that they want to thank us for our love of the show

[TRANS] Graduation Messages


PD-nim Hello! I’m Hansol. We held our graduation on 0529 and I’m so happy because we had the chance to communicate with PD-nims. I was feeling a bit down when I heard about graduation, my heart felt weird, but I want to say that I’m really thankful to you who are always caring and loving us. I will put more effort in the future so I can be a Hansol who can show the cool image of me and not make you disappointed. Please look over us a lot. I love you!!!


Thank you to all those who have supported me from day 1. Thank you to all those who started to support me later on. And thank you to all those who will support me in the future. As I try my best to pursue my dream I hope you guys pursue yours as well. Keep on being you. Keep on being fantastic. I love you guys. And one more time, thank you. 

- From your one and only, Johnny


Thank you for cheering for us, because this is not the end but is the start so please don’t be too sad. Please take care of me in the future too!


Hello my dear PD-nims. This is KUN. Thank you for always cheering for us. You made valuable memories for us and became a partner for us to walk in our path to our dream, thank you. We’re graduating from the rookies app now. Compared to the first time I met with you I’m practicing more hard now and we can feel your deep love for us. Always look forward to us! for the last time I want to say thank you again, and please keep cheering for us a lot in the future too.

Your love, Kun.


PD-nim Hello. I’m WinWin. We’re officially graduates from the app today! I want to say thank you for loving and encouraging us for a long time and also thank you for always supporting and cheering for us. Your support has become a endless power for me. I will work more hard in the future, and will show a more cool image of me to PD-nim. PD-nim, really thank you!


Hello PD-nim~ rookies app has graduated now, it’s really sad. Thank you so much for cheering a lot for us all this time~^^ in the future look forward to a hard working Jeno too~ thank you.


We just met you not too long ago and now graduation!!!! really thank you so much… ㅠㅠ we’re practicing with so much fun when we read your messages! it seems like I feel more closer to PD-nims through this rookies app, I really like it! you’ve worked hard for a lot for always clocking in to hear our fresh greeting voice~ we will always work hard with this unchanged grateful heart. Please love me, Donghyuck, a lot in the future too~! thank you!!!


PD-nm, thank you so much for expecting and loving us who still lack a lot.. we couldn’t meet through the rookies app, but for repaying your support for us we will put more and more effort in the future! really thank you so much! I will be a diligent Jaemin in the future too!~ PD-nim I love you and also thank you~♡^^♡


PD-nims Hello, this is Maknae Jisung^~^ we’re finally graduate todayㅠㅠ thanks to your love we’ve been practicing more diligently and spent our days more happily every dayㅠㅠ I will dance with more fun and appear in front of you as the more cool Jisung in the future hehe thank you ^~^ please look forward to us a lot in the future too!

trans: _yade__ | source: SMROOKIES Ent.

— please take out with full credits.

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment

Grace Anne Helbig,

Every once in a while you see things that people say out of anger or jealousy or ignorance. Those things can be upsetting and also just kinda annoying so I wanted to remind you of some of the things you do for us that are just so so wonderful.

1. You teach us important life skills that no one else is teaching us

2. you like our posts, which shows us that you see the things we posted and thought they were cool enough to favorite, which makes us feel all special inside (or at least thats how it makes me feel)  

3. You remind us that we are all just humans and that life can be hard so we gotta be kind. 

4. You share positive things with us. Thank you for this, btw, its really lovely when someone takes time to share nice things when they notice lots of “blah” happening in the world.

5. You make us smile. (pictured: @helbigswifts, @inexplicablegazebo, also madi)

6. You breathe… (which is important, so keep it up) 

7. You share personal stories with us, which builds trust, which is important in any relationship. I think one of the biggest reasons i enjoy being in this fandom is because of the level of trust that is between you and us (the viewers).

8. You’re constantly giving us great advice, even if you don’t think so. 

9. You shared a really personal thing with all of us, a thing a lot of us have or are going though, and it helped. a lot.

What I am trying to say is this: Helbig, don’t let that ONE mean/rude thing get to you. You help so many of us in so many positive ways, and i really hope that when someone says something dumb, you remember all of the people who’ve said something nice. or made videos about how wonderful it was to meet you. or who gush over you on twitter every day because you make them so so incredibly happy. 

