that they have each other's backs


soft boyfriends! isak and even pt.2 bc we’re all upset and need something to look forward to

  • soft kisses on cheeks and foreheads and necks, even pressing his hand onto isak’s back, pushing him closer to him, them holding each other and isak smiling just a little bit because he never thought he could have this.
  • even learning that romance could also be crappy, cheap, barely thought-of dates like going out to mcdonalds at three am after staying up all night talking about the universe, getting burgers and milkshakes, wandering the city at night and laughing at each other bc they’re so scared of being mugged, yelling NAS lyrics to the sky
  • isak not smoking anymore because he knows it messes with even’s head, and because he knows if even sees him do it or smells it on his clothes even will want to do it again, and even though even insists that he doesn’t have to give it up, really, isak does.
    • isak says its bad for him anyways, could cause lung cancer. he pulls out a million different studies and uses it as justification. even knows the truth but he lets isak lie to him and, although he feels a bit guilty, he know he can’t change isak’s mind.
    • they find something else to relax together instead, like hot tea or putting on movies as background sound to their conversations
  • holding hands. fingers laced together, fumbling, stroking palms, warm squeezes
  • oh my god, the nicknames they give each other. “issy”, “evy”, all the gross things you can imagine. not in public, but in the quiet of the night, whispered for each other’s ears only.
  • sleeping together in the same bed, legs tangled together, hands trailing softly on hips and backs and arms, soft breaths, sometimes a smile
  • sometimes they get irritated and fed up with each other, but ends with a kiss and raised eyebrows, like “are you really sure you’re mad at me? what about now?, a reluctant ”….no" and a  laugh from both of them.
  • even wrapping an arm around isak’s waist in public, small side-conversations and inside jokes and glances in the midst of the larger conversation, isak fixing even’s clothes when they’re lopsided, even ruffling isak’s hair and laughing at his complaints.
    • isak still says that even cares way more about his hair than he does
    • its true but even denies it
  • sharing clothes because they like the smell of each other, so much so that now there’s no item of clothing that has one distinct ISAK or EVEN smell, but a mix of the both
  • playful ribbing, long hours of playing fifa and trying to sabotage each other, being goofy and trying to piss each other off, even laughing so hard at isak’s defensiveness and attempts at insults that he can’t keep his eyes open
  • isak telling even when he needs him to stay. even rubs his back as they lie down together, and wipes away the tears, and doesn’t say anything, he lets isak speak when he wants and stay silent when he wants, because he know more than anything isak just needs someone there.
  • isak listening to even’s frustrations with mental illness. he sits through every rant of i just want to be fucking normal! and i can’t even control my own fucking mind! and i never wanted to hurt you or anyone but i just cant and sometimes it scares him how angry, how frustrated even is and sometimes it breaks his heart how he can’t help him anymore or ‘save’ him the way even wants to be saved, but he sits there and he listens and he says only you can feel what you feel and i’m always going to be here for you and this time he’s the one patting even’s back and holding him, because sometimes even needs him too.
  • late night texts that makes isak giggle into his phone, being greeted in the morning and saying goodnight with outdated memes, eskild and jonas catching isak grinning at his phone and calling him out for it.
  • they’re going to be ok, they’re going to be happy. i believe in them.

Victuuri soulmate AU where the first time you lock eyes with your soulmate, an image representing the two of you appears on your body (though it may take up to 48 hours to form, which complicates things at times)

the first time Victor and Yuuri looked at each other was when Victor offered Yuuri a photo. This was, of course, a day where they’d both looked many people in the eyes, some of which for the first time. 

Yuuri gets on a plane, lands, and makes it home before he even notices the mark of his soulmate beginning to form at the back of his neck. In fact, it’s Mari who points it out to him.

