that they want to thank us for our love of the show


^ yes i saw that fab hak kick

thanks for panda-san as always.

no can u believe i just read the chapter?? where have i been?? for some reason the title made me think it will be painless chapter where we focus on the other fort without our gang arriving so soon now its everything but peaceful. did u see soo won’s delicious expressions? aaaah yes my darling bby suffer and show me that shattered expression its been a while u have been playing cool for too long now (at least the hairpin was of some use). and yes i am all in for ur “love struck by hak” face. i saw heart eyes for a moment (its ok no one blames u lets be fangirling buddies ok?). 

what i want for next ch:

  • hak and soo won fighting back to back i know its near impossible but just imagine the feels.
  • i still didn’t give up on hak punching soo won.
  • honestly all i want is soohak for the next chapter.

Ok, I totaly understand is not a romantic show but why promise all of things since a lot of months, why said 3.17 is always a linstead ep if he say this ? Thanks Haas for promise things, give us hope. You dissapointed and broke some heart congratulations. This is because I love the cast, but otherwise I don’t want to see our show. Seriously I agreed to the road trip but not linstead (in privacy) before the end? No it is just disgusting. Change job.

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment

Today's Action: Union J’s George Shelley comes out as LGBTQ+

Just a few hours ago, George Shelley, member of UK boy band UnionJ posted a self recorded video on YouTube and shortly afterwards on Twitter to share something important about himself with his fans and supporters.

Hey! I’ve got something important to tell you… #BeYourself

— GΞORGΞ SHΞLLΞY (@higeorgeshelley)

February 3, 2016

He talks about how he doesn’t really want to label himself, but that he’s been attracted to/in relationships with both men and women before.

Union J is therefore the first boy band with two openly LGBTQ+ members.

For Today’s Action, we’d love for you to message George via his Twitter or retweet our Thank You tweet to him here

Big step to show the world your true you.Thank you @higeorgeshelley for sharing this wonderful & important moment with us! #RainbowDirection

— Rainbow Direction (@homefromnarnia)

February 3, 2016

Hi Cassie Firstly, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your books and the characters you have created. One question I have for you is about the cover of the Bane Chronicles. As the cover of the book currently shows the face of Magnus Bane as he was cast in the movie, is there a chance that we may see another cover that would feature TV Magnus?? Similarly to how City of Bones has covers based on both the movie and the TV show. I was also wondering about the competition to win the ARCs of Lady Midnight I know that it has to be a photo of us with a Shadowhunters book, however I was just wondering whether our faces had to be completely showing in the photo. I only ask this as I would love to participate in this competition however taking photos of myself/having photos taken of me is not something I really enjoy. Thanks :) — rustandfairydust


I think you might be under a misapprehension — the cover of the Bane Chronicles does not show Magnus as he was in the movie. Godfrey Gao is not on the cover of the Bane Chronicles but rather a completely different person. Not only is Godfrey a very expensive dude to hire, but movies studios and networks own images of the characters. They own the visual image of Harry as Magnus. The only way my publisher could use the image of Harry as Magnus is to agree to buy what is known as “key art” — a picture produced and provided by the studio. That is what is on the cover of the Tv tie-in of City of Bones.

If they did a TV tie in for the Bane Chronicles, it — like the TV cover of City of Bones — would look nothing like the other book covers. It would not, like the cover of the current Bane Chronicles, have the same font, or harmoniously match with the other book covers. Many fans don’t like tie-ins for that reason and indeed the tie-in covers of City of Bones don’t sell anywhere near as well as the normal covers. They exist because well, that’s what you do when you have a TV show or a movie, you make a tie-in cover for people unfamiliar with the books, but that’s all publishing decisions and they almost always look enormously different from the original covers.

I’d be surprised if they recovered the Bane Chronicles as so little of it is in the show it seems misleading — if you’re a very big fan of TBC you might catch reference to a character or incident or two, but that’s all. It’s the same reason movie Magnus wasn’t on the cover of the Bane Chronicles (aside from the other reasons I gave) — when a book isn’t being actually adapted, it’s not usual practice to put a tie in cover on it.

