that thing on abc

oh my god

i just went onto google earth and there’s this random place in the middle of the pacific ocean

where someone just. added a bunch of pictures from Lost???? and somehow they haven’t been reported yet?????????

who did this

My brain is making bizarre theories

Everyone is making random theories but I just realized.. WHAT IF ANNALISE AND WES WORKED TOGETHER WITH NATE TO FAKE HIS MURDER..HENCE HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. I mean everyone is forgetting that Annalise obviously wanted Ollie to clear her phone because something important was on there, some proof was on there. Maybe Wes really is in witness protection. Maybe the body they did the autopsy on wasn’t even Wes. Why else would the body go missing.

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Feuilly has a memory box, filled with leaflets, trinkets, wristbands, polaroids- things he has accumulated over his years of The ABC.

What he also has is pictures of both he and Montparnasse from their childhood.

Wide, toothless grins hidden under raven and amber curls.

Feuilly’s smile grows more refined, accepting, and understanding, whilst Montparnasse’s grows colder, and bitter and understanding- they both know that no one is coming for them.

In their mid teens, they get disbanded, and the pictures stop.

In their twenties they meet again, and that pair of grins returns, evidence on film.

Feuilly guards them with his life.

Backstage at the ABC Cinema all the performers including the Beatles were crowded into one large dressing-room. A few of them play cards on upturned suitcases; others are tuning their guitars. Paul McCartney walks in and out among the groups.
‘Is everybody having a good time?’ he asks.
John Lennon in a black polo-necked sweater is walking around shouting, 'All visitors ashore, please, the ship is leaving.  All ashore’
Someone comes over and shows Lennon and McCartney a picture of them smiling.
'Lots of teeth in that picture’ says Paul.
'We like to get our teeth into things’ says John
—  Michael Braun - Love me do.
April Kepner is right.

This thing is bigger than April. It is bigger than Richard.
Do you know what I have noticed throughout this episode? I noticed that their ugly political pissing contest, as April had put it, has interfered with quality teaching. While they were arguing on ways to teach and who is right and wrong, they actually forgot to teach! The only resident who got quality education here was Jo, who was with…guess what, April! (Go figure) Stephanie and Warren both had crappy teachers, regardless on who was on whose side.
So yeah. Someone had to take the damn job. If April had said no, Bailey would have offered her second choice. Then her third, fourth, and up to the last attending until there was no chief in surgery, and during the whole time only the patients would suffer most, which is no big deal right?
So YES, April kepner was right. This is bigger than them.

Things not to say when meeting a guy for the first time:

“All of my friends think you’re a piece of shit.”

“Together, you and I are a disgusting slut.”

“Here’s my ring size and samples of engagement rings that I like.”

“I’m not wearing underwear.”

“Have you checked out my boobs? They’re real!”

“I want to give you a beard massage.”

“Do you want to Lady and the Tramp this hot dog with me?”

“I hear you like a good hump.”