Realizing he must have met his soulmate somewhere between Russia and Japan is, at first, entirely overwhelming. However, he figures the most likely place would have been at the rink in Russia, and becomes determined to make it back there and search for his soulmate. He realizes that he can probably get back there through his skating career, and if it was in fact at the rink maybe the person is a skater or a fan. Yuuri is more motivated to skate than ever, to find his soulmate. Even if he doesn’t run into them again, he might be able to use the platform to reach out if all else fails. For this reason, he decides to cover the mark on the back of his neck for the duration of the skating season. 

Yuuri does still skate Victor’s Stay Close To Me, because it’s still super inspiring, but the triplets don’t get to post it right away this time. 

What happens instead is, Yuuri searches for a new coach and finds someone enthusiastic to help him. Yuuri himself is more creatively inspired and confident than ever, because he knows why he’s skating. His theme, instead of Eros, is hope and finding new love. He’s stills picks Yuri On Ice for his free program, but his short program is more like the journey of a lost soul becoming inspired to renew the search for the love it’s always longed for, ending on the hopeful note that love is close. 

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Perfect for Each Other

Characters: Y/N Collins (Reader), Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Misha x Wife!Reader

Warnings: pranks, implied smut, language   

Wordcount: 1300ish

A/N: I don’t know why this only came to me now, since I have know this story for ages. Maybe because I have been having Misha feels lately and I kinda wanted to help him get back at J2 for all their pranks, so this is my way of doing that.

Thanks to my amazing friend Erin @blacktithe7 for betaing this idiocy for me.


The rattling sound was driving you insane. Your own car was in the shop, so you had borrowed your husbands to take the kids to school. You had planned on going out to do some shopping as well, but since the car sounded like it was falling apart, you had decided against it. Apparently your car wasn’t the only one that had been in need of a trip to the garage.

So instead of going to shop for Christmas presents, you had driven back to set, and the rattling was just about to make you lose your mind when you realized what was going on. When you stepped on the breaks, just before pulling onto the set of Supernatural, a few coins rolled out from under your seat.

“What in the?” you mumbled picking them up and twirling them between your fingers as you pulled into the parking lot. “Jared and Jensen.” You mumbled to yourself, instinctively knowing who to blame for your torturous car ride around Vancouver. Still rather than going to go yell at the two overgrown children, you decided to seek out your husband who had neglected to tell you about this little conundrum. You weren’t mad at him for forgetting, more amused than anything. You loved your husband’s friends as much as he did, even if Jared sometimes needed a stern talking too. Say when he found it to be a good idea to leave a fish to rot under the seat of your car.

“Hey honey, why does our car sound like the kids’ piggy bank?” you asked innocently as you stepped into the trailer, and Misha instantly appeared from the bathroom.

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rules agianst mating outside ones clan must make avoiding incest DAMN hard for the Erins. why they do that to themselves lol

YEA i know but tbh they could have done some cool things to explain it??

like maybe nursery raiding is commonplace and clans will steal kits from each other, esp if cats in WC had normal litters of like 6-8. like would a leader put their whole clan at risk just to steal back one kit? 

or maybe its commonplace for queens to seek rogues/loners and to disappear from camp for a few days and no one says anything when they come back, or maybe its common for passing cats to stay w a clan for a little while and then move on

or perhaps in times of struggle and war its common for clans to seek a “marriage” alliance and have a queen move to a new clan and raise her kits there (perhaps she goes back to her birth clan after they are weaned or smthn), esp for like high ranking cats (child of a leader/deputy)

idk feel free to reblog & add on some more HCs

Imagine if by the end of their first date they are walking back to the loft, holding hands, talking or maybe enjoying the easy unhurried silence between them bc they can be like that, too, and by the entrance leading up they say goodnight bc Alec needs to get home and it’s enough for one evening, too much to process, really.
So there they are hands still linked, looking at each other and Alec almost something like blushes before leaning in and kissing Magnus cheek, halfway to the corner of his mouth, before pulling away quick and wanting to, as usual, run. He didn’t account for the fact that Magnus is still holding his hand, though, and neither for the possibility of Magnus pulling him back in before he can go too far; it’s a soft kind of tug and suddenly they are close again, face to face and Magnus pushes his chin up in a certain kind of challenge, eyes flickering with gentle amusement bordering on hope. Do you dare?
Alec smiles, then, bc Alec does. It’s not a dare if it means doing something he has wanted to do all night.

