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i can’t be the only one that was like, “even, it’s just a nosebleed you dont need to go to the doctor he’s okay” but i’ve thought a bit about it! here’s cool thing ive learned through past sfx makeup research (props to the skam makeup department for this!!): we are led to believe that isak has been hit a mere moment before sana came outside, right? look at his face! he’s already bruising and swelling up in his cheek and around his mouth. that would take a HARD HIT. this isn’t so much about the blood, because nose and head injuries bleed pretty superficially, but he is already bruising badly, it’s already purple and has red lines running through it, and thats from blood pooling under the skin because of burst capillaries. the swelling comes with that but he’s already swollen around his mouth and he just looks pretty out of it. this may be due to shock, but he’s not speaking or yelling or fighting back; he’s just looking at his hand, not even touching the actual spot where he’s been hit. i suspect that he’s not only bleeding from his nose (because had he really been hit bad he would probably still be bleeding) but from his mouth and cheek as well, which accounts for the swelling. so, back to the point from earlier, isak could very well have a mild concussion along with the injuries we can see, so it makes sense that they went to the ER. (also, if he does have a mild concussion, the hiatus was timed well because when we come back he’ll have finished recovering and be back in action) this stuff probably wont be adressed because hiatus and all but yeah i thought it was interesting and MAJOR props to the makeup department (and tarjei) for not just putting some fake blood on. what i’m sort of confused on though is that he has probably been hit more than once, if he’s both bruising on his cheek and he has a nose bleed AND from the set pictures people have leaked he has a black eye too. i want answers haha (also im not an expert so some of my knowledge might be off im sorry if it is)

Mr. No Name Kid

((hey its me! aaaaaa ok so I wrote it but I’m shy so I’m waiting to post it. this was so inspired by heathers like???))

“Watch it, freak.” Someone muttered while Evan picked up his scattered papers and felt the flush of hot shame reach his ears and cheeks. He wasn’t going to cry, he had to compose himself.

Onlookers snorted with amusement when the guys who had pushed him, kicked his back, sending him sprawling. He grabbed at his papers blindly as tears blurred his vision, he was going to be late for his Literature class. He hated being late, it was torture to have so many eyes on him.

He scurried off and didn’t even bother to see if he had missed any papers.

~after Literature~

Evan Hansen was going to die. He’d accidentally left his letter to himself in the hall, someone had probably taken it, read it and laughed. He couldn’t handle it anymore, instead of going straight to class, he milled around that hallway.

Finally, the bell rang and students scurried out of classrooms to rush to the next one, just going round and around. Running with tight, restrained energy. He kept his head down, all the way to the lockers. Evan hoped to whatever God was up there, that someone hadn’t read his letter.

It would’ve been mortifying. He opened his locker and a note fluttered out. It was almost illegible, but it was so amazingly nice, that he held it to his chest and smiled.

Dear Evan Hansen,

don’t listen to those people. You are not a freak, or a dud (a/n: where I come from thats a really bad thing to say) you are doing you, like we all are. Just stressing our way through a temporary state of being. But you, Evan Hansen, are specially different. Your eyes are a powdery blue that rivals my mother’s flowerbeds, your hair shines a million different colors. And then there’s you. You, with your soft voice. I like that because it shows you want other people to listen. Your lovely, poetic way of stating even the most simple things.

You, Evan Hansen, are a miracle

Don't go forgetting it.


Mr. No Name Kid

Evan could make it through the day.

Whoever this kid was, he was a miracle worker.

~end of part 1~

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The stans love Rose Quartz so much, but honestly she's such a b*tch? She literally used everyone around her? Every single person? I was watching storm in the room, and Steven said that she only made him to run from her mistakes, and honestly that's what I believe. (Friendly reminder the room says what Steven wants to hear, so that thing about the tape may or may not have been true.) If Rose loved Greg, (or any of the crystal gems) she wouldn't have left him alone with a child.

i remember from like shit way back becky azucar said that rose gave up her gem for steven so he could be the bridge for gems and humans but??????? is ur son’s role in ur plan more important than taking care of ur son????? @ rose

  • Herbert: I like your new trousers!
  • Alfred: thanks, they were 50% off
  • Herbert: I'd like them a lot better if they were 100% off
  • Alfred: the store can't just give away stuff for free
  • Herbert: that's not what I meant
  • Alfred: that's a terrible way to run a business, Herbert
Giving love a shot part 56

♤Jay’s views ♤


What exactly have I done? Jaeha doesn’t deserve any of that. The next few days all she does is stays in bed and barely eat anything.

