that thingy i dont even like

So i finally got enough Anifone coins to play the current premium gacha in Psycho Pass fone and got my prized wallpaper i had been keeping an eye on!




look at Kou’s hands

his hANDS
ruffling Akane’s hair

and like, brutally ruffling it
her entire bangs

Kou i kno you like Akane’s hair but—

And their expressions is just—
Suddenly the ever so stoic Kou we know disappeared and we got this instead
And Akane is kind of flustered but Kou just smiled playfully and and and—

ahhhh just leave me be to stare at this canon hair-ruffling thingy i dont even

(This isnt the entire wallpaper, fyi. might post the continuation later)

i just remembered that i wrote a kinda fanfic thingy for my screenwriting class one time, it was like, u take the first overwatch trailer w the 2 boys in the museum and add my take on tracers backstory and you got urself a 5 page script i wrote when ow was first announced

so like, would anyone be interested in reading it? and does ao3 even support scripts? cos like i dont wanna rewrite it in normal story form cos i dont think that would work

DISCLAIMER: i blame mikale for all of this

A: this BEAUTIFUL dress i saw it and immediately wanted it, i got a small bc my dress size is like a 3-4 even tho my pant size is 8

B: IM SO EXCITED FOR THESE BOOTS THEY GOT AMAZING REVIEWS esp from women with thick thighs so im sooooo freaking excited

C: this dress thingy? idk why but i wanted something camo for some reason and it has this pretty rose embroidery along the shoulder and hood and back and i could truly rock it w the boots

D: if these jeans fit my curves right, im selling all my other pairs and using the money to buy more from this brand because never in my life have jeans fit me theyre always too loose around the waist or they dont even get past my thighs. like i said im a 4 dress but 8 pants so… PLS GOD

E: i jus saw this in the sale section and it’s very me so i decided to get it i love cropped everything always

the night i started running // m.c.

WC: 1,509
//  a night in the past gets brought up, and he can’t stop himself from saying the truth.

a/n: hi!!!! so this has just a hint of angst in the beginning/middle but it’s mostly a good ol’ fashion lovey dovey thingy. enjoy!!!!

other michael works || masterlist

“Do you remember that summer four years ago?” 

The question weighs on Michael like a paperweight. It’s not just a question laced with nostalgia. It’s laced with what he wants to avoid—the thing he has been running from all these years. He knew he wouldn’t be able to outrun it forever, he knew that there would be the breaking point in which everything fell apart. It didn’t hurt trying, though. Maybe something would take the spotlight from the issue, and you would forget all about it. But he knew you better than anyone, and he knew that you wouldn’t just forget about something like that. 

He really doesn’t want to answer; he’s trying to come up with something to distract you. He wishes that someone would call him, so he could have a good reason to leave his spot next to you. However someone likes to torture him and wasn’t allowing him to get out of this any longer. 

He curses the day he ever learned how to speak. If he hadn’t learned how to form words, if he knew how to just keep his mouth shut, then nothing would have ever happened that night. Everything would have stayed the same. Everything would be alright. If only he could turn back time. 

But he was only human; a small, frail human who couldn’t shut out all of his problems until he was ready to deal with them. 

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pls hit me up, i’m lookin for caninekin friends,,,, this includes dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, even hellhounds (preferrably dogs tbh BUT i wont discriminate, its just that i dont rly have wild instincts and i feel like i would connect more with domestic animals),,, i rly want to chat and make friends with ppl like me, yknow?? people who understand me and ppl i can be my real self around!! so please please please dont be afraid to drop me a line on the new lil chat thingy or send me an ask or something!! im a lil shy i admit it but i wanna make some friends!!

i. will. honestly. never. get. over.

one piece lol

its honestly THE best manga out there. like wtf naruto and bleach is shit compare to op. (srry not srry to naruto fans)

like there’s never been a moment of disappointment or doubt while reading op. it’s always since the very 1st chapter…been the best and well developed manga ever. and its the most touching and inspiring manga ever. YGHGHHFHAA LIKE I JUDT LOVE IT SO MUCH i cant eveb express damn😭

and like honestly this is the only manga (& gangsta) that i actually purchase and collect because of my undying love for it LOL i dont even open it from the plastic package cover thingy and just display it