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How inclined are you to write a POV of Jemma's flight post-inhuman meeting a.k.a some poor soul debriefs her about Fitz going M.I.A and/or post out-of-charts-dramatic-af reunion hug? :)))))

They have been lying in each other’s arms for almost five hours now, quietly exchanging stories in between tender kisses and touches as the base falls asleep and the sun goes down around them.

Fitz has been kissing her in places she didn’t even know could be kissed, his lips finding every curve and crevice that they can to leave their mark. It feels as if he is memorising her, creating a map out of her freckles that he can always use to find his way home.

In return, Jemma’s hands have been searching out every inch of his skin that she can touch, running her fingers up and down his sides and across the small of his back. She presses her palms flat against his chest to feel the thudding of his heart, beating out the silent promise that he would always, always come back to her.

It is this that reminds her, quite suddenly, that there is something she needs to say.

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TBH the best thing about pinning Keith (in Klance) was that we didn’t have to deal with all that “Lance is stupid” or “Lance is annoying” crap. Like Keith just genuinely liked Lance. Can we just bring that back?? And cut out all those really awful things some people think they’d say to each other??

Late Night Escapade

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Length: Medium

I was about 9, maybe 10 years old when it happened. My parents had to go overseas on a business trip in the middle of my long school holidays, and they couldn’t find a caretaker to look after me while they were gone. They sent me to one of my relatives’ place to stay instead.

During one weekend, my relatives planned to go on a holiday at one of our city’s most popular resort hotels, and of course I tagged along. Pretty good, if you ask me, with the usual facilities and special services. I have to admit that I did have a good time despite the fact that I was a little homesick back then.

Later that night, while the adults decided to have their nightly happy hour at the karaoke lounge, we kids were left in the room to have our own fun. We challenged each other to a coffee fest, seeing who could drink the most coffee at one sitting. Needless to say, my caffeine-induced brain refused to fall asleep, even when the adults have returned and were snoring quietly on their King-sized bed. I’m not really that immune to coffee and it came as a package deal: insomnia and a nasty headache.

I got up to see if I could get any ice to ease my headache but we ran out of it, and the water in the bathroom is not as nearly cold enough as I would like it to cure my headache. Seeing that no one stirred from their sleep, and against my better judgement, I stole the card key from my aunt’s wallet, took the thermos bucket and crept silently out of the room.

I remember seeing that there was an ice-vending machine just two floors below ours when we were checking in. I was thinking maybe I could get some ice there and maybe even try to dunk my head into the machine to see if that would cure my headache, which is, of course, an absurd thing to do. As I reached that floor, I was glad to see the machine just right down the corridor and still on and working. I put the thermos bucket there and waited for it to fill up. I even grabbed a handful and rubbed the cooling ice onto my throbbing head.

Ah, bliss.

That was when something really eerie happened. From the right side of the corridor, I heard a distant sound. At first I thought it was probably one of the workers pushing their trolley or something, but it didn’t sound like that. It was more of a dragging of something heavy, like the sound of someone moving on the floor with only his arms, dragging along his immobile lower half of the body. I don’t know why that image came into my head when I heard the sounds, but that was the first thing registered in my brain, and there was no way I wanted to stay to come face to face with that if it were true.

The sound was getting closer and closer until I could almost feel it coming towards me. The machine was still filling my thermos bucket and I was panicking. I urged inwardly for the machine to hurry up before I grabbed the bucket and made a dash towards the lift. I pressed frantically as the dragging sound came nearer and nearer. I tentatively looked towards the direction of the sound but there was no one there, yet the sound continued to grow louder and closer to me. I could almost feel it next to me and closing in even nearer.

