that thing with ice cubes

heatwave starter sentences

“I can’t bear this heat anymore.”
“I’m melting. I’m actually melting.”
“What? You said ‘get me something cold’. You never implied I couldn’t throw it over you.”
“Don’t be a pussy, it’s just a bit of warm weather.”
“We’re going to the beach. Now.”
“Yes, I’m naked and no I’m not ashamed.”
“Is it socially acceptable to go out in nothing but a wet towel?”
“Wow, you look even worse than I feel.”
“Just how many popsicles have you had already?”
*runs ice cube along the back of your neck*
*throws you into the pool, whether you want it or not*
“If you’re that hot, then why don’t you take something off?”
“No, no, no… not now. It’s way too warm for sex.”
“I’m sweating in places I didn’t even know existed.”
“I went out for ten minutes. Ten minutes! Look at me, I’m basically fried.”
“That looks like a nasty sunburn…”
“You’re not going out there before I’m lathered you in sun cream.”
“I can’t get up… Can you get up? I can’t… I can’t get up.”
“You’re such a stick in the mud! Everyone’s out enjoying the weather and you’re sitting inside complaining about it.”
“Another shower?”
“Please kill me now. This is unbearable.”
“Let’s break into that office block. I’m sure they have air conditioning.”
“I know! Let’s have a water balloon fight.”
*sprays you with a water pistol*
*blows cold air into your neck*
“I can think of some more things to do with ice cubes…”
“This is the perfect timing for an ice bucket challenge.”
“I can’t sleep in this heat.”
“I might as well sleep in the bathtub and it would be less wet.”
“I need refuge, my airco broke.”
“Your neighbours have a swimming pool, right? Let’s sneak in tonight.”
“I’m going to book a holiday to Alaska. Now.”
“I shouldn’t have stayed out so long… I think I have a heatstroke.”
“Is that a rain cloud? Is that a mother fucking rain cloud?!”
“Did you feel that? It was a breeze. We are blessed.”
“Even my cat wanted to take a shower.”
“Don’t smell me. There’s no deodorant that can mask this.”
*throws water balloon straight at your face*
“I take it back, summer is not my favourite season at all.”
“I made an ice water bath, specially for you.”
“If only it was always this nice and warm.”
“I feel lazy and it’s great.”
“Let’s go to the supermarket again and take a very long time staring at the frozen vegetables.”

Masterpost: Sensory differences

If you know a bit about autism, or have been following this blog for some time, you must be aware that one of the autistic traits which has the most consequences on our daily lives is our sensory differences. They have an impact on all spheres of our lives: on what we can and cannot do, on where we can and cannot go, on what we can eat, wear, listen to, on our ways to feel good and on what makes us feel bad.

Such a wide subject definitely warrants a masterpost. So, here we go!

First, let’s take a look at the human sensory system, to understand the different areas in which there can be differences. It’s actually more complicated than the traditional five senses! Our sensory system is divided into three parts:

  • Exteroception : sensing what comes from the environment outside your body.
  • Interoception : sensing the internal physiological condition of your body
  • Proprioception : sensing the position your limbs and body are in

These three main areas encompass different senses (note that this is one model and others exist):

  • Exteroception: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, but also thermoception (sensation of heat/cold) and nociception (sensation of pain)
  • Interoception: nociception (internal pain), feelings of hunger, lack of oxygen, thirst, need to pee, as well as monitoring of the respiratory rate and heart rate.
  • Proprioception: the kinesthetic sense (knowledge of the movement and relative positions of your body parts) and the vestibular sense (knowledge of body movement, direction and acceleration)

For all of these senses, autistic people can have them work typically, be hyposensitive (less sensitive than most people), be hypersensitive (more sensitive than most people) or have sensory processing differences which do not fall under the hypo/hyper system.

The clinical term which encompasses these differences is “Sensory Processing Disorder”. One can have SPD without being autistic, but all or almost all autistic people have SPD.

