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One of my favorite things about RE7 was how 100% Done Ethan became after a while.

He went from pure terror at his situation to just getting annoyed by the Bakers and monsters, no matter how fucked up, disgusting, or disturbing things around him got.

It basically went like -

*Confronting a gigantic, mutated, multi-eyed abomination dead set on killing him brutally*


Fandom PSA

*ahem*… let us remember that HBO’s Game of Thrones is nothing more than big-budget fanfiction…

I can name many fanfic writers who have a much better grasp of Sansan canon and Sansa and Sandor’s character arcs.  Any scraps D&D might throw out to Sansan shippers will pale in comparison to what’s already happening in the Sansan tag on AO3 and the Sansa/Sandor/Sansan meta tags on Tumblr.  

And besides, GRRM loves Sansan.  It’s canon, regardless of what happens on the show.

Wedding and pop-corn - Batmom x Batfamily

So I decided to combine those two requests, because they’re very similar, and it’s not my thing to write two stories that are basically the same thing :-). So here for Batmom and Bruce’s wedding and all of that ! IT’S SUPER LONG SORRY !! It’s been a while since I wrote such a long fic…I just didn’t wanna make two parts… Hope you’ll like it

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The angry (or rather, annoyed), loud and deep voice of their father stop them all right in their track. It isn’t often your Bruce raises his voice like so, but sometimes, your boys just push him too far. 

Like right now. 

You were all in the biggest living room in Wayne’s Manor, enjoying some family time for the first time in ages ! It was rare that you could hang out altogether outside of the Batcave…

But things weren’t going like you wanted them to go. 


You had wished to spent some times with your sons, husband and the man you came to consider your father, Alfred. Watching movies, eating junk food, drinking too much coffee and soda…It started out so well. 

You guys were all sitting in a gigantic couch, with tons of things to eat and drink, and a movie to put on…Unfortunately, said movie was Dick’s favorite, and the young man seemed unable stop himself from saying every lines in the movie before they actually happened. 

You and Bruce were used to him doing that, as he’s been doing it since he arrived first in the house, when he was barely eight years old. The first time he said a line before a character would say it, he looked at you two worriedly, afraid to be annoying…And of course it was annoying, but he was so damn cute, that you let him do it. And some things never change. Even though he was know a almost a man, you still let him do it, because to you, he was still your baby boy, and he was still as cute as ever. 

Jason never cared either, because usually, when it was movie night, it meant cuddling against you or one of his brothers (rarely against Bruce, because of stupid pride), and he’d never admit it, but he didn’t care one bit about the movies you’d all watch, as long as he was with his family. Oh yes, of course he’d never admit it, it’d ruin his “tough guy reputation”.

Tim would usually doze off on your shoulder, or if your shoulder was taken by one of your siblings (only one shoulder available unfortunately, the other one was always automatically reserved for his father), then he’d fall asleep on one of them instead. The poor boy always had so much trouble sleeping, than when there were truly calm moments, like your movie nights, he just couldn’t stay awake. 

But Damian…Oh Damian hated Dick’s habit. And apparently, this evening, he was grumpier than usual, not even twenty minutes into the movie and he started to argue with his older brother about him “having to shut up because he’d like to enjoy the damn movie !”. Of course, because Dick loved the way Damian would get all worked up about something that silly (even though it really was annoying), he did it even louder. 

This sprout Damian lunging at Dick and yelling at him to be silent…the commotion he made woke Tim up, and when Tim got woken up from one of his rare peaceful sleep, he wasn’t in a good mood. So out of annoyance, he elbowed Damian in the ribs with a groan. 

It so happened that that particularly night, it was Jason’s turn to snuggle against you, and the fight their brother were starting made you straighten up to see what was happening, dislodging him from against you…And it wasn’t fair. it was his turn to be with his mommy (oh God he wished to everything he held holy that no one would ever know what he was thinking just now), and they were ruining it !  

All Hell broke loose as your four boys started to yell, kick, slap, damn even BITE each other ! All the while Dick kept saying the lines from the movie before it happened, as he was dodging punches and such. 

It lasted about thirty seconds before Bruce got genuinely angry that his sons were ruining one of their only family moments of the month ! It was so difficult to gather everyone together, and they were messing everything up ! 

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how brilliant is “you will be found”???

