that thinking face of his really is

BTS Reaction | Members want to fuck your mouth

Request; where the members want to fuck your mouth/face or you want them to

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon had enough of watching you flirt with the boys, dragging you out of the room and into his bedroom.

“You really don’t think I don’t know what you were doing?” “You need to be punished…” “How about I fuck that mouth of yours? I know how much you love my cock”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin had thought about it often, especially when your lips were wrapped around him. He found it hard trying to keep his cool and not to start thrusting into your mouth.

“Can we try something new princess?” “I want to try fucking your mouth, I understand if you don’t want me to but the thought is driving me insane”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi wouldn’t be shy about asking you but he knew it was best to bring up the subject since every time you sucked him off he felt his resolve deteriorate more and more.

“Can we try it where I take control? Let me fuck your mouth” “I just wanted to ask, because every time you suck me off the urge is so bad, I just want to know if you’re okay with it”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok knew you were open to letting him fuck your mouth since you had told him so before. Most of the time he focused on your pleasure more than his own, unless you brought out his more dominant side.

“Don’t you think you deserve punishment for what you did?” “Come here and let me fuck that pretty little mouth of yours”

Park Jimin

Jimin was always focused mostly on your pleasure during sex and it wasn’t that he didn’t feel good when you sucked him off, quite the opposite which was the reason he wanted to try it.

“Can we try it? Just once…” “I’ll stop if you don’t like it… I just really want to try, I’ll repay the favour”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung would be outright and ask you, telling you that it wasn’t something you had to do if it made you uncomfortable but he would express how much he loved the idea.

“I mean we don’t have to if you’re uncomfortable, but I really want to fuck your pretty little mouth”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook liked being in control, so the idea of fucking your mouth had crossed his mind more than he would like to admit. 

“Y-you know when you suck me off?” “Well have you ever thought about letting me take control?” “I kinda want to try it, you know, fucking your mouth”

Malfoy Is Always Up To Something
  • Harry, in class: *is asleep*
  • Hermione: *shoving him* Harry wake up! You're going to get in trouble!
  • Harry: *mumbles*
  • Ron: *hissing loudly* Mate, really. The new teacher doesn't care who you are or what you've done!
  • Harry: *yawns and sniffles*
  • Professor: *using a Sonorous charm* WELL I THINK THAT'S TWENTY POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR.
  • Harry: *snores*
  • Draco, at the opposite end of the room: *blinks*
  • Harry: *sits straight up* What's Malfoy up to this time? He stayed in his room for hours last night and I ended up waiting until sunrise to follow him, but then all he did was go take a shower and wank!
  • Professor: ...
  • Hermione: ...
  • Ron: *whispering* You--you watched him wank?
  • Harry: *irritably* Well, I have to know what he's up to, don't I?
  • Draco: *blushes*
  • Harry, snapping: I *heard* that, Malfoy!

his face at the end when he was like “…right???” this is so cute i’m out

Heroes and Legends (pt. 2)

Back at the house, Dark clears off another place at the table for the Author to sit. “It’s ah… quite messy here,” the Author notes, glancing around at the crumbled pieces of paper and the fast food bags. “You two live here together?” The Author looks between the two of them, a strange pair to say the least.

Wilford makes a face and crosses his arms over his chest. “What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, I just thought you two would’ve killed each other by now,” the Author shrugs and dusts a spider off his shoulder. This place is a complete mess. It’s no wonder since the two of them seem to be completely deranged, he thinks to himself.

Dark sits down at his place at the table and brushes a hand through his hair. “Listen, Author, I know we’ve talked about this before, but I really think you should reconsider living alone. We could be much stronger as a team rather than individuals.”

The Author raises an eyebrow and looks over Dark contemptuously. He’s paler than the other Egos, dressed all in black like a kid who never grew out of his emo phase with that stupid eyeliner along the bottom of his calculating eyes. Author doesn’t trust him as far as he can spit, let alone posses the desire to live with him. Not to mention there’s also Wilford with that ridiculous mustache and the accent that the Author is pretty sure he’s faking. “I’d rather be shot.”

“That can be arranged,” Wilford says with a wink, and the Author scoots his chair another inch away from the pink sociopath.

“I like living on my own, and I don’t need more power.” The Author leans his elbows on the table and stares right at Dark, daring him to make a move. “I have everything that I want. Money, fame, my writing, what else could I possibly need?”

Dark feels his temper start to rise, burning in his throat and begging to be let out, but he pulls it back and chooses instead to smile at the Author. No need to scare him away so quickly, not when he’s finally managed to get him into the house. “But don’t you see? With us, you can have all of that and more.”

The Author smirks and gestures around the dingy room. “Yes, I see you two are living the good life here.”

“This is only a temporary place, until I have what I need,” Dark assures him, perfectly articulate despite the ringing in his ears. “Together we can…”

“No, Dark,” the Author says as he rises from his place at the table. “I came here to tell you once and for all that there is no use in trying to convince me. My place is at my cabin, writing my novels, and minding my own business. If you keep pestering me, I’ll make it my personal mission to make your life a living hell. Got that?”