As for the contest, you don’t need to show your face at all! Here’s a gorgeous entry in which all you can see is the back of the entrant’s head. Here’s one with just pie and a hand. The reason to have you, or part of you, and the book in the picture together is just to make sure the new book is going to a real fan and not someone who’s going to sell the ARC on ebay.


don’t get me wrong, I love Coldplay and Beyoncé, and hymn for the weekend is a great song. but the video is honestly awful.
India is so much more than a bunch of children running around playing Holi. It is so much more than a run down little cinema (but thanks for implying that India’s an entirely poor country). We’re more than our religion but thanks for making that implication too. biggest shoutout goes to Beyoncé, who will likely go relatively free from her ridiculous mockery of Bollywood. Waving your mehendi hands around whilst ‘smizing’ in a outrageous mockery of tradition Indian clothing is exactly what Bollywood is, you so get us Beyoncé. heads up to the people who haven’t been to India, most people wear a mixture of Indian and Western clothing, women don’t generally sit in cinemas with their heads covered by their chunnis, unlike this video portrays. See, you can claim to be attempting to show the beauty of India all you want, but by portraying the whole country as run down, very traditional and extremely religious is just wrong. it’s so much more than that. it’s beautiful yes, but India is broken too. don’t use the beauty of our culture to make your millions whilst portraying the country as run down.

living outside of India makes me appreciate the beauty and the flaws of my country more. it also makes me see how wrong people are about India. so many people view India as run down,100% impoverished and backwards. (someone once genuinely asked my sister if there were cinemas in India. someone has actually asked me if women were treated as actual people in India.) That is not India at all, and this video does not help in getting rid of that image. thanks for spreading that view Beyoncé and Coldplay.

honestly, if Beyoncé and Coldplay get away with this appropriation, then it will be a great tragedy. the fact is, if this had been a video using African culture then the world would be up in arms. If this video had been made by anyone else, the world would be up in arms. being a POC does not actually make appropriation and generalisation okay. Just because Beyoncé’s in it, doesn’t mean it’s okay.

Shadowhunters stuff (my opinion)

Okay, sadly I haven’t watched Shadowhunters ep 3, because Freeform page don’t allow me to do so anymore. BUT I have to say something about the show so far:

I love the way they have turned this series into something not just we’d enjoy as readers, putting the scenes as they’re in the books and just giving us what we were asking for.

They took our head cannons, the ships that doesn’t even exist in the books, they took our “What if…"s and made them real.
They are giving us not exactly what we asked for, but what we really wanted.

Because they listened at us.

Saphael is far sort of a thing, as I’ve read here on tumblr.

Parabatai. And Jace ignoring the fact of Alec’s uncomfortableness and being self-centered and an idiot for that. I love him, but he is an idiot.

Isabelle and Meliorn. This was unexpected when all begun, but now, what I’ve heard… wow.

Magnus f-ing knowing exactly what he’s doing. ALWAYS.

Like doing his High Warlock stuff protecting his fellow warlocks.

Being so sexy and wearing incredible pants I want for Christmas.

And saying “Hey, pretty boy get YOUR team ready”, like, he knew Jace was going to take the part. He was just planning to stop him, and then point at Alec. Because he knew what it was going to produce in Alec.

Alec and his arrow.

I know after ep 4 I will be in Malec heaven.

My baby Simon.

Sizzy so far being weird, sexy and cute.

Izzy being sweet as a cupcake. A sexy cupcake.

Izzy clearly not knowing yet about what her dad made. And being a totally darling.

I think she’s gonna change and grow just behind our eyes. Becoming a coldblooded badass after knowing some truths, protective over her brothers’ hearts. And protective over her own heart as well.

They are making this epic. And giving us all we always prayed for.

This people is amazing, even when they have not-so-good moments as the YOU HAVE THE SIIIGHT. But it was funny, as well. It was funny because those little errors are funny when you work so hard as they did with this series.

