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Do you like stickers? Do you like Steven Universe? Do you like things of roughly the same size? WELL BOY HOWDY CHECK IT OUT theyre finally done!! You can get these as

individual stickers

or all together, or in groups like just the crystal gems or the cool kids (remember when choosing size that its measuring the whole sheet, so dont get small!)

and even though these were made to be stickers you can also get other stuff like tshirts and journals and this bag thing

i might do more in the future to make the characters i skipped (like lapis, jasper, etc) so if you dont see your fave here, dont fret too much :]

oh also, here are the speedpaints: part 1 / part 2


so lately i’ve been tagged in and have seen many of these like mutual appreciation thingies and i wanted to be a cool kid and do one too.. my momma always said if your friend jumps off a bridge are you jumping too? like hell yeah i am bc i’m a ride or die beezy what’s up with it?

anywho i love yall so much !! (some of yall on here we dont speak but i still love being mutuals !!) tysm for always putting up with my shit and sticking by me even tho i’m hella dumb and overdramatic n rlly annoyin and love namjoon a little too much !!!!!!! like i’ve got the realest mutuals evaaaah and like irl, i keep my circle small on here too. LIKE I RLLY ILY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF U 💖💖

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The Great Comet Act 1

II got stage seats for the great comet and here are some interesting things

- You make eye contact with one member of the audience at least once every two songs

- Natasha (Denee Benton) is an actual pure fairy ball of light and joy

- In Prologue, every time they mention a name, that person gets a spot light

- There are lightbulbs on wires that ascend and descend in different songs and glow on top of peoples heads

- When the show starts, a siren wails and a bunch of actors spread out explaining to make way for dancers and hands out a box with a pirogi in it

- During The Private and Intimate Life of the House, Natasha walked into my stage “pit” area and longingly told a man that she really wanted to marry

- Prince Bolkonsky gets pissed and is like finds his own “cheap french thing” in an isolated table area and kisses a woman on the cheek while shaking

- in Natasha and the Bolkonskys Mary and Natasha find a table and awkwardly shuffle past people’s chairs and sit to talk

- No One Else, has a dreamlike and fairylike quality, and snow falls gently from the ceiling on Natasha and Andrey shows up for like two minutes in a “flashback”

- In The Opera, Dolokhov kisses a woman’s hand and makes her kiss his hand. Also the opera scene is the creepiest freaking thing ever, they turn on and off the lights to make it seem like flashes of the opera are passing by. The person who makes those dolphin sounds is the person who plays mary and bolkonsky

- Whenever Anatole “looks” at someone, he swerves his head around dramatically. Also I think he kisses a woman on the cheek when he enters. Also his entrance is the most badass freaking thing you will ever see

- Natasha and Anatole, Anatole checks how he looks in the mirror before talking to her. Anatole kisses her neck, but its doesnt really happen its in her “imagination”

- in The Duel, its freaking crazy, I dont even know what the heck happens. Strobe lights so awesomely intense, and ensemble wears glowsticks and stuff like a rave. I remember that Anatole entered my pit with a woman and looked like he was about to hit her with this black stick thingy and she was twerking at his face lmao, I was too distracted I wasnt really looking, and I saw people furiously dancing and screaming. I saw some woman wearing police hats and sunglasses. Somebody hugged me during the song and kissed my head then laughed but I was so distracted and shocked that I didnt see who it was lol.

- in charming, Natasha spends most of her time in her underwear for some reason? Idk, anways helene looks freaking gorgeous in her fur coat and green dress and sings the song with so much power. Natasha is super happy when Helene tells her than Anatole is in love with her

- During the ball, people wear animal masks and black dresses and dance around pretty cool. Anatole tries to kiss her, she runs and Anatole is super shocked and surprised like “wth”, and eventually grabs her and kisses her. They walk through a door with epic lighting and thats Act 1

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I want to learn how to draw but I have no idea from where to start. Do you have any advice for me? I'm desperate seeing all of you talented people drawing amazingly well but I can't even draw a line T_T I love yr blog <33

alright i suck at advice and stuff but i legitly just got on desktop so i could answer this ;)

So you might not know this but ive been drawing for almost three weeks, i mean as a hobby, i have to draw on art class but nothing so big or meaningful so yeah.