Wilford smiles and laughs a little, glancing over at a festering Dark. “I like him.”

“You’re making a mistake,” Dark warns Author.

The Author just shrugs and heads for the door. “Don’t worry, boys. I’ll show myself out.” With that, he’s gone.


Back at his cabin, the Author can finally relax. Being around Dark always riles him up, makes him want to take a bat to a china cabinet or something worse. He’s pretty sure it has something to do with the Ego’s black aura. It’s still weak but seems to be growing stronger by the day, and that worries Author… just a bit.

He glances around the room. His furniture he made himself, his books on the wall, and his sanctuary, why would he ever leave this for them? The pink one was almost too hard to look at. The color coming off him hurt the Author’s eyes, but he could see within the pink a strange other color, a crimson of blood and madness. In Dark, of course, he sees only gray, skewed lines and white lies and pretty words with no meaning. Here at his cabin, everything is blue and green and peaceful, colors he can deal with.

Author closes his eyes for a moment of relief before heading back into his office where his desk awaits, skewed with a thousand, brilliant colors, all leftovers from his stories dreamed up and written down and cast aside. He throws himself into his work, burying his thoughts in the words until they flow out of him at a constant rhythm in time with the bobbing of his head and the tapping of his foot.

Then something flashes in the corner of his eye, a bright streak of pink, and the Author feels the cool barrel of a gun—guns were always orange to him—pressed into his temple. Author drops his pen. “Something can be said for your subtlety, Warfstache.”

The pink Ego grins maliciously. “Yeah, I haven’t got any.”

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ok someone asked how peter chose his name and i agree with your answer but also i have a hc i really like so: i think he was reading through his childhood peter pan book and then he thought "this guy never grows tall, his voice never changes, his face is always hairless? same" and then he only had to think "peter parker" once that it stuck

peter has may read him the book a lot, to the point where she thinks she could probably recite it by memory. she isn’t sure why peter likes the book so much, even going so far to choose his name after peter pan. if anything she thinks the book is kind of brutal. one bratty little boy ruling a magical island, not really seeming to care about those around him or the consequences of his actions.

but she supposes that peter’s still able to look at peter pan with the childlike innocence that most kids have. she knows that when she was a child she certainly never looked at peter pan and saw a snotty child, she saw a hero. christ, she was getting old.

but one night curiosity gets the better of her.

“heya, pete, can i ask you something?”

“yeah, may?”

“why do you like this book so much? i mean no offense, buddy, but this peter guy is kind of mean.”

peter laughs. “a lot of boys are.”

may rolls her eyes. “you’re not. ben’s not.”

peter snuggles deeper into his blankets. “that’s cause me and him are special.”

may leans down beside his bed and turns on his nightlight, then stands up and turns off his lamp. “mhmm, you guys are alright i guess.”

may sits down on the side of his bed and runs her hand through his hair, it’s still so soft like most kids hair is. he’s growing up, he’ll be 8 years old soon, but she still has trouble looking at him and seeing anything but her little boy.

“peter pan is kind of a jerk,” peter whispers, staring at his ceiling. “but he’s king of the lost boys. he takes them to a place where they can be safe and free. i used to wish he would come take me away, so i could be a lost boy too.”

may doesn’t know what to say. peter’s so young, she doesn’t like him sounding so sad and broken. except he doesn’t sound broken, not right now. he’s just remembering. but she hates that he ever felt like that to begin with, or that he could feel it again.

“but peter pan isn’t real,” peter said after a moment. “i know that. but i could be like peter pan. i could help people, not just people like me. i could help all the lost people. i could be their peter pan, but i could be better. i could be peter parker.”

and suddenly it makes sense, why peter chose this name. he wants to help, to be the person that he always wished would come save him. of course that’s why he chose this name, it was who he had been all along.

“you know,” may began, tucking peter into his blankets a bit more, making sure he was nice and warm and secure. “ben and i were pretty lost before you came into our world. we were so worried about your mom and dad, but you helped us. you healed us. so i think you’re already doing a great job, mr. parker.”

peter giggled, his laugh was so light and airy, high pitched and happy. “you could be like wendy!”

may snorted and leaned in to kiss peter’s head. “sure, i could be like wendy.”

In response to this and this.

I said I wanted to see what it’d look like, so I drew it. Chances are, my top hat would probably be a little too big for Bendy’s head, I think.

I might’ve spent a bit more time working on this than I should’ve, to be honest…

(On an unrelated note, I thought I’d try drawing my persona in my usual style this time. What do you think?)

–Jack Anon

Aww! this is great! I’m really liking how you draw both your character and Bendy in your style. And yeah, the top hat might be a little too big for Bendy. It probably could fit, but it looks like it’d always be over his eyes. XD He’d just me a hat with a smiley face sticking out.

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Another Force sensitive!Hux where he is now Snoke's new apprentice bc Ben has always been weak and pathetic in his eyes/has ran back to fam. After a long 6 months of training, he emerges a different man with Sith yellow eyes who only sees Ben as a traitor now due to SnOkE. One night, when Ben has snuck into his Finalizer's quarters to see him, Hux first goes to kill him but then when Ben tells him that he still loves him, Hux can't.