It should be noted, however, that some autistic people don’t like to think of it as a disorder and prefer simply talking about sensory processing differences.

Something very important to understand is that hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity CAN coexist in any one person’s sensory system. For example, they might be hypersensitive to smell and hyposensitive to touch. They can also be hyper/hypo sensitive to only one aspect of one sense (for instance, pressure or texture or bright lights or sweet tastes). They can also be sometimes hyposensitive to something, and sometimes hypersensitive to it.

Being hypersensitive to a stimulus and being exposed to it can cause what is called “sensory overload”, which usually translates to pain, discomfort, and impaired cognitive functions (in other words, trouble thinking properly). If pushed further (very intense stimuli or very long exposition), it can lead to a shutdown or meltdown.

Being hyposensitive to something and lacking stimulation can translate to restlessness, discomfort, and even pain, as well as an intense craving for the stimuli.

Here are some examples of what hypersensitivity to different senses can translate to, on a behavioral and subjective level:

  • Sight: The person wears sunglasses, maybe even indoors. They avoid places with fluorescent lightning, blinking lightning or too bright lightning. They dislike looking at brightly colored surfaces. They may have trouble with visually cluttered spaces, such as crowds and supermarkets. They may find any kind of flickering or movement around them painful to see.

  • Hearing: They may hear sounds no one else can hear (and some have been tested to hear outside the normal human range). They may have to wear headphones/ear defenders in noisy places. They may avoid crowds and events with lots of people/loud music/shouting. They may have difficulty with the noise of the vacuum, of the construction work on the other side of the street, of the clock ticking in the next room. They may develop tinnitus eventually.

  • Smell: They’ll probably dislike places with strong smells such as perfume shops, farms, or crowded public transportation. They may need to wash themselves, their clothes and their sheet very often to keep body odors to a minimum. They may not tolerate scented soap, shampoo or deodorant (and it’s sometimes difficult to find an unscented one!). They may struggle with the smell of food in general, or with particular smells.

  • Taste: They may be very picky eaters, only tolerating a couple of very bland-tasting food such as mashed potatoes or pasta. They may have difficulty having diverse enough diets with all the nutrients they need. They may always eat the exact same thing.

  • Touch: They may have trouble finding clothing with a texture that they can tolerate. They may need to cut all the tags off their clothing. They may absolutely hate anyone touching them. They may be ok with firm touch, but find light brushy touches painful. They may have trouble wearing specific items of clothing, such as socks/shoes, headphones or hats. They may hate people touching their hair, or find brushing their hair very difficult. They may find brushing their teeth nearly impossible because of the scratching sensation. They may have trouble with the texture of many foods, and be a picky eater because of that.

  • Thermoception: They may be very sensitive to cold, and always wearing loads of clothing and turning the heating up even when other people don’t think it’s that cold. They may be very sensitive to heat, finding summer very hard to cope with, especially if they don’t have access to AC. They may be hyper-aware of tiny changes in temperature, feeling cold when it is dropping and hot when it is rising regardless of the actual temperature.

  • Nociception: They may be more sensitive to pain than most people, and find very painful what most people would shrug off. (They’re not being a drama queen! They really do feel more pain!)

  • Vestibular sense: They may get motion sickness very easily.

And here are some examples for hyposensitivity:

  • Sight: The person may have trouble finding things in visually crowded environments. They may enjoy looking at bright colored lights or at objects in motion (spinning top/twirling fingers…)

  • Hearing: They may not notice being called or being talked to, especially when focused. They may enjoy listening to very loud music, singing, or making lots of noises.

  • Smell: They may not notice smells which other people do. They may enjoy strong smells such as perfume, essential oils or body odor. They may enjoy sniffing a favorite blanket, a significant other, a pet, or anything they like.

  • Taste: They may be able to ingest an impressive amount of spicy food, and may crave strong tasting food (pepper, lemon, salt, sugar…).

  • Touch: They may love rubbing/touching favorite textures, rubbing their hands together… They may love and crave deep pressure, such as having heavy weights on top of them.

