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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 1,068
Warnings: Swearing, death, angst
Request: Anonymous. I loved the dean x reader you just wrote. Could you do a part 2 where they are together and amara finds out about her? At the same time they are dealing with casifer who reveals that the reader is pregnant?
Warnings: Swearing, smut, angst

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Rekindling the Fire

The whole first night, you and Dean stayed up talking. It wasn’t until the sun started to shine in your windows that either of you even realized it. Both of you were exhausted, and finally gave in to sleep. You fell asleep with his arms around you, and your head on his chest.

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Rags of Light

Author: @aloysiavirgata

Rating: PG

Timeline: A year after IWTB

Summary:  Dealing with the past to move into the future.

Author’s Notes: This story was written for the very patient @perplexistan who was looking for some post-IWTB angst. I hope this fits the bill! Thanks to @contradiction-to-nature, beta extraordinaire, and my squad sounding board.

The title comes from Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will.


She finds Mulder behind the house, drowsing in one of the hammocks they’d strung between the ancient oaks that tower above their patch of the planet. Scully loves the clean piney air, the scents of earth and raw lumber that infuse their home. The trees are a riot of autumn color, carpeting the grass in gold and scarlet. Two floppy-eared Nubian goats are munching the grass nearby, occasionally crunching on fallen leaves. Scully named them Rosalind Franklin and Elizabeth Blackwell.

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5 Things God Has Been Teaching Me

The past week has been a process of being very challenged that has led to freedom, God growing me in my faith, and a refilling of God’s love- not just for myself, but also for others. It’s been a long time coming, and there’s more He’s yet to do- but it’s good to be growing. He’s doing a work in me. This is what He’s been teaching me.

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krizpossible  asked:

I've Been Dreaming of You from the Other Side (I Know You So Well), Bellamy POV please? :)

Original fic!

“Wow,” says Octavia. “Is that a new record for alienating a new coworker?”

Bellamy rubs his face. “Shut up, O.”

“Let me guess, she’s too pretty and your brain stopped working. This is why you’re single.”

“Oh good, I’m glad you figured that out.” He sighs. “She’s not coming back, is she?”

“She looked pretty pissed. What did you say?”

It’s so tempting to just put his head down on the bar and wait for death. It can’t possibly take that long, right?

But Octavia would definitely poke him until he got up, and then go flirt with Lincoln, just to rub salt in his wounds. He raised her completely wrong. “The registration act,” he tells her, and her face instantly darkens.

Octavia is what most people call a useless meta. She always knows exactly what time it is and the temperature to several decimal points, and she’s pretty good at predicting the weather. He’s sure the government could find some way to use her, if she signed herself up, but he has no idea what it would be, and her powers have basically no effect on her life.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t hate the registration act as much as the rest of them.

“She thinks it’s good?”

“No, I’m pretty sure she hates it. I accidentally made it sound like I liked it.” He gives up and lets his head thunk down on the bar. “Fuck. I wasn’t even trying to be a dick anymore.”

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charlie-n-foxtrot  asked:

I am just coming in to say you are officially one of my favorite creators! After stalking Mary Kate Wiles after LBD I quickly found your work and I actually love it ALL! I may have to call kitr my personal favorite though. I just would like to ask, whats your creative process from having the ideas to actually executing them, it just seems so insane that someone can have these great ideas and make them so unbelievably real! This is getting long so I'm going to stop, much love from New Zealand xxx

You are too sweet and I’m so glad you’re enjoying Kissing in the Rain, I love it too! It’ll probably be hard for me to find another project with so many things I love concentrated in 2-3 minutes after this. But I will keep trying, and I hope you guys will like whatever comes next, on both my personal channel and at Shipwrecked

Regarding my creative process from having the ideas to actually executing them into a finished product, this is a longer answer. I will pepper this post with pictures to keep it interesting. Spoiler alert, it ends with a video.

The beginning often varies and I’m not always the one who has the idea, but when I do, it usually starts with a random text message at a random hour, like this:

This text idea is one of the lucky few that made it out alive. My text histories are a veritable graveyard of ideas that never came to be, which is totally fine. Mostly it’s just helpful to have your go-to friends who you trust to tell you when your crazy idea is half-baked and when it could actually be a thing. If I’m excited about a new project, I start by first reaching out to the people who will be most invested in making it happen. For me, that’s my cast, my director of photography, and my production designer. They’re usually all on board before the scripts are even written.

