that this guy would not consider himself a nerd

Taehyung Scenario: I’ll Follow You.

Request: Heyyy I wanted to request taehyung x reader So the reader is like the leader of gang that everyone scared of, but there is this new student who follow the reader every where because of the reader saved him from the bully before they meet. Make it fluff! And happy anding!!! Thankyouuu!!! 

Genre: Fluff.

For Taehyung encountering you there felt like a dream, ever since the first time he saw you he couldn’t stop thinking about you.
You were standing alone by the entrance of campus, he wanted to approach you and say hi  but he felt a bit shy. What if you didn’t remember him? Taehyung sighed, staring at you; high waisted jeans, a crop top with a little leather jacket on top, you were beautiful, so much he wondered how was it that you weren’t swarmed by guys or girls flirting with you, or just being with you. He licked his lips and admired you, you were so pretty, and so strong.

It amazed Taehyung how much courage you had, such temper, such confidence. For him it was attractive as it was admirable. He felt like he was starstruck or something. 

-Shit together, get my shit together- he muttered to himself as he thought on approaching you, just to say hi, or anything, maybe he should say thank you, he hadn’t had the chance to say that when you met. Taehyung took the first step but stopped, seeing how a group of guys and another girl went to you. You were waiting for them, he realized, Taehyung saw how you seemed to be scolding them, probably for making you wait, which made him chuckle a little.
Either way you were with them now, he felt more nervous, but he also thought this was his chance to say anything to you, who would have thought he would be meeting you at his own campus, it was crazy, but it had to mean something and Taehyung had always considered himself a positive guy. 

So he adjusted his glasses and went on walking towards you who were still talking with your group, none of them turned when he stood aside but when he started to get closer to you the five people, including you, stared hard at him.

-What’s up nerd?- the other girl said but Taehyung didn’t mind her, his eyes focused on you.

-Hello- he cleared his throat and you turned completely to him, you were stunning as he remembered, and there it was the bat he had seen you with the other time before hidden with your leg, but now it dangled of one of your hands lazily. -We met the other day, remember?-

You arched a brow observing him silently but it was the guy with the purple hair who spoke. -Of course, you are the guy who was almost beaten the other day-

Taehyung laughed embarrassedly but nodded. -Yeah, that was me-

You kept staring at him a bit too long for Taehyung to be able to guess what that meant. You also cleared your throat. -So, what do you want?-

He laughed again scratching the back of his neck. -I guess I, I wanted to say thank you-

-Huh?- you widened your eyes. -Oh, you mean because…-

Taehyung smiled. -Yes, If it wasn’t for you, I… - he looked at the little audience who pretended to look elsewhere but not really, all of them listening to the conversation. -My name is Taehyung- he bowed. -I own you-

You shook your head, swaying the bat with you. -No, no…-

-Really, I do, how can I call you?-

-You don’t know her?- the other girl spat out and you almost face palmed. -Look at this nerd blabbering here and then…-

-Hyelim!- you glared at the girl and then looked at him. -Look, Taehyung, it’s best if you go-

Taehyung shrugged putting his hands in his pockets. -It’s ok I just wanted to thank you, but, what is your name?-

-I’m Y/N- you said simply without bowing or anything and it clicked to him who you were, he had only heard rumors about a girl with that name, who led a gang everyone seemed to be scared of. But of course you carried a bat with you whenever you went, he should really have seen it coming.

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