her own. Sakura let her guilt overcome her mentality which, in the long run, made Sakura a pointless character in that arc entirely. In fact, her involvement caused nothing but a hindrance to Naruto because he ended up getting poisoned by Sasuke through his attempt at saving Sakura from getting killed.

Now let’s move on to the war. Kishimoto does something obviously wrong, weird and kind of ironic. In chapter 633, Sakura achieves a powerup after complaining about always looking at Naruto and Sasuke’s back and always being saved by them but within the same chapter, Sakura STILL ends up needing to be saved by them immediately after showing she can fight alongside them. And in chapter 676, Sakura fails to even attempt teamwork with Naruto and Sasuke by charging at Madara alone to create a diversion and results in the two boys saving her ONCE AGAIN.

 Afterwards, she feels saddened that Sasuke doesn’t care for her, despite the fact that they’re in the middle of a battle for the sake of the world, she still obsesses over Sasuke. In chapter 680, during the Kaguya fight, Sasuke leaves her to fall in the lava without a second thought.

This is where Sasusaku begins to look like shit for me because it’s bad enough that Sasuke attempted to kill Sakura TWICE but he literally gave NO F***S about Sakura being incinerated. Sasuke catching Sakura falling from exhaustion doesn’t compare that he already tried to leave her for dead. Chapter 693 is the ultimate nail in the coffin for Sakura’s character development and the Sasusaku pairing to me. Sakura confesses to Sasuke a second time and generally, the main idea behind her words are more or less the same because all Sakura is saying is for Sasuke to stay because she loves him. After she’s done talking, Sasuke says she’s annoying once again and casts a genjutsu that has him impaling Sakura through her chest.

 Sasuke’s words rang a lot of realism because what he said after was the truth: Sakura has NO real reason to love him and vice versa. Even Karin has a relatively good reason to have feelings for Sasuke. He saved her life before they even knew each other. Not once has there been any sort of elaboration on Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke, which makes no sense on Kishimoto’s part since Sakura is a main character and the most notable thing about her character is not even that well developed. And this is why the concept of Sasusaku suffers. Sasuke is not a character who you can just throw into a relationship. There is NO commonality between them whatsoever. Minato and Kushina both aimed to be hokage. Naruto and Hinata are both stubborn, headstrong and went through childhood regarded as failures. Shikamaru and Temari are both analytical shinobi. Sasuke and Sakura don’t have anything they share in common. Look at gaiden for example. According to Gaiden, Sasuke never even bothered to have a wedding photo or ANY real photo of Sakura and him together and no one can convince that Sasuke just didn’t have the time. If he had time to impregnate Sakura and marry her, they could’ve taken at least one measly picture together. I mean Sasuke had time to take a picture with team Taka and he was a fugitive at the time. Sarada confirmed my views on Sasusaku when even she pointed how weird the relationship between her two parents are. Not to mention, Sakura had NO right to be upset about Sarada’s questioning when she has every right to know the business of her OWN family. Sakura has no other person to blame but herself about why Sarada felt the way she did because Sakura was clearly never being completely honest to Sarada regarding her own father. This shows how delusional or ignorant Sakura is when it comes to her relationship with Sasuke because she resorts to an immediate violent response instead of explaining things to her daughter, which is what parents do. Sarada is a growing girl. Did Sakura really think Sarada wasn’t going to eventually grow curious about the things in her life? Here’s the funny thing: remember when Sakura punched Sai for stating the truth about Sasuke? Sakura pulled the exact same immature bullshit again and for what? Hearing the facts?