Lina: you wanted to see me?

Jay: yeah.

Lina: okay

Jay: look you’re a really great dancer and also working with you for so many years, I realize  that you’re also an good person. But-

Lina: working with me makes your marriage life complicated.

Jay: ye..ah

Lina: I understand. It’s all of my fault

In the end I let Lina go, at the end of the day my family is more important. While I’m not actively performing, I still come to the studio to record.

Dok2: you look like shit

Jay: I feel like it

Dok2: what’s up? Princess is giving you problems?

Jay: the same way it’s always been.

Dok2: what did you do?

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Number 28 with Simon:)xx

have I ever mentioned how much I love Simon? I hope you enjoy lovely xx


28: “You’re the greatest thing thats ever happened to me.”

These past few days Simon hadn’t been acting like himself, he was awfully quiet and turned down filming gaming videos with the other boys, and due to Simon’s mood, you had been spending a lot of time with JJ. When Simon didn’t want to watch a movie, JJ would watch it with you, when he didn’t want to go out for lunch, JJ would accompany you, and if you were being honest, JJ is great and all, but he isn’t Simon.

Growing fed up with Simon’s ever growing bad mood and distance, you decided to confront him about it, so you found yourself walking up the stairs to his bedroom.

“Si?” you question softly opening his door.

“I’m editing” he replied bluntly.

“Why are you ignoring me?”

“I’m not”

“Simon, you are. We haven’t done anything together for the past week.”

Now you were standing directly behind him where he was sat at his desk. Simon let out a sigh and spun his chair around so he was facing you. 

“I’m sorry” he opened his arms up as an invitation for you to sit in his lap, so you do, wrapping your arms around his neck and running your hands through his hair. 

“What’s wrong?” you question, bringing your hand from his hair to rest on his cheek. 

“It’s just, I don’t know. It’s stupid. I’ve been watching you and JJ doing the things we’d normally do together. And I know that’s my fault but it’s making me question why you’re with me, I mean, I know I’m no good at the whole relationship thing but you’re the greatest thing thats ever happened to me and I just don’t want you to realise that there are better guys than me out there, but I guess that’s too late now” Simon rambles with his head hung low and avoiding eye contact with you.

“Oh Si, you can’t put yourself down like that, you’re an amazing boyfriend and I wouldn’t dare to want anyone else other than you,” you whisper, lifting his head up to look into his eyes, “I love you,” you conclude placing a kiss to his lips.

so my program seems to be workiing great.

or. er. at least iit seems to be workiing great.

actually iim not sure. ii miight have to readjust thiings because. well.

iis iit normal to run across people screamiing randomly at each other? because thats. thats not what ii expected wiith the whole ‘go forth and make some friiends’ thing siign has me off on. ‘be iindependent’ thiing he keeps telliing me. thats….really not what ii expected.

maybe iive been around siign for too long….

There is a VBS coordinator summer job posted right now which is funny because for months my sister has been (sarcastically) saying that I should run a VBS in the summer

