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hi can i ask for some broganes headcanons if it isn’t too much


  • keith is lying down on the trampoline and shiro jumps on it so he can’t get up. keith is screaming the whole time
  • keith: “look at this shiro” shiro: “whipped cream on anchovies? gross, you’re not gonna” -keith inhaling the whole thing in one bite- shiro: “…well you didn’t get it from my side of the family” 
  • they play mario kart and it ends with keith sitting on shiro’s shoulders yelling and pulling his hair while shiro screeches 
  • keith: “shiro i love you do you know that?” shiro: “lmao new phone who dis” 
  • keith: “shiro i love you you’re my favourite brother” shiro: “i’m your only brother you snake” 
  • shiro ran a minecraft gaming channel when he was 11, and in all his videos you see 3 year old keith waddling around in the background and biting the heads off barbies 
  • shiro: “keith if you don’t stop jumping on my bed i’m going to commit fratricide” 
  • keith is lactose intolerant and tries to drink 3L of chocolate milk in one go while shiro cries and tries to wrestle the bottle away from him 
  • they both tie their hair into little floofs at the front and laugh until they cry because it keeps bounces around
  • 16 year old shiro lets 8 year old keith sit at the front of his motorbike while they drive down the highway, and keith shrieks from laughter because he’s never been so happy 
  • when he gets in the flight simulator for the first time it feels exactly the same, a rush of exhilaration that makes his head spin and his nerves light up like they’re on fire 
  • shiro takes him up on their roof to show him stars and teach him about constellations, and keith falls asleep with shiro stroking his hair 
  • he looks up at those same stars when he’s alone in the desert, and cries because he lost his best friend 
  • when keith first started kindergarten, shiro walked him to his class and wiped away his tears, kissing his head and saying ‘i’ll always be with you, ok buddy?’ 
  • when keith first started at the garrison, shiro walked him to class and ruffled his hair (much to keith’s embarrassment), saying again ‘i’ll always be with you, ok buddy?’ 
  • he didn’t mean to lie 

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I honestly don't see the problem with researching serial killers, it's a way to figure out why these people end up doing such horrible things, it's incredibly important to research these things so we can get a better understanding of preventing such tragedies. I feel like a good bit of people who do research serial killers don't do it because they fawn over them but rather they're interested in the physiological stuff.

people who can reasonably say theyre researching serial killers to figure out what caused them to murder people & prevent similar tragedies: psychologists writing peer reviewed journals for new treatment methods and early warning signs

NOT people who can justify that shit: a bunch of obsessive stans on tumblr

what are you gonna do my dude. walk into a clinic and demand to speak to the psychiatrist immediately about this revolutionary new information you found

“doc get this- those dudes who shot up columbine? they had ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOR and BAD CHILDHOODS”

congratulations anon, no ones ever questioned why people become serial killers before. the true crime community has fucking saved us all by making edgy emo gifs of the CCTV footage of columbine high school. thanks to all these people wondering what charles mansons ballsack smelt like and crying over his death, we can now unravel a whole totally unexplored new chapter in psychology about “why he do bad thing :(” with the STARTLING fucking revelations delivered STRAIGHT TO YOU by the tumblr true crime fandom, that NEGLECT IN CHILDHOOD can lead to SEVERE MENTAL INSTABILITY.

also either you sent me like 20 fucking paragraph long messages about how this bullshit fandom is “helping research”, or the true crime community is way more annoying than i thought.

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Tiggity taggity what is up my guys I’m gonna uh just slide this to yall

Tagged by: @vstruewaifu thank you love ^^

Age: 20

Birthplace: The U. S. of A. unfortunately but was not raised that way :’)

Current Time: 1pm

Drink you last had: the blood of my enemies I just finished my Dr. Pepper

Easiest person to talk to: god thats a hard one- pretty much all of my friends but definitely my mum too

Favorite Song: I have too many to pick one but the one I just finished listening to was Heaven Nor Hell by Volbeat

Grossest Memory: My first kiss cause he was sloppy and slobbery, he freaKING tASt ED like MAC N CHEESE I HATED IT and it just was not a good experience;;;

Horror yes or horror no: Mmmm horror yes, tis I, Four, the /TRUE HORROR/ no really, yeah but ONLY IF there are no clowns because Four does /NOT/ fuck with clowns

in love: With my bed and Saeran Choi tbh

Jealous of people: Quite often actually.

Love at first sight or should I walk by again?: *soft* i love you

Middle name: Anne ^^;;

Number of siblings: /TECHNICALLY/ 4 (ehehehe) but thats a story for another day

One wish: I could get rid of mental health issues so i can? just? ya know live? and others can too??

Person you called last: My cousin just to tell her she sucked 

Question you’re always asked: “Who’s your friend?” “Why are you like that?” “What is wrong with you?” 

reason to smile: My family, friends, and Saeran

Song you last sang: I sang Santeria by Sublime as I wrote these

Time you woke up: 9 am. It was pretty early for me

Favorite Foods: Ice cream, pizza, and uh probably anything really really spicy

Last book you read: My textbook??