The reason I knew Sasusaku was going to be canon was because Naruhina was going to be canon and while I don’t wish that Sasusaku never happened, I just wish there was more development, more mutuality in the pairing, especially since it damages Sakura’s character the most. If you love Sasusaku, I have no beef with you. Sakura is, in my opinion, the girl for Sasuke but what I would’ve preferred is for Sakura to get her priorities in order and have a little more self-worth. The concept of Sasusaku is equivalent to an abusive relationship. The woman longs for the attention of the man of interest and does anything to get it, no matter how badly he treats her. Sakura exemplifies this concept greatly and keep in mind that Sakura is supposed to be the iconic female of the series. In my opinion, Sakura is one of the worst examples of how a female character should be and I’m pretty sure she’s one of the reasons a lot of female characters are looked down upon by the fandom in Naruto since she is the main heroine of the manga. I hope this post didn’t make anyone think that I hate Sakura. I used to hate Sakura but I was immature and simply jumped on the Sakura hate bandwagon. I mainly hated her because of the shipping wars and I realized I was so wrong but looking back at the series now, Kishimoto did a number on Sakura’s character. I don’t dislike Sakura to the point where I wish she would die. It’s just she could’ve been done much better given the fact she’s the main heroine of the Naruto manga. Like I said, if Sakura’s character in the manga was made like her character in the Last Naruto movie, I can almost guarantee that NOBODY would even think to make rants about her because she’s easily one of the best characters in that movie for the right reasons, no question about it. I’m well aware that there are people who would look at this post and say “bullshit” and remain in denial but I’m well aware of the facts here.

Have a good day :3

Soulmates (Part One)

A/N: Happy New Year, y’all. I’m starting 2017 with a long story. It will be about 15 parts, maybe more, maybe less and IDK how often I will be posting. probably 2-3 times a week as I have already finished this story other than last minute editing. It will eventually deal with things like swearing, torture, angst, occasional smoking, and a whole lot of fluff. I’m probably missing things but I will mark that as I go. If you like it, can I ask that you reblog? Also, if you would like to be tagged in the series let me know. Please and thanks in advance!!!

Pairings: Crowley x Reader, Sam and Dean Winchester

Warnings: Swearing

Word count:2,552


“Shit.” You thought to yourself as you looked down at your phone, trying to figure out just how late you were going to be. Of all the days your car doesn’t start, it’s the day you have a big meeting with your new client. You ran as fast as you could in heels as you unlocked your phone to call your boss and tell him you are going to be late. You weren’t paying any attention to your surroundings as you scrolled through your contacts when suddenly you heard yelling and the blast of a horn to your left. Before you could react to the car that was only inches from running you over, a strong hand grabbed your jacket sleeve and ripped you back towards the sidewalk as the car blazed by, the driver screaming out the window at you. You tripped on the curb and collided with the firm chest of the person who held on to your arm, the coffee you held in your hand spilling over both of you.

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things Grell said lat page made me think og Lixxie'death

Mmm, some people seem to think the same way as you do, but personally, I do not think Yana is ready to introduce such a big plot twist yet :/

Lizzie’s death would have a huge, long-lasting impact on Ciel and thus to the whole story, too. So if Lizzy dies in this arc indeed, then we probably won’t be able to go back to “normal” anymore which means that we’ll be heading straight towards the end of this series. And I don’t think Yana is planning to finish this series any time soon yet.

Also, Yana said that she generally doesn’t like girls getting hurt (that’s part of the reason she chose a male main character (Ciel) to begin with), so I really can’t see Yana killing off Lizzie, particularly because she is the most popular female character of this series :(

Arc V 132 - Yusho Flips Off Cthu- I mean Zarc

And it was so satisfying to watch :DDD

The Good:

  • Reiji admitting that he had been understimating Reira, and fighting him at his fullest.
  • Yusho makes The Zarc in Yuya chill a little bit.
  • Yusho showing that despite what he knows now, he still considers Yuya his son and will never let Yuri have him (too bad that the plot won’t agree with him TT)
  • Yusho basically pulling Yuri’s leg during the entire duel was way too fun to watch, I love when conceited jerks like him are put down a notch.
  • Reiji calming Reira down everytime.

The Bad:

  • OMG I knew Yugo would be absorbed, I knew it,but the way it was done it was probably one the most disturbing things this series has shown, he ATE him, he basically ATE him, and at the last moment Yugo AGREED with it.

