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The crazy thing about this episode of greys anatomy is that the moment Jo’s ex called her crazy and a drunk I immediately lost faith in her character and stance. Even though this is the first time this man has ever had an interaction in the show even though he worked that into the first moment of interaction with another doctor he just casually tried to discredit her claims of abuse and I believed him. I believed him over a character I’ve watched grow and devolope season after season and I got to say it’s the most shocking thing to first hand experience societies conditioning to not believe another woman’s claim of abuse via tv episode. Shonda was so right for writing this episode this way… imagine the countless of women who go through this in everyday life… imagine losing your credibility in moments

A thing from the ABC’s of Beth:

When Rick is telling Beth how he created Froopyland he says “I had to collapse a quantum tesseract…” before Beth interrupts him.

This is a reference to the movie Interstellar, where a man moves inside a quantum tesseract to send a message to his daughter that he loves her, is alive and how to create interstellar travel. The tesseract collapses once his message is over.

The father and daughter have a strong but strained bond due to him leaving to explore the universe and them not seeing each other for decades. They are also both scientists.

Alphabet Ask

A Have you ever been on an Airplane?
B What’s your favourite Berry?
C How do you drink your Coffee?
D What was your last Dream about?
E How do you like your Eggs?
F What’s your favourite Flower?
G What was your favourite movie Growing up?
H What’s your favourite Holiday?
I What’s your favourite Ice cream flavour?
J Do you have a Journal you use frequently?
K How would you react if somebody replied with “K”?
L Do you speak another Language besides english? (Which one?)
M Did you fear Monsters as a child?
N Name something you have never done yet but want to do someday
O What other than eggs do you put in your omlette?
P What’s your favourite Pixar movie?
Q Any Question you want to know
R Rock, paper or scissors?
S What is / was your favourite Subject at School?
T How do you drink your Tea?
U What was your first Url
V Are you Vegan?
W What’s your favourite kind of Weather?
X Do you know any word, besides xylophone, that starts with an X
Y whY don’t you think of another question yourself… can’t think of a Y-word
Z Do you like going to the Zoo?

Okay, since I heard that ABC jumped on the live musical wagon with The Little Mermaid Live! (Yes, I’m aware that it’s just going to be done concert style sort of like what they did at the Hollywood Bowl, but I’m still very excited about it!)

If that becomes successful, imagine what other live musicals they could do. Beauty and The Beast Live, Newsies Live, but I have an idea what they could do after The Little Mermaid.

Okay don’t kill me, but I think they should do…

Okay here me out on this one.

If ABC did do this as a live TV musical, they would definitely get people’s butts on the couch. Admit it, those of us who were Disney Channel kids grew up with this movie and loved it, loved it so much that we couldn’t stop singing all the songs, quoting every scene, and obsessing over the cast. Now, it seems like High School Musical’s popularity is starting to make a comeback, and they’re even making a fourth installment, so why not do a live musical television event of High School Musical.

Also High School Musical has a special place in my heart. I loved this movie growing up and it was the first play that I did in high school’s drama club (I was a Skater Dude), although everyone in the club is kind of pulling a “Zac Efron” right now, saying that they regret it and it was the worst thing that we’ve ever done, but I still enjoyed.

If ABC does decide to this. I have an idea on who they could cast (and just to clarify since all of the live TV musicals are more based of the stage versions of certain musical, and yes there is an official stage version of High School Musical, but it was off-Broadway. Also the stage version is a little different from the show, Gabriella’s mom, Troy’s mom, and the Principal are cut from the show and there is a character that was added in):

Derek Klena as Troy Bolton

(Come on, he would be perfect for this role and I did a little research, and I found out that Derek did play Troy once for a community theatre play.)

Eva Noblezada as Gabriella Montez

(Just like Derek, Eva would be perfect for this role, and she’s also Filipina, just like Vanessa Hudgens. She also looks like she would have great chemistry with Derek.)

Dove Cameron as Sharpay Evans

(She killed it as Amber in Hairspray Live! To me, Dove makes a really convincing Queen Bee and since she is already good friends with Kenny Ortega, the director of all three HSM movies, why not cast her as Sharpay Evans?)

Ben Cook as Ryan Evans

Anthony Ramos as Chad Danforth

(He already has the puffy hair.)

Jasmine Cephas Jones as Taylor McKessie

Auli'i Cravalho as Kelsi Nielsen

(Come on, she would make an adorable Kelsi.)

Jordan Fisher as Zeke Baylor

Katie Ladner as Martha Cox

(If any of you guys are fans of Heathers, admit it she would be amazing in this role.)

Mike Faist as Ripper (The “I play the cello” guy)

George Salazar as Jason Cross

Ryan Potter as Jack Scott

(Jack Scott was a character they added in the stage version of High School Musical, he’s East High’s PA announcer and he also has a crush on Kelsi. Jack Scott isn’t a singing part, so they don’t have to worry about getting a singer to play this role.)

Brian d'Arcy James as Coach Bolton

Audra McDonald as Ms. Darbus

One weird misconception that’s propagated is that the Acheri, the disease-causing ghosts of little girls that live in the mountains and react to the color red, are Native American. For instance, as in the image above by Robert Ingpen from the Encyclopedia of Things That Never Were, which has somehow ended up without attribution on Wikipedia.

Except they aren’t.

Acheri are Indian. As in from India, such as in Kumaon in hilly Uttarakhand.

How this came about is unclear, but I think hypercorrection of “Indian” coupled with an appearance in the EoTTNW (plus a suitably haunting artwork) led to the American version being popularized.