that thing alyssa does

i woke up to 2.5k today (and those beautiful japan premiere photos of tom bless) and my eyes are sweating and i’m over the moon right now. i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve you guys but i love all of you regardless. i only started this blog in may and have really only been on this tumblr blog for two months and i would’ve never expected to be where i am today. i feel so happy to be apart of this fandom and to have so many beautiful people following and supporting this blog. you’re all angels.

and i really want to say a big fat thank you to my darling best friends (you know who you are) that i’ve had the opportunity to meet in these two short months. you make each day a little bit more brighter and beautiful.

anyways, to celebrate i decided to do a follow forever!! these are some of my favorite blogs, but please don’t feel upset if you’re not in this, i love you still the same.

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sleepover weekend

i feel like it’s been a while since i’ve talked to you guys so, it’s a sleepover!! send in:

  • fuck marry kiss
  • top three _____
  • talk about your day
  • talk about your crush
  • rant/vent about anything
  • ask for advice
  • send book, movie, or music recommendations
  • send me headcanons/blurbs
  • send me literally anything

flood me with them, let’s talk :-)

muke imagine (requested)
  • (during interview)
  • michael: *is really sad*
  • luke: :// michael seems really sad
  • interviewer: *asks something to calum*
  • michael: :(
  • luke: *makes funny faces at michael*
  • michael: *tries not to laugh*
  • luke: *makes tiny, sexual innuendos*
  • michael: *bursts out laughing*
  • ashton: michael whats so funny
  • michael: nothing
  • luke:
  • luke:
  • luke: *gets yelled at by management*
  • luke: //:
  • michael: *does the same thing to luke*