Lauren Aquilina sentence starters
  • "Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here."
  • "I can't be everything you want to see."
  • "It sounds like my idea of hell."
  • "Please don't drag me down."
  • "Society killed the teenager."
  • "Didn't you know the devil always wins this game?"
  • "You are dying to just to live."
  • "You're a grade A in following the crowd."
  • "I just wish I could mute all their mouths."
  • "I don’t know how I’m gonna get up from this one."
  • "It's clear that I'm not ready for this."
  • "I can't live up to these expectations of me."
  • "I don't see you with me."
  • "It's time to say goodbye."
  • "Why is it always you I come running back to?"
  • "I've wanted you for too long."
  • "Why do I wanna do it all again?"
  • "You've had me chasing you for years, I don't know why I still care, but I do."
  • "I've never wanted anything more than you."
  • "You left and then acted like we never existed."
  • "Do you know how hard I tried to be everything you wanted?"
  • "Who am I to tell you that you should stay?"
  • "I know you'll be happy, and eventually I'll be fine."
  • "Those hardest to love need it most."
  • "Such good friends, it has to end, it always does."
  • "We are too fragile just to guess."
  • "What if we ruin it all, and we love like fools?"
  • "I want you more than I've wanted anyone; isn't that dangerous?"
  • "Oh god, I feel so unprepared."
  • "Got what I want, but now I'm scared."
  • "Do I annoy you?"
  • "Do I bore you?"
  • "We won't ever be."
  • "Forgive me, I'm just so fucked up in the head."
  • "Do I embarrass you beyond belief?"
  • "Is losing me such a big relief?"
  • "Look at all the chaos you've escaped."
  • "I love your brain, but I hate your guts."
  • "You've got it all."
  • "Put all your faults to bed."
  • "You can be king again."
  • "You're too wrapped up in your self doubt."
  • "I can't control my feelings."
  • "You're completely off limits, for more reasons than just one, but I can't stop."
  • "You're aware of my existence, but you don't know I'm here."
  • "You're the center of attention."
  • "You're so busy being busy, I don't want to interfere."
  • "My mind is blind to everything but you."
  • "I wonder if you wonder about me too."
  • "Our lives are stories waiting to be told."
  • "We'll defy the rules until we die."
  • "So let's be sinners to be saints."
  • "The world may disapprove, but my world is only you."
  • "If we're sinners, then it feels like heaven to me."
  • "You showed me feelings I've never felt before."
  • "Our hearts are too ruthless to break."
  • "I'll never be the same."
  • "Why won't you just talk to me?"
  • "Talk to me or watch me leave."
  • "There's a universe inside your head."
  • "Are you ever gonna wake up, or are you gonna let me just walk away?"
  • "I don't know why you're hiding."
  • "This changes everything."
  • "You're so oblivious to words I've never said."
  • "This is the ugly truth."
  • "Shall we leave?"
  • "Becoming strangers once again, or maybe that's all we ever were."
  • "You'll be fine without me."
  • "And in your excellence, I forgot I used to have my own."
  • "You won't even notice that I'm gone."
  • "You consume my thoughts... I'm not sure that I'm in yours at all."
  • "The worst part of it all is that I desperately still want someone who never wanted me."
  • "I'm only your everything when you feel alone."
  • "Who the hell are you for the hell you've put me through?"
  • "Everything we try to say has hidden meaning."
  • "Time moves slow, waiting for this to evolve."
  • "When hearts have nothing to hold, they let go."
  • "What the hell are we waiting for?"
  • "Are we lovers or liars?"
  • "There's nothing left to try."
  • "Lying to ourselves, lying to each other."
  • "All the things you loved are now my flaws."
  • "Should we lose everything we've got, or settle for something that we're not?"
  • "Can we go back?"
  • "You're running just to run from me."
  • "I don't blame you."
  • "Who would wanna be around me?"
  • "Thought you were human but you're just a ghost."
  • "It's not hard to let it go when there's nothing to hold on to."
  • "I've forgotten who you are, but I remember that's a good thing."
  • "You promised me we'd always be fine; guess you lied."
  • "It's not that I don't want you, it's just I don't know how to love you like I used to."
  • "Second chances are hard to find when you damaged everything I had left."
  • "I know I've been so cold, but pushing you away is how I cope."

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Going off on the Ombra mention for the KHR/HDM. I'm now picturing Tsuna being carried around like a kitten by a panther. Or using it as a pillow and people not knowing how to take this because that's Reborn's daemon. Who is dangerous and bloodthirsty and will not hesitate to eat you. Yet is a kitten to this fluffy human thing that cuddles with him. And he lets it!! The Acrobaleno must have been shocked the first time they saw it.


Colonello is the first to come across this, and he’s left disbelieving and really quite shaken - if it wasn’t for his COMSUBIN training, he probably would have fainted and/or run away screaming.

It’s summer, and sixteen-year-old Tsuna and his guardians are in Italy, staying at the HQ. Colonello is in the main mansion dealing with some business, so he decides to go give his old friend Reborn a visit.

He finds Reborn in what is supposed to be the young Decimo’s office, sitting at the big desk while his student is nowhere to be seen.