It seems like a really straightforward “things will get better” song, but I think it’s actually one of the most complex songs in the show

Two things:

  • “When you’re broken on the ground/You will be found”
    • But, like. Evan WASN’T. No one ever came to carry him. He lay on the ground waiting for someone to find him, and no one ever did.
    • He knows he’s telling a lie. He doesn’t believe his own words at all.
    • What a brilliant way to end Act I!
  • It’s also super ominous. There’s a ghostly reprise of You Will Be Found after Alana posts Connor’s “suicide note” online and the Murphys start getting online hate mail and harassment 
    • “You are not alone”
    • “You will be found”
    • These are pretty fucking ominous things to hear when randos from the internet are stalking you, calling you, and digging up all sorts of stuff about your family
    • This is also a pretty fucking ominous thing to hear when you made up this gigantic lie???? It’s like, you can’t run, you will be found
    • These really hopeful lines turn into something really sinister, a commentary on the dark side of social media

This show is so well-written and beautifully nuanced <3

Also, I do a lot of metas (like this one), so if there are any lines from DEH or Hamilton you’d like me to obnoxiously read into, message me!!!!

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Are rich and jake a thing in this au??

// I think I’ve explained it before! They r basically the embodiment of every single bro post like
‘Tell the world we’re bros bro’
‘We’re bros bro’
'Why’d u whisper bro?’
'Bc ur my world bro’
But eventually they go???? Fuck???? I love him???? These feelings aren’t just EXTREMELY INTENSE PLATONIC FEELINGS!! They r love!! so technically currently they r not a 'thing’ but eventually mayb ;)!!

I need a solution. I can’t wait on time. You’re going to leave me with a huge hole in my heart. You’re going far away and leaving me to deal with this. You didn’t want to hold me back but the truth is you were one the only things that kept me together. Now I have the gigantic hole that you don’t want to fix. You wanted me to be happy and not worry about you because you won’t be near me any longer. It was too soon. We’re no longer together, but you’re still down the street. You haven’t left yet. Now I have to resist the urge of being angry with you, hating myself, and loving you.
—  kajecollins 
Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about the Trump-Republican Tax Plan

Have you noticed that there’s no Trump tax plan and no Republican tax plan? All they’ve come up with so far is a bunch of platitudes about how nice it would be to cut taxes, simplify the tax code, and spur economic growth. 

Who doesn’t support these nice goals?

The reason there’s no tax plan is congressional Republicans are hopelessly divided on it.

Right-wing Republicans (the “Freedom Caucus” along with what’s left of the Tea Party) are most interested in reducing the size of the government and shrinking the federal deficit and debt.

Corporate and Wall Street Republicans – along with Donald Trump – are most interested in cutting taxes on corporations and the wealthy. They have the backing the GOP’s big business donors who stand to make a bundle off tax cuts.

Here’s the problem. You can’t have a giant tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, and at the same time shrink the federal deficit and debt – unless you make gigantic cuts in government spending on things the American public wants and needs.

According to the Congress’s own Joint Committee on Taxation, Trump’s proposed corporate tax cuts alone would reduce federal revenue by $2 trillion over 10 years.

Cuts of this size inevitably have to come out of the federal government’s three biggest expenditures, together accounting for over two-thirds of total government spending – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and defense.

Even if you eliminated everything in the rest of the federal budget – from education to meals on wheels – you’re not going to get nearly enough to pay for the giant tax cuts Trump and his corporate and Wall Street Republicans are talking about.

But they wouldn’t dare shave a hair off Social Security. Americans who have paid into it for their lifetimes expect that it’s going to be there when they retire. Social Security is already facing some financial strains, and no politician with half a brain is going to slash it.

Medicare is almost as popular. Recall the Republican signs at Obamacare rallies that read “Don’t Take Away My Medicare.”

As to Medicaid, well, if Republicans learned one thing from the buzz saw they ran into over the Affordable Care Act it’s that they better not mess with Medicaid because a huge percentage of America’s elderly depends on it.

Which leaves defense spending. But wait. Donald Trump is on record as pledging to expand defense spending by 10 percent – $48 billion.

Then there’s the cleanup from Hurricane Harvey, estimated to be at least $150 billion. And more cleanup from Hurricane Irma, or any other of the hurricanes being dredged up by hotter oceans. There’s also Trump’s “wall” – which the Department of Homeland Security estimates will cost about $22 billion.