Originally posted by amoodymess

The Random:

  • The Professor forgets the laws of science again, but he’s the one making a what is basically a magical ritual sacrifice so…
  • Guess Edo, Kaito and Sora have met their duties to the plot then

daily reminder that matt boyd is probably out buying him and neil matching bff tshirts and matt will force neil to wear it if it’s the last thing he does and neil wears it and love it but pretends to act all annoyed. ps: neil wears that shirt to bed every day to remind himself that he has friends who love and care about him.

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Hi, just wanted to share my thoughts.. i feel like the more time that goes by the higher my expectations get and the less impactful it will be for me.. i am very chill and not hurt rn, i Believe, but what has been happening and this semi-certainty is not making me enthusiastic. Do you ever feel like that? Like whatever they got in store had better be worthy of sacrificing a normal series. I know why they are probably doing this but still. what do you think?

I can totally understand that, and I do feel like that sometimes, but it all boils down to Them: Steven and Mark (and countless others) put this thing together for three years before presenting each season to us; it’s obvious they do everything in their power to give every last detail their attention; and they’ve said on several occasion that nearly everything in the show (from the scene transitions to an item on a shelf to a throw-away line from a background character) is intentional and meaningful. They have done everything they can to keep show secrets under the tightest lock-and-key, so whatever is worth protecting for over 7 years is definitely not insignificant. 

Even before they started editing, or acting, or writing, or deciding to actually start the show, Steven and Mark talked about this concept for years on their train rides to and from Cardiff for Doctor Who. A lot of thought and love has been put into this show that has been nearly a decade in the making and was inspired by stories that the two of them are intensely passionate about. Anything worth that much time and effort will be exactly as mind-blowing and amazing as they build it up to be. What the show could be is historic and monumental for thousands of people; when it does happen, I don’t think it’s possible to be disappointed that we were able to predict it. It will have happened, and personally, that’s all I need to be happy.

I was tagged by @simwithsparkles! Thanks so much, it was really fun and it helped me get my mind off of some things…
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The Wedding (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: I’m still keeping up the daily thing!! As for the last chapter of my Avengers AOU series, it’ll probably be out when I finish all my requests!! So anyways, enjoy!!😊

Request: Hello! I hope you’re having a good day. Could you do another Bucky imagine where the reader has to go to a family reunion and she wants Bucky to meet her family because they’re good friends since they’re both quiet? The problem is that reader has a very loud and party-animal-esque family and they assume that Bucky and the reader are together and things get awkward… Thank you for being open to requests! I love when authors have their request box open. It makes the imagines so much better!

“Buckyyy,” You stretched out your best friend’s name as you laid on his bed. 

“Yes, Y/N?” He replied, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared down at you with an amused expression.

You looked at him and sat up. “I know you might feel really awkward but I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

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BTS Jungkook- Lost stars

Part 1- If we’re not careful turns into reality

Part 2- Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies

Part 3- Reaching out for someone I can’t see

Part 4- It’s hunting season and the lambs are on the run

Part 5- Cupid’s demanding back his arrow

This is the first part of the ‘’Lost stars’’ texts series! I hope it’s not confusing….the last conversation (last two photos) happened about two months before the first two and serves as some sort of ‘’flashback’’ to how they relationship used to be and is probably making things more sad knowing that how happy they were then. As for the first two’s the point when their relationship started falling apart. I hope you guys like this since it’s meant to have many parts and this is only an introduction! 