Then comes the actual writing. I have a notebook where I sketch out my story ideas and most come to nothing, but sometimes they do come to something. It’s always gratifying to go back to the first page where a project was mentioned and see ‘Oh, hey, this idea turned into a thing that turned into another thing that turned into this video.’

Once the script is written, the next thing I do is create a Pinterest board and share it with my production designer. I generally prefer to have one board per location on a project, since we have to design by location. I target the dominant elements of our set design - book walls, skeleton keys, shadow puppets, floral imagery, etc. Even if something isn’t a perfect match but evokes the feeling/atmosphere of what I want, I’ll repin it. The purpose of our Pinterest boards is for us to be able to step back and get a general impression of all the elements of our set design coming together.

Next I discuss the project’s cinematography style with my director of photography. Our meetings tend to vary by scope of project, but we almost always start by watching a bunch of YouTube clips of movies I’d like to copy in terms of lighting/camera moves. After that, we’ll compose a shot list from the shooting script, and occasionally we’ll have a loose storyboard.

At this point, we’re usually in the thick of pre-production and a bunch of things start happening at once.

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“The Reason”--an Everlark birthday present for keelaree


Person A is a single parent whose life is very busy with their full time job and their child(ren). Person B is someone they’ve known for a long time and they are very close and Person B is good at helping out with Person A’s child. One day, Person A’s child announces to Person A that Person A is in love with Person B. (Bonus: Person B is currently in another relationship. Possibly with Person C)

Happy birthday, keelaree—my darling pre-reader and friend! I hope this brings a smile to your face on your special day.

Summary: “Uncle Peeta,” Luke said through his tears, his eyes squarely on the man in front of him. “Mom is in love with you.”

After thirteen years, Peeta Mellark finally hears the truth.

Fluff and nothing but fluff.


“Let me help you with that,” Peeta said as he took the boxed cake from his date. “Once I introduce you to everyone, you’re likely to get mauled.”

Delly turned to him, her blonde curls bouncing as she did. Her blue eyes were lined with concern.

“Who exactly will be here?” she asked. Delly let out a nervous giggle. “I just want to be prepared.”

“Well, this is my friend, Katniss’ house,” he explained as they stepped onto the long porch. “I’ve known her as well as her ex-husband, Gale, since we were kids.  I’m even Godfather to their daughter, Arianna. They got divorced a little over year ago—and it’s been hard on her kids.”

“Kids?” Delly repeated in surprise.

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What Lies Behind The Throne Chapter 3/??

First // AO3 Link // Link // Tumblr Master Post

- Massive credit to my beta readers, razerathane and bluvixen Who are both magnificent, beautiful tropical fish.

- Chapter Rating: T

- Summary: Roselyn’s first visit into Denerim as Prince Alistair’s future bride does not go as planned, but in the aftermath they are afforded a moment alone.

Month: Drakonis. Two months to the wedding.

The following morning Roselyn awoke before her mother did and found a surprise waiting for her on the table at her bed side: a pink rose with a note folded and creased around its stem. It was placed next to the first rose Alistair gave her, which sat in a small glass vase filled with water. Roselyn reached for the gift while pushing herself up in bed and clearing her wild hair away from her face.

She smelled the rose’s sweet perfume, holding it close to her face while letting the petals graze against her lips. Unfolding the note, she read the one line written there in a confident, square hand:

“A rose for a rose.

Fighting to keep back her smile, Roselyn skimmed the words a few more times. She turned the bloom around in her fingers and relinquished to the grin that broke out across her mouth. Giggling she fell back against her pillows, her face growing hot and her heart fluttering in her chest. She pressed the note to her lips. Still giddy she climbed out of bed, suddenly eager to see the Prince again.

The same ritual occurred every morning for the two weeks that followed. Roselyn woke up to a note and a flower on her bedside table. The note’s content changed from simple morning greetings to invitations to go riding. The flowers were always roses until one morning she woke to find a dark purple daisy folded in the paper and the words:

"No more roses until the summer. Will this suffice?

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