that they don't reprimand their daughters

[Meddling] | Open RP - Yui Noshiro

Her daughter was coming home later than usual lately. Chores stacking up. Chores she shouldn’t have to do. That’s what her useless daughter was for. The one who didn’t appreciate being fed, clothed and housed, who disrespected her at every turn, who never learned her lesson time and again no matter what she did. Of course, Yui had ‘connections’. The girls in Saki’s class were good kids. They respected their elders and kindly offered up information on who her troublesome daughter was spending time with. 

Probably some boy, or group of boys. She knew her daughter was a promiscuous slut, after all. Wearing a uniform one size too small to show off her chest like some tramp, staying out all night sleeping around. After everything she did for her, too.

She’d set this person straight, of course. She’d set her child straight too. Once and for all.

“You.” Her tone was firm, as if reprimanding Saki herself. Getting warmed up, perhaps, “I hear you’ve been keeping my child out past her curfew. Mind telling me what kind of illicit acts you’re having her do?”