So i have no idea where to start, i’d say just do what feels right so you can find your own style but you also gotta know how things work, something i’ve found very very important is:

  • References i swear theres nothing more important than this.  (i’ll add links at the end). If youre gonna start you need lots of references, like a lot, just stare at things arounf you, figure how they work, how they look. Stare at pics of your favourite idol (i stared at pics of Namjoon for like 10 mins before i drew him for the first time, hes too beautiful #blessed)
  • Finding inspiration: what do you wanna draw? do you wanna draw humans? doggos? inanimated objects? potatoes? you choose, you can do it
  • Dont mind of it doesnt look good. there’s always place for improving, if you check out my fanfics from three years ago and compare them to now theyre shit. Shitty english, shitty writing, 1ST PERSON LIKE WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME, im using writing as an example bc its what ive been doing the longest, (im as Jahssel on AO3 shamelessSelfPromo) So yeah dont mind much if you cant draw a line, keep on trying! you’ll get better 
  • Don’t be afraid of trying new things. You wanna start drawing? do it! You are free to do as you please, who knows you might be the next Van Gogh (no one liked his art back then like EXCUSE YOU)
  • Don’t be afraid of asking for help!!! I’ve literally being going around asking for advice bc im not good at it (yes im scarred for life thanks mom) If you cant draw something if you dont seem to get it right just ask someone you consider good at it for help, most ppl on tumblr are really nice (esp in the ask blog community) and they’ll help you with no hesitation
  • Dont Give Up: even when you think things are just not going right dong give up, never give up, Even if youre seeing no improvement dont give up on it. You’ll get better at it you just have to remeber Practice Makes Perfect you just gotta keep on trying and trying until you get it right. When i was younger i couldnt swim for shit, i couldnt even get in the water, but i didnt give up on it and i’m now Haruka Nanase (i love swimming so fucking much) so o dont give up  Heroes never die!

Here are the references i use most of the time (ive got them saved pls

Theres this thing called same face sindrome in which al your charactesrs look the same? here’s how to avoid it (all links are on tumblr dont worry)(also long thingies bc i hate when im on app and i have to press the goddamn x like my fat fingers cant do that)

Ref 1      Ref 2      Head ref  More heads

These also help with face drawing

Hair! Drawing hair is hell, i hate it, these two help but you might as well pull a me and draw random lines and hope it looks good lmao

Ref 1     Ref 2    Bonus!

Eyes are also hard, you dont have to make it realistic if youre just doodling but gotta know how shit works

Ref 1   Ref 2

Expressions and mouth also a hard one (everything is hard when drawing tbh)

Ref 1    Ref 2    Ref 3    Ref 4

Noses! everyones favourite, fun to pick at them fun to draw them (lmao im sleep depraved pls excuse me)

Ref 1

Everyone’s fucking favourite HANDS!! THIS SHIT IS THE WORSE BUT IVE FOUND A WAY TO DRAW THEM (gonna post it later kay)

Ref 1    Ref 2    Ref 3   Ref 4    Ref 5 

General anatomy, yeah gotta give them bodies, because aparently humans have bodies???? wth 

Full body   Legs   Arms   Body types 1    Body Types 2    Tips  Poses

Feet! I still havent learn how to do this but gonna link you either way

Ref 1   Ref 2    Ref 3


Boobs 1    Boobs 2   Fabric folds    Dicks    :3    Profiles    Dicks 2   Kissing

Check the pages i use the most for more ref 

Anatomy–ref       ThunderCluck (Tutor thursday)

Yup thats it i think, im gonna post the way i draw shitty hands later  

Hope this helped (wow this was long asf)

So i finally got enough Anifone coins to play the current premium gacha in Psycho Pass fone and got my prized wallpaper i had been keeping an eye on!