I think Force sensitive hux is one of my favourite fandom AU’s and this is really really good

Just imagine Hux leaping out of bed and grabbing his new red-blades lightsaber from underneath his pillow to pin the intruder down on the floor

And Hux recognises Ben’s voice straight away

“I just had to see you,” Ben says, seemingly unfazed by the red blade in his face. “Your…your eyes, Hux.”

And Hux just chuckles because, this, Ben Solo, is what true power looks like; the glowing yellow eyes and the ablaster skin and the merciless attitude is just what the Supreme Leader wants in his apprentice

“How pleased he’ll be,” Hux says, using the Force to constrict Ben’s throat. “That I’ll be the one to kill the failed apprentice, the boy who calls himself Ben, the weakest jedi.”

Ben gasps as he struggles to breathe and knowing that he’s about to die, he whispers “I love…you” before his eyes roll back, and he’s gone

And Hux screams, throwing his sword aside and gathers Ben up into his arms and hugs him tightly, telling him that he loves him too, that he never stopped

Ben isn’t dead, just unconscious, but Hux cries into his shoulder and begs him to be alright because he loves him so very very dearly ❤️


Neil: “Well.. what’s done is done, right..?”
Rowan: “I don’t know what to say..”
Neil: “I do, if you don’t mind? Honestly, I wanna get this off my chest..”

Neil looked Rowan straight in the eyes, without any hint of amusement reflected in them. Rowan took in the bruise on Neil’s face again, her stomach filling with guilt. When she had smacked him, the sound of her hand connecting with his face had filled the room. It had been so loud that people from the other visitors had looked over to see what had been. Rowan had even scared herself, her impulse to hit him perhaps more than the terrible sound that had come from his face. But.. had she really hit him that hard..?

Neil: “You know I don’t approve of violence Rowan.. You know what I’ve been through with my dad.. I think what you did was really, really awful. Especially because I don’t know what I have done wrong to deserve it, and you wouldn’t tell me?! And still haven’t told me..?”

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“There’s a leaf in your hair.” For Merlin/Arthur please please?

I’m sorry, I really tried to think of my own idea, but all I could think about was LeafHead!Merlin by Eviko. Like, how could I possibly look at this prompt and write anything else? I hope @eviko doesn’t mind that I used her AU? I just ADORE LeafHead!Merlin and all her headcanons. Petal Panic is still HILARIOUS to me because of Arthur’s anxiety faces (like same babe, same.)

A little domestic Merthur for you, anon!


“You have a leaf in your hair.” Arthur said. “Again.”

Merlin was face first in a large biology textbook, studying for his upcoming Pharmacognosy exam. “I was working in the nursey at the botanical gardens today.” He didn’t bother to get the leaf out of his hair.

“That explains why there’s another baby plant in our flat.” Arthur said, looking at the small plant sitting on the kitchen counter.

“I couldn’t help myself.” Merlin looked up from highlighting his book with big blue, pleading eyes. “It needed a home, Arthur. It was lonely.”

Arthur sighed. “What does that make that? Ten?” Arthur scanned the little flat where Merlin insisted on cramming as many house plants as he could. “A good even number.”

“Until the next one.” Merlin hummed, going back to his textbook.

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hi i was wondering about any headcanons you have about botw! zelink since i read some of your prompts and you're a big shipper like me sorry for intruding thank you!

OHMYGOSH no need to apologize! Thank you for reading my work thanks for loving it /sobs

I have a whole bunch of headcanons about zelink though no need to be shy!

more under the cut!

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some of my silly vld headcanons

— if lance doesn’t brush his hair when he gets out of the water (shower, swimming, etc) it dries really curly
- hunk and coran think it’s adorable
- keith hopes lance doesn’t notice how red his face goes when he sees his curls for the first time. lance definitely notices judging by the increase in appearances with his hair all wavy

— pidge manages to find some nail polish on a planet they’re visiting so she teaches allura how to paint her nails. the other paladins and coran join in and it becomes a big nail painting and bonding party
- lance does bright pink, pidge does sunny yellow, hunk does green to match the food goo, allura does sparkly teal, coran does Mustache Orange™, shiro goes for a pearly white, and keith picks a pale purple
- lance has actually painted his niece’s nails before so he’s better at it than the rest of them. he has to re-explain it to coran and also helps keith, very smug about finally finding something that he’s better than him at

— after a particularly rough mission pidge and hunk work tinker with one of the showers. lance cries a little when he learns that his friends recreated the exact feeling of rain for him
- it’s got settings going by different rain pressures, including “drizzle” and “downpour”
- the difference between that shower and the others is pretty large. the other paladins sometimes use it when they’re feeling a little homesick

— keith slips up while talking to lance, which leads to “oh my gosh, you like disney movies? we’re totally staying up one night and binge watching a bunch on pidge’s laptop”
- tangled, hercules, and the lion king turn out to be keith’s favorites. lance’s favorite is the emperor’s new groove, obviously
- lance basically gushes over hercules which leads to a discussion in which keith learns that lance is bi. keith stutters a bunch when lance makes remarks like “who doesn’t have a crush on hercules? i bet you even do!” so of course keith blushes like mad and lance puts the sexuality-shaped pieces together but leaves it at that
- when hunk finds keith and lance curled up together on the couch in the morning after their movie marathon he literally squeals. lance doesn’t try to deny that the bonding moment happened