  • Thermoception: They may be outside in winter with just a T-shirt, or not be bothered by the heat in summer and even wear a sweater. They may enjoy touching very hot things such as radiators or very hot water, or very cold things like ice cubes or snow.

  • Nociception: They may be less sensitive to pain than most people and not notice it when they’ve been hurt.

  • Vestibular sense: They may love roller coasters, boat rides when there’s a lot of waves… They may never get motion sickness of any sort. They may spend time rocking or like to chill upside down.

  • Kinesthetic sense: They may be very clumsy since they have a poor sense of the position of their body in space. They may stumble a lot and be generally bad at sports. They may have trouble with fine motor skills such as handwriting or sewing. They may enjoy doing repetitive motions such as hand flapping.

  • Interoception: They may have trouble noticing  when they are hungry, thirsty, tired, or when they need to go to the bathroom. They may need to set alarms or to have self-care at set times as part of their routine.

These are of course only examples and hyper or hyposensitivity can express themselves in as many ways are there are people who experience them.

Here are some examples of other sensory differences autistic people can experience:

  • Synesthesia seems more frequent among autistic people than in the general population. It is defined as a transfer from one sensory modality to another: for example, seeing sounds or hearing tastes. It can also mean associating colors or personalities to numbers/letters. In autistic people specifically, it can be a very positive thing (you can now stim with two senses at the same time!) or something painful (these bright lights are awful, well now they’re harsh noises too).

  • We often struggle with processing sensory information, especially speech, which can mean we can have a lot of trouble understanding what people say, might take a lot of time to process speech (which results in conversations such as” “Hey, will you get me this thing please?” “What?” “I said, will-” “Oh yeah, sure”), and might need subtitles to be able to understand movies. Processing information from two different senses at a time can also be difficult, which often translates as “I can either look at the images or understand what’s being said”. This is one of the causes of our struggle with eye contact.

That’s all for today. We hope this helped. We are currently preparing a masterpost on stimming which will be quite related to this one. Happy writing!

My favorite thing about Taeil is that sometimes he’s an innocent clueless grandpa that chokes on ice cubes and does embarrassing things in public but other times he points scissors at Doyoung and pushes his members to win in a game

The OT3 & Pranks HC's

-Izuku is really bad at pranking the others. But once in a while, he tries. Once, he actually got Katsuki to admit, out loud, that he liked kittens. Ever since then, he’s denied it furiously when it’s brought up. They still don’t know how he did it, but Izuku got a box of kittens delivered to the house, then yelled, “Kacchan it’s for you!” If looks could kill, Izuku would’ve been dead right then.

Izuku: “So you want me to take them away?”
Katsuki: “………no.”

-One time, in a feeble attempt at a prank, Izuku tried to copy everything Shouto did for one day. This backfired pretty quickly, because Shouto immediately started to use his Quirk for everything and Izuku did embarrassing things to recreate it, like throwing ice cubes or sticking a flashlight in his sleeve to make it look like his arm was “on fire.” Shouto thought it was hilarious and cute.

-Katsuki’s favorite thing to do is wait until they’re all watching a scary movie, right before a jump scare, and set off a little explosion behind them. Izuku screams every single time and Shouto swears.

-Katsuki used to jump Izuku in the hall at night, but quickly stopped after Izuku mistook him for an intruder and punched a hole straight through the wall.

-Shouto’s pranks are always thought-out, relatively simple, and hilarious. Once, he stole just one sock from Izuku’s drawer for a week. At the end of the week, Izuku had only half of all his pairs, forcing him to wear two different colored socks, and he was losing his mind trying to find where the other halves went.

-When Shouto decided to stop the prank, Izuku woke up with all of his socks randomly returned to his drawer and that was the only time they heard him yell a swear word out of pure frustration. He still does not know how all his socks magically came back.