Oh, and don’t forget infrastructure spending. It’s just about the only major spending bill that could be passed bipartisan majorities in both houses. And given the state of the nation’s highways, byways, public transit, water treatment facilities, and sewers, it’s desperately needed. Trump’s budget allocates $200 billion of public money to this. 

These numbers put corporate and Trump Republicans into a bind.

The only way out of it is to pretend that big tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy will grow the economy so fast that they’ll pay for themselves, and the benefits will trickle down to everyone else.

But if you believe this I have several past Republican budgets to sell you, extending all the way back to Ronald Reagan’s magic asterisks.

Trickle-down economics is one of the few economic theories to have been tested in real life, and guess what? It failed miserably. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both cut taxes on the top and they ended up with huge budget deficits.

Corporate Republicans are claiming that taxes are way too high, nonetheless. Trump says we’re “the highest taxed nation in the world.”

Rubbish. The most meaningful measure is taxes paid as a percentage of GDP. On this score, we’re hardly overtaxed. The United States has the 4th lowest taxes of any major economy. (Only South Korea, Chile, and Mexico ranking lower.) 

The wealthiest 1 percent in the U.S. pay the lowest taxes as a percent of their income and total wealth of the top 1 percent in any major country – and far lower than they paid in the U.S. during the first three decades after World War II.

Corporate Republicans also argue in favor of an “amnesty” for global corporations that have been sheltering their profits abroad – allowing them to pay an even lower rate on repatriated earnings than they’re contemplating on domestic earnings.They say this will bring in big bucks that will be put to work for the economy. 

That’s rubbish too. We tried a tax amnesty back in 2004 and corporations used the extra cash to pay their shareholders more dividends and buy back shares of stock to pump up share prices. They clearly didn’t use the money to invest in more productive capacity, research and development, or jobs.

Let me be clear: There is absolutely no reason to lower corporate taxes. After taking corporate deductions and tax credits, the typical U.S. corporation today pays an effective tax rate of 27.9 percent. That’s only a tad higher than the average of 27.7 percent among advanced nations.

Plus, with corporate profits at all-time highs, corporations are already flush with cash.

There is also no reason to lower taxes on the wealthy, who are wealthier than they’ve ever been in history. They don’t need the incentive of additional wealth in order to work harder or innovate better.

Once again, Trump and the Republicans are coming up with solutions to problems that don’t exist, while ignoring big problems that need to be faced.

The only way to build good jobs and better wages in America is to invest in the American workforce – in education, job training, and the infrastructure that links Americans together. History has repeatedly shown that these public investments improve the productivity of Americans.

Corporate and Trump Republicans get it totally wrong.

So do the Freedom Caucus deficit scolds, who refuse to see that investing in the future productivity of Americans is entirely different than spending on today’s needs. 

No sane person would fail to make an investment that generated big returns because they didn’t to borrow money to pay for it. But that’s what the deficit scolds are arguing.

Instead of following either the corporate and Trump trickle-down tax cutters or the Freedom Caucus deficit scolds, we need to stop the madness on both Republican sides.

Say no to trickle-down tax cuts, and say no to mindless deficit reduction. Fight for public investments in our future.

I just realized that the gems are basically like shoggoths from the Lovecraft mythos

  • They can shapeshift (shoggoths being able to create temporary organs and the gems being able to also shapeshift organs)
  • they rebelled against their overlord(Shoggoths rebelling against the elder things and the gems rebelling against homeworld.)
  • they have gigantic eldritch temples (in the huge cyclopean city in ‘The Mountains of Maddness’, and every gem temple ever seen in the show)
  • they were artifically created by space faring species to help conquer other planets (Shoggoths being created for food and labor, and Gems needed for war and maintenance)
  • Crewniverse has made references to lovecraftian stories before, as with Junji ito’s  ‘Enigma of Amigara fault’ 

woah…. has anyone had this idea before ?