Tsuna’s guardians are in the room though, doing their own things. Some are reading, or tapping away at laptops or listening to music. They’re all sprawled all over each other, and Colonello could swear their daemons seem all switched up though…or maybe he’s remembering wrong.

He doesn’t think too hard about it.

Something in the corner catches his eye, and he turns to see four of the daemons are sleeping in a pile over there.

They’re all wildcats, and Colonello takes a moment to be surprised and impressed, as he always is, at just how many wildcats there are in the Vongola.

The four of them are cuddled up close to each other - Colonello can see a gorgeous, elegant leopard with her tail curled around the great, majestic golden lion sleeping next to her. And next to them is Ombra’s sleek black fur, her head resting on her paws, her breath ruffling the soft brown fur of the fourth cat, whom Colonello can’t really make out around the bulk of the other three daemons.

And then, he takes a step forward, and Natsu shifts just the slightest bit, and Colonello almost screams as he realizes that’s not another daemon sleeping with them, that’s a person.

Sawada Tsunayoshi to be exact.

He’s got one hand tangled in Natsu’s mane, and one leg thrown over the leopard’s back, and he’s using Ombra, of all daemons, as a pillow.

The same crazy, feral Ombra who had snarled and snapped at Colonello just last week for looking at her funny.

And here she was, acting all sweet and cuddly, like a friendly kitten. And no one’s saying anything about it.

Colonello thinks the world must have gone mad.

It was over.

They’d gotten out just fine and now the running and the hiding they’re lights away was done. They’d settled. They had a home again and Cain couldn’t have been more pleased. now things were as they should be. Quentin was still his submissive but only because he wanted to be and thats why things always should have been. 
Still, he had been nervous about leaving. About people following them and coming after them to steal back what they took. The only thing that seemed to ease his nerves on the matter was a bike ride around the community. Make sure everything was still standing and no one was in danger. It helped a lot and as he pulled back into the main road and headed back home he was more relaxed. Upon hearing his name over the sound of his bike, Cain slowed down and pulled over. “Hey,” He greeted. “Ya’ need somethin’?”

signs + drake songs
  • aries: energy. you're very ambitious. fiery & passionate. you may be quick to anger but you're an amazing friend. some might say you're an overachiever but you'll never let anyone drain you of your energy.
  • taurus: 0 to 100. you can get easily offended, you might go from 0 to 100 real quick! but once you get through that hard shell we see you're dependable and strong willed. you hate when people doubt you bc you know yourself & your worth.
  • gemini: legend. you're destined for greatness and you know it. you are creative, energetic, and have a positive outlook no matter what life has in store for you. keep doing u, ur a legend.
  • cancer: make me proud. you're more than the emotional homebody you're often stereotyped as. you're dependable and compassionate. you're a tough nut to crack & you have a big influence on those around you. go ahead and make them proud!
  • leo: know yourself. you're very confident. you're out going and always make time to run thru the 6 with your woes. you're opinionated and headstrong while also being generous and loving. you're always true to yourself & it's very admirable.
  • virgo: started from the bottom. you're independent. nothing that's yours has been handed to you. you're good at working your way to the top.
  • libra: fancy. oh.. you fancy, huh? you love to indulge in the finer things in life. you live for keeping up appearances. that being said, you're also one of the most peaceful signs. it's just great to feel like a million bucks sometimes. be careful not to be overly materialistic, you're more than your possessions!
  • scorpio: 10 bands. u been in the crib with the phones off! you're an entrepreneur and often misunderstood. you're also driven and extremely ambitious. you're all about being successful no matter the cost.
  • sagittarius: the motto. you're all about free spirits and good vibes. this is truly your song. you love adventure and excitement. you know there's a deeper meaning to life. you only get once chance to live so you wanna live it up.
  • capricorn: headlines. this song is about striving to be more than what people expect from you. you're all about business and compartmentalizing your life. you're very organized and want to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. you're very self sufficient which can sometimes make you come off as cold. but the real is on the rise and you gave them a chance to decide.
  • aquarius: furthest thing. you're always somewhere between psychotic and iconic. your aloof nature can make you seem removed from the world's problems but underneath that exterior, you're a kind hearted person who got caught up in their own creativity. you're still extremely wise and don't let emotions cloud your judgement. you're the furthest thing from perfect but perfect is boring, anyways.
  • pisces: take care. oh pisces. you are beautiful, sensitive, and all about being there when people need you and caring for those who need it. you are a gentle and generous soul and you have so much love to give. your heart is always on your sleeve and you never hide who you are.
Got7 Coffee Shop AU