So, thank you, amazing people who’s making this so epic and enjoyable and heart melter. You’re making a really very great job.

ALOS: Witshine got ME!

Yes, I am the gift; the best one I could think of with a bow on top.

And to make things interesting, only this holiday season you can make me do whatever you want for one day and one night. So, what shall we do, Shiny?

Witshine: A better question would be “what shan’t we do?” Oh, ALOS, you know me so well! Getting this gift is like getting a doll, and when it comes to this doll, there’s nothing girly about a grown stallion playing with it! Thank you, ALOS! Even though I tend to toy with you, I’ll never use you as a plaything because I love you! I promise that our foreplay session will be the best experience you’ve ever had! I hope you’re sturdy; I tend to play a little rough…

Oh, alright! I’m not one to show off my Christmas presents anyway. C'mon, ALOS! Let’s go play somewhere else…


Apink’s Bonsang Award (Album Division)

Namjoo: Hello, we are Apink. We are sincerely thankful to be given such a prestigious award. Representative Choi Jinho, our Acube family who are always with us, and our staffs who is always working hard beside us, thank you very much. Most importantly, our fans who we love very much, I want to share the joy of receiving this award with you. Apink will continue to work hard in this new year to show you an even better side of ourselves.

Hayoung: Thank you to everyone who supported us. Have a happy new year. I hope that this year will bring you joyful memories. trans 

larrydidthething asked:

I just found your blog and I just wanted to thank you for making my life 83729863x better even if it's only been less than an hour that I've followed you. Amazing blog, amazing person. xxxx

Aww!!! Thank YOU, and welcome to our odd little family! We’re so beyond happy to know that we are making our followers smile, especially since sometimes even loving this show makes us sad! We hope you’ve had an amazing day and stay awesome^^

Happy Hunting

Anna's Statement Released Today

“Many have asked how I am doing. So many have asked that it’s actually humbling and touching. 2015 was the most difficult year of my life. Yet, amazingly I’ve found that in my own life crisis God has drawn near to me. As Psalms 34:18 says, ‘He’s near to the brokenhearted.’ My faith has been more precious to me than ever before. Just recently, I visited Josh. It was an important step on a long difficult road. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and your messages of hope. I can never express how your kindness and prayers have brought encouragement when I needed it most – outpacing the grief and discouragement at every turn. I trust that God will continue to show His love and tenderness toward us and bring beauty from ashes – somehow – as only He can do. Please continue to pray for me, Josh, and our children.”

anonymous asked:

Why do you think IT wants just Fitz and not Jemma?

Hi Anon!

Thanks for the Ask!  Possible spoilers below.

I actually do think that IT is going to need Jemma as well, but he gets Fitz first.   Fitzsimmons have had their hands on too many things that IT could possibly need (GH, Extremis, Centipede, Deathlock, I strongly suspect what they are working on when we come back and it being a way to stop Inhumans) on top of  what they know about the planet and portals.   And all IT needs is to get his hands on one of them, the other will follow, Ward knows that and IT has access to Ward’s memories.  

AOS loves their parallels and in A we saw just how far Fitz would go for Jemma.  What he would do to save her, keep her safe, how much he loved her.   B will be Jemma’s turn (yes she has started to show him how she feels but we’re getting our diving through a hole in the universe moment).   Him getting taken by IT sets up a HUGE parallel with her being taken to the planet, her fighting to get him back, doing dangerous things, kicking some behind, being willing to sacrifice herself, and desperately following clues.   I”m scared we are going to see more planet parallels than we are prepared to deal with too….the cage, the escape, hope….all coming back into play.