*trips over my own feet* based on @sometipsygnostalgic‘s comic

I think Tyler deleted his tweets because of Blurryface, but we have to remember Blurryface is not only a way of promoting the album, he’s not only a twitter account, he’s a character. He’s Tyler’s insecurities. I think he deleted all those tweets because he felt like he needed a new beginning, maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that they’re getting more popular, and now he reached 200k followers on twitter. Maybe he doesn’t want all these people finding those tweets (even if most of them were inspiring and beautiful) because that’s an old version of him. 

“Our minds change on what we think is good” perhaps he doesn’t feel like those tweets were good anymore, we don’t know why he deleted them but we know Tyler would never want to do something that would make the clique sad. He did it for a reason, we have to be with Tyler and show him our support and love. You are allowed to be sad about it but remember those words still mean something even if they were deleted, and there’ll be more to come. 

cxdxnce  asked:

Ship that you find most sexy: 👅


drea and wylan??? but it aint happenin (probably becauSE it aint happening)
is this what you want me to say will. is it. IS IT.
 because honestly its the only remotely ‘sexy’ ship i can think of lololol all my other ships are angsty or dramatic or platonic or whatever, I CANT EVEN THINK of an animu ship i have I DONT KNOW… I HAVE NONE… i’m very ‘meh’ about sexy thingies like making out is hot but… all of my ships are so tame man… or just… ?????????? I DONT… THINK OF THEM AS SEXY….

why did u ask me this will. fuc k u. go to your bear cave. dont come here eVER AGAIN………

some lordly lotr lords holding a council of some sort during the 4th age.

from left to right just in case, Eomer, Aragorn, and Faramir.

(right click to open a new tab for fullsize js)

so i made a jasprosesprite^2 thingy.
i must say i never liked Rose much cuz shes way too borin’ in my opinion. yeah shes intelligent and everythin, but but the boringness….
and then this cat lady (btw the cat lady is really awesome horror game i recommend 2 everyone!) comes and is funny and just awesome.. even tho i dont like talkative characterz o.x

i can’t believe camp half-blood

i cant believe camp half-blood campers lined up just to punch leo valdez in the arm and nico fucking di angelo even ‘arranged’ the line and said “Please do not mention Albania! Okay, who’s next, folks? One line.” i mean that is soooooo cute. i wanna thank solace for this wonderful transformation. btw what’s w/ the ‘babe’ thingy? eww leo what the hell 

to camp jupiter: dont just punch him. rip his body like how octavian rips his teddy bear

why can’t I cry?? like, whenever im feeling like crying the tears dont come to my eyes even tho i feel them gathering up and bubbling inside me … like… i just wanna cry and feel the relieved thingy or whatever im tired of not being able to cry when i feel like it like wtf…………..


"Baby Deer"

hello!! this is my first ever imagine/oneshot thingy?? i dont even know.. buT IT IS SAD. I WARN YOU IN ADVANCE. i hurt myself in writing this so i’m sorry. BUT, since this is my first piece of writing i would like some feedback.. so, i hope you enjoy and don’t die like i almost did writing this :) ((i addeD THE GIF LAST MINUTE AND IM S O SORRY))

Genre: sad fluff (soRRY)

Word Count: 1,579

“don’t work yourself too hard :)”

The text from her made Chanyeol’s heart swell. She always showed so much care for him, and he loved her endlessly for it. She cared for everyone, no matter who they were. He smiled to himself thinking about her. Her smile, her laugh, the way her nose crinkled when she laughed, her calming voice that soothed every single one of his raging thoughts. He loves her so much, he can barely process it. He couldn’t imagine his life without her…

“I bet she can imagine her life without you..” The devil on his shoulder taunted him. He shook his head slightly, she loved him… right?