I did this on my BTS blog and had fun writing it so here I am on this blog

Mark: He is the cute barista who rarely works the cash register to take orders yet everyone seems to know who he is. Regular customers know that are in for a treat when Mark makes their drink because he’s just that good at it. He has a tendency to remember usuals from customers. Occasionally he gets in a hyper mood and it’s rather quick on his feet and somewhat impatient. On these days the shop is forced to give out free drinks because Mark gets ahead of himself and makes too many at one time.

Jaebum: He is a rare sight out in the open of the shop seeing as he prefers to stay in the kitchen baking. Only those who come early in the morning or late at night, when there is hardly any staff. Get blessed with the sight of him scrubbing tables, but not really helping anything as he is usually covered head to toe in flour and keeps getting it on the table he is trying to clean.

Jackson: He is the knew guy at the shop. He’s clueless but has good intentions. He tends to forget to buy the lid on the blender, ignore wet floor signs while carrying hot cups of coffee, speak way too loudly when putting in orders, hover over customers to make sure everything is going okay with them, and tries to show off his martial art skills only to find himself in a pile of dishes he was supposed to be carrying back to the kitchen to wash. Luckily his previous job at the pet shop down the road allowed him to perfect his puppy eyes enough to win over JB and Mark who just don’t have the heart to fire him.

Jinyoung: He works at the daycare a block over and visits the shop every few mornings on his way to work and occasionally in the evenings. A protective figure out sorts he is the first one to tell if one of the employees has had a rough day and often will bring food with him to make sure everyone has eaten. JB knowns that he likes the cupcakes with less icing than cake, and Mark knows to get the sugar ready because Jinyoung doesn’t really like the bitterness that comes with coffee.

Youngjae: He spends most of his afternoons in the shop in his favorite seat near the window studying or reading. He attends the college in town and often takes advantage of the coffee shops free WI-FI to get his projects done. On days when the shop is really packed he is typically the first to offer help and despite not actually working at the shop he will run the cash register free of charge. Or at least thats what he claims, usually he gets one or two free drinks out of his volunteer time.

BamBam: An aspiring artist he often find himself at the coffee shop to people watch and find subjects for his work. The employees are often subject to quick doodles that don’t really go anywhere. He spends hours in the corner of the shop just doing his thing. In fact it’s sort of been renovated just for him, not that employees will ever admit it. Some of BamBams best works can be found hanging up around the shop and in fact the current logo was design by him.

Yugyeom: He is the shops open mic night celeb. A cute singer on the rise he spends every Friday and some Saturday nights playing his music at the small little coffee shop. These are the shops most popular days and they keep growing as Yugyeoms popularity does as well.

Blame the fact I was watching Treasure Planet
  • [Inquisitor bring up the idea of going to the Fade]
  • Cassandra: Well this- it's just- oh, my. Solas, would you please explain how ridiculous this is?
  • Solas: It's totally preposterous, traversing the entire Fade alone.
  • Cassandra: Now at last, we hear some sense.
  • Solas: That's why I'm going with you. [pulls out a suitcase]
  • Cassandra: Solas!
  • Solas: [runs around packing things] I'll use my entire knowledge to help plan the expedition; I'll pack some bags to take samples, oh and my bring my notebook for extra study...
  • Cassandra: You're not serious?
  • Solas: [slides down a tower of books] All my life, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this, and here it screaming! "Go, Solas! Go, Solas!"
  • Cassandra: [frustrated] Okay, okay! You're both grounded! [sighs]
Never Ending Nightmare

Title: Never Ending Part 2 Nightmare

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Prophet)

Warning: Strong language, Violence

Im So glad you guys like the first part of this story and I really hope you guys like this one :)

Part 1


When you awoke everything was dark. Black. You could feel the side of your face was swollen from them smacking your head against the library table in temps to make you stop trying to get away. A Red Hot pain was on your side from when one of them stabbed you after you wouldn’t listen following the yells from the tall man not wanting you dead yet.

The blackness you saw was torn away as someone pulled off the bag over your head. The tall man smirked down at you as you saw an empty room with three men standing around it. A table sat next to you with things you wish weren’t there.