— pidge puts together a makeshift tv so that she and lance can finally play the video game they bought at the space mall. every now and then other members of team voltron join in
- the first person to beat pidge in 1v1 multiplayer is keith, and he’s just as surprised about it as the rest of them
- shiro pretends that he’s not that into it but everyone can see him shifting to match his player while holding the controller so tightly that his prosthetic/super fancy galra tech arm could probably burn a hole through it

the town I grew up in has gotten more and more bougie over time and now where there used to be a little diner is a super fancy coffee shop with $7 pour overs and the coffee is good so I’ll go there occasionally because it’s nice and down by the lake but they have this resident guy who also uses the coffee shop as a painters studio or whatever and his art is hung up everywhere in there and it’s because of his art that I don’t think I can get coffee there ever again, lol. they are enormous incredibly hyperrealist paintings of Hot Chicks.. basically, they just look like headshots of models, and to sit there watching him painstakingly craft these wall sized portraits of imagined, bland looking, tiny white women with symmetrical faces is really too much to bear like. what does he think he is doing!! Something good?

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High school au Prowl, Jazz, Smokescreen, and Bluestreak? I loved the last one btw!

Thank you!! <3


A fucking dick

Used to date Chromedome

They had a nasty break up though

Now he is 100 percent jealous of Rewind 

Has like no friends

Until some of the football team start to stalk him.


Probably uses some underhanded ways to get some of his good grades

He really just needs a friend

But don’t talk to him in class he’ll get mad

Worse than Minimus about school rules

‘No running in the halls!’

“Excuse me where IS YOUR HALL PASS”

“Get back here miscreant” 

Would probably escort misbehaving students to teachers

Horrible at Gym

Has gotten hit in the face many times

On purpose or on accident he’ll never know

Wears ties and dresses all formal

Probably has been since birth

Monotone, meanish kinda voice

Does his hair like Captain America

Acts like him too


You’d think he’s not the kind of guy to get detentions but flipping desks during class does that to you


Too young to gamble but does anyway

Online gambles at lunch on his phone

and during class

Probably has a fake ID

Makes bets with people all the time

Wins every single fucking time

Like make a bet about anything with this dude at your own risk

Makes hella money from it anyway

Has too much energy

Idolizes his history teacher (Optimus)

Trying to save for a car so he doesn’t have to catch the bus to school

An ace at chance and probability in maths

Good at blending in with the crowd despite his bright dyed blue steak in his hair

Wears a lot of white but somehow doesn’t get anything on it during his entire day at school

Skips classes sometimes

Usually English

Is a fan of race cars and stuff like that

Even likes the movie Cars

Used to be in an on and off relationship with Sideswipe

Late to class a lot

Carries his backpack by only one strap oh damn


Teachers avoid picking on him in class to read out loud because he just nyooms through the whole thing

On the football team but the only thing he can do well is kick the ball straight through the goal posts

Most of his friends just have no idea what he’s saying cause he’s talking so fast

Gets in trouble a lot for talking during class

Makes bad puns a lot

Terrified of going to English class

Loves history though

A bit jittery

Talks to Rung a lot

Doesn’t really like Rodimus, and gets annoyed when they have the same classes

Really big, wide brown eyes

Forgets the code to his locker a lot

Sometimes gets picked on for talking so fast

It’s a terrible school and they have Sentinel as a principal so nothing is done about stuff like bullying

Always has chocolate in his backpack

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I just think it's funny how the fandom, who took sweet soft literary James Ashton completely for granted/ignored him, wants to try and say he was "out of control" in the last chapter. Like, please. He was stressed and freaking out because he thought you'd be there when you promised you would be and then you weren't and he's out of his depth with this leadership thing rn. He apologized immediately and was genuine about it. But NO, James is 'mean and a dick'. Like, gtfo my face before I smack u.

;( i agree tbh. he would be out of control if he hadn’t realized he snapped/hadn’t apologized. but he did! he recognized his behaviour and explained it came from his stress. i don’t know about yall but there have been MANY times where i have done the very same thing!!! people are really hard on james and it makes me sad sometimes. james is such a kindhearted character and i think he is placing EXTRA significance on this position because of how his movie deal went–he even mentions it in the beginning of the sophomore. he’s so worried that he won’t find his path or what he’s meant to do, so he is taking the newspaper super seriously if it should lead him to a career or something. not that his worry excuses any bad behaviour, no, that’s not what i mean tosay–i just think that’s why he’s so stressed

ppl should give him some slack!! he apologized and realized his actions were wrong. if he continues to be  mean then i understand, but i think we should reserve judgement for now. he made a slip and that’s all!!!!!!

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how to you squeel (squeak feel) about tattoos, on you, friends, or strangers?

my squeelings on tattoos?? I think theyre neat! I really love the ability to take ownership over your own body, and the ability to not just make a dent in your world, but your body as well? totally tubular. deck out that temple. 