“She could leave at any given moment.. She wouldn’t even think twice about it. Silly boy, how could a girl like that, love you?”

He took in a deep breath, trying to rid himself of the thoughts. He stood up and started pacing the small room. He was a good boyfriend, right? He knew her inside and out, at least he thought he did. He gave her everything he could, he just wanted to be good to her because it’s what she deserves. His breathing picks up speed at the thought of her saying the words “I never loved you.” The idea of those words coming out of the mouth that he’s kissed every ounce of love he has into, breaks his heart into pieces.

“Get yourself together, s-she wouldn’t do that.” He says to himself, rubbing his eyes so he doesn’t cry.

“Accept it, boy. She doesn’t love you.”

The tears start falling as he just stands in the center of the room. He looks up at the ceiling to try to will himself to stop crying. She loves him. She does. “She loves you. (y/n) loves you.” He whispers, even though his voice is shaking. There’s so many images of her with somebody else flickering through his mind, somebody who could treat her right. Someone who could always be there, someone who doesn’t have to drop so many things to travel the world, someone who can actually take her out on proper dates. He starts shaking and he has to lean against the wall as he slides down it.

He’s crying harder now, because she’s going to leave him. It’s only a matter of time before she realizes how much better she could do. His entire body is shaking and he curls into himself, crying into his knees. He pulls his phone from his pocket and looks at his lockscreen, which probably wasn’t a good idea. It’s a picture of them Baekhyun took, shes sitting on his lap, both of them laughing at something he doesn’t remember. His vision starts blurring from the tears as his phone slides out of his hands. A broken sob makes its way through his mouth. He clutches his knees tighter to his body as more sobs come from the back of his throat.

There’s a soft knock at the door, “Chanyeol? Are you okay?” Minseok’s head pops in the door. The second he sees his friend’s slumped figure on the floor he opens the door the rest of the way and steps in. “Hey, man what’s wrong?” He starts panicking slightly, because he’s never seen him cry like this. “C-ca-call (y/n).” He says through his sobs.

Minseok steps out of the room but leaves the door slightly open, and he calls you. “Please pick up, please pick up, please pick up.” He whispers, tapping his foot on the ground. “Hello?” He hears your tired voice from the other end. “(y/n)! I need you right now.” He says, urgency in his voice. He hears light shuffling, “Why? What’s wrong? What’s going on?” Your voice now laced with slight panic. “Just… hurry here please.” He says, looking at his best friend on the ground crying into his hands, every breath wracking through his body. “Is it Chanyeol? Minseok, you have to tell me what’s going on.” He can hear the tears behind your voice starting to form. “Yes, (y/n) it’s Chanyeol. Please.. just hurry.” He whispers. “I’ll be there in 10.” She says quickly before hanging up.

*Your P.O.V*

You were almost asleep when your phone started buzzing. You let out a big breath before grabbing it. Call from Minnie. Why is he calling this late? “Hello?”, sleep laced in your voice. “(y/n)! I need you right now.” His panicked voice comes through your phone. The worry in his voice wakes you up and you pull yourself out of bed. “Why? What’s wrong? What’s going on?” Your heart began racing, a million scenarios playing in your mind. “Just… hurry here please.” That just puts you even more on edge. You freeze for a second, “Is it Chanyeol? Minseok, you have to tell me what’s going on.” You try and sound firm, but you start tearing up at the thought of something happening to him. There’s a small sigh, “Yes, (y/n) it’s Chanyeol. Please.. just hurry.” You feel every nerve in your body go into overdrive as you basically sprint to your car. “I’ll be there in 10.” You say before hanging up and starting your car. Your hands are shaking furiously the entire drive. You feel your breathing pick up.. “No, (y/n). You have to stay calm. You need to keep your cool.”

You pull up in front of the dorm, seeing the door was already unlocked for you. Minseok was standing there waiting for you. “He just really needs you right now.. I tried calming him down, but I couldn’t do much.” He puts his hand on your upper back and leads you upstairs quietly. When you get to the door of the studio, he just gives you this small smile before he walks back downstairs.