He pulled the gag out of your mouth as you felt dried tears on your face, You knew there was no point in screaming it would just be followed by pain.

“Rule number 1, No screaming” Your eyes didnt look at the man as he stood in front of you. “Rule number 2″ He lifted your chin up making you look at him. “Look at me when im speaking” You swallowed at the growing lump in your throat. He dropped his hands putting them into his pockets. “Rule number 3, You will tell me everything I want to know, And if you dont, Well…” his eyes turned to metal table next to you. 

A tear ran down your face as you shook “Please…Just let me go..” You said lightly as more tears left your eyes. The man just laughed as you pulled on the robe that was tying your hands together along with your feet. “Please..” You whispered as his hand went to your throat “Did I tell you to speak!” He screamed in your face. He picked up a knife that was on the table and held the tip to your shoulder. “Now, Have you spoken or seen God.” You clenched your jaw and shook your head no. “SPEAK!” you jumped blinking the tears out of your eyes. “no” you got out in with a harsh voice.  He pushed the knife so it went through your shirt and the tip was in your skin. you closed your eyes trying to not think of the pain. “Have you read any of the tablets?” he said in a low voice “No…” he pushed the knife in deeper “Visions of any kind?” you let out a held in breath as you tried to make your tears stop. “No” The man clenched his jaw before pushing the knife all the all the way through your shoulder. You screamed out in pain. He pulled it out holding it to your neck. “I said no screaming..” He spoke right before stabbing you in the other shoulder. You held in your scream just trying to breathe “I..I dont know anything I swear” You cried out. The man took in a deep breath sighing “Dont fuck with me Y/N!” You felt his fist hit the side of your jaw. The taste of copper filled your mouth.\


“I found the car dean” Sam spoke as he typed on his computer. Deans head snapped up as he reached over the table turning the his lab top around seeing a security video from a gas station he could barley make out you sitting in the back seat as three men in black suits sat inside as well. “Thats them” be spoke standing up grabbing his coat along with his keys. “ Its about a days drive, Lets go” 

Dean had not been able to think straight with you gone. Horrible things were running through his head. What they could be doing to you. The moon lit up the road in the middle of the cold night as dean gripped the steering wheel. Music turned off. Glaring at the road ahead of them. Speeding. Sam broke the silence “Dean..” Dean looked at him before looking back at the road. “You need to prepare your self -” Dean cut him off. “Dont.” He said harshly “Dean..She might be dea-” Dean cut him off again but this time looking at him “I said dont…” Sam nodded before looking down on the map on his phone. “I know sammy…” dean spoke softly gripping the steering wheel harder “I just..I just dont want to think about it” Sam looked at him with a sigh. “Dean I know you dont want to think about it or hear it but you have to. She might already be dead” Dean slammed on the breaks turning to sam “I said dont sam, how many times!” This time sam cut him off “No dean you have to think about this if you go in just thinking she might be chained to chair with not a cut your wrong! We dont know these guys! So you better be ready for what were about to walk into because im not going to watch you die again!” Dean didnt say anything he kept his grip on the steering wheel as he glared ahead.A second went by before dean spoke looking over at him with tears in his eyes. “You dont think I know that…Shes the best thing thats happen to me and im not ready to let her go. Not yet sam.” Dean started the car and started going again. “Im not letting her be torn away from me like everything else.” Sam stared at him as he watched a tear run down deans cheek as he drove. Sam closed his eyes letting out his held breath. He knew how much dean loved you. 


Your head hung low your eyes shut as blood dripped from your mouth. The stab wounds on your shoulders were still leaking blood as your gray shirt was now dark red. Your shirt stuck to your skin from the dried blood. You didnt know how many hours pasted before the door came slamming open. You lifted your head feeling light headed from the blood loss. “Your wasting my time Y/N” The tall man said gripping your chin making you look at him one of your eyes were already black and blue. “Tell me something already or im just going to kill you.” You smiled with a slight laugh. “Go ahead..” you choked out right before he hit you again. He placed his thumb on your shoulder where the wound was pressing it in you couldnt help but scream followed by sobbing. “Please…stop” you cried He pushed his thumb into your other wound on your side. “I will as soon as you tell me.” You shook your head “I dont know anything” You could barely get out. He twisted his thumbs as you screamed again. “Im useless!” you screamed out sobbing. He pulled his thumbs out as your head dropped down clenching your eyes shut trying to breath  through your sobbing. He pulled out a handkerchief cleaning off his hands. “You are useless. Your a big piece of wasted space. They made a mistake with you. your no Prophet….  ” The man grumbled. 