-Shouto once got his cold side as cold as he could, and then froze Katsuki’s hands while he was sleeping. At a certain temperature, frozen nitroglycerin can’t detonate easily. Then he woke Katsuki up with a blow horn and watched him wake up, yell “WHAT THE FUCK?!” and then try to set off explosions. The result was him spewing curse words while waving his arms around in wild circles.

-Shouto unfroze his hands for him when he was done laughing and then ran like hell.

sounds that reputation reminds me of :

the love of your life whispering ‘okay?’ in your ear as the rainbow lights explode in a crowded club . a fire gently burning as the cold frozen stars shine outside the window . the sudden transition from noise to silence in the first step you take outside the bar . flower petals gently falling in he loves me, he loves me not . footsteps in a pattern that you’ve memorised . the snap of a polaroid as it flashes and you know you’ll have that moment in your heart forever . rain on windowsills . paper being crumpled by a hand that’s been forced to do things for too long . ice cubes clinking in a glass of homemade lemonade.

Bottle Belly Ideas (feel free to steal idc)

bright color tert Potion Bellies

obs/obs/red-range Vampire Bottles

fancy cry/face/bot Decanters

radioactive tert Acid Belly

blue range tert Ocean Tummy

Oranges and reds for Lava Tummies

pair with poi/tox for Lava Lamps

Shadow tert Goobabies (bc Shadowbinder)

metals or gold or silver etc. terts for Molten Metal bellies

wine tert literal Wineglass

bright tropical punch themed

any drink-themed dragons tbh, Margarita, Root Beer Float, etc etc

hourglass theme dragons where we pretend its sand inside

robot dragons with fuel/coolant/acid/???? showing thru glass tummies

goodragons who are really the liquid inside a dragon-shaped vessle

new accents adding fish or stars or glitter or ??? things in the liquid!

ice cube accents for drink dragons


pumpkin spice dragons


“Drunken confessions” - Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Dean x Reader

Words count: 4 360

Warnings: smut, drunk sex, oral sex (male receiving), diving after alcohol (it’s wrong and I’m against it!), a little bit of angst, mention of difficult hunt and death of minor character (not sth you should really mind), some truth has been said because of alcohol, language

A/N: This idea was stuck in my brain for quite some time, specifically the last part of this fic. Thanks to @bradygabrielle-blog  Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge I finally managed to get down to it. This is my first contribution to this challenge, I hope to write two more. The prompt for this fic was “You’re not as evil as people think you are.” Hope you’ll enjoy it, sorry for the language, as always.

You flopped into the chair, propping your feet on the library table, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a refill within your reach. You took a sip and closed your eyes, enjoying the burn of amber liquor in your throat.

After a hunt like that, all you wanted to do was wash away all the gross and blood, and drink till you pass out. You were sure you made the right call. But no matter how much you’d reasoned it, the choking feeling of guilt wouldn’t leave you. The monster was dead, the girl was dead and on top of that, you lost one of yours, and that was on you.

The flashbacks of this night kept playing before your eyes and you analysed them over and over again. Maybe if you had made a different decision, said something else, it would have all went the other way, better way. In the very corner of your mind you knew there was nothing you could have done, it was either you or them and you saved yourself, the Winchesters and the future victims. But that didn’t make you feel less shitty.

So you drunk.

Keep reading

my favorite thing is taking ice cubes out of the tray just as they’re reaching the point when they’re still “soft” but they’re more solid than liquid and just poppin them right in my mouth

Kinky Shitty Messenger [Part II]

◄ V ►

  • Recording - as you can expect, he likes to make photos… and he’ll make sure to take a lot of fun photos as well; even if he can’t see well, the pure fact of being able to capture all the poses you make and the features your body holds… it’s appealing enough~
  • Sensation play - he loves to see all kinds of reactions you can make and he will use a lot of various things to find out even more of them… Expect everything then: ice cubes, feathers… and even hot wax, if you’re brave enough~