look at Kou’s hands

his hANDS
ruffling Akane’s hair

and like, brutally ruffling it
her entire bangs

Kou i kno you like Akane’s hair but—

And their expressions is just—
Suddenly the ever so stoic Kou we know disappeared and we got this instead
And Akane is kind of flustered but Kou just smiled playfully and and and—

ahhhh just leave me be to stare at this canon hair-ruffling thingy i dont even

(This isnt the entire wallpaper, fyi. might post the continuation later)

I just want to say that all the women in overwatch are fucking smart and brilliant! Let’s go down the list. First off, Ana Amari. She’s the second in command in Overwatch. Gotta be pretty smart in tactical combat to get that position., pro gamer. She’s probably a child prodigy too i mean c'mon at that age to be able to maneveur a mech, what 3 times her size? Mei, a scientist. Mercy, a doctor. Pharah, (it just states that she’s a leader so probably she has a degree in engineering or smth to get that position and also the military wont just give out high ranks to ppl without looking at your credentials and shit. And also HSI wont just offer to anyone, so yeah Pharah is fucking smart!) Sombra, a hacker! Child prodigy in hacking! Symmetra, architect and deal with photon projection thingy (i dont even know whats that!) Tracer, a freaking pilot! I just know that you must be freaking smart to fly a plane. Widowmaker, i mean she’s a sniper. One shot one kill. Amelie was probably a world class ballerina. Zarya, world’s strongest woman and an athlete! Efi, a child prodigy! Like holy! (I dont know much about Orisa yet but I know she’s awesome!)

Like c'mon, these ladies are so freaking brilliant. I know some of ya’ll have noticed this but i just want to say it! I just love them okay.

I would ride and die for those ladies.

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I feel like the stylist always give Mina not so beautiful clothes, the ones always getting really pretty clothes are Sana, Naeyon and Momo :(

*war flashback to that blue thingy Mina wore i dont even wanna know what That was* 

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Hey, I'm new to the simming community- well posting to it- and I was just wondering how do I make friends in the community? I've found a couple blogs that I like, this being one, but every time I try to send a message my social anxiety kicks in and I can't bring myself to press send. Help?

hewwo anon, i actually feel the same way towards some simblrs! i understand the whole anxiety thingy, but remember that most of the time the people you write to feel nervous too, so its not one sided i promise! talk about ur common interests - not just sims. one of my internet bffs i met bc he liked my memes, and then we found out we liked sims and undertale and we became bffs! dont be sad if with some people you cant “click”, because theres always someone who you will become friends with <3 speaking from personal experience, the friends i have made have always messaged me first, so even if you are afraid remember that the person on the other side can really like you. and finally, dont b afraid to message me :0

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Can you make a fursona even if you arent really a furry?I really like cats and stuff so i wanted to draw myself like you did your like fox thingy... Like I wouldnt say I am but if I make one would that make me one or? I dont mind if it makes me a furry i guess just asking

Anonymous said:is it chill if i like drawing furries and have ocs but dont have a sona and dont wanna consider myself a furry ?

it’s chill? don’t pressure yourself oml

Celebrating 120+ Followers! Pt. 1

Meet The Artist!

I am really happy to hit this number! Thanks to everyone who follows my blog! I am really happy to have the attention of 124 people, that is too many for me! I love you guys!

Facts About Me Down The Cut!

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don't get why ChanBaek is so famous. I'm relatively new to K-pop and i guess soon gonna become a complete EXO-L. I feel Kaisoo is so much more real. I mean, even Chanyeol seems to be around Kyungsoo more than Baekhyun. And Baekhyun looks like this social butterfly who can be shipped with anyone- mostly, Yixing, Jongdae, Minseok, Sehun, well you get my point. So can you please explain to me why ChanBaek is so popular?

First of all, this is based on my own opinion so Im not forcing anyone to believe or anything and dont want to offend any ships. BUt thats what make chanbaek is REAL here. When Im talking about chanbaek, for me it isnt just a simple ship or just bromance thingy. Im shipping kaisoo too but I dont ship them the way I ship Chanbaek. 