We’ve also discussed quite a bit how a good way to help Jemma with the guilt she is having is being put in a position of role reversal.   That she needs to know what Fitz and even Will felt when her life was on the line (Yes, Will didn’t need to die to save her, he could have outrun the stupid thing but that was where the writers went and we are stuck with it).   She needs to understand how they felt, and why they did what they did was out of a place of love.   She has never been in that position where she had to listen to Fitz scream in pain until she talked.   Though look at what she did in The Hub when she THOUGHT Fitz could be being tortured….   Fitz on the other hand continues to sacrifice himself for her and yes its completely out of love.  But he doesn’t understand how that is effecting Jemma, how it makes her feel so helpless and frustrated.   He’ll get that now when he’s either the bait to get Jemma there or the means to get Jemma to do something for IT.

Then there is the literal pile of “Fitz is Special” theories and evidence we have (Descendant and Hope still in the running).   That there is something about him specifically IT is going to need so IT goes for him first.  

In the end I really feel that the key to stopping IT will be a true Fitzsimmons solution.  Completing the circle from the Pilot where they worked together, using both their talents to come up with something to stop him for good.  We’ve seen that IT can’t die, brute force and powers wont’ be enough.  I also suspect IT will be stronger now that he’s back on earth or that is one of the reasons he’s after Fitzsimmons, he needs them to beef up his body or powers.  I for one will not be shocked in the slightest if IT has Coulson’s hand attached to himself, likes it and decides he needs Fitz to make him a few more parts.   

I also really want Jemma to get that hero moment many of us feel was taken from her in 05.  No one kill me.  It was an amazing ep, she was a total bad a**, BUT then Will showed up and took her awesome story of survival away (and further dropping the hole PTSD thing like a hot potato).   She deserves that big hero moment that Fitz had, diving into the unknown for her, trading himself for her, gunning down the evil Death Monster with a flare gun.   Jemma deserves to have one of those and she deserves a chance to do the saving.  And yes the shipper in me wants it to be for Fitz, and the world, but mostly Fitz.   

With the evidence we have right now, I’m pretty sure Jemma has not been captured (as of late 16).   She seems to be running around with May….maybe Daisy and Lincoln too.   And until canon proves me otherwise its looking for Fitz.   I don’t see why Fitz would not be with her, unless its because he physically can’t.  She is the one the stays in the lab now days and he goes into the field.  Even if she was in the field he would go with her, not hang back, they’d be investigating together like in Season 1.   The evidence also suggests that Fitz and Coulson are together wherever they are (and the pile Coulson theories I have in my head right now is nuts).   Story wise this is another thing that is needed as their relationship was severely damaged on Maveth, Fitz had his trust in Coulson shattered.   Being captured together is a good way for them to have to work together and rebuild that trust….Unless some of those theories I have rolling around in my head are true and then we are in for a whole new level of pain with that.   

Nominate us for the Literary Inspired Webseries Awards!

Maybe you think our amazing actors deserve an award for their performances, or perhaps you want to show some love for the screenplay or set design of Words from Wilde, nominate your faves here.

Thank you for your ongoing support for our series, and stay tuned for this Thursday’s episode release. It’s going to be a big one…

Watch Words from Wilde here.

i just want to take today to reflect on just how much monty has done and is still doing for us. when you think about roosterteeth as a company, so much of what they’re currently doing was started, improved, or somehow touched by monty. within the last few months we’ve had the beautiful animation of rvb13 that monty made possible, the premiere and ongoing episodes of rwby3, the show that monty created, and lazer team, which monty worked on as a fabricator. so so much of roosterteeth’s original content has been influenced by monty oum, and his legacy is not only living on, but thriving. and i personally have been so touched by his work, whether it’s from sequences that give me chills, shows that make me cry, or the friends i’ve made through our shared love of rwby and the rest of monty’s work. i’m still sad he’s gone, but so grateful that he was allowed time on this earth to create and innovate and inspire all of us. thanks, monty.