Zodiac: *sigh* Gemini

I tag: uuummmm @mysplaced-pen, @a-mess-of-a-princess, @izayo-i, and uuuuuuhhhhhhh @deadpan-sexual

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OMFG HACE YOU WATCHED big MOOD? YET? Near the beginning theres some darkiplier like glitches then once you get to the video we saw in tumblr in the middle of it the text says "you have to wake up" and he's just standing there and it does the darkiplier warp effect for a split second! What is even happening anymore?!

It’s gonna get a lot worse before things (ever?) return to normal.

So the question always seems to be do you prefer the whump or the comfort, but honestly the best part is when you’re right at the edge between the two… Like, give me the moment when the supporting characters are finally reunited but they still have to get the whumpee out and it’s gonna hurt. Give me the light little careful touches and soothing voices with a hint of barely concealed panic because the whumpee is too far gone to recognize them. The moment right  when someone comes up with some good painkillers, and normally the whumpee wouldn’t want anything strong but now he’s begging for them so you know it’s bad. Anyone else?


Finally after aeons I have my pc back in working condition! I had to get a new graphics card but still. I will have to eventually get a better graphics card and power supply and crap but it works for now! I have some CC from like August I never got to post and I will post those tomorrow for you guys! 

AND OH MY GOT 1500 followers! I cannot thank you guys enough and I am still amazed by how many of you have stuck around and joined in my absence! I cannot wait to get my lil paws in game to recolor all the cats and dog things for a big 1500 follower gift! I have so many projects “in limbo” that I cannot wait to finish up for you guys. I’m gonna try to dedicate as much time as I can on my days off this week to work on stuff. 

It’s so good to be back. I’ve missed you all very much. <3

here’s the thing about the fourth line specifically the martin-moore-brown line. they aren’t great. they aren’t fast. they aren’t gonna score you goals. but no matter what happens to the team around them they do not get worse. so when the rest of the team falls through they’re still playing at their level. so they’re either the worst line or the best line and it’s like always depending on how the team around them is. and coaches love consistency.

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hello, do you know if you're going to make a story for abominathan? like a comic or something?

I do plan on making a story comic for Abominathan (and maybe some mini side projects?)! It’s currently in the works; fleshing out side characters, the main students, settings, plot points, ect. 

I’m pretty damn excited about it, and hopefully I can either publish it on the net if things work out, or get it printed! 

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wHAT ARE YOU JOKING i am a lover of all body types my GOD and I’m p much a sucker for the fact that Thomas Jefferson is this tall lanky guy and James Madison being this smol chub and thomas just squishing and squeezing anywhere and everywhere he can get his hands on cOS CHUB IS ADORABLE AND LAKDSFJG;;; 






Mamo show her the biz dear! You better tell her the galaxy belongs to no one!

Well At least he TIRED to get a lick off of her unlike other folks.. For a person who has been called useless by the fandom…. 





Galaxia is like “ Bitch who are you talking about?”



MAMO!! *falls out the chair crying* 

Okay, but which one of you Lucifer fic authors is gonna write a fic where Lucifer & Chloe both sign up for Top Meet after the case is through & get matched up? Because I am slightly disappointed & yet not surprised it didn’t happen.

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Anti tries glitching through a wall and gets stuck. Somehow, Chase managed to get the whole thing on camera, including the part where Schneep tazed Anti to make him glitch out of the wall.

I’m trying not to laugh over here this is great


Anti was furious at himself, he had tried to glitch through a wall to escape Chase’s nerf bullets and ended up getting stuck. “This is your fault!” He yelled, his voice glitching.

Chase was trying to stifle his laughter, this video was gonna go up on youtube later. “I didn’t do anything! You got yourself stuck!”

Anti struggled, trying to glitch out and failing miserably, “well maybe you could help me out here?”

“Sure Glitch Bitch, I’ll help you,” Chase grinned and shot another bullet at Anti’s head, it bouncing off and hitting the floor.

“I’ll fucking murder you for that!” Anti screeched, resulting in Jackie and Henrik running into the room, both dissolving to laughter.

Henrik turned and left the room, going to his office to get a tazer. When he came back, Chase was recording everything, like a certain Jim they knew. Henrik aimed the weapon and shot Anti in the chest, knocking him onto the ground, his legs at awkward angles and face planted into the ground.

“I’ll kill you all…” Anti mumbled, and he was going to get Chase for this.


The answer to a love triangle turns out to be something stranger. (From grief, to anger, to loving him, to the realization, to popping the question, to loving them)

> 8tracks

Till It Happens To You - Lady Gaga // Raise a Little Hell - Trooper // Team - LORDE // The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy // Just Cant Get Enough - Depeche Mode // I Miss You Like Crazy - Natalie Cole // Culture Shock - Olivia Newton John // One Voice - The Wailin Jennys // Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now - Starship // Like I’m Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor Ft. John Legend // Spirits - The Strumbellas // Good Old Days - Macklemore Ft. Kesha 



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i'm pretty unread wrt political ideologies and i'm not gonna lie, i get most exposure to these things through quick summarizations found on like, tumblr and stuff, so i apologize for a question that may seem obvious, but a lot of liberalish ppl talk about the horseshoe theory and i read up on it and basically what is your opinion? Or anyone who follows you tbh. (also do you have tips on how to focus to read a damn book, im having trouble)

Horseshoe theory is a really bad way of understanding ideology