Now, I know that we (as fans) can’t do too many things that can make you really smile, but I hope this helps some. I just want you to know that you do a lot of good, in case you ever forget. 

One of the most important things you’ve taught me is that when life throws you curve balls (or shitting comments), you need to throw some leftover cold spaghetti in life’s face, and remind it that we’ve all shit our pants, so its really not that serious because we are all gonna die someday. 

Ps: I hope we do things that make you smile. Like really smile. Like the way the fart soundboard makes you laugh kinda smile. 

DAZED magazine, June issue {FULL TRANSLATION}

Q: You’ve got nominated for a 1st place on music tv show after just 2 weeks after debut. Congratulations! Quite a good start, how do you feel about that?
TAEYONG: I still can’t believe that. I am grateful that we got so much love and interest from so many people. I want to pay them back with great music and performances in future.  
DOYOUNG: It feels so cool to see our names on portal sites main pages.
MARK: I haven’t quite realized it yet, but my friends in school have told me they have watched us, it was fun.
TAEIL: I was so overwhelmed and confused but I enjoyed it a lot and I am really thankful.
TEN: In order to not to disappoint fans who were supporting us we have to work even harder!
JAEHYUN: I am very thankful and I think we must work even harder. I hope we will be able to receive even more love in future.

Q: Since you guys are the newest SM boy group in 4 years, all the spotlight is on you, quite a big pressure, isn’t it?
DOYOUNG: It would be a lie if we would say that it is not, but this sort of pressure makes us want to work even harder and has become our great motivating force. We can’t cause damage to all the hard work our seniors have been done before. 
TAEYONG: As much as fee feel the pressure, we feel confident too. We have been working hard preparing for 4 years, so we have a lot of things yet to show!
JAEHYUN: After we debuted we started to admire our seniors even more.
TAEIL: Our seniors have opened a path for us, now it’s time for us to set our own goals and walk our own new way. 

Q: What do you mean by saying NCT U will make it’s own way?
NCT U: Just like a road that no one have explored yet, an unknown path, we want to show everyone things that are completely unseen before. We don’t want to lock ourselves in frames, instead we want to show you completely new music and performances each time.

Q: You are a group unit, that isn’t limited to only Korean members, what was your first thought when you just learnt about the concept? Also what are the advantages of NCT U specifically?
JAEHYUN: At first when we just got introduced to the concept we couldn’t quite understand it well (laughs). I believe this concept is still seems vague to many people, but slowly we will show our unique colors.
TAEYONG: Since we aren’t a team that has one specific image established, and we have infinite amount of performances to show and music to present. I think these unlimited possibilities is our strongest point.
TEN: Our members are coming from different countries, we all are different ages and like different music, we all are so different that our strongest point is the synergy that we have in our team.
TAEIL: We can have different team members under different New Culture Technology acronym, and according it promote a whole variety of units.
DOYOUNG: We are proud to be a group of an entirely new conception that wasn’t existing before. Every time we are introducing our team, we say that we are “Worldwide”, because we want to become artists that are able to gain attention in Asia, Europe, USA, basically all over the world. So why can’t we have members based in every part of the world?

Q: “The 7th Sense" is a future bass based song that have recently got a lot of attention. And since the local audience haven’t been exposed to this genre generally, it gives a very fresh feeling. Do you guys like your debut song? And what is music style each of you like?
TEN: I like R&B, EDM, hiphop, groovy and rhythmic funky music, so our debut song totally fits my preferences! I believe, it is a perfect mix of something from each of the members likes.
TAEYONG: I tend to change my music preferences time to time, a while ago I liked R&B, dubstep and recently I’m got into classic music. I even had Ryuichi Sakamoto’s “Rain” on repeat. 
JAEHYUN: I like R&B songs!.
TAEIL: I like relaxing new age music.
MARK: I’m not picky with the music, I like it all. Recently I like Justin Bieber!
DOYOUNG: I like acoustic music more than electronic but I’ve fallen for future bass genre since the first time I’ve listened to it. It makes me happy and proud to be an idol group that tries out a completely new genre in kpop.