I practically jumped into the lift when the door slid open. I pressed my floor and slammed the close button as hard as I could. The door started to close for a while, then stopped abruptly in the middle and opened wide again. It stayed open for about a full minute (which felt like an eternity to me) before closing back again.

That really freaked me out because even though I still couldn’t see anything, I knew something was in there with me. There was something unsettling in that lift as it sent me up to my floor, as if it was trying to suffocate me with its presence. I went into a verge of hyperventilating when I heard slightly audible sounds of dripping water and heavy breathing surrounded me inside the lift. What’s worse, the heavy breathing was just right by both of my ears!

It felt like forever when the lift finally reached my floor. I dashed out of it as fast as I could and ran straight to my room without looking back. No surprise that I woke everyone up when I slammed the door shut behind me and my headache was gone almost in an instant. My relatives saw my ashen face and asked in concern what just happened, but no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t get whatever I saw or heard into words. I guess the shock made me at loss of words, and I understood fully the meaning of “the cat got my tongue”.

My relatives thought I must’ve been harassed by some crazy pervert for the next day, they lodged a complaint to the manager. The manager assured us there was no one working at the floors during the hours I mentioned except those at the reception and the lobby area. I was still unable to articulate what had happened to me without making myself sound like a crazy person, and we were not allowed to view security footage to find out what really happened to me unless we work for the police. Somehow the manager managed to pacify my relatives by offering another night stay for free and a number of complimentary services, and my ordeal was soon brushed aside.

It was years later when my friend experienced the same thing there, that I decided to do a little digging about the history of the hotel. Apparently there had been a fatal accident or some kind in the past at that particular floor when someone fell and broke both his legs and died due to loss of blood when he was trying to get help.

I guess he didn’t know he had already died and continued to ask for our help in vain.

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OK but like, headcanon that draco gets a shit ton of freckles during the summer but no one except pansy, blaise, crabbe, and goyle know since he always covers them up in the beginning of the school year until they fade. Cut to life after Hogwarts with drarry’s first summer together and draco’s freckles are coming in strong and he’s trying to keep them covered so harry doesn’t see but then one morning in the middle of summer harry gets up early to make breakfast in bed for draco for their six month anniversary and he comes back from the kitchen and promptly drops the tray and stares at his boyfriend and his adorable freckles, said boyfriend having jolted awake at the sound of breaking dishes, and they just stare at each other until harry goes “you’ve got something on your face” and draco, turning red at an alarming rate, goes “shut up Potter” and I don’t really know what happens after that I just really want a freckly Draco Malfoy

A rant that turned into a goddamn essay on parents

(holy shit if you read all this)

For my childhood years, my parents were calm and would only lose control of their emotions when things were extremely dire. So as I came closer to adult hood, and my parents were loosing control more often, I thought this meant the family was falling apart. There was more and more drama, more loud rows, more directing worries, problems and anger at me and each other. Ofc, there are many children with different upbringings i’m sure. And this rant wont apply to them. But I know I’m not the only one who feels like things are worse now than before. My whole generation is obsessed with the nostalgia of their childhoods. Things seemed better back then, your family were more loving and happy. 

Truth is, they weren’t.

When adults have young children, they try their best not to burden you with their problems. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. The moment adults become adults, they have problems. They become angry, anxious and depressed; just full all kinds of emotion. Because they’re only human. I have recently become an adult, and I’m more emotional than ever - and I’m no where near having kids.

So repeat after me: You are not the cause of your parents unhappiness

The reason it seems like things are getting worse as you grow is because you physically look more like an adult, so your parents see you more as a friend/house mate than a child. They’re only stressing out on you because adults bitch and moan about their lives to their friends. My friends share their deepest concerns with me. We get into drama and heated fights also. 