You mentioned that Chanyeol seemed to be around Kyungsoo much often than BAekhyun? Okay lets see when it happen? On the stage? For me, the things that happen on the stage and with camera is on is what we called fanservice. But, u see, Chanbaek they got less and more less of that but more off cam moments and so many of it. *to talk about the off cam moment, its gonna be long so Ill suggest to see my other posts or other blog like @lets-talk-baekyeol  @chanbaekah @eternal-chanbaek @awkwardmickey @ms1611 * And also you can see, how Chanyeol gotta to mention Baekhyun out of nowhere in most of interviews and also how he being to be mr.-know-it-all *remember the moment when he knew about Baek’s hidden angel wings on his back- other members seem just to know about it and with sehun’s smirks at that time-more mysterious how Chanyeol get to know about it winkwink* when it comes to Baekhyun compared to the other members proved that their rs is really something. 

While talking about Baek’s bubbly personality and all.. you gotta see its so obvious that he treats Chanyeol differently with other members. You can see Baek always got no problem to have skinships with other members- just list who but he turned to a high-school-girl-in-love-be-like when it comes to Chanyeol. Remember the legendary hug during ExordiuminManila? And u can see, Chanyeol is the only member that Baekhyun wished for his birthday in his ig and even that lip’s post- *OMG IM SCREAMINGGG*. And talking about his obsession with Chanyeol’s hoodie damn they got obviously big different in size but yess he still wore Chanyeol’s instead of other members? Why tho? You got the point here? The fact that they got so many matching items too make me got so many feelssss *usually I dont find couple items as subject to prove a ship but their matching items are so detailed to the brand and sometimes items that really came out with pair of it…*

There are so many other reasons but just point out the one that you asked. I hope this my not-too-long post able to enlighten you more about Chanbaek. And also just a piece of my mind about Chanbaek, to ship Chanbaek u need to be more analytical than seeing what is so obvious and also yeahhh FAITH. Btw, welcome to this fandom dear :)

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Kaimei? For ship rate thingy

NOTP || Just no || Meh || Neutral || Good Potential || Ship it || OTP || JUST FUCK ALREADY


i used to really ship this but sdkjfhskhdf I’m so sorry o(-( Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it tho, Ryllen’s blog especially the lewd one eheh and Hinayukki’s songs give me life, it’s just. KaiMei…… is not my thing

Here’s a quick doodle I drew for someone who won a contest thing I made once tho :’) I don’t think I’ve posted it yet so it still counts right (?)

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hello. i am new to clown tumblr. I didn't even know there was a clown side of tumblr. i dont really even think about clowns that much. but i like following your blog anyway. im glad people are able to be happy about something thats sole purpose is to make others happy. i think clown tumblr is Good.

thank you, what a nice message! clowns are silly and colourful, and i love that they make people happy. i think that they are becoming more popular, because of the clown pet meme thingy! i hope that you enjoy clown tumblr to the fullest, friend! :o)

I need this off my chest

Ok, this rant is coming from an Animator, storyteller, video game lover, final fantasy lover and someone who loves to tell stories. 

I have followed Final Fantasy 15 since the beginning when it was still called Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Noctis looked more like Sasuke Uchiha than he does now. The thing I want to rant about is Luna and Noctis’ relationship. 


So my first disclaimer is I did beat the game and I have seen all the ending cutscenes, blah blah blah~ I have seen Kingsglaive, the Brotherhood anime and I have a copy of Kings Tale (not that there are much spoilers in that but still have it) I have also played the platinum and duscae demos too! 

I would like to point my first order of buisness to the statment made by Hajime Tabata, “Noctis and Luna’s relationship is more of a platonic love…” this statement couldn’t be more true! If you are unsure what that means: “Platonic love is a type of love that is non-sexual. The term is named after Plato, who described a kind of love centered on same-gender relations and included sex which underwent a transformation during Renaissance (15th–16th centuries) to get its contemporary sense of asexual heterosexual love” 

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some lordly lotr lords holding a council of some sort during the 4th age.

from left to right just in case, Eomer, Aragorn, and Faramir.

(right click to open a new tab for fullsize js)