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How does your portrayal of Harley sees kids ?

harley has lots of empathy for thema good example of her communicating with a child would probably be the last few issues of hq 2000, in which she’s sort of battling herself and what to do in regards to this child. she forms a bond with her, and then later hits a sudden life realization as a result of this bond. the one thing i’ve learned from this series was that harley didn’t have the finest upbringing. it’s not blatantly stated, but it’s heavily implied she didn’t see youth as something beautiful. she knew it hurt, she knew people and adults lied around her all the time, she’s heard of people saying you’re going to miss your childhood and you’re going to enjoy it – but it’s actually not the case for everyone. her upbringing wasn’t god - awful in my portrayal,   but her paternal issues were definitely something that contributed to making it somewhat unpleasant. not to mention, i headcanon my harley to have grown up poor in bensonhurst, mainly because a lot of things alluded to the fact they weren’t exactly well endowed. 

i’m going to show some of my fav scans in the series that should summarize her relationship with amanda once it was formed, despite what she says about it being about the money, i 100% believe it wasn’t just about the money.  let’s be real.  harley isn’t a psychopath, she’s not 100% apathetic, she has feelings and emotions and she forms bonds quickly with people.  in the panel below, she’s told not to make it personal, but it is.  harley herself said she takes things personally. so yes. she took this child in, albeit with a some shady intentions (she still went to hell and back to make sure she was safe and she knew everyone else hunting her wouldn’t really give a shit about her well being) and formed a bond with her.  she felt the need to protect her and eventually felt so much guilt as a result of everything and what this child’s faced, she went through a disassociative state where she basically just. was so messy. in the end, she took herself in to arkham knowing and finally acknowledging / doing something about her  problems.

here, as you can see, peep that amazing typo about harlene quinzel,  she does car. even these guys know.  she saved her so many times and was really emotional the minute she thought she couldn’t, so much it’d be a lie to say she had no empathy for kids / didn’t care for them.

another receipt you can consider is in injustice (whether you dig it or not, i’m gonna use it here just to prove a point)  she says she would have tried stopping lois’ death had she known she was pregnant, and she felt bad about it, too.

t;dr – i digress: she has empathy for children.  she feels things for them. i know many people will point to the whole jason t/odd thing, and that’s fair – but harley does feel remorse. i don’t give a shit what other people have to say about that, or whether they disagree, but she definitely feels guilt about it.  my harley, at least, will feel guilt for it.  i think a lot of the time she boxes it away and doesn’t really…discuss it outwardly, bluntly as much, especially to the joker, who is often her primary company.  she does appear uneasy, but the reason why she goes through with whatever is a different thing entirely //:



And last but certainly not least is our maknae, the half cheetah half bunny, Jeon Jungkook aka Kookie aka can I just take a moment to talk about his eyes bc oh my god I love eyes, eyes are probably my favorite facial feature on people bc they can tell so much about the person and I once wrote like an entire series based off of Jungkook’s eyes tbh like they’re just so !! one of my favorite things about the way he dances is the look he gets in his eyes bc it just pierces your soul and it’s so intense but not intimidating like its a perfect balance and I just I love his eyes