◄ Saeran ►

  • Edge play - this guy is kind of fucked up, okay~? As soon as he starts to trust you much enough to go further, he won’t want you to freak out or be scared of him… but if he finds out how fucked up you are, be sure that he won’t hold back - he’s still a sadist, after all… 
  • Stalking - if you didn’t think it can be a kink… well, Saeran will make it be one; he’s already watched you for a long while, but now - he will do it as often as he only wants to. Once, he’d call you and ask you how are you doing… you’d say that you’re reading, and he’d respond with the title of the book, - things like this… That’s not all though, wait till you go out and he’s in the mood… There’ll be nothing more arousing than having you try to hide away from him. He knows all your traces though, he always knows where you are… you’re a helpless prey now, aren’t you?

◄ Vanderwood ►

  • Weird places - let’s explain one thing: as much as Vanderwood desires to live peacefully, it doesn’t mean he dislikes adrenaline… He wouldn’t rather want to do it in public places, but he’ll for sure try to be at least a bit experimental… You can be sure that he’ll try out every single surface in your house~
  • Roleplay - as I said, Vanderwood likes to do… things. Things such as tying you up and performing some cruel and merciless things on your helpless self… He can be incredibly creative while doing so and, if you don’t dislike it, he can go really far, even to edge play which is - obviously - an exciting experience~

The sad thing is that I actually had a lot more ideas for Vanderwood and Saeran but I wanted to make only 2 bullenpoints for everyone;;;;;

The RFA kinks can be found here
My full masterlist can be found here
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Blackpink Kinks

Kinks I think Blackpink would have…

Lisa is so used to everyone around her catering to her needs and doting on her because she’s the youngest and she definitely tries to make that affection spam through all aspects of her life including what she does behind closed doors.
  • she’s a submissive through and through and won’t flinch away from that title for anything
  • her want for being the youngest in ever place so she can be worshipped would end up as her being a little as well
  • a kink she’ll discover after being a little for a while is that she’s a masochist. nothing extreme but enough for her to enjoy punishments like spankings and whippings which would lead to her being a
  • brat. she has a major brat kink and acts out just to receive harsher punishments

Ji Soo would very adventurous in the bedroom and is willing to try anything at least once. She’ll be a bit of a crowd pleaser and follow what your kinks are even if she doesn’t particularly enjoy them herself.
  • exhibitionist kink to a maximum just because she loves the rush of knowing she could get caught
  • a switch depending on the mood of the day. if you’re in a submissive move she’s a lethal dom and if you’re feeling dominant she’s a proper submissive
  • enjoys clothed sex because she has a thing for lace lingerie especially when you’re wearing it. she also loves fucking you in heels
  • loves messing with your senses with blindfolds so you can’t predict what she’ll do next
  • she also has a thing for temperature whether it’s dripping candle wax or normal ice cubes

Chae Young starts backwards with her kinks by knowing exactly which ones she would never experiment with and those she’d be hesitant to try, yet not knowing her own kinks completely.
  • role play. she loves the thought of dressing up as anyone she wants and knowing you’ll play along with her
  • pet play because while she loves dressing up as nurses and school girls a pair of cat ears is what she likes best
  • slight sadist by default as she likes scratching you with her claws and enjoys your pained reactions
  • her bondage kink would start as just being leashed to the bed to bring completely tied down and unable to move at all
  • an absolute power bottom because even if she’s tied down she won’t miss the opportunity to taunt you about how loose your knots are or something equally untrue

Jennie doesn’t take time to explore what she likes and what she doesn’t because she knows you just as well as she knows herself. She’s well aware of what she can and can’t try out when the two of you get down and dirty.
  • the OG top madame. she is the dom in the bedroom and no one can contest her title
  • she is occasional a rigger when the situation calls for it. ropes are a harsh punishment if she has anything to do with them
  • a certified brat tamer because you enjoy testing her even after she’s obviously gotten to the end of her fuse with you
  • enjoys being called by respectful honorifics like unnie or just plain old mommy. Jennie enjoys the power of knowing in that moment she’s seen as the elder in charge

Sunday 11.12.16 at 8.59pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Collective” (Isak, Eskild, Linn, Noora)


Linn: Who took my pizza*?

