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taehyung: *didnt stop crying as they thanked everyone for the pizza*

yoongi: *points to the strongest person in the room* “i could take anyone INCLUDING you”

jin: “i’m going to get some coffee” *passes out under a table and wakes up an hour later*

jimin: “im not drunk ok” *falls down a flight of stairs* “seriously. im not drunk.”

namjoon: *to the pizza guy in the shop* “did you know elephants have elbows. how great.”

hoseok: *screaming about everything*

jungkook: *accidentally locks himself in the bathroom and doesnt know how to get out*


STARLIGHT Japanのみなさん、みなさんがいてくれるおかげでいつも心強くてしあわせです。今日は僕たちVIXXの心でとくべつ幸せな1日を!みんなあいしてる #To_STARLIGHT #VIXX #ホワイトデー

“Japanese starlights, thanks to all of you being here, we’re always encouraged and happy. Today in particular is a happy day in all of VIXX’s hearts!  Everyone, we love you!” #To_STARLIGHT #VIXX #WhiteDay

**sign reads the same message

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My Snake collection has grown!!!
By far, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a character as much as I love Snake 🐍 He’s just too adorable ☺️

Forever (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt:  “ Is there any chance you could please write an imagine with Jasper were the reader, who is his girlfriend falls severely ill, but it’s something that no one, even Carlisle has ever seen and she keeps getting worse and so Jasper has to turn her?” (requested)

Word Count: 1,578

Warnings: slight swearing (I mean, it’s me, what do u expect)

A/N: sO SORRY FOR BEING SO LATE. I don’t have internet at the moment and I’m trying extremely hard to fix that but the company that provides me internet is shit and they are so fucking stupid I swear to jesus I hate them. I hope that I can get back to uploading as soon as possible! (I’m at my mom’s house today, that’s why I’m able to put this up) also, this time two gifs because I felt like it, none of them are mine tho.

Jasper’s POV (third person)

No one could understand what was happening to her, not even Carlisle, he never crossed paths with a disease like hers and that was a lot to say having in count all the years that Carlisle worked as a doctor.

It all started with pain in her legs, each day that went by she found it more difficult to walk without having to stop to rest, of course, Jasper would be on her side helping her and even carrying her on his arms; Carlisle said it could be exhaustion because of stress and having in mind that finals were approaching that could be understandable.

But things started to escalate quickly; not only her legs were in pain but she started to feel more tired every day and she struggled to breathe at night when she was lying down next to him, he could feel her fear and even if he didn’t want to show it, he was fucking scared as well.

No matter how many times a day Carlisle checked on her he wasn’t able to tell what was wrong, her symptoms could lead to any disease but he didn’t want to say something if he wasn’t sure so he would tell her that everything will be okay and that she was in good hands.

Eventually she stopped going to school, giving as she only lived with her mother she excused herself saying to her that she was spending the nights at his house, at first she was against that but as time passed she let (Y/N) stay, little did she know that her little girl was dying.

Jasper knew this, he could feel it, her heart was weaker every day, and her heart didn’t beat as fast as it did before and he didn’t want to accept it but if no one turned her she was going to die.

“We have to do this, otherwise she will die” Carlisle’s voice sounded calm as he looked at his family that was now gathered in the living room, and even if he was one floor away from her he still was able to hear her weak heartbeat.

“There has to be something we can do, Carlisle, she doesn’t have to go through this” He looked at Rosalie, even if her face was as emotionless as always he could sense that she was worried, the tone of her voice gave it away; he knew that Rosalie took a liking on (Y/N), as she said that (Y/N) was nothing like Bella, that’s why she liked her so much.

“No, Rosalie, I can’t find anything to make her feel better” Carlisle’s voice sounded harsher this time, Jasper knew that he spent most of his time looking for something for (Y/N) and he was forever grateful “Is now or never, we can’t lose more time”

“I’m going to do it” The rush of adrenaline that came over him was indescribable, he wanted to keep (Y/N) by his side no matter what, even if that meant to turn her.

He suddenly felt everyone’s eyes on him but he didn’t stutter, he wanted to do it.

“I’m going to do it, Carlisle, I know I can” he repeated.

He felt the confusion that was radiating from Carlisle, he knew that he didn’t trust him at all with the task, but this was his mate’s life that was in game, and he wasn’t going to lose it.