IF I GOT A TATTOO which I would, but probably won't 

I would want to get the hot air balloon anchor from the modest mouse album on my lower sternum/underbust?? or just the words “march on” on the underside of my wrist. 

or wiggins’s sweet face on my left palm so I never have to go without being able to see his sweet kissable head 

Lifeguard!AU that doesn’t go how Lance expected

“Pidge, Pidge, listen to me. I need you to pretend to drown.”

Pidge spat out her mouthful of lemonade in a spray that only barely missed Lance’s face.

“What the fuck?” she spluttered.

Lance pulled his sunglasses off the top of his head to check them for lemonade splatter before replacing them and tousling his hair over them.

“I need you to pretend to drown.”

Hunk looked 110% skeptical of Lance’s ingenuity and Lance would be insulted but he’s still too busy ogling the hot lifeguard across the pool from the corner of his eye.

“Lance, I really don’t think that’s a safe–”

“Trust me, big guy, this plan is perfect. Pidge will go in and pretend to drown and shit, then I’m gonna jump in like a fucking hero and drag her out. Then I’ll put her on the deck and be all “everyone clear out! Give her some space!” and hot lifeguard dude will be so impressed with the speed of my response and he will definitely fall in love with me.”

“You want my sister to risk her life to be your inanimate wing-person?” Matt said incredulously.

“Well, I mean, she’s gonna be totally safe. I’m the–”

“–closest that Cuba’s ever gotten to a Michael Phelps, yeah, we’ve heard this before, McClain-the-almost-Olympian.” Lance pouted as Matt cut him off to finish his statement. “Okay, so it’s not like my sister’s life is in real jeopardy, fish man, but I still don’t like even the possibility of getting her in harm’s way, so I’ll be your wing–er, fin-person.”

Lance’s eyebrows flew up into his hairline.

“Oh my God, man, you’d do that for me?!”

“Well, no. I’d do it for Pidge, because I know you’d somehow guilt or challenge her into actually going along with your crap.”

Lance dragged Matt into the best rendition of a bone-crushing Hunk-hug he possibly could. The elder Holt let out a breathless “oof!”.

“Just so we’re clear, I’m not a fish man–no gills, just skills!”

Matt laughed and cuffed Lance in the shoulder.

“Sure, buddy.“

Yeah, that totally did not go according to plan. Instead of the heroic rescue Lance was envisioning (which would have been a million times easier if it had been Pidge’s tiny frame rather than Matt’s much taller and considerably bulkier one), somehow Matt’s overly-convincing flailing limbs (didn’t he know that drowning people were usually a lot more… still?) managed to catch Lance across the face, stunning him long enough to send him under. Normally Lance could shake it off and get back up for air, but in the panic Matt’s scene was causing, there were a bunch of pool patrons rapidly trying to flee the scene. Lance ended up getting buffeted by legs and arms of all shapes and sizes, and started to get seriously concerned he wasn’t gonna be able to come up for air. Finally, his vision started to blur as his lungs burned for oxygen and an arm curled around his chest, this time guiding him toward the air rather than further underwater.

As soon as his head broke the surface Lance coughed and choked on a massive gulp of air, his air-starved brain too addled to prioritize between clearing out the water or sucking in the precious, precious oxygen. He ended up inhaling about two-thirds water with that breath and couldn’t seem to cough it back out.

Next thing he knew, he was being lain out on the rough concrete of the pool deck and there were hands poised over his breastbone–


The hands paused and Lance blinked rapidly, trying to clear the dark spots from his vision. He looked up at his savior, and holy fucking shit, hot lifeguard dude was fucking gorgeous. And wet. And currently touching Lance’s bare chest over his hammering heart.

“The guy’s breathing, I think he’s just shocked. He’s got a pulse, he’s gonna be okay.”

Whoa, hot lifeguard dude’s friend, buff lifeguard dude, was also pretty hot. And super buff.

“Oh God, Shiro, he started choking once I got him out of the water, then went limp and unresponsive–”

“Hey, hey, I know, it’s okay.” Buff lifeguard dude’s hands closed over hot lifeguard dude’s wrists to help him stop his hands from shaking. Lance decided breathing would be a good thing to get the hang of right at that moment.

He coughed and hacked violently for a bit until he finally took in his surroundings. Matt was sitting not far from him, also dripping wet and looking mildly horrified but otherwise fine. Pidge was at her brother’s side, white as a ghost. Hunk was hovering behind them, wide, terrified eyes on Lance.

Both hot lifeguard dude and buff lifeguard dude were staring at him too.

Lance realized he should say something smooth and intelligent.

“Wow, dickwad, you didn’t even do a pulse check before attempting to break my fucking ribs?”

Ah, yes. Lance was the epitome of suave and charming.

Hot lifeguard dude went red–from rage or embarrassment, Lance had no idea.

“I just saved your life!” he exclaimed, gesticulating wildly. Buff lifeguard dude had to back off a few inches to avoid getting socked in the face. “I mean, you were unresponsive for thirty seconds, I figured you needed chest compressions just like any other unconscious choking person!”