For some reason it’s ok when its coming from someone your age. You feel that you can give emotional support, or defend your corner in an argument because you are equal. But it’s just so uncomfortable when drama is coming from your parents. Because you feel helpless. You can’t help them if they’re worried because they’re more experienced than you. You can’t defend yourself in an argument because they’re wiser than you.

The problem is that your parents were so concerned about putting on an authoritative, role model-y act when you were young that now you’ve grown up, and they’ve gone back to being themselves, you can’t help but still hold them in higher regard.

Well don’t. They aren’t greater than you. They aren’t more intelligent than you. They’re just as flawed as you. Just as scared as you. They. aren’t. worth. more. than. you. It’s no longer mature and immature. It’s just people. No one is really adult, we’re all just grown up children

So if they ever act like your opinions and your feelings are not as valid as theirs bc they’re your guardians, call out the bullshit. They stopped being your guardians the moment they decided to share the weight of their problems with you (at the expense of your emotional wellbeing I might add). They can’t go back, so don’t let them. You’re equals now. If they use you as an emotional stress ball, while you can’t express your emotions without being dismissed as irrational and juvenile, then thats abuse and something should be done about it. 

But also vice versa. Don’t hate on your parents like they don’t understand. As I said, they’re just as lost and scared as you. They need to let it out. Remember, they kept their negative emotions bottled up for all your childhood years just to protect you. It would be selfish to want that protection forever. You may argue, and there maybe be many, many problems with your relationship. But they still love you.

Recognise their abuse and hypocrisy 
But also recognise love, their longing to share their feelings with you.

This shit is complicated I know. And you know what’s horribly ironic? it’s probably their parents, that did exactly the same thing when they were young, that caused them to have these problems in the first place. 

I guess all we can do is try to break the cycle, fix the problems, and except that the the world is full of emotion. Which makes it amazing, and simultaneously shit.

See You Again; Final

Part 3 of 3

Genre: fluff, smut

Member: Xiumin

Words: 2,515


part 1 part 2 final

I can hear those echoes in the wind at night,
Calling me back in time,
Back to you.

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Sometimes I look at you and I feel it. And I think you do too. It may be something just in the back of your mind, something you push out of the way and try to ignore everyday. But, what we had can’t just go away. It was fucking real, you know it and I know it. You’re with her now and I’m with him and we both have gone our separate ways. But it’s still there and I think it always will be.
—  We were each others first love’s, that doesn’t go away
Special Cross-Talk: Ranmaru & Masato & Ren
Post-cover photoshoot Interview with Ranmaru, Masato and Ren.

Ren: Certainly, from the photo you can’t even tell there was that kind of interaction, huh.

Ranmaru: Yeah. But if you didn’t have that kind of troublesome back and forth with each other it woulda come out even better.

Masato: Understood. We’ll be careful next time.

This group interview is my favorite one so far. Just one more translation to go!

Gerard Pique and Carles Puyol for La Vanguardia

They do it once in a while, they call each other to have some snails and steak at a restaurant in Espulgues. Always in the same table, in the corner at the far end. They’re very close friends and have been the best center-back pair in Barcelona history. Their kids (2 each) are all socios of the club. In this occasion they discuss their memories of el clasico, both as children and as players. They both scored in the legendary 2-6 game (2009). And this time they’re not alone, La Vanguardia is with them…

What is your first memory of el clasico?

GP: The 5-0 at Camp Nou in 1994. I was 6 or 7 at the time and watched the game live at Camp Nou.

CP: I didn’t visit the stadium until I was 17, when I came down to Barcelona from the mountains (laughs) to start playing at the academy. My first memory was a goal by Amor at the Bernabeu, which I watched from the t.v.

