that they were more than just 'close to cory'

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What kind of PDA do you think the boys would be into?

Thanks for requesting! I hope you like it :3

I think Cory wouldn’t be one to be into heavy public PDA. Around anyone, he might still have an arm around your shoulders, but on a relaxed, laid down way. In private, though, he’d like hugging you all the time. If you happened to be cooking, he’d hug you from behind. If you were watching a movie on the couch, he’d wrap his arms around and let you rest your head on his chest. I also see him doing casual PDA sometimes, like holding your hand while pushing you somewhere just because.

Daeil wouldn’t mind if people were around, he’d love to hug you from behind or have you sitting on his lap. He’d like people to know you were his girlfriend. I don’t think he’d hold your hand though. While walking, he’d either not do anything or put his arm around your waist or shoulder. He wouldn’t be type to cuddle either, because he’d generally be too hyper to stay still for enough time, but when you sleep he’ll use you as a teddy bear.

Kisu wouldn’t be type to engage in a lot of public PDA, except for really soft ones like holding hands or, when you’re sitting down, letting you rest your head on his shoulder. Behind closer door, though, he would love to cuddle you, especially while you read a book or watch movie.

Sungoh would like to casually have his arms around your shoulder all the time. I imagine he’d like to be touching you somehow most of the time, even if just casually. He’d slightly lean on you, or hold your pinkie finger with his. Literally, it could be anything. In private, he’d be annoyingly clingy. Like if you were doing something, he’d just hug you from behind and rest his chin on the top of your head, closing his eyes and smiling while you complain that you have stuff to do (until you give up and lay with him on the couch for a while).

Jeunguk would kind of be a mixture of Daeil and Cory. He’d like people to know you’re his girlfriend, but wouldn’t do any heavy PDA in public. I think he’d most likely casually put an arm around your shoulders than actually hug you, and hold your hand while walking sometimes, but it’d more like a practical thing. Like, if you somewhere crowded and he thought he might lose you on it, he’d hold your hand and guide you (or be guided, depending on who knows the way). Privately, he’d also not be into heavy PDA. Instead of hugging you a lot or being clingy, he’d rather cuddle you when it’s comfortable to, when you’re falling asleep or watching a movie.

Hui seems to be a lot into PDA but also shy about it, which means he’d never do anything in public unless you started it. He’d smile whenever you held his hand or leaned on closer, making sure you know he liked it, but that would be it. In private he might be a little bit more open about it. He’d still prefer if you started it though.

Jinhong would hug you whenever he were happy. His song is in a good place on the charts? He’d hug you. He was playing a game and won? He’d hug you. He just won an award? He’d wrap you on his arms and spin you around. He doesn’t care if he gets teased about it, Jinhong just gets really happy when he sees you and likes to show it. He’d understand if you didn’t like to show much affection, but if you had no problems with it then he would always remind you that he loves you somehow.

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