Dean held his phone in his hand with a picture of you on it. “Have you seen this girl?” Dean asked the man standing behind the gas station counter “A SUV. Black. Where did it go” Dean spoke again as the man just shook his head “I dont know what your talking about. “ Dean glanced at sam who was filling up the Impala. “You kidding me right.” The kid looked behind dean as a man walked up behind him seeing your picture on his phone “O I know her.” Dean spun around seeing a man in a black suit “Shes quit the screamer” Dean went to punch the man but he grabbed his arm spinning him around. The Tall man walked into the empty gas station with his hands behind his back smirking. “Well Hello dean…” Dean glared at him “Where is she..” Dean shot at him. “Now thats no way to talk to each other is it?” The man spoke as sam walked in a man holding a gun to his head. “Fuck you” Dean spat and the man just laughed “Now do you want to see your girlfriend or not? You took long enough.” The man walked back outside as the men held guns to sam and deans back making them follow him. They walked to a ware house behind the run down gas station. 

The man swung open the door “Y/N I brought you something!” He spoke with a smile. Your head slowly looked up as you saw Sam then dean walk into the door. Deans heart started pounding at the sight of you. “What the hell did you do to her!” Dean yelled at the man as dean got pushed against the wall two men holding him there. The man walked up to dean with a smirk “Dont test me dean” He cut the side of deans neck lightly as he winced. 


Sam and dean were tied to chairs next to you as your eyes didnt leave dean. You gave dean a small smile when he looked over at you fear and hate in his eyes. You were getting tired. To tired as the blood kept slightly flowing. You looked back down at your lap taking in a shaky breath before speaking “I…I knew… guys would…show up” You gave sam a weak smile before looking back at dean. Dean looked you in the eyes not looking away. You wanted nothing more to just stare into his eyes and never look away but it got torn from you as the man grabbed the back of your head gripping your hair. Dean pulled at the ropes “Dont touch her” Dean gritted through his teeth. The man laughed “I knew I could get you all wound up, I cant wait to see what that mark does to you” Dean glared at him “Just wait untel I get loose… I wont kill you right away ill cut your chest open and rip your heart out” The man looked back to you with a smile grabbing his knife stabbing you in the stomach making you hunch over “No!” Both sam and dean yelled out as he pulled the knife from your stomach “FUCK YOU!” Dean screamed trying to get untied same with sam. “Now If you guys wanted to know. My name is Blaine..And im sure you wont forget it…” Dean wasnt listening to him he was trying to get you to look at him. “Y/N…” You kept hunched over you couldnt even cry anymore. “Baby…” Dean spoke trying to move his chair closing to you “Look at me baby” you turned your head as blood started to come out of your mouth. Deans face was filled with worry. “Stay with me..Your strong I know you are..” You nodded trying to breath spitting out the blood but more kept coming out. As dean spoke to you Blaine kept talking. Sam listened with his fist clenched “Why are you doing this” Sam spoke out as blaine looked at you and dean before looking back over at sam “I want answers…I need answers” “For what” Sam snapped back. “That my friend you dont need to know.” Sam got his hand loose waiting for Blaine to turn around only seeing three other men around the room all stood in front of them. Dean pulled on the ropes as hard as he could just wanting to touch you. As blaine turned around he was handed a gun from one of the men. As his back was turned to sam broke out of the ropes jumping up one of the men jumped infront of sam trying to stop him. 

Dean watched as anger started to boil inside of him. “Sam!” Dean yelled as sam knocked the man out as the others tried getting to him Blaine firing his gun shooting sam in the leg. Sam yelled out falling onto the floor right behind dean reaching up untying him. He knew what was coming next….Dean tried to hold back but the mark was burning turning his rage into something worse. Dean picked up the chair smashing it into one of the men then stomping on his head twice. Another man grabbed him from behind. Dean flipped him over his head picking up the the ice pick that was on the metal table shoving it into the mans mouth making him fall to the ground. 

