that thing's brain looks like a uterus

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Since you enjoy discussion, I was wondering if I could pose a question? It seems like it's been brought up some by the fandom, but I'd like another opinion & maybe some scientific discussion. I think for the first time, we have a species with a confirmed class. The Angara are mammals, meaning both humans & Angara are within the same class. There are several layers of organization between class & species, and even then, some organisms within the same species experience reproductive isolation 1/2

Hello! And thank you for this ask! ~Sorry this took me a while to respond, I knew the reason why but I wanted to do some research to be more specific for my answer. 

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Angara HC Discussion Topic: Reproducing with Humans

Short answer: I do not think so, no, angara are a different species.

Long answer: Under the cut. (It’s a really long answer~ whoops)

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