Oh, right, he was technically choking on water.

“Yeah, well maybe I just wanted some mouth-to-mouth, okay?” he retorted.

Wait. Shit.

Hot lifeguard dude was red before, but now he was… really red.

Lance fumbled to sit up properly as they guy finally said, “But… that’s not… how CPR works? We start with chest compress–”

“I’m a paramedic, I know how fucking CPR works,” Lance interrupted. Hot lifeguard dude’s mouth clicked shut. He was really fucking cute, dammit. “I also know your ass looks amazing in those red trunks and I’d love for you to show me how that works.”

If Lance didn’t know better about human physiology, he would’ve assumed hot lifeguard dude was a few seconds away from spontaneously bursting into flames. The guy scrambled back a few inches, seemingly desperate to put a bit of space between them.

Okay, ouch, he didn’t mean to cause that much anxiety or anything.

“Hey, hey, no need to be a flustered mess. We can try this again.” He scooted forward a bit, watching hot lifeguard dude’s reactions very carefully. Dark indigo ink eyes tracked his advance warily, but he didn’t move any further back.

“Hi, I’m Lance. Wanna grab dinner with me and then watch Netflix in our jammies?”

“I’m Keith,” hot lifeguard dude said gruffly, thrusting out his hand. Lance shook it. They were both still wet from the whole nearly-dying-in-the-pool thing.

“Also… uh, that sounds… nice?”

Lance just laughed and let hot lifeg–Keith help him to his feet.

“I cannot believe that actually ended up fucking working,” Pidge said in awe.

Hunk shrugged, “Well, that’s Lance for you. Paramedic by day, and sometimes night, or whatever comes in between, and future Olympian in his spare time.”

Matt rolled his eyes from where he was sitting on one of the pool benches, toweling his hair dry-ish. “Yeah, so no one cares that I almost drowned?”

Just then, buff lifeguard dude (because seriously, this guy was fucking ripped) put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and Matt jumped nearly three feet into the air with a squeaky shriek.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” he yelled.

Buff lifeguard dude somehow looked bashful despite his buffness.

“Sorry, I just… I figured you need to get checked out properly, after all that.“

Matt’s eyes narrowed and he waggled his eyebrows in a weirdly Lance-like fashion that scared the shit out of Pidge. “So you’re saying you’re coming over here to check me out?”

Buff lifeguard dude looked stricken before he honest-to-God blushed.

“I’m Shiro,” he said, endearingly awkward as he extended his hand for Matt to shake.


“What the fuck,” Pidge said.

I couldn’t resist throwing in the Shatt… hahahaha

Happy Lance Month! Working another 26h shift tomorrow so probably won’t be posting anything. Hopefully I’ll have another little ficlet written on Sunday. Feel free to send me prompts, feedback, suggestions, or comments! :)

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Who do you think is the scariest nct member when theyre really angry like full on lashing out?? ((i have a feeling its johnny/haechan/yuta/taeil bc usually its the funny ones)). You can use astrology or no lmao I just really like reading your personality analysis its fun and feel so spot on??? Thanks for always making my day hehe you know how nctzen sometimes think "damn. Nct makes me really happy without them even knowing theyre making me happy" thats exactly how I feel abt u💕

i love you sooooo much thank you😭😭💛the last part made my heart light up really! now to the scariest when angry… i’ll use astrology lmfao. and some of the stuff i noticed from their personality…

jaehyun (he will literally plan your murder all while keeping a smile on his face. he will not be like loud when he’s mad… but rather quiet and terrifying cause all he would do is look at you and do nothing but deep down he’s probably like plotting your death. be careful. he stays stoic. he’s knows what he’s doing)

mark (god that scorpio mars and aries moon he will be similar to jaehyun but less terrifying than him? but rather show his anger more around the members. he would probably go from 0 to 100 realllllyyy quick but only rarely. usually he can keep his anger in really well in public but if you test him and his patience… don’t be suprised if he will lash out on you you know…also he’s not known to be someone who could lash out on someone you know he got that sweet canadian little man image but once he lashed out people would be like holy shit you can. do that. you have anger in you. damn)

yuta (MY GOD save your fucking self when yuta gets mad you might as well just say goodbye to your life it’s OVER. he will give you the brutal honesty and will hurt you alot probably. he will be really reckless if you wrong him. he has the tendency to get mad at people when they disagree with his opinions because he thinks his views are the right views. which can be really stubborn like……..)