As the fight was going on sam had untied you picking you up in his arms and limped out the door. Setting you down in the grass he pulled out his phone trying to call 911. No signal. Then he saw a big truck parked behind the gas station. “Ill be right back” He spoke to you as you curled up into a ball. Sam smashed the truck window opening the door as he began to hot wire it. Dean picked up the metal table next he threw it at the last man. Dean then kicked the table harder against him smashing him against the wall. Ripping off one of the table legs. He smashed the mans face in. Bullets hit the wall un tel one grazed deans side. He didnt even flinch turning around staring down Blaine. Gripping the table leg in his hand.

Sam sped to where you were lifting you onto the bench seat. You were shaking. He put your head in his hands. “Stay with me Y/N Your not dying. Your not leaving us” Everything was going black as you held your stomach. Sam took off his plaid shirt holding it against your stomach. “S-am” You tried talking. “Dont talk” Sam spoke. 

The gun clicked as Blaine pointed it at dean. He threw it down as Dean was walking towards him. pulling out his knife just as Dean Brought up the table leg blocking Blanies swing hitting his arm making the blade fall. Dean then hit his leg making Blaine fall to the floor. Dean got down putting his hand around his neck grabbing the knife that fell. “I told you what I was going to do..” Dean spoke glaring down at him as Blaine couldnt breathe. He began to cut down his chest…

Sam Came running into the building Freezing when he saw dean. What he was doing. He slowly walked up to them putting his hand on deans shoulder. “Dean…” Dean stopped standing up wiping the blood off his hands onto his jeans as Blaine looked up at them both un able to move anything else. “We need to get Y/N to the hospital…now” Dean rushed out the door and saw the truck door open with you laying inside of it. He got in moving you so your head was on his lap He held the shirt against you as you looked up at him. “Stay with me baby..” dean whispered as they sped off down the road. you opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out. The black edges you saw were now over taking your vision, You passed out. “no no no” Dean spoke putting his hand on your face “Y/N! Wake up!” Sam sped as fast as he could. “Damn it NO!”

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  • ARIES: [aang is blindfolded during training] HAAAAAH! SNEAK ATTACK!!
  • TAURUS: [still half-asleep] what's going on? did we get captured again?
  • GEMINI: that woman is crazy! my life will be calm and happy and joyful! [kicks a pebble, it bounces off of a sign and hits him on the head] ow! that doesn't prove anything.
  • CANCER: my first girlfriend turned into the moon.
  • LEO: what? i didn't steal anything! who told you? [points at momo] it was YOU, wasn't it? you ratted me out!
  • VIRGO: i'd like to spend my vacation... [strikes a dramatic pose] at the LIBRARY!!!
  • LIBRA: it looks like long feng is long gone. [laughs to himself] oh, i've been waiting to use that one!
  • SCORPIO: oh what? i'm not good enough to kidnap?
  • SAGITTARIUS: [while hallucinating] drink cactus juice! it'll quench ya! [runs around] nothing's quenchier! [does the worm] it's the quenchiest!
  • CAPRICORN: okay, karma person or thing, whoever's in charge of this stuff... if i can just get out of this situation alive, i will give up meat... and sarcasm. okay? that's all i got. that's pretty much my whole identity. sokka: the meat and sarcasm guy. but i'm willing to be sokka: the veggies and straight-talk fellow. deal? [aang runs into view] aang, thank goodness! have you got any meat?
  • AQUARIUS: [to himself as he chops at ice] i'm just a guy with a boomerang, i didn't ask for all this flying and magic.
  • PISCES: speaking of the third-eyed freak... i think i've come up with a name for him. what do you guys think of... "sparky boom boom man"! [the gang is unimpressed] ... just think about it.

I can’t believe its been over a year since I’ve had this fitblr, and what a journey its beed. There is a year between these pics but the right is definitely nt my lowest weight. 

Ive gained around 6kgs since christmas and starting Uni and thats been rough but Im ready to get back into the swing of things and keep working on myself. 

Even though there isn’t that much of a weight difference look at my back, my stomach, see the fitness. I can squat, lift, run, row. I couldn’t do that a year ago. 

Height: 175cm

Before weight: 93kg

Current weight: 86kg

Lowest weight: 78kgs