Opening the door ever so quietly, the sight before you almost makes you break down and start bawling.

Chanyeol is sitting on the floor, curled up in a ball, sobbing into his arms wrapped around his knees. You softly walk up to him and kneel next to him, “Yeolie? Hey.. hey.. what’s wrong, hm?” You say, just above a whisper. He looks up slightly and grabs your hips and pulls you into his lap before you have even a millisecond to process it. He buries his face deep into the crook of your neck and continues bawling his heart out. “Baby..” Your voice cracks slightly, your heart is shattered into a million pieces at this point and you’re trying to hold back your own tears. He’s holding onto you so tight it seems like his life depends on it. He just takes a deep breath and lets it go, even though it comes out shaky and weak. “P-ple-ase do-don’t leave me.” He breaths into your neck, his voice cracking mid-sentence. The remaining parts of your heart are gone at this point, and you just hold him tighter, if that was possible. You bring your hand from the back of his neck to his hair and start running your fingers through it softly. You lean your cheek onto the top of his head, “Chanyeol, I’m not going anywhere. Jagi, I’m right here. I’ve got you, it’s okay.”

You help him calm his breathing slightly. He pulls away slowly and looks up at your face. You let out a breathy, heartbroken chuckle. His eyes are so bloodshot and there’s tear stains for miles running down his cheeks. His bottom lip quivers slightly as he looks up at you. You cup his face and rub your thumbs across his cheeks. You kiss his nose lightly, and he just shuts his eyes and lets out a big breath. His hands are on your hips, holding them tight, as if you would disappear from his grip if he let you go even for a second. He takes another deep breath, “Baby.. I jus- I just love you s-so much I c- I cannot lose you. You’re my entire life I love you so much. I can’t lo-” You cut him off and kiss him gently. “Baby boy.. My baby boy..” You sigh gently and just hold his face in your hands. “I promise, I promise, I’m not going anywhere. I love you so much, okay?” You look him in the eyes, and he nods slightly. “I love you.” He whispers. You kiss him, you kiss him hard, as if you’re trying to take his pain away. You pull away and look at him, “I’m yours.. I always will be.” You run your fingertips along his face and neck.

He finally calms down enough to try and move him from the floor. “Come on, let’s get you to bed, hm?” You stand up and reach your hand out to him. He grabs it and stands up. Not trusting his wobbly legs for a second, and you giggle slightly at him. “You’re like a baby deer, come on.” A small smile settles on his face from hearing your laugh. You hold his hand and lead him to his room, and he curls up in his bed in an instant. He holds his arms out and makes grabby hands at you until you lay down in his embrace. He nestles himself in your arms and buries his face into your shoulder. “I love you, I always will.” He whispers. You smile and bring your hand up to play with his hair. “I love you too, my little deer.” You giggle and place a kiss to his forehead. The things you do for this boy..

i probably posted about this before but when i was little i was really into zoo tycoon, and i made this complex system where there were maybe like ~10 exhibits with bengal tiger couples. i would allow them to have babies and when the time came right before they were all to grow up…ok i need to mention they dont even tell you when that is, its autonomous or whatever. i just calculated it like i had this stuff down to a science. anyways, at that time i would construct an obstacle course aquarium tank with sharks n little wiggly thingies, idk, it was intense. and theres this rule in the game that if your animal gets too sick (which throwing it into a 5million gallon tank will ensure) it will eventually be adopted away

so basically whichever offspring got to the end without being taken away was now crowned king of the zoo and they got an even bigger exhibit n pool of mates, so that i could create stronger offspring for the next challenge. i kept one of those cow print journals to study this and everything 

“get to the point, hope” you’re probably wondering. my point is that i will never ever forget the face of the dude that was teaching me how to swim that summer, when i excitedly asked him if he would come look at my ‘project’, and then pulling open this save file, this metropolis of bloodshed. life is so short please make good happy memories like this. that is the funniest face i have ever seen a human make in my entire life and i cherish it everyday