Eskild: Not me

Isak: It was me I had to make some food
Isak: I’ll transfer you some money Linn. Sorry

Linn: Ok, how are things with Even?

Eskild: How are things with Even?
Eskild: You owe me a cold coke with ice cubes Linn

Isak: Things are better I think. Or it seemed like it got better. The hell I know. He’s asleep right now. But I had Sonja on the phone and she told me he tends to sleep a lot when he’s down. So, yeah. But he ate half of the pizza*. That’s good.

Linn: Uh I don’t owe you a coke? From when?

Eskild: Aah ❤️ Isak. To think that there is so much care in your little grumpy teenager body.

Isak: Whatever

Eskild: It’s just a saying Linn

Isak: But what are you guys doing tomorrow during the day?
Isak: I’m fucking up my 10% attendance and I have to go to school. But I don’t want to leave Even here alone

Eskild: I’m home until 2pm tomorrow, when do you finish school?

Isak: 3:30pm

Noora: I’ll come back home around 1pm, so I can take over when Eskild leaves

Isak: Thanks

Eskild: I can create a timetable for the week. Tell me what suits you Linni and Nori, and I’ll arrange it.
Eskild: Noora do you have Excel on your computer?

Isak: I’m not sure he’ll stay for the whole week

Linn: Why doesn’t he want to go home?

Isak: Maybe he’ll go home, but is it OK for you guys if he wants to stay here?

Eskild: Yes, where there is room there is hearts

Noora: Sure

Eskild: Where there is a house there is heart room

Linn: Where there is heart room there is house room

Isak: Thanks


*Grandis = Grandiosa, a brand of pizza

Kpop groups as things in the kitchen
  • 15&: the salt and pepper shakers
  • 2ne1: bamboo steamer
  • 2pm: the barbecue
  • 4minute: herb scissors
  • AkMu: cafetiere
  • After school: lasagne dish
  • AOA: martini glasses
  • B2ST: rice cooker
  • Bangtan: those magnetic strips you hang knives on
  • BAP: an old fashioned set of scales with the weights and the tray
  • Bigbang: that one super heavy pan in every kitchen
  • Block b: stick blender
  • Brown eyed girls: gridle
  • BtoB: popcorn machine
  • DBSK: milk jug
  • Epik high: the fridge
  • Exo: pasta spoon
  • F(x): egg slicer
  • Gfriend: ice cube tray
  • Got7: waffle iron
  • Ikon: the things you stick in the ends of corn on the cob to help you eat it
  • Infinite: rolling pin
  • JYJ: the biggest knife in the kitchen
  • Kara: sugar bowl
  • Mamamoo: meat tenderiser
  • MIB: bottle opener
  • Miss A: your grandma's fancy china that you're never allowed to use
  • Monsta x: salad spinner
  • NCT U: new cutlery still in the box
  • Nine muses: a set of measuring cups
  • Oh My Girl: the tray of fresh herbs on the windowsill
  • Rainbow: the tupperware collection
  • Red velvet: an ornate cake stand
  • Seventeen: sippy cup
  • Shinee: fish knife
  • Shinhwa: wok
  • SNSD: piping bag
  • Super junior: mismatched plates in a student kitchen
  • T-ara: collander
  • Topp dogg: cookie cutters
  • Twice: silly straw
  • Vixx: pizza slicer
  • Winner: Scandinavian cheese slicer
  • Wonder girls: silicone muffin tin

Inktober day 12.  Didn’t turn out as well as I’d have liked, but eh.  The theme @darfichihrenhundstreicheln gave me was “ghost”, so I went with that idea I had ages ago, where Angie dies when she’s a teenager and she ends up accidentally haunting Fiddleford bc she’s bored.

She’s making spooky sounds here, but I couldn’t get the face quite right, so instead she just looks mildly surprised.  Whoops.