taeil (he is someone who can’t stand it when people force him to come out of his comfort zone and when he feels slightly provoked by someone he will get MAD. the members have seen him mad before anyway so i guess it might happen more often but he tends to calm down faster than others but. don’t test him either okay. venusian mars signs are terrifying. i feel like he would be really gloomy and you would feel his anger. but also he would feel guilty because of it later on? lollll. also taurus mars tend to be really stubborn i mean obviously they’re a fixed sign so…also maddy put it perfectly: “i think taeil would make me feel the worst if i did him wrong…. like similar to jaehyun but less murder”)

winwin (same as yuta, but less terrifying. he would make fun of you too. laugh into your face…his innocent playful image will break right in front of your eyes)

ten (he is SO HARD TO PIN DOWN just like i am with my pisces mars. we do not know how we act when we’re mad because it varies… so it can actually be a bit scary, because you don’t know what to expect next. ten could either be indirect or extremely direct and blunt… run away or directly deal with the problem… talk it out or leave it unquestioned… there’s really no in between. it depends on his mood. if you really do make him mad i feel like he can fuck you over so bad but he chooses not to because we pisces mars people don’t like to make people feel bad or to make a situation worse than it already is. they also never tend to forget when you’ve angered them, so if you fuck with them once again they might as well just go off just like virgo mars because you’ve tested their patience and they’ll list every bad thing about you and will make you feel bad for making them mad. so yeah lmfao. he tends to not stay mad for too long though, but he will never forget if you have wronged him.)

johnny (HE WOULD’NT BE LIKE SCARY BUT JUST STRAIGHT UP ANNOYING LIKE HE HAS LOTS OF PRIDE IN HIMSELF SO WHEN HE LOSES OR WHEN PEOPLE DOUBT HIM EVEN AS A JOKE INSTEAD OF NOT PAYING ATTENTION OR LAUGHING IT OFF HE WILL MAKE A BIG SCENE OUT OF IT A FUCKING FIASCO WITH HIS LEO MARS DRAMATIC THEATRICAL BEING SO DON’T DOUBT HIM UNLESS YOU WANT HIM TO GO OFF FOR 3 HOURS. he would be really rash and hotheaded! like someone could like mock something he does for fun and he goes like “OH YEAH?” and then his words just alllll spill out so honestly johnny wouldn’t be terrifying but would rather be. making a huge scene out of it)

taeyong (he could go off on you… seriously he has observed your weaknesses and your strengths really well… but he chooses not to. i feel like he isn’t someone to lash out and be crazy but rather talk it out …also note he has lots of mercurian placements so talking would be the key for him! he shows the developed side of his placements imo. in serious situations like that he just wants everyone to feel well and not to make it worse. if he got mad though he will make you feel REALLY bad because he usually doesn’t get mad, so seeing him get mad at you would make you feel really dissapointed. also he would tell you everything bad about yourself so you learn not to be boo boo the fool again)

doyoung (he would just nag a little but not be mad? he will just hit you with some witty comebacks and jokes and wouldn’t take it too seriously. he would be really smart in those situation as a whole, imo.)

haechan (he couldn’t care LESS he really is someone who doesn’t dwell on shit for too long and gives zero shits if you’re mad. he will use his wit to make the situation less tense and if you stay mad for too long he will dissapear just like that he doesn’t want to deal with your grudges and shit trust me.)

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Yano from ToppDogg or Chanyeol???

Chanyeol is really becoming a bias wrecker because of his visuals and voice this comeback. Honestly with pink hair, he is a soft squishy fairy and I love it. So Chanyeol even though I think yano is cute 💕🌹 Paige

Chanyeollll like it goes against my usual type I know but he has just this boyish charm in his face that I love. Yano is adorable though - Beth

We talk a lot about Yuuri having to reconcile his idea of Viktor with the real Viktor–that is, Yuuri has this flawless, wonderful ideal of Viktor in his head which has to sort of be cut down to fit the person that Viktor really is. Which is a healthy part of their relationship, and which I completely agree is something Yuuri has to face at some point during that first summer.

But I think there’s also something to be said about Yuuri realizing that some of the horrible things he’s heard about Viktor through the skating community grapevine are not so true.

Yuuri, despite what he says, is much closer to is idol than most people ever get. If Viktor is a movie star, Yuuri is the secondary character–he’s there, and a lot of people definitely know he’s there, and he knows enough people who also know Viktor for the gossip mill to really get churnin sometimes.

I also think that at the back of every person who has ever had a celebrity crush’s mind is a little voice saying, “Never meet your heroes,” and Yuuri Katsuki is terrified of that little voice, and it contributes to the distance he keeps from Viktor–because at some point, that much distance from someone you’re facing off against in international competitions has got to be just a little bit purposeful.

So cue Viktor coming into his life all of a sudden one day, and all Yuuri can think about are the terrible awful no good very bad things people have told him about Viktor and the kind of person Viktor is.

“Fuck Viktor Nikiforov,” an older skater had told him after Skate America, six glasses into a box of wine and bitter as hell about missing the podium. “No, really, fuck him. The Russians are paying off the ISU to keep him at the top. He isn’t even that talented. I hear–I hear he doesn’t even train. I hear he just shows up and fucking does whatever and they give him gold because he’s Viktor Nikiforov.”

“I…don’t think…” Yuuri frowned at his own glass of wine. “I mean…that couldn’t be true.” He glances at Phichit next to him. “Could it?”

“Sour grapes,” Phichit advises, and Yuuri isn’t as familiar with English idioms at that point, so he thinks Phichit is talking about the wine.

Yuuri mostly forgets about it, but somewhere in the back of his mind–he can’t stop thinking about it. He watches and rewatches Viktor’s old programs and wonders to himself if the reason he thinks they’re so good is because he’s watching them through rose-tinted glasses.