Q: There are still members who haven’t been officially revealed yet, won’t this freedom in recruiting team members increase a rivality among you?
TEN: Well anyway we will be gathered all together later, so there is no any rivalry or competing atmosphere among us, everyone is working hard. 
TAEIL: A lot of people said that they would expect that, but we are already a team all together, so everyone is only supporting each other.
DOYOUNG: We are the first batch, but the follow up members have to do good as well in order to our team as whole to become successful. Therefore among ourselves we say: “Pull a great start”. (laughs)
JAEHYUN: We have been together for a long time since our trainee days, so our relationship is as close as if we were real brothers. 

Q: This is really heartwarming. Since you have members from various countries gathered together, there has to be some interesting stories. 
TAEYONG: Ten, Mark and other members who were picked through the global audition surprisingly accustomed to Korean life very well. They almost have became like Korean people themselves (laughs) To the point that there is no Korean food that Ten wouldn’t eat left.
TEN: It’s fun when the members share stories about their countries. 
DOYOUNG: Sometimes when members would speak English or Chinese among themselves it feels like I’m at some listening examination. (laughs)
MARK: To be honest it was rather difficult to get accustomed at first. Because Canadian culture is very different from Korean. But once I started to get close with my hyungs I was able to adapt very fast. I will always be grateful to them for taking care of me.
JAEHYUN: Well first of all, since everyone’s country has it’s own culture, it is a basic rule to have an atmosphere of respect among us. Therefore we try our best in understanding each other, so isn’t any problems with it.

Q: You don’t have an official leader of the group, so who usually tends to take leader’s role on themselves?
NCT U: It isn’t really defined, depends on what we are doing different members come forward. When we are doing a song, performing or having an interview based on situation someone would take a lead.

Q: Then who is a mood maker in your team?
NCT U: It’s Mark! He is the youngest in our team, so he has lots of aegyo in him. Even if he just sits and does nothing he is extra cute. 

Q: People call you “The future of SM”. What does future looks like in your dreams?  
NCT U: It is quite a heavy burden to be proclaimed as the future of SM! (laugh) Although of course we feel pride and great responsibility. First of all we wish we can for our new identity and get recognition as group that has it’s own style. And as well, according to our team’s motto “Be a worldwide group” our goal is to have intensive promotion on world’s stages. We don’t want just to work hard, but we want to actually do well. And of course we do want the most to fit the name of “The future of SM”.

♡ translation by @moonlighting94
♡ interview scan from @8v8zz@doyoungvely &  @O7220205
♡ take out with credit!
♡ pls support nct and taeil~


Hello our Monbebes!!
This is Monsta X’s voice Kihyun.
Suddenly having to write this, I don’t know what to say… This is quietly awkward… ㅎ
Oh first, like this it has been 1 year with us!! Of course! And also! It’s caught on fire!
It’s been good to become closer over 1 year!
You’ve said many many things you want to do and we’ve made many various memories!!
Our Monbebes who show us an excited appearance, and as we like seeing you smiling, we too want to show you a cute appearance, an excited appearance, and a laughing appearance!!
Like we want to show you many many things, we will make many good things and fun things with this feeling!!
Thank you, I love you our Monbebes ♡♡
© 여우베베
trans by fy-kihyun ✧ please take out with full credit.

Juanfran Torres writes a letter for all the Atleticos.

Hello Atleticos,

I’ve asked the club to talk to you through this letter to tell you all I’m feeling.

I will never forget your signs of affection when I went to apologize to you. Seeing my tears reflected in the faces of the thousands of Rojiblancos who were filling up that part of the stadium helped me to handle the huge sadness that was hitting me in those hard moments.

I also want to thank you for always believing in us and, above all, for showing that being an Atleti supporter is something special, different, and that our heart beats stronger than anyone else’s.

Two years ago I told you that we would be back to a final, now I tell you that Gabi, our Captain, will rise the Champions trophy sooner or later, and we will celebrate it all together in Neptuno.

I love you so much and AUPA ATLETI.



As the hiatus becomes almost unbearable and the waiting for Season 2 is killing us, we thought we might set off a few projects to keep ourselves occupied and to spread some love for Supergirl! Starting with a TOP 12 favorite characters from our beloved show. 
The rule are pretty simple:

  • Reblog this post to spread the word.
  • Vote for up to 10 of your favorite characters here. [Edit: New survey here!]
  • You can vote as many times as you want up until June 30th!