6 random facts tag

Yooo thanks to @runiesims and @plumbobsandholosprites for tagging me :’D

- My first sims game was the Complete Collection, I got it as a birthday present and hogged our stationary computer whenever it was vacant so i could play lmao
- I love making music, even though I suck at it and rarely ever finish anything. And when I do, I use Vocaloid for the vocals since I can’t sing myself.
- Despite being 21, I apparently look so young some places I still get asked to show ID when buying energy drinks.
- I’m a huge metalhead, despite not really coming off as one????
- I’m Norwegian. (:
- Aside from Sims, my most played games recently are Life is Strange, Undertale, and 60 Seconds.

I tag @epheslayer, @simuus, and @thefreezerbunny
if you’ve already done it or don’t want to I’m not forcing you tho :’D

roamingreader asked:

I just watched all eps of Her Story and thank you so much for making it/starring in it! My chest still hurts from all the beauty and love I feel. I love women so much and seeing all kinds of women represented and loving each other in all different ways is so important to me. I especially love seeing trans lesbians represented and the divisions within the lesbian community because as a cis lesbian I am always searching for honest representations of us, even our bad sides. (Also you're beautiful!)

Yes, honesty is the key. It’s one the great advantages of art over politics, we can show people in their messy complexity rather than aim for ideological consistency.

There will be much more of Lisa if we get to make the full series. I want to show how she arrived at her attitudes, how it hurts others and herself, and give her a chance to grow.

Regardless of our differences, I consider all women my sisters in the fight against misogyny and male violence.

cozza asked:

i'll always follow you bc you're precious and talk a lot of sense!! ♥ also bc gr8 art but that's just a bonus. (I'm just sorry that you have to put up with hateful anons ;; but stay positive, nims! many of us appreciate seeing you on our dashboards)

hi!! thank you so much. honestly, i don’t mean to upset anyone and i hate fighting. but i also feel very strongly about this situation!

i came into this fandom with stars in my eyes cause i saw love between harry and louis, and tbh i will never regret that or think ‘hey i was wrong’, because love comes in many shapes and forms. not always sexual, or romantic, but still as sensual and intense. and i will ALWAYS see that in them.

i’m not here for this negative, hurtful, dramatic story that shows LOUIS AND HARRY IN PAIN CONSTANTLY, a story that’s not even about love anymore. and i don’t want to promote negativity like that on this blog, in my drawings, or in myself either.

Yay! We hit 30K Instagram followers over the weekend!! I just want to let you all know how grateful I am that you are interested in my work and give nothing but love and support every step of the way. It’s been such a long journey and I can honestly say, AMARA swimwear would be nothing if not for our incredible Instagram community! I adore you all so much. We have a lot in store this year and I can’t wait to share all I’ve been working on. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

To show my appreciation, I’d like to offer 30% OFF all regular priced merchandise for the next 3 days. Just use code 30K at checkout.

Lots of Love,
Lisa xo
#ethicalfashion #beachbabe #swimwear #seamlessbikini #cheekybikini #bikini #instagood

televisionaddict5 asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I love your edits and everything you post. Just know that there are so many of us that support you and love and appreciate the work you do. Don't let a few people who have nothing better to do get you down. They're just mad that their fave isn't as popular as our faves. And I agree it was really disrespectful and immature what they did to your edit but we can just show them how much we love the original by getting it as many notes as possible:)

Thank you!! I really appreciate your words 😄😄

Fanart by  xXiloveanime44Xx

Thanks for the fanart guys

I’m really happy with all the cool fanart we’ve been getting on Deviantart :) If anyone wants to, or has drawn fanart for us and we haven’t reblogged let me know. I make a point to reblog all the fanart we get to show our humble gratitude. I would like to see some more Diamond Falls characters though, they don’t get enough love. I guess it’s because they are the second Town. 

We still have a decent amount of characters from Wahoo Beach to do. Our Game Designer has his hands full at the moment but hopefully we should have the characters done soon for the third and final town. AGAIN thanks for anyone who has done fanart for us and thanks again for the support! 

Pumpkin Online is a multiplayer, farming dating sim, currently being developed by a small indie company, Pumpkin Interactive. Feel free to check out our website for more information about our game.

Ask us questions or send us notes we’re friendly! ♥