Yuuri and Phichit are suffering through finals and trying to survive through twenty-hour days of nothing but studying and skating. They lay themselves on the bleachers one afternoon while they’re supposed to be doing warm ups.

“What if I just quit school and became and underwater basket weaver,” Yuuri mumbles directly into the metal seat of the bleacher. “That would be fine, right?”

“WWVND,” Phichit replies. “What Would Viktor Nikiforov Do.”

“You’re right,” Yuuri sighs.

“Viktor Nikiforov is dumber than a box of rocks,” says of the other members of the club as she skates by. “You know he never even finished high school? I mean, what counts as high school in a country like Russia. The guy probably thinks two plus two equals borscht.”

“That’s not…” Yuuri smushes his nose against the bleacher. “Hey, that’s not…”

“FUCK OFF OLIVIA,” Phichit shrieks across the rink, and Celestino definitely hears. They have to do twenty minutes of line drills. 

“What Would Viktor Nikiforov Do, right boys?” asks Olivia as she watches Yuuri try not to heave after Celestino finally releases them from their Sisyphean torture.

“I’m gonna fucking kill her,” Phichit says, and he sounds so deeply serious that Yuuri is sincerely worried.

Several weeks later, someone mentions Viktor within earshot of Phichit and he jokingly says, “Watch what you say, that’s Yuuri’s future husband you’re talking about,” and it sort of makes Yuuri want to hit him but mostly makes Yuuri blush.

“Really?” replies that someone. “I don’t know about that, Yuuri. I wouldn’t touch that guy with a thirty foot pole. He sleeps around. Probably has all kinds of nasty stuff going on down there.”

“Oh, whatever,” Phichit says, rolling his eyes. “Like you would know.”

Yuuri ducks his head back into his book and tries not to think about it.

These are the things that Yuuri holds in the back of his mind about Viktor, the worries that travel with him anywhere he has even the chance of encountering Viktor Nikiforov. 

‘Never meet your heroes’ becomes something of the unspoken mantra of Yuuri’s life. 

Then Viktor Nikiforov catapults himself straight into Yuuri’s lap, and Yuuri learns a few things.

Viktor trains. Viktor trains hard. Viktor has neglected everything but training and skating and satisfying his own frantic need to be the best for twenty years. Viktor Nikiforov is a lonely, sad bookworm with one friend and a gaping, yearning need to be touched–and he did not get to be where he is without making sacrifices. 

Yuuri has never met anyone who made more sacrifices for this sport and this art than Viktor Nikiforov. It opens something up inside of him, throbbing and raw. It makes Yuuri want to take Viktor’s heart and shove it inside his own chest so that it never feels cold or lonely again. It makes him want to stand on the top of a tall building somewhere and scream fuck you to every person he’s encountered whose jealousy tried to convince him that this man was less than what he is.

And yes, Yuuri knows now that Viktor is forgetful and brutally honest and often doesn’t say the right thing at the right time.

He knows that Viktor is only ambidextrous in that he can use a fork with both hands and that it takes him twenty minutes in the morning to decide on a shirt to wear. He knows that Viktor Nikiforov is a blanket hog and that if Yuuri wants to wake up still covered in the morning, they have to have no less than three blankets on the bed at all times.

He knows that Viktor sometimes descends into these loops of manic energy where he wants to do everything and can’t sit still and in those moments, Yuuri wants to lock him in a room and leave him there until he starts making sense again.

He also knows that Viktor Nikiforov has the most genuinely beautiful soul that Yuuri has ever had the opportunity to touch. He knows that very few people in his life will ever love him like Viktor, and that he himself has never felt for anyone quite what he feels for this man. His man. 

He knows these things and he thinks that maybe Viktor is perfect after all, perfect in his imperfection. Every jagged edge of his fits into one of Yuuri’s, and every curve of Yuuri’s lovingly presses flush with Viktor’s until they fit together seamlessly, like a pair of puzzle pieces.

Yuuri is also still a very petty person on the inside, though–which is why he makes posts on Instagram that read things like Viktor received his sixth well-deserved Russian National gold today! Congratulations to my amazing fiance.

And also:

So proud of my husband for all of his hard work commentating at the #Olympics. Some people go to school for half their lives and aren’t half as articulate as my Vitya. #Proudhubby

After that last one, Phichit leaves a voicemail on Yuuri’s phone that is literally just two whole minutes of him laughing hysterically and then wheezing, “THE SALT!” before hanging up.

“Yuuri, why did Phichit just sent me…sixteen crying laughing emojis and a text that says ‘your husband I can’t,’ in all caps?”

“Because a lot of people tried telling me you weren’t perfect and I’m proving them wrong,” Yuuri replies, not even looking up from his phone.

“Oh,” Viktor says, and literally crawls on top of him.

Yuuri supposes that the moral of the story is that the heart wants what the heart wants, and you have to find perfection in the imperfections–Viktor is loud and ditzy and forgets the English word for tomato on an almost daily basis, but he’s Yuuri’s husband. And because he’s Yuuri’s husband, he’s perfect.