Thank you for following us! Now go vote your butts off, chop chop!


So, here is what I got today in the mail today.

Then also the stuff for the others who participated in the book. Seeing all the reactions people are having when I show them what Peter sent them is making me smile. I hope he knows how much he made many of us smile today. Our goal was to make him smile and I think we did! Yes!

I feel a bit bad cause those color photos were not from me or anyone in the book. Someone wanted autographs on them and yet, they ended up with me. Oops.

Need to write him a thank you letter for this.

Thank you Castle ...

For making Mondays matter and for giving us eight seasons of love and laughter, filled with crazy theories and cups of coffee.

For teaching us the value of believing in magic. 

For showing us that it’s okay to want to be more than who we are.

For reminding us that risking our hearts is why we’re alive and that sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing.

Most of all, thank you for being our solid ground, our North Star.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been following your blog for ages and I love it! I love also that you show your daughter once in a while, but always in a tasteful and fun way. So I was wondering, how do you manage to raise a child in a minimalistic way? I feel like our society tells us to give kids everything they want and make them live in a toy store, surrounded by a million flashy things... I remember, as a kid, wanting every single toy/dress that my friends had or that I saw on tv...How do you deal with that? Tnx!

Ah thank you! Yes, it is indeed about a need that is created by commercials. Because really, kids don’t need to be flooded with plastic toys and things - they never get played with anyway and it ruins her own imagination. 

/ we don’t have a TV - so no influence from commercials

/ We never have ‘shopping days’. Again, a way to get around all the commercials and advertisings. A lot of people go shopping every Saturday, where they just walk around the center and visit every single store.  We don’t do that, usually order online if we need something or only go to specific boutiques.

/ If she really wants something we ask her to think about it for a week, if a week later she hasn’t forgotten about it (rarely happens I tell you!), we’ll consider buying it for her.

/ We do make sure she never has a shortage on basic things she needs: art and drawing supplies, books, things to play outside with like roller skates and balls.

/ instead of saying ‘no you can’t have that’, we explain how commercials work, what advertising is, how and where stuff is made and watch a lot of documentaries together. Or even why in the supermarket the most expensive sugary candy, flashy cereals are played on ‘kids height’ to trigger kids to want it.  She understand everything, kids are so smart, she’s in on all the information so we rarely have to have discussions about it. 


Hello Ahgases!

We are happy and excited to inform you that our fanbase has been approved by SubK to do a cake support for all stops in GOT7′s “FLY in USA” concert tour!

GOT7 US Ahgases’s goal is to gift GOT7 cakes for all stops of the tour. The cakes won’t be presented on stage, but we wanted to thank GOT7 for coming to the U.S. and show that they are welcomed in each city. So we please ask from you to be a part of this project and let’s show GOT7 that they are loved by many USA Ahgases!

[Info/Donation Form]

[ENG] 160520 Dokyeom’s Post on SEVENTEEN Japan Homepage


Hello~!! I am SEVENTEEN’s Happy Virus, Dokyeom~!!
SEVENTEEN has returned with our first full album~!
You all have been waiting for long right? We too, wanted to meet you all CARATs soon~.
Following Adore U and Mansae, we have also received a lot of love for this time’s full album’s activities too, I’m really happy.
Also, I’m really really thankful for all the love for us SEVENTEEN in Japan!
I want to meet Japanese CARATs soon.
We will work hard to show you great songs, and a great appearance of us!
Please give SEVENTEEN’s first full album a lot of love!
I love you~!

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

anonymous asked:

Well sadly I am sooo happy our show was cancelled and we will get our happy ending, hopefully. Please keep giving us your beautiful stories. We are such a lucky fandom to have so many great storytellers, but you in my humble opinion, are the best. Much love to you!

I hope to have many stories left to tell and share with this wonderful fandom, and I so greatly appreciate that you want to read them! Much love right back to you, anon. :)

This comes almost 2 weeks late but I wanted to make sure that it really is now over 300 followers.
I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to show how grateful and happy I am, than keep writing Bito as actively as I’m able to with the current situation on my life.