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I'm majoring in psychology and I wanna know how life would be if MC was a psychologist (the entire gang +V+Unknown) ! Giving very helpful advice and words of encouragement to everybody every day. Also, one day MC sits everyone down one-on-one and has a therapy session. I JUST WANT ALL MY BABIES TO BE HAPPY



  • Every morning he wakes up dreading the day because he has to go to class but, hey! at least you’re there with him!
  • You go to SKY University together 
  • When he feels stressed out because he has a test that day you’re always there to give him some words of encouragement
  • He loves hearing your helpful advice and your praises (I feel like he has a praise kink, just saying) 
  • Also, when he was feeling depressed because of Rika you were there to tell him to cheer up and HE ALWAYS FELT SO MUCH BETTER

Zen/Hyun Ryu

  • He keeps getting stressed out because he needs to memorize a VERY long script and he’s just going insane
  • But you so happen to notice how stressed he’s been getting lately and RING RING MOTHERFUCKER HERE YOU ARE TO GIVE HIM ALL THE ENCOURAGEMENT
  • He adores it so much and he loves your advice on how to improve his roles 
  • And sometimes when he is feeling down about himself you always cheer him up saying how beautiful he is and how amazing he is as well
  • He’s just so grateful to have you and your blessed words 


  • Poor dear needs the encouragement and advice :(
  • When Jumin keeps pouring new work on her when she’s already got a shitload of it she asks for your encouraging words
  • Even just a simple ‘Cheer up, Jaehee’ makes he less stressed than she previously was
  • She’s so grateful to have you be there for her when she really needs it


  • He would do the same thing to you right back
  • It’s a little thing you both do to each other everyday
  • But you also do it when he’s stressed about work, his father, or something dumb in the RFA messenger
  • When you tell him to have a great day at work and to work hard he’s in a good mood the entire work day because of your kind words
  • And because of this, he’s also nicer to Jaehee


  • He feels like he doesn’t deserve this…you
  • He gets so happy when you always give him comforting words of encouragement or your little advice on his work
  • On his darkest days he knows he can rely on you to help make him feel better
  • Usually when you tell him these things he envelopes you into a gigantic bear hug and you two stay like that for what feels like hours
  • He is madly in love with you

V/Jihyun Kim

  • Little blue-haired boy feels down a lot lately over Rika and he covers it up with a smile
  • So since you’re not a frickin’ idiot you always try to help him out
  • He loves it so much because everyone would ask ‘what’re you doing’ instead of ‘how are you?’
  • He feels like he needs to return the kind words so he always gives you some as well before you head off to class


  • He doesn’t understand it at first
  • Why are you saying nice things to me while I’m acting like this?
  • But he never wants you to stop because he finds it so comforting and greatly appreciates you trying to cheer him up
  • He loves your encouraging words instead of his brother’s stupid ‘surprise hugs’
  • Seven always gets punched in the end

The Whole Gang Is Here!

  • You invited all of the RFA members to a special meeting not explaining what it was going to be about
  • Once they were all there they found you sitting in a chair with a presentation on the TV
  • What the hell were you doing MC?
  • When you explained to them you were all going to do a psychology meeting with them all they were still so confused
  • You were only doing this because of extra credit
  • Later in the meeting you were all getting deeply into it and they all learned a couple things on how to deal with stress and anxiety better
  • Now, every month you all gather round to have one of this meetings to help themselves



Last Assignment (#1)

Summary: Reader is in art class. The professor assigned a nude model to each student and gave a last assignment of the semester that has a lot of weight on the final grade.  

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV) 

Warnings: None for now

(Y/N) = your name; (Y/L/N) = your last name; (Y/N/N) = your nickname

a/n: This story turned out to be MUCH longer than I was intending. As of right  now, I’m not sure how many parts it will have, but I’ll let you know as we go along.

I rush down the hall towards the classroom. Class had started 5 minutes ago and last class the professor had warned that she would be giving out the last assignment of the semester, and it would have a lot of weight in the final grade. I reach the door slightly out of breath. Pulling the handle, the cool air hits the beads of sweat that formed on my forehead and neck. As quietly as my bag will allow, I walk towards my easel and set my things down besides my chair. The professor hadn’t gotten to the classroom yet, thankfully, so I take out my sketchbook out of my bag and begin doodling. A little while after the door opens and the professor makes her way through. The classroom quiets down and everybody turns to pay attention to her.  

“Okay guys, good afternoon. I know you’re all excited that the semester is almost over, but I’m going to need you to NOT slack off in this final assignment because, as I’ve said before, it will be 20% of the final grade of the class. Now, I’ve been lucky enough with this class to have only 15 students, so I was able to find everyone a model. They are my students from a couple of past semesters, and they gladly volunteered.” She spoke gesturing towards the door.  

The group that was waiting outside the door started pouring into the large and mostly empty classroom. They made their way to the back where they sat on the empty chairs, making themselves comfortable. When the noise died down, the professor continued. 

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