  • While Tae and Hobi are pretty similar, Kookie and Yoongi are also similar  
  • Jungkook can be a shy lil bun
  • While he’s definitely broken out of his shell a lot since No More Dream, he can still have his moments of shyness
  • Like anything that involves girls is just nope no n o
  • It’s actually really cute though??
  • Bc he literally goes from :) to o.o within 0.1 seconds whenever he sees someone of the other gender
  • Like in that idols athletic thing that I can never remember the full name of, he was just walking minding his own business
  • Then he sees some girls and just swerves out of the way like nope not today
  • Like I’m sure one day he’ll be more comfortable around them but he's been in bts for quite some time now
  • And he had to train as well so it’s probably been a few years since he’s had a lot of interaction with them  
  • So it’s understandable that he’s still a bit whoa around girls  
  • But he’s a bit more versatile
  • He doesn’t really mind having company but he also doesn’t mind being alone
  • He’s a bit more open to the others coming along with him
  • But the chances of him offering are most often pretty rare
  • Every now and then he’ll invite Jin or Jimin along with him
  • The other boys tend to just help themselves and join him like hey btw I’m gonna crash on your couch for like a couple months, maybe a decade or so idk yet
  • He does however love the night
  • I just see kook as such a night person he just seems like one I sense a night owl
  • He is a born vampire
  • He wasn’t born too long ago, in the early 1900s
  • Fun fact Taehyung is the youngest vampire wise
  • His parents were very open and honest about being a vampire like hey kid it can suck (haha) sometimes but we’ll help you through it
  • Okay but can we talk about kook could totally pull off a vampire look
  • Like Danger is literally just vampire!kook
  • But also lowkey WOH is too
  • Basically black hair kookie is just vampire!kookie
  • The Halloween video
  • Ik he wasn’t really a vampire in it but the whole makeup look was close enough
  • It was just so amazing and it fit him like he looks s o good in black I need it
  • Why does no one talk about how he had a fucking whip in that is that just something we’re gonna brush under the rug
  • You two meet in modern day
  • You first meet Tae and you two are quick to become friends bc its tae he moves quickly
  • It takes him like a year to introduce you to kook though
  • He wants to make sure you’re as compatible with kookie as he think you’d be
  • Like he puts you through these lowkey tests
  • Like how do you handle being around someone who’s a bit shier
  • Do you guys meet each other’s required qualities in a partner??
  • One of the other things he does is play you the music kookie recommends to him
  • Like just hey I found this new song what do you think of it
  • You tend to like them a lot and he’s just so happy
  • He’s got this huge plan of how he wants you to meet
  • He wants kookie to “accidentally” bump into you right and then kookie would hear the song he recommended to tae playing through your earphones and it’s just an instant connection and Tae would be able to brag about how he got you two together
  • The first meeting doesn’t really go according to plan though
  • He does get kookie to bump into you by lowkey pushing him but all you two do is apologize to each other and keep on walking after you say hello to tae
  • He takes a minute to realize his plan didn’t work
  • He’s just standing there like wait what just happened and kooks like a few steps ahead before he sees tae’s still frozen and everyone’s just confused
  • Plan B comes into play next
  • Plan B is for tae to tell both of you to check out the same book for him when he’s “not feeling well enough to get it myself but I really need it for an upcoming essay”
  • He sends you in there before he sends kook but neither of you have any idea about the other
  • Once again his plan fails though bc someone else had already checked the book
  • He finally goes to his final plan which is just the good old-fashioned introducing you to each other
  • “So I actually have a story to tell you guys about this whole thing but that’s for later, for now, this is Jungkook, the guy I was telling you about”
  • That plan actually does work though
  • You two just instantly click and he’s so so sweet and charming
  • He gets a bit shy around you for the first few months bc shy lil maknae but you actually find it endearing??
  • Like he spends most of your second date staring at your hands and wondering if you’d mind if he held yours?? like is that too far is it too soon do you wanna hold his hand??
  • He ends up grabbing your hand when you get up and you just smile at him and squeeze his fingers and he melts right then and there he’s gone
  • He takes the longest to tell you he’s a vampire
  • Here’s the thing I think kook would take a minute to fall in love
  • He would wait a bit longer bc he just ends up worrying that you’ll leave him if you find out and it’s his first love so it’s really !!!
  • He eventually gets brave enough after getting several pep talks from the boys
  • He tells you the night of your second anniversary and he’s holding his breath the entire time and he’s v v carefully watching your face to see your reaction
  • You’re honestly just intrigued by it
  • “What’s it like? Do you need to drink blood like it says in the books? Does sunlight burn you”
  • He’s s o relieved and he answers all of your questions honestly like he doesn’t shy away from any of the answers bc he wants you to know everything and it just feels really great to have that weight off of his shoulders
  • Okay but I have a head canon here
  • Jungkook and you get married right
  • It doesn’t happen for a few decades after he turns you but it does happen
  • During his speech, Tae finally tells you guys about Plan A and B 
  • Everyone just starts laughing and the boys are all tearing up bc they remember hearing the stories of when you two first started dating
  • Even though he tries to hide it, kook’s lowkey crying (out of happiness of course) and you just kiss his lil cheek and hold his hand all tight
  • And you can feel his ring against your finger and you know he can feel yours and it’s just all beautiful