There have been lots of drama going on in the fandom but try not to bite each others, it’s not worth of it since we all want to have fun in here and feel comfortable. So I hope that we all can manage to keep that common sense and respect towards each others with us each time we log in to tumblr.
We’re all writers here with a common intrest; role-playing with our muses, our favorite characters and there are few lovely people with their amazing writing skills which I would like to thank of following me, role-playing with me and just seeing them on my dashboard. I don’t roleplay with them all because I’m such a over shy sm0l dork to make the first move but I would love to write with you all.

                                ♥ Thank you all for staying with me and please
                                    check the blogs of these wonderful writers ♥ 

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IGNIS THE FILM --- share,support and donate please!!

It’s a Christian film about how God uses this couple to fix each other. I want to show the audience that trying to stay on the path of righteousness isn’t easy. God gives us tests and trials so we can become strong for the task/goal that we seek. Our generation it’s hard to stay with God when don’t even feel worthy of His love bc we sinned and we feel like He doesn’t want to talk to us. But He does. He loves you so much. This film is filled with drama, passion, romance and poetry with dope music.
This film is a way for me to serve God and I’m super excited to do it!

Please donate and support this film. Paying for everything outta my own pocket is pretty tough when I have to bills to pay. So I’d appreciate the help!!!!!!

Thank you & God bless ❤️

[ENG] 160519 Mingyu’s Post on SEVENTEEN Japan Homepage


All the fans in Japan!!! Hello, I am SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu!!
Because of all the love we’ve received from everyone, we are working hard for our full album’s activities in Korean now!!
We want you to show you our cool side in Japan too.
From now on, we, SEVENTEEN will work harder, so please give us a lot of love and support!!
I really really love you all. Thank you!

cr: jia @ what17says
© take out only with credits

anonymous asked:

HI! Just wanted to say I LOVED your Damien show! Your interview w/Bradley is EVERYTHING. He was so open and chatty and it was amazing! question though. In that part where he's talking about shows being stretched out he starts hinting at a show in particular and it maybe sounds like the girl that spoke with him knew what it was too? Just wondering if so if you could elaborate on that convo. Mostly just curious coz many are wondering if he was maybe referencing merlin! Thanks if you can! :)

Hello there, anon!

So happy to hear that you enjoyed our ‘Damien’ special with Bradley

To answer your question regarding this quote in particular…unfortunately, I don’t know what show he was referring to. I didn’t ask Bradley to elaborate or give specific examples because I got the feeling he wouldn’t be the type to throw any show under the bus like that– regardless of whether or not he’d been apart of it. It just didn’t seem right to try and bait or dig into him like that– just not my type of style as a journalist! So for now, I guess we’ll all just have to speculate! 

Regardless of whether or not he meant ‘Merlin’ though, Bradley made a really great point that can apply across the board– as I said on the episode, I’m sure we can all think of a few series who have suffered from storylines getting unnecessarily dragged out!

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and we hope you find the time to check out some of our other episodes on Hype! Might I suggest

Hype Special #4: A ‘Merlin’ Retrospect

Happy listening! :)

– Pam


These men right here are my favorite Internetainers, @rhettandlink. Every weekday they provide us with a hilarious show named Good Mythical Morning. I haven’t been a Mythical Beast for more than a few months, but I fell in love with the first video I watched. These two do ridiculous things for our entertainment, just because they love what they do so much. They put their heart and souls into every episode, and I just want to say thank you, Rhett and Link, for all the crazy things you do for us. You always putting a smile on our faces in our worst days. You rock. 🤘🏼❤️ ( @rhettandlinkommunity )


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And giving joyful thanks to the Father, who has qualified you to share in the inheritance of his holy people in the kingdom of light. For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.  - Colossians 1:12-14

If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me and the light become night around me,” even the darkness will not be dark to you;  the night will shine like the day,  for darkness is as light to you. -  Psalm 139:11-12


It’s easy to want to take matters into our own hands and be in control. We’re taught that dependence on anything or anyone but ourselves is weakness, but the Word of God shows us of the darkness of our sin that Christ’s life, death, and resurrection overcame on our behalf. In all the darkness in our lives, we can still give thanks to our Father in heaven who has qualified us to share in the kingdom of light. For even in our darkest moments, when we feel separated from God, or try to separate ourselves from Him, even the darkness is not dark to Him. In Him we are free of guilt and shame, forgiven, and redeemed. His light outshines the dark. Joyful thanks be to God.