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Im still rooting for hiddleswift! whether theyre not together at this moment or they are and decided to keep their relationship on the down low, i still believe that at some point these two will eventually find their way back to each other THEYLL BE STUPID NOT TO. I mean cmon tom and taylor are practically one and the same: both smart, tall, well-mannered, were born to rich families, fucking attractive, eloquent, overly organized on written works. DORKS

I couldn’t say it better. They are so perfect for each other.  And as long as I have fun and still have hope I’m on this ship. Maybe there is a chance to see them back together. I don’t give up that easily. 

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First kiss - Rocky scenario

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It was Friday night and you and Rocky were watching a movie together at the boys’ dorm. You started off the movie with sitting next to Rocky, with a little space between the two off you, but further through the movie you felt yourself getting more and more tired, which led to you resting your head and Rocky’s chest.

“Y/N” Rocky said, making you face him. Rocky looked in your eyes, then down at your lips, then back in your eyes again. He stared at each other like this for a while before Rocky slowly leaned towards you.

“We’re back!!” JinJin shouted from the entrance . You quickly pulled away and moved a few inches away from Rocky. “Damn it, why do they have to ruin everytime” Rocky said, but only loud enough for him to be the only one to hear it.

A few days passed since your movie night with Rocky. You had completely forgotten about the little kiss incident so you were free from worries, unlike Rocky himself.

You were hanging out at his dorm once again, but this time Rocky had made sure all the boys were gonna be away for the whole day. “Look what I got us!” Rocky said excited as he held up a package of something. “PEPERO STICKS” You screamed as you grabbed the box with pepero. You loved pepero sticks more than anything, especially the chocolate flavored ones which Rocky had consciously bought.

You ripped open the package and shoved one into your mouth. “Mhmmm so good” After a few minutes, the package was almost gone. “There`s only one left” You said staring at the lonely pepero stick. “Let`s share it” Rocky said grabbing the stick.

He grabbed the pepero stick and placed it between his lips. “Place your lips on the other end” He tried to say with the stick in his mouth. “Wait what?” You said startled, expecting that he would break it in half instead. “C'mon” He said as he smiled and looked over at the other end.

You looked at the pepero between his lips, then up at his eyes. You moved closer to Rocky and placed your lips on the other end of the stick. He took a bite and so did you. After a few more bites, you were only a few centimeters away from his lips. You felt his warm breath against your face.

Suddenly he took another bite, making his lips touch yours. Your eyes became wide and your body stiff. He placed his right hands on your cheek as he deepened the kiss. You loosened up a bit and decided to kiss him back. His lips felt soft against yours and you could taste the chocolate that was left on his lips.

“Was that weird?” Rocky said as he pulled away, awkwardly scratched his neck. “Not at all” You said with a smile as you wrapped your hands around his neck and leaning in for another kiss.

-Admin Karoline

I have a party to go rn, so I can’t really say much at the moment, but BOIIII was this ep another gliffhanger at the end.

Overall, I’m super happy that Eiichi addressed how Tokiya (and STARISH) don’t know anything abt each other, and instead of being mad at him for bringing this up, Tokiya researched to get to know Otoya, how he feels and how to bring him back. They literally made Yumeoibito he no Symphony again just like in S2 - AND I CRIED OK FCK U UTAPRI I DIDNT NEED THOSE TEARS.

Fave parts:

-Eiichi clarifies he wasn’t working for his dad and that breaking Otoya for good wasn’t his intention

-Quartet Night concerned

-Ai believing based in no logic or facts

-They legit seem like a group??? Reiji is so satisfied I’m so happy??????

HIGHLIGHT OF THE EPISODE - Otoya realizing that he needed to deal with his past by himself, to gather strength and move on. Starish were on the same page that he was - showed him the light without intruding, while also motivating tons of fans and making us sob with nostalgia. A Class as shittiest trauma unit confirmed. Tokiya as second leader confirmed.

Also Eiji looked adorable when he appeared, did you all see his hair it was so cute;;

Anyways this got longer than I wanted and now I’m late af but ksjdnfdkjfnksjdnf I’m genuinely glad @ utapri pls keep doing it