After a couple of seconds full of silence, Carlisle sighed deeply but nodded slowly looking at him.

“Okay, but Edward, Emmett and I will be next to you in case something happens” Jasper gave him a quick nod and everyone started to move around preparing things, he made his way to the room that (Y/N) was lying and this time he sighed when her weak body came to his sight.

After what it felt hours for him everything was prepared, (Y/N) was now lying on the bed but this was neatly made, and she wasn’t in her pajamas anymore, she was dressed and he gave a quick look at Alice, mentally thanking her for that, she only smiled softly and got out of the room. He looked at (Y/N), and if her heartbeat was weak before now it was almost inaudible, her eyes closed and her face was looked so soft even if she was paler.

He got closer until he was standing next to her; Carlisle was on his side on a second while Emmett and Edward were on a corner in the room waiting for him to fuck up, but he was surprisingly confident, he wanted to save her and he was willing to do anything to achieve that.

He sat down on a chair that Carlisle brought for him and took a deep breath, not because he needed to breathe but because it was his way of preparing for what it was next. He slowly grabbed her arm and leaned on, he knew that Carlisle had sedated her so the pain could be eased a little which comforted him in a certain way.

He closed his eyes as he felt her soft skin in between his teeth and he finally pierced her velvety skin, he had to restrain himself from losing control but something on the back of his mind kept telling him that her life was on his hand which made him think twice about fucking everything up and as quickly as he set his mind on the task he could slightly feel how the venom flooded through his body into hers.

“You are doing great, Jasper, a little bit more and that’s all” Carlisle’s voice sounded far away from him, he wanted to do as good as he could, he knew that this would be painful for her, even when she was sedated.

He closed his eyes trying to concentrate, at every second on his mind he could only see her, opening her eyes and being the same cheerful and lovely girl that he felt so hopelessly in love with.

“Ok, that’s enough Jasper, it’s done” He heard Carlisle’s voice again and began to slowly separate from her arm and placed it delicately next to her side again, but he never moved from his chair, he knew that the next three days will be the worst days of his eternal life, one thing was to have (Y/N) living, even if she was sick but another completely different thing was to have her in an immense pain that not even him could stop, and it was killing him inside.

He felt a hand on his shoulder but didn’t even flinch at the sudden contact.

“You did good, Jas, she is going to be okay” He nodded in a way to say ‘thank you’ to Emmett and he noticed on the corner of his eye that Edward was standing next to him, but he knew that he didn’t need to say a word to him, he only thought about it.


And he sat there for three days, for the first time in his life he thank whatever god existed that he was a vampire and could resist all of this, he wouldn’t like to miss a second of her transformation and in a certain way it amazed him to see how slow but noticeable were the changes on her appearance.

On the second day her hair didn’t look as dull as it did before, her hair color looked even vibrant than it ever did, it might seem insignificant for others but he still noticed how her eyelashes that had been falling before were now thicker and looked even darker and in that moment he wanted to see her eyes so bad, he only imagined how they will look surrounded by her thick and long eyelashes.

Later that day he noticed her skin change, it was pale before due to her sickness but now it was glowing and looked even smoother than before, for a strange reason he couldn’t bring himself to touch her so he remained still in his chair watching her closely, ignoring every time that a member of his family came to check up on (Y/N), even if it was mostly Carlisle.

On the third day something changed too, her heart stopped beating and he knew that every second that went by it brought him closer to see her opening her eyes again. The past days had been torture for him, even if he could not feel anything physical he still could feel her emotions and pain was the only thing that emerged from her body and oh how bad he wanted to bring her closer to his body and take all that pain away, but he couldn’t.

At some point during that same day, Carlisle entered the room and even if he didn’t turn he knew the whole family was in there too and he felt it, it was close, it was now.

And all of the sudden (Y/N) opened her eyelids to reveal beautiful crimson red eyes that looked at her surroundings with a confused grin on her beautiful face, he thought that she was stunning before, but now her beauty was incomparable with anything, she was simply flawless.

Her eyes suddenly stopped when they met his and he couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face.

“Jasper?” her voice was as velvety as her skin and he could melt in that